ITZY “Not Shy” Lisa Rhee Dance Cover

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『ITZY “Not Shy” 』
COVERED: Everyone Mixed
#ITZY #NotShy #ITZY_NotShy
Outfit #1
Top - Korea
Jeans - YesStyle:
White Platform Lace-Up Short Boots: YesStyle -
Outfit #2
Red Crop Top - Kooding
White Shorts - Korea
White Lace-Up Short Boots - Korea
Outfit #3
Black Halter Top - Zara
Jeans - YesStyle:
White Lace-Up Short Boots - Korea
Outfit #4
Off-Shoulder Top & Cami Rib-Knit Set - YesStyle:
White Shorts - Hollister
White Lace-Up Short Boots - Korea
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Video Edits by Lisa Rhee (@imlisarhee)
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Blox-O-Snubb 6 gün önce
Best dance cover of itzy's not shy
Michelle Kim
Michelle Kim 6 gün önce
La clave es ponerlo lento no c si ya lo sabían pero me acabo de poner a pensar 😐
Estrella Silva Vega
Estrella Silva Vega 7 gün önce
un día para aprenderlo :0
Gaming Bren
Gaming Bren 7 gün önce
Nice video there keep up the good woek
فطوم عباس
فطوم عباس 8 gün önce
ILOVE YOU ♥♥♥♥♥♥
Jervis Rana
Jervis Rana 8 gün önce
bad songs
Cathleine Chandra
Cathleine Chandra 11 gün önce
I've heard that you practiced 1-2 hours for girl group? I think that you need more practice because I noticed that you missed some details. But the rest was perfect the outfit was nice and your timing is great! I'm not hating, I just think you need more practice in details :D and dont rush it just relax, I'm sure people will still like it :)
Cristelle Tagai
Cristelle Tagai 12 gün önce
seo's studio
seo's studio 14 gün önce
no one; absolutey none; lisa; MOVE ITZY 6TH MEMBER COMING THROUGH
Amel Azzouz
Amel Azzouz 15 gün önce
والله بتليق ايدول
ssoftkook 15 gün önce
i want see u and Ellen&brian do Dance collab ;-;
Alexis Collins
Alexis Collins 15 gün önce
I got ibs and for some reason this song kills my stomach 😂
Alexis Collins
Alexis Collins 16 gün önce
Omg I’m never tired of the song and I definitely need to learn this choreography but I haven’t learned any dances recently because of my ibs so I’m mostly bed ridden from the pain but maybe the exercise will help me feel better :)
Diana cleo Reveles ruiz
Diana cleo Reveles ruiz 16 gün önce
Wow que talento la verdad no puedo creer que te salió muy bien más las transiciones de la ropa mil respetos
Nabila Milanisti
Nabila Milanisti 16 gün önce
Cover dance treasure i love you. 🙏🙏
sakura miauu
sakura miauu 19 gün önce
Te equivocaste en una parte :v
Aiym 20 gün önce
Guys, can you watch my covers? I'm just starting so I need your support:)
Risa Ramdayani
Risa Ramdayani 21 gün önce
MANTUL sihh ini mah(。♡‿♡。)
XxLιl Mεσω MεσωxX
XxLιl Mεσω MεσωxX 21 gün önce
Bruh, i thought you're Chaeryoung
Miara Miara
Miara Miara 24 gün önce
Not shy !Go itzy,💝thank you lisa😍😚
Capitan Hoek
Capitan Hoek 24 gün önce
Que preciosaaaa
Masita Dembele
Masita Dembele 25 gün önce
I love you i have your dance sorry im french i speake a little English ♥️♥️♥️
Pheacy 26 gün önce
0:16 - 0:18 got a lil messy but it's all good 0:51 - 0:52 the fingers should be together not unattached 0:55 maybe a little more push of energy 1:03 this part is chill don't try too hard it looks really unnatural overall it's pretty good can't say you "slay" it cause there's a lot difference I can't explain but yeah
Esin Ceylan
Esin Ceylan 26 gün önce
I agree with the points that you made
I am Drizzle
I am Drizzle 26 gün önce
Pls do ryujin cover of look what you made me do by taylor swift
Sapphire Sky
Sapphire Sky 26 gün önce
I’m learning this dance. Do you have any tips? I’ve watched the tutorial, but I have to watch the video. And I want to make a video to watch my self so I don’t know what to do
meow meow
meow meow 27 gün önce
I use to show her video's to my mom only to say that I want thoes clothes ✌🏻
Lisa Hue Official
Lisa Hue Official 27 gün önce
cool ♡
emaanay khan
emaanay khan 28 gün önce
can you please do the explanation as well? i know im asking alot but only this please?
