Ian Hislop embarrasses MPs in their own select committee on lobbying and transparency

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8 aylar önce

Ian Hislop, Solomon Hughes and Richard Brooks of Private Eye attended the parliamentary select committee on standards to give evidence today.
Proceedings became combative and at times cringeworthy as the journalists began reading out the MPs', who were meant to be asking the questions, own registers of interest as examples of the lack of transparency in British politics.
Tories Sir Bernard Jenkin and Alberto Costa both seemed quite distressed.
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PoliticsJOE 8 aylar önce
Watch our recent interview with Ian Hislop: trshow.info/watch/OylUquvFEz0/video.html
J SUTCLIFFE 6 gün önce
@J Mark Dodds Ian Hislop embarrasses MPs in their own select committee on lobbying and transparency 1746pm 19.9.22 she's bought a hat like princess marina's... and that's all you need to know.
J Mark Dodds
J Mark Dodds 6 gün önce
You do great work - keep it up. OBVS you will...
J SUTCLIFFE 14 gün önce
@Andy Cap Ian Hislop embarrasses MPs in their own select committee on lobbying and transparency 1232pm 12.9.22 hang on, sir. there's doing your own thing as in getting things achieved under yer own steam and in yer own inimitable fashion which doesnt mean to say any overt laws have been breached... has our ian hislop been scrutinized to such a degree that he thinks: eff this for a game of effin soldiers, i'm off!!! one wonders how he would feel... as for politicians they're the same old same old and it seems a general rule that they tow the line.. towing the party line probably involves being a bit suspect or a lag (and making the odd underhand decision to further thier own ends as opposed to making life that little bit easier for their constituents is par for the course...) and is even excepted by the voter... trshow.info/watch/aeARXMHW4Is/video.html
Andy Cap
Andy Cap 14 gün önce
The assertion by Jenkins, that so many MPs don't accept the rules and so effectively do their own thing, is staggering. No wonder this country is in such a mess, if this is how it's managed !
J SUTCLIFFE Aylar önce
@Chris Belton costa packet or costa coffee would be the inspiration for one of private eye's amazingly witty headlines... i only find those skits amusing due to the tired old speech bubbles emanating from their gobs or the cruddy and weary headline to accompany some innocent looking scene... p.s did hislop mention this in private eye - his being a thorn in the establishment's side? which h isn't now - after al is said and done he's realised he's part of the workings of it. as most things are... must have read his greek in class.
Ijay 8 aylar önce
It's reassuring that there are still people like Ian Hislop at the top of public life.
MMH Studio
MMH Studio 5 gün önce
Yes it is, absolutely. And also reassuring that there are others who resonate with truth and for what is right. Whether to speak in public live, or to show appreciation in a chat section, on a multimedia website.
David Thomas
David Thomas 6 gün önce
I thought this was 'yes minister. '
May L
May L 13 gün önce
I'm sorry... They don't say things like... "I'm a hedge fund manager" ???... But everybody say that if you were up in the North ! Even Mr Swire.... Say who he is too !
aries6776 13 gün önce
@Teddy boys don’t knit Yeah exactly. Ad hominem. Attacking the person and to deflect from the message.
aries6776 13 gün önce
@Michael Bell Or just declare second jobs publicly as Ian suggests. It should be listed on their wikipedia entry.
MarxistKnight 2 aylar önce
I’m a town planner, and planners aren’t even ALLOWED to accept any gifts/remuneration from members of the public, for the obvious reason that there could be a perceived conflict of interest. But of course nobody expects MPs to abide by the same rules, ethics and blindingly obvious guidelines that most of the rest of us do.
James Hansing
James Hansing 3 saatler önce
@MrGrifft every little helps. That’s just the official donation ;)
MrGrifft 3 saatler önce
@James Hansing £100k? Goddamn they're easy to buy...
Bikerchris 7 gün önce
I work with Town Planners and this is 100% correct. Why financial manipulations are forbidden beyond the walls of the Houses of Parliament is beyond me.
badbadleroybrown 13 gün önce
Same throughout all departments within councils, no gifts sloowed. Why should MPs be any different? It stinks.They end up representing the needs of big businesses rather than the electorate they are paid to serve.
Mara Tuda
Mara Tuda 13 gün önce
Same in the pharma companies. Due to scandals in the past no gifts can be accepted!
icapturemyworld 14 gün önce
I’m a nurse, and anything beyond a box of chocolates for the team is either turned down or redirected through hospital management. We wouldn’t ever even consider taking a gift in exchange for, say, a side room for a patient. Would love to see these ethics being adopted by the people who run our country.
Paul Embleton
Paul Embleton 17 saatler önce
Quite stunning to hear a select committee member describing us all as savages re ethics, and we need educating by the likes of him.
7macdonald 2 gün önce
I think keeping hold of dentures for a box of celebrations is kind of worth while
mt Electrical
mt Electrical 4 gün önce
It’s a sad world when we can’t receive gifts unconditionally in hospital or not.
Lucy Lou
Lucy Lou 7 gün önce
@SleepingBear I am really pleased you had such a wonder and positive experience, but unfortunately not all are so lucky. I have been stuck in bed for over 3 years now with very little support because of nhs not being good where we are. There are an odd fantastic nurses , but an awful lot of issues which have had to go to ombudsman to be sorted out now sadly as you just go round and round in circles trying to get things resolved when they won’t even acknowledge an issue, but it is a good way of them not having to pay the care they should be I suppose for people. I think it may just sadly be this part of England so hopefully they are better up north, in my experience they are. When I have been a patient in London they are awesome. Time tomove I think…
Lucy Lou
Lucy Lou 7 gün önce
@SassySam Thankyou, the Hardest thing for me becoming disabled, was having to stop work . I absolutely loved what I did and miss it. Despite what government s try to suggests, not everybody who is disabled , would rather not work. Even if I only made a small difference in a persons life that day by giving them a smile, explaining something they didn’t understand, or just freshening them up a bit. Many people who work in health care today, I struggle to see why they are doing their job sadly. Many talk about the stresses and they are not rewarded for doing their job and I understand to a point, but they seem to understand the rewards you can get from patients if you deserve and treat them with respect. When they make progress, or smile, or just knowing you are making a difference in peoples lives. That may seem glib to some people but I think it still matters. There are some amazing healthcare people around, but way too many who should find a different job because they simply don’t care and they treat their patients pretty awfully. Sorry, my little soap box moment. Something I am passionate about wanting to improve somehow if I can.
Huw Carr
Huw Carr 7 aylar önce
I can't sufficiently express how wonderful it is that there are journalists who work hard to help us all to have trust in the idea of greater levels of transparency around our politicians. This is an incredibly important subject. We vote for people to represent us, and don't have the means to buy their allegiance to get what resources in our communities that we desperately need; yet politicians have frequently be shown to profit from companies attempting to sway them towards benefiting them. We obviously need a system; a strong watch dog system that helps to keep them honest. We all know that people have their personal 'price' that can sway them, and that if they think it is undetectable, they are more likely to bend their ethics and think about their constituents as secondary to company favours. That is why we need the same checks, balances and consequences upon these politicians and their staff.
