Inside the mind of a master procrastinator | Tim Urban

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Tim Urban knows that procrastination doesn't make sense, but he's never been able to shake his habit of waiting until the last minute to get things done. In this hilarious and insightful talk, Urban takes us on a journey through TRshow binges, Wikipedia rabbit holes and bouts of staring out the window -- and encourages us to think harder about what we're really procrastinating on, before we run out of time.

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Hello World
Hello World 2 saatler önce
People are saying they used this to procrastinate, i procrastinated watching this
Lucas Gonzalez
Lucas Gonzalez 4 saatler önce
I’m totally not watching Ted talks when I have a history project due in 18 hours 😅
Ananda Fox
Ananda Fox 5 saatler önce
I almost feel empowered enough to do something. almost
Sindy Richelle
Sindy Richelle 6 saatler önce
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emely m
emely m 7 saatler önce
A procrastinator not watching this because it's almost 15 minutes long LMAO
Layla Martinez
Layla Martinez 10 saatler önce
watched this video in high school and related a lot to it. years later I'm now in my last year of college and I came back to comment that I simply had ~undiagnosed ADHD and executive function issues~
Ayah Moustafa
Ayah Moustafa 10 saatler önce
The funny thing is, I watched this video to avoid reading an article I need to read for a school paper! What a great watch! Wish I had seen this earlier!
dark fighters
dark fighters 10 saatler önce
I procrastinated and there was no deadline. 1 year went by.(this quarantine) I took a picture of myself for Wattpad status. Got shocked by what I saw. I know mirror is there and all but the photo of you and the you when you were a year younger side by side,yeah huge difference. It was not only about my body. My phone usage,my singing,my dancing and many many more declined. Thankfully that was enough for my panic monster. And I'm trying to catch up now.
Diya V
Diya V 11 saatler önce
I saved this for later😭
celestiuhh 11 saatler önce
bruh this video has been in my recommended for so long
Samuel Grasia
Samuel Grasia 11 saatler önce
Rational thinking : lets do it now Monke : watch this video about me Video ends Rational thinking : lets get started Monke : no, lets read the comment section first
princess dianne hernandez
princess dianne hernandez 15 saatler önce
What I do to lessen procrastination or chasing the deadline is I change the deadline. I make it early so that I would do it early too. I keep in mind the "fake" deadline that I made so that I would be done with my work in a swift.
wyatt masuskapoe
wyatt masuskapoe 16 saatler önce
how ironic i saved this video for later a year ago
Aprajita 17 saatler önce
The picture also seems like he had made them one hour before the talk.
zombie mask super gamer
zombie mask super gamer 19 saatler önce
Im a procrastinator and can confirm this is completely true
Theresa Chickles
Theresa Chickles 19 saatler önce
Lol Y
Lol Y 21 saatler önce
I’ve hit the point where the panic monster has just given up, he no longer panics and now it’s nothing but procrastination, and I end up not completing anything
Alexa Duarte
Alexa Duarte 21 saatler önce
I am watching this video to procrastinate 😐
Ryan 21 saatler önce
Im a half procastinator lmao. So last week we were given an assignment and due was 7 days. I finished half the work in the first day and then stuff happens days goes by and i start the second half on the 7th day
IdkWhatToPutHere 23 saatler önce
Im a huge procrastinator and a lazy person. Terrible combo XD
Five Oilers
Five Oilers Gün önce
homework cries
Angel Care
Angel Care Gün önce
I've heard... Procrastination is a symptom of ADD
Lucy Parrill
Lucy Parrill Gün önce
I’m totally not procrastinating right now 👩‍🦯
Oswaldo Kandace
Oswaldo Kandace Gün önce
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Jess Wang
Jess Wang Gün önce
God why is this so relatable,,
Aryan Bangad
Aryan Bangad Gün önce
imagine procrastinating while watching the video about procrastination
Maiiee Gün önce
I know someone who doesn't procastinate to end things they do not enjoy, but having trouble to start things that will bring them joys 😂 They often remove unwanted problems immediately without thinking about how to solve. Then, they cannot stop themselves from procasting in non-deadline situations which are their plans from the beginning. I do not understand those people 🥲
Anna DM
Anna DM Gün önce
I've had this video in my Watch Later for 5 years.... lmao
Khushnaseeb Khan
Khushnaseeb Khan 19 saatler önce
riley jones
riley jones Gün önce
me watching this while procrastinating on my project
Jett Jettson
Jett Jettson Gün önce
My Monkey told Me to watch this video intstead of studying
darkprince56 Gün önce
I became unmotivated and a procrastinator because... it's not that I didn't chase my dream, I did everything I needed to get a biology degree yet no one will give me a chance in hiring me for a relevant position. Then that makes me think "then what's the point in even trying?"
