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Devin Sauls
Devin Sauls 8 saniye önce
To many superstars stacked on one team
Larry Song
Larry Song 11 saniye önce
Keke Bron 6 ....😂 I enjoyed every minute how Lost Angeles Ladyers got defeated 🤧
M Indorato
M Indorato 30 saniye önce
when tf did Iguodala rejoin the warriors?
Wukong robotics
Wukong robotics 34 saniye önce
GOlden State looking like hoosiers passing out there.
Pitchblend mejia
Pitchblend mejia 36 saniye önce
Weak La
Javier Zamudio
Javier Zamudio Dakika önce
😂😂😂😡😠😡😠😳😳😱😱😱😱😴😴😴😴😴😤😤😤😤😲😲😲👴👴👴👴👎👎👎👎👎💀💀💀💀💤💤💤💤💤💤💤🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 very older players Los Angeles Lakers
METAF4 Dakika önce
Oh....by the way.........Klay Thompson is coming back soon. LoL!!!!!
judas kiss
judas kiss Dakika önce
gsw extra pass is insane
AyoMalachi Gaming
AyoMalachi Gaming Dakika önce
Don’t get y’all gaurd up lakers fan, I was VIP at the game backstage, and before lebron and the team ran out, he quoted saying(not accurate btw) “ no matter how many losses, or wins we take during the season, play conservative, & stay on the same page, when we enter the playoffs, we are hitting the gas , & not a single soul gon stop us”
demoreon williams
demoreon williams Dakika önce
Westbrook is playing scare
Ilonggg Gaming
Ilonggg Gaming Dakika önce
boring hahaahha
Sb J
Sb J 2 dakika önce
Russell Westbrook not playing his game. He doing too much passing. I get that he trying to adjust with everybody. But go off Russ. If your squad can't find buckets do u. Take over!
jimm stixx
jimm stixx 2 dakika önce
It's just one game true enough but this Lakers team looks lost. I dont know how they will fare over the course of 82 games. Rob Pelenka too caught up on household names. They needed shooting more than anything and didnt get it. Russ will be Russ, will continue his empty triple doubles eventually on 25-30% shooting. LeBron will have to put the cape on every single night, which is unfair. I'll give em a 4th or 5th seed at best, with a first round exit come playoff time.
marc S
marc S 2 dakika önce
LeBron is not the player he once was he has slowed down a lot and takes a lot of time of the shot clock. If the lakers are going to win he needs to either be off the ball or speed up a little
Ync Jaee
Ync Jaee 2 dakika önce
Did anyone else say wtf when you heard Avery Bradley on the lakers😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Roninitus 3 dakika önce
Can't blame Westbrook
Ync Jaee
Ync Jaee 3 dakika önce
I just want this effort & energy come playoffs!! lets go GSW
Zhinlee Manalang
Zhinlee Manalang 3 dakika önce
Ano ba yan di pa nanalo ang L.A sa GSW.. la wenta🙄🙄🙄
Collin Albon
Collin Albon 3 dakika önce
If everyone on gs could stay consistent every night there gonna be scary team
Nephro Doc
Nephro Doc 4 dakika önce
i've always been a longtime critic of Brons shooting but his jumper is looking immaculate this game. sheeesh.
Julian Rivadavia
Julian Rivadavia 4 dakika önce
lmao 9:50 gs leads series 1-0, too quick huh HAHAHAHAHA
Astro Subsツ
Astro Subsツ 4 dakika önce
Curry was bad tonight.
Cameron Cole
Cameron Cole 4 dakika önce
*Everyone sleeps on the Warriors I tell folks they are going to be a problem still and Klay isnt back yet either!*
Chris Brigden
Chris Brigden 4 dakika önce
Poole was the difference maker! #milwaukeenative
AYE IT'S NINO 4 dakika önce
Damn Is Wiseman already hurt
Cash Kid
Cash Kid 4 dakika önce
trshow.info/watch/3Wy_X2WzxwA/video.html 🏁🏁
edwin glass
edwin glass 5 dakika önce
Rondo gotta be the greatest passer of all time… half court lob💯🔥🔥🔥
yougotmike 5 dakika önce
Warriors spread the ball around while the Lakers only have 2 players 🤣🤣
King of Relaxation
King of Relaxation 6 dakika önce
Damn, when is Klay Thompson coming back, it seem like he been gone forever.
Rob Howard
Rob Howard 6 dakika önce
Don’t sleep on the Warriors they still got talent If you blink they most definitely will hand you a lost 🤷
Epic Deer
Epic Deer 8 dakika önce
look at curry man
arvin manalastas
arvin manalastas 8 dakika önce
Westbrook may balat SA pwet .. Malas SA team hahahahah
Juan Portilla Morales
Juan Portilla Morales 8 dakika önce
Devin Osland
Devin Osland 8 dakika önce
Why people hating on lebron so much?? Lebron played out of his mind, AD played pretty well too, the reason they lost is because they're the only ones who can do that, espicially with the liability that is Westbrook. Not seeing nearly enough Westbrook hate in the comments.
luh ceo
luh ceo 9 dakika önce
They needa giard LeBron foreal cuz thay can stop him but they just don't its sad
Ace Entertainmnt
Ace Entertainmnt 9 dakika önce
Lololol, without Klay & a team of all stars. Love my Lakers but I'm picking Steph over lebron 10 times out of 10. No way Kobe would've lost with this team.
