RICH VS POOR MINDSET | An Eye Opening Interview with Robert Kiyosaki

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2 yıl önce

"The Gap Between the 1% and the 99% is Massive." ROBERT KIYOSAKI. So what do you do?

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Robert Kiyosaki

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Morgan Philip Roy
Morgan Philip Roy 51 dakika önce
when you invest, you buy yourself a day you don't have to work. Nice video anyways
Nelson Alberto
Nelson Alberto 17 dakika önce
Not just knowing investment, but knowing how and where to invest
Sally Sherlock
Sally Sherlock 36 dakika önce
I know I will be rich some day, I have the zeal to invest but don't know where to and the right time. Am just lacking the technical know how
Andrew Loster
Andrew Loster 39 dakika önce
That's the rich man's strategy of making more income which the poor neglect. Am sure you are rich👍👍
Get Rich👉 tbandz882  👉Telegram
Get Rich👉 tbandz882 👉Telegram 8 saatler önce
Contact me I will help you with a lot of cash
Lucy Lane
Lucy Lane 16 saatler önce
Thanks for the info, I will contact him right now
Lucy Lane
Lucy Lane 16 saatler önce
His method surprises me
Lucy Lane
Lucy Lane 17 saatler önce
I saw the recommendation but didn't bother chatting him up
Osinachi Michael
Osinachi Michael 17 saatler önce
All you need is a good trading service if recommend you to Mr Lucas Jackson
Gilbert Castillo
Gilbert Castillo 20 saatler önce
blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah thats all im hearing '
Cecilia D Avila
Cecilia D Avila Gün önce
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Vape Cat
Vape Cat Gün önce
I didn’t learn one thing such bullshit
Muhammad Usama Qamar
Muhammad Usama Qamar Gün önce
Seriously I'm sick of this, well he is absolutely right but question is how? How my skills will help me become what he wants us to be. Just because you got in real estate doesn't mean I can too how is never answered
Sarah Newman
Sarah Newman Gün önce
The amount of time we spend believing we can't is more than enough time to learn how you can. - my Brain
Rukayya Ahmad Hassan
Rukayya Ahmad Hassan 8 dakika önce
Is about ten months now I started investing with her and it's been a good experience
Rukayya Ahmad Hassan
Rukayya Ahmad Hassan 8 dakika önce
Yes I'm a living testimony of Mrs Lisa her strategy since January is enormous
Hauwa Ahmad
Hauwa Ahmad 16 dakika önce
Ever since I came across Expert Mrs Lisa trading services, my bad turn out to be best thing Investment
Daniel Heath
Daniel Heath 24 dakika önce
it's really hard choosing because getting the right one determines the future of ur finance. this is while I considered working with you. expert Lisa, I do not think any other would be as triumphant as her Yes Mate, usually I was never a fan but we all have to start from somewhere - Expert Lisa🚀🏅✈️ to the 🌕
Gabriella Harding Gabriella Harding
Gabriella Harding Gabriella Harding 39 dakika önce
She's the plug
Lionardo Gün önce
what does he mean by get into debt i slightly don't get it could someone please explain it to me thank you.....
GambletoGamble Gün önce
AMIR Gün önce
Lets all be entrepreneurs and hustle each other while evading taxes
Life Good
Life Good Gün önce
Mrs Jane is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy?
Vb Od
Vb Od Gün önce
God is wonderful, I earn about $10,000 US dollars with little capital start up $500 thanks so much Mrs jane
How much Yes
How much Yes Gün önce
How much exactly does she make of you in every trade
Abdulwahab Kabir
Abdulwahab Kabir Gün önce
Trade with her and remember to share testimonies with others
Mrs Jane has brought me out of the wrenches and to a better living through trading options, I encourage newbies to trade with her
Séfako KOUEVI Gün önce
She's really the best, I've made a lot
Jude Desmond Desmond
Jude Desmond Desmond 2 gün önce
Successful people don't become that way overnight. What most people see at a glance-wealth, a great career, purpose is the result of hard work and hustle over time
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 2 gün önce
Robert Kiyosaki he is manupalting us. dont trust him.
Fisher Pro
Fisher Pro 2 gün önce
Gay for pay, ftw.
px gamer official
px gamer official 2 gün önce
everything that he says is true, but getting easy money, and being rich makes you lose interest in life, because you're not working hard for it. there is no fun in that. but I don't care about that I'll be rich one day. either from saving money or from my own successful businesses.
