15 Phrasal verbs to impress your IELTS examiner

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Today I have got 15 phrasal verbs that will impress your IELTS examiner.
And if you are thinking “Great - but Keith, what are phrasal verbs?” Then you really need to watch this!
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Topics covered in this video:
00:00:00 Welcome
00:01:14 How to learn phrasal verbs
00:03:52 What are phrasal verbs?
00:05:58 Idiomatic phrasal verbs
00:07:41 Favorite phrasal verbs 1 - 4
00:12:03 Word order
00:15:13 Favorite phrasal verbs 5 - 8
00:18:54 Pronunciation
00:21:08 Favorite phrasal verbs 9 - 15
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Be patient
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Dear Keith, I'm in love with you ❤️ you're awesome. Regards fromm Mexico 😘
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could I have PDF for this lesson?
@StudyTime57 Yıl önce
I am struggling for reading and listening module help me
@kazimaltin2963 Yıl önce
@@rickmaki8282 hello sir you are a great teacher
@toannguyenkhanh3108 2 yıl önce
1. To knuckle down: to start focusing on your work / study. 2. To get round to = to do smth you have intended to do, but you had not time. (Useful for 'Can you' questions). 3. To while away = to spend time in a relaxed way (useful for talking about hobbies). 4. To brush up on = to improve a skill you havent practiced for some time. ‐--------------- 5. To bank on = to expect and hope smth will happen (useful for answering future questions in part 3). 6. To be in for = to be about to have or experience smth = experience sth in the future. 7. To pan out = to result or develop in a certain way. 8. To run up against = to face problems or difficult situations. ----------------- 9. To mull over = to think carefully about smth (useful for 'what do you think of...' questions). 10. To figure out = to find solution. ----------------- 'Do you agree that the government should...?' 11. To get on with = to start or continue doing smth. 12. To buckle down = to start working hard. ----------------- Describe a thing / a person 13. To stumble upon = to find it by chance. 14. To bump into = to meet someone by chance / accident. 15. To turn out = to happen in a certain way.
@valivaliyev228 2 yıl önce
Thanks a lot
@ismaelrosa8091 2 yıl önce
Thank you, because employing almost 30min. explaining 15 phrasal verbs is a bit much, for me.
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Thanks brooo
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thank you ...you rock
@aktankalybek3377 2 yıl önce
@carolinew.m.5271 2 yıl önce
I scored an 8.0 in the Speaking Test and a band 8.0 overall score. Thank you so much Keith. I owe most of my speaking success to your humorous online lessons! I am ever so appreciative of your effort and consistency.
@maitreye1123 2 yıl önce
Congratulations!!! How'd it go? Any tips??
@dilnavozavezova181 2 yıl önce
@qobilrisqaliyev7715 2 yıl önce
Very good!
@anujats67 2 yıl önce
Hai.can you be my ielts speaking tutor, aiming for 7
@munka_bd 2 yıl önce
@TaughneeStone 2 yıl önce
As a native USA-English speaker, I've learned several new phrases today. 😂
@banafshehhosseini4316 2 yıl önce
may i ask you something ? do you use these verbs in your daily conversation as a native speaker?
@TaughneeStone 2 yıl önce
@@banafshehhosseini4316 Many of them, but some of them are UK-English. I wouldn't say "get round to," "to get on with," or "to while away" (this sounds very old fashioned to me - but to be fair, Americans don't generally value the art of doing nothing, unfortunately). I'd say "buckle down" but have never said "knuckle down" which may be a regional dialect thing... even in the USA our expressions/phrasal verbs will vary a lot depending on where you're from. I'm sure they're all very common in the UK, though. :)
@TaughneeStone 2 yıl önce
@@banafshehhosseini4316 I should add that it's good to learn them if that was your question, they would all be understood by any native English speaker. :)
@banafshehhosseini4316 2 yıl önce
@@TaughneeStone i really appreciate you answering my question.😘😍
@banafshehhosseini4316 2 yıl önce
@@TaughneeStone really helpful, i would like to sound more american other than that British 😎🤓
@esrahazinedar206 2 yıl önce
I passed my exam with flying colors and got my results on Friday . I scored 8.5 in the speaking exam. I can’t thank you enough. Before the exam , I purcased the package on your website about how to score 7 plus and above and used many phrasal verbs without almost any pauses.I love you and I really appreciate your efforts. 🥰🥰
@EnglishSpeakingSuccess 2 yıl önce
Congratulations! - what a great score! ....and so pleased my course helped.
