Oven vs. Air Fryer Taste Test

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Good Mythical Morning

Good Mythical Morning

Yıl önce

Today, we're pinning the oven against the air fryer to see if it's really worth the wait. GMM

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Matt Earles
Matt Earles Yıl önce
I really enjoyed Link's "confused old man at a restaurant" character today
gulabchand 20 gün önce
I hope you saw the more as well
Faith lmao
Faith lmao 5 aylar önce
Arijan-Itan Muratovic
Arijan-Itan Muratovic 10 aylar önce
I don't think he was playing a chacter
Beth Amphetamine
Beth Amphetamine 11 aylar önce
@Danni I got what you were saying lol
JJOOKER Yıl önce
Thats dont make sense i make fries in the airfryer and they taste pretty good like fast food fries... i dont make fries with oil anymore no difference...
DS_Colbster Yıl önce
Am I the only one who leaves and every year comes back like leave for a year then binge them lol
Aleyna N
Aleyna N 2 gün önce
Mine is more like every few months but yes lol
nishi sunthwal
nishi sunthwal 6 gün önce
Death Machine
Death Machine 7 gün önce
Omg I thought I was the only one
Steven Polkinghorn
Steven Polkinghorn 10 gün önce
Logan Oderkirk
Logan Oderkirk 13 gün önce
I was thinking this LOL I leave them and come back and it's like they are the same as when I left em' exactly what I could want
lucania101710 Yıl önce
Link always seems to forget it's "Find the correct answer" and not "Choose your favorite"
sirprintalot Aylar önce
Genuinely feel sorry for Link. Too innocent for this world.
Anya Domingo
Anya Domingo 3 aylar önce
it's because he's operating under the assumption that the oven-made ones are better. rhett is doing the exact same thing, they just disagree on which their favorites are.
HJOTech 3 aylar önce
It should be choose your favorite
Lightskinantics Jiggin
Lightskinantics Jiggin 4 aylar önce
Rodrigo Cáceres
Rodrigo Cáceres 5 aylar önce
He thinks that the oven one should taste better, which is a valid point (although inaccurate) as he doesn't have an air fryer to know the difference between both. I don't see how he's not achieving what's intended. Besides, Rhett also comments on taste too, because again it's a valid indicator.
Kaytlynn Wagner
Kaytlynn Wagner Yıl önce
Link: "I would be waiting 13 minutes-" Rhett: "for soap.." LMFAO the entire soap talk cracked me up
Leo Mountford
Leo Mountford 2 aylar önce
@Aisha M 11.09
stare 6 aylar önce
Aisha M
Aisha M 9 aylar önce
Time stamp ?
Fox Lightning Bolt
Fox Lightning Bolt 11 aylar önce
@Hey It’s Charlie a
Matthew Rider
Matthew Rider Yıl önce
@Hey It’s Charlie lol same
Keth Mage
Keth Mage Yıl önce
Stevie: "no we didnt marinade it in soap.." me: "....this time"
LiamjjG 8 aylar önce
It'll happen...
Andie Early
Andie Early Yıl önce
LOL... That's what I was thinking too 🤣
Michael P
Michael P Yıl önce
Imagine being the fan that gave Rhett and link their blindfolds
Arthur Graf
Arthur Graf 7 aylar önce
@iCampTooMuch yeah so do back in like 2015 or something
Katzperose 9 aylar önce
Damn yall rlly making me google this
Effy 11 aylar önce
I hope they're doing well! ahaha
Packersfan Yıl önce
@FIREB4II you clearly know what it is
Unchain America
Unchain America Yıl önce
yah it was given to them 7 years ago? I recall it was a young lady.
JustBilly123 Yıl önce
Family: wants air fryer Rhett: i don't want air fryer Family: Gets air fryer anyways Rhett and the air fryer:
EON Nephilim
EON Nephilim Aylar önce
what if he air fries Barbara
Elizabeth Griffith
Elizabeth Griffith Yıl önce
I feel like I'm watching two old dudes bicker on the porch of the local general store...but in a good way LOL
Aae 9 aylar önce
FireSpark81 Yıl önce
What I have learned from this video. Apparently, not all air fryers are created equal. Because I have an air fryer and I love Ore-Ida french fries and when I cook them in my air fryer they taste just like if I had fried them.
