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Bruh this girl thinks she's a queen she tour the paper like what she is just stupid
Ilhom Hudoikulov
Ilhom Hudoikulov 9 gün önce
Creliane Lima
Creliane Lima 14 gün önce
Fofa vc tel sorte mesmo ta kkk vc e ispesial para mim princesa do coraça kkkk o sel pai e malukinho n
Marina Calderon Espinosa
Marina Calderon Espinosa 18 gün önce
Yiğit Korkut
Yiğit Korkut 22 gün önce
Ah shit here go again
Isabel Gonzalez
Isabel Gonzalez 26 gün önce
Hi kids :today’s lesson is how mv ryahan mom lets the little brat to win🙂
Sara123 27 gün önce
Thats not funny that is no't fair
L A C H I M O L A L A 27 gün önce
Mom laughing at the end :aww my princess is so cute The little girl:aight i am rich
Rheign Kaixen Brozo
Rheign Kaixen Brozo 27 gün önce
the girl is a cheater
Princess Galindo
Princess Galindo 28 gün önce
One coin is special to me but a thousand it's not that special
Teresa Majewska
Teresa Majewska 29 gün önce
And I guess they turned the chat off on there other channels cause of all the comments but they deserve it tho .-.
The Mikix Boi
The Mikix Boi 29 gün önce
I think the kid explode the entire house when she loses
Bnmo Uiop
Bnmo Uiop Aylar önce
dam Datsis cousin
dam Datsis cousin Aylar önce
I was happy with a single worthless penny as a kid but this kid no can't be happy for a penny
Sans The Skeleton
Sans The Skeleton Aylar önce
Notice that the kid never loses and when she does she doesn't wanna get the punishment
Myku Chan
Myku Chan 20 gün önce
Because. She. Is. A. Child. It's normal that she acts like that
Gustavo Cortez
Gustavo Cortez Aylar önce
Y eso está mal porque cuando pierda no lo aceptars
Gustavo Cortez
Gustavo Cortez Aylar önce
La mamá siempre deja que gane la niña
Nini lavendel
Nini lavendel Aylar önce
That is not funny and that canal is so stupid
Ana Paula
Ana Paula Aylar önce
The kid is cheating bruh i dont even know why they call these videos funny
Kitty_ZuzaYT Aylar önce
Dhiman Sab
Dhiman Sab Aylar önce
Best game👍👍🎯
Roland Roessler
Roland Roessler Aylar önce
Sie hat noch nicht bis zum Ende gezogen sie hat verloren
Deepika Nigam
Deepika Nigam Aylar önce
Offcource mom will loose
Nataleeomg Aylar önce
How is this funny
Gya Sophia
Gya Sophia Aylar önce
The kid ia funny 😂😂
arsenalrat Aylar önce
How is this funny
yuri Nunez huir de
yuri Nunez huir de Aylar önce
If you think she is cute thump up
Prashant Vishnoi
Prashant Vishnoi Aylar önce
Abraham Seolm
Abraham Seolm Aylar önce
if you want to watch funny videos like this, follow the "Head of the fun" channel, where the funniest videos
Emrecan Pirinccioglu
Emrecan Pirinccioglu Aylar önce
Give money to the kid for breathing too! Thats what life will do once she is grown up anyway right?
Andres Morales
Andres Morales Aylar önce
Daniel Tap
Daniel Tap Aylar önce
She lost
Max David
Max David Aylar önce
It's not even funny tho
Bones Aylar önce
All hopefully she doesn’t become like her mother sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute
Denya elias
Denya elias Aylar önce
Another episode of : why is this on my recommend and stop spoiling ur child
Rojelio Salazar
Rojelio Salazar Aylar önce
se rompió el papel dé la niña. voy por la mamá
Ahmad Shahads
Ahmad Shahads Aylar önce
Lama Alrasheedi
Lama Alrasheedi Aylar önce
ماءشا الله
Edry Fakhri
Edry Fakhri Aylar önce
The doughter is cheating
Saroj Sharma
Saroj Sharma Aylar önce
Little one is so cute and funny
ッJeff Aylar önce
Somebody explain what funny means to them
Ahmed Ali
Ahmed Ali Aylar önce
miranda Aylar önce
Baby 👎 Mom 👍
Camelia Sandu
Camelia Sandu Aylar önce
Guillermina Rosendo
Guillermina Rosendo Aylar önce
I's trapa
Richard Sebastian
Richard Sebastian Aylar önce
Mother is saving his daughter
Aylar önce
No, she's Makin her spoiled
Jesus Cortez
Jesus Cortez Aylar önce
That is freaking spoiled little girl that doesn’t deserve that much money, also she has to learn about saving money not getting money by playing a stupid game that someone else could beat her at!!!!
Meredith Camilo
Meredith Camilo Aylar önce
Siempre la deja ganar y es un reto y si es pequeña pus no lo agan
Abril Canullo
Abril Canullo Aylar önce
Es totalente ciertoo
Angelica Torrescano
Angelica Torrescano Aylar önce
Mrbeans Aylar önce
Jesus crist how much money have you given you daughter
nayeli Natalie
nayeli Natalie Aylar önce
Shes a spoiled brat
พ่อ แม่ หาญ.รักษ์
พ่อ แม่ หาญ.รักษ์ Aylar önce
udneigdken yxmxiudiudjjs udgksgdihddi uzudhs0egjso udgoksjhsus idudodjjjdx idundkkx0dudg gdgdnbdxlxixo o k n o ?