@floradeniz421 2 yıl önce
Congratulations!! 👏👏👏👍👍👍
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Ohh, 8.5 is great! Congrats 👏
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What's the website to purchase the package?
@maitreye1123 2 yıl önce
Congratulations!!!! How'd it go? Any tips?
@gyanendragautam1308 2 yıl önce
I have already got my desired score in IELTS 7 in each band, All credit goes to you for my speaking score 7.5. I came back to your channel to say THANK YOU, you are a brilliant teacher Keith, Keep rocking!
@LucianaPereira-gy2oh 2 yıl önce
I'm really happy that l've found your channel on YT, Keith! You're a great teacher!! Thank you for the explanations! 😃😊
@brutnature5199 Yıl önce
Bhai tune iska subscription app liya tha kya????
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Thank you so much, Keith for your lessons! 😊 You really make it so interesting and funny that I just found myself enjoying learning English. I was not able to watch all your videos because of long hours work but each video is loaded with a lot of tips and those that I luckily got the chance to watch helped me get band 7. 😊 You're the best! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
@rakhmanbekbalnur6853 3 aylar önce
omg, thank you very very much. Your phrasal verbs are soo practical. Hope i will use them in my daily speech and ielts speaking. More videos like this.
@javisvaltarn5594 2 yıl önce
Just got my IELTS results today and I am very happy with the scores. Thank you, Keith, for all your great videos. Your lessons helped me build the confidence I needed in speaking English not only for the IELTS exam but most importantly for my everyday use.
@Tamarind1 2 yıl önce
This is such a gem. I wish I had had a teacher like you in my school. T T Your channel is extremely useful. I appreciate your lessons, Keith.
@EnglishSpeakingSuccess 2 yıl önce
You're very welcome!
@Lara-nl4cn 2 yıl önce
Estou aprendendo inglês graças a seus vídeos! 🤗🇧🇷
@vanessapaolachavezmendoza608 2 yıl önce
As always, brilliant videos Keith! Thanks a milllion! Thanks for teaching us so well. I like to while away my mornings practicing the 15 phrasal verbs I just learnt.
@nerissaurbano 2 yıl önce
Used your videos as my reference for my exams. I got 7.5 in speaking. Thank you very much!
@EnglishSpeakingSuccess 2 yıl önce
@yasserelsayed6102 2 yıl önce
may I know what is your score before if you have previous try to let me see the effects ?
@anujats67 2 yıl önce
Can you be misplacing tutor
@Cheeselover76 2 aylar önce
Thank you Mr. Keith. Your useful tips have help me get a band 8 speaking in IELTS. I couldn’t have done it without you man.
@sarahshaukat5592 3 aylar önce
You are such an inspiration..I got 8 in ielts speaking after watching almost every video. Wanted to thank you....🎉 Keep up the good work.
@jeorgeespinosa2974 2 yıl önce
I’ve been watching some of your videos to get more tips for ielts. I just received my result today: L-8.5 R- 8 W-7 S-7.5. Overall score is 8. I was pretty nervous about the speaking part but surprisingly I even got higher score there. Thank you for your videos. It help me to prepare for a month of self study. Good luck to all takers.
@aimaeyo228 2 yıl önce
Any tips please 😥
@angurnesa2929 Yıl önce
How you got the result...plzz suggest me...How I would learn
@sanoakley 2 yıl önce
Keith, thanks a lot for the great lesson, as always. I love how you separated the lesson and I can go easily back just to the parts I need. Well done and congrats to you growing fan base. Love from Prague ❤
@beoneofthebest816 2 yıl önce
you are great and kind teacher, thank you so much for helping us upgrade our speaking and writing, carry on uploading such fruitful videos
@deborahkotovskyart3048 2 yıl önce
Thank you, Keith! This lesson is great and especially helpful!!! By the way, I must say- two of your Udemy courses are brilliant, as well!
