D-Day to Germany: Cameraman Jack Lieb comments on original footage of 1944-45

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4 yıl önce

Spectacular HD-scanned footage of 1945 with narration by newsreel cameraman Jack Lieb. According to this source ( unwritten-record.blogs.archiv... ), Lieb's voice had been recorded in 1976 by his son, Warren, one of his final lectures. Lieb went to Europe in 1943 to film war coverage for Hearst’s News of the Day newsreels.

0:00 London (Westminster Abbey)
10:06 Landing on the Utah beach (by a british landing craft)
23:46 Mont St. Michel
30:19 Paris (on the day of liberation)
37:16 Westwall
38:10 Aachen
39:11 Berlin

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Footage in original color and HD before restoring for the documentary “Spirit of Liberation" (Kronos Media, 2016)
Watch here the new restored pictures in our film trailer: goo.gl/CU0hUP

Brian Fergus
Brian Fergus 17 saatler önce
25:27 Hey it’s Ernie Hemingway… how ‘bout that!?
Brian Fergus
Brian Fergus 17 saatler önce
22:43 what circumstance could have caused this crazy accident?? That’s awful 😣
Sue Nutt
Sue Nutt Gün önce
mikeleke0 2 gün önce
Germany didn't want war with Britain or The United States. Rudolf Hess attempted peace talks with England and was imprisoned for life, for of his efforts. The result: just look at London today. Be careful not to get stabbed.
Hue Mungus
Hue Mungus 2 gün önce
A grteat and very somber documentation of what was going on. Showing that in war there is no real winners. Just misery everywhere war touched the contry and people.
Okkk 4 gün önce
Men were so much better looking back then. Why?
tomas peycere
tomas peycere 5 gün önce
"Hope someday we make war so deadly that we will try to avoid it".. he nailed it there, beacuse is the paradigm of peace brought by nuclear war fear...
Doctor Garbonzo
Doctor Garbonzo 5 gün önce
Ernie Pyle The Man Who Told America the Truth About D-Day, Most of the men in the first wave never stood a chance. In the predawn darkness of June 6, 1944, . They waited, like trapped mice, barely daring to breathe, Pyle, a 43-year-old journalist from rural Indiana, was as ubiquitous in the everyday lives of millions of Americans as Walter Cronkite would be during the Vietnam War. What Pyle witnessed on the Normandy coast a gigantic and pitiful litter of wreckage along miles of shoreline. Submerged tanks and overturned boats and burned trucks and shell-shattered jeeps and sad little personal belongings were strewn all over these bitter sands. That plus the bodies of soldiers lying in rows covered with blankets, the toes of their shoes sticking up in a line as though on drill. And other bodies, uncollected, still sprawling grotesquely in the sand or half hidden by the high grass beyond the beach,
Doctor Garbonzo
Doctor Garbonzo 5 gün önce
America greatest generation
libertango 7 gün önce
Alles Kaput, LOL Priceless footage!
Bigfootgerry 7 gün önce
Real journalism. Great footage, thank you for sharing. :-) I have been to many of the places in this film, it is strange to be there, and imagine how it was.
Trveheimer 8 gün önce
is this colorized after?
eric churche
eric churche 8 gün önce
Yeaa lets do the job and go home, so easy the government picture that, guaranty, the IQ of those solders where 0!, in the next following weeks 150,000 stupid solders die, I guess they went to haven instead of home, what???? somthing went wrong?? do the government lied to us??? guess what!!! jejeje yes the government did!
Frank Shuffitt
Frank Shuffitt 9 gün önce
That was a good question are we here to stay 🤔
Suzi B.
Suzi B. 9 gün önce
Very amazing footage. I see the most recent comments are from 2 years ago. I lived in Germany in the late 1970's and early 80's, this footage keeps the memory of the war alive.
Donata Kaverina
Donata Kaverina 14 gün önce
Это так воевали американцы,?весело!
richard colton
richard colton 15 gün önce
Leave it to a French chick to take half a table cloth and turn it into high fashion.
