Second 2020 Presidential Debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden

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President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden participate in the second 2020 presidential debate at Belmont University in Nashville, TN.
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Malinda Alexander
Malinda Alexander 37 dakika önce
Americas don't panic?? What!!! We still don't have full shelves of toilet paper!
Harrison Askew
Harrison Askew 37 dakika önce
I love how Biden said he doesn’t see any states as blue and red but stated, “but as you see the red states are the most dying by the coronavirus.” He’s such a hypocrite
T B 37 dakika önce
I think Biden is voting for Trump now
Webby 4K
Webby 4K 38 dakika önce
I’m not American Trump will win I’m An American btw
EGI_hockey 43
EGI_hockey 43 38 dakika önce
Erick Flores
Erick Flores 38 dakika önce
Trump is getting his infinity stones ready
Bust it op3n23
Bust it op3n23 38 dakika önce
Coyotes is a group not literal animals
Caleb Stamey
Caleb Stamey 38 dakika önce
Trump really is right, solar is not really there yet. It’s awesome yeah but not yet enough to run big stuff we need to compete
BreAnna Dean
BreAnna Dean 38 dakika önce
I vote trump
Seth Strickland
Seth Strickland 38 dakika önce
Joe is psycho man we need oil we use it as leverage against other countries so they don’t screw with us same with nuclear power and military
wizardly 38 dakika önce
trump: “I am the most least racist person in this room. Probably the least racist president since Abraham Lincoln.” The Afro-Indian moderator: 👁👄👁
Jordi Mak
Jordi Mak 38 dakika önce
How many people here are ashamed that these two clowns are the "only two" options?
Matt Matt
Matt Matt 38 dakika önce
If Biden wins the Americans will live in basements without having a job
Electricgamer115 38 dakika önce
Did he say the Aether? *Engage COD Zombies PTSD*
Moises A
Moises A 38 dakika önce
So did anyone notice how Melania just pushed trumps hand away after the photos? BTW, the debate starts at 1:59:15
Albert Unruh
Albert Unruh 37 dakika önce
It's funny all the time when she does it ;)
W B 39 dakika önce
There are many many people willing to end lives and go to prison for life over biden and his evil. Just be ready if you are willing to play games.
Gala Apple
Gala Apple 39 dakika önce
why do they keep roasting themselves and not answering the questions? lol
Tam6049 39 dakika önce
This Earth has always had diseases some kill some don't, it's life pure and simple. But when you shut down and do the crazy crap you're doing right now and breaking down your immune system by wearing those masks. Take the masks off so oxygen can get to your brain so you can actually think in a common sense way. Come back to reality
BangBangTV 39 dakika önce
Trump without Covid is just badass sharp. Props for the neutral moderator
Baby girl
Baby girl 39 dakika önce
in our homeless veterans did not have a place to live until Trump came about and did something about it what did you do about it Biden you don't care about the troops you know you let you made the troops leading in behind f***** what about Benghazi no investigation right that was Trump man s*** he's getting blamed for a damn virus that Obama created in 2015
Just C
Just C 39 dakika önce
Demetrios Angelikas
Demetrios Angelikas 39 dakika önce
Who built the cages Joe?
heptagram 38 dakika önce
Quickly interrupted.
Jordan Tandarich
Jordan Tandarich 39 dakika önce
Every time Joe says “in fact” take a drink, whenever it makes no grammatical sense take two.
Leo Sheppard
Leo Sheppard 39 dakika önce
Gordon Fisherman
Gordon Fisherman 39 dakika önce
This is hard to watch. At least the moderator is great.
Diego Rodriguez
Diego Rodriguez 39 dakika önce
Anyways Stream Positions by Ariana Grande 💅🏻🦋🤷🏻‍♂️💿🌈❤💛💚💙💜🧡🎼
Mark DeClue
Mark DeClue 39 dakika önce
This moderator is defnetly a Biden fan
heptagram 39 dakika önce
Does democrats watch the debate?