Dani Brooks
Dani Brooks 22 gün önce
@The-Weasel Once again, they're smaller therefore faster
Pork Cutlet
Pork Cutlet Aylar önce
@The-Weasel They're not worth the price.
The-Weasel 2 aylar önce
@Dani Brooks but if we have convection oven already ...?
Dani Brooks
Dani Brooks 2 aylar önce
@tie fighter Yeah but they're smaller therefore faster than if you had a full size convection oven which is why they're useful in the first place
tie fighter
tie fighter 6 aylar önce
Air fryers are just more expensive convection ovens really, stop being lied to.
mistciara Yıl önce
i absolutely love when the editors will answer then back or type text on the video. it makes me feel so connected!!!
Michael Balty
Michael Balty Yıl önce
It took me hundreds of GMM videos later to realize I can only trust Rhett’s tastebuds.
foopyu nooui
foopyu nooui Yıl önce
"These taste like soap" says both of them and points to the direct opposite
Budz Lightyear
Budz Lightyear 8 aylar önce
🕵Damn I love U!
Liz KC
Liz KC 10 aylar önce
The time an oven takes shouldn’t just be baking time, but also pre-heat time. An oven will take several minutes to preheat to 400.
Link’s drum roll joke was under-appreciated.
Nitsirk Yıl önce
Alternate title: Link being confused and questioning all he knows for 15 minutes
Noodle Hippie
Noodle Hippie Yıl önce
that is every gmm video ever lmao
justdrop Yıl önce
I think he might actually have a problem.
Joseph Johnson
Joseph Johnson Yıl önce
That's every episode for Link
Randall Switlick
Randall Switlick Yıl önce
Agree 100
Onion_Ella Yıl önce
That... is very correct. I can’t lie.
Lifestyle Cooking Foods
Lifestyle Cooking Foods Yıl önce
Very good video 📹!
D H Yıl önce
Rennis Tora
Rennis Tora Yıl önce
I love how Link always forget how the game is played. Beginning: Choose the one I think was cooked in the oven. Halfway: Choose the one I like better.
Michael Castro
Michael Castro 11 aylar önce
This is why I bought an oven that has a convection option as well as an air fry option. I can do all of it in one appliance.
esther greaves
esther greaves Yıl önce
I think that today, link is everyone’s “confused” dad! 😂
TheLegendofSera Yıl önce
I think they should do a video comparing food from a fast food chain vs Josh recreating it. Blindfolded of course.
Raven Wolfe
Raven Wolfe Yıl önce
@Eyeball Paul unless they don’t eat fast food frequently, like myself. I have absolutely no internal reference for what most fast food tastes like because I don’t eat it. So the viability of the idea really depends on who would be guessing, how frequently they eat various fast food stuff, and how good the cook is at recreating stuff.
Ezra Morrison
Ezra Morrison Yıl önce
krysa boyce
krysa boyce Yıl önce
I wish I could like this more than once
Jack Dean
Jack Dean Yıl önce
amanda lett
amanda lett Yıl önce
Y A 7 aylar önce
air fryers are genuinely one of the best things ever invented. most frozen things don't take more than 10 mins and taste the SAME as what an oven would take 30+ mins to do, actually even better bc of the crispiness!
Ashley Z
Ashley Z Yıl önce
“The key is you gotta really let em have it” “..... let em have what???”
jetfowl Yıl önce
Soap. Let 'em have soap. Lotsa bar soap. With sandalwood and pumice.
sergeant mason
sergeant mason Yıl önce
@Alexander Hoak duh
Alexander Hoak
Alexander Hoak Yıl önce
ManFlaver Yıl önce
Really good episode! Loved the chaos and confusion. You guys had me cracking up after a rough day at work. Thanks GMM!
Gagan Judge
Gagan Judge Yıl önce
I havent laughed so hard in a while when rhett and link were calling each others fries soaps
Teo Yıl önce
my cheeks hurt from laughting, one of the best episodes ever.
MrDadude555 Yıl önce
You guys are HILARIOUS!!! 1st time I saw a your show, and I LOVE IT!! THANK YOU
Hunter Hancock
Hunter Hancock Yıl önce
This was one of the best episodes, the confusion was so good!
