We Built An Off Grid SHIPPING CONTAINER HOME (start to finish)

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Life Uncontained

Life Uncontained

4 aylar önce

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Life Uncontained
Life Uncontained 4 aylar önce
Check out the FULL FINISHED HOUSE TOUR Here: trshow.info/watch/NIF1dkT91dk/video.html Hey guys! Creating this video has felt long overdue and it finally seemed like the right time to do so. It took a little longer than I originally anticipated to go through all of the footage, but I am so glad I did! It's crazy to see where we started and where we are today. I just wanted to let you know we'll be back next week with a normal video. Until then, thanks for watching! Love, Kenz
Geek With Social Skills
Geek With Social Skills 4 aylar önce
What a great idea! Thanks for putting this together. You and your family are amazing! Excited to see what happens next with the cabin.
Drakeu 85
Drakeu 85 4 aylar önce
My wife and I watch every video...I would like to see you put in a tornado shelter at some point...are you going to make it a bed and breakfast or will you just have family and friends stay there? Love your channel!!!
Bill Morris
Bill Morris 4 aylar önce
I have enjoyed the entire process. This is a great recap of your new home construction. Everything you have worked so hard on is evident all around your property. Thanks for letting us have a peek into your lives!
Leisa Smith
Leisa Smith 4 aylar önce
This was the best video yet!! You two are absolutely amazing...it was definitely worth the wait. The challenges you guys have overcome blows my mind....and to have two babies along the way, unbelievable!!
CamPickle 4 aylar önce
Amazing!!! i put a question in comment section about the doors you have. Wanted to see if the magnet wasn't working for you as well after a year or so.
Crafted Workshop
Crafted Workshop 4 aylar önce
Man, I loved following along with this series and it really gave me the courage to tackle my own tiny house project. Spenser is a beast and Mack always kept me laughing. What an edit, well done y’all!
G R 4 aylar önce
Meta Tech HD
Meta Tech HD 4 aylar önce
Wow, I'm thrilled to hear that this series had such a positive impact on you! It's fantastic to know that it gave you the courage to take on your own tiny house project. Spenser's skills are truly impressive, and Mack's humor added a great touch to the show. I completely agree that the editing was top-notch, and the team deserves a round of applause for their hard work. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and I hope your tiny house project turns out amazing!
Christopher Vickers
Christopher Vickers 4 aylar önce
I love.thhis yall are amazing I hope yall a lo g and prospourus relationship
Vadim Lazurko
Vadim Lazurko 4 aylar önce
Yes. , but how I I see,and fill about people ,new generation, thur will be no 50years . So much sin and hate that God will stop this world from existing
Algo Rhythm
Algo Rhythm 3 aylar önce
@Vadim Lazurkoso you'll know the truth, and the truth will..... definitely not set you free. Life is a succession of days, bud. What will be, will be. No guarantees for anyone. Just live your life to the full and try to leave things a bit better than when you arrived. That way lies fulfilment.
sohan singh
sohan singh 27 gün önce
This man is an electrician, a mechanic, a carpenter and a gas fighter. This man knows everything, he made the whole house, made each and every thing with his own hands, how knowledgeable he is
azizan mdnor
azizan mdnor 16 gün önce
Yes agree with you..men of many skill will done it well
Peurii 16 gün önce
Used to be every man knew how to build a house.
Marchal Lipaysa
Marchal Lipaysa 8 gün önce
Jack of all trades
Евгений Кротов
Евгений Кротов 4 gün önce
Ой, да ладно! Любой мужик обязан это все уметь! А вот то, что его супруга вынуждена тоже работать - это плохо! Она должна с подружками по барам ездить, и деньги с умом тратить на развлечения! Если её спутник не нищебродами конечно!
Keith Wratchford
Keith Wratchford 26 gün önce
I am a 70 yr old man ,and i have to say ,i am in awe of you both , your home is just wonderful , your skill`s are impeccable , it was a joy watching you build your home and family as you put your home together . I want to thank you both for allowing me to see your dream come true .God bless you and your family .