Iroir Linke
Iroir Linke Aylar önce
Gabriel Flores
Gabriel Flores Aylar önce
Eres re pendeja
ALEXYTO yt Aylar önce
Oigan no es por nada pero yo no le encuentro lo gracioso a estos videos
Marius Marnow
Marius Marnow Aylar önce
U let ur daughter win so she dosent cry
kay liz
kay liz Aylar önce
what will a little girl do with £40
Paula Wilson
Paula Wilson Aylar önce
Wow this kids parent are teaching them to gamble I mean like why bro this is in my recommendations but I dont gamble bruh
Ahmet Yıldız
Ahmet Yıldız 28 gün önce
Ahmet Yıldız
Ahmet Yıldız 28 gün önce
BERn Cher Eur
Mario Kliček
Mario Kliček Aylar önce
Cringe and not funny stop!
Shaina Pinto
Shaina Pinto Aylar önce
She pushed the roll to the cup cheating spoilt child
[Chicken] Aylar önce
This video isint funny. It's making a mess.
John Espinosa
John Espinosa Aylar önce
Angel Jehudiel López Salgado
Angel Jehudiel López Salgado Aylar önce
Que divertida familia
Bailee Rose
Bailee Rose Aylar önce
literally a Dollar make me happy when I was little .-. Why does this come up on my page 🥯
purplecool girlsシ
purplecool girlsシ 27 gün önce
Wen me kid I dont khow what is money do for it but that lil girls do what for that money she don't khow anything to do for money
Teresa Majewska
Teresa Majewska 29 gün önce
dam Datsis cousin
dam Datsis cousin Aylar önce
Dragon Wizard
Dragon Wizard Aylar önce
Anabel Chan Ceron
Anabel Chan Ceron Aylar önce
A mi no me gustó porque la mamá le da chance a su hija
Single Pringle
Single Pringle Aylar önce
I honestly don’t know how this got in math recommendations- I watch FNaF, bendy and the ink machine, Minecraft, Yandere Simulator, DDLC, horror, and other stuff. I am *✨Confusion✨*
J-Hope Forever
J-Hope Forever Aylar önce
Me reading the caption: What's funny?
Aether Aylar önce
@WhatamIevendoinghere LOL._. bruh.. i think hes a GAY bot..
WhatamIevendoinghere LOL._.
WhatamIevendoinghere LOL._. Aylar önce
@Diana Brochier WTH??
Diana Brochier
Diana Brochier Aylar önce
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💌💌💌💌💌💌👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨Love you 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Andrayas Khan
Andrayas Khan Aylar önce
Awww so cute❤️💕
Amy Aylar önce
terrible to see something this child is so spoiled! bad😡🤐😵
Karol Vitoria
Karol Vitoria Aylar önce
Ralf Schröder
Ralf Schröder Aylar önce
hacks,ideas and crafting
hacks,ideas and crafting Aylar önce
the smaller one wins
marcus vinicius Sales
marcus vinicius Sales Aylar önce
Нурлан Беримбетов
Нурлан Беримбетов Aylar önce
Умничка красавица маленькая принцесса
Eliza Stolarz
Eliza Stolarz Aylar önce
LOL mali wygrywają i to zawsze
Marly Candido
Marly Candido Aylar önce
Que merda hein
You Are fucking idiots on tik tok please stop
Jeny Ramirez
Jeny Ramirez Aylar önce
Do you know what the meaning of funny is
Jeny Ramirez
Jeny Ramirez Aylar önce
This is worse than Ryan’s toy review
LeQing Yang
LeQing Yang Aylar önce
Ethan Zych
Ethan Zych Aylar önce
they idiots
Ethan Zych
Ethan Zych Aylar önce
Sole Toledo
Sole Toledo Aylar önce
Es re tramposa la chiquita esa loca y la cara cuando se concentra es los ojos ajjajajajajajkakajakkakajjajajajajjjajj
Mario Daniel Garcia Moreno
Mario Daniel Garcia Moreno Aylar önce
Nou kits
Marco De Santis
Marco De Santis Aylar önce
So you learn your daughter how to play gamble. Mother of the year for me.
FactzT T3foeL
FactzT T3foeL Aylar önce
@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Z to fix mlb
Marco De Santis
Marco De Santis Aylar önce
@Jacob VL nice
Jacob VL
Jacob VL Aylar önce
Kushi Soogdeo
Kushi Soogdeo Aylar önce
Bruh you let the kid win
Nabi Patel
Nabi Patel Aylar önce
Yuh 5
Хуршид Мухамов
Хуршид Мухамов Aylar önce
СашаДаша Aylar önce
Вы же ей поддаётесь
30Forks Gamer
30Forks Gamer Aylar önce
30Forks Gamer
30Forks Gamer Aylar önce
What the fuck is not real funny is boring
Chandra Sekhar Pathikayala
Chandra Sekhar Pathikayala Aylar önce
Her mom wantedly did slow
Pandu Sudarshan
Pandu Sudarshan Aylar önce
You both are so cute
yo y mis mascotas
yo y mis mascotas Aylar önce
Ay siempre deja ganar a la niña
Sonia SLP
Sonia SLP Aylar önce
The girl is cheating, we literally saw it on camera
Shaina Pinto
Shaina Pinto Aylar önce
Yup stop spoiling her let her lose its good she’ll wont be spoiled but they are spoiling her
Leila Raymonvil
Leila Raymonvil Aylar önce
Yeah cause she’s a brat
Jana Černocká
Jana Černocká Aylar önce
Jana Černocká
Jana Černocká Aylar önce
Asia Piotrek
Asia Piotrek Aylar önce
20€ wirklich? ihr seid aus Deutschland
Pyrop Aylar önce
Thats betting. Teaching your kids this is horibble.
Patricía Berton dos Santos
Patricía Berton dos Santos Aylar önce
Eu competindo com meus pais! 😂😂
Catiuscia Cas
Catiuscia Cas Aylar önce
I heißt her
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