Nooticus Yıl önce
This is actually one of the most hilarious episodes ever in my opinion!
HAMABLE Yıl önce
this is an amazing episode i was laughing the whole time
WindowsTV Yıl önce
Rhett and Link was super funny in this episode and it's always a treat to see the team reply to them in post xD
King Adeft
King Adeft Yıl önce
I love how this went from something so simple to complex and confusing. So funny
Kira Passey
Kira Passey 8 aylar önce
This is the only TRshow channel that makes me actually crack up. I love it 😂
Joel YT
Joel YT Yıl önce
Theory: The fries themselves are the ones that taste like soap.
RatKeeperDude Yıl önce
That's a hypothesis
Katie Akin
Katie Akin Yıl önce
Mine always taste gross after being in an air fryer too. I don’t understand why
drainspout Yıl önce
I think they both just washed their hands, with soap, from the salmon round and were getting confused.
Kyle Hickey
Kyle Hickey Yıl önce
There's a lot of frozen fry brands that smell like soap or cleaner, i bought some potatop wedges a few months back that smelled like a pool was being cleaned while cooking but they tastes fine
dSb Pakman
dSb Pakman Yıl önce
@No thanks for the knowledge
Andie Land
Andie Land Yıl önce
The real winners today are the editors. Nice job, guys!
Luke Naoumovitch
Luke Naoumovitch Yıl önce
The “I did. See?” made it 10 times better 😂
Kaylei Wilson
Kaylei Wilson 8 aylar önce
This is easily one of the funniest GMM episodes. It's up there with Post Malone and so many others that aren't coming to mind because it's 2 am.
Rebecca Lanahan
Rebecca Lanahan Yıl önce
This episode was hilarious. Thank you for this. 😂
Princess_Bexx Yıl önce
This entire episode was basically Rhett saying "we'll fix it in post"
Sir Frederick
Sir Frederick Yıl önce
Post is people too
Phoenix RPs
Phoenix RPs Yıl önce
"I'm sorry I dont have my graphing calculator. I left it in highschool"- Rhett I feel you man
Desiree Slater
Desiree Slater Yıl önce
Rhett talking to link this video is like a Gen Z trying to show a boomer how to use their first smart phone 🤣
Wise Wolfie | Overall Leader
Wise Wolfie | Overall Leader Yıl önce
FINALLY! IVE BEEN WAITING SINCE MICROWAVE VS OVEN FOR THIS! So excited commented back on that video saying I needed it if you saw my comment on that I really hope you guys try pierogies with this. There needs to be a round 2 🤣 I cant believe they were opposite the whole time lmao
Harper Pizzimenti
Harper Pizzimenti Yıl önce
This episode had me crying laughing for some reason 😂
Pip MacRae
Pip MacRae Yıl önce
The whole fries tasting like soap thing was hilarious and adorable. Link was so confused. Thanks for cheering me up GMM.
Peyton Shipley
Peyton Shipley 4 aylar önce
I love that Link eventually gets so confused that he just asks Rhett what he believes 😂😂
The Honorable Highnan
The Honorable Highnan Yıl önce
I'm glad Link has the confidence to try new things and not complain 💙
razzen88 Yıl önce
this was a great episode!
AmnestX Yıl önce
Would be interesting to see an episode about foods that can be cooked all 4 ways (Oven, air fryer, stovetop, microwave)
Lexie Lauren
Lexie Lauren Yıl önce
I've been waiting my whole life to see someone do a drum roll with that kind of drum sticks.
MaryEllen Brown
MaryEllen Brown Yıl önce
@AxxL infamous*
AxxL Yıl önce
i am your life im famous
Matthew Marcel Delon
Matthew Marcel Delon Yıl önce
This was one of the most entertaining episodes of GMM I’ve seen.
lfutrell82 Yıl önce
This episode was hilarious and confusing 🤣
Amanda Rae
Amanda Rae 9 aylar önce
Link holding the two turkey legs in his hands completes my life. Thank you.
harrywaterssayshello Yıl önce
The French fry test had me cracking up 😂😂😂
Elijah Baer
Elijah Baer Yıl önce
"These taste like soap" says both of them and points to the direct opposite
greyeaglem Yıl önce
Me, watching this while eating Ore Ida steak fries and chicken strips made in a convection toaster oven. My fries don't taste like soap.