Alastair 28 gün önce
Huw Carr. Brilliantly put I must say, I think they should have no jobs outside of Parliament,.it pays a decent wage with a very good pensionost of us can only dream of. Companies give gifts like the football tickets mention in the video are most certainly after something, buying influence.
OTL Cellartapes
OTL Cellartapes Aylar önce
@_main reedhowe however desperately you need something there are many others like you who have the same needs that are denied them by unchecked hoarding and neglectful attitudes towards allocative-efficiency
_main reedhowe
_main reedhowe 6 aylar önce
I quote "That is why we need the same checks, balances and consequences upon these politicians and their staff." That is a problem posing as a solution.
_main reedhowe
_main reedhowe 6 aylar önce
However desperately you need something, that does not imply there is some one capable of giving it to you.
_main reedhowe
_main reedhowe 6 aylar önce
However desperately you need something, that does not imply there is some way of giving it to you.
Brent Miller
Brent Miller 6 aylar önce
it's only natural that those caught with their fingers in the cookie jar try to twist the evidence as to make those investigating the crime appear totally wrong, and thank heavens there are people like Ian who refuse to be bullied into backing down by those who make a living putting others down or making them feel less than they are
Diana Mincher
Diana Mincher 11 gün önce
Clean up the parliamentary MPs.
Samantha Pateman
Samantha Pateman 16 gün önce
Seems like what a narcissist would do
Norm Keilty
Norm Keilty 8 aylar önce
Hislop is the most intelligent , literate and anti-corrupt person in the room - we need more like him . Remove lobbying & insider trading - Covid seems to have made MPs think they are invincible
forest sunset
forest sunset Aylar önce
they are invincible
Daniel O'Keefe
Daniel O'Keefe 2 aylar önce
@John Bishop best money I spend. Subscribed since 1983
Daniel O'Keefe
Daniel O'Keefe 2 aylar önce
@Keldor D'Antrell this is still nonsense after the 3rd time of posting the same cut and paste
Gary Bauer
Gary Bauer 4 aylar önce
I think it was Boris Johnson's leadership by example that made MPs think they are invincible. The fact is that in this government, the ministers are invincible. More than one has broken the ministerial code of ethics - a transgression that would have been a cause for resignation in any previous government - yet they continued in their roles Another, by his own admission, actually broke the law to override the council or the poorest borough in Britain to allow a party donor to build luxury flats, yet his position was not questioned at all.
Anthony Halifax
Anthony Halifax 4 aylar önce
He may well be but he is also a self proclaimed hypocrite! 🤔
silva snow
silva snow 2 aylar önce
As a scotsman can I just say that we dont generally use the word " robust" 5 times in 1 sentence... Alberto Costa was loving that word
David Reason
David Reason 11 gün önce
A lawyer once used "Robust" to me as a treat over a case. He lost the case and I won. So I was MORE ROBUST! Fucking lawyers!
Boy-Cry-Wolf 3 aylar önce
He's a national treasure at this point. Can't get over these MPs playing dumb and acting like they have the moral intuition of children, who need to be expressly told NOT to do something to realise it's corrupt.
G Will
G Will 7 aylar önce
ridiculous that they are trying to dodge and justify why they are able to get away with this. Well done Ian & Co
Alan Hewitt
Alan Hewitt 7 aylar önce
Ian is a hero. Even a standards committee don't to understand that MP's shouldn't be receiving "Gifts" its more corrupt thinking.
Tharoz 7 aylar önce
@Campbell Lewis I agree with a lot of what you say, but I disagree that they should be paid more. Using money as the primary attractor sets a bad precedent that just encourages more thinking of financial benefits, which the private sector will ALWAYS trump the public sector on. The position MPs are in allows private firms to gain massive financial benefit for a very small (in their terms) financial investment, while the public sector has to justify spending against much more stringent rules. You ever see a person who is motivated by greed turn down an opportunity for yet more? It requires more of a cultural shift, which I accept is not easy, but is the only way we will gain long term benefit as a country. Work in the public sector, whether as an MP or a doctor should be seen as a service to the community, and should attract those who want to provide a service to their community. I believe most MP's start out wanting to make things better, but there is so much money available as handouts that few will resist forever. I disagree on some of what you say about councils. They do indeed employ some of the most useless individuals, where culture often encourages failing upwards, but this isn't entirely down to pay. There are several local council chief executives that are paid more than the PM. Even way back in 2000 (the most recent figures I found in a quick Google), the chief executive of Hampshire council was paid £160k! Only about £2k less than the total PMs entitlement was in 2020. While that is the top, and best paid job, you best believe that they got that figure approved by supporting high wages for those who had to vote on it too.
Campbell Lewis
Campbell Lewis 7 aylar önce
​@Sam Lee I have had loads of different jobs, from security guard and Dixons sales rep, to working in banks. I even had to declare joining the local community council and a coaching role at a sports team, both unpaid of course. However I don't agree regarding MP wages. I don't say this to boast, I've more just been very flukey/lucky with a specialist skill, but I already earn more than an MP. I have an interest in politics, but even to be a local councillor would cost me a fair bit in what I'd have to give up, I don't feel it would be worth it. I also work with project managers all the time, largely for investment banks and as they pay the best, they tend to get the best people. Councils pay the worst - so the next time you wonder why a main road into the nearest city centre has been dug up during the same fortnight that the rail service is reduced, and you think "wow, that's not planned very well, what idiot thought of that" - well that's exactly it, an idiot who couldn't get any of the better project jobs in the private sector which all pay 20-60% more, that's who planned it, and that's why its stupid, inefficient and inconvenient. I have worked with some shocking people over the years who were paid far too much, and they are quickly found out in investment banking where you are measured closely. They drop to retail banking, to startups, then to the NHS or council roles as they slowly get found out, they move to places where there is zero pressure to perform. MPs in my view should be paid MORE - but our expectations of them should be much higher. They should be made to do forms of community service; and not just turn up to pick up crisp packets for a few hours - almost more like the Undercover Boss, get involved at companies of local industry in their constituency and speak to their people about their lives. Even the MPs who try to engage, the only people they really speak to are community councils and people who show at their surgery - this is almost exclusively people in their 60s+ and/or with a very specific complaint/axe to grind. Its not representative of the real challenges that people face day-to-day or the true prevailing view of working-age people in their area (who are often too busy to normally engage, or are putting kids to bed or still working shifts when 7pm council meetings take place). Make MPs work in their local communities to embed them into what it's like for regular people. Of course half the problem there, is that the MPs often don't even live in their constituency, they're named/planted onto a ballot somewhere just for sake of getting them safely reelected sometimes. But they should have to cut that rubbish out too. Oh and no consultancy or board room work. Want to be a Dr or teacher? Absolutely, that does enrich what you can bring to parliament. Getting paid £100k for 3 phone calls where you explain to a company how best to lobby for Defence contracts, not so much...