Young Adolf
Young Adolf 39 dakika önce
no. They just comment “orange man racist”
keri goncalves
keri goncalves 39 dakika önce
Im sorry , sick of hearing how dangerous this is, if this was true , our hospitals would be overwhelmed and overloaded just with all protests alone!!! We have thousands of people in the street every day for about 3 months now, , this is second time we have had an outbreak at one of the houses at my workplace, the staff who have no symptoms are still allowed to work!!! So please tell me how this is making any sense?? We are supposedly following cdc guidelines?? So this is the guidelines?? Work after testing positive no problem, ok?
O La
O La 39 dakika önce
Scary how stubborn most American's can be. Fuck trump
truekpone10271 40 dakika önce
big winner here; RUSSIA!!!
sharon katherine
sharon katherine 40 dakika önce
A President who says the 500 children who were separated from their parents are well taken care of now?? Where? At one of his hotels in NYC? Bans Muslims, could care less about wearing the mask, doesn’t even have one black person in his cabinet. If we all wore a mask in January we would be saved. Why doesn’t he buy the vaccine from other countries like Russia?? Where is the vaccine?? Lies, lies
Baby girl
Baby girl 40 dakika önce
Don't forget gas prices we're way out until Trump came in and dropped them
Senator Biden
Senator Biden 40 dakika önce
“We cannot win this re-election. We can only re-elect Donald Lincoln”
NC- Unit
NC- Unit 40 dakika önce
Biden: "Americans Don't Panic." Am I crazy or did the toilet paper crisis not happen?
Shasha Vengesayi
Shasha Vengesayi 40 dakika önce
Abraham Lincoln laughing in his grave right now 😂😂😂
G B 40 dakika önce
These debates are NOT an important part of our political process. This is the lesser of two evils, as it has been for every election in my lifetime. Two braindead corporate puppets lying through their teeth.
Joe Thomas-Williams
Joe Thomas-Williams 40 dakika önce
Take a drink every time Biden says "number one, number two"
Starlings murmuration
Starlings murmuration 40 dakika önce
"The big man" Haha
Emily Szmurlo
Emily Szmurlo 40 dakika önce
Why is everyone saying Biden got to talk as much as he wanted? Trump got like twice as many responses as Biden
The Awakening
The Awakening 40 dakika önce
1:50:00 biden looked like he was reciting with a nano mic the way his eyes were so focused and how he ended the statement “communitys” almost like he was following somone word for word 🎧
T2Master01 40 dakika önce
48:15 is biden getting help via earpiece?
S:O:K: Jamareo
S:O:K: Jamareo 40 dakika önce
It's good to do research to place the best vote.
Donna M
Donna M 40 dakika önce
It was China's fault. Lol no responsibility.
Cassandra Johnson
Cassandra Johnson 40 dakika önce
Americaz-Idol!! 40 dakika önce
u said everything Anthony said damn so fake i hate trump manipulating Ass!!
eden finch
eden finch 40 dakika önce
Moderator didnt interupt biden much but all over trump
Colin the Patriot
Colin the Patriot 40 dakika önce
The left thinks Trump supporters are all brainwashed racists. In reality:
Xian Zhou
Xian Zhou 40 dakika önce
Seriously, after more than 200k deaths, they are still saying "it's all China"?
Chameleon La
Chameleon La 40 dakika önce
Biden ,you are not good enough to be a president.
Hablando Boxeo
Hablando Boxeo 40 dakika önce
Trump makes Biden laugh, so trump must be funny 😆
Ashutosh 77GDS
Ashutosh 77GDS 40 dakika önce
biden is scared kid
Chandan Kumar
Chandan Kumar 40 dakika önce
Janet's head looks like it's stuck on a smaller thin body. Wobble head
Ricardo Spiller
Ricardo Spiller 40 dakika önce
All Brazilians says: #GoTrump !!! The Mr. Little Democratic Joe, needs to understand the difference between WORK and TALK. #GoTrump
Josh Compton
Josh Compton 40 dakika önce
I don’t even like Trump but this fucking moderator
MixedMachineYT 40 dakika önce
Biden is a joke
Jason Greene
Jason Greene 41 dakika önce
"There's no evidence that when you raise minimum wage small businesses go out of business.", says the man who has never owned a business.