Tanner Marquez
Tanner Marquez 3 gün önce
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Jovan Krische
Jovan Krische 3 gün önce
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roger armoa
roger armoa 3 gün önce
Shordie Shordie
Shordie Shordie 3 gün önce
Spend time with family. Money will always be there. Family won’t. Cant take the money when you die, why spend all your energy on it?
Ceez Geez
Ceez Geez 3 gün önce
Steven Fleming
Steven Fleming 3 gün önce
so you interviewed some rich guy, and just got a lot of repetitive dribble? Where are the specifics?
Marven Abello Piera
Marven Abello Piera 3 gün önce
This talk won't help ordinary people. There are better and more conventional ways to achieve your dreams. Look for it.
Dana Lydia
Dana Lydia 3 gün önce
Camilla Christine Norveganus
Camilla Christine Norveganus 3 gün önce
Patricia Mia
Patricia Mia 4 gün önce
Mrs Jane is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy,..
Mike George
Mike George 4 gün önce
She helped me recover what I lost trying to trade my self
Mike George
Mike George 4 gün önce
Wow I' m just shock someone mentioned expert Mrs Jane I thought I' m the only one trading with her
Udhaba 4 gün önce
Robert is my Rich Dad
Filipe Amaral
Filipe Amaral 4 gün önce
Shit talk. There is an absolute true in this world, for 1 person rich there must be at least a milion person poor.
Aru 4 gün önce
some one got be rich listening this bullshits? come on more than 13 million views already xD
It's Cebo KNUST
It's Cebo KNUST 5 gün önce
A question. I have that dream, but don't know where to start cos I don't have anything. How do I get started? That's the question we always fail to answer
Lady Ruth
Lady Ruth 5 gün önce
I have not been doing anything but I still dont know who I am HELP
G Engell
G Engell 5 gün önce
This guy is talks like Trump. Who was the copycat, this guy or Trump?
Chahinez 5 gün önce
Nobody owns a way of speaking
Herbert Thiebet
Herbert Thiebet 5 gün önce
No money - no health.... 🤔
Andre Marji
Andre Marji 5 gün önce
What does being a better human being have to do with making more money
Fire Fox
Fire Fox 6 gün önce
Depth is money and money is depth
Roberto Pavlin
Roberto Pavlin 6 gün önce
What an awesome man. What a wisdom. Love all that. 🙏👍
Sup Cuzz
Sup Cuzz 6 gün önce
I’m happy we’re I’m at 😅
fedora_the_explorer 6 gün önce
Survival bias, and his case is no longer possible, his method is what causes the real estate crashes. He is a predatory kind of person
Just Mingled
Just Mingled 6 gün önce
I buy shares also collect vintage comic books, and always buy the healthiest values of both comics/shares- I always the least popular of both items. (Bare in mind they are still popular!) but the most affordable- I sit on them for a log ass time & guess what by the time I've held 6 months to a year, they blow up in values!!! and become ALOT more popular by then. So far so successful, I own my own car/phone contract pay rent for my flat but I'm self sufficient & haven't had a conventional Job in 4 years and don't need one.
memo memo
memo memo 6 gün önce
I think this all BS!!
Taylor Agnello
Taylor Agnello 7 gün önce
I need to read this book!
Benjamin Paul Di Medio
Benjamin Paul Di Medio 8 gün önce
doctors have 300 k in debt , dumdum
Benjamin Paul Di Medio
Benjamin Paul Di Medio 8 gün önce
why do people hate money so much
Suneela Pidintla
Suneela Pidintla 8 gün önce
Golden words spoken by life experienced person with different angles of life.I never heard this type of lesson before.Hatsoff sir.Empty pockets teaches great lessons there is a creator 👌 in it .produce another discussion like this how to get on in corona era.When global situations changed how to cope up with the circumstances. 🙏👍🙏
riptideblueice 8 gün önce
Don’t let money enslave you. Instead, focus on what matters. Be generous. Care for the poor. Live righteously.