@scarletmigrino132 2 yıl önce
Hey Keith! Just dropped by to say my thanks. I got my results today and obtained a 7.5 in speaking. I only had less than a week to prepare, which made me cram your videos last minute. 😂 To everyone else preparing, you’re in the right place. Cheers!
@Gurleen_brar 2 yıl önce
Yess! Without a doubt he is amazing ☺️😍
@EnglishSpeakingSuccess 2 yıl önce
Great job and well done!
@zainabfatima9098 2 yıl önce
@Scarlet Migrino please would you like to share your ideas in ielts speaking with me, i am preparing for it since a month but couldn't improve my speaking, i will be grateful for you positive response
@scarletmigrino132 2 yıl önce
Aliya Batool Hello Aliya! My IELTS speaking felt like expanded simple questions. You will be given a simple main topic question, and will be followed-up with more, concerning that particular topic. Personally, my advice would be to practice your skill to generate ideas. This was what I did especially with the little time I had to work with. I bombarded myself with numerous simple questions and recorded them to assess if I could answer instantly. Then, I mostly relied on Keith on tips and tricks. All the best!
@mehdifazli1230 Yıl önce
The English community really should be thankful to you, for your attempt to spread the language knowledge throughout the world effectively.
@hotpapsie7959 2 yıl önce
Thanks, professor for bringing out this topic about phrasal verbs. I figured out that those phrasal verbs are not tricky but have fun. I'll try my best to use phrasal verbs in my daily life like speaking and writing. Keep practicing is the best key to improve my English. Take it easy and God bless us all.
@EnglishSpeakingSuccess 2 yıl önce
Keep practicing!!
@MultiMertkan 2 yıl önce
Thanks for your great job teacher. Proceeding day by day with you really inspires me alot. 🙏 And when ever ı feel enough for the IELTS Speaking Test, ı'll apply to test myself and try to get an higher mark .
@EnglishSpeakingSuccess 2 yıl önce
@jordanapaffumi602 2 yıl önce
This video is so helpful, and well made! Thank you so much 💪🏽
@katrinabustamante1363 2 yıl önce
Thanks Keith! Your videos helped me exceed my speaking band score! You are an amazing teacher! 😇
@Nomzie 2 yıl önce
Thanks for your tips. I watched your videos during the break time we had in between LRW and Speaking and they were helpful. I scored 9 in all sections except writing but your videos were a good refresher before going in for my listening assessment.
@boluwajiolatunji5501 2 yıl önce
Hi Nomso. Please can you drop some tips.
@NusratMansha Aylar önce
Hi sir I am staff nurse from Pakistan i want to pass my IELTS test and u r doing great job for us🎉
@johnielastillo7035 2 yıl önce
I had learn a lot of words that I need to know before I take ielts and it's very interesting to know more about the phrasal verbs.. Well, it's really helpful especially to the beginners like me. Thanks sir for sharing ur time and words that's u'd learned..
@mozammel1981 9 aylar önce
You are a fantastic teacher. I am really impressed at your teaching skills.
@shayikhanum7229 2 yıl önce
Thanks a lot Mr Keith for your effort in making us successful..I appreciate it🙏
@EnglishSpeakingSuccess 2 yıl önce
My pleasure!
@pluszero9358 7 aylar önce
Thank you so much, Keith. I really learn a lot from your videos😊😊
@ClaudiaGarcia-sk7oi 2 yıl önce
I really appreciate each piece of information you so kindly share with us. Thank you so much!!!
@shreyavaghela2347 2 yıl önce
Hello sir! I've been using 4/5 phrasal verb for a while(figure out, stumble upon, bump into, turn out, make after) But this is very information lesson because I have been studying phrasal verb from different grammar books for a week and it was all confusing But because of this lesson my ideas are much more clear. Thank you once again
@EnglishSpeakingSuccess 2 yıl önce
Pleased this has helped!
@elenachagina3564 Yıl önce
Keith, you're really nice. I like your style! You're one of my favourite teachers))
@alexalex7956 2 aylar önce
I've fallen in love with your lessons. Looks like my english second nature has just been revived by Keith. Cheers Mate!!!