Sam Lee
Sam Lee 7 aylar önce
100%, i where i work we're not allowed to accept anything at all and have to do a yearly course on bribery and corruption...i work in a bloody fish factory, im not even in management 😂 But its ok for MP's to recieve all sorts or crap and pretend that its ok. Theyre on 80k+ a year as an MP there is no reason they should have or need a second job they should be devoted 100% to their job of running the damn country! I think we should tie the MP's wages to the national MEDIAN wage, not average as rhats skewed massively by people earning astronomical wages. Then they have to bring everyone up to better their own wage. The problem being you have the argument of you wont get good MP's without paying them well...we dont have good MP's now, most of them are lieing, cheating swindlers who dont need the wage and take it as a way to further their out of parliment eraning with lobbying etc. 1 job, median wage tied, 1 year garden leave after leaving the job, bloody good pension to compensate for work done but tied to the national average retirement age so they cant draw it out before.
Campbell Lewis
Campbell Lewis 7 aylar önce
I mean could £100k a year job for 50 hours work look any more like a bribe if they tried?...
Geraint 8 aylar önce
One of the funniest and best ideas I've heard is that politicians should wear jackets with their sponsors on like in formula 1, so we can really know who we're voting for, if they're not comfortable putting it on a jacket, then they shouldn't be taking the money.
R S 7 gün önce
Emyr Derfel
Emyr Derfel 10 gün önce
@Philip Hawley Dr Evan Harris, Lib Dem. Qualified as a doctor in 1991, elected as an MP 1997, lost his seat in 2010. Kier Starmer, qualified 1986 human rights lawyer, became QC 2002, DPP and head of CPS 2008-2013, elected as an MP 2015. Emily Thornberry, Himan Rights Lawyer 1985 until elected 2005. Mark Drakeford, First Minister of wales was a university lecturer from 1991 until he was assigned a ministerial post in 2013 having been elected in 2011.
Noddy Noddy.
Noddy Noddy. 2 aylar önce
I can get behind that. 😉
TheNatty88 2 aylar önce
@Mia True Absolutely, we’ll said!
anonUK 3 aylar önce
Your MP was brought to you by Evilcorp.
Joanna Bowers
Joanna Bowers 7 aylar önce
Thanks for being there for us Ian. I appreciate you and your colleagues! ❤✊
B Harris
B Harris 7 aylar önce
Well done Ian and your team. The message that this government continues to take us for fools has been reinforced by some of the embarrassing comments made by members of this committee. I also would like to see exact details of the reasons MPs are given pay or perks from outside companies, so that I can decide if I want to vote for an MP candidate at the next election. Better still, I would prefer that a serving MP should not be allowed to have second jobs or to receive any benefits not directly associated with their job as an MP. The football ticket gift discussion in this video is the perfect example of just how disconnected some MPs' own thinking is from that of the everyday man or woman in the street.
J Private
J Private 4 aylar önce
Keep going, Ian. There are millions who support you and your drive for high standards.
Nnnuuk 5 aylar önce
Lobbying should be illegal, and if anybody in power accepts even a penny, there should be a mandatory prison sentence. That would make it much easier for them all to toe the line.
Edward AL
Edward AL 5 aylar önce
@Toni that’s the best way of putting it, lobbyists don’t have an obligation to serve communities and constituents, politicians do
Toni 5 aylar önce
Lobbying isn't the problem, the problem is corrupt self serving MP's taking 2nd and 3rd jobs they don't declare for positions they have no experience for beyond being an MP.
Edward AL
Edward AL 5 aylar önce
@Nnnuuk maybe not broadcast, but I don’t think video recorded would be a terrible idea - then catalogue and have a page on the Parliament website where people can watch it. Also I think businesses should be able to lobby as they are a vital part of our current society and need some kind of say - but there should be a cap on how many hours a lobbyist can spend with politicians and a spend cap on how much they can invest in political affairs
Nnnuuk 5 aylar önce
@Edward AL Then all lobbying should be broadcast so that we can all see what the lobbying is actually about. I would still confine it to private individuals, charaties and unions etc.,
Edward AL
Edward AL 5 aylar önce
Lobbying should be allowed, as lobbying can also be done by charities, unions and everyday people. Lobbying brought about higher wages and an end to child labour. But it needs massive reform and overhaul, all meetings between business reps and politicians should be fully recorded and be public record, no jobs at companies they’ve represented for 10 years post-politics, NOTHING should change hands between them and way more that I can’t be bothered to list
Mike C
Mike C 8 aylar önce
It is hilarious and terrifying how MPs tried to use this session to discuss/argue their own personal points. Good on Ian for not backing down
May L
May L 13 gün önce
@Saber King : Back in the days, when we have an entire set of businesses in London that was listed. No graduates would be without a job. You would be hired. In fact, if there is no right fit... A new position would be created and reshuffling will happen etc. From those managing days to the current globalisation chaos ? Are you kidding me ? And now, we are being played here in the UK, when we allow an Uber driver.. to earn below minimum wage... and indirectly raising the cost of food prices which is actually FARMED here ! What.. so it is okay to.... pay 20% for the farmer, 30 % for the establishment and 50% for that "marketing/media/app company " ?!?!?!?!!!!!.... No !! It should NOT ! I can walk down the road to get it from the farm ! Not this way! My chicken is only 4 pound. But my app costs is like another 6 pound ?!!?
May L
May L 13 gün önce
@dharmaqueen : I still remember when working in the public sector that I have to sign out for each pen I take from the stationary cupboard, if not, otherwise then I would be in trouble with my manager. Same with the dress codes. I was so upset, when I managed enough pay to buy a muji pen to encourage myself to work harder, only for the consulting company's pm to steal it !
Daniel O'Keefe
Daniel O'Keefe 2 aylar önce
@Keldor D'Antrell again? Have you nothing original to contribute?
Mike Goodman
Mike Goodman 7 aylar önce
Ian never backs down and talks over everyone, believing that his opinion is always 100% correct, not allowing anyone to have their own choice or opinion.
Keldor D'Antrell
Keldor D'Antrell 7 aylar önce
And why do you think he isn't a politician? Do you not see what his role is in this play that is public life? He enjoys the fame, kudos, and rich rewards for playing the smart arse and mocking the corrupt politicians but does he actually make the world a better place for all his intellect, education, and personal magnetism? No he doesn't - because he's genuinely NOT BOTHERED ENOUGH to make any such effort. He could easily win a seat as an MP just on his fame alone. Yet if he did he'd have to prove himself better than the corrupt politicians - and he knows this well. So what can we conclude from his failure to become a politician (in order to actually do something about all the 'awful' corruption that he's always banging on about)? We can only conclude that he's quite happy making a living off the backs of the corrupt. It's impossible to imagine that he hasn't actually thought of this himself or, god forbid he hasn't, that someone else hasn't thought of it and put it to him. So he's just an actor pretending to be outraged but really raking the money in and laughing all the way to the bank. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that he'd been invited numerous times to be on one of the boards of one of the big companies that get government contracts.
