Europe’s New Skyscraper Capital Isn’t Where You Think

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Welcome to Frankfurt.
See how PERI is enabling the rise of skyscrapers like these -
Full story here -
Presenter and Narrator - Fred Mills
Producer - Tim Gibson
Camera and Video Editing - Aaron Wood and Kurt Fernandes
Executive Producers - Fred Mills, James Durkin and Jaden Urbi
This video contains paid promotion for PERI Formwork Systems. See how PERI is being used on skyscraper projects around the world -
Special thanks to PERI Formwork Systems and FOUR Frankfurt. Additional footage and images courtesy of PERI Formwork Systems, Groß & Partner, Ferdinand Heide, Nightnurse, Calmmo, Skyline Atlas and UN Studio.
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@TheCriminalViolin Yıl önce
I was not expecting Frankfurt because I was expecting a unexpected place haha. Frankfurt has been very well known as the skyscraper capital of Europe, as well as the economic, IT & "cosmopolitan" capital of Germany when it comes to modernism.
@rjc0234 Yıl önce
and i imagine that, since Brexit, it is now even more influential in Europe and the EU!
@TheCriminalViolin Yıl önce
@Paw EL I know that. But Frankfurt still is the capital for having by far the most.
@52fifteen33 Yıl önce
Frankfurt is like german Ohio
@lokischeissmessiah5749 Yıl önce
@@TheCriminalViolin Frankfurt doesn't have the most skyscrapers. Frankfurt has 18 skyscrapers (technically defined as buildings over 150m) with what, 5 under construction? London has 38 skyscrapers with a further 9 under construction. So I don't know where this "Skyscraper capital" bs is coming from? Just typical teutonic self assuredness or?
@tim..indeed Yıl önce
@@lokischeissmessiah5749 Not surprising since London a much, much larger city. And what also seperates London is that it's skyscrapers (and even moreso the high-rises) are divided between City of London, Canary Wharf and other places. Meanwhile every skyscraper and most other high-rises in Frankfurt is in the inner city, making that place as dense as both London districts.
@Chocolate-wb1bu Yıl önce
I like that most skyscrapers are concentrated in one city rather than having them everywhere. That way you get both a modern looking city while the other more historic cities can keep their old charm. It's the best of two worlds.
@tolgakara4793 Yıl önce
Agreed, however id liked it if that concentration wasnt in Frankfurt, considering it being one of the most important cities in medieval (how the fuck do you spell that lol) times.
@yusteryumeister4601 Yıl önce
@@tolgakara4793 yeah but most of its medieval history was destroyed during ww2
@lokalimuz6828 Yıl önce
This is exactly why Istanbul even tho it has the most skyscrapers in all of Europe doesn’t look appealing to me because its just few connected dense areas and then random skyscrapers all throughout the city ruining its historic view and city planning just doesn’t seem to care
@chairmanofrussia Yıl önce
You could just go with the Paris/Moscow model, where you have a modern business center outside the central area.
@runfrankfurt 8 aylar önce
Frankfurt is also called „Mainhattan“ due to the skyline and the river called „Main“ which flows through the center. It always had a unique skyline in Europe.
@svenaqeo 2 aylar önce
@@craplike123 And it ist also called "Crackfurt" due to the favorite candy at the Central station and its lovers: Crack.
@gigigonzal0 Aylar önce
@@craplike123 what a bullshit. you can enjoy your leisure time everywhere. its just a few streets where this melting pot exists like in every other bigger city.
@__KursK__ Aylar önce
​@@craplike123germany has the fourth highest gdp of all countries plus its an innovation hub. That's not a failed state
@ernesto.carloz Aylar önce
@@__KursK__ 40% income tax and even more is not a big fail?
@LC-pv9xh Yıl önce
This title is kind of misleading because Frankfurt was already the skyscraper capital at the turn of the century but has been surpassed by London, Paris, and Moscow because Frankfurt slowed to a creep on building while those places went berserk. The skyline looks rarely unchanged from 20 years ago even though there are a few additions. It's good to see Frankfurt booming again and I miss living there!