Joel 13 gün önce
Just happened to stumble upon his video and saw the whole thing. I loved seeing the love between you guys and the joy you seemed to have throughout this whole process, AND we got to see you become a family with two kids and a few pets as well. The home turned out great, very nice.
Handran Miller
Handran Miller 20 gün önce
I can't even begin to describe how accomplished I feel for both of you. I have been watching from day one, the highs and lows, the focus, the confusion, and most importantly the accomplishment of seeing it all the way through. I know as a man the pressure you had on you had to feel unbearable at times, but you shined. I wish your family blessings and prosperity. Absolute breathtaking, so proud of all of you, Much love!
Bentley Donovan
Bentley Donovan 22 gün önce
As a tradesman that takes pride in my work I have to say this was very impressive! Great job to you both,what was the complete build time?
mike Michaelson
mike Michaelson 13 gün önce
Beautiful house you have made out of the shipping containers. I feel like one day me and my girlfriend will have a project like this on our hands. It's a good way to see you what we're capable of doing together. God I meant I love what you're doing. Makes me happy to see people doing it together. Husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, whatever love to see the happiness and the outcome is oh my god❤
Matthew Jordan
Matthew Jordan 22 gün önce
This is hands down the most incredible video I've ever come across on TRshow! I congratulate you on your breathtaking home, your precious children, and the profoundly beautiful relationship of love you share. May God shower you both with endless blessings and keep your love burning brighter each day!
B C 16 gün önce
ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS !! I wish I had been 1/10th as talented as you folks when I was growing up. I'd love a home like this one. May God richly bless you all
Kadian Patterson
Kadian Patterson 20 gün önce
Very impressive and inspiring seeing a couple work together doing this type of work. GOOD JOB.
EMBOSITY 17 gün önce
This is one of the best videos I've ever watched on TRshow! Great to see people learning and doing things on their first before calling in tradesmen. Absolutely fantastic build
Cruz makaveli
Cruz makaveli 3 gün önce
You guys are an amazing team. Great job you two ! Laughter and not taking yourselves seriously at times ( goofing around ) makes a big difference, Keeps the momentum going
The Riddler
The Riddler 4 aylar önce
Imagine your kids when they are old letting there kids watch this journey 50 years from now
Backyard Budget Builds
Backyard Budget Builds 4 aylar önce
Itll be the perfect example of what too look for in a life long partner. These two are AMAZING
love pugs05
love pugs05 4 aylar önce
Kevin.Graham.Andrei Supporter
Kevin.Graham.Andrei Supporter 4 aylar önce
พรพิทย์ ทองทา
พรพิทย์ ทองทา 4 aylar önce
Larry Cherry
Larry Cherry 28 gün önce
I was so blown away how you guys kept your focus on building your own authentic home. Your home is simply beautiful. Thank you for sharing your talents.🤩👋🏼🙏🏼❤
Skinny Jake
Skinny Jake 20 gün önce
The typical person has no idea how hard it is to build their own home unless they've done it themselves. Good Job! I don't have a single picture of building our home. Your video brought back good memories.
Bainbridge Timbaci
Bainbridge Timbaci 16 gün önce
I love how you guys built the house, so much love and dedication.
Mr0al 4 aylar önce
To all those who watched the video, we didn't just witness a house being built from nothing, we witnessed the birth and growth of a beautiful family ❤
Mr. Chris P. Bacon
Mr. Chris P. Bacon 4 aylar önce
What’s the benefit of using that container? It makes no legit sense
james skulmoski
james skulmoski 4 aylar önce
Definitely..amazing video
Forest Whispers
Forest Whispers 4 aylar önce
@Mr. Chris P. Bacon There could have been a few ups and downs of using them???