Ivan Santos
Ivan Santos 15 gün önce
Thank you for sharing this gem.
espada9 16 gün önce
Before the West was turned into a multicultural degenerate shit hole. We fought the wrong enemy.
autotactic 16 gün önce
The world was always like this, we just live in a bubble that may burst any time
Sevy Xuoir
Sevy Xuoir 17 gün önce
Connor Mcgregger at 3:56 lol wtf
Good times ! 2 Hell yeah
Good times ! 2 Hell yeah 17 gün önce
What a surreal video
mihamsims 17 gün önce
Makes it all feel so real.
julius zielinski
julius zielinski 19 gün önce
hey ...nice footage and story as well...never again
Dorian Grey
Dorian Grey 19 gün önce
very nice and excellent footage. Love the little dog, but also the young men with such optimism. Omaha beach wasn´t a joke, many death. But this little film is excellent! Smoking zigarettes was normal...Jack Lieb is great!
LUDO 19 gün önce
First time ive seen this fantastic footage.
Jason 20 gün önce
can see the blonde hair blue eyes of the german young ones.
Ankri 20 gün önce
Priceless footage.
Abraham Dozer
Abraham Dozer 21 gün önce
Those "British" soldiers landing at 10:15 with the "automatic camera" filming them were not British but Canadians landing on Juno Beach.
UTubeisSHIT523441 22 gün önce
With all the bombs fall down, with all the terror-strikes and all the people shot and yet still everybody keeps smiling, everybody knows what to do and noone is waiting for the state to tell them), no one is out of their mind, or exageratting. That I think what makes Great Britain one of the finest countries in the world. The people... Hats off.
alitlweird 23 gün önce
I live how everyone in these films are dressed for an English summer. 🥶🥶🥶
FreemonSandlewould 24 gün önce
Blah blah blah. WW2 was fought to make the world safe for the Banking Cartel. No one else wanted the war. Of course they make the idiots who partook in it out to be heroes. But they were just young and dumb and believed what they were told.
LDK Budda
LDK Budda 17 gün önce
INDEED! WW2 was a springboard for spreading Communism worldwide!
M1710 24 gün önce
Ahhh so Conor McGregor is really Jack Thompson living an eternal life. Refering to 3:56 mark
jogo poulos
jogo poulos 24 gün önce
22:53 omg ...was ist da los :(
jogo poulos
jogo poulos 24 gün önce
danke für die auf nahmen ....wow...was für ein wahnsinn im 2 weltkrieg......so kann man mal die verschiedenen ansichten sehen ...wahnisnnnnnnn
jogo poulos
jogo poulos 24 gün önce
danke für die aufnahmen ... sehr traurieg für alle
jogo poulos
jogo poulos 24 gün önce
wahnsinn ,das erinnert mmich an das game medal of honor...omg ..für alles die gewesen sind ,kann mann sich ein wenig vorstellen wie das war...bitte bitte kein krieg mehr :(
gotj 25 gün önce
La WW2 la ganaron los hor teras y mac arras rumiando chiclets, aliados con comunistas. Y para colmo, les supuso un negocio tan bueno y rentable que desde entonces no han dejado de ser la potencia #1.
N VDL 26 gün önce
Ufo at 7:00
marcel151 26 gün önce
41:13 "Alles kaputt"
C Renee Mugo
C Renee Mugo 26 gün önce
Looks amazing with the speed slowed down a bit.
Badget Kershaw
Badget Kershaw 27 gün önce
americans are our gods gift to the world, they dont have to do what they do but they do it. i may one travel to texas or montana
gotj 26 gün önce
Hay que ser muy bobo para creer que lo hicieron por altruismo.
mike deavin
mike deavin 27 gün önce
Kids drinking from the metal cup, I remember doing that and I never caught anything.. If that was today, there would be an outcry. We are now packed in cotton wool.