@RedroomStudios Yıl önce
much appreciated comment... I just listed the same 3 cities as you did that are outdoing Frankfurt.
@LC-pv9xh Yıl önce
@@RedroomStudios much appreciated response! Good you've noticed the same things I have! You have my support!
@theequalizer153 11 aylar önce
I believe the reasson for Frankfurt to slow down is that the transition of State affairs from said area moved a lot of people from Frankfurt to Berlin some 20 years ago when most of the new buildings were ready to be moved into. Meanwhile Frankfurt dwindled somewhat but are growing again since 5 years back , this we can thank the Brexiters for ;-) :-)
@user-hv3xv4xs6j 11 aylar önce
You really should look into Warsaw. Construction has been going crazy over the last couple of years.
@LC-pv9xh 11 aylar önce
@@user-hv3xv4xs6j I'm very aware of Warsaw. They've basically been on par with Frankfurt lately and would be added to the list along with Istanbul.
@Flbari Yıl önce
I lived in Frankfurt before and for me it always was the skyscraper capital of Europe. Warsaw was impressive too
@tubz 2 aylar önce
as an American I love the fact that so many European cities don't have skyscrapers and have nice historic charm. besides, just about nothing can top Chicago or New York skyline, keep doing what you do best and don't try to compete haha
@user-zz2of4zk6b 2 aylar önce
Moscow has more skyscrapers and they are higher.
@cooltwittertag Aylar önce
@@tubz idk i think shanghais skyline easily beats them, at least NYC based on interesting architecture.
@secrets.295 19 gün önce
​@@tubzUhm. Shanghai, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Dubai can easily beat Chicago's skyline. Shanghai & Hong Kong can beat New York too.
@secrets.295 19 gün önce
Nuh. Moscow is the new skyscraper of Europe. Moscow skyline is more compact and it has the height as well.
@hrvojehedzet8317 Yıl önce
Frankfurt was the first one I thought about tho... One of the most memorable European skylines for sure.
@davidz3879 Yıl önce
Frankfurt has been the skyscraper capital of Europe for years.
@at0mly Yıl önce
Yeah same.
@AntneeUK Yıl önce
Me: It's not Frankfurt? Fred: It's Frankfurt Me: So it _is_ where I thought
@norwegianzound Yıl önce
I thought Moscow
@nemo2203 Yıl önce
@@norwegianzound out of favor right now….
@soulscanner66 Yıl önce
0:00 Frankfurt: New skyscraper of Europe 0:10 Question: Why Frankfurt? 0:38 Why Europe doesn't like skyscrapers 1:45 Why Frankfurt is different 2:58 Millennium tower 3:11 Four Frankfurt: Four buildings in heart of city 4:18 Four Frankfurt: Urban design 4:55 Four Frankfurt: Construction techniques 5:25 Four Frankfurt: Concrete cores and PERI systems 8:04 Frankfurt: Brexit building boom 9:04 Conclusion: The changing skyline Would be great if you could make timestamped guides for reference in the . When teaching and in presentations, timestamped guides help to quickly preview the video for an audience and help viewers quickly find the reference they're looking for. Thgese videos are so well structured, I'm surprised this isn't done yet.
@dylanchauhan7263 Yıl önce
Sorry for the random approach You to be an ambitious in dividual which gives me the idea to know if you're open minded to look a new way of generating an income, It may or may not be a fit for you, but if I send you some info would you check it out?
@takasmaka820 Yıl önce
4:27 swastika
@andreferro4618 Yıl önce
@@takasmaka820Oh boy !
@dslelsd1871 10 aylar önce
i thought in the end there will come a hotel trivago joke
@Mwffm Yıl önce
Frankfurt has so many other amazing views to offer. Most videos only capture the banking district, but if you head towards the Messe/Europaviertel districts, where you‘ve got the recently completed Tower ONE (190m), the stunning Grand Tower (180m) and of course the iconic Messeturm (256m) you have a complete other perspective of the city!