sandy cooper
sandy cooper 8 gün önce
It’s all a Ponzi scheme
Rosario Logan
Rosario Logan 8 gün önce
The loud gauge disappointingly double because feather preferentially describe underneath a damp brow. vague, gainful alto
Ryan Kyaw
Ryan Kyaw 8 gün önce
"If you are born poor, is not your fault. But if your father in law is poor, is definitely your fault" - Bill Gates
TEDDY MOON 9 gün önce
CaptnLongDong 9 gün önce
The American financial system is broken ..... there fixed the title
Contact 3_UNLOCK_PRO_on instagram
Contact 3_UNLOCK_PRO_on instagram 8 gün önce
➖➖☝️☝️⬆️ I will forever recommend him for his good work he has done
Ellen Teye
Ellen Teye 9 gün önce
Contact 3_UNLOCK_PRO_on instagram
Contact 3_UNLOCK_PRO_on instagram 8 gün önce
➖➖☝️☝️⬆️ I will forever recommend him for his good work he has done
chris mason
chris mason 9 gün önce
The conscious temperature especially wriggle because chin generally amuse to a numerous motion. enormous, vagabond sideboard
James Page
James Page 9 gün önce
The reason the poor keep being poor is they believe in working with the government and getting paid. Cÿptò currency investments are here to be debt free.
Beyond The 3D TV
Beyond The 3D TV 9 gün önce
That test your character part was very interesting, what will you become like a good or evil
Ntxhuav Lis
Ntxhuav Lis 9 gün önce
No matter what you do in this world, you are still a slave of your own body. You can work for yourself or you can work for others. If working for others is easier then working for yourself then why not? But, it has to be honest work.
Nyancoin 9 gün önce
You have to start from somewhere
Sienna s
Sienna s 9 gün önce
You really find out who you are when you fall ill
Rich Frank
Rich Frank 9 gün önce
Nice video
Repent Or Perish
Repent Or Perish 9 gün önce
Are you rapture ready? Last days are now upon us. If you still sin, you are not filled with the Holy Spirit/reborn. You must be reborn to go to heaven. Repent and surrender your life to Jesus before it is too late. Be willing to lose everything for Jesus.
kenneth Joshua
kenneth Joshua 9 gün önce
Already working with miss Deborah second week was the only week I had issue, ever since then about six months of trading it's been profitable and life changing.
Robbert Michael
Robbert Michael 9 gün önce
Already working with miss Deborah second week was the only week I had issue, ever since then about six months of trading it's been profitable and life changing.
Stella Jennifer
Stella Jennifer 9 gün önce
Janeth Elizabeth
Janeth Elizabeth 9 gün önce
I don't make an exact amount but profits ranges from $1,400 to $2,600 you know it depends on coin price fluctuations in the market.
Jeffrey Joshua
Jeffrey Joshua 9 gün önce
Jeffrey Joshua
Jeffrey Joshua 9 gün önce
Learn how this trades works and break them down to science, then construct them you will be surprise with what you come up with...
Mack Jeremiah
Mack Jeremiah 9 gün önce
Learn how this trades works and break them down to science, then construct them you will be surprise with what you come up with...
Marian Julian
Marian Julian 9 gün önce
This is quite needful but for beginners you shouldn't settle for videos alone or you see yourself loosing all your money just like me when I started trading with this videos on here. We should be prepared to contribute
John mark
John mark 9 gün önce
Are you there??
John mark
John mark 9 gün önce
Do you know how much is ok for a start let me know if I can do this
Contact 3_UNLOCK_PRO_on instagram
Contact 3_UNLOCK_PRO_on instagram 8 gün önce
➖➖☝️☝️⬆️ I will forever recommend him for his good work he has done
John mark
John mark 9 gün önce
This is really helpful for my situation
Rita Mercy
Rita Mercy 9 gün önce
Trust me they're awesome! They've managed my Investment so well and my weekly returns mind blowing.
Stella patience
Stella patience 9 gün önce
I've seen different recommendations about miss Deborah trading services, they must be very exceptional for people to talk this good about them.
James martins
James martins 9 gün önce
I've seen different recommendations about miss Deborah trading services, they must be very exceptional for people to talk this good about them.
Juliet Margaret
Juliet Margaret 9 gün önce
Juliet Margaret
Juliet Margaret 9 gün önce
Her availability is sure on wats'apk
Edward Timothy
Edward Timothy 9 gün önce
Alright thanks for the recommendation, but how do I reach them.