Mr. Chris P. Bacon
Mr. Chris P. Bacon 4 aylar önce
@Forest Whispers What are the “ups” is what I’m asking… 😂😂😂
ND Fleet 3
ND Fleet 3 14 gün önce
Absolutely INCREDIBLE!!! I love you guys... Thank you so much for sharing this part of your beautiful lives with us. God bless you ALL!
LaDonna L
LaDonna L 26 gün önce
Amazing team work you two! Congratulations on the home and babies!
Edrick Clemons
Edrick Clemons Aylar önce
This was a truly inspirational video to see! Watching your journey and the growth of the family as the house started growing into a home was awe inspiring. Thank you both for your gift of love, laughter and family that has been given to the world.
Eric Eaton
Eric Eaton 10 gün önce
This may be the most wholesome video on TRshow. Between the music, the interaction y’all have with one another, seeing the baby go from crawling to walking, her showing she is now pregnant, the insane skill displayed, to the new baby, to the final product, wow, how I even stumbled upon this video is beyond me, but happy I did…minus the amount of emotions it made you feel in such a short period of time 😂 hats off to y’all, amazing watch 🤙🏽
Vaibhao Tayade
Vaibhao Tayade Aylar önce
TRshow Auto Play this video and I don't know when I finish watching 30min with you guys. Two people started it, now they are 4. And millions loving them now. What a journey ❤
Gywn Defender
Gywn Defender 3 aylar önce
This is an absolutely beautiful story of two people building their lives together, starting a family and letting us share. It's just perfect!
Joanie H
Joanie H 24 gün önce
Bravo! Absolutely beautiful! Love, love, love the video. It is so heartwarming to see the two of you working together so well. Wishing you all the best and I hope you have a wonderful life.
Damian Powers
Damian Powers Aylar önce
You guys seem to work so well together, it’s wonderful to watch. You guys seem to work so well together, it’s wonderful to watch.
Jeremy Burton
Jeremy Burton Aylar önce
Congrats guys, that is a stunning result. You got some serious skills! Your kids will love watching this back later, amazing memories. I love 💕 how you recorded the laughs throughout and the tears when the water flowed 😊 For me, I prefer a simpler, less finished design but each to their own. Well done on persisting❤
Lisa Gagnon
Lisa Gagnon Aylar önce
So talented and hardworking . You deserve to enjoy every second of this . Great job!
Cisco Kid Fab
Cisco Kid Fab Aylar önce
Thank you for sharing your growth and family with us. Some might say you guys milked this for all it was worth. But coming from a building family, construction alway cost more and takes even more time than one plans for.
James Savage
James Savage 20 gün önce
Beautiful you guys did an amazing job building your shipping container house. It's so nice I've always wanted to build a shipping container home to live in
Nosha Nercher
Nosha Nercher 4 aylar önce
I don’t know how many years it’s been since I started watching your journey. But I feel like I’ve been with you every step of the way. Loving the great success of this build and looking forward to seeing all the progress on your new cabin🎉
paul nadel
paul nadel 4 aylar önce
5 I think 😂😂
Alan Field
Alan Field 4 aylar önce
Your not the only one
Rosie Langer
Rosie Langer 4 aylar önce
The first video i watched is when the footings was being placed
Roger 23 gün önce
Incredible to follow the construction and growth of the family. Congratulations on the beautiful video!!
Роман Лысенко
Роман Лысенко 21 gün önce
Очень трогательное видео. Вы молодцы. Хорошая работа! Очень приятно и трогательно смотреть как два любящих, счастливых человека строят вместе дом и растят детей. Это очень мило. Смотрел не отрываясь. Я хочу пожелать счастья, здоровья и любви вам и вашим детям! Спасибо вам за приятные эмоции, которые я получил благодаря этому видео ☺️🤗
Diversa Friday
Diversa Friday 10 gün önce
Love seeing how much thinking ahead went on before y'all tackled this. Incredible teamwork, and EXCEPTIONAL EDITING.