@_pv8 Yıl önce
@Paw EL nope in moscow
@vzs01 Yıl önce
Following this channel for quite a while now and seeing you grow to a level where serious construction enterprises advertise their products in your videos is just mind blowing. Being this connected to the real world work with your channel has to be the biggest creator flex I can think of
@mikael8120 Yıl önce
Warsaw in Poland also has nice skyline located in the city center (15 buildings over 150m) with the highest skyscraper in UE - Varso Tower (310m)
@Student0Toucher Yıl önce
@Tobi-ln9xr Yıl önce
The Varso tower has an architectural height of 236 metres. The Commerzbank tower in Frankfurt has an architectural height of 259 meters but the tower itself is 305 metres high with the spire. (because normally the spire doesn’t count) That means: Varso tower: 236 meters (310 m with spire) Commerzbank Tower: 259 meters (305 m with spire) The Varso tower actually got that huge spire just to overtake the Commerzbank tower.
@skyscraperfan Yıl önce
Only because of the very ugly antenna.
@hoixthegreat8359 Yıl önce
Varso Tower should definitely win the award for most pettiest building ever built. A massive spire added just so it's 0.4m taller than the Shard? Cringe.
@sergiocopiello Yıl önce
Agreed! If I had to look for a European skyscraper capital in the next two decades, I would definitely look at Warsaw
@Teddini 11 aylar önce
I mean, being from Frankfurt Area, I totally knew it was going to be here. Frankfurt / Mainhattan was always impressive, they only lack supertalls but still, the skyline stands out when compared to other regional/german cities. The only city that I could Imagine being a new Skyscraper Capital, which people wouldnt expect, would be Warszawa. I love the city and its development.
@teluobir 11 aylar önce
Also Wien
@HCforLife1 6 saatler önce
@@teluobir Yup - my top are Frankfurt, Warsaw, Rotterdam, Vien, and Bratislava (like the atmosphere of the last one). Of course, there are London, Milan, Paris, and others, but those are my favorites.
@mimamo Yıl önce
Why is it surprising, when Frankfurt had always been the skyscraper capital of Europe? Things went a bit slower in the past two decades and Paris, London, Moscow, Warsaw and Istanbul had some time to catch up, but with the recent construction boom in Frankfurt sits comfortably at the top again. The only thing the city needs, and that some others already have, is one supertall above 300m.
@felix6150 Yıl önce
Unfortunately that won't happen in the next 20 years. The Millenium Tower, which was supposed to be 360m tall, was reduced to 288m. It was the only Supertall building ever planned in Frankfurt.
@betula2137 Yıl önce
Yes, one of the main cities to have a distinctive high skyline as its central focus, rather than something like la Défense -- it's a bit like Melbourne actually
@emle9207 Yıl önce
Exactly my thoughts. Stupid title and intro of this video.
@nedludd7622 Yıl önce
Catch up on what? Le Courbusier had a plan to destroy Paris in the 20's by building a bunch of high-rises in th city center. Fortunately no one listened to that maniac. The ugliest site in Paris is one tower that was built in the 60's, la tour Montparnasse. It is said that the view from its roof is the best because you can't see the tower.
@Freshbott2 Yıl önce
Well planned cities don’t have huge demand for skyscrapers. North American and Australian cities can justify them (if you could call it that) cause they’re starved for floor space in 99% of their built area and their transport networks are radial. Frankfurt can get away with it cause it’s part of a mega region but there’s really nothing to be gained by a 300+ meter tower. They’re necessarily expensive and out of proportion with their environment. They offer zero improvement in amenity to surrounding neighbourhoods to justify the externalities. That one tower could be several midrise structures that benefit way more people. It should just stay missing.
@hanspeterson4346 Yıl önce
I don’t have any concrete numbers but knowing both Frankfurt and Warsaw pretty well I’m definitely under the impression that the construction boom in Warsaw (including the construction of skyscrapers) has been more dynamic and intensive in the last years than in Frankfurt.
@cooltwittertag Aylar önce
except that warsaw doesnt have a centralized skyline in the actual city center like frankfurt, its much more spread out and doesnt really reach into the actual center
@HCforLife1 6 saatler önce
@@cooltwittertag I think the skyline is getting more and more concentrated in Warsaw and it is a matter of a decade when they will be nicely congregated. Both are my favorites in Europe.