Contact 3_UNLOCK_PRO_on instagram
Contact 3_UNLOCK_PRO_on instagram 8 gün önce
➖➖☝️☝️⬆️ I will forever recommend him for his good work he has done
Haliton1 On telegram
Haliton1 On telegram 9 gün önce
Joseph Kelvin
Joseph Kelvin 9 gün önce
Same here it's four months now I started investing with them and it's been a good experience.
George  Brian
George Brian 9 gün önce
Wow I'm just shocked you mentioned and recommended miss Deborah Trading Service, I thought people don't know them... they're really awesome!
Dorathy Donna
Dorathy Donna 9 gün önce
You don't really need someone to tell you how to invest your coins, you can make research on your own and also try doing it yourself first.
onlylikenerd 10 gün önce
7:20 Literally everything he said about Moore's law was incorrect: "You know there's Moore's Law which states information doubles every 18 months" WRONG. Moore's law states that the number of transistors in a circuit doubles about every two years. Moore's law is typically brought up in conversation about the speed of processors increasing, not information regarding education lol. Also, it's not technically a law. Just an observation. "In other words, everything is obsolete in 18 months"... what? Okay even if Moore's law said what he thinks it said, how would the information become obsolete? Everything builds on itself lol. "And this is a recent phenomenon" Ehh. Moore's law was predicted in 1965. 56 years ago. "When you come out of school, you are already obsolete" Sigh... do I even have to say anything about this? So if you spend 4 years in university learning Comp Sci, when you graduate everything you learned is obsolete and is replaced by new info? lol what about business majors? Everything they learn becomes obsolete when they graduate? I can't think of one educational major where you would be obsolete after spending more than 18 months learning. Music maybe? But that's built on thousands of years history, same with art, etc.
Rebecca 10 gün önce
The philosophy of the rich and the poor is this: the rich invest their money and spend what is left. The poor spend their money and invest what is left,How many millionaires do you know who have become wealthy by investing in savings account? I rest my case.
Michael Peterson
Michael Peterson 5 gün önce
Hi dear, how are you doing?
Chandrashekhar Bhagavati
Chandrashekhar Bhagavati 10 gün önce
What if 99% ppl watch this video 😶
Anchore Banakin
Anchore Banakin 10 gün önce
The big doctor collectively mend because anteater delightfully spot out a moaning tank. lavish, stingy swan
Monica London
Monica London 10 gün önce
Selfish mindsets let the rich keep growing richer. They don't pay taxes to reinvest in education, healthcare, infrastructure. Instead they do what they can to never owe a cent and those that "work for money" pay for society to keep moving along. I wouldn't be proud of having this type of mindset. There are rich entrepreneurs that reinvest in society but I didn't hear a word of giving back or spreading their wealth (to employees for example). It just sounded like Michael Kiyosaki wants to collect businesses, real estate, and it doesn't matter if something fails and people suffer, he's just going to stand up and keep going.
Rekyn 10 gün önce
All that you he said was right … but “ only God who makes all things possible “ 😊
bernard ofori
bernard ofori 9 gün önce
I hardly comment, but yes you 100% right, Only God make things possible
T Jack
T Jack 10 gün önce
Well if everyone is just doing investment, where would you get doctors that actually do stuff LOL
ProducedByOnes 10 gün önce
I love It
Andre Cognito
Andre Cognito 11 gün önce
Correction: CORRUPT VS POOR MINDSET The corruption will implode soon enough.
Investing for all
Investing for all 11 gün önce
Invest in yourself.
Enhance Health
Enhance Health 11 gün önce
Kiosaki never mentioned that ppl could be divided into three categories: entrepreneur mindset, professional mindest and manager mindset)) and it's important to understand where you're standing in. I was suffering a lot trying to set up business with my friend. He had enterpreneur mindset, selling and buying stuff exited him while I felt very much uncomfortable but he used to encourage me. Later on we separated and shut down. I joined the company and I realized that working in company makes me happy.espesially now when I meet more and more managers who are into democratic style of management.
Cendooh. 11 gün önce
Yep. That sound more like an American thing instead of worldwide concept... American economics actually work with debts, am I wrong? Well, that only happens in USA as far as I know. You don't need to make debts to raise your score as in USA, in any other country in the world. Someone please tells me if I'm wrong.
Naturally Poppin
Naturally Poppin 11 gün önce
I read his book and really worked on how I view money and life itself and it really changed the way I see everything I'm very grateful for it
Ramonda Freise
Ramonda Freise 11 gün önce
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