Samuel 11 gün önce
Incredible! Both of you are amazing! Looks like you both found your soul mates! Unstoppable Talent! ❤
vinomaharaj54 27 gün önce
Probably one of the best things I've watched on TRshow....A love, A family and A container home. Yes I cried 😊
Bravo Charlie
Bravo Charlie 4 aylar önce
Now that’s a home. Filled with love and a beautiful family. Congratulations on an amazing build
Modiehi Setloboko
Modiehi Setloboko Aylar önce
Am new in this channel instant follow and I absolutely enjoyed this journey ❤,honestly needed to see all that transformation ever since I fell in love with container houses, this was more encouraging,motivational and inspiring, thank you 🙏🏼🇿🇦💐❤️.
BlessedENT 9 gün önce
I loved watching this video. Thanks for sharing your journey with us. This is the true definition of family. Love, friendship and togetherness. Your personalities as a couple match so well and you can feel the true love between you two just from watching the video. Relationship Goals, Family Goals. Congratulations on the baby and your new home and start to your new life 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
Curtis Ray
Curtis Ray 4 gün önce
Enjoyed thoroughly watching the journey of your family and home come together. Very inspiring.
Matt Hilto
Matt Hilto 10 gün önce
Watching you two, young and making great memories. And me watching remembering mine, makes a house a home with positive vibes built in.
EbutEm Aylar önce
Oh my god! The craft skills, talent, love and labor that went into this house is Amazing!! Beautiful! Love it, envy it! Salute!
Scott Boudreau
Scott Boudreau 4 aylar önce
OMG! Did that just happen? I have goosebumps all over! This video's development and the eye candy was so awesome! To see Beau and Cam being born into world of Life Uncontained again - wow. I forgot so many of the precious moments and levity that you highlighted Mackenzie! Such a treat for die hard fans who wait every week for the next step along the journey. Can't tell you how much this video meant to me ~ thanks!
Bulla Schonken
Bulla Schonken 17 gün önce
You two made my day thanks was satisfying seeing you build your home and raising family in between blessings
Omar kane
Omar kane 3 gün önce
Y’all ROCK!!! Amazing skills and wonderful teamwork & support!
Shyr Kul
Shyr Kul 25 gün önce
Greetings from Kazakhstan. Well done, guys. It turned out to be a very beautiful house. God grant you good health. How much effort has been invested. I respect your work.
DALE CANDELA 22 gün önce
Man, I love your whole entire video and I will watch it again and again like the way you, wife and family work together, do jokes at each others and you guys are very inspiring to others you guys almost make me cry at the end when i saw the whole house finish and man how do you and your family know so much great work
Jo DMC Aylar önce
I was trying to pick on words to make it sound nice but sincerely your work, relationship, editing every little detail to the corny jokes makes this channel such a positive and overwhelming experience my best wishes of happiness and health beautiful family
trjnsd 4 aylar önce
Thousands of steps, Tens of thousands of details, getting buff and more beautiful, and two children in the process! What an amazing accomplishment! Great video work and editing too. Your humor shined throughout when most would have lost their sense of humor long ago. Congratulations!
L_ Testa
L_ Testa Aylar önce
WOW, amazing job and Congrats on your new home!! You deserve it and more for all the hard work!! Very Inspiring!!
Mark Law
Mark Law 21 gün önce
Wow watching it like this is amazing. You 2 did an amazing job with building such a great home. Well done.
Jerome Yudiet
Jerome Yudiet Aylar önce
What a journey.. worth every minute of it, hope you stay cool together for the rest of your lives..
CNI 9 gün önce
You two documented all of this! It’s good stuff and it had to have added more love work to this project.
I am so happy to see the finished product, or maybe it's still a work in progress, but I started watching you build your home at least a year ago. I only saw the birth of one child. Congratulations on the two kids now! What a project and you guys are amazing! Thank you for a great video that gives so much hope to thousands!!
