Erik Satie ~ Once Upon A Time In Paris (Artwork by Edouard Leon Cortes)

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Songs ~ Gymnopedies #1 ~ Gnossiennes #1,3,4,5 ~
Album ~ Satie: Works For Piano Solo And Piano Duet ~
Artist ~ Pianist: Anne Queffelec ~
with artwork by Edouard Leon Cortes
Tracks: 0:00 Gymnopedies #1
3:32 Gnossiennes #1
6:52 Gnossiennes #3
9:33 Gnossiennes #4
11:52 Gnossiennes #5

Davi Homem
Davi Homem 3 saatler önce
This makes me confused, there are like 2 gynomepedies 2 but both are another songs, same with the other gynomepedies other than 1
Aristeu Ferrão
Aristeu Ferrão Gün önce
Faik Cayş
Faik Cayş Gün önce
Güzeldi 👍
Annie Gorchakof
Annie Gorchakof Gün önce
Yesss...Paris is my destiny...🍃⚘🙏
Antonia Lopez
Antonia Lopez 2 gün önce
Maarten Leon Pietersma
Maarten Leon Pietersma 2 gün önce
Excellent combination of the music by Satie and great paintings by Cortes.These great paintings makes me want to paint too.
Sophie T
Sophie T 3 gün önce
I fell in love in Paris. Over the space of one week a good friend from study abroad who i had randomly met up for a week became my lover- We haven't seen each other for years or spoken for months. I always think if i get married, it will be to him. He lives in New York, i live in London. I wonder if we will ever make it?
balls deep
balls deep 4 gün önce
Fuck the coronavirus. Rise up with strength and conquer your dreams.
Katarína Neviďanská
Katarína Neviďanská 5 gün önce
thank you🥀🥀🥀my late mummy loved Paris...reminds me of her artistic vibe , thank you so much💜 beautiful compilation of music & piecesful times paintings
logansaan 2 gün önce
Glad you enjoyed it
Stephane Malfoy
Stephane Malfoy 5 gün önce
Ai lll faire
Jeremy Cpn
Jeremy Cpn 5 gün önce
I'll be back soon and quite often, thank you for this
logansaan 2 gün önce
You're Very welcome
oanh oanh
oanh oanh 5 gün önce
For this song, every time I listen to, I feel it ,I fell something about it , something really strong
deadsoon 6 gün önce
now we know who was in Paris, Erik satie
Alejandro Quinteiro
Alejandro Quinteiro 6 gün önce
Una bella pieza que sube el ánimo pero calma a la misma vez. ¡Saludos!
Ahuri 7 gün önce
Final Fantasy ❤
juan navas garcia
juan navas garcia 7 gün önce
De joven, vivi en Paris una primavera gris y desapacible, pues en tres o cuatro meses solo pude ver el sol en un par o tres ocasiones. Pero el entusiasmo de mi juventud y una chica de Saint Denis, me ayudaron a sobrevivir...
Kyle Miske
Kyle Miske 9 gün önce
These paintings give me nostalgia for something I've never experienced, just the idea of a walk in an industrialized France, with a light drizzle, multiple people passing by you going to work, and shops glimmering through the fog with a constant flow of business and transportation while you walk along appreciating everything around you. Very well done painting by Cortes.
덩Kꜟna 9 gün önce
Siento que me teletransporto al pasado..
Xxnools 10 gün önce
I learned from the comments on the internet that people have the same memories and same feelings wherever they are in the world, how similar people are to each other.
AC Chbn
AC Chbn 11 gün önce
Je me disais que j'étais folle mais c''est guala de G-Eazy
drippy rat
drippy rat 11 gün önce
This paintings look incredible
james falzarano
james falzarano 12 gün önce
Must be Roger Eno it
kumru baş
kumru baş 13 gün önce
4:16 😌
Rodrigo Manuel Montoya Díaz
Rodrigo Manuel Montoya Díaz 6 gün önce
Dmitriy Kosakovskiy
Dmitriy Kosakovskiy 14 gün önce
hello bro
hello bro 14 gün önce
0.75 Speed ......
Roland Palatino
Roland Palatino 15 gün önce
When I listen to this music, I want to learn to play the piano so beautiful this tune is !
Sergio Fernando Fuentes Soto
Sergio Fernando Fuentes Soto 15 gün önce
Hermoso 💞
MURAT 15 gün önce
Hayat üç bölümdür: dünyayı değiştireceğini sandığın, değişmeyeceğini anladığın ve dünyanın seni değiştirdiğine emin olduğun.