Human Stands Sans
Human Stands Sans Yıl önce
@Suzy'sMakeupCrafts 20 Depends on how you do them. Sometimes you need a little veggie oil to fix things.
Suzy'sMakeupCrafts 20
Suzy'sMakeupCrafts 20 Yıl önce
Thats how I feel about scrambled eggs
Dante Toshiro64
Dante Toshiro64 Yıl önce
bby_char Yıl önce
Rhett & Link saying “oh chicken tendeees” is everything i need
Jonathan Miranda
Jonathan Miranda Yıl önce
This whole episode just crumbled so fast!!! 😂😂😂. I love this!!!!
Danny Smith
Danny Smith 9 gün önce
Love watching this, helps alot with my depression ❤
Manuel Juan Guerrero
Manuel Juan Guerrero Yıl önce
Guys you made my day, hilarious thank you
Magic Rogue Productions
Magic Rogue Productions Yıl önce
Also keep in mind you have pre-heat an oven so that 18 minutes turns into like 30 while the air fryer doesn't need pre-heating
Anabelle Yıl önce
That’s what I was thinking! Air fryer wins for me because you don’t preheat. It literally changed the game as a parent or a student in a rush.
Cuppy Cakey
Cuppy Cakey Yıl önce
@KayDub I agree, and everything is better than in my oven, and it gets crispy and crunchy too.
RoMayDrako Yıl önce
@Kayla Kayla My roommate will say my air fryer gave me the magical ability to cook
KayDub Yıl önce
Our household got an airfryer a month ago and it honestly cooks most things better than our oven. The oven ain't worth the wait.
Kayla Kayla
Kayla Kayla Yıl önce
I am getting an air fryer for Christmas I'm excited lol
ryan herron
ryan herron 3 aylar önce
This was so damn funny you guys are awesome
NiceNik Yıl önce
Man i love these guys so much, they help me so much
gillian mcmahon
gillian mcmahon Yıl önce
gmm has been so funny recently idk what it is! this episode was so fun to watch
casey Yıl önce
It's like watching Statler and Waldorf trying to order plain old meatloaf.
NerdyPvP Yıl önce
With each passing day I realize Rhett and I share the same taste in food and Link shows me what its like to be someone who is a picky and very critical eater 😂
SuperLunchable Yıl önce
Air dryers seem to always make things more dry and crispy. I want one so bad
NH Carol
NH Carol Yıl önce
I use my air fryer a lot. Discover I need to lower the temperature and the time. I am always surprised how quick everything cooks in it.
Melissa Hammer
Melissa Hammer Yıl önce
As a Canadian, the turkey legs made me really confused lol! I had no idea eating turkey legs is a thing at state fairs.
Kaylee Kach
Kaylee Kach Yıl önce
Link getting confused at the fries is frighteningly relatable
maeflowery Yıl önce
okay I love love love y'all. please never stop making videos.
Matthew Kingsmore
Matthew Kingsmore Yıl önce
Omg! I was laughing so hard at the soap tasting fries!!! 🍟 😂😂😂
Jamie Chen
Jamie Chen Yıl önce
rhett was so excited that link got a point when he has two points
Calibaby80 Yıl önce
Been testing my new air fryer and love it so far. But not for certain foods
MyraTrys Yıl önce
When Rhett says “you got it bro!” And Link’s like “ehhuhh” 😂😂😂 hilarious! He was funny to me this WHOLE video lmao!
genericusername Yıl önce
At no point in this episode did Link know what he was doing.
Z Henderson
Z Henderson Yıl önce
The way link is sitting like a T-Rex at 7:50 is so cute
Kylee Brown
Kylee Brown Yıl önce
you should have included the preheat time!! the reason why i love the air fryer is because i never have to wait for the preheat time
Cody Yıl önce
I love that Rhett has to explain things to Link like he's a grandpa.
Cody Yıl önce
@jsjazz12 , We love him, bless his heart.
Cody Yıl önce
@Cody Zhu , I see you
jsjazz12 Yıl önce
I'm tired of everyone dissing Link.
