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Zach Choi ASMR

Zach Choi ASMR

9 aylar önce

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ASMR | Best of Delicious Zach Choi Food #1 | MUKBANG | COOKING
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**This is an ASMR video. To experience ASMR tingles, PLEASE WEAR HEADPHONES. If you do not enjoy EATING SOUNDS, DO NOT WATCH. **
What is ASMR?
Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response is an experience characterized by a static-like or tingling sensation on the skin that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine.

@yoruishin3093 9 aylar önce
Zach is like the grandma of your family, Creates enough food to make you full and still giving you more
@CesarSalad69 9 aylar önce
"Zach, I'm full." *_"no."_*
@AdenAnimations38 9 aylar önce
@@CesarSalad69 I am empty 🥵🥵
@CloserToArsonThanGod 9 aylar önce
​@@AdenAnimations38 the hell- 💀
@-Fizzarolli_ 8 aylar önce
Not my grandma she can barely eat two hot dogs 💀
@elmundoaventurero8512 8 aylar önce
6:54 mi parte
@thechillspinosaurus7913 8 aylar önce
We all love his ASMR, but we should really thank him for putting and recording all this cooking . It must be tiring, so let's all thank Zach for providing us entertainment with all these amazing foods he cooked!
@matiaspoblete4023 7 aylar önce
Right but he earn a lot of money tho 😮
@hannanhanu2057 6 aylar önce
@luciamacarenareynoso988 4 aylar önce
Qwfkkocbpmlnsf de dónde es ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
@elitefootballshortz 9 aylar önce
Finally, Zach make a compilation of him making food at the top of his *heart*
@Zeroholes1 9 aylar önce
Lmfaooooo so Ture
@animekid7781 9 aylar önce
Like no kidding.
@QWuad 9 aylar önce
His heart screaming asf💀
@coolestcars1983 9 aylar önce
@KronosAnimates 9 aylar önce
sidda Gaming is a bot so you shouldn’t listen to them I’m literally crying 😮
@ameeraisrad3884 9 aylar önce
you are the most talented ASMRtist ever like how do you create such PERFECT videos... love how much dedication and effort you put into every video, it really inspires me ❤
@BreadBoys 7 aylar önce
Me: Where are my testicles? The doctor:
@julesampo1607 7 aylar önce
Is this Son, Father, Uncle, of Father's Father speaking here?
@sharonmendiola 7 aylar önce
i love the sound that the knife makes as it's sliding through the surface of whatever zach fried. it's such a soothing and calming sound!!
@preslav1943 8 aylar önce
Zach Choi: *sees anything edible* Also Zach Choi: It need DEEP FRY
@Iwasaclown 5 aylar önce
Human lungs are edible tho
@ShadowyKatana 5 aylar önce
@@Iwasaclownwell then
@fam0uskhr1ssy 5 aylar önce
@@Iwasaclown *Hol’ up, wait a minute, sum’n ain’t right.*
@fardymejia9213 9 aylar önce
Oye bro los sonidos son muy relajantes, el edit es muy bueno y la comida que preparas se ve deliciosa ❤🤤
@jos-is-a-bot 9 aylar önce
​sidda Gaming When?
@jos-is-a-bot 9 aylar önce
Si pero no es delicioso para su corazón porque el come estás cosas todo el tiempo. Su corazón trabaja más dure que un soldado. 🤣
@haileyscott2156 9 aylar önce
Do this video start at 9 clock at night?
@pankhudisharma5967 9 aylar önce
@siddharthjain7806 whats ur yt channel name?
