Virgin Hyperloop, the transportation vehicle of the future 4K UHD

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Virgin Hyperloop, the transportation vehicle of the future 4K UHD
In this week's video, we will introduce you to , which is a candidate to be one of the most important public transportation vehicles of the future.
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Media Source: Virgin Hyperloop
Virgin Hyperloop is the first and only company in the world that has successfully tested hyperloop technology with passengers and launched a new mode of public transportation.
Hyperloop technology is a new mode of transportation that eliminates the barrier of distance and time in the transportation of both people and freight. Through a low pressure environment close to vacuum in a long tube, aerodynamic drag is almost eliminated, and the capsules called Pod in the tube can move at high speed with low energy consumption by the magnetic levitation force and propulsion force created by electrical energy.
On November 8th, 2020, Virgin Hyperloop CEO and Passenger Experience Director Sara Luchian made history as the first passengers in the world to travel in a hyperloop pod. The travel that went down in history took place at Virgin Hyperloop's 500m long Devloop Test Site in Last Vegas.
The 2-person hyperloop test pod, called Pegasus XP-2, aboard Virgin Hyperloop executives, was specially designed to show that passengers can travel safely with the hyperloop transport system.
In November 2020, during the test with passengers on the 500m-long Devloop test track, an acceleration of 48m/s (173km/h) was achieved with the Pegasus XP-2 hyperloop pod.
Virgin Hyperloop system can propel passenger or cargo pods at speeds of over 1000 km/h. That is 3x faster than high-speed rail and more than 10x faster than traditional rail. In the Virgin Hyperloop system, it is stated that passenger or cargo pods can move at a speed of 1080 km/h.
Air pollution due to the transport is expected to nearly double by 2050, unless today's transport systems change. Combining an ultra-efficient electric motor, magnetic levitation and a low-friction environment, the Virgin Hyperloop system can reach airline speeds with 5 to 10 times less energy, depending on route length, and go faster than high-speed trains using less energy.
Hyperloop is a new form of mass transportation that will set the standard for 21st century travel by connecting cities in minutes.
Hyperloop is a new mode of transportation designed to eliminate the barriers of distance and time for both people and freight.
By connecting cities like metro stations, it offers transportation at speeds over 1000 km/h, with zero direct emissions.
Getting on and off the hyperloop pods will be similar to getting on and off the subway cars.
Passengers can drink their coffee without spilling, while the Hyperloop pods are gliding at a speed of more than 1000 km/h inside the tube.
Considering the emission values caused by other transportation methods, it is remarkable that the electric Virgin Hyperloop system with zero direct emission value is a public transportation method that reduces environmental pollution.

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