Shoshanna Cohen
Shoshanna Cohen 17 gün önce
these paintings are as if photographs have morphed into memories of the mind, kind of hazzy melancholy
Jens Michael Schau
Jens Michael Schau 18 gün önce
Delicate, sensitive, exquisite. Thank's.
logansaan 12 gün önce
Thank you too!
malcom X
malcom X 18 gün önce
choper nacionalista
Rodrigo Manuel Montoya Díaz
Rodrigo Manuel Montoya Díaz 6 gün önce
Юрий Шумилов
Юрий Шумилов 18 gün önce
Wow dier frand so nice as com bak to paris
Neralyx 19 gün önce
When everything you've ever wanted is finally within your reach, but you choose to burn it all instead
Aakansha Gupta
Aakansha Gupta 17 gün önce
Dude u ok?
S&R Bad Vibes
S&R Bad Vibes 20 gün önce
oi amigona, eu vou sumir, n aguento mais acordar todos os dias, eu queria simplesmente fechar os olhos e nunca acordar, estou te mandando isso pq de fato vc foi a unica pessoa q sobrou, e eu quero te agradecer por isso, vc é um tudo pra mim viu? mas eu n to aguentando mais, prs n tirar minha vida sumirei de tudo e voltarei e a primeira coisa q vou fazer e te mandar uma ft do loro de juliet (se eu sobreviver a tudo isso), enfim espero mesmo q fique bem, eu te amo amig, obgd por tudo, pra mim vc é um tudo, tudo q sobrou com o estrago q o tempo fez.
Hair Glowing Kyle
Hair Glowing Kyle 20 gün önce
I bet the ones who were in Paris listened to this But who was in Paris doe?
hadeel fadeel
hadeel fadeel 20 gün önce
باريس اشوفج بس بأحلامي 💔
Nestor Ariel Bores
Nestor Ariel Bores 21 gün önce
Nice pictures. Who painted It?
TuTulga 21 gün önce
Yanni daha iyi
ARTURO AYALA 21 gün önce
Just listening this masterpiece while it is raining and studying for my dance history class it is one of the best memories I have of college.
Fred Flintstone
Fred Flintstone 22 gün önce
Once upon a time that I was never invited to. I hope Paris burns.
logansaan 22 gün önce
This Video Is Your Invitation
Mojkpijy- Flor de maíz
Mojkpijy- Flor de maíz 22 gün önce
Amo esta canción. Que bonito tocas para escucharlo en una noche serena. Puedo ocuparla para un video? Tiene derechos del autor.? Lo pongo
Rodrigo Manuel Montoya Díaz
Rodrigo Manuel Montoya Díaz 6 gün önce
Estás piezas estan interpretadas por Anne Queffelec, es decir que no es de este canal, además ya tiene más de 100 años de antigüedad... Así que, puedes usarlo!
Danielle Casbolt
Danielle Casbolt 22 gün önce
Taciturno ,y nostalgico,en los humedos atardeceres de Paris.Solo tu Satie.
Dave Casper
Dave Casper 23 gün önce
c'est vrai
Sofia Kupershtein
Sofia Kupershtein 23 gün önce
This music is the best description of cosiness, comfort and solitude.
AzerPlatinum 90
AzerPlatinum 90 23 gün önce
Work at a pizza place
marcelfrehse 23 gün önce
cannot live without this pieces.
PolesApart 24 gün önce
The Music, the art. Both magnificent ..... one is nothing without the other.
neds 352
neds 352 24 gün önce
I listen to this masterpiece every morning while dreaming of a delightful and comfortable future ahead of me. although it is quite tiresome in my line of work it will all pay off.
Desert Explorer
Desert Explorer 24 gün önce
I hate TRshow ads with a passion they ruin the best part
José Lopes
José Lopes 25 gün önce
Satie music is really unreal. Because brings to our minds memories of our lives with happiness or melancholy. Is like an psychoanalysis done with a sublime way. Satie is an outstanding compositor, and his music is unique in sentiment. Congratulations also to the pianist that is also fantastic his interpretation.
Ben Dammers
Ben Dammers 26 gün önce
It's been three years from that day. I was running to a dinner date with my long term girlfriend at the time, she was particular about punctuality so I knew I was already in trouble. Parisians scattered like pigeons as I flew past them, the only thing that could slow me down was god himself. Until this song did. It sound filled my ears and I followed it down a beautiful stone alley, where a herd of onlookers surrounded a woman behind an old weathered piano. I followed the sound to the source, pushing my way to the front of crowd and towards the woman. This is the day I would bring shame on myself and family for, at bare minimum, generations to come. Because on this day I violently shit my pants in front of the crowd of 100s, some of which still hadn't picked themselves up from when I fucking decked them to get to my prime viewing point. Now, when I hear this song: I am agony.