@pankhudisharma5967 9 aylar önce
@siddharthjain7806 dude i checked and....... IT WAS A SSSNIPERWOLV NOT SSSNIPERWOLF LOL nice try 😂😂
@bryonstalter26 8 aylar önce
Who else feels defeated because it all goes by so fast but yet satisfied because of all the amazing sounds and how delicious this man makes his food creations
@AdamRibi 8 aylar önce
@borklaser6394 8 aylar önce
You mean that unhealthy slop
@bryonstalter26 8 aylar önce
@@borklaser6394 it may be unhealthy but they're satisfying sounds lmao 😂
@chrispoter6386 8 aylar önce
Dude literally gives me a heart attack every time I watch his videos💀💀
@kingtigertheheavy2708 8 aylar önce
Nah you don't need to cake on all that fucking cheese 💀
@WarhammerWings 8 aylar önce
I'd love to see recipe videos next so we can follow along and actually replicate these ourselves.
@alexophyecool5146 7 aylar önce
2:37 replicate it?
@jordan95hd83 9 aylar önce
I ain't gonna lie, this was really satisfying to watch. You're so creative with food.
@K-S-Z_00 8 aylar önce
Too bad that people keep saying trash things about how unhealthy he eats- who cares? It's his life and his food.
@AK12255 8 aylar önce
@@K-S-Z_00 he still shouldn’t be eating like that unless he’s doing something good to counteract all that food
@masongraves7037 8 aylar önce
​@@AK12255 at least he isn't Nikocado, he's still very fit so I'm guessing his diet is similar to Matt Stonie or Joey Chestnut's.
@AK12255 8 aylar önce
@@masongraves7037 True
@alexophyecool5146 7 aylar önce
2:38 very creative
@DashenBoi 8 aylar önce
I love how he makes even the cooking look satisfying
@MandyFoodsASMR 9 aylar önce
Zach you are so talented! Your food always looks amazing! ❤❤
@devtel0912 9 aylar önce
Yet we don’t know how is he not fat
@33rexjii 9 aylar önce
@@devtel0912 ikr
@bowlingballcool8653 9 aylar önce
@@devtel0912 like Nikocado
@Stitchoffical 9 aylar önce
I like this guy. Not because of the Asmr, but that he isn’t wasting food. He knows there are kids in the world who don’t have any food at all. One like = one respect to ZachChoi
@realteamwall 9 aylar önce
i dont know if he knew that or not he might just be hungry
@rionjackgaming9296 9 aylar önce
@@realteamwall true
@Death72333 9 aylar önce
​sidda Gaming Okay, who asked.
@7CUJO 9 aylar önce
sidda Gaming Okay, who asked.
@wisetree5322 9 aylar önce
sidda Gaming Okay, who asked.
@thecrazyberries1911 5 aylar önce
If you where selling the food that you make on my street, i would probably be happy all my days because your food looks so good🤤
@KrazzyTharaX 5 aylar önce
@Link09876 Aylar önce
This dude is a legend,give him an oscar for being able to eat all of this food and still is alive and not overweight
@Misstwistedbliss_alexawwe 9 aylar önce
Mad respect for Zach Choi!! the 👑 of mukbang!! 👊🏻✊🏼😉😎
@bluehotsaiyan5955 9 aylar önce
Hells yeah! And he doesn’t overeat or sacrifice his health for popularity. Ahem* Nikocado Advocado
@AussieLightworker 9 aylar önce
God Bless Zach Choi 🙏🍔🍜 God Bless President Trump 🙏🇺🇲
@summercopeland2504 8 aylar önce
@@bluehotsaiyan5955 maybe a lil bit if the heart part
@bluehotsaiyan5955 8 aylar önce
@@summercopeland2504 I meant not having at least two heart attacks and still posting and eating
@mellonella214 8 aylar önce
​@@AussieLightworkerNOT TRUMP !
@shomarijackson8048 2 aylar önce
This dude never fails to make me hungry
@talsk-qc7ny 9 aylar önce
looks delicious as always! love the vids zach! :) i've been watching u since 2020 ur vids really made my day during the pandemic, keep it up!!
