Counter Strike 2 Is Everything We Asked For And More

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6 aylar önce

Counter-Strike 2 has officially been announced, and players are already in game. In this video WarOwl goes over the CS2 trailer posted by Valve, the three different Counter Strike 2 videos covering the new smokes, the new maps, and the new sub tick system for tick rate.

TetraGton 6 aylar önce
I'm amazed how positive the reaction to this has been in the community. I expected moaning, wailing and the gnashing of teeth about every single thing they've changed. I hope it's as good as it looks.
twat2022 6 aylar önce
Sadly there is, this vid is really positive but shroud and Tarik stream was awful and unwatchable, the comments were awful too, really bad people to give the beta to, pointless complaining over extremely mundane things
Throw Acnt
Throw Acnt 6 aylar önce
@twat2022 We live in the era of complainers and unfortunately they get all of the attention because most complainers... are... "influencers." The same thing is happening in Overwatch, there's some people who have a very loud voice because they have a large following and it seems like Blizzard is doing a lot of patching and balancing based on their moans. It used to be that developers, and gamers, waited for the dust to settle and see where balance actually was because people ADAPT and SOLVE changes. Thankfully I think Valve is more data driven.
Munt Munt
Munt Munt 6 aylar önce
​@twat2022 lol shroud's been salty about CS for years, he's just a washed up pro that claims he wanted to stream rather than pursue another pro team. The reality is streaming is all he's got. So he's complains about most things CS now hahaha
Gustavo 6 aylar önce
I feel like every csgo player was impressed a lot.
SBH_TX 6 aylar önce
true it looks great and i probably will play cs2. but i still love the look of csgo reminds me so much of my childhood spent on valve games
SirPing 6 aylar önce
You are not an outsider in the CS community. You are one of the pillars that hold this community up to the level it is today ♥️
Puro 6 aylar önce
I've never heard of him and I've played the game since beta .7..:D
Grqfes 6 aylar önce
@Puro who asked
BruhLOL 6 aylar önce
​@Puro congrats on not knowing a guy
HamsterFromAbove 6 aylar önce
When I first played CSGO 7 years ago my best friend sent me to the War Owl. I still have the "I'm the War Owl and I still have no closer" permanently part of my memory. I stopped playing CS for years and am only getting into it now. But I still remember this channel.
deadfr0g 6 aylar önce
I am absolutely FLOORED by how innovative and exciting these changes sound while _still_ being completely in-line with the spirit of CS.
Nostalgia Trip
Nostalgia Trip 6 aylar önce
Same. Wow.
Ricardo Loeza
Ricardo Loeza 6 aylar önce
Exactly it’s fresh and new ! Learn how to work around those things like how you’re supposed to with a game a lot of people really mad about certain changes but that’s what makes it refreshing
EaglePicking 6 aylar önce
I agree. I haven't really played CS since ... euh 2004 I think but this stuff with the grenades countering the smokes is a really cool game mechanic. I might pick it up again :-)
Tropical Fruit
Tropical Fruit 6 aylar önce
Warowl, how could you feel like an outsider? You taught me the game all these years ago, anyone who was looking for tutorials I would refer to you, you always report on updates, and have given your thoughts on the game, and everyone playing cs that I know, knows you whether they watch you or not. If anything, I think you're a pillar in this community, even if you don't have the largest of a network of cs creators.
yy 66
yy 66 6 aylar önce
Hey tropical, its me Vaidas ahahahah!!! TLG GANG!!!
neophyte 6 aylar önce
In the early days he was seen as a noob who didn't know enough to teach others. It was unfair but yeah he got a lot of hate then. It's been years and years tho, he's earned his place
Ultimaximus 6 aylar önce
@neophyte I've still seen some redditors talk hatefully about him like that recently (last year)
Ken Z
Ken Z 6 aylar önce
Happy to get back into war owl again. The man who taught me positioning and gamesense during a time where there wasn't that many CSGO educational videos. I was 14 back then. I'm 22 now. And I'm so ready to learn more
Hayzie93 6 aylar önce
5:58 - Smoke colouration looks more to do with if its in direct sunlight or shadow. Now that its volumetric, light interacts differently. See the top of the "orange smoke" is quite light as its close to the light source, and the backside of it is dark (ie: its shadowed). The smoke on the left near tunnels is completely shaded by the building.