Marcilla Smith
Marcilla Smith 37 dakika önce
Good point, so where's the evidence?
Tam6049 41 dakika önce
Let our immune systems work the way they're supposed to. Shutting down does nothing for the virus. We have been shut down for what 8 months. Virus still around so you say. I call BS
pxrnikov 41 dakika önce
I’m Russian and I’m watching this debate because we don’t have any debate in Russia
bledi velia
bledi velia 41 dakika önce
I dont live in USA, but if you watch closely you can see something wrong in the Joe Biden's words. I hope that Trumps wins the elections for the good of all the world. Because in the contrary Soros and a hiden plan agenda will take on the whole globe and humanity. Vote for Trump!
Evan Fox
Evan Fox 41 dakika önce
There are two imposters among us
heptagram 41 dakika önce
Vote up if you support Trump.
W B 41 dakika önce
This was better than the first debate, yes. But if you think it's fair, smart, logical, or right to choose the leader of the free world on a 2 hour video that contains a total of 15 minutes of dialogue, you're a sad moron. Also if you like biden, you will pay. You will perish.
ĸaιne 41 dakika önce
The Biden Care lol. I feel sorry for Americans when I hear statements like that, I'd only wish for that care when im being dressed up in the morgue
Francisco Gutierrez
Francisco Gutierrez 41 dakika önce
Trump 2020!!!
Its Astxrism
Its Astxrism 41 dakika önce
Sad Vibes
Sad Vibes 41 dakika önce
I want to see a interview with Donald Trump and Joe Biden where they mention: china uighur muslims camps money scandals with donald trump gun control BLM racist tweets,comments and slurs Donald Trumps tax returns french fbi Donald Trump's affairs Donald Trumps allegations middle east countries (suffering) North korea china stock market with biden Health care/Obama/Biden care and way more the list goes on (feel free to comment what you'd like to see)
heptagram 41 dakika önce
Vote up if you support Biden.
Homosexual Giraffe
Homosexual Giraffe 41 dakika önce
Damn the comments aren't off :o
Ronald LaTray
Ronald LaTray 41 dakika önce
The lowest iq come back? Oops?
Anthony Martin
Anthony Martin 41 dakika önce
I lost my cheap insurance when Obama care starte liar joe
Steve Reyes
Steve Reyes 41 dakika önce
starts at 24:24
john adamson
john adamson 41 dakika önce
I love how Biden claims spetsnaz snook into Hunter Bidens room and planted a crack pipe in his sons mouth.
GREYLYNN - SNAKEVENOM113% Fire 41 dakika önce
Fucken clueless Joe! Lights on no1 home, Fuckyou aint voting Democrats nomore! Walking the fuckaway from these fuckers.
Exotic-Butters 41 dakika önce
Biden - trump killed all these people with covid wtf bahaha
stjjames 41 dakika önce
I just keep watching biden & thinking about how he’s being coached via a headset the whole time.
Tc Tc
Tc Tc 41 dakika önce
Trump isn't lying biden did say that about fracking on tape.
jfong shankity
jfong shankity 41 dakika önce
Debate commission is shit
Charles Sullivan
Charles Sullivan 42 dakika önce
Nah. The moderator is giving me pro biden vibes. Give this man too much time to stutter and ramble
Jumping Cacti Play
Jumping Cacti Play 42 dakika önce
Vaccines don’t cure anything, they just prevent you from having it usually by making a very weak version of the virus so our bodies an learn how to overcome it, BUT THATS NOT POSSIBLE WHEN YOU ALREADY HAVE THE VIRUS!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣
STATUS KING 42 dakika önce
Equality Santos
Equality Santos 42 dakika önce
Joe Biden is a LIAR called black people super predators... IN 2015 they asked him if he will recant his original statement he said no he stands behind him.