Cody Zhu
Cody Zhu Yıl önce
Nintenjoel 19 gün önce
Anything involving the oven needs to also take preheating into account for time, as well. Mine, personally, takes 8 minutes until it is up to temp.
Infinite loop
Infinite loop Yıl önce
Hahaha... this was a very funny episode. Thank you!
Gsquad193 Yıl önce
I like how they didn't take oven preheat time into account. Air fryer eliminates that so the tenders were closer to like 10 minutes faster
Robert Fulham
Robert Fulham Yıl önce
i would love to be one link's side so many times but rhett is consistently on the correct side. :)
Romina Mulberry Inostroza
Romina Mulberry Inostroza 11 aylar önce
Every time you cook in the air fryer you need to do it INSIDE ANOTHER CONTAINER in the case you’re cooking a turkey leg or anything that could lose all the juices through the little holes in the air fryer.
Broken Lyric
Broken Lyric 7 aylar önce
I love the interactions with the editors
Carlos Alfaro
Carlos Alfaro 2 aylar önce
I love this show man! 🤣
Brivinci 6 aylar önce
I think it just depends on how you cook the items each way
Olivia Shafer
Olivia Shafer Yıl önce
I've had the opposite experience; things are juicier in my air fryer than in my oven.
Ellie Tuesday
Ellie Tuesday 7 aylar önce
I love the soap debate so much!
Bella Winsett
Bella Winsett 7 aylar önce
I agree with Rhett on the chicken I always tell my mother that it tests like chemicals
Mr. Unix
Mr. Unix Yıl önce
I am so happy they are including the editors in the video!
Rob Williams
Rob Williams Yıl önce
I feel for Stevie every single video, it is like she has two ornery little sons.
Edward LaRosa
Edward LaRosa 11 aylar önce
Tbh i was thinking Stevie was radiating some mom energy in this episode.
Moana the sunshine queen
Moana the sunshine queen Yıl önce
@Scrofar Yes, like your brain capacity
Scrofar Yıl önce
"little" ???
HoneyDew Yıl önce
@Moana the sunshine queen i’m dying 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Moana the sunshine queen
Moana the sunshine queen Yıl önce
@selah you guys are so ornery
RBB RBB 5 aylar önce
Really weird, i have found that the air fryer keeps things more tender and juicy than oven cooked.
SheridanTank Yıl önce
Air fryers are worth it either way for the health. You can make some awesome healthy foods in it, especially if you have all the functions like dehydrate.
Stanley Yıl önce
The-Weasel 2 aylar önce
lolz air-fryer fan boys
ATL Phycologist
ATL Phycologist 7 aylar önce
Seriously. This video had me shaking my head.
CK Norris
CK Norris 6 aylar önce
Air fryers do have a heating element in them. It looks exactly like one on an electric stove. Then they encase the whole thing in plastic which is kinda shady.
Danni Andersen
Danni Andersen Yıl önce
I somehow just trust Rhett more when he judges the taste of foods.
Maria Garrett
Maria Garrett Yıl önce
I'm the exact opposite. My mom is like rhett and eats absolutely everything and a few times shes eaten things that were spoiled so I cant trust a foodie who blindly loves everything.
Frosty Fyre
Frosty Fyre Yıl önce
The tricky thing is Link is overly picky but Rhett eats *everything*, so it’s hard to trust either lol
MrIDGAF Yıl önce
Well Link is super picky so I would agree with you.
Jack Sides
Jack Sides Yıl önce
The beard
Trey Clifton
Trey Clifton Yıl önce
For some reason, I only ever believe Rhett when they disagree 😂
Sophie Steeley
Sophie Steeley Yıl önce
Please do a frozen vs fresh edition of homemade meals!
Alex Rayne
Alex Rayne 10 aylar önce
My airfryer has made all our food juicier so, I’m shook by rhetts responses 🤣
TmaTiara20 Yıl önce
Link really made this episode great 🤣🤣
Katie Wright
Katie Wright Yıl önce
this is the hardest i’ve ever lol’d at an episode and it’s purely because link has no idea what’s going on the whole time hahahaha
Stephen Fleming
Stephen Fleming 7 aylar önce
These guys crack me up.This stuff is awesome
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