Khaeyem Lee
Khaeyem Lee 28 gün önce
How do you learn so fast Sis? 😂
BTS TV 29 gün önce
안녕하세요. 그녀는 춤을 아주 잘 춘다. 당신의 체격도 아주 좋습니다. 당신의 몸무게와 키가 궁금합니다.
Ananya Sharma
Ananya Sharma 29 gün önce
Lisa Can you please make a dance cover and tutorial on Dreamcatcher's Boca??
Thartei rokhum
Thartei rokhum Aylar önce
I am your fans
Amiri Sahn
Amiri Sahn Aylar önce
يمكن ان تجعليها للتحميل
Erica rose
Erica rose Aylar önce
I don't like the fashion but I really love the dance
Habib Rahman
Habib Rahman Aylar önce
You are really a very good dancer.. Whenever i do any dance cover i always see your video of dance of any group.. YYou reallllly neld all the dance... I want to dance like you ☺..perfectly dance🤗🤗 lots of love☺ 😍😍😍😍
Niña Agir
Niña Agir Aylar önce
Itzy: this choreography is hard Lisa: ?
Kim Nana
Kim Nana Aylar önce
Stan BTS and DREAMCATCHER Aylar önce
Please do boca by DREAMCATCHER
Audrey Barrera
Audrey Barrera Aylar önce
19S0321 Levin
19S0321 Levin Aylar önce
in the first chorus ,the second not shy part ,when your legs go side to side ,it hard for me... what do i do?
Crison Ancheta
Crison Ancheta Aylar önce
Waiting for lisa rhee's dance cover Ladida 💛
joseph darsie sapalaran
joseph darsie sapalaran Aylar önce
I miss the bear :
spell yessa
spell yessa Aylar önce
You inspired me to do dance covers also! So much love! ❤️
Mademoiselle Cocktail
Mademoiselle Cocktail Aylar önce
Trop forte 💪
LUCI ROBLOX Aylar önce
chica calmate un poco xD
kpoplink Aylar önce
She is so cool and succesfull i love you lisa and her dance videos. I am turkish fan ı love you and watch you every day lisa.thank you so much. I didnt know not shy dance but now ı know not shy dance.Thank you lisa .You so helpfull ı loveee youuuu lisa
꧁ YOUR BEE ꧂ Aylar önce
I loved it
Isa Martinez
Isa Martinez Aylar önce
Está chica parece el Rod Contreras por qué exagera todos bailes
bangtan army
bangtan army Aylar önce
Do you think I can use this when i audition?? I read some tips that dont use too much popular groups. Uhmm...can i use itzy??
Viona Musni
Viona Musni Aylar önce
Yes as long as your good at dancing bighit wouldn't mind thou
Asrini Arti Official
Asrini Arti Official Aylar önce
Melinda Garcia
Melinda Garcia Aylar önce
Imagine having a college teacher like Lisa Rhee, We be like: 👁️👄👁️
Bintang Zahra
Bintang Zahra Aylar önce
Plisss dong colab sma ellen & brian😭 pasti keren bgt
Dudah_ Almeida
Dudah_ Almeida Aylar önce
Melhor dançarina, coreografa.....Very good 👏👏👏
Isabella Kuo
Isabella Kuo Aylar önce
So I learned the dance tutorial, but it kinda looks sloppy. Is there I way I could fix my dance moves?
Romina Encinas
Romina Encinas Aylar önce
Lisa make a video of Baekhyun's choreography step by step please, I love you so much
Anny Petit
Anny Petit Aylar önce
Marvelloz Coronado
Marvelloz Coronado Aylar önce
6th member of ITZY🥰😍😍❤
Kelly- Kiki
Kelly- Kiki Aylar önce
I've been on your channel for a while, but I'm not leaving any comments .... Today I'm doing it !!! I LOVE your covers !! you dance really well! would have said a star hihi! If I ever wanted to be a kpop star or something, I would be your first fan hihi !!! big kisses pay attention to you ❤️👑
joykumar singh sorokhaibam
joykumar singh sorokhaibam Aylar önce
Can you please dance favourite boys song for A.C.E .i your big fan of you
【姍妮Cover】 Aylar önce
Jaden Ortiz
Jaden Ortiz Aylar önce
I hope i can dance like her ... Shes too adorable... I already made my own dance cover of this song.. She is my inspiration
Midnight Eunicorn
Midnight Eunicorn Aylar önce
You dance amazing, but I don't think you're dancing style really suits with Itzy's songs. You dance very fluidly and connected, while Itzy's dancing is sharper and swifter. You are seriously an awesome dancer, just be do you say it, disconnected?
