Tom MacDonald - "If I Change"

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Tom MacDonald

5 yıl önce

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TWITTER: IAmTomMacDonald
This is the official video for "If I Change", the third single from Tom's upcoming album release, "See You Tomorrow" releasing DECEMBER 2015.
Directed, written, edited and coloured by Tom MacDonald
Cinematography by Jeremy Cox
"If I Change" Audio Production - Streets & Trickey (
Sound Design - Tom MacDonald
All audio mastered by Brian Smith at Hummingbird Mastering.

Trenton Johnson
Trenton Johnson 2 saatler önce
Guess who hasn’t changed hangover gang for life u just got way better every song has a message every song just gets better man
Grubinator Gün önce
Dislikes are from people who need a hug.
FPV.GateKeeper Gün önce
Holy shit. This is the illest beat and flow ive heard in years. Felt from the soul.
Fern Quinn
Fern Quinn 3 gün önce
Religion kills. GOD is personal
Fern Quinn
Fern Quinn 3 gün önce
Looks like our home upstate sc
Jazz Skeet
Jazz Skeet 3 gün önce
It hits harder every time..any harder and it'll be breaking bones..
Chris Murray
Chris Murray 6 gün önce
fucking love this tune!!!! makes yeah hair stand on end
Christian Nead
Christian Nead 8 gün önce
Old fans can only comment
John Shank
John Shank 10 gün önce
Tom McDonald #1 ☝️
LL77 10 gün önce
Real deep video, new fan here after Best Rapper Ever I never knew Tom Macdonald intol that song/Video...major style & cool lyrics I'm a recovering addict, Still an addict but I fight my Demons tge Devil & Angel on my Shoulders daily & I dont want anti,Depressants..I'll stay Strong..... "(🤟😎🤟)" Wicked & deep video
ShogunMadSkillz !!!!
ShogunMadSkillz !!!! 13 gün önce
I have literal goose bumps. That commentary moved me more than many preachers I’ve listened to have.
chozen0018 15 gün önce
Been listening to you music almost 4 years now. This monologue has a calming effect on me.. Love it. It shows volumes of who you are. You make meaningful music always. But deep like this is something special. Maybe its just me. And how it hitts But I think this monologue is special. something special
Shawn Mendrek
Shawn Mendrek 15 gün önce
notice he hits the man in the water with the corner of the front cover. then shoots him
Marci Ochs
Marci Ochs 16 gün önce
You're an ass I have a 5-month-old I turn on this song and she's kicking and bopping her head like she's a gangster I mean I can't even believe this s*** and my grandson is like freaking the hell out and says can I say hell of it mamaw omg this is nuts.n I love it n you
Jody Cook
Jody Cook 17 gün önce
This man has helped me see tomorrow for a few years now. God bless him. Anyone struggling should listen to this man's words
Spazz Out
Spazz Out 18 gün önce
If you confess with your tongue that Jesus is Lord and you believe that the father raised him from the dead you will be saved.
Spazz Out
Spazz Out 18 gün önce
Look up Tom McDonald's cousin humma truck blasten off
Spazz Out
Spazz Out 18 gün önce
Look up Tom McDonald's cousin humma truck God is my rock
Spazz Out
Spazz Out 18 gün önce
Look up Tom McDonald's cousin humma truck welcome to Indiana
Paddy Farrell
Paddy Farrell 18 gün önce
Fuck me how i naw here dis shite b4 am hog for life last year so lovve dis but
Hell Boy
Hell Boy 18 gün önce
Guns dont kill sweety. People do. Guns are an object. We control that object however WE choose
Clémentine Gilis
Clémentine Gilis 19 gün önce
integrity 💣 ✌👌✊👊
Tanya Brister
Tanya Brister 22 gün önce
To all the newbies feels good to wake HALF way up doesn't it lol his new shit is awesome but his old shit is off the chain to if you haven't heard it yet check out They fuckin hate me, but I do believe my favorite one of all is HOLD ON. WELCOME TO THE FAMILY KEEP LISTENING MOST WILL WAKE ALL THE WAY, KEEP SAFE, PEEP EVERTHING,AND MUCH LOVE TO ALL
Coca-Cola Coca-Cola
Coca-Cola Coca-Cola 22 gün önce
I can't change I'm me That's it Don't like It Tell the next Dude Cuz this one don't give a fuck If i never change That means Haters get to keep there $ And thoughts Like a savings account Save that Then you Can maybe Purchase a Thought of your own Stop riding d Or don't Put your bull shit back On Here it come here it go Ignorant shit For the ignorant crowd When i get some Change I am about to have 5 chains So i can't pop my collar And more watches then i can Wear with 5000 Shoes Just playing That whole last part is bull shit I'll never do that
Shawn Hoelzle
Shawn Hoelzle 22 gün önce
all i know is this the Boo of Eli theme AT THE END.
Corporeal Existence
Corporeal Existence 22 gün önce
I am in now way religious or even spiritual but that passage is true. Once I found the love of my life I confessed all of the fucked up shit that I had done and they did likewise, both of our lives started getting better right there. We have had our ups and downs since but after decades together our lives have never been better.