@nobes9249 2 yıl önce
This is the first time i see this teacher and i can say confidently that he is teaching wholeheartedly, he seems great
@titilayojoseph7576 2 yıl önce
Woohoo, I wished I have listened to this video before I wrote my ielts test sometimes last year. I can not thank you enough for this exposition. These words are not new to me but I never thought of using them in the course of the exam. Once again, thank you so much. You are really impacting humanities
@EnglishSpeakingSuccess 2 yıl önce
Glad it was helpful!
@pikai100 Yıl önce
I love watching your videos. today i have learnt many phrasal verbs and will try to use in my sentences. Now i have to knuckle down and do my english exercises.
@LucianaPereira-gy2oh 2 yıl önce
Thank you very much, Keith!! You're a great teacher!! 😃😁🙏
@vladimirlopez8109 2 yıl önce
Hello. Thank you very much for your time and your wonderful tips for developing different skills about the English language. I'm a private teacher of Spanish and English. I'm originally from Cuba, now living in Brazil. Thanks a lot. Vladimir Goire
@eymenjimeneztorres1633 2 yıl önce
I am from Colombia and although I do not speak English I can understand most of the sessions, I am learning a lot, thank you for your time and teachings God bless you
@darkpollo289 8 aylar önce
I really enjoy your videos, I've learnt a lot of them. Hope that you can make more, because the themes are so many... thanks.
@nejladincer9382 2 yıl önce
I love watching your videos, you're so cheerful and energetic. I wish i had a teacher like you before. We love you, kind regards🥰
@EnglishSpeakingSuccess 2 yıl önce
Thank you so much!
@bennyhansen5541 Yıl önce
I really enjoy these lessons, you teaching abilities are of the charts!
@peymanjahanbin 2 yıl önce
Dear Keith, thank you for the informative videos you are sharing on TRshow. I should tell you that 'stumble upon/on/across' is used for both things and people. Cambridge Dictionary: to discover something by chance, or to meet someone by chance.
@paulinaorellana7268 Yıl önce
Hi! I love your videos, they´re really helpful for me. I´d like to ask you a question about the example you gave with the phrasal verb "to buckle down". Why are the verbs buckle and find in past tense? Thanks a lot Keith!!
@irinaes9240 2 yıl önce
I am a beginner in English and I love your articulation. It helps me with pronunciation. Thanks.
@EnglishLanguageTeachers Yıl önce
You are absolutely one of the best Professors whom I have ever had all around the vast world. Best Regards...🥰✌
@xuansontran8171 2 yıl önce
Thank you, Keith! I've stumbled upon all these phrasal verbs, but I hardly use them. Thanks to you, I got to understand more what context they can be used in :D.
@EnglishSpeakingSuccess 2 yıl önce
Great - glad it was helpful!
@argin3496 Yıl önce
Your phrases tips are so impressive. My speaking is improving thanks to you
@thandarsoe8035 2 yıl önce
so energetic and relaxed when watching your videos. Thanks, Keith
@EnglishSpeakingSuccess 2 yıl önce
Glad you like them!
@hessamjamalkhah9781 10 aylar önce
Thank you teacher, I really need to get on with phrasal verbs more than before😉
@tinyhexa5721 2 yıl önce
Hi keith. 15 years ago I took international CAE and CPE certificates from the university of cambridge, both of them with grade A. But your class have a lot for me to learn. Thank you. Thanks almighty God for everything. I text you from Iran.
@taniahomsi4284 2 yıl önce
Dear Keith, I just received my IELTS results. I've got a band 8 on my speaking test! I followed your advice and tips, actually I could hear your voice in my mind while having the test😂😇. Thanks to you and your efforts my overall band is 7 (S=8, R=7, L=6.5, W=6.5)! Thank you soooo much!!!
@jinminghu7258 2 yıl önce
Impressive phrasal verbs! Will assimilate them asap ;D and I love those pauses made for interaction, haha it feels like we're talking to you face to face, making it quite engaging... Oh and the tip for teachers, very kind of you sir, will bare it in mind for my future teaching practices. Many thanks!
@EnglishSpeakingSuccess 2 yıl önce
Brilliant - pleased to hear it is engaging. Good luck with your teaching!
@vahidfarsi139 2 yıl önce
Would you like to text each other practicing our English?
