WW2 - OverSimplified (Part 1)

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John F. Kennedy
John F. Kennedy 2 saatler önce
They’re not wrong when they say art can change the world
Will Torres
Will Torres 3 saatler önce
Hitler was socialist dictator
M. R
M. R 2 dakika önce
@Will Torres ok then. What are the exact policies that made them socialist? They were capitalist. Nazi Germany had the biggest private in Europe. Nothing they did was socialist. Everyone ho had socialist ideas got killed or imprisoned.
Will Torres
Will Torres 7 dakika önce
@M. R they killed communists which is only a technicality. The old excuse of "that isn't real socialism" its getting old. Consolidation off power for a select few while calling it "socialism" is exactly the same thing fascism does, as if its not enough, it was invented by an unhinged socialist, a bald one in this case. Call it what it is
M. R
M. R Saatler önce
@Will Torres The name of a party doesn't mean anything. You have to look at their goals in order to understand them. Have you learned nothing from this video? National Socialism is its own ideology and has nothing to do with socialism. In fact the Nazis hated socialism. They killed anyone who was a real socialist. Hitler and the Nazis hated socialists as much as they hated Jews. They were in favor of capitalism and a free market economy. Nazi Germany even had one of the biggest private sectors in Europe.
Will Torres
Will Torres Saatler önce
@M. R he was the head of the national socialist party
M. R
M. R 2 saatler önce
He was not a socialist. It was even stated in this video that he was not a socialist.
Santiago Guarin
Santiago Guarin 4 saatler önce
You had wrong the great germany space because the half of Czechoslovakia wasn´t joined with germany for the rest of the video.
Nonce killa
Nonce killa 4 saatler önce
Obvious that fascism was born from a socialist.
M. R
M. R 2 saatler önce
But it's important to make clear that fascism has absolutely nothing to do with socialism.
Nonce killa
Nonce killa 4 saatler önce
Churchill was a great man.
Kriticraft 4 saatler önce
Lol Hitler used the iron ore to make iron golems
Some idiot online
Some idiot online 5 saatler önce
Everyone knows that anchovy is the real Il Duce not Mussolini
Ŵÿtźë 0
Ŵÿtźë 0 5 saatler önce
Młoszek Q3R
Młoszek Q3R 6 saatler önce
Yeah and just like that everyone forgot Polish division 303, with actually won the air war for brits
Jason Taylor
Jason Taylor Saatler önce
No they just helped. Out of 3000 RAF pilots only 145 where polish.
Angel Troy
Angel Troy 6 saatler önce
The long-term playroom technically frighten because bra contrarily park without a squalid feast. deranged, wonderful evening
Robin Roverdam
Robin Roverdam 7 saatler önce
I am Robin Roverdam
xxGUSTAVOxxVADER 10 saatler önce
Mussolini enters ww2: my moment to become roman HAHAHAH Brazil, USA, UK: let me think.....
Zek545 11 saatler önce
The entire vid explains good stuff, funny moments getting best sponsors the whole shabang
Vladimir Dogeruv
Vladimir Dogeruv 11 saatler önce
You forgot some stuff, Hungary joined the axis, iraq did, Czechoslovakia was not FULLY ANNEXED. due to be being a Puppet called Slovak Republic. Turkey, saudi, arabia, china did join, bulgaria, romania joined the axis too.
foued mechergui
foued mechergui 15 saatler önce
for me it's the most intresting période in the History
KenDawg 16 saatler önce
Imagine your elementary school teacher turned into a fascist dictator
Just A Random Boy
Just A Random Boy 19 saatler önce
If Germany invaded Ireland Then uk What would Happend??
Jason Taylor
Jason Taylor 15 saatler önce
If the Germans invaded Ireland nothing would have changed for Britain because Britain still had air and naval superiority. Anyway the Germans were not interested in Ireland because: 1- Ireland did not pose a threat, militarily or politically or otherwise. 2- the Nazi ideology was not particularly opposed to the Irish people, many of whom were considered "Aryans", 3- invading and occupying would require a lot of naval/manpower for negligible gain, 4- The British would likely have helped defend it given its potential to stage a second attack front on Britain
Nikita Battaglia
Nikita Battaglia 20 saatler önce
10:31 whats the background music?
8-bit Sarda
8-bit Sarda 21 saatler önce
You forgot one of the best parts about the battle of Britain, not only were the British citizens smiling, knitting, and lounging casually, but reports of public drunkenness reached an all time low, despite alcohol being the only thing not being rationed. Also, their sex lives were better than ever. So not only did they not seem to care about the bombs being dropped, the men also made more to time to be intimate with their wives
bookmarks 22 saatler önce
"I want that thing" -A certain Hitler
sy plays
sy plays Gün önce
My teacher is showing you to my class😂
sebastian carvajal
sebastian carvajal Gün önce
And was France really that dum
Rosalynd Sembler
Rosalynd Sembler Gün önce
The peaceful chance obviously poke because philosophy amazingly scream amidst a vulgar pantry. scared, gaudy line
Jeff The Deaf
Jeff The Deaf Gün önce
More people watched this video than the people died in WW2
Kyley 16 saatler önce
Most are watching again
Tastier jungle 46
Tastier jungle 46 Gün önce
Dutlniv tioogattlyg
+creative Gün önce
this is a class I can like
Mad retard
Mad retard Gün önce
So Hitler reached Moscow but Stalin reversed then reached berlin
F. zki
F. zki Gün önce
4:42 wait... It's all because the west?
jotaro smith
jotaro smith Gün önce
I learned more about history in this video than school
なまはげ陰キャ〈天皇ガチ勢〉YAMK Gün önce
7:54 At that time, the Japanese soldiers were competing with their peers to kill the people of Nanking. By the way, I am Japanese.
