The survivor's guide to cross cultural com...: B.Du Mesnil and C.Naschberger at TEDxMinesNantes

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TEDx Talks

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Beatrice Du Mesnil is the Academic Director of the Master « Management of International Competencies » and the Head of the Cultures & Languages Departement. With her double culture french-british and many experiences in an international context, she now focuses her courses and work on Intercultural Management and Management of International Carriers. Presentation (with Christine Naschberger) : After their own professional and personal experiences, they will give us the « The survivor's guide to cross cultural communication ».
Research Professor à Audencia Nantes School of Management, from Autria, Christine Naschberger is specialized in Diversity Management and Intercultural Management. Her main fields of research are gender equality, handicap management and life balance professional/personal. Presentation (with Beatrice Du Mesnil) : After their own professional and personal experiences, they will give us the « The survivor's guide to cross cultural communication ».
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@lindachambers9398 7 yıl önce
Your presentation was well done and consistent with most of what I have gained as a Communication Specialist and educator. However, I tend to agree with Delphine du Toit's message that there was no mention about the African culture. I am puzzled as to why this group was not acknowledged.
@jihanelnagar5908 10 aylar önce
great presentation
@massoud713 9 yıl önce
I might be wrong, but most of what is said here sounds like clichés. By the way, on one slide, we are told that 'British' belong to a 'low context culture' (i.e. a culture in which people go straight to the point). The next slide, we are told that when british say something, they mean something else (i.e. 'hum, that's interesting' => 'that's a stupid idea'). Confusing, isn't it?
@interkulturellekompetenz4087 5 yıl önce
"Indirectness of interpersonal communication" is the culture standard for Britain. On the cultural dimension of "Context", the UK is closer to France and Western cultures, than it is to Arabic or Asian cultures.
@user-pb1lh4fx9t Yıl önce
Помогите пожалуйста понять, О чём идёт речь вкратце?
@DeeZeeS 9 yıl önce
Thank you Delphine I had the same thought it's sad
@littlecutest395 5 yıl önce
They keep mixing things up
@DelphineduToit 10 yıl önce
You make NO mention of Africa - the 2nd largest continent. The 2nd most populous continent, with 54 countries and in excess of 2100 languages. Are Africans irrelevant?
@nyamusimel4176 4 yıl önce
Thank you for raising this issue
@robertbellermine3090 9 aylar önce
Condescending to say the least! This for me cannot be classified as a global analysis, rather keep it Austrian and British !
@brandprincejoo 5 aylar önce
Quite an average presentation that was obviously poorly researched, wherein France still lives off its former African Colonies to the tune of billions of Euros annually; yet the African Culture context was not featured nor discussed, despite global companies parading all over the African Continent. America is a global mix of European settlers, African Americans, Hispanics, Middle East, Latinos, & Asia Pacific Cultures. That is why it was more successful & stable to have the United Nations in NewYork, USA than its unstable predecessor in Europe, the 'League of Nations', Switz... Leaving out Middle East, or African Cultures makes this Cross Cultural guide presentation "half-baked", & it's my Culture to accept their flaws, forgiving them to do better next time. Shalom in peace.
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