@fatimaaparecida413 8 aylar önce
@bsbsbaraa1846 8 aylar önce
@DaWendigo 9 aylar önce
If he had a cookbook, I would buy it immediately ASAP
@lifeisroblox6969 8 aylar önce
@extremplerdivergenta6262 8 aylar önce
"100 ways to get diabetes"
@stonierose4475 8 aylar önce
this man eats like its his last meal and im here for it🙌🏽
@AstralRose_555_YT 2 aylar önce
he never fails to make me hungry
@GG-yn6jw 8 aylar önce
Love Zack Choi ❤️ he my favorite mukbanger!!👏👏👏👏👏 great talent for recipes!
@vanessam.miranda7148 8 aylar önce
ai eu falo em portugue mais cara amo seus vidios e muito bommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm amo o barulinho tambem gosto muito de verdade com tinui com o seu talento de culinaria
@radiolou5865 9 aylar önce
The fact that he never fails to make me hungry😂
@user-ue1fp9et2y 8 aylar önce
@andatlo3579 8 aylar önce
He is the only person who can make me hungry again after a meal
@janmarguatlo7536 6 aylar önce
You sus man
@andatlo3579 6 aylar önce
@@janmarguatlo7536 nah i just like his food
@thatfootballguy4764 9 aylar önce
I love the food this guy makes
@user-uv1nh5lx6t 8 aylar önce
Это единственный кайф, когда он режет без доски😊
@Donaven619 6 aylar önce
This makes me want to cook these foods myself!
@muhayminstreamz8518 8 aylar önce
Can we all appreciate how much ingredients and frozen food he uses to make videos for us❤
@ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh6802 9 aylar önce
Zach always knows what he's doing with the cucumber
@huntermontesano4036 9 aylar önce
yes indeed........
@ProjectMathesar 9 aylar önce
The little thumbs up at the end of each segment always makes me smile.
@tylersock8339 9 aylar önce
you became a chef of ASMR with mukbang congrats Zach!!
@Khahrahk-editz 8 aylar önce
If you ever feel like giving up, just remember Zach’s heart.
@Gambit2483 8 aylar önce
Before or after the heart attack? 😅
@monikaasano922 8 aylar önce
Exactly, like when I think of giving up on going to the real world, I think of Zach’s heart.
@user-oe3cz8nt8t 9 aylar önce
Man you transitions are so smooth!😂❤ I love it! You’re so amazing
@ranzkie3911 8 aylar önce
If Zack owns a restaurant, i would buy and try all of his food 😂😋
@soifinallyhaveanaccountnow 8 aylar önce
You’d probably get a heart attack lol
@mellonella214 8 aylar önce
@AyaanMansuri-gn2bg Aylar önce
This is the start to of the disaster that follows as this what caused that fall for his channel
@tinathyberg7322 9 aylar önce
Nice video Zach,I actually tried some of these foods they were really good 😊👍
@scarfie5877 9 aylar önce
how's your heart?
@tinathyberg7322 9 aylar önce
@@scarfie5877 it’s good 😊
@thepurpleshard 9 aylar önce
​@@scarfie5877 lmao you thought he was gonna have a heart attack?
@scarfie5877 9 aylar önce
@@thepurpleshard have you seen the stuff he makes? that's a heart attack waiting for you
@manuelvic678 9 aylar önce
I didn’t know Zach had so much nutritionists as his fan base, people here seem so smart about what he eats 🧐
@Etwoudy 8 aylar önce
Also the food isn’t just looking delicious,looking creative and cool.
@emilygrace4713 8 aylar önce
Wish the recipes were included cause i want to try them all!
@michaelg.3785 7 aylar önce
How does he eat these without getting food all over her face? That’s the most impressive part.