The Infamous Cloaker Videos
The Infamous Cloaker Videos 6 aylar önce
With the new dynamic smoke. "Suddenly the Negev became meta" will be an official thing Edit: Also since WarOwl didn't make much note of it, it is nice that we seemingly can finally see our legs in first person in CS2
Steve Rho
Steve Rho 6 aylar önce
*Not "Suddenly"
MAXSTEEL_4014 6 aylar önce
imagine hearing a voiceline on the game bout that XD
Frostee 6 aylar önce
maybe m249 too if they drop its price
Magellan 6 aylar önce
Remember that while bullets remove the smoke, both the shooter and the target's positions become exposed so in the end its a double edged sword. It helps increase visibility for your team but you become an even easier target to pick off so the faster and most accurate player will win the encounter.
Georfe Meyer
Georfe Meyer 6 aylar önce
I have been using the Negev this whole time...I am ready lol
EmperorSteele 6 aylar önce
Hearing that the community rallied behind you and that you then managed to get into the Beta is probably one of the most heartwarming things I've heard today =) Sorry about your car, tho!
Andreas Vaa
Andreas Vaa 6 aylar önce
WarOwl literally being the most OG counter strike youtuber on the platform. This man deserves the world for what he has given to the community.
Meat Delivery
Meat Delivery 6 aylar önce
Warowl has always been among the greats of cs, right up there with 3kliks. You're in the core of the cs community and hearing that you've viewed yourself as an outsider was really surprising.
Chiqui335 6 aylar önce
I'm happy for you warowl, you deserve access to the beta more than anyone after all this years of dedication. Congratulations!!! :D PD: looking forward for game modes in source 2
Amango3 6 aylar önce
You have been one of the biggest contributions to this game! You definitely deserve to get the early access
ADonutPlaysGames 6 aylar önce
So freakin' happy for you Warowl. There's nobody in this community that deserves early access more than you. I cannot wait to see the content that you make!
Twygz 6 aylar önce
yeah there is
Smart fut
Smart fut 6 aylar önce
@Twygz fox ;stadodo; bombl4 niko; gaules the biggest streamer of cs go doesnt have a key so stfu i can tell you players with majors all day and they give key to a streamer who unistall cs go live and said the game is dead (Shroud) and to valorant players like tarik.
blindsidedka 6 aylar önce
@Smart fut salty
Smart fut
Smart fut 6 aylar önce
@blindsidedka just fax
Jahman 6 aylar önce
I used to watch warowl for cs guides all the time when i was still young and now im in my 30s and all i could say is that you dude is a big influence on my cs days and the fps games i play after. Its like relieving my childhood everytime i watch you now. God time flies so fast
NateDogg_097 6 aylar önce
WarOwl was the channel that got me into CS...taught me how to play, tips, see that the developers recognized him as a proper creator on this game is absolutely amazing...I cannot wait to see gameplay of the new counter strike and hope to be able to play again soon
Curtis Nethery
Curtis Nethery 6 aylar önce
Csgo continues to be my go to game mainly because of the content you produce. You are the "everyman" for csgo and should be given (or should take) more credit for what you do. Thank you.
CARBON MISSION 3 aylar önce
It looks like Valve is hitting the nail w/ CS2. I like just about everything I've seen from it. I have some thoughts about the movement. I haven't played CS2 myself, but from what I've seen, it seems like the movement is less floaty. I think that this could be a good thing. Sometimes it's easy to fly too fast in this game when you feel like a flying gun. You can have a moment in CS where you have to be extremely quick and make a decision in milliseconds, but the game does move slow overall. What I wonder is how these changes will effect bhopping. Now, honestly, I don't know much about how this shit works, but I've been bhopping for most of my 5k hours of CS. On one hand, the solid and heavy movement might discourage the use of bhops. However, the sub-tick rate brings up some interesting changes to bhopping and jumping. I'm thinking that tricks like jump bugging will be hardly viable, especially with the 128 tick servers. But bhopping in general might be MORE viable. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the outcome of your landing would be less random with sub-tick. Your timing on a jump would be YOUR timing. This is great! If you know your movement and the surface you're running on, you can hit in the right places with your jumps and strafes to get a boost. In G.O., you're also taking a gamble with ticks, which is often way too risky. I think that with CS2 movement, bhopping might be encouraged. You do not feel as floaty and quick, so you are seeking a speed boost. Your option for a speed boost is still dangerous. Your enemy is more likely to hit you while executing it because of the sub-tick responsiveness, but you are safer to rely on your skills to seek the reward. The barrier to entry to bhopping is easier, but the skill ceiling is even higher because of the unlocked possibilities. The player feels more grounded into the slowness of the game with solid movement, while having better responsiveness when shit gets kicked into high gear. Side Note for Valve: plz don't remove 4:3 stretched res :
Lazery 6 aylar önce
Man, it’s been a while watching war owl. Even if I stopped playing CS over 6 years ago, It was a pleasure seeing you again ❤
envyus 6 aylar önce
MAXSTEEL_4014 6 aylar önce
Gta 6... also, imagine getting shoe skins because of the first person models its also pretty cool that the upgrade would be free and havent seen anything i can complain about on the teaser too so thats a good sign
Goldendeed 6 aylar önce
Whooooooooo 👐👏👐👏👐👏
terrorist cbum
terrorist cbum 6 aylar önce
Virsu 6 aylar önce
I was here
proosee 6 aylar önce
mainmarco 6 aylar önce
War Owl, you are one of the pillars of this community. You got me back into CS:GO after all these years and make some of the best content related to it. You earned a spot in the Beta, and it is great to see you in it!