John Williams
John Williams 4 aylar önce
They tell us "ignorance of the law" is no excuse, but MPs simply "dont realise" they are breaking their own rules. Double standards maybe???
Bo Walsh
Bo Walsh 7 aylar önce
God bless you Mr Hislop and colleagues for being so eloquent in your defense of our democracy on behalf of the people of this country who at times find politics so convoluted and inaccessible. The people of this country are sick and tired of the greed and corruption that exists in Whitehall!
Phantus00 2 aylar önce
Insane that lobbying/bribery is allowed anywhere, ever. The world needs to create the separation between corp and state before it's too late.
badbadleroybrown 13 gün önce
It's already too late I fear. Corporations are more powerful than governments these days.
David Cross
David Cross 7 aylar önce
We would surely miss Hislop and his magazine if they weren't there. The problem for this select committee is that they are facing someone who is much more intelligent that they are, and they know it
Pipster 7 aylar önce
I wasn't too keen on PE's taking part in the lies and smearing of Jeremy Corbyn or their attacks on other important investigative journalists like John Pilger, Robert Fisk and Julian Assange. They do decent work on parliamentary hypocrisy and corruption but in many ways PE is a conservative (small c) institution (nearly all ex-public schoolboys/Oxbridge/London/even CofE). And the jokes are sooo old. After 40-odd years of Let's Parler Franglais who finds it funny? I don't read it anymore and I don't miss it.
Robert Adams
Robert Adams 8 aylar önce
I'm a Canadian. In Canada, MPs cannot lobby while they are sitting, and are prohibited from doing so for a number of years afterward. I'm amazed that being an MP is not a full-time job in the UK; and especially that they are able to sell their influence.
aries6776 13 gün önce
@shazmeister2005 I think that is a fair point. If they were better paid they'd have less incentive to game the system for more monetary gain. Or at least you'd hope. But I think this is a particularly British problem overall. Many highly skilled professions are seen as vocations. Defence barristers being paid less than minimum wage, engineers, scientists and doctors can all earn 3 times their salary in the United States.
aries6776 13 gün önce
@Bollo Rice So do you trust Liz Truss not imposing a windfall tax on energy companies because she says it would discourage investment? And assume that her having worked at Shell for 4 years had no influence on her decision? I wouldn't be surprised if she held a large number of shares in Shell, but we'll never know will we the way things stand....
Kathleen Whitlock
Kathleen Whitlock 2 aylar önce
This is as if should be . These people make the laws and leave loopholes for themselves. They think that we are all stupid
Matt Watson
Matt Watson 5 aylar önce
Oh please a Canadian shocked at corruption in the UK government, let me direct you to the SNC-Lavalin affair.
Eileen Boles
Eileen Boles 5 aylar önce
@Ryan Berrie & because he's so good Boris would not allow himself to b interviewed by him!
Steelinversion83 6 aylar önce
Ian Hislop brilliant as ever, Thank God people like him still exist in the media.
Nodjia 5 aylar önce
I find it very interesting how, basically, the same principle was explained to the board here several times. "If you are receiving a gift of some value, the public needs to know WHY". People with large amounts of money don't just randomly give that money to politicians, they don't just give gifts randomly, they are getting something in return, so the people need to know what that is. When they got around to discussing "but my aide took the gift", and had to explain that "you rewarding a hard working aide with a valuable gift from a wealthy business, is also you accepting a favor, because you are passing that gift on doesn't absolve you from the responsibility of declaring that is giving me gifts", it just feels like the MP's involved even in this committee are being intentionally obtuse. They know what they are doing, they know how their voice in the government can be monetized and they've been doing it a long time.
Shauni G
Shauni G 7 aylar önce
I love when politicians are, clear as crystal, called out on their hypocrisy 😁 Left no wriggle room to try and bluff or gaslight their way out of it!
Gareth Menzies
Gareth Menzies 3 aylar önce
Always have been a fan of Ian, he shoots from the hip and doesn't sugar coat anything. We need more people like him in power, not the sycophantic corrupt jellyfish we have now...
Sir Squegg
Sir Squegg 8 aylar önce
Ian proving he is exactly the guy I think he is. Good man.
Lynda Horgan
Lynda Horgan 8 aylar önce
Arrogant! That’s what he is.
Buggerlugz 8 aylar önce
@Buzzin Smaug49 - And why do 14 MP's police MP's? Surely, a senior civil servant and note taker is all that is required?
dharmaqueen 8 aylar önce
I am gobsmacked, Alberto Costa is up there with Prince Andrew's interview for lack of self awareness.
No Name
No Name 8 aylar önce
Yes...... But no.
Alexander Romanov
Alexander Romanov 8 aylar önce
Edited from the Press 2016 and 2022 Here in continental Europe, Johnson and his clown show have been kept well out of the Ukraine loop for safety. You may remember Johnson's candid photo at Stansted airport after seeming to have slept in the Easy Jet baggage hold, on his return from his fourth attendance at the oligarch's favorite son's drug addled 'Russian Bonga Bonga' style party in 2016 at Lebedev's palace, which is "so camera'd up that shots can be take from ten angles at a time for "extra clarity" in Perugia where "everything is on the menu" and according to MI5,6,7,8 and 9 "all who attend are compromised by Putin's dubious friends" It appears that in the corridors of Brussels, they haven't forgotten either. "We don't want Johnson, the scruffy liar, to spill the beans again to Putin in exchange for a further delay in publishing the "Italian Party Pictures in HD" regarding our actions and our help in Ukraine" said Ursula to Šefčovič, in fluent Polish.
Derek Cross
Derek Cross 6 aylar önce
Unbelievable: MP's who "apparently" don't know right from wrong, how depressing!
pablo johnstini
pablo johnstini 3 aylar önce
Sad thing is that they couldn't care less .Even when they get found out .
Jennifer Cook
Jennifer Cook 7 aylar önce
Let’s have more of Ian Hislop asking VERY relevant questions to and about MPs and their questionable gifts from anonymous donours
SennaStar 7 aylar önce
Sir Bernard says its human nature to want to break the rules. Strange coming from a man that is involved in legislating over every aspect of our lives making laws that we should follow
SennaStar 3 aylar önce
@pablo johnstini Brilliant
pablo johnstini
pablo johnstini 3 aylar önce
Sir Bellend
Tom Pitman
Tom Pitman 5 aylar önce
Ian Hislop is a Legend. Such slime of the committee he's facing.
Manuyi 8 aylar önce
Ian, as expected, did very well. Still, It saddens me to think that someone like Ian is needed, to sit there and state the obvious, in a room full of people acting like they are hearing something very complex and two-sided, something that will require a lot of thought and further discussion. No it isn't, and no it won't. Just do your bloody job already.
Duncan F
Duncan F 2 aylar önce
@Tipo for the most part the media represent one side of the corporate fence and you wonder how wholeheartedly their editorial teams go after blatant corporate corruption, being generous. Of course there are exceptions, private eye being one.
strumbad stroller
strumbad stroller 7 aylar önce
Steven Moore
Steven Moore 7 aylar önce
They trying to get some control as this bullshit would normally be humoured by the lickspittles that surround these absolute toffholes.