Namegoesfirst Thenlastname
Namegoesfirst Thenlastname 25 gün önce
Lol, what?
James Diver
James Diver 27 gün önce
what is more amazing? the artwork or the music? I am still undecided.
Luis Bueno
Luis Bueno 28 gün önce
What a pity, the low resolution of the images! They are superb.
Stevey Wonder
Stevey Wonder 28 gün önce
I used to play this to get my little girl to sleep when she was a baby. Now she lives half way across the country with her mother. I still see her regularly when I can but I still miss her terribly and I can't listen to this song without getting teary eyed. A beautiful piece of music.
Rob Babcock
Rob Babcock 28 gün önce
souad chtila
souad chtila 29 gün önce
Giselly Rodriguez
Giselly Rodriguez 29 gün önce
Beautiful song reminds me of my fiancee, lover and best friend
Michael Thomas
Michael Thomas 29 gün önce
I don't know what it is, I just feel like I belong in those paintings.
Tracy Paxton
Tracy Paxton Aylar önce
Gnossienne #3 has an oriental flavor.
Tracy Paxton
Tracy Paxton Aylar önce
Edouard Leon Cortes was a painter of light before Thomas Kinkade and his subject was the City of Light, Paris.
Cog Aylar önce
this song was in mother 3, and hearing it in a random video game reignited my passion for classical piano, oddly enough
Bertal Birtaş
Bertal Birtaş Aylar önce
I have been to Paris once for 2 weeks and I met my girl friend at that time there. We were together for 1 week but it was one of my best experiences in life. She played Eric Satie for me. We made love and romance. Life is so strange. I feel so strange. Where is she now? Where am I? We live once.
Peter Müller
Peter Müller Aylar önce
i LoveSitD
Bushcat Aylar önce
How it should be now, before the Banks and Eugenicists. The Eugenic WW1 destruction of class and Aristocracy to usher in the New World Order. Will you be remembered outside of Valhalla?
Mateo Denis
Mateo Denis Aylar önce
So HE was all along. He was in Paris all this time
Bárbara Vasconcellos
Bárbara Vasconcellos Aylar önce
era uma vez em paris
Aykut Ege
Aykut Ege Aylar önce
where is gnossienne 2
Kie Aylar önce
Life is so short. I'm just going to go travel solo while I'm still young
Жанна Евса
Жанна Евса Aylar önce
In Adequação
In Adequação Aylar önce
Boa noite
neo cube 27
neo cube 27 Aylar önce
Eu em pleno 2021 ouvindo a música do começo muito bonita
raarnt Aylar önce
I was in bed not feeling up to much. But after listeninging to this song, I felt the urge to get out and do something good for my body. Classical music is amazing
Koye David
Koye David Aylar önce
I wrote a novel soon to be out to this piece. Absolutely inspirational.
Landrea P
Landrea P Aylar önce
I feel like this song right now
Diego Cabello
Diego Cabello Aylar önce
This song makes me miss a time in my life I cannot remember
Maria Luisa García-Verdugo Díaz
Maria Luisa García-Verdugo Díaz 16 gün önce
But i can...
Lolita Flores
Lolita Flores 17 gün önce
Moi aussi...
shako ghlonti
shako ghlonti 22 gün önce
J Med
J Med Aylar önce
I love so much of this.. but what happens to the rhythm/tone at 3:40 is unforgivable
atomic critter
atomic critter Aylar önce
the first few bars of Gymnopedie 1 are the best music ever
Linda Aylar önce
Gracias vida por estas notas llenas de belleza y sensibilidad humana te amo vida a pesar del dolor qué siento 😟
Onixus Stone
Onixus Stone Aylar önce
As if i could hear the sound of horse carriage, people talking at the street and inside the buildings and so on
Aditya Rajesh Wakade
Aditya Rajesh Wakade Aylar önce
The Blacklist: season 4 episode 12 22:35
Peter Siegfried Krug
Peter Siegfried Krug Aylar önce
thank you
Niko Mazut
Niko Mazut Aylar önce
The worlds energy seems so different from that depicted in these beautiful paintings. Obviously technology has advanced civilization but there is an aura to a simpler way of life which is difficult to describe. There are many upsides to technology but one downfall is society is beginning to feel less and less human.
julia pumarol
julia pumarol Aylar önce
neo cube 27
neo cube 27 Aylar önce
2 pointo
2 pointo Aylar önce
I still can't believe this was from 9 years ago 😭 Will forever be my favourite piece of music 😌
Nice Person
Nice Person Aylar önce
I would like to play the piano but can't because I was mugged and my hands and fingers broken...a gift that keeps on giving
muzik dans
muzik dans Aylar önce
Umut et
Alvaro !