Vasilije Nikolic
Vasilije Nikolic 6 aylar önce
I love it. I would also improve animations to be a bit more fluid and updating on higher fps. Also I would really love possibility to fully customize your UI. I just don't vibe with this old UI. Something like in games like WoW where you can fully customize would be awesome, btw I don't mean addon support. I just mean that I can turn on or off any piece of UI, make it smaller or bigger, change color and opacity, and change positions of scoreboard, radar and such.
Just My Stuff
Just My Stuff 6 aylar önce
I dont play CS anymore, but grew up with 1.6 and Source so it holds a special place in my heart. I'm glad and interested for this new game and hope the players, like you are getting what they want. But what I really wanted was just to comment on your hair and beard. Looks great man! Really 👍
Entenkommando 6 aylar önce
Honestly I didn't even think to compare the smoke changes with wallbangs but you're absolutely right. 1.6 style wallbangs, some might argue are a skill element. But they also introduce a lot of cheesy RNG into the game by randomly spamming spots and hoping that an enemy is on the other side....exactly like csgo smokes. I'm sure they'll have to tweak the exact behaviour of smokes but in my eyes it makes a lot of sense. Smoke spamming has become pretty boring imo (cough Vertigo cough)
Hazzard Gaming
Hazzard Gaming 6 aylar önce
Every second of TheWarOwl content is like 2 seconds of content, exciting times 👍
SexyComrade№1 6 aylar önce
Man it feels so nice to be a part of this community and see how hyped everyone is, I am glad I got to experience it. CS is something else isn't it, guys?
Qu 6 aylar önce
I wish I could experience it. Sadly, Counter-Strike is one of those games that seems perpetually out of my league. I don't have a group to play with and solo-queuing in Silver is about as fun as taking an ice water bath while getting punched in the privates.
Brandon 6 aylar önce
@Qu don’t take it too serious even @ high ranks in mm it’s nothing crazy most of the time lol just have fun it’s a video game everyone playing is just tryna decompress and have fun away from there normal lives
SexyComrade№1 6 aylar önce
@Qu man, I feel you. Most of my friends migrated to Valo and I hate that game, aka I am too old for this shit. I hop into mm every once in a while, but mostly to past time. HOWEVER, I found it's kinda awesome to just chill in Fl0m's co-host streams and be excited about the game that way. That is how I formed an attachment to community. Before that it was just friends, but now I jump into Reddit discussions, talk in creators chats and watch tournaments. And I rediscovered my passion for the game once again THOUGH community interaction and not just by playing the game. It's kinda awesome really. If you haven't tried it, I highly recommend it.
ATT _ 6 aylar önce
6ftMouse 6 aylar önce
I’m not part of the CS community, but man I saw the news this was coming and immediately thought wow the CS fans needed this.
MeiheMuihe 6 aylar önce
I absolutely love the new smokes, they're perfect!! My single biggest issue with csgo is and will always be one way smokes. Obviously the cheaters as well and whatnot, but as someone who only plays competitive in a very casual manner without real knowledge of nades, positions etc, the new smokes are incredible
Mateusz Rogalski
Mateusz Rogalski 6 aylar önce
For what you've said about networking it's almost on point the main difference is that whenever you're dealing with constant synchronization timings you also need to implement a movement prediction ( or client prediction ) which, as the name implies - predicts the movement of a player by the server. The biggest issue in CSGO was that this prediction (from my analysis) was broken and did not take into account "microadjustments" like pushing strafe key for less than one tick or whatever. I think it also didn't count in "sliding" and acceleration which was a huge deal. Prediction is the most important thing when dealing with networking for online games because you do not want to correct player position or action with each update. You need to have a near perfect representation of the game in your server. The fact is.. you still need one global synchronization frame from time to time so that the players wont abuse the system.