Tipo 7 aylar önce
@Mike Baker Absolutely right. The press try and play Devils Advocate at every step.
Mike Baker
Mike Baker 7 aylar önce
To be fair, the media does this exact two-sided shell game when it is their self interests at stake. This doesn't excuse these politicians, it is just a point that the conflict of interest rot extends beyond them.
griff 7 aylar önce
Depressing to see how the standards of mediocrity keep falling.
Richard Grant
Richard Grant 4 aylar önce
Nicely put, griff !
Iyas AlQasem
Iyas AlQasem 7 aylar önce
Fascinating to see how much (rightly) the committee was afraid of Ian, Richard (who also did an amazing job) and Solomon. Jenkin, trying to establish credibility as an independent thinker, and trying to move the discussion to culture where he thought Hislop would be an ally. Costa, trying to establish his credibility as a "robust" questioner, and by extension therefore on the side of right. Credit to the Private Eye team who didn't allow bravado or flattery to soften their message. A message that wasn't answered, but hopefully was heard if that was the intent of the session. And, to be fair, Bryant seemed to have a refreshingly humble attitude.
Hugh O'Neill
Hugh O'Neill 7 aylar önce
I think it tells you everything about it when the chair of the committee asks to move on as he jokingly states he’s worried about what they have on him. It’s astonishing the British Public vote for these crooks.
Simon Lewis
Simon Lewis 7 aylar önce
The Anti-Bribery & Corruption Law, which business law which companies receive incredible fines for when they are non-compliant, should be applied to MPs....but there again leading by example has been a rare quality in MPs. Great job Ian & team - keep the pressure on.
churlishly 8 aylar önce
The amount of underhand lobbying going on is obscene. Hats off to Hislop and others working so hard to expose it.
adamtzsch 7 aylar önce
@bob blocker What?
bob blocker
bob blocker 7 aylar önce
@adamtzsch haha that best you got Abacus Genius
adamtzsch 7 aylar önce
@bob blocker “must of dusted of” 😆 That cheered me up, thanks. I can count. Is English your third language?
bob blocker
bob blocker 7 aylar önce
@adamtzsch you must of dusted of your Abacus and yes it was
Keith Foster
Keith Foster 7 aylar önce
@Al3x P1p That’s the spirit. Lol
hoodwiser 2 aylar önce
There is more genuine reporting in one issue of the Private Eye than all the other broadsheets and red tops combined. If only the population actually bothered to venture outside of their limited reading habits.
Gareth Lloyd
Gareth Lloyd 5 aylar önce
If anyone else commits a crime they'd be convicted. Claiming ignorance of a law that is essentially your profession is ludicrous. MPs - "I didn't know I broke the law" EVERYONE - "too bad, study harder"
Easy rider
Easy rider 6 aylar önce
More of this please, there’s nothing better than watching politicians squirm
Kathleen Thompson
Kathleen Thompson 4 aylar önce
Thank goodness for Ian Hislop and the other two for speaking truth to power
James Thompson
James Thompson 8 aylar önce
If anyone in the country deserves a knighthood, it's Ian Hislop. He's dedicated his life to holding the government to account as best he can, and this video clearly shows the value that his intellect has for the country when put up againt elected officials that in their own words "were born savages that need morals explaining to them"
Gayatri Monani
Gayatri Monani 7 aylar önce
We know how low we've sunk when the majority of people think someone needs to be rewarded for doing the right thing.
Nick Follett
Nick Follett 7 aylar önce
That man is not getting a knighthood 😂
Liz Wiseman
Liz Wiseman 7 aylar önce
I agree with you on the value of Ian and the Private Eye institution, but I think you've missed the point of independent journalism there. In practice, it's the government of the day who decides who gets this "gift" of status, and they usually expect something in return - QED !
Dragan Slipper
Dragan Slipper 8 aylar önce
If you read into Hislop, he’s not a big fan of the honour system
Mark Kingston
Mark Kingston 8 aylar önce
@FungluttonDotCom I'm sorry, but he "misrepresented" it as you alluded to yourself. I agree with your sentiments as well, but you can't misquote something and claim that it is valid.
Dorky Thorpy
Dorky Thorpy 3 aylar önce
So strange to see someone speaking concisely in Westminster. Actually worthwhile watching this. That slimy lawyer guy; what a plank.
Kevin Martin
Kevin Martin 7 aylar önce
Superb - well done Ian and team. Simply because I work for a university in a junior role I HAD to undertake conflict of interest training. It was so simple that even an MP could follow it and understand that a simple gift of tickets to the world cup could be PERCEIVED to be a conflict of interest whilst getting paid to sit on a company's board is an ACTUAL conflict of interest. Neither are acceptable in an elected role or in most other public roles either!
John Kelleher
John Kelleher 2 aylar önce
Alberto Costa (embarrassing!)
bobspace 3 aylar önce
I commend Ian, Solomon and Richard for "speaking truth to power", however the true pity of this is that it takes us nowhere. For example the littany of Johnson's utter self interest and the deceit employed to cover it up before he became PM, should have been enough to warn anyone off from voting for him but we know where we are.
Plug4uk 7 aylar önce
Always hold them accountable and NEVER let them off the hook guys because they're Public Servants and its OUR money that's paying their wage!!
Keldor D'Antrell
Keldor D'Antrell 7 aylar önce
So who's holding them accountable? Sorry but I fail to see anyone being held to account. Hislop is here 'playing his noble part' but what actually happens as a result? Hislop will eventually get knighted while the system continues unabated. It may only be violence that stops this charade.
Drew Campbell
Drew Campbell 8 aylar önce
Excellent responses from the Private Eye team. It's not that complicated really. Every MP should be required to publish an annual report of their attendance, voting record, surgeries and - crucially - other income and interests. How much they receive, what for, and what they actually did. Also how many hours and days they spent working for these other interests. We also need a fully independent standards commission with legal powers of sanction even to the extent of recommending recall of an elected member.
Anthony Hopkins
Anthony Hopkins 8 aylar önce
Spot on
FFV Gaming
FFV Gaming 8 aylar önce
@andi shaw i think make second jobs and lobbying in the private sector illegal. Some MPs are Doctors for example, so i think public sector jobs should be allowed.
ArrrGee 8 aylar önce
The problem I can foresee, as we saw with the expenses scandal, as we are seeing with Boris constantly lying and misleading parliament around the parties at No.10 there is no real punishment for them for behaving poorly or even criminally. I would love to see legal requirements for having to publish every year everything that you have raised with severe criminal punishments for failing to disclose anything or accepting dodgy gains but I suspect that they won't impose rules like this on themselves or if they do it will be for show with no or very little negative consequence for them. Just look at the pension and pay increase they gave themselves in 2010 (I think), the entire public sector was on a pay freeze for a number of years following the 2008/9 financial crisis when MP's decided to give themselves a very large pay increase during a depression which also effectively increased their pensions by some margin following which they then slashed all public sector pensions. They clearly have nothing giving them pause for thought when they are being offered large sums of cash or 'second jobs' due to their position, hopefully something changes but they seem to have the attitude that because they work "hard" as we saw in this video they deserve treats and gratuities so they hardly question the morality of accepting things due to their position.