YNWA 42 dakika önce
Donald Trump is doing great! I deeply hope you guys vote for him. Greetings from Germany
Copyright Free Music
Copyright Free Music 42 dakika önce
Check out some of my free copyright music available for download!
Critical Review
Critical Review 42 dakika önce
"Our first responders deserve higher pay" Said Biden in support of a cash grab legislation, but two questions later; "We have institutionalized racism in this country. I've never had to worry about my daughter being shot by police." Joe Biden thinks law enforcement is an institution of racism that deserves more money for killing minorities. Straight from Joe Biden's mouth. Also Biden thinks the only way for states to cut budgets is to fire first responders. Joe Biden: Because institutional racism deserves higher pay.
Enigma6344 42 dakika önce
Trump thinks he did more for black people than MLK... what a joke
STATUS KING 42 dakika önce
I am not a America but I watch this debate seriously.i don't even watch my country's debate. I am from India.
STATUS KING 40 dakika önce
@Kite The Dank
Kite The Dank
Kite The Dank 42 dakika önce
Nigga from Taiwan said the same fuck up
John Mead
John Mead 42 dakika önce
When biden repeats himself. Take a shot
Naija CUISINE 42 dakika önce
Wow I’m impressed with Biden
LalzidingA FanaI
LalzidingA FanaI 42 dakika önce
1:57:53 lol
Americaz-Idol!! 42 dakika önce
TRUMP SOUND STUPID... we need Plexiglass in order for businesses to stay open they’re not dying because of plexiglass!! Mann get his ass outta here!!
John William
John William 37 dakika önce
I think he was talking about how installing Plexiglass would be very expensive for smaller businesses costing them more than they could afford. Although, yes. He is a dumbass.
Lisa Fair
Lisa Fair 42 dakika önce
BIDEN CARE - That’s an oxymoron if I’ve ever heard one.
Donald Hall
Donald Hall 42 dakika önce
We gotta face it. No matter which of these guys win WE LOSE !
Gabriel Paiva
Gabriel Paiva 42 dakika önce
Red sus
Simply-G ASMR
Simply-G ASMR 42 dakika önce
I'm not American. Trump will win in my opinion.
Jawad 38 dakika önce
@Lynn Metagrau back to Tik Tok
Lynn Metagrau
Lynn Metagrau 39 dakika önce
@Joe Black okay Joe B.
Adopt me Vids
Adopt me Vids 39 dakika önce
Trump 2020**
Joe Black
Joe Black 40 dakika önce
he's better than Biden
Adopt me Vids
Adopt me Vids 40 dakika önce
Trump 2030
Ryan W
Ryan W 43 dakika önce
she needs to stop fucking interrupting trump during 10 secs after his responses, but then lets biden talk like 30 secs for his responses. foh this bitch is annoying
You 43 dakika önce
What that piece of shit does not understand is that we the people know that the #KungFlu is a fucking hoax
Kuro 43 dakika önce
I'll give Trump one thing. He's never been so serious. Usually he's just goofing around all the time. Helped me take him more seriously for once, and it even worked pretty well.... Until he said that wind energy kills all the birds.....
John Walterick
John Walterick 43 dakika önce
I like how when Trump responds she interrupts and while he's responding she say's he only has 10 seconds to respond which during those ten seconds he's having to speak over her and then when Biden response back she doesn't interrupt him saying you only have 10 seconds we have to move on to the next question. The first half of the debate was fair but about an hour into it she starts to do that over and over again allowing Biden to respond to Trump's comments without erupting him but then when Trump responds back she interrupts him saying he only has 10 seconds
Witty Panda
Witty Panda 43 dakika önce
I haven't heard 1minute of this video but I support Biden
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