MR. Fishem
MR. Fishem 3 aylar önce
This honestly was beautiful. I was not expecting to cry from a house build from shipping containers. Y'all have a beautiful family. God bless your family.
Maria Nona
Maria Nona 9 gün önce
Amazing 👏 ive watched you from the start and am so proud of you guys. You both did an awesome job! ❤
You guys are AMAZING! You are a GREAT TEAM! Lovely Family Enjoy your Home ! I didn’t want this video to end Peace n Love!
Kyle DeVane
Kyle DeVane 6 gün önce
I am impressed. This was an excellent video, build, and inspiration. Truly a dream come true to go off grid. Congrats!
Susan Schlessinger
Susan Schlessinger 22 gün önce
Not only an impressive build, but a heartwarming family! Bravo!❤
Build.Love.Repeat 20 gün önce
My respect to you both & kids. Amazing job done ✅ ❤
dancourt 4 aylar önce
I watched your containers being delivered and loved every minute since that day. You should both be very proud of yourselves of what you have achieved.......it's been amazing to watch x
Pixel Skies Productions
Pixel Skies Productions 12 gün önce
Totally amazing to see the entire build. Even more amazing that you know how to do that. Housing is so expensive, building a smaller home or living in a tiny home on a property you purchase seems to be the only way to be able to afford a home that is yours. I so want to do this. Do not have near the knowledge you two seem to have, but I will figure it out. I am not sure I will be purchasing the containers, but I will be custom doing my own,. one day, when I can. How much did the entire cost of the home, and items around the home take? Looks like this was over several years, how long did it take? Did you do the next steps as you could afford them?
Sherraine Higgs
Sherraine Higgs 25 gün önce
Awesome job. So talented,the both of you. Well done.😊
PRIVATE SECTOR 042 Aylar önce
What a truly beautiful creation and being able to have your children there with you helping you along the way it's truly a wonderful thing. God bless you all😊
Raymond Richings
Raymond Richings 17 gün önce
Well done guys what an achievement you have fantastic skills and work ethics may your journey through life be as beautiful.
Barbara mcmickings
Barbara mcmickings Aylar önce
What you two have done on your home is nothing short of amazing ❤❤❤
Nicholas Frigiola
Nicholas Frigiola 3 aylar önce
Watching the house get built was really cool but watching a family get started was the best part.
Edward Cherry
Edward Cherry 17 gün önce
What an amazing video! The house is beautiful but there was a ton of work. You’re a pretty lucky couple because most couldn’t make it through so much! CONGRATULATIONS!
Craig Gün önce
This isnt just a build, this is also growth, a family that grew with the house, and something that never changed was how she looks at the husband and how the husband fed on that energy and offered more and more. its a love story really.
Uncontainedinfo Gmail Com
Uncontainedinfo Gmail Com Gün önce
chris dik
chris dik 26 gün önce
One of the best videos i have ever seen. So much love and a passion for building by yourself your house. And for the kids and grand kids later
Circle Of Courage
Circle Of Courage Aylar önce
You guys seem to work so well together, it’s wonderful to watch
Eli Ronas
Eli Ronas 23 gün önce
Y’all killed it! Amazing job well done. Beautiful 🏠 Love the video. God Bless y’all!
Leisa Smith
Leisa Smith 4 aylar önce
What an incredible journey it has been!! The team work between the both of you is extremely commendable.
CountrySide Services LLC
CountrySide Services LLC 14 gün önce
That was a fantastic build. Turned out beautiful. I built me third house from 1995 thru 2001. I could never do it again. It was a stick build, 4000 sqft with full basement. all brick. Took too long, it wore me out and I lost a wife over it. I'm sure all is well with your family, you have a hard working wife !!! Congrats !!!