Dennis Hanton
Dennis Hanton 29 gün önce
Only the dead see the end of war.
Libertyville Guy
Libertyville Guy Aylar önce
Maurice Halimasch
Maurice Halimasch Aylar önce
Da die rote Armee Russlands mit der grössten Front überhaupt einen Grossteil der deutschen Truppen erledigte bzw. einband, war es im Endeffekt ein relativ Leichtes, aus einem Land in Frieden (USA) über die paar Kilometer des Ärmelkanals zu schippern und die zweite Front zu eröffnen. Lange genug gewartet hatten sie ja schon. Danke für die zeitgenössischen Aufnahmen und das zu Verfügungstellen hier auf youtube.
mrconcept Aylar önce
Best footage i've seen. Thank you.
Asad Khan
Asad Khan Aylar önce
Is this person still alive ? or he is no more.Can anybody tell me
Tradingindex. DE
Tradingindex. DE Aylar önce
Thanks Sovjets for winning.
LDK Budda
LDK Budda 17 gün önce
China and Taliban are winning!
Matthew Gagliano
Matthew Gagliano Aylar önce
They should show this in school
leso204 Aylar önce
Excellent documentry with no drama narration 10/10
dr Piotr Napierała
dr Piotr Napierała Aylar önce
29:45 in reality US general Gerrard didn;t want Leclerc and the French to take Paris, but had to accept Leclerc' actions
Nguyen Khoi
Nguyen Khoi Aylar önce
these people were dead or alive, I do not know
Magellan Aylar önce
If you can, go Normandy for visit museums, memorial, mont saint michel . I need 2 weeks for visit most of them ! welcome France !
Moto Rick
Moto Rick Aylar önce
His accent: "You must rememba"
MarcelH72 Aylar önce
37:19 Any idea where exactly this was filmed? Tried to locate the area, but it is almost impossible. I think it would be between Aachen and Roetgen?
Just One
Just One Aylar önce
This dude stormed the beach with a camera and a shovel, What a bad ass reporter , What a bad ass group of men all of them are for that matter
Shane C.
Shane C. Aylar önce
Amazing footage and accounts of witness!
Frank Aylar önce
Overpaid, over-sexed, and over here......THANK GOD.
Mark Hewitt
Mark Hewitt Aylar önce
My grandfather only talked about the war 1 time. He was at Utah beach. He was U.S. Army 28th infantry division 112th infantry regiment. He was at the Battle of the bulge also. Where the 1st breakthrough from Germany happened, it was in his area. They lost 75% of their division to KIA and wounded. He was one of the lucky ones to come back alive but was wounded by a shell that exploded above him causing him to lose hearing in his right ear. Toughest generation right there!
Colleta Aylar önce
The carnage, deaths, destruction still felt today in how world borders and populations shifted. Somewhere in the destruction lays individuals who could have cured cancers, discovered treatments and medicinal properties to alleviate suffering. The possibilities of who the world lost and continues to loose in these heinous acts of war.
Dean Sherman
Dean Sherman Aylar önce
dgsidecars.com Aylar önce
The landing looks like a walk in the park but in fact it was a huge failure, even though they made it, it was a desaster.
K G Aylar önce
I've watched this a few times and have shown it to my family. We have relatives that served on D-Day. Thank you for this video.
327iroc Aylar önce
Frog Aylar önce
The Atom Bomb part hit home.... If WW3... a real WW3 happens... Thats what it will look like... I hope long after I am gone that this never happens ever.
Risky Business
Risky Business Aylar önce
What dope would give this a thumbs down!? Great contribution to our history
Jason Ferguson
Jason Ferguson Aylar önce
Just awesome! Priceless film! A time capsule!
Grave Korvane
Grave Korvane Aylar önce
This… I like this.