Leinadlink 6 aylar önce
This was a great summary and I may even get back into the game to check it out, it's been years. Just a few things about your video tho: - The smokes don't seem to be different colors based on who throws them. Judging by the screenshot you showed, it appears to be just dynamic lighting on the volumetric smoke, or in layman's terms: it gets colored depending on the light around it. - I don't think the reflections being crazy is that bad as long as they can be toned down in settings or turned off completely. Remember that a lot of people that play csgo don't care that much about being super competitive, and there's plenty of casual modes and mod maps that people play for fun. So the game looking pretty is just a plus for them - I can't believe you didn't get instant access to the trial, you are like THE CS guy imo. Glad they turned that around
James 6 aylar önce
I'm looking forward to the new maps and the features that are now available within the S2 engine. I'm happy the old maps are still there (during testing) but all new , well designed, maps will solidify CS2 as the GOAT. The old maps will reinforce differences between the two games where the game should be highlighted for what it is, not for whats different. It's a new game using a new engine.
Ben Kowalski
Ben Kowalski 6 aylar önce
I've been watching your vids since I first picked up CS in 2016, thanks for always keeping this game light and fun and covering every aspect :)
c0nk2879 6 aylar önce
I think it's very likely that the M4A1-S will have a low amount of smoke clear potential compared to the other weapons. I would assume that each gun has a separate value and possibly even a different shape that they carve out inside of the smoke.
Hunter Springsteen
Hunter Springsteen 6 aylar önce
Well if your talking realism rifles have insane smoke clean. A m4 556 round travels so frickin fast compared to a pistol round. Also if the valve Deb's know their guns the five seven uses a similar round to a 556 just micro and travels super quick for a pistol as well
tetedebug 6 aylar önce
Good idea, but I think it's not possible, the smoke is created from small cubes, and the hole created by the shooting of a weapon seems to correspond to the size of a cube, it's a guess I hope to be wrong because I like the idea.
Hunter Springsteen
Hunter Springsteen 6 aylar önce
@tetedebug I'm not a game developer but I think you could theoretically make those blocks smaller and it would just need more processing power. Very possible thay increased the size of the blocks to show off the demo
reptarien 6 aylar önce
@Hunter Springsteen Totally depends. It is modular to the point that they could probably carve holes with smaller blocks while leaving the larger exterior as larger blocks. That's why volumetrics are so cool. I guess we'll just have to see.
Surms41 6 aylar önce
@tetedebug You could definitely do that. Being volumetric smoke, you could carve any shape of any size. Like they have done. But that's not what the mechanic is for.
Pablo Arellano
Pablo Arellano 6 aylar önce
Low-key I grew up with your videos war owl, seeing you this exited about anything makes me happy
yoitsblazeable 6 aylar önce
I was ready with my pitchfork when I heard you did not get into the beta.. obviously a huge oversight by them seeing as they immediately gave you access lol. Cheers to a new game and more amazing content!
Gnerd 6 aylar önce
Man I remember how time-consuming Hammer was even on Garry's Mod. Glad to see they are redoing Hammer to make it more user-friendly. Will for sure make maps faster to put out and easier to modify.
Raj "Stan" Shah
Raj "Stan" Shah 5 aylar önce
Mann! I remember watching your videos back in 2014-15, I spend 5k+ hours on CS:GO, it'll be fun to re-live those back in 23, It's been such a ride
Earl Grey
Earl Grey 6 aylar önce
Congratulations on getting in the Beta. WarOwl, i am so proud to see you make a career from csgo over all these years! Its been a wild ride and im looking forward to see you have fun in cs2. Ive been with you since like 7k subs. I wish you all the luck going forward!
Strig Wilson
Strig Wilson 6 aylar önce
Been here too....we are old...
HEAVYHITMAN 6 aylar önce
I wish I had internet when you started the channel.
Aranyak 6 aylar önce
7k subs, wow you a real one.