Mary Jo
Mary Jo 21 gün önce
You’ve both done an amazing job here, it’s absolutely beautiful!!.. And means so much more to you when you’ve built it yourself!!..🙏💜
Oswaldo Garcia
Oswaldo Garcia Aylar önce
Increíble como lograron sus sueños y metas , desde cero hasta llegar a algo inmaginable , quedé 😮😮😮😮😮
Oswaldo Garcia
Oswaldo Garcia Aylar önce
Saludos desde mi país El salvador 🇸🇻🇸🇻🇸🇻🇸🇻🇸🇻
Kevin Bullock
Kevin Bullock 10 gün önce
Wow so amazing to watch just two people and you did everything and your wife had two babies along the way , everything so beautifully done ❤
Ashley Hester
Ashley Hester Aylar önce
This was probably one of the best videos i decided to watch. I literally started crying because y’all just kept going and the results are absolutely beautiful ❤ amazing Job!
Tobius Lunar
Tobius Lunar 4 aylar önce
I’d just like to say thank you for making me smile. After 57 years on this planet and watching it at times descend into chaos and despair it’s just beautiful to watch two people and a dog slowly turn into a family and see the loving bond between the two of you grow stronger as time went on. Thank you both again and I wish you all the happiness in this world as you both go on with your journey.
Andrew Dolan
Andrew Dolan 3 aylar önce
Bro you are a legend n your misses is a genuine diamond
Brian carpenter
Brian carpenter 3 aylar önce
A Creative Lifestyle {God•Family •Hustle }
A Creative Lifestyle {God•Family •Hustle } 22 gün önce
We’re in the process of looking for a home. I just stumbled across you guys video and I have to say it was very inspiring to watch a couple as yourselves build your dream home. May God continue to bless you guys hands and talents to do these amazing things because it’s blessed so many who watched. 🙏🏽☝🏽💜
Adrian Sanders
Adrian Sanders 6 gün önce
Margarita Perez
Margarita Perez 17 gün önce
Me encanto ver cómo transformaban ese contenedor en una hermosa casa. Más me encanto que ambos lo hicieron y se nota que saben muchísimo. Quisiera saber de donde son y si se dedican a hacer esto. Quiero una en Texas Gracias. Dlb
Jimmy Higgins
Jimmy Higgins Aylar önce
wow!!! Great Job you two have done. I really enjoyed watching this video . really nice to see what you did building A HOME and watching the Family Grow as well .. i hope to one day soon build as you have .. God Bless and Love the video .
Chaplain John Lewis Sr
Chaplain John Lewis Sr Aylar önce
I think this is so powerful and special, to be able to build your own home and with your partner for life. Blessings to you both.
Kimberly Pryor
Kimberly Pryor 4 aylar önce
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.. you guys are seriously incredible - not just because of the home you’ve built but how your love for each other shines through. Your kids have such wonderful role models to learn about hard work, dedication, perseverance, love.. such a beautiful life ya’ll have created! I hope you guys are beyond proud of yourselves. Also, can’t even imagine to think about how long it took to make this video. Been wondering where you guys have been. 1000% worth the wait. Amazing!!!
Meta Tech HD
Meta Tech HD 4 aylar önce
couldn't agree more! The dedication and hard work that this family put into building their home is truly remarkable, and it's heartwarming to see how much love they have for each other. Their kids are incredibly fortunate to have such great role models to look up to, and to learn about the value of hard work, perseverance, and love. The video was definitely worth the wait, and it's clear that a lot of time and effort went into making it. As someone who has been following this family's journey, I'm thrilled to see how far they've come and how amazing their home looks. They should be incredibly proud of themselves for what they have achieved! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and for being a fellow viewer of this wonderful series. It's been an incredible journey to watch, and I can't wait to see what this family does next!
Janet Cornwall
Janet Cornwall 23 gün önce
Awesome…. You guys are so great together…. God bless you & your family 🙏❤️
Shannon Graves
Shannon Graves 11 gün önce
How did you both learn how to build your own container home? I’m very impressed. And if you can share….how much did it all cost including land?