@HST_Gorenje_Steam_Lover2023 8 aylar önce
Everything in this video looks delicious
@batistafromnorth 8 aylar önce
Ultimate Chef at its finest, imagine he was on a cooking contest and he’d win every single one since his cooking is beyond satisfying ❤
@blackimposter5704 8 aylar önce
Just watching this makes me hungry he’s like a chef 2.0!😱🤩
@ashleightaylor9505 8 aylar önce
Hey it’s great to start watching you again Zach great content keep it up 👍
@rayantheprogamer9068 Aylar önce
If I have big mansion and lot of money I will hired you as my chef BECAUSE YOUR COOKING IS VERY VERY DELICIOUS
@robertoperez1759 8 aylar önce
Zach your doing really 👍 making food and it’s delicious 🤤
@Ayamerina_ 8 aylar önce
Oh come no one is talking about how PERFECT and GOOD those avocados look/are?! Like, where does he shop at?!
@alanna2378 9 aylar önce
Oh yes he finally makes a compilation of his Best of this is what I have been waiting for all along hopefully one day I see him on a cooking show since he has the best cooking skills on TRshow I want part 2 of this
@NewFall 9 aylar önce
I would say that the first one was the best. I mean, if I ever were going to make this with some bread, it'll taste amazing. Keep up the good work, Zach Choi !
@majidskinnerkhan6960 8 aylar önce
This man is a artist 👩‍🎨
@22lilacsky 7 aylar önce
This is pretty brilliant! Very creative 😁
@yunakimyun4447 8 aylar önce
먹는 모습이 너무 아름다워요 영상이 내 하루를 더 행복하게 만들어요 계속 응원할게요💜💜💜💜
@R3cce 9 aylar önce
Zach had some crazy and delicious food ideas over the past few months 😋
@NinjaShadowBattle 9 aylar önce
Crazy ideas 🤓
@R3cce 9 aylar önce
@@NinjaShadowBattle Because some of his ideas might literally cause diabetes or heart attack 😂😂 Ok…. I might be over exaggerating, but you get my point.
@wonder_1 8 aylar önce
I would love this guy as my cook
@justinballenger605 8 aylar önce
The food you make is mouthwatering 😋
@McdonaldsInFallujah 8 aylar önce
This guy knows how to cook food and maintain his weight and stay healthy. That's awesome
@meeyow5 8 aylar önce
"maintain weight and stay healthy" *proceeds to eat 4 deepfried chocolate bars*
@McdonaldsInFallujah 8 aylar önce
@Meeyow5 yeah, thats the crazy thing. He can eat whatever he wants and he will still be slim like he is in this video
@gamer-ud3me 8 aylar önce
He literally knows what he’s doing my man creative
@jasminhacker7243 8 aylar önce
He knows how to cook🤤
@desiitrianii 9 aylar önce
finally, you made this! thank you, zach! 🤗
@naronasmr 9 aylar önce
Who thinks Zach should go on Master Chef? 😍
@gaminggabrielgo836 8 aylar önce
@Nor1998_ 8 aylar önce
I wish we could magically make the food come in front of us.
@leahf8196 8 aylar önce
The s'mores look insanely good. Also I really have to learn how to make that big cheese cone, yum!
@Veronica-cat 2 aylar önce
У него очень хорошо получается готовить
@Dr.DeeDesta 9 aylar önce
Oooooh, baby! It’s the ASMR and the presentation for me!❤
@Excavating 8 aylar önce
@rafifdzakwan451 8 aylar önce
he made the most creative food I can't think of
@MariDaDucc 8 aylar önce
this dude be making me hungry in the middle of the night😅
@galantros7784 8 aylar önce
A lot of these foods would make me sick since I’m not very good at handling a lot of meat without some sort of sides, but the way he prepares and arranges them makes me almost debate whether or not me being a little light headed is worth it and it seems like it is
@Dollylynn44 8 aylar önce
The cheese cone and bowl yes please!! Breakdown video would be nice 🖤 I know just cook the cheese but I need specifics .