Reginald Yong
Reginald Yong Aylar önce
Wow lovely footage. Never before seen
Zero Fox
Zero Fox Aylar önce
He is absolutely correct about Paris. It ‘was’ a city of great beauty!
gino manshit
gino manshit Aylar önce
looks like its going to have to be liberated again
irish89055 Aylar önce
Be nice if he gave dates..
irish89055 Aylar önce
Sadly,on Christmas Eve the Leopold would be sunk by a German sub with 750 American soldiers dying
irish89055 Aylar önce
Wonder where that rosy-cheeked little girl is today?
Renat Yusupov
Renat Yusupov Aylar önce
The WW3 will be biological war… it’s much more effective…
robotmad Aylar önce
War, what is it good for ? absolutely nothing !
Zed Aylar önce
William Obinyan
William Obinyan Aylar önce
Absolutely amazing, thank you sir. Alot was at stake during these times and risking your life to bring this history to life shows true patriotism without measure. God bless you. 🙏🏽
Mel Beasley
Mel Beasley Aylar önce
Today's journalists have fallen a long way. Nothing now but lying scum.
prokopio malibago
prokopio malibago Aylar önce
Sherlock Lucifer
Sherlock Lucifer Aylar önce
OMG you made the war, ww1 and ww2 and you made ww3. Leave the world alone and destroy the financial system who is dictated who you should kill and destroy. The war criminals allies will pay.
Sherlock Lucifer
Sherlock Lucifer Aylar önce
Poor childs, they all get liberated by pedos.
Sherlock Lucifer
Sherlock Lucifer Aylar önce
"The spirit of Liberation" ... yeah sure, Liberators don't loot, rape and murder, not the soldiers and not the people.
Sherlock Lucifer
Sherlock Lucifer Aylar önce
Great joke that you sent the german soldiers back to England. You murdered them.
Mike W
Mike W Aylar önce
Some of the Russian Army raped every female from old to young during invasion, I will leave you to get your heads around that one.
A.B. Deck
A.B. Deck Aylar önce
'Big ' Ben..not as big as the Liver building clocks
Eamo' Aylar önce
History plain and simple.
The Scribbler
The Scribbler Aylar önce
This is incredible footage
K Aylar önce
whoa real reporters, I've never seen them before, simply amazing
TheChasMan Aylar önce
Thank you to the Greatest Generation...We will be the next Generation who will save America from the Marxist Communists in there right now
Roland Davison
Roland Davison Aylar önce
Amazing footage, and narration! Very powerful.
Aster Edu.
Aster Edu. Aylar önce
Seeing London streets it can very well be said that British built Kolkata like London in India every minute details be it Street mapping, buildings, bridges even the street lights everything was kept like their homeland.
GenZ Nation
GenZ Nation Aylar önce
Thank you Russia for defeating the elite German forces alone and capturing Berlin first and ending the war. 🇲🇽♥️🇷🇺
LDK Budda
LDK Budda 17 gün önce
Thanks for conquering half of Europe? To spread communist concentration camps?
Jamal komiche
Jamal komiche Aylar önce
Nice wok, one million thanks to the author.
Charles S Kumar
Charles S Kumar Aylar önce
A Great documentation for the new generation, indeed!!!!
George Rady
George Rady Aylar önce
Wow! Considering that my father was in the - Otherside of the Channel - an 18 year old kid from Austria who had already been at Monte Casino who lost most of his fellow school mates in the first couple of days... he had enuff, deserted before D-Day, and was picked up by Americans a week later... which was lucky because had it been Germans he would have been shot.
srinath srinivasaiah
srinath srinivasaiah Aylar önce
"Atomic bombs are here to stay. But, are we?" - Last line.
Shaun Brehm
Shaun Brehm Aylar önce
One of my Great Grandfather's was Gus Barnette. He was there on D-Day. He said the weight of their equipment was also dragging them down because they landed on sand bars rather than the actual beach.
Redneck Rebel aka raregoodguy
Redneck Rebel aka raregoodguy Aylar önce
London before it was turned into a 3rd world dump, wow.
Mr Smith
Mr Smith Aylar önce
The quality of film makes it look as if it was taken yesterday!
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