Drew Campbell
Drew Campbell 8 aylar önce
@Cobbler91 Just the number of surgeries per year, where they were held, number of cases. No names, no personal details unless the constituent agrees.
no comment
no comment 8 aylar önce
yes absolutely
adam shatwell
adam shatwell 5 aylar önce
Even the people investigating corruption seem corrupt, Ian did well to hold back 😅
Robert Hughes
Robert Hughes 5 aylar önce
I’m not a fan of Mr Hislop but himself and his team are doing a wonderful job weeding out the corruptness in MP’s serving as members of the government accepting these so called “gifts”.
multirotorfpvuk 7 aylar önce
Thankyou for your work Messrs Hislop, Brooks & Hughes. Many people in the UK are hard working, and many organisations prohibit the giving of 'gifts' to individuals, for the simple reason that this may prevent that individual from making the right choice, or an unbiased choice on behalf of the company. This should be implemented elsewhere too. All too often our democratic system is abused by the very people who make the rules for the rest of us, its disgraceful. MPs please stop double dealing and lead by example!!!
S L 3 aylar önce
My employer gives us regular testing on bribery and corruption. It covered how some foreign entities and businesses expect cash bribes around the world. Also that any gifts needed to be declared. The pre presentation was very informative and quite surprising. I would have thought all government employees would have such a system in place as part of their induction process.
daibonehead 3 aylar önce
i work in an IT role and hardly ever speak to people from outside the organisation. even so, i’m expected to be aware of bribery and corruption, and any failing on my part could equal being sacked. Mps are more likely to be conflicted. the rules should be clear - fuck about, get sacked.
Louis Pearson
Louis Pearson 8 aylar önce
we are very lucky to have Ian Hislop fighting for our rights. Brilliant man
Clyde Bear
Clyde Bear 7 aylar önce
Continuing the fight of the great Peter Cook don't forget.
randomuploadsism 7 aylar önce
That's a positive take. Why can't we have people fighting for our rights in political power?
Jill Tyrrell
Jill Tyrrell 7 aylar önce
Agreed! He’s always stuck his neck out.
Terry McGeary
Terry McGeary 7 aylar önce
I'll second that!
Brian 7 aylar önce
I like Ian Hislop. He simply tells it like it is. His frank approach and delivery tends to shock those whom are part of the "establishment". There are those whom have used the "system" to try to bring him down, but he ploughs on regardless. And good on him....
Toni 5 aylar önce
Bloody hell this is beyond pathetic from our so called representatives. MP's need to be taught how NOT to be corrupt! And this isn't restricted to just one party.
Geoff Willingham
Geoff Willingham 4 aylar önce
To be fair, most companies insist (now) that all staff go through yearly mandatory training on corruption, bribery, basic security, and similar - and it's because some of this stuff isn't always clear (or at least, where the line is drawn legally, etc) - so yes, all MPs probably *do* need mandatory - and regular - training (and completion of that training should be audited). This would also mean that 'I didnt' realise' would no longer be a valid defence (it's not really valid now, but they still try to use it). Training by itself isn't the solution, but it should be part of the solution, imo.
Samson Cooper
Samson Cooper 5 aylar önce
The amount of leeway these MPs try to give fraudulent behaviour is staggering.
Charles Lancaster
Charles Lancaster 7 aylar önce
What we need is more integrity in public life.
Gaynor Evans
Gaynor Evans 7 aylar önce
This is a simple matter of integrity. Vested interests should bar one from related conversations or influence. If you are incapable of distinguishing between the two, you have no business being in public service.
Dave Begbie
Dave Begbie 8 aylar önce
It’s actually unbelievable how badly all these MPs come across.
Michelle Visage OnlyFans
Michelle Visage OnlyFans 7 aylar önce
Especially that pompous arrogant one with the northerner accent! He was punch worthy!
Andrew B
Andrew B 7 aylar önce
Not really, they're dull dim-witted men and women with average intellect who got lucky!
redfog42 7 aylar önce
I find their arrogance perfectly believable.
mygodyousuckatthat 7 aylar önce
I disagree. It's clearly very believable.
bobbymcd 7 aylar önce
@Richard Hunter thats a right scottish name that!
Tim Cass
Tim Cass 7 aylar önce
If MPs can’t follow simple rules it calls into question their competence to be an MP. If Ministers don’t follow the rules then it should mean there should be no question that they loose their job. If the rules are ruthlessly applied then then MPs will become fully accustomed to the standards required.
Ben W-King
Ben W-King 7 aylar önce
Whilst doing their utmost to appear concerned and or perplexed by the situation, both Jenkin and Costa didn't fool the Private Eye panel. Extremely gratifying to see.
A Shuttleworth
A Shuttleworth 7 aylar önce
"you've been done a big favour by someone with a lot of money. That shouldn't really happen" - exactly. A register of gifts is a register of bribes that shouldn't have happened. Even in my ordinary workaday job I have to do annual training which includes dire warnings against accepting gifts. Nobody's giving you something for no reason.
Mark Keeble
Mark Keeble 4 aylar önce
Brilliant as always from Mr Hislop. I can't believe he kept his cool so well talking to such morons. It was like, "we're better than you, and that's all that matters..."
David Jones
David Jones 8 aylar önce
This is a rare example of journalists actually doing their jobs and attempting to hold the powerful to account.
Forster Church
Forster Church 7 aylar önce
@David McAteer contributing factors
David McAteer
David McAteer 7 aylar önce
Neil Kerr
Neil Kerr 8 aylar önce
Not rare at all! I can assure you of that.
frenstcht 8 aylar önce
@Michael RCH That is odd!
Forster Church
Forster Church 8 aylar önce
It's a rare example where they're given permission to.
Stephen Boddy
Stephen Boddy 7 aylar önce
Currently working in a bank, and everyone gets continuous mandatory training courses (irrespective of their roles risk level, or seniority) in a whole raft of subjects, and your understanding is tested. It covers sanctions, terrorism, fraud, corruption, money laundering, tax evasion, gifts, ethics and on and on. They must all be repeated annually. One thing I can safely say is that if anyone in the bank ever breaks those rules they will _never_ be able to claim ignorance. Before an MP ever sets foot in parliament there should be similar training, retaken annually. And when their time in parliament ends, they should be trained on what is and isn't acceptable post-parliament.
7655john 7 aylar önce
Iv'e watched this through twice now and i still don't understand what the hell Costa was talking about. Of course its perfectly normal to receive very expensive world cup tickets from someone who wants nothing in return. Happens to me all the time.
bobbylockes 5 aylar önce
The committee appears to fawn the desire to improve standards. When their own entries of gifts are questioned , their instinctive reaction is to be overly defensive (eg shooting weekend, or member of staff and football tickets) -granted they opened up but probably due to the nature of the meeting. This is representative of the whole of parliament. It's not that they don't get it, they really don't want to change the system. Many, perhaps even the majority of MP's went it to politics for the perks and riches it affords them. Corruption and lying in the houses of parliament should be a severe criminal offence. The law should be explicit. It's essentially treachery.