Alvaro ! Aylar önce
the first song remember me Minecraft Background music, so relaxin' and peaceful
Alvaro !
Alvaro ! Aylar önce
@VASILEIA VASILAKAKI hahahahah, maybe minecraft put this song in the game, or a very similar one
Bro wtf me too omfggggg shshnsnskxmxmnxnxnxx what??????
tülin Aylar önce
oh my heart
Alexandre Coelho
Alexandre Coelho Aylar önce
"I am the Kwisat Haderach" (Why am I reading Dune whilst listening to Erik Satie?)
A Thinker
A Thinker Aylar önce
When you are watching Monalisa and suddenly Jumping Jack pops out into your face! That's what the ads in the middle of this masterpiece do !😢😫
Ray Aylar önce
I love you all and i want to hug you one by one 🌼🦋
Julie Torres
Julie Torres Aylar önce
Isn't it beautiful that God decided to leave His throne to be born in flesh as an infant here on earth? He is perfect, righteous, and Holy, yet he was willing to be swaddled and caressed as a weak little infant. Our sinful hands coming in contact with God's perfection like never before. He did that. Then at the end of His time on earth He suffered an absolutely TERRIBLE death for us. The cross was such a dishonorable death and torturous. A death that WE deserve. However, if we have faith in Him and repent of our sins (that means feel broken over our sins, want change, and want to escape sin) God will trade you His perfection for your sin. He took the sin of the world on that cross and suffered though He was innocent. And He offers you salvation into His beautiful kingdom through FAITH. We cannot earn heaven. Everything we do is tainted by sin. Sin goes against God's very nature: Love. Lying goes against love. Rape goes against love. Lust does against love. Hate goes against love. Us humans are constantly sitting in our sin. Even if it be merely by thoughts, God sees it. He is so clean and perfect and we subject Him to seeing our filth. He is completely perfect and Just! More than any faulted human or worldly judge. A good judge wouldn't let a criminal go. He would give them justice. That's why we deserve hell. Yet, He is merciful and gave us a way out of that just conviction we earned. Mercy and grace. Salvation through true faith. What is true faith? Can you love the dark and the light at the same time? You only serve one master. Either sin or Jesus. Sin leads to death and punishment, but Jesus leads to life and salvation. God made the universe. Look at the sky look at the sun and planets. We are able to truly know the God of life! We have this beautiful hope and available gift offered to us by God himself! If you truly repent and have faith, He will give you the Holy Spirit and a new heart with new desires for good! You won't be perfect and you'll still fall while on earth, but the Holy Spirit will lead you down the right path to represent Jesus and share the good news while you are here before going with Him into heaven! Do not try to bribe God with your tainted "good deeds". You need your fine paid. Legally and justly a judge can let you go though you be guilty if your fine is paid. Jesus paid our fine on that cross! All you have to do is accept it! Truly search for that conviction of sin. Ask for that conviction. God will answer. What is stopping you from being sure of your salvation today? Is that thing more important than eternity? God bless!
Jack Worthing
Jack Worthing Aylar önce
What a beautiful thing to do. I did the same once (but without the music). Forty years ago, I sat all day in a tiny park on a bluff overlooking Paris. It inspired me to turn away from a glamorous career option and become a writer instead. I made the right choice, but only God could have made Paris.
pedro adams
pedro adams Aylar önce
It's weird loving classical music and growing up in a community where no-one is interested in the grace and elegance of it all.
Marcos Castillo Jaen
Marcos Castillo Jaen Aylar önce
Un exelente pintor.
Chatrapackchillou Aylar önce
Lrk97 Official Sniping
Lrk97 Official Sniping Aylar önce
1º animal crossing 2º rafael lechowsky hahaha
Lrk97 Official Sniping
Lrk97 Official Sniping Aylar önce
animal crossing ahahaha
anfiza Aylar önce
I love Erik Satie's music❣
Marie-Cœur et moi
Marie-Cœur et moi Aylar önce
Who else is getting nintendo art academy flashbacks
Esra Cındır
Esra Cındır Aylar önce
it gives a soul to my readings...
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