@MalayalaDiary 2 yıl önce
Great. Few months back I bumped into Mr. Keith, an amazing teacher in style and he helped me a lot to knuckle down on studying IELTS English... Thank you Mr. Keith
@user-rx4ij5cl5r 2 yıl önce
It's so important to change our attitude to things which we find difficult as you said in this lesson Phrasal vebs are complicated,no! they are exciting!!Thanks!
@EnglishSpeakingSuccess 2 yıl önce
That's it! So pleased you picked up on that. Our attitude really can be a game changer 😁
@krk7328 2 yıl önce
Keith ,you are simply superb. You certainly know your English inside out. How nice if I could speak like you. I am amazed.
@blackdahlia3452 2 yıl önce
Keith your amazing wow... no one could get me into studying as much as you do .
@user-hh1wy7zx7i Yıl önce
Thanks a lot ❤ I am going to pass IELTS exam but I must improve all skills. Mainly writing skills. So all materials that you did, very useful for me
@rushini_fonseka6381 2 yıl önce
I got really impressed about this video and I understood 🙌all the things that you teached . thank you so much for making this kind of videos for us that who searching videos for learn English. sir you are really good at teaching and I love❤️ your lesson and this video and this is my first video watch from your channel .I wanna say very impressive🙌🙌
@phillipinachari8872 Yıl önce
@yennhipham3317 2 yıl önce
Another fantastic lesson. I’m in for an exam next week, so I’m worried sick now. I gotta knuckle down harder. Thank you, Keith!
@letslearntomaketheworldbet4327 2 yıl önce
Thank you indeed sir. Though I am not capable of using all 15 phrasal verbs yet, I have saved this video in my gallery so that I can watch it any time whenever I feel like learning it.
@EnglishSpeakingSuccess 2 yıl önce
Yes, slow and careful practice is a good idea. Love back from Spain. 😁
@sukhsidhu9967 2 yıl önce
Thank you 😊 so much your videos motivate me and rejuvenate my mind really thank you from core of my heart 💓
@AbdulNazerTirur 2 yıl önce
It's absolutely nice. I really enjoyed this lesson. Thank you very much for a wonderful presentation
@wasifurrahman9156 2 yıl önce
U r a good teacher Keith, great presentation skills u have
@kmalsukurova2093 2 yıl önce
You explain perfectly, I think I’ll be able to improve my English with your help.....Thanks a lot....
@liriovan-dunem8790 Yıl önce
I'm loving to learn English with you, you're very funny 😅, your accent it's spotless, very clean.
@thavydemofficial5609 2 yıl önce
Thanks Keith for invaluable lessons!
@ahmedoum4718 2 yıl önce
Thanks a lot Mr kieth for this best lesson about phrasl verb. It's very interesting.
@xiaochenwu9980 2 yıl önce
So many good expressions that it needs time to digest for a while.thanks a lot,Mr Keith.
@androidc5437 2 yıl önce
How can someone dislike his videos!!! Thanks Keith.. Very informative. Really need to knuckle down... My ielts are in a month. 😊
@arpitatiwari6696 2 yıl önce
Thanks a lot .. 🙏 I was able to achieve 8 band in Speaking by watching your youtube videos. 🙏 I can't thank you enough. 😀
@op5543 2 yıl önce
Very helpful and thanks for such a lovely session.
@tlim-thsiltv3714 Yıl önce
Thank you very much for sharing interesting information with us.
@sofiaoltremare6232 8 aylar önce
Ti ascolterei per ore... È incredibile quanto il Tuo inglese, Sir Keith, is clear, relaxing, encouraging. È un'esperienza piacevole, oltre che formativa. Thanks a mill.🙏🏻🤗🙏🏻🙏🏻
@shahrzadmanavi2733 2 yıl önce
Thank you so much Keith. Your video was so useful and practical
@jhenperez23 2 yıl önce
love to try it all... you've got a great selection of phrasal verbs.. no wonder it's all in your top list.