Angela Phinn
Angela Phinn 2 aylar önce
I'm watching this for the second time several months later. Personally-speaking, I think lobbying should be illegal, but if not, the full transcript of any lobbying meeting (including agreements made) should be published and available to the public.
May L
May L 13 gün önce
@Angela Phinn : Well... Angela... why do you think that you and I, are now watching the above ??? And fines are currently around 4% of that company's turnover. So maybe they are paying for this fines, and this is why and how come we are still getting money for our resources ! The question is, "should we" ? Cos at some point.. the issue of soveignty is going to raise its ugly head again. To be paid less than we deserve, or to really stand up and hold ourselves accountable. The trick is very simple. Each time you use Uber, the more poorer you become. But if you do not use it. Then .. that money should come back to your own salary. Who do you want that money to go to ? Your pocket, or their pockets ? Why do you think that Mr Hislop is creating this "session" and to be broadcasted ? I'm beginning to get what they mean by "popularism"... Cos I really did not see this one coming at all. You know how Top of the Pop used to be ? Imagine that, but global. And nobody cut off the different broadcasting regions or anything like that. Just all connected into one single entity or global market. Well... when Apple cut off their security features to stop "advertisements"... other companies' media analytics fell dramatically. Uber Technologies annual net income for 2021 was $-0.496B, a 92.67% decline from 2020. Uber Technologies annual net income for 2020 was $-6.768B, a 20.43% decline from 2019. Uber Technologies annual net income for 2019 was $-8.506B, a 953.16% decline from 2018. 8 BILLION Angela... ask yourself, why you are "poor" ? I am definitely going to buy that 1 pound something Private Eye ! Goodness me ! I had no idea it was still so cheap. I still recall when papers went up to and around 1 pound per week. And now into the 2 pound per week. And now into the 4 pound for a cup of coffee !!! My weekly shop only used to be 10 pounds !
Angela Phinn
Angela Phinn 13 gün önce
@May L The more I learn the more horrified I become! I just don't understand how this is allowed to proliferate! What's more troubling is that most people believe we have an open government; we absolutely do not!
May L
May L 13 gün önce
I think you don't even know half of this... Did you know that Uber is a media company too ? Not a taxi firm app. Or technology company. That MP mentioned about the media.. he has an issue about that... But he has no qualms about Uber media taking British citizens' data and selling it, without knowledge or consent... Isn't this considered as stealing ? If it is... Then why aren't they involved in these cases ? If you are a media company, then should you NOT be actually following media laws ?
ben 8 aylar önce
Well done Ian and friends There are MILLIONS behind you.
Simon John
Simon John 7 aylar önce
@jethro dykes you're in for a rude awakening if you're not aware yet!
Simon John
Simon John 7 aylar önce
@Philip Hawley have you ever been to Russia, or are you basing your knowledge on what you've been told by the TV? (Biased broadcasting)
jethro dykes
jethro dykes 7 aylar önce
@Simon John Try to learn something about politics before you make offensive comments.
Simon John
Simon John 7 aylar önce
@jethro dykes Conservative/Labour are both cheeks of the same arse. Globalist's puppets
Andy Forshaw
Andy Forshaw 8 aylar önce
@R McKernan When did I say I was a fan? Evidence please? I'm Not a fan of the smarmy Unfunny Hislop though. So I will give you that one.
Andrew Bishop
Andrew Bishop 7 aylar önce
Just makes me sad inside because you know they all believe they are above everyone else and the fact that he gave the gift to one of his team puts him in the clear?
00pugsly 2 aylar önce
This whole committee just felt like it’s saying “yer but having morals means we can’t be rich” they just about all seemed so against actual corruption being stopped.
Colin Sheehy
Colin Sheehy 2 aylar önce
The evolution of self policing among mps is non existant by their own admission. Generations of mps are complicit by their silence
James Stokes
James Stokes 5 aylar önce
I find it very hard to believe this is the standard of intelligence being used in such matters.
Edwin Sargent
Edwin Sargent 8 aylar önce
When comedy becomes serious, or the serious becomes comedy. Thank you, Ian Hislop and your team, for integral journalism.
Deep Zepp
Deep Zepp 8 aylar önce
“Integral journalism” that’s never changed anything.
Panther 6 aylar önce
I absolutely *loved* "Too extreme, Richard?" "Maybe not extreme enough!" 3:40
chrisd_ed35 2 aylar önce
Love how these people try to belittle Ian and his colleagues and are then immediately shot down with facts!!
Gatecrasher63 7 aylar önce
The company I work for makes us all go through online Anti-Corruption training. EVERYTHING these MPs do taking any kind of gift at all breaks all the rules we have to adhere too and report.
t p
t p 5 aylar önce
An epic display of the kind of scrutiny that would be completely unimaginable in many other countries.
slatibaadfast 5 aylar önce
Including Australia.
EPC1948 Rh
EPC1948 Rh 7 aylar önce
Thank goodness for Ian Hislop - one reason why Ive subscribed to Private Eye for many years....one of the few publications to speak the truth.
RickkyP 6 aylar önce
08:12 The smug expression on this MPs face. It just goes to show how out of touch they are if they need a course on why the public might be upset about corrupt politicians.
Mumongu Gaming
Mumongu Gaming 3 aylar önce
There should be an independent panel from all walks of life with Ian Hislop as the Chairperson investigating these corrupt (think they are above the law) MP's. A 5yr old child knows what is right from wrong, yet these MP's haven't a clue and have to be told over and over again. They are a disgrace
Steve 7 aylar önce
We need more people like Ian Hislop.
Crusty Camper
Crusty Camper 8 aylar önce
Very well said, Ian. You are so right about the public being fed up with being taken for fools.
Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin 8 aylar önce
@mhappy01 Tar them all with the same brush eh? That's a tory tactic. No.
Richard Goodman
Richard Goodman 8 aylar önce
Yeah all that Swiss bank account dodgearama, government project money gone missing thing. Terrible.
Maxine 8 aylar önce
@mhappy01 maybe starting with PR? Elections are won and lost in a smaller section of seats. So many have been blue/red/yellow/orange for a long time with little chance of change. Some of my family live 50 miles away and outside the major city I live in and their view of their experiences are very different to mine (wrong obviously). They will only vote one way for the wrong reasons. It’s maddening.
mhappy01 8 aylar önce
@Tariq Sharif Its a good point and true at every general election. The problem we (the public) have is that the political system is loaded against us. We get one opportunity every 5 years to vote for the same people wearing a different coloured tie and NOTHING changes. If the majority where not to vote, they would still get in! We need to get away from the club mentality of MPs. Give the public the real power to sack or de-select the bent ones. And using modern technology, let the people vote more.