Datinator 1
Datinator 1 6 aylar önce
I been here since 0 subs
HEAVYHITMAN 6 aylar önce
@Datinator 1 You were the 1st subscriber? You his friend or brother?
ThePooP 6 aylar önce
I really want the smokes to be coloured based on who bought them, like the visual of the molly and incendiary grenades, but the slight colour difference would be cool to have seperate based of ct bought of ts bought them.
Shloob 6 aylar önce
The nade clearing smokes is really cool, they've kind of introduced a rock-paper-scissors dynamic. Smokes clear molotovs, nades clear smokes
RedZFlame 6 aylar önce
and guns clear nades 😏
cskiller86 5 aylar önce
And decoy grenades... are there too.
3PiecesTTV 6 aylar önce
You are 100% not a outsider in this community by any means! I remember getting into cs when I was 16/17 and now I'm 25 and one of the main things that got me into the game was one of your videos!
krazed0451 6 aylar önce
I like the smokes, they needed to bring something new without changing too much and this is a significantly dynamic addition :-)
bepis 6 aylar önce
It appears the game will have legacy gun models as well as new ones for some skins. You can see in the GIF on their site, when guns switch skins they get slightly different, you can see that on all of them, one awp for example is shorter and has a different compensator or muzzle break. One m4a1 has a hook that is for attaching the strap under the barrel and the other does not
coreynj 6 aylar önce
Finally, game developers that actually listen and deliver
Rended_ 6 aylar önce
Finally valve decided to listen and deliver for once*
Kaartik Shukla
Kaartik Shukla 6 aylar önce
Unlike riot games
Vrelliss 6 aylar önce
it only took a decade
luxemier 6 aylar önce
weve been asking for source 2 since 2015 what are you on
Ondra Spendlik
Ondra Spendlik 6 aylar önce
I'd say the new smoke mechanics do make defusing behind a smoke harder, but... I think they will make retakes easier in the first place, allowing you to clear the smokes you may be stuck behind without having to wait. And honestly, what may be more worrying is that it will be harder to plant the bomb. Imagine planting in default on A site Mirage. The CT smoke won't really protect you if there are some CTs behind it. They may either clear it with a nade or just start spamming your approximate position, making a hole in the smoke so they will actually see you and kill you more easily. I'm a fan of the mechanic, so perhaps the bombsites have to change (even if just the plantable area becoming bigger, let's hope that won't create a bunch more issues), or our plant spots (perhaps we will need to alternate the plant spots to lower the chance of being killed while planting). That may actually be a nice way of outplaying the CTs, just plant in a non standard position and when they try to spam the standard one, get the info on them (and possibly even a free kill).
Žan Gašperič
Žan Gašperič 6 aylar önce
I have distanced myself from gaming and youtube videos completely but this is just something I had to watch. Hope you will all enjoy the game and that it will be what you had hoped for all this years!
Mike Springer
Mike Springer 6 aylar önce
I am so happy for you WarOwl. You are staple of the CS community.
KadeIRL 6 aylar önce
man i stepped away from cs for a pretty long time, coming back and seeing warowl speak on breaking news is so nostalgic. glad to see you doing well, super excited to see what comes in the future :)
h4l3x 6 aylar önce
I built my first PC in 2013 and CSGO was one of the first games I played.. War Owl was always my go to for CSGO videos and tips! excited for new content going forward!
Blizzy 6 aylar önce
You are literally a cornerstone of csgo TRshow. Will never be an outcast.
cmaxz 6 aylar önce
ooga booga 😂😂😂😂
Ariel Ariel
Ariel Ariel 6 aylar önce
ooga booga I think its because of trust factor and Analmoly teamkills his squad for the lols
Thắng 6 aylar önce
I remeber him getting rekt so hard in mmhe called someone a cheater and reported him, the other dude then upload a video to prove his superior skill, apart from that he's fine
TheJukkis 6 aylar önce
Feeling like an outcast when there is a literal sticker with Warowl-logo in the actual game? What the hell :D
ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ 6 aylar önce
yea warowl is like a face of csgo
Fear ME
Fear ME 6 aylar önce
SOOOOO excited for this! I can't even express how happy I am that they didn't change all the stuff that didn't need changing. It's just CSGO but better which is all we needed!