@moonoom764 Yıl önce
I think he's saying it isn't where you think because Frankfurt is still a relatively small City compared to Berlin, Madrid, London, Paris, etc. And yet despite a population under 800k people, Frankfurt is a metropolis with a unique skyline for Europe. And it's only going to grow more!
@rosshart9514 Yıl önce
City limits / Metopolitan Area Sydney 212,000 / 5,312,000 Boston 676,000 / 4,942,000 Frankfurt 760.000 / 5,816,000
@yourgod010101 Yıl önce
Gotta say Warszaw is one of the best now in 2022 Europe, huge increase over there. However Frankfurt always had a nice skyline for a longer time than Warszaw
@2MinuteHockey 11 aylar önce
The Germans made sure Warszawa's skyline would never exceed 3 bricks tall
@radosawkowal9050 11 aylar önce
@@2MinuteHockey they shure tried, but have you seen modern Warsaw?
@adamjamro7841 11 aylar önce
@@2MinuteHockey We all know you would like to keep it that way, it even shows in this video.
@2MinuteHockey 11 aylar önce
@@adamjamro7841 what're you babbling about?
@RowanMackenzie Yıl önce
As someone who just started playing Construction Simulator, which shows only a tiny bit of what it takes to build things, I am really beginning to appreciate these sorts of projects, and love see the techniques used. I even recognized the Royal H32 shown as a concrete pump
@michaelrmurphy2734 Yıl önce
Not a Putzmeister concrete pump?
@dylanchauhan7263 Yıl önce
Sorry for the random approach You to be an ambitious in dividual which gives me the idea to know if you're open minded to look a new way of generating an income, It may or may not be a fit for you, but if I send you some info would you check it out?
@r.sulfuratus Yıl önce
Venice was just about the least useful size comparison you could've chosen. Its borders include almost the entire lagoon so 70% its area are water. Furthermore, the by far largest part of the city, both in population and area, are the newer neighbourhoods on the mainland. The built-up area in the middle of the lagoon that we all tend to think of when someone says Venice (and that you showed in the b-roll) takes up less than 10km².
@FlakeSE Yıl önce
One interesting thing about Frankfurt today is that entering this Mainhattan district is surprisingly walkable, being suddenly surrounded by all of these tall towers after walking through the restored old town has a bit of intangible magic to it.
@johnwayne7673 Yıl önce
magic isn't real
@Jay-jq6bl Yıl önce
The old town has A LOT of work left to do. The modern buildings between the restored part and Zeil are rubbish. Plus, there are many roofs that need restoration, like those directly out front of the HBF.
@vide-yo3336 Yıl önce
Mainhatten? lol. Germans can't get more ridiculous than that. What restored old city? Do you mean the Replica? Restoration is based on pre-existing structures that were damaged. Even damaged structures should not be completely rebuilt, or they will lose their historical and cultural identity. Frankfurt's old town was destroyed, cleared away, new buildings were erected on the original site, demolished again and recreated as a replica. In your opinion, does that qualify as restoration? The new old city is a replica by all definitions. Perhaps my city will rebuild the Roman town centre that existed there 1400 years ago. At least we still have some of the walls and support structures of the original buildings. Germany: The real world example of "fake it till you make it".
@Bonos-hk1tc Yıl önce
@@vide-yo3336 bruh someone's really jealous
@MsAln1 Yıl önce
@@vide-yo3336 Germany: The real world example of "fake it till you make it". - couldn't be more true. Calling it Mainhatten is ridiculous. There are literally more impressive skyscrapers in random clusters in the suburbs of Istanbul or London.
@Gltdoors Yıl önce
I've got to say: I love your new style. Being on site yourself, and including shots of yourself speaking to the camera, help your videos feel way more personal and less pretentious. Really great stuff.
@hdng1984 Yıl önce
To be honest I never found the older style pretentious. As a Brit myself, I find his narration reassuring and knowledgeable.
@Gltdoors Yıl önce
@@hdng1984 Maybe not, but it DEFINITELY felt like a just some British voice actor (no offense B1M, you just have a great voice for VA), narrating over a bunch of stock footage. Now it feels way more.... I'm going to call it: bespoke. We can see our narrator, actually visiting the sites, and speaking to the people involved in the projects. Also, it helps the video feel more personal, like he's actually speaking to US, rather than appearing like a piece of promotional footage for investors.