Tariq Sharif
Tariq Sharif 8 aylar önce
Sorry, you are just wrong. A very very large proportion of the English population will vote for them no matter what. Only a few decent number of the public are fed up.
Lisa King
Lisa King 2 aylar önce
So sad that this is our government process to ensure MPs are acting with integrity!!
John Bishop
John Bishop 5 aylar önce
What a farce. The parliamentary select committee on standards defending itself about not bothering to do very much about.... er... standards. How pathetic.
Ptolemy 7 aylar önce
Costa's illusional arguments got destroyed by Ian in one sentence... Some lawyer he is... Well done to the constituents of South Leicestershire! 😂
Christian James
Christian James 4 aylar önce
He's always so spot on with his views and insight on have I got for news for you. Good on him for doing his bit for the greater good
Doug Mackenzie
Doug Mackenzie 8 aylar önce
We all knew the corruption was bad. I didn't think it would be this bear faced, cringe worthy and unapologetic. The moment when the Private Eye Journo's ask them to write a brief description as to why they accept thousand pound gifts and they look around and chuckle as if its the most insane idea ever made me realise it's a lot worse than we thought.
Mari Murphy
Mari Murphy 7 aylar önce
Need a swamp they all are the same.🤑🇬🇧🇬🇧
Doug Mackenzie
Doug Mackenzie 8 aylar önce
@steven silvester I'm not disagreeing. Brexit was chosen by referendum. What I'm saying is just like when the Soviet Union fell in the 90s, a very small number of well placed people made millions from the transfer of regulatory apparatus.
Spielen 8 aylar önce
Time stamp?
steven silvester
steven silvester 8 aylar önce
@Doug Mackenzie the decision to follow through with the result of the referendum was more to do with the voters than Osbourne who after Cameron resigned bit the dust. The decision to follow through was made by the 17.4 million plus voters who tired of remainer shenanigans in Parliament joined Richard Tice and Farages Brexit party, overnight 5 million fully paid up members and .when they voted tactically it gave the current government a large majority on the mandate get Brexit done .
Doug Mackenzie
Doug Mackenzie 8 aylar önce
@steven silvester while I agree Brexit is a irrelevant to this particular video. There has been examples of a lot of back hand money / lobbying on behalf of taking the UK out of the regulatory EU Body. BlackRock paying Osbourne to follow through with Brexit while betting against UK businesses for example
Robyn Dalby-stockwell
Robyn Dalby-stockwell 5 aylar önce
Can this be true? Do MPs truly need instruction classes on moral behaviour? 'Ignorantia legis neminem excusat', is that only for the likes of voters? I genuinely can't believe elected persons can actually use a defence of 'I didn't know I was doing anything wrong'.
Paul Cosgrove
Paul Cosgrove 7 aylar önce
Proof positive that we should have zero faith in politician's integrity. If only people like Ian Hislop became politicians the world would be a far better, and safer place
Lise 7 aylar önce
Did I really just hear a grown man ask if “rules could be explained and meetings held about them to give MP’s clear outlines of what cactus said rule means, maybe that could help!!” My 10 and 9 year old don’t need sit downs, being mollycoddled with intricate details of school rules or rules and boundaries at home!! Maybe some of these MP’s parents should have enforced their rules and boundaries to them instead of having rules that no one followed because you didn’t care about them and would do the opposite of said rule because I’ll never be challenged about it so f*cl it!! 😂
TamTheThird 6 gün önce
"I'm an MP that's willing to take money" "That's a skill!" 🤣
SDunk1 8 aylar önce
Here's a crazy idea, how about banning MPs from receiving gifts? And banning them from second jobs? If they have time for a second job then frankly they aren't working hard enough for their £80k.
May L
May L 13 gün önce
These MPs need to know that, if this was any other employees of any other companies. They would have been sacked already. Not to have 2 jobs and a side open expense account. And on many levels, as citizens , as company owners, we are not doing ourselves any justice either. Cos we saved the banks.. and now are experiencing this big squeeze.
gordon1201 7 aylar önce
@O kafka not OP but holding them to a much higher standard would be great for a start. More transparency about the debates and the processes would also be great. When decisions are made we should see who gets paid and how much and there should be written down documents showing how those numbers came about. And there should be a way to dispute anything government does and ask for clarification or to suggest improvements. There's a danger we end up in a "design by committee" situation which we want to avoid, but we should aim in that direction at least. People need to feel like they're involved in government instead of suffering from it.
gordon1201 7 aylar önce
@Fungi Bu exactly. This is the real problem. People see these debates and just feel completely detached because they know nothing will come of it. Burn the whole thing down and start from scratch. It's too corrupt
Rob Harwood-Stamper
Rob Harwood-Stamper 7 aylar önce
Nothing crazy about pu lic servants serving the public
Michael Harrison
Michael Harrison 7 aylar önce
@Jason Walton of course they make the rules to benefit there are built in loopholes that the know how to exploit
picklevid Aylar önce
Imagine in any other sector of public sector work I'd have to be taught that taking money from big business to influence others is unethical, immoral and frankly wrong.
Owen de'ath
Owen de'ath 7 aylar önce
Thank goodness for Private Eye and its Journalists, especially Ian, to bring these MP's to account
automotive 7 aylar önce
Hislop for prime minister
Dandy Dinmont
Dandy Dinmont 7 aylar önce
Portfolios should never be given to MP’s with no recognised Skill Set in that area they are responsible for. Example : a solicitor in charge of health. And the portfolios are given to individuals unqualified in that field. Lawyers should be banned from standing as MP’s.
David Baker
David Baker 7 aylar önce
How about 10 years in prison for MPs breaking the rules? Then they might be encouraged to understand the rules?
Chris Hamilton
Chris Hamilton 8 aylar önce
How on earth do MPs think it is OK to have such conflict of interests? Well done Ian for pointing out the bleeding obvious to the apparently hard of thinking.
Fred Mercury
Fred Mercury 7 aylar önce
You must want them to behave like that or you wouldn't vote for them.
Meat Face 156
Meat Face 156 7 aylar önce
Because they can. Simple. It's a big club and you're not invited to it. Also, they have the mandate because the people elect them.
Kowinaida Aylar önce
Corruption has been so endemic for decades within parliament that I can't see it ever being eradicated.
John Ashton
John Ashton 18 gün önce
Love the MP lawyer at the end trying to present an analogy, whilst staying away from the facts in an attempt to defend this pitiful lobbying mess and failing miserably. This is why lawyers shouldn't be MPs .
Tim Gingell
Tim Gingell 17 gün önce
What a windbag
Mike Luke
Mike Luke Aylar önce
The key point of this (which Ian Hislop makes time and time again) is that the MPs just do not get the problem. They just think that the rules apply to everyone else but them
Charlotte Ferriday
Charlotte Ferriday 7 aylar önce
Oh FFS! So many MPs are so totally corrupt. I am a GP and I always knew to keep the patient's needs as my primary concern and then keep confidentiality and consider cost-effectiveness.