Plebb12347 6 aylar önce
Love the smoke! it will only be useful to shoot the edges of the smoke(bigger hole), if you shoot in the middle you wont see much and it closes much faster. From what i have seen if you shoot in the middle of the smoke( the camera is wrong, the hole opens up in the smoke according to where your shots come from. so basicly the hole in the smoke when you shoot in the middle of the smoke, the view angle into the hole is from your gun, and not the your camera(head). )
Ztaal3 6 aylar önce
THIS, THIS is what makes me wanna come back and play CS! Also big bonus, so much possible Warowl content !
Мирич 6 aylar önce
I really hope that CS2 will finally bring the good shooting mechanics that it needs. Haven't seen good shooting mechanics since CS 1.6.
aaaaaaa 6 aylar önce
many people cite you as a good resource to learn counter strike. you're knowledgeable, entertaining, and good at the game yourself. you're definitely not an outsider
Freak 6 aylar önce
You and Phillip have always been the 2 youtubers I most relate to this game. Neither of you are purely restricted to it, but I can't think about ca without also remember yall.
Kryzys 6 aylar önce
Fender Telecaster
Fender Telecaster 6 aylar önce
Roope Jämsä
Roope Jämsä 6 aylar önce
so real
Nachy 6 aylar önce
They're two people that actually knows what they're talking about the game and are fairly pleasant to boot as well.
jdmomaha 6 aylar önce
I am excited both for the game update and for the WarOwl content that comes with it!
dificulttocure 6 aylar önce
I love the smoke change. It removes or at least hinders a lot of the cheesy strategies surrounding smokes. Lets be honest here, smokes before were OP, and lead to some very uninteresting gameplay. No one talks about it because we are all used to smokes being the way they are.
BeztOof 6 aylar önce
You're good WarOwl, a good and nice youtuber and seems like a genuine human being
Arian Dannemann
Arian Dannemann 6 aylar önce
I think the different smoke colors is just that smokes now react to lighting, the orange-y one is more exposed to the colored while the other one fits the blueish lighting between the doors EDIT: although it would be really cool to have coloured smokes so hopefully im wrong
Anthony Powell
Anthony Powell 6 aylar önce
Ive been watching you since i was 14 im 21 now and havent played in 2 years but your excitement over this has reignited my interest and love for the game cant wait for content and the game to drop for everyone! Love from Louisiana!
Reaper 6 aylar önce
The minor detail I love the most is that after shooting the awp, there's now a trail that shows bullet trajectory. When I first saw that, I was immediately reminded of that sniper mission from the original cod modern warfare, the one where you blow off the target's arm
Onin D.
Onin D. 6 aylar önce
the mission right after All Ghillied Up?
ziwuri13 6 aylar önce
dude I played that mission like 5 times as a kid, it was so cool
wot wott
wot wott 6 aylar önce
From the footages we've seen, it seems like every gun except silenced weapons would leave bullet trails when shot to better show where the enemy was. This also means that silenced weapons are getting buffed in a way that does not affect it's stats.
Areaxis the Gurkha
Areaxis the Gurkha 6 aylar önce
@wot wott does this include the scout sniper?
PolythenePam 6 aylar önce
I think the lighting makes it even easier to focus because it's making the enemies pop more, kinda like tf2. Also has the Deagle been buffed? It look's a lot more accurate than it should be. Coloured smokes just seems like there's one in the shade?
GGed_ 6 aylar önce
They should consider changing the impacts bullet have on smokes depending on the rifle/round. For example, mp7 being a small round leaves a very small opening where as rifles leave a larger one and give away your position more clearly.
Loc Nguyen Minh
Loc Nguyen Minh 6 aylar önce
Don't you even dare feel like you are an outsider to the CS community man. I have lost count of how many hours I've spent going through all of your tutorial videos: how to execute a site, aim, and even have a game sense. You taught me how to play the game from the ground up from when I started playing this game 7 years ago, there is not a single friend in my group that I have not recommended your videos to when they wanted to learn more about the game, and hearing that they knew this smoke from the WarOwl warms my heart. Please still keep your passion for the CS community, because we all love you man.
Ferry 6 aylar önce
it looks very good, The smoke thing is a really interesting development. I hope all the regular people's computers can keep up with this :)
Rick Sehfeld
Rick Sehfeld 6 aylar önce
When i first started in 2015 you where the person i learned from how to play through your videos and I'm very thankful for that. I hope there will be some tutorial stuff coming from you in regards of the new game.
paliewallie 6 aylar önce
WarOwl, you may have felt like an outsider, but hell the influence you have had on the community and the growth of the playerbase that came with that, due to your videos was and still is, insane. You made counter strike more accessible for millions of players, like myself, and that should never be understated. Keep this path going with cs2!