@dylanchauhan7263 Yıl önce
Sorry for the random approach You to be an ambitious in dividual which gives me the idea to know if you're open minded to look a new way of generating an income, It may or may not be a fit for you, but if I send you some info would you check it out?
@javierpacheco8234 Yıl önce
He doesn't care about you sorry.
@andyroid7339 Yıl önce
Another great video Fred. I have a question - Why, if forming the core/s of a skyscraper is one of the most time consuming tasks of construction, do we still use the shutter and pour technique? Why do we not build the core as we construct a modern bored tunnel, with precast sections transported into position? The lumen of the core could even form the shaft through which the sections are lifted.
@jimidando Yıl önce
Heya working in Frankfurt and living in the city next over, here. Really excited about this video. You should also do one for the fair - city centre part of Frankfurt. A very tall building (not sure if its a skyscraper) called the spin is soon to be finished, as well as several others in construction, including one that has plants along its facade. Didn't know about the millenum tower...gotta look that up.
@darkwoodmovies Yıl önce
Never really knew much about Frankfurt, but it looks like a really pretty city! The skyscrapers work for it.
@kuunib7325 11 aylar önce
I drove past Frankfurt a couple of times and this really is one of our continents great metropolises, the skyline, the airport and of course the Autobahn...
@TheMarcox3 11 aylar önce
dont forget the main train sation
@kuunib7325 9 aylar önce
@@TheMarcox3 only ever drove past it never been in the city.
@leonard.pw0792 2 aylar önce
no one likes an autobahn, cutting right through the city
@ajmonkeyflash Yıl önce
I live in Frankfurt and I love the »big city vibes« that the skyscrapers create. However their impact on everyday life in the city is quite big as they are mostly used for office/banking. People work here, they don’t live here and you can feel that.
@buioso Yıl önce
In Europe we should build more residential skyscrapers.
@uhohhotdog Yıl önce
Skyscrapers are not economical. They are vanity projects for the rich. Residential skyscrapers would not be affordable for most people.
@vadaing394 Yıl önce
@@buioso I disagree. Living in a skyscraper can be very inconvenient, it has been prooved that the perfect height for an appartment building is roughly 4 or 5 storeys.
@willfungusman8666 Yıl önce
@@uhohhotdog wrong
@themariokartlick Yıl önce
@@willfungusman8666 if you’re at the point where building residential skyscrapers makes sense based on the underlying value of the land then, yeah, it’s going to be uneconomical. The thing is that skyscrapers only get built when land values justify building such a massive and expensive structure. That’s just not really conducive to affordable residential housing.
@JamesPhieffer Yıl önce
Very interesting. I wondered if damage from the Second World War was a major part of the openness to skyscrapers. I expect that's played a major role in London as well. Also, my compliments on a nice incorporation of your sponsor into the video. I had pointed out, a year or two ago, that some of your videos seemed more like commercials for your sponsors at the time (mostly building design and construction software, if I remember correctly), and basically made them all but unwatchable, IMHO. But since I got back into regularly watching in early '22, I've noticed you've improved that situation immensely. I realise that sponsors are necessary to pay for your great content, and the better integration displayed in this video and others should bear positive fruits for them, viewers, and your channel. Cheers!
@joermnyc Yıl önce
Visited Sofia, Bulgaria, the city center is all protected historical buildings. So they built some on the eastern edge of the city, just down the road from the airport (but right next to a Metro station.)
@PantheraTigrisTigris Yıl önce
Great insight's! But don't forget about the other major infrastructure project in Frankfurt which is Terminal 3 currently being built at the Frankfurt Airport, which will when finished, be able to handle 19-25 million additional people per year
@timmmahhhh Yıl önce
I admit I'm probably behind the times but Frankfurt-am-Main had the nickname of Mainhattan because of all of its skyscrapers, at least when I visited in 1989. So I wasn't surprised to see this city mentioned. London in contrast is totally different from my 1988 visit; the difference is stunning.