Dan Raiders Warriors Sharks Giants
Dan Raiders Warriors Sharks Giants 37 saniye önce
No Wiseman too
Joseph 9 dakika önce
Late Show!! No one intimidated by y’all. If Klay was playing warriors would’ve ran em out of staples
Anthony W. Spears
Anthony W. Spears 10 dakika önce
Lakers let one get away from them last night. Golden state got hot 🔥🔥🔥4th quarter play…
Anthony Umpad
Anthony Umpad 10 dakika önce
When Klay comes back "Domination"
Well*Thy*One 10 dakika önce
Wade Solo
Wade Solo 10 dakika önce
Lakers had no answer or legs to play on in the forth!
DJLeeland 11 dakika önce
Yo Jordan Poole is like a Shaun Livingston 2.0 with what he brings to the Warriors. Keep an eye on him! 👀
Derek Ramsay
Derek Ramsay 11 dakika önce
Nest Paul
Nest Paul 12 dakika önce
Chinese basketball star Lebron James is trash.
Tajinder Singh
Tajinder Singh 12 dakika önce
Just waiting for klay to make this super team more super.
Christopher Hedgepeth
Christopher Hedgepeth 12 dakika önce
The sound of Lebrons shot going in, and the roar of the crowd, definitely would love to see it live
Seniel Spock
Seniel Spock 12 dakika önce
Marv Albert ba commentator?
Michael Thornton
Michael Thornton 12 dakika önce
Poole is going to be crucial in Warriors offense this year
Don John
Don John 13 dakika önce
Jordan Poole looking like an all star outchea wtf! Go Warriors!!
RICHONEDAY 14 dakika önce
Warriors look so good. Played great🔥🔥lakers😂
Joy Katherine Diomampo
Joy Katherine Diomampo 14 dakika önce
Watching Jordan Poole made me realized that Ben Simmons was lazy.
4 REAL 13 dakika önce
Them Kardashian chicks done messed his head up.
Devin Osland
Devin Osland 15 dakika önce
Everyone talking about curry even though he didnt have that great of a game, and dont get me wrong i wanted the warriors to win, but lebron played insane, every time he was taking a shot that wasn't some dumb "heat check" shot, it pretty much went in.
Marnel Val Valiente
Marnel Val Valiente 16 dakika önce
GSW's culture is just that different,💙🤍
I'm Juandering
I'm Juandering 16 dakika önce
Nemanja Bjelica is a fit.
LA 17 dakika önce
Warriors will be a dangerous team. The team that was out there was not even our A team.
Jims Rid
Jims Rid 17 dakika önce
What Westbrook is doing is kind of like what curry did when KD went into the team. The difference is that curry fits with the system whereas russ hasn't fit in yet so he doesn't know what to do. When KD went into the team, curry humbled himself for the sake of the team. When russ went into the team with already established cores (LBJ and AD), he humbled himself for the team. But it's just the beginning, when russ finds his game and fits in with the team, they'll be dangerous
Benjamin 7 dakika önce
The only way Westbrook will play well with Lebron is by changing his game becoming a catch n shoot 3 point player. Don't hold your breath on the change.
Daryll Lanier
Daryll Lanier 17 dakika önce
Notice the difference. Curry only needed 19, others did their part (sharing the load). Lebron/AD had to put everyone on their back, which based on Lebron's age, is not a good sign.
antoine ashby
antoine ashby 18 dakika önce
Poole been studying curry
John Khen Soria
John Khen Soria 18 dakika önce
Lebron shooting some 3s
Malachi 18 dakika önce
4:38, was that not a travel?? Wasn't that three steps? Played in slow motion
Stephen Carry
Stephen Carry 18 dakika önce
I can't wait for Klay! Warriors gonna be goood!!!
Ashbuloh Jackson
Ashbuloh Jackson 19 dakika önce
I haven't heard a word from the Bronsexuals lmmfao,, Lakers to old and damaged to run the floor with them young whippersnappers.
Madison Clay
Madison Clay 19 dakika önce
Statement W.
Ima Baddie
Ima Baddie 20 dakika önce
If you look at the box score you can see that LBJ is definitely not a "pass-first" player.