Free Wolf
Free Wolf 23 gün önce
Absolutely beautiful
Justchris699 27 gün önce
Thanks Tom your a blessing to this world no cap 🙏 🙌
Anthony McMichen
Anthony McMichen 27 gün önce
Don't care for the content of the video. I have listened to a lot of his music and I think he is going places
Elvyn Hellebø
Elvyn Hellebø 28 gün önce
Dot die or Ai oso die so plis!!!?
Evil Twin
Evil Twin 29 gün önce
Weird but 0:32 I thought THAT'D BE A NICE PLACE TO SPEND A WEEK.
Clint Doolittle
Clint Doolittle Aylar önce
TOM EPIC VIDEO BROTHER who else heard the music from the movie The book of Eli FREAKING AWESOME👍😎🇨🇦👍😎🇨🇦👍😎🇨🇦
Lanita Wasson
Lanita Wasson Aylar önce
Wow...beautiful message
KingsPlace Barkers
KingsPlace Barkers Aylar önce
Never give up faith gotta stay strong and Never give up can't let the dark side get the best of me .
ross autrey
ross autrey Aylar önce
Tom I have to say a big Amen to James 5:16 however my favorite verse is also from the King James Version Isaiah 40:31 for he who waits upon the Lord shall renew there strength; they shall walk and not weary; they run and not faint. See I'm in a wheelchair and even at 33 I wait upon the Lord to keep his promise but it won't be with this body no it will be when I reach heaven. And yes Tom I do fear when He judges me for when times were dark, one of the 10 commandments is "thou shout not kill" and I don't think God will take the excuse I was following orders or I was doing my job.
lisa edyta sleiman
lisa edyta sleiman Aylar önce
U made it if u have haters . They hate cuz they can't make it like u have. Nny push a dislike. If u dont like it just love on 2 next rather than talk trash n button down. If u met him or whoever then you would be kissing ass amd begging for pics n autograph. Ppl grow up
TheRealBrandontylor Aylar önce
That drake influence tho
MilleniumMan #
MilleniumMan # Aylar önce
Millan woz here .......| ( )
Jerry Weston Haley
Jerry Weston Haley Aylar önce
I'm here to stay Tom :) love it !!!
Hannibal Lecter
Hannibal Lecter Aylar önce
Sometimes I'd love to kill wnall the fuck wits in my life that bring me down
Hannibal Lecter
Hannibal Lecter Aylar önce
Fuck can relate to this song fuck love it
Marilyn Culick
Marilyn Culick Aylar önce
Omg tom my dad wpuld love if u said hey Dustin pls hes a fan he got me on ur songs and I'm a subscriber so plsss tom!!!
Xavier Kirby
Xavier Kirby Aylar önce
Bruh just look out you have plenty of people supporting you @greygoose
Real One
Real One Aylar önce
james Mckinney
james Mckinney Aylar önce
I Love how the book of ELi music is this
testakleezz Aylar önce
Big Officer Brandon Tatum
Royal Robichaud
Royal Robichaud Aylar önce
I didn’t know he was a Christian
Royal Robichaud
Royal Robichaud Aylar önce
This is the most confusing music vid
abilyn 1105
abilyn 1105 Aylar önce
this got me in tears at the end, tom you remind people to have faith, keep doing what you do, don't change your style, we need singers like you nowadays. 👏
Colin D
Colin D Aylar önce
I've been a rap fan since the 80s, but gave up in the early 2000s. Now Tom has given me hope again!
John Shank
John Shank Aylar önce
Tom MacDonald The godfather of rap
Dekanogi Ulogilv Staples
Dekanogi Ulogilv Staples Aylar önce
Took four long hard months to find enough of his body parts to hold a memorial service 😭😭💔💔🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️
Dekanogi Ulogilv Staples
Dekanogi Ulogilv Staples Aylar önce
My son was murdered by a white supremacy group, put alive through a nine foot propeller on a river boat
Dekanogi Ulogilv Staples
Dekanogi Ulogilv Staples Aylar önce
50sbaby 🙋🏽‍♀️✌🏽
Dawn Fuller
Dawn Fuller Aylar önce
Dawn Fuller
Dawn Fuller Aylar önce
ChevyBoy Bennett
ChevyBoy Bennett Aylar önce
Still jamming this in 2020. 12/20/2020
Mark McCarthy
Mark McCarthy Aylar önce
I'm one ov them and he saythe truth
Dora Bell
Dora Bell Aylar önce
I love his music he is a realist!!
zcbl xxvi
zcbl xxvi Aylar önce
Tom's lit let the man do him and if the hater dint have anything g better to do come for me cause I love attention 😘🤪
joelsinga Aylar önce
This is one of the best songs and videos ever created. I think I've even commented that here before but it is truth. Tom is THE artistic genius.
Cathy Smith
Cathy Smith Aylar önce
Spiritual healing i like it
Angie Baumgartner
Angie Baumgartner Aylar önce
I needed this today thanks for the words..Tom you open my eyes every day ..God bless you for your honestly most people don't want to hear..
