The Most Clever Shots in Snooker (3) | Chess on the Green Baize

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Snooker is not only about potting and break-building, but also about being smart and making the right decisions. These shots prove you that.

Jesse Bella
Jesse Bella 2 gün önce
This to me is snooker, these little safety shots and brilliant roll-ups, awesome complicated but doable shots are snooker. The game is lost nowadays with long pots and massive breaks, but that isn't what the game should be known for, it's the other stuff that makes it so brilliant
Ty Tn
Ty Tn Aylar önce
these are very good "shots" to be sure, but I wish we also could see the following shot; how well did each player respond to the challenge?
Snoogway 22 gün önce
Translation “ if we show both we don’t make money”
GTKomissaR Aylar önce
@Mariusz W TRshow ContentID system is smarter than you think it is
Mariusz W
Mariusz W Aylar önce
@GTKomissaR Couldn't you just cut the one fragment into two short fragments, one being "clever shot" and the the next one with following shot?
GTKomissaR Aylar önce
Matchroom disables monetization if the fragment is longer than 30 seconds. It doesn't allow me to show the next shot.
Homer J. Simpson
Homer J. Simpson Aylar önce
I'm growing increasingly fond of Mark Allen.
Tom Aylar önce
@Homer J. Simpson "showed a lot of bottle" = was very brave, (or fearless)
Homer J. Simpson
Homer J. Simpson Aylar önce
@MarkBak76 Sorry, I'm not a native speaker so please cut me some slack if this sounds spectacularly dumb, but what does "showed a lot of bottle" mean?
MarkBak76 Aylar önce
Can’t bear him for some reason even as an Irishman....did like it when he put it up to Ronny last year....showed a lot of bottle
Nakilon Aylar önce
3:53 -- this was so good spectators didn't even realise and kept silence.
Henrik Høyrup
Henrik Høyrup Aylar önce
That's from the Championship League Snooker - it doesn't have any spectators.
Homer J. Simpson
Homer J. Simpson Aylar önce
Not sure where this is taken from, but it might just be a match without any specators.
Nakilon Aylar önce
2:27 -- wow I always thought it's random where the ball goes after that corner. 15:23 -- another one
Benjamin Wang
Benjamin Wang 2 gün önce
it's random if you hit it too hard, or hit it too close to the pocket. Also these tables are incredibly flat so balls can roll really straight even when they're slow.
Omega Riddler
Omega Riddler Aylar önce
Not really. It's just a basic understanding of geometry
So So
So So Aylar önce
when people ask me why i like snooker i show them the this series of videos.
waytothewill Aylar önce
Great compilation!
Mag Nate
Mag Nate Aylar önce
Glad to see some great shots by some impressive players rather than another snooker video made for the Ronnie fanboys
wei016 Aylar önce
16:50 really got me thinking, because even after spending quite an amount of time thinking about the brilliance behind this shot, I still can't quite work out the vision behind playing it this way. It would be nice if anyone here can enlighten me on this! Cheers for the great video once again!
waytothewill Aylar önce
@Mervyn Tong Wow, I get it now, thank you!
Mervyn Tong
Mervyn Tong Aylar önce
@waytothewill The typical safety shot in that situation would be to play the pink onto the side cushion (not past the middle pocket), and leave the white roughly parallel with the pink. Jordan could then have the chance to play the pink towards the baulk end and try to move the black with the white. Playing it the way Mark did eliminated this option for Jordan.
waytothewill Aylar önce
OK, but any shot would move the pink away from the black anyway, wouldn't it?
DeepSkyMike Aylar önce
Selby’s opponent needed the black so Selby moved the pink away from it so his opponent wasn’t able to use it or the cue ball to move the black off the cushion.
Jack Hayes
Jack Hayes Aylar önce
last shot was so well called by Alan
chris Bamo
chris Bamo 28 gün önce
every time i see Higgins play i think CHEAT
hafid mostarhfir
hafid mostarhfir 28 gün önce
Angles can see shots long before anyone else ✌️
motu patlu games world
motu patlu games world Aylar önce
motu patlu games world
motu patlu games world Aylar önce
Awesome Content
Approcks Aylar önce
"The Most Clever Shots in Snooker" @3:15 Lawler shot the red for a safety? what was clever on that shot lol.
GTKomissaR Aylar önce
Lawler used two reds on the cushion to hold the object red far from the cue ball, brought these two reds into play as he needed them to win the frame since he was 45 points behind, and put the cue ball safe. The only thing Thepchaiya can do in this situation is to go for a risky 50/50 pot to the left center pocket. If he misses the red, Lawler gets the frame winning opportunity, because the reds are spread perfectly. So, as you may see, Rod turned a losing situation into a frame where he had almost as many chances to win as his opponent.
sau_phrenia 18 gün önce
3:17 what's clever about this shot
Jon Ranger
Jon Ranger 2 gün önce
In order to put enough stun on the ball to hold it on the cushion near the black, he would have to hit the red hard enough that it would return to that end of the table and perhaps leave a pot on. By aiming the red so it hit the 2 reds near the middle pocket, he prevented the red he hit coming back down the table. It was not a fluke that the reds collided with one another, he played it that way as part of the safety.
Cutback TV
Cutback TV 24 gün önce
motu patlu games world
motu patlu games world Aylar önce
Good Luck Your Channel
Rino De Lucia
Rino De Lucia Aylar önce
Ma Jimmy White che ha fatto??!!
Danny A
Danny A Aylar önce
Ha usato la rotondità della tasca centrale per sfuggire allo snooker e ha giocato con il bianco in una posizione sicura.
Ieaun Powell
Ieaun Powell Aylar önce
I will never appreciate a shot by Higgins for the simple fact he is a cheater. Great video though!
The Benevolent Sun
The Benevolent Sun Aylar önce
Not a cheater tho is he.
Mile3 Aylar önce
1st comment ;D
Reddy Aylar önce
Man, congrats. May you live in good health to tell all your grandchildren about this once in a lifetime achievement.
VGamerul Aylar önce
Congratulations 👏👏👏
Eduard Dobroiu
Eduard Dobroiu Aylar önce
I'll start a war now. Don't care + didn't ask.
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