Mannum recovering after 3rd largest flood event in 106 years | Mannum to Wellington

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K&M Adventurers

K&M Adventurers

6 aylar önce

Today we take another look at Mannum's clean up and repair. Mannum is working towards getting some main roads open for Easter long weekend. Mary Ann Reserve's and the caravan park levee's are slowing getting taking away.
Murray Bridge almost looks like there was never a flood. While I was in Murray Bridge I finely got footage of a train going over the flooded area of the Murray :)
Same with Wellington, all looking good!
All towns looking good considering this was the worst flood to take place in the last 67 years and the 3rd largest flood event in the last 109 years

Narelle Scott
Narelle Scott 6 aylar önce
Ahh Mannum, I can almost hear you breathing a sigh of relief. It could have been so much worse but thankfully you were given time to take evasive actions. So good to see everything coming back to life again. Haha! When you were flying towards the bridges at Murray Bridge, I thought “no train this time” but then it appeared around the bend. Well done with your timing. Another great video, thanks for getting out and about to keep us informed.
K&M Adventurers
K&M Adventurers 6 aylar önce
Most definitely, one advantage with the Murray it’s slow moving and allows to observe upper towns and their impacts. As you said it allowed time for Mannum and others to engineer and strengthen their levees around the town. Most of the businesses in the lower end of the Main Street have their electricity back on, hopefully all back to trading for Easter. Haha I couldn’t believe I finely got train footage over the bridge and with the bonus of flood water still below it. I just happened to have my new drone in the air when I seen the train in the distance near the silos. Thank you once again and you’re welcome ☺️
S Barnett
S Barnett 6 aylar önce
Looks quite professional filming and editing. Great job. 👍
K&M Adventurers
K&M Adventurers 6 aylar önce
Thank you very much 😁 really appreciated
Kaye Nash
Kaye Nash 6 aylar önce
It's lovely to see the river has come down. A big job ahead now. No wonder that road is still closed!
K&M Adventurers
K&M Adventurers 6 aylar önce
It is great, apart from the backwaters! They are starting to go stagnant and the smell is not pleasant. I think a lot of single story shacks will be demolished this year and a massive job removing the thousands of tonnes of makeshift levees Thank you once again for watching 😁
Kaye Nash
Kaye Nash 6 aylar önce
@K&M Adventurers I've loved every bit of the coverage. I feel sorry for all the people left with all this disaster to have to clean up. THANK YOU!
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