Mustafa Altay
Mustafa Altay 12 saatler önce
Well done japan
Loffai Gün önce
An on his 3rd video he got sponsered
Trusted_Bacon Gün önce
Actual video starts at 1:16
Sofus Krogsgaard kotschwara
Sofus Krogsgaard kotschwara Gün önce
u nob
Ricardo Jr. Cayacap
Ricardo Jr. Cayacap Gün önce
Who else sees Hitler's mustache a mouth?
Just Enjoy
Just Enjoy Gün önce
A personal war of France and Germany are named WORLD WAR
M. R
M. R Gün önce
That's not what happened.
SirTrib Gün önce
Don’t play with hitler top
BLCJT stodios анимации и шорты
BLCJT stodios анимации и шорты Gün önce
Ja schwer vorstellbar, dass Deutschland dieses Chaos verursacht hat
NGO HAYDEN Moe Gün önce
jayden jayden
jayden jayden Gün önce
monkey chromosome
monkey chromosome Gün önce
3:54 isnt this the belgium flag? hol up
+creative Gün önce
@monkey chromosome jk it’s a joke
monkey chromosome
monkey chromosome Gün önce
@+creative who
+creative Gün önce
it was that back then but they changed it
Blake Davis
Blake Davis Gün önce
his mustache looks like his mouth
Art Pepper
Art Pepper Gün önce
You guys Adolph=Adolphin the dolphin Mussolini=Gussolini the goose And they started World War Animal 2.
Kittygamer69 2 gün önce
This is 2020
Maimoon Playz
Maimoon Playz 2 gün önce
Wow That is Nice
Exurtle 2 gün önce
Video starts at 1:18, thank me later.
BADttling SOUR
BADttling SOUR 2 gün önce
《Softpaw66》 2 gün önce
Learning about this in school, I feel like being smart.
Salmon 2 gün önce
MLGaming 2 gün önce
If Hitler died in world war 1
jumpy cupy
jumpy cupy 2 gün önce
My history teacher saw you and he is jealis
Lachyjack 2 gün önce
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Aelvir 2 gün önce
You didn’t mention the forming of the Kriegsmarine, you only mentioned the army and the Luftwaffe. Also Mers El Kébir was a bit more than that, it was not at all about sinking ships. Britain wanted them to agree to a set of terms and wanted France to surrender their ships so that Germany couldn’t get them. But the French admiral Marcel-Bruno Gensoul’s handling of the negotiations was nothing short of near-criminal negligence, driven to save his public view over the lives of his men. Gensoul told the French government that the alternatives were internment or battle but omitted the option of sailing to the French West Indies. As a result, the French refused absolutely, and as a result the British fired. One of the biggest casualties in ten incident was the lead ship (and name ship) of France's second class of dreadnought battleships, Bretagne, which was fired upon by the Queen Elizabeth-class battleship HMS Valiant and the battlecruiser and current flagship of the Royal Navy, HMS Hood. The one credited for sinking Bretagne is still debated but it is usually accepted that Bretagne was sunk by the latter, HMS Hood.
The Confused One
The Confused One 2 gün önce
The story about Joseph Stuntin, Benito Swagolini, Adolf Dripler
Oh 2 gün önce
This is for you can get over of the ad 1:15
matthew banta
matthew banta 2 gün önce
People criticize Neville Chamberlain for signing peace agreements that Hitler was obviously going to ignore. However, later unclassified documents show that Neville was aware that Hitler was likely going to ignore the agreement. However, if Hitler were to attack the UK before it was ready then they were probably going to lose. The peace agreements were likely a stalling scheme. So another way to look at it is that Neville Chamberlain purposely let his reputation get dragged into the mud because he thought it might save the world.
Vito Scalleta
Vito Scalleta 3 gün önce
Me if I was a Bobby doing worldwar2 air aid siren Me:Hell no
GD Colonsfan
GD Colonsfan 3 gün önce
Oversimplified: germany had been on the losers side Me: *screams*
Dshlat 3 gün önce
Does hittler have a mouth or a mustache i realy dont know
PoisonIvy 3 gün önce
Why is everything maybe staged by the Japanese 😂😂
Queen of germany👑
Queen of germany👑 3 gün önce
Machel Awili
Machel Awili 3 gün önce
That part of Ethiopia, the Italians were defeated at first as the Ethiopians did have modern weapons but not as advanced as Italy at the time
Jordan Poku
Jordan Poku 3 gün önce
I like how you posted part 2 before 1
Cursed Durk
Cursed Durk 3 gün önce
This mf hitler a menace 😭😭
Wmr Cats
Wmr Cats 3 gün önce
jesus loves you guys
EnzoXD Gün önce
@C4MPER wow your offensive
C4MPER 3 gün önce
No he doesn't
villagdude 3 gün önce
when oversimplified post a new video: yesssssssssssssssss!!!!!!! btw, he posts videos so rarely
Sean Shepherd
Sean Shepherd 3 gün önce
Sad that in a video about history, we have to completely remove and censor Hitler's symbol just to avoid attacks from the woke brigade.
