IELTS Speaking Practice - Live Lessons on the topic of AMBITION

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English Speaking Success

English Speaking Success

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Today we are going to discuss the topic of AMBITION. We are going to talk about ambition, different kinds of ambitions, we will be looking at vocabulary some idioms, and some of the questions I have been asking you on Facebook; if you are ambitious? Is ambition a good or a bad thing? Lots of ideas and lots of language to help you with your IELTS Speaking.
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skrphenix Yıl önce
Leila Aghaei
Leila Aghaei
Hi dear Keith,
Olga Maruta
Olga Maruta 7 saatler önce
Thank you so much Keith. Love the way you make each topic light hearted and fun no matter how serious it looks 😊
Холикова Чаросхон
Холикова Чаросхон
Keith you really perfect instructor.I really respect you!your lessons efficiently and very useful!
Sinem Ersoy
Sinem Ersoy Yıl önce
I really admire your teaching methods, Keith.Thanks so much.
Joan Cruz
Joan Cruz Yıl önce
You’re so funny, natural and lovely... you make me smile 😊 whenever I watch you 😘❤️.... even I’m done with my IELTS exam I will definitely continue watching your videos. God bless you and your family Sir Kieth.❤️
Danila Zap
Danila Zap Yıl önce
Thank you for these free streams - they are really useful!
Alka Mahadule
Alka Mahadule Yıl önce
Grateful to have a teacher like you
hirond'elle Yıl önce
Thank you so much, your videos are so helpful, please keep on making them!🌞🌞🌞
Zulfiyye Fetullayeva
Zulfiyye Fetullayeva Yıl önce
It is impossible to throw in the towel because of your great lessons it does not matter how much blood,sweat,tears ielts requires? You just encourages language learners to stick at our ambitions everytime with your lessons until knowing the subject insight out.
Rose Kiio
Rose Kiio Yıl önce
Very inspiring. Thanks teacher keith.
Fotima Xolmatova
Fotima Xolmatova
I'm really passionate about your lesson. Thanks for helpful, practical information
Lachu Jo
Lachu Jo Yıl önce
Hai keith.. I am a dietician and i am preparing for ielts.. Your videos give a positive vibe and really helpful..
توتو توتو
توتو توتو Yıl önce
Thank you so much for you hard're very helpful and your explanation stick smoothly in my brain.
Minu Mathew
Minu Mathew Yıl önce
Hello Sir, I remember I got the topic on describing an animal I saw in a zoo 10 years back . It was tough . Please help in giving a demo on the said topic. Thank you for the amazing work you do for us.
ra sh
ra sh Yıl önce
hey KEITH, you've been so much helpful for many young IELTS aspirants across the globe, you're skills are really otherworldly. a piece of advice from me is " why don't you teach some writing lessons too " !!!!
Rochel Aldea
Rochel Aldea Yıl önce
Thank you Keith!This is the topic at Part 2 of my speaking test last Oct 29.
Rupali Yıl önce
Keith..... Thank you sooo much ... You are blessings to all of us ...❤️❤️
Anjelika Aminova
Anjelika Aminova Yıl önce
If had more time , I would watching Mr.Keith's videos whole day 😉
khawn lun
khawn lun Yıl önce
Thanks for teaching Tr Keith. Great teacher great teaching.
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