@IIHAIAHII 10 aylar önce
As someone from a city with similar number of inhabitants it struck me how small the center of frankfurt actually is. It´s entirely walkable - So weird for a city known for it´s "financial highrises".
@UlliStein Yıl önce
In 1999 there was an "open skyscraper weekend" when all skyscrapers opened theier rooftops and top levels for the public. What a great memory and experience! Today you can visit the Main Tower observation deck which is really beautiful.
@somethingtothinkabout6556 Yıl önce
That sounds wonderful!
@aggimania7901 Yıl önce
@@somethingtothinkabout6556 there have been several events of this kind, luckily I was able to attend one, but was only able to get on the roof by winning tickets for it at a radio channel, as the website crashed all the time not able buying regular ones
@fekalistagrzybowory7619 Yıl önce
We had a Night of Towers in Warsaw in 2017, visitors could enter almost every Tower in city that night
@leonoson Yıl önce
it still existed as a special day, it was discontinued during corona and once it's sure we won't have big infection waves they probably will start doing it again :)
@todayonthebench Yıl önce
To be fair, I would have included some sky bridges between the tops of the lower buildings and over into the neighboring higher ones of the development. Both to provide rooftop parks but also to provide a vast sky lobby with express elevators. Especially if people need to go from the hotel over to the offices for a meeting, or the like. Plenty of foot traffic that suddenly don't need to go down to the ground. Extending the idea further would be to look over at the already existing high-rises there and finding ways to include bridges over to them. but this is far less feasible. But high density construction should likely standardize on an elevated pedestrian layer at 100 meters or so. Especially as both commercial and residential buildings are built near each other in this fashion. Saving a trip to ground level can reduce the overall burden on elevators, free up a shaft or two and allow for larger floor plans.
@muzikkification 11 aylar önce
Frankfurt was literally the first place I thought of haha. But I'm also not from Europe and it was about the only place I visited to actually have skyscrapers.
@cardroid8615 Yıl önce
The more I watch your brilliant, fascinating programme, the more I want to get into skyscraper construction. It'd be a interesting job to get into I think.
@davetv4705 Yıl önce
Thanks for bringing this, the B1M Team. Discovering and subscribing to this channel about 5 years ago was one of the best decisions ever.
@dylanchauhan7263 Yıl önce
Sorry for the random approach You to be an ambitious in dividual which gives me the idea to know if you're open minded to look a new way of generating an income, It may or may not be a fit for you, but if I send you some info would you check it out?
@mattiasjohansson5745 Yıl önce
I traveled through Frankfurt am Main by train in 2013, and by seeing those skyscapers back then, I wasn't surpised it was that city they talked about.
@pppphillip Yıl önce
Frankfurt is very impressive. I did many city tours in Germany but to be in Frankfurt was like to be in another world. It's exciting when you saw normal sized buildings in every city and you find yourself then in a jungle full of skyscrapers
@secrets.295 2 aylar önce
I would hardly call Frankfurt a city of skyscrapers
@GSYdrums Yıl önce
Just popping into the comments to say: B1M is absolutely kicking ass, been subscribed for a while now, but this is definitely a golden age of the channel!
@Joker-yw9hl Yıl önce
The only time I've ever been to Germany was 11 years ago in Frankfurt. I was only 16 but looking back it was a great city. Very modern, very clean and just a pleasant place in general
@vangrails Yıl önce
It is modern but lots of addicts and homeless.
@TheFulp Yıl önce
very clean lol nah you must not have been around the train station haha
@jepjep8926 Yıl önce
I was also in frankfurt about 11 years ago
@marc8239 5 aylar önce
⁠@@TheFulp Frankfurt is very clean compared to most American cities tbh.
@thedrummernator3892 6 aylar önce
Another fantastic video from this channel, such a professional presentation and informative approach, always appreciated
@daudaros2959 2 aylar önce
One of my oldest childhood memories is saying goodnight to all the towers of the skyline together with my dad. We used to live in the Taunus, a little mountain range north of Frankfurt. Every evening he would pick me up, go to the window and let me say goodnight to them.