Cinceire McInnis
Cinceire McInnis 11 dakika önce
Not this game him he was not a pass first player him and AD were the only ones in double figures because the team was struggling to score,I Actually liked how LeBron played this game because usually he have one of those passive games not Aggressive enough type of games but you will see a lot more passing from LeBron moving forward this season.
trapin jmoney
trapin jmoney 20 dakika önce
U can tell lebron was mad at Westbrook..didn’t let him run point most of game
John doe
John doe 20 dakika önce
Vaccine/money vs your soul ?? Has been answered !!! Back to my "entertainment"... WHAMMY !! Beating l.a is always fkn grrrrrreat (go braves 😫😁). Klay was mia & gs still won 😅. Are all the bron-sexuals crying yet ?? west & the unibrow ?? Those empty glass bottles are beginning to tap.......warriors
Space Dandy
Space Dandy 20 dakika önce
Golden state no joke 🔥🔥🔥
antoine ashby
antoine ashby 20 dakika önce
Lakers needa keep ad in the paint cause everytime he guard sb on the 3 they got em looking dumb he too slow to be tryna guard curry it wasnt curry night but curry stay cooking ad
Raul Alvarez
Raul Alvarez 21 dakika önce
Idk why bazemore is acting like if he’s so good just cuz he plays for the lakers now
MAGIC 77 22 dakika önce
Wtf is wrong with Lakers this season, not even a single win
Raymart Mercado
Raymart Mercado 22 dakika önce
My brother watched this, and I thought this was a 2K game.
B Lee
B Lee 22 dakika önce
I'd much rather have Irving sitting on bench staying fresh for the playoff than Westbrook on the floor piling up his bricks
Siete Katoto
Siete Katoto 22 dakika önce
Wheres big 3?
Elizabeth 22 dakika önce
Bjelica is a fantastic pick-up for the Dubs!
Elijah Lamar
Elijah Lamar 22 dakika önce
Seeing Iggy back on the warriors shooting those corner 3's brings back hella memories
Lil Boo Macklin
Lil Boo Macklin 23 dakika önce
mutalix 11 dakika önce
Westbrick is master mansion maker, hes made beautiful mansions in Thunder, Rockets, Wizards, and now lovely Lakers, should've been in construction or an archeticture.
Lane B
Lane B 23 dakika önce
Lakers will get their chemistry, Westbrook needs to be more aggressive. Warriors are a real threat.
m4Rk 24 dakika önce
Lakers fan: it is just a regular season.
m4Rk 15 dakika önce
Jalendashoota2 24 dakika önce
Poole going to be a allstar
sonya nutter
sonya nutter 24 dakika önce
Lakers are too new to each other, have no trust, and yes a little long in the tooth. Not sure if play-offs are even there? To say curry had an off night is to insult his stats, triple-double with 28 points is not off night. High scoring with nothing else isn't very helpful as a whole
DeeHenn 25 dakika önce
bench gone be super important for the lakers this year
Chamvers Bustamante
Chamvers Bustamante 25 dakika önce
Warriors ball movement 🔥🔥🔥
Philip Says
Philip Says 26 dakika önce
Finally the game where fans cant say its because its only the preseason
TO FU 26 dakika önce
The Crown of King James is Back
FinnDogg Official
FinnDogg Official 26 dakika önce
Curry done gave pool the secret
Jesse James
Jesse James 27 dakika önce
Warriors will admit they did not play that well with all the turnovers and Curry's "Trash" shooting and they STILL BEAT the so called "Team to Beat". And imagine this...; No Wiseman, No Klay, No Kuminga, No Moody.....!!! We need SIZE...!!! Marquise Chriss and or Marc Gasol will make us a LEGIT Championship Contender... GO WARRIORS...!!
Afohunter 24
Afohunter 24 27 dakika önce
I love the warriors
Dante Salva
Dante Salva 28 dakika önce
Hahha gsw is the best
courtney gates
courtney gates 28 dakika önce
If Lebron was smart he would let Westbrook run the offense. He is playing like Magic Johnson. Lebron just don't know how Westbrook can make the game easy for him and AD
Bighead 28 dakika önce
this gonna be the wcf
Damgood 75
Damgood 75 29 dakika önce
LOLLLL Lebum Lakers.. 😂 😂 🤣 ha ha ha ha haha hahah 😆
Jayson  In Tokyo
Jayson In Tokyo 29 dakika önce
Waiting for flight to react to this 🤣🤣
Flix00 29 dakika önce
We won‼️🥱
wet wet
wet wet 29 dakika önce
Lakers are so dumb for pairing lebron with westbrick. Most redundant duo in recent memory but luckily they have AD to carry them.
risehitsiblaze 29 dakika önce
The Lakers head coach didn't make the right adjustments ok you switch on the pick and roll now you have to run them off the 3 point line and also in the last 6 minutes u have to get the ball out of Steph Curry hands and live with someone else beating you.
epicwolf 30 dakika önce
Lakers better step up their defense are else mission 18 wont be happening this year.
Arrian Dixon
Arrian Dixon 30 dakika önce
I knew warriors gonna win this. Westbrook you don’t have much time as you think! 👀
Ab Nice
Ab Nice 30 dakika önce
Steph own Lebron
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