Rouxls Kaard
Rouxls Kaard Gün önce
sadly my monkey doesn't run away when the panic monster comes, instead the monkey comes up with an exuse to skip the whole project
Shaf_M013 Gün önce
I'm watching this while planning on setting my alarm to 3:30am so I can finish the 5 homeworks that are due tomorrow which were set a week ago before I go to school and being so quite my parents shall not wake up to me studying. Life's (Not so) Good.
ALT_Mysty Gün önce
Need to finish more than one project but I have too many things to do. Like procrastinating.
Kdego Fojler
Kdego Fojler Gün önce
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Kdego Fojler
Kdego Fojler Gün önce
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KΔM͓̽łĆĆO̥ͦŁO̥ͦ Gün önce
I procrastinated on watching this video 😔
Alytella Gün önce
that calendar just gave me lifelong anxiety
rxdiantfaith Gün önce
This video's part of my Dual Enrollment course and I've been procrastinating on watching it for a week. The assignment that goes with it is due in less than 10 hours.
Zakaizu 5 saatler önce
It's been 10 hours. Give me your status report, soldier
Penguin Lord
Penguin Lord Gün önce
Once when I was supposed to work on a school project, I ended up on the Wikipedia site for the English wood industry in the middle ages. I don't remember how I ended up there...
Sarthak Bhoi
Sarthak Bhoi Gün önce
Help!!!!! My panic monster doesn't wakes up 😬😬🤧🥶
Jessica Rodriguez
Jessica Rodriguez Gün önce
I should be studying but instead decided to clean my closet to clear my mind while doing it so I can “study better” and now taking a little brake watching Ted Talks cuz well.. I deserve a brake 🤦🏻‍♀️
Eugene Smiley
Eugene Smiley Gün önce
Three years later, still one of my favorite Ted talks!
Tammera Power
Tammera Power Gün önce
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FLANGER Gün önce
Those 16k dislikes got exposed and are scared to change....i am too, but it's a must
Deep-Fried Web
Deep-Fried Web Gün önce
영 원히
영 원히 Gün önce
this is fun hahahahah
Cosmic Knight
Cosmic Knight Gün önce
I am supposed to be writing a make up essay right now
Mohammed Qutub
Mohammed Qutub Gün önce
Best Ted talk
a loser
a loser Gün önce
cant relate, I don't procrastinate I just merely set aside school work for another day, then another day, then another day.
reena soni
reena soni Gün önce
Not me finding this video when I should be working...
Arin Legarde
Arin Legarde 2 gün önce
watching this instead of doing my homework due tomorrow 😩
Likami Willson
Likami Willson 2 gün önce
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Mr Line
Mr Line 2 gün önce
Guess what I’m doing rn
JustAudrey #roadto400
JustAudrey #roadto400 2 gün önce
Me watching this with a essay due tommorow:
deez nuts
deez nuts 2 gün önce
Tim please do your homework tim youll have to go to summer school tim please just do it its just an art assignment tim its not that hard tim just do it tim please bro
bold of you too asume I have a good username
bold of you too asume I have a good username 2 gün önce
I am suposed to do my homework but I'll just do it after I watch this video
Nicolette Rachel Kharigus
Nicolette Rachel Kharigus 2 gün önce
I am the audience and he is giving a whole lesson about my brain 😩😩😩😩😩 This is so accurate
KSP King
KSP King 2 gün önce
uh oh
Shristhi Banerjee
Shristhi Banerjee 2 gün önce
That moment when you come across this video while procrastinating 😂😂🤣🤣
Valorie Gladys
Valorie Gladys 2 gün önce
The petite sheet cytogenetically boil because hot monthly practise off a steep target. attractive, amusing waterfall
JacksonChen666 2 gün önce
procrastinating making the intended video, making the project someone requested, and everything else in my reminders list which likely have been sitting for months. also, i have another project i plan on doing, and that's porting a program to rust. i managed to procrastinate other things, even though i had a rough time with rust. now i'm watching this video about procrastination procrastinating anything. also, this guy sounds like he has a sense of humor.