Maria clara Batista
Maria clara Batista Aylar önce
BR 💕
Asuna San
Asuna San Aylar önce
are you from korea??
Prachi roy
Prachi roy Aylar önce
Very nice
Seema Khatri
Seema Khatri Aylar önce
Iam really happy that i learned this dance 😊😊
April Grace Desiar
April Grace Desiar Aylar önce
kskks Kskskks
kskks Kskskks Aylar önce
Wow, you are so talented!!! Thank you very much, you helped me 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞
Martin Phipps
Martin Phipps Aylar önce
Oh wow wow wow wow!
Ester Dance Cover
Ester Dance Cover Aylar önce tentei kkkk 🤭
Amna Najihah
Amna Najihah Aylar önce
Me trying to learn the dance... While mee... 5min after learning.. Aghhbu give uppp ahahah.. Bruh
Mila91 S
Mila91 S Aylar önce
I wonder how much time she spend on changing clothes out door and come back to dance again
Fun Flight
Fun Flight Aylar önce
she is really not shy!
Sophia Kim Let’s play
Sophia Kim Let’s play Aylar önce
Siti Nurholisa
Siti Nurholisa Aylar önce
parah ini keren bgt oyy
shuishau marma
shuishau marma Aylar önce
She is beautiful and my favourite teacher of dance, 😍😍😍😍
Jay A
Jay A Aylar önce
Riya Sharma
Riya Sharma Aylar önce
Ahsen Boyraz
Ahsen Boyraz Aylar önce
you dance very well
Klover fan
Klover fan Aylar önce
Where is she from?
Noura El ouardi
Noura El ouardi Aylar önce
I love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
빅토리아Jhulia Aylar önce
Vc não ensina bem pq cada parte vc tá com outra isso e chato Vey
Xenon Kim
Xenon Kim Aylar önce
Not spreading hate but, i think she did it more girly or so🤷
marium.s s
marium.s s Aylar önce
I learned this choreography in a week before this video and watching this video I'm fixing my body movements
marium.s s
marium.s s Aylar önce
@Nihilongo Ngo oh I'm watching that too what I meant by my sentence is that if I'm missing out some details I watch this and fix it
Nihilongo Ngo
Nihilongo Ngo Aylar önce
Then watch itzy one
Annie Mustapha
Annie Mustapha Aylar önce
Fave dance cover so faaaarrr
Giang Cong
Giang Cong Aylar önce
Where is Mr. Teddy :(
sasaa253 Aylar önce
This is brilliant!
Giovanna Gi
Giovanna Gi Aylar önce
I Just wanna see Lisa dancing "dessert" 😊♥️
Althea Follero
Althea Follero Aylar önce
Lisa Rhee please do a cover of Gunshot by KARD it was really an amazing choreography I sweeaarrr you're going to slay it girl, thank you I LOVE YOU💙
Teacher Dani
Teacher Dani Aylar önce
Amazing! ♥️
Kanak Singh
Kanak Singh Aylar önce
I'm waiting for tutorial 😢❤❤
SIEUN 시은 Aylar önce
She's the best in the cover video I feel burdened I have to dance to this dance It's pretty easy for others to dance but she's difficult I respect her Really
Randy Le
Randy Le Aylar önce
This cover is awesome and can you make a cover of "BOY"- Treasure, please
Alen King
Alen King Aylar önce
Not shy dance cover
DoramasKR Aylar önce
expectativa :ITZY "Not Shy" Lisa Rhee Dance Cover realidad: diganme como lo hizo mi amiga plox, apoyenla
Anju Bharati
Anju Bharati Aylar önce
I loved your vlogs . So please do a quarantine vlog please please. 🙇🙏🙏 Like if you also want one 👇
We Aylar önce
I don't hate but how this got more views than ATEEZ inception although they have almost the same views on MV although it's not that video but , how ?
Mauriane Souza
Mauriane Souza Aylar önce
Nazi A
Nazi A Aylar önce
You are very beautiful and talented I'm really glad I found your channel😍😍❤❤😘
Jelita Aylar önce
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