Lyle Bump
Lyle Bump Aylar önce
Having friends who believe in you is only the first step, you keep putting something in the middle of your family and friends is just a slow suicide and selfishly having them take a part of it! How sad
Menace Redrum
Menace Redrum Aylar önce
We’re is this location looks amazing
JJ Riehle
JJ Riehle Aylar önce
I think Atticus Ross's Panoramic was perfect music for the background to Tom's beautiful spoken word at the end of this.
Gemma M.
Gemma M. Aylar önce
Intriguing 🧐
Jake Wood
Jake Wood Aylar önce
Who stuck around for the change 🔥
Adam Clark
Adam Clark Aylar önce
I am he makes me want to do more finally quit drinking ......
John Cash
John Cash Aylar önce
Ya I am a new fan tom keep them coming don't letvknow one tell youvdiffent
Marci Ochs
Marci Ochs Aylar önce
I got it
Alcadior Aylar önce
Sometimes i wish i was a movie director/producer because i would totally contact Tom and Dax and make a movie. Also i love the ending to this Tom!!!
Jessica B
Jessica B Aylar önce
James 5:16... I felt that.
Jenna Strange
Jenna Strange Aylar önce
Oof.. man this hurt and is beautiful and profound. Amazing as always Tom
James McGlown
James McGlown Aylar önce
Love the beat!💪♠🎯👁
SpiritualMachines 2 aylar önce
How come when I listen to "if I change" on spotify it's a different song? Anybody?
The Fat Man
The Fat Man 2 aylar önce
trippy video!
Tony Gauthier
Tony Gauthier 2 aylar önce
Tout d'arbre a son roi
Tony Gauthier
Tony Gauthier 2 aylar önce
Tout a cash am not cash am haunted you n'y m'y sacryfs
melisa beard
melisa beard 2 aylar önce
chuck keller
chuck keller 2 aylar önce
Faith is getting out of the Forest no matter where your at... I love your music bro keep going
iNsAnElY aLiCe
iNsAnElY aLiCe 2 aylar önce
This is one of my favorites..The video reminds me of a movie that came out end of last year or beginning of this year. Apostle. Soo good and damn this was so spot on to the feel of the setting..and how Tom acted in this video.. ALMOST the same as a few characters YET DIFFERENT to the movie theme. Loved it. 🖤🖤🤘🏻🎶💯💚💚☯️
That high guy
That high guy 2 aylar önce
This song is how I found Tom
Rich Pluck
Rich Pluck 2 aylar önce
Just heard your song "sell out". I say no way. This song proves it
Scott Galloway
Scott Galloway 2 aylar önce
Anyone else recognize this from the movie "Book of Eli"?
BREY LIFE 2 aylar önce
Straight 🔥! Everything! The beat, the hook & content! Ridiculous!
Betty Grisi
Betty Grisi 2 aylar önce
I'm a 70 year old hippie, and I freaking love your tunes. My journey all started with No Lives Matter, and now I'm on a Tom MacDonald musical adventure. Stay true to yourself. Hold fast your dignity. But, make time to enjoy all the groovy stuff on the planet while it is still available.
hyper-_-boi 2 aylar önce
Ik some people who wanna take there life ;(
Gary Gagne
Gary Gagne 2 aylar önce
I never thought that Eminem would meet his match
louis godin
louis godin 2 aylar önce
Keep speaking people are listening!!!
No Name
No Name 2 aylar önce
Sorry i can't buy your albums man but i can barely make a rent above everything else i got on going. But I'm on the way to a better life hopefully before this Christmas and till next summer i probably would have bought every single album you got out there. Wish me luck, me and my fiance need it.
EJ Musik
EJ Musik 2 aylar önce
Existential Crisis Averted
aiissabeth 2 aylar önce
Tom and company.. just wanted to say that I really enjoy the music. Keep on doing what you do brother.
Tatiana Joyner
Tatiana Joyner 2 aylar önce
I respect the fact that not only just back then but, even now you don't forget about the real honest true fans because, you came into the rap game and boy oh boy showed us the truth they want so badly to hide!!
Irene Byrd
Irene Byrd 2 aylar önce
*Аdult Оnlу 18+* !!! ᴡᴀᴛᴄʜ ɴᴏᴡ *LOVESEXXX.ONLINE* ------------------------------------------------- Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechent.... El Chipe y beste
narjol prado
narjol prado 2 aylar önce
you should make a move you look like a move star 🌟
Carmel Bates
Carmel Bates 2 aylar önce
*Аdult Оnlу 18+* !!! ᴡᴀᴛᴄʜ ɴᴏᴡ *LOVESEXXX.ONLINE* ------------------------------------------------- Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechent.... recitador beste
2OH!9 TROY 2 aylar önce
Michelle Hiatt
Michelle Hiatt 2 aylar önce
... ... 🤔
BREY LIFE 2 aylar önce
Dudes enlightened! Crazy how when you hear something that you touch’s your soul and you can’t even put into words how much it made you feel because your exploding with emotion internally!
Ova Comway
Ova Comway 2 aylar önce
You remind me of hellraiser with those eyes
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