@axy56 9 aylar önce
Yeah Zach like to make food looks like a doctor and he gonna eat on top of his heart ❤️
@diegor150 9 aylar önce
All of these foods look delicious 👍😀
@helenadasilvateixeira2538 8 aylar önce
Eu quero aprender a fritar a gema do ovo deixe uma dica pra mim ❤
@jadelynn6827 7 aylar önce
Everybody is talking about how much he satisfies them but nobody is talking about how he measured the sausages and cried 😂. But the other people are true, he satisfies me too much
@carrielee7188 9 aylar önce
Zachary you should be a chef you are the best ❤
@hayknazarian2023 8 aylar önce
Best of Delicious Zach Choi Food #1 0:00 would you eat this? 0:30 would you eat this? 1:02 i made a ultimate cheeseburger 1:38 ultimate cheesy ramen hack 2:05 would you eat this? 2:36 cucumber sushi 3:06 would you eat this? 3:45 would you eat this? 4:31 ultimate smashburger 5:02 would you eat this? 5:35 i made spam fries 6:21 ultimate cheetos grilled cheese 6:52 hot dog 7:07 mozzarella donuts 7:47 eat or pass? 8:18 eat or pass? 8:50 eat or pass? 9:21 would you eat this? 9:52 would you eat this? 10:26 mozzarella chicken sando 11:14 i deep fried mac n cheese + hot dogs covered in hot cheetos 11:45 cheesy bacon corndog 12:17 pork belly with shabu peanut sauce 12:48 would you eat this? 13:18 ultimate ebi burger 13:54 chicken parmesan sandwich 14:50 ultimate grilled cheese
@willafton4582 8 aylar önce
God damn,nice
@bearmin776 8 aylar önce
@paulsuarasan8742 9 aylar önce
6:53 someone notice that he measured them and got sad bc they too short😂😂😂😂😂😂
@xXx_MinusOneGodzilla_xXx 9 aylar önce
Zach great compilation plus the food you make is pretty Good!
@DZdizzy 8 aylar önce
I can watch this all day😍
@alexandruyfu8563 3 aylar önce
can we appreciate the fact that every time this guy eats, his heart works harder than a black sla-
@lordbruh993 8 aylar önce
This man’s workout routine must be insane
@TheMcSlenderman 8 aylar önce
Food Intimacy at it's most finest! 😌👌
@SimonScout 9 aylar önce
This food Is amazing ASMR🥰🥰
@animelovers930 8 aylar önce
Hey smg4 nice vids😄😄
@user-oe3cz8nt8t 9 aylar önce
You videos are amazing Zach!
@roosterrudy54 Aylar önce
Oh how delicious! I'd try it too
@bartolomemusic 9 aylar önce
Zach is that kind of person to get you begging for more even when you’re full😭
@itzz_jaceeyyyy21 8 aylar önce
THAT CRUNCH makes me wanna eat rn
@lorenazazueta4189 9 aylar önce
I wish I was as strong as this mans heart🫀
@tomtheravenclaw8661 7 aylar önce
These videos are great and this guy is super talented, but I can’t watch these videos for too long without it feeling like my arteries are clogging
@CristinaMA407 8 aylar önce
goals in life: have Zach cook me a meal
@ruthbaumann6924 8 aylar önce
Hallo Zach, ihre Rezepte sind toll , es geht zwar ziemlich schnell , aber ich mag es so ..🥂🇩🇪👍👍👍
@dannyboi830 7 aylar önce
Zach: makes food Me: I don’t need it. I don’t need it. I definitely don’t need it… I NEED IT!!!
@dreajp 8 aylar önce
I love how you can put the lady who says "everybody's so creative!" here, but still have good ass food that might also give you heart problems 🥴🤣
@notmechaprototype4173 9 aylar önce
2:36 I like how no one is talking about what he is doing here xD
@user-tn1og5xm7l 7 aylar önce
Ну почему вы так вкусно едите аааа 😊
@samgee7999 9 aylar önce
Been watching since 2019. This is definitely my favorite video so far.
@dellam2195 8 aylar önce
Do you ever break out with all the cheese and fried food? I’m so amazed
@christyou1098 9 aylar önce
That look mouth watering AF though for real
@playergameeee 8 aylar önce
How do you manage to keep this size and still be as beautiful while eating so much?
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