Andrew 6 aylar önce
this dude is one of the most popular cs creators on youtube... why tf would he feel like an "outsider"???
Kryzys 6 aylar önce
@Andrew Cuz CSGO is kinda dead in NA
Tan Phan
Tan Phan 6 aylar önce
@Andrew The pros disliked him very much, even told their twitch viewers his guides are bad, thus create more hate. And coincidently they were NA pros. Kinda explains why the scene is so dead over there.
Joshua Phipps
Joshua Phipps 6 aylar önce
I've watched war owl since i started with CSGO some odd 10 years ago and his guides helped me so much. I didn't realize some dislike him. He's always been my favorite. ❤️
Dhillon P
Dhillon P 6 aylar önce
Sounds like you had a rough few days, but here's to many more amazing moments with this new horizon!
jlys 6 aylar önce
YOOOOO the moment i heard about CS2 i had to look up your channel to hear what you had to say lmao. you really deserve this and i cant wait to see what elsenu can cover about the beta! was never good at csgo but i had fun, heres to wishing i can come back to it, with a revitalized playerbase of both newcomers and old veterans
Firo 6 aylar önce
I love this new smoke, the way it temporarily clears its amazing. So much can be done with it. Cant wait :D
Ryota Kurama
Ryota Kurama 6 aylar önce
Been a fan of you for so long.. now source 2 is out and the hype is on again... Looking forward for your future content👍👍👍
I'm really interested to see how shooting through smokes plays out also no more one ways is huge.
Lyla King
Lyla King 6 aylar önce
I don't play CS, but I've watched almost all your videos because they're so fun and well-made. It broke my heart to hear that you didn't get into the beta, but I'm glad that's fixed and I'm excited for the WarOwl CS2 content 💗
David 6 aylar önce
Because you’re intimidated by the game. It’s oh kay.
mobu 6 aylar önce
@David what is blud waffling about 😂😂😂
Sarthak Sharma
Sarthak Sharma 6 aylar önce
Same. I have no one to play CS. Most of the time I play TDM or Gungame in CS because of the above mentioned.
Jeremy Corbin
Jeremy Corbin 6 aylar önce
Brendan not being in beta is was an unintended bug :D
Liam Meech
Liam Meech 6 aylar önce
​@Sarthak Sharma what annoys me Bout CS:GO gungame, is that not all maps are playable in that mode.
Cyr3x07006028 6 aylar önce
This is exciting! I may have sucked in 1.3 because I was a child, I may have sucked in source cause I still had no idea what i was doing, I may even have sucked in global offensive because despite you showing me what I should be doing, I lacked the talent to pull it off. Now,.. finally,.. this time,... I can suck, in what looks like the most wonderful FPS I have ever seen and I am going to have an absolutely great time doing it :) Let's roll baby!
Trevor Gardner
Trevor Gardner 6 aylar önce
What would really be awesome is if you could play older versions of CS, including the beta versions, just for funsies. Would help these kids learn where the game came from and help them appreciate all of this new stuff.
Kedo 6 aylar önce
Thank you WarOwl for all the time and dedication to this community! Onto another 12 years with CS2!
Warsheep 6 aylar önce
Its so wholesome to see WarOwl this happy
Marzhan 6 aylar önce
i love the little tangent on the end, hopefully you get all of that stuff sorted, been watching the counter strike content for many many years and im so relieved you got the invite to beta!
Neo 6 aylar önce
Respect for the devs & team, who swapped to a whole new engine and even included new features, while making the game feel smoother when you play. This is what every developer dreams of. Well done!
Gusburg 6 aylar önce
i dont even play csgoand havent played for over 3 years. still watch every single one of your videos and youre probably the only reason why I am excited for cs2 and hoping it is a success
EliteZero 6 aylar önce
I love how instead of talking away from the game, valve is just trying to improve on a good game without straying too far (Unlike overwatch 2 LOL). Only thing I’m a bit worried about is going to be performance on lower end systems with all those graphical updates and dynamic smoke, But also really good that they transferred all the skins over to CS2! Some part of me is going to miss CSGO but it’s good that it’s getting a straight upgrade since they effectively pushed their older source engine to its limit and a lot of problems still persisted.
Jack 6 aylar önce
WarOwl’s love for this game is unparalleled, period.