Ahsan Aasim
Ahsan Aasim 4 gün önce
Amazing build i really liked how you made one door from the container wall as a reminder and how you made center area with a raised roof so it doesn't feel too short. I was wondering how strong Is the floor in the center area they don't seem to have any reinforcements apart from the wood.
Alejandro Robles
Alejandro Robles 19 gün önce
I have not finish watching the video Sir. All the respect of the world for you. I do roofing work and very meticulous in what I do. Used to work for a mobile home manufacturer and have a chance to learn a little bit of other trades but honestly have to paid respect for people like you. I wish I had the braveness and self confidence at your age. Nothing better than this comparing than buying a house.( Obviously when you built it) . More than well done work Sir
Chad Brite
Chad Brite Aylar önce
Amazing home! I’m hoping to build my own home someday. I only hope it turns out as well as yours!
Sara Meitner
Sara Meitner 4 aylar önce
How fun to see it all again! I've followed you for years - through all the highs and lows - always delighting in your devotion to each other, to Bear...through the trailer and barn and pregnancies and second furry kidlet...you guys continue to show how right and tight a good family unit is.
Rui Az
Rui Az Aylar önce
What a fantastic family. What a beautiful example of partnership, complicity.
Роман Двеноцев
Роман Двеноцев Aylar önce
A very beautiful family. And even more so to observe how everything is done, repair from scratch, and plus the education of children. Indeed, you can watch this forever. God's help to you. I am from Ukraine and my name is Roman.
Diana Pena
Diana Pena Aylar önce
FANTASTIC! Congratulations in building your exquisite home and family👍🏻🙏🏻
James Douglas
James Douglas Aylar önce
What a wonderful family. May God bless you and your home, always.
Olga Ivanova
Olga Ivanova 2 gün önce
Боже! Храни вашу семью! Великолепно проделанная работа! Жить - поживать , да добра наживать! Веселые, работящие, дружные. В общем, пример всем нам.
Susie 4 aylar önce
I've been watching from almost the beginning and this is probably the most powerful TRshow video I've ever seen! It is daunting the amount of work you have done on top of raising two little ones and you did it all yourselves! Thank you for the tremendous amount of editing that went into this piece of art and for taking us along with you!!
Meta Tech HD
Meta Tech HD 4 aylar önce
I completely agree with you! This video is truly remarkable and inspiring. It's amazing to see the amount of hard work and dedication that went into building this beautiful home, all while raising two young children. The editing is also fantastic and really helps to showcase the entire journey. I feel grateful to have been able to follow along and witness the incredible progress you have made. Thank you for sharing your story with us!
STEVE BODEN 20 gün önce
What a journey from the start to finish and well captured footage that you'll enjoy looking back on including your little baby, Congratulations on becoming parents all whilst taking on this massive challenge building your dream home. Really enjoyed your video so thank you for sharing. Steve, NSW Australia
Ro Wig
Ro Wig 18 gün önce
The build went great and the house looks amazing. It really helps when your husband knows plumbing,electronic,and a carpenter. It looks good and thank you for showing us how it's done. Congrats on the new baby.
D Crompton
D Crompton Aylar önce
Blown away..... congratulations guy's and I sincerely hope that you have the most amazing life together 👌
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görünümler 2 Mn
Kısmetse Olur: Aşkın Gücü 2. Sezon | 1. Bölüm  FULL
Kısmetse Olur: Aşkın Gücü Official
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3 Years Alone In The Forest Building A Log Cabin
Erik Grankvist
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Think Outside The Container
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2 years of  110+ y.o. farm renovation TIMELAPSE
De Hoeve. No talk, just work
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CHANGE OF PLANS & Plumbing Our Shipping Container Home!
Couple Builds Clever $20k Shipping Container Home with NO Experience
Construction of a Mountain-Side Getaway Home
Perkins Builder Brothers
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This Video Will Change How You See Wood. I Promise.
Emre Gül
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