Nicole Michaelis
Nicole Michaelis 3 gün önce
3:59 is that mumbo jumbo
Benjiman N
Benjiman N 3 gün önce
No. That’s that one man with the trapezoid shaped mustache.
Jennifer McCrackin
Jennifer McCrackin 3 gün önce
nice video
Deus Ex Machina
Deus Ex Machina 3 gün önce
@ 3:55: Why is Hitler such a big Belgium-fan? The German Empire used black white red as their colors. And the colors of today´s Germany are black-red-gold, not black-gold-red.
monkey chromosome
monkey chromosome Gün önce
wasn't the german empire's flag black white and red tho?
henry Boi
henry Boi 3 gün önce
Benjiman N
Benjiman N 3 gün önce
Wetei Hd
Wetei Hd 3 gün önce
I am german and at this moment i wanna go to hell and punch hitler
Julien Laguette
Julien Laguette 3 gün önce
Okay, but wasn't that the Belgian flag in Hitler's room??
Deus Ex Machina
Deus Ex Machina 3 gün önce
@Kyley And red sits between black and WHITE, not gold!
Kyley 3 gün önce
They have a similar flag but one is horizontal one is vertical
Zaintrix GD
Zaintrix GD 3 gün önce
China: **simply attacking Philippines** Philippines: Dont care just bring out coco martin
Amber Awesomeness
Amber Awesomeness 3 gün önce
Got me through school, thanks dude
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin 3 gün önce
Poland was worth it
Noah’s awesome vids
Noah’s awesome vids 3 gün önce
Awesome 😎
Crispy 3 gün önce
Im sorry but that new phone who dis made me laugh idk why, ig I'm still a little childish lmao
Ashley Messina
Ashley Messina 3 gün önce
The exultant show laterally worry because separated invariably mess up despite a lopsided parrot. whole, subsequent romania
The Browns Lit
The Browns Lit 4 gün önce
This video is very historical
АН25 4 gün önce
Какая полезная функция перевода комментариев, надеюсь такое скоро будет и на видео... И да я знаю что есть каналы которые переводят западные видео на русский...
drew 4 gün önce
Somehow both Germany, and the Jewish people got the last laugh.🙄
James King
James King 4 gün önce
The shaky silver immunohistologically fail because adjustment terminally zip into a normal deborah. hideous high, bawdy change
ariel krische
ariel krische 4 gün önce
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Benjiman N
Benjiman N 4 gün önce
MatiQ2010 4 gün önce
in this day, today, in 1939 red army atacked poland, ;
chicken the FBI agent
chicken the FBI agent 4 gün önce
imagine one of your great grandparents going: Benito Mussloni taught me Math in elementary.
D8G 4 gün önce
I watched one of your videos in hustory
batdelger Azaak
batdelger Azaak 4 gün önce
I'm boomer and your noob
Marcy wu
Marcy wu 4 gün önce
My teacher showed my class this
Waffle Lord
Waffle Lord 4 gün önce
I wish this guy is my history teacher
I am The spy
I am The spy 5 gün önce
Prophet OR profit
Jo S
Jo S 5 gün önce
As it has been said many times, fascism is just honest socialism.
Jo S
Jo S 4 gün önce
@M. R How so? Idealistic socialism might sound good in theory, but I have yet to see anything even remotely come close to it in reality. All it ever accomplished is devastation and authoritarian rulership for its citizens, and seeing as most fascists were originally socialists, it stands to reason that the roots of the problem are the same. China for example started as a "Communist Revolution" but is now nothing more than a fascist regime covered by the veil of the so called "CCP". If you have any proof of your claim please share.
M. R
M. R 4 gün önce
@Jo S What you say is nonsensical.
Jo S
Jo S 4 gün önce
@M. R Well, keep telling yourself that and maybe one day it will be true. As it stands, all socialism eventually turned fascist in practice.
M. R
M. R 4 gün önce
That is not true. It couldn't be further away from the truth. Fascism has absolutely nothing to do with socialism.
EGGANS 5 gün önce
Japan tried to beat America, this enraged Truman who punished them severely
Optimus 5 gün önce
"i want that thing" i fucking love this
Maria Johansson
Maria Johansson 5 gün önce
Kondor Kommander
Kondor Kommander 5 gün önce
if napoeleon was still alive during ww1 germans would get SUCKED ON BY FRENCH
idk 5 gün önce
how to explain 6 years of history in a total of 30 minutes type beat
Braxton Morgan
Braxton Morgan 5 gün önce
oversimplified, PLEASE do a zulu war video
NightmareIsStupid 5 gün önce
mama mia fascism🤌
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