@Gurleen_brar 2 yıl önce
After watching your videos, I often use idioms and pharses but my teacher always disallows me to use them🥺🥺 Btw you are great teacher forever and ever and still❤️
@Gurleen_brar 2 yıl önce
Especially in writing they just strictly prohibited us to use this kind of phrases😌😌
@sirat276 2 yıl önce
@@Gurleen_brar same 😏🥺
@EnglishSpeakingSuccess 2 yıl önce
So, some idioms and phrasal verbs are not suitable for writing, so your teacher is right. However, there are plenty of phrasal verbs (like in this video) that you can use in IELTS Speaking. I guess, you just need to use appropriate ones, as naturally as possible, and not too many!
@Gurleen_brar 2 yıl önce
@@EnglishSpeakingSuccess Thank you for ❤️😍 I really need it's answer🙏
@luanmai8351 2 yıl önce
I am brushing up on my English speaking skill, thank you for that, Mr. Keith.
@rdjcorp 2 yıl önce
Great content : thanks a tonne keith. Here are few phrasal verbs i need to use more of : stumbled upon, bumped into, brushupon, got around it, while away, banking on, we are in for,pan out, pickup, figure out, get on with it,bucked down, turned out
@lacteavia7774 2 yıl önce
You have done very big and beneficial job for us! Thanks a lot , i value it)
@rakhimovjasurbek5156 Yıl önce
I really revel in utilizing that phrasal verbs in my speech. Phrasal verbs are riveting,so I should buckle down learning by heart them. Thanks a million sir. 😊😊😊
@user-lc1nb1dn8n 2 yıl önce
Thank you so much for your lessons. You are great teacher!!!👏
@poojapallavi7081 2 yıl önce
I am listening to you even after finishing ielts to continue my learning. Thanks
@feelthis6867 4 aylar önce
Thank you so much keith.. I really learn a lot from your videos 😊😊 🇧🇩🇧🇩
@shameonyou. 2 yıl önce
Thank you . It is a great lesson . You have amazing gifted skills and great teacher. Bless you !
@musikosan8434 2 yıl önce
Thanks Keith.. ur contents are extremely usefull overall for me and everyone
@ManjitKaur-sr3uj 2 yıl önce
Thnku sir U r really Optisimic person for me😊 I really want to research these types of phrasel verbs for Ameliorating my speaking skills but u already uploaded it.. Thnku.. 😊God bless you
@randathulthi1470 2 yıl önce
Hi Keith.. I discovered you recently. Appreciate your valuable lessons. You have a very nice way teaching. As you are speaking French; I need someone like you teaching French plz. Any recommendations? Kind regards. Randa
@ayahmalkawi5089 2 yıl önce
I’ve just finished my Speaking exam and do you know what?! it turns out pretty well. I 'd like to thank you ,your efforts are much appreciated.
@amjadalqahtany7273 2 yıl önce
me too
@EnglishSpeakingSuccess 2 yıl önce
Great job!
@kulwinderkaurgill1884 2 yıl önce
Thanku sir…I love the way you speak and explain🙂 kindly upload more videos …I really want that for preparing Ielts 🙂
@greatnation4328 Yıl önce
Thank you for sharing this information on the use of phrasal verbs while speaking.
@soumyapb2213 2 yıl önce
Sir,I am a Malayalee student and I am watching your videos recently I earn more confident .your absolutely great sir.
@RayanRayan-nt8bf 2 yıl önce
Bless you Keith ,you're the best teacher in the world ,keep it up.
@MdMASUDRANA-te5rb 7 aylar önce
One of the best teachers I've met so far on TRshow...
@crystalhustle7208 2 yıl önce
It seems I’ve just found my favorite English teacher 😍🥲 Now I have more hopes to improve my English!
@EnglishSpeakingSuccess 2 yıl önce
Happy to hear that Crystal!
@sahiljaat6251 2 yıl önce
Be cautious, he also seems like Jhony sins 🤣🤣
@user-fn1by9rg1x Yıl önce
You are an amazing teacher ☺️ thanks you so much 😊
@vitoriafantoni Yıl önce
I've been having so much fun with your videos! Thank you so much for sharing!
@sevarakarimboeva862 Yıl önce
I got overall 7.5. Speaking 7.5. Thank u mr Keith for your sincere help!
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7 Smart Ways to Think in English
English Speaking Success
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IELTS Speaking - Better Connectors, Better Fluency
English Speaking Success
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15 ways to practice speaking English at home alone
English Speaking Success
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