HaXeR 2 gün önce
never related more in my life XDDDD
Poori 2 gün önce
i'm watching this though I have a chemistry exam. i'm procrastinating
Souvik Roy
Souvik Roy 2 gün önce
I started procrastinating while watching this video itself 😂🙈
Erin Fitzgerald
Erin Fitzgerald 2 gün önce
It's gotten to the point that I've procrastinated SLEEPING. As I type this at 2:45AM on a Friday night. after watching this video.
Anna Banana
Anna Banana 2 gün önce
the fact that i put this video aside to watch later
Aurora 2 gün önce
This video has been lying in my *watch later* for years.... I guess now its time stop procrastinating and watch it already 😂😂
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Austin Majaski
Austin Majaski 2 gün önce
Not going to lie. I’ve been trying to watch this video for a very long time.
Sneezy wheezy boy GAMING
Sneezy wheezy boy GAMING 2 gün önce
I should be making a video rn but I’m procrastinating and watching this
John G
John G 3 gün önce
Adela Ortiz
Adela Ortiz 3 gün önce
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Jordan Elise
Jordan Elise 3 gün önce
I’ve procrastinated watching this video for almost 4 months.
LeeAnn Parchment
LeeAnn Parchment 3 gün önce
Me watching this after a whole yt marathon where none of the videos i started watching i watched all the way through
Alicia Sandoval
Alicia Sandoval 3 gün önce
I didn't ask for this psychoanalysis ted
OrdoSenatoriusCDXX 3 gün önce
It's crazy, I'm consider to be a huge procrastinator even when I plan things days, weeks, sometimes months before I just push them to aside until I'm in crisis mode aka "24 hours or less before deadline". but I either have the best whatever it is that was turned in or just satisfactory enough to pass. It's nice to have that ability of ingenuity to be able to come up with the expected end results on the fly, but it can be incredibly exhausting to do it on a daily basis and it's not a way to live. -_-;
The Dishonored Gaming Network
The Dishonored Gaming Network 3 gün önce
" so qe can get a better feel for india" Vibing so hard rn with this guy
Ardhra Krishna
Ardhra Krishna 3 gün önce
Guess what I've got a mandrill inside my brain😏🚶‍♀️
Erick Nunez
Erick Nunez 3 gün önce
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Hannah Rotolo
Hannah Rotolo 3 gün önce
This was only mildly helpful.
Hannah Rotolo
Hannah Rotolo 3 gün önce
This video was on my Watch Later list for about a year before I watched it.
Farhan Khan
Farhan Khan 3 gün önce
I came randomly and the words changed my life and controlled the 🐒
Bonita Read
Bonita Read 3 gün önce
So so True!! Procrastination also has something to do with ... "tomorrow is another day" .. I will catch up tomorrow and then .. tomorrow never comes .. Fear of Failure has a lot to do with it too! GREAT PRESENTATION! Love it!
Mayesha Shah
Mayesha Shah 3 gün önce
I am currently supposed to be doing my project and the due date is till tomorrow evening 😁
Chris 3 gün önce
I have an English paper due in an hour.
Nafis Azhari dzal aidi
Nafis Azhari dzal aidi 3 gün önce
ehh later.
muhammad ali
muhammad ali 3 gün önce
brilliantly explained
McFlurry 999
McFlurry 999 3 gün önce
i told myself i was going to bed at 11:00 now its 11:49
takashi 3 gün önce
The fact that I'm watching this instead of listening to my clinical instructor. 😃😃
Adela Ortiz
Adela Ortiz 4 gün önce
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Ariana Simonis
Ariana Simonis 4 gün önce
Ariana Simonis
Ariana Simonis 4 gün önce
these comments make me feel as though im not alone in the world,, sending love to all my fellow severe procrastinators... also the does anyone else feel that when the task feels too big we just don't start it at all and only do a little bit of work on it like ten mins before then just wing it xox coz me too
maryamowski 4 gün önce
i procastinated watching this video for a year. it was in my watchlist all along
Sage Calliopecr
Sage Calliopecr 4 gün önce
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Kiana Kady
Kiana Kady 4 gün önce
a poetic ending indeed
alejandro mendoza
alejandro mendoza 4 gün önce
I´m procrastinating right now watching this ted talk, i should be writing my thesis
Ruairí Maguire
Ruairí Maguire 4 gün önce
Go now
Charlie TenEyck
Charlie TenEyck 4 gün önce
This guy gets me and my struggle.
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