Green 6 aylar önce
5:55, I think in this instance the smokes are different because of the lighting. The one on the left is darker because it's in the dark, while the one on the right is lighter because the sun is shining on it
NoBrain - Anime und mehr
NoBrain - Anime und mehr 6 aylar önce
Maybe its not T or CT smoke (grey and orange) but I think the normal smoke is grey, but when its thrown on dirt, it will mix the color of the smoke with the color of the sandy ground :)
mykingjr 6 aylar önce
WE LOVE YOU WAROWL!! Been watching since I was in ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, I am now in my third year of college. Thank you for introducing this incredible game series to me and for always being such an awesome figure in the community in general.
ATT _ 6 aylar önce
Wait a what
elithium 6 aylar önce
17 years? wdym bro
mykingjr 6 aylar önce
@elithium Watched summer between 6th and 7th grade. It has been 9 years since then (at least I believe it was summer, could have been before the summer but I know it was before 7th grade started!)
Wonder_kid967 6 aylar önce
@mykingjr theres a difference between elementary school and middle school hehe
mykingjr 6 aylar önce
@Wonder_kid967 6th grade is elementary school where I'm from. I'm pretty certain I watched him during then because that summer I played Minestrike (a Minecraft copy of csgo) all the time cause I was so excited to play in 7th grade (when my parents let me finally play)
SquishiRex 6 aylar önce
Congrats man. The moment you said you didn’t have access my immediate thought was “whoever is giving out individualized keys is an idiot”
Vanness 6 aylar önce
Been watching you since the “Matchmaking Academy” days, These past few years I’ve been away from CSGO since I have more responsibility as an adult. But seeing you getting so excited about CS2 makes me wanna dust off my old steelseries rival 100 and getting at it again 😅😅😅
Pascal Kuchinke
Pascal Kuchinke 6 aylar önce
It's great to see that a company actually understands their IP and Customers for once.
M Oz
M Oz 6 aylar önce
The only thing I am a little sceptic about, is the ability to make holes in the smoke by shooting. However, I love everything else that I have seen.
Niels Van den Broeck
Niels Van den Broeck 6 aylar önce
Thanks for clearing out the confusion around the sub tick updates. Tickles seems awfull when there’s high latency
andre e e e
andre e e e 6 aylar önce
I think a safer option for smokes would be if the bullets only pushed holes halfway through the smoke. So you'd have to shoot twice in the same spot to see through.
Valitsemlla Luo kanava hyväksy laitela
Valitsemlla Luo kanava hyväksy laitela 6 aylar önce
I love the new smokes it adds more Dynamism to the game.
Cowboy 6 aylar önce
I haven't played CS:GO in years, but I never stopped watching your videos. I'll definitely be checking out CS2
Hoonter of hoonters
Hoonter of hoonters 6 aylar önce
I'm worried about the smoke changes, but everything else looks really good. Smokes allow some very cool stealthy plays and are needed to keep AWPs from ruining the game, but I do agree that they usually slow the game and incentivize many boring strategies. No skins, are not going to become worthless. They will skyrocket because CS is going to become more popular than ever.
Daniel Paul
Daniel Paul 6 aylar önce
One thing I have to admit. Yes it took them so long to get it done, but they nailed it and I am looking forward to playing Counter Strike again.
xTheMoegamer 6 aylar önce
It is so very much deserved that you got in. You are 'introduction to CS' for so many. Do not undererstimate the impact you had on the CS community you dederve every bit of recognition!😊❤
Otzkar 6 aylar önce
I'm really happy about the smokes. I was playing retakes on the ct side and got kicked because I had to wait for a smoke to clear out and didn't end up having enough time.
Bipolar Mind Droppings
Bipolar Mind Droppings 6 aylar önce
God damn, this is everything we've been asking for. Hope it plays as good as it looks.
fittutube 6 aylar önce
I'm absolutely beheaded by the sheer grasp of amazement! Well done steak everyone 👏
Bela Bohlen
Bela Bohlen 6 aylar önce
Im scared of the negev, they might need to srsly rebalance it. I imagine for example if you got someone mirage b camping smoked tunnel and like spamming every few seconds for a split second to look if someones there you can just spam them away with the rest of the mag every time before they even can commit to the push
TruckTerrer 5 aylar önce
I discovered this channel trough this video and I didn't really get what you did with the scope at the beginning. Since then I've watched MANY of your videos (even though I don't play CS) and man what you did with the scope in this video was so subtle and yet so amazing.
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