@maxmustermann611 10 aylar önce
I was there yesterday and saw the huge construction cranes and all the new skyscrapers :) And when I saw the huge "4" up there on the building yesterday, I looked at it right at the beginning of the video and knew that it must be Frankfurt... The funny thing is that when the weather is nice, I can see the Frankfurt skyline even from 60 kilometers away :)
@Samuel_J1 Yıl önce
Nice to have what feels like a smaller-scale video again. It looks like it'll be a challenging project> You mentioned the towers are made with different techniques, but beyond having different cores I didn't pick up what other techniques are used.
@Vurti0 Yıl önce
I guess it could mean they apply the paint in an upward moving motion instead of a downward moving motion here and there instead of everywhere.
@prismaticmarcus Yıl önce
he only talked about one
@elforeign Yıl önce
He did mention the mixed use buildings require different design considerations, such as in the plumbing.
@1plus1isstBrot Yıl önce
Also two of the towers are build with almost 70 % pre-fabricated elements, the other two are built conventionally with pouring concrete on site.
@dylanchauhan7263 Yıl önce
Sorry for the random approach You to be an ambitious in dividual which gives me the idea to know if you're open minded to look a new way of generating an income, It may or may not be a fit for you, but if I send you some info would you check it out?
@beamed5382 Yıl önce
Would be fun if you include the new "Karlastaden" in Gothenburg, Sweden, in a video like this :) The highest building will be 245 m, and is around 190 right now!
@giovannipereirazarbato7537 Yıl önce
I find interesting that Brazil is also devoid of skyscrapers, even though it is an emerging economy and with great population. The only city here that constantly hits the headlines for tall building construction is Balneario Camboriu (although many find this city kitsch and unappealing), and the high rises are mostly residential and not commercial. I would love a B1M video one day diving into that!
@jeffreyanderson1851 Yıl önce
Excuse me, but isn’t São Paulo in Brazil? That city is nothing but skyscrapers!
@giovannipereirazarbato7537 Yıl önce
@@jeffreyanderson1851 yeah it is! Sao Paulo has huge concentration of buildings but only 15 (!!!) exceed 150 metres. That is even more crazy to think about, a global city, densely populated, economic capital of Brazil but little interest in building extra high.
@oitudobom1243 Yıl önce
How tall a building needs to be before being considered a skyscrapers? I think even though Sao Paulo doesnt have a lot o buildings above 150 meters tall, Sao Paulo buildings are on average taller than europeans.
@giovannipereirazarbato7537 Yıl önce
@@oitudobom1243 that’s true they are taller, however, Fred always infers that skysrapers begin at 150m and supertalls at 300m (according to the Council of Tall Buildings).
@luca91214 Yıl önce
B1M keep it up! An interesting video could be on “Terzo valico dei Giovi” an italian € 7.1 billion dollar 53km long mega project that is trying to connect by high speed rail the city of Genova, and in a broader way its port, to the rest of Italy and Northern Europe. It includes a 27km long tunnel that crosses the Apennines mountains and much more.
@hugodesrosiers-plaisance3156 Yıl önce
Very cool material. We've had a similar skyscraper boom in Montreal, probabaly around 7-8 new towers over the past 10 years, some are still being planned and built. It's a bit surreal to see all these giants popping out of the ground over the years to the point where the city looks almost entirely different - I'm starting to be able to see them from my house.
@javierpacheco8234 Yıl önce
And do you think that's good?
@SuavisforsenE Yıl önce
And do you think that's good?
@jnmc2498 Yıl önce
The citys airport is a major hub and among the biggest in europe. I remember even back in the 1990s how central frankfurt looked like a mini manhattan everytime I flew over it.
@pollutingpenguin2146 Yıl önce
No, the continent of Europe does not have a collective GDP of 16T. The EU has a GDP of 16T alone. Europes combined GDP is much higher than that as that would also include: Russia, UK, Switzerland, Norway etc. If you guys are talking about the EU, then the population isn’t 750million, but closer to 430million.
@AB-yw7od Yıl önce
None of the figures you state are accurate.
@MrMeszaros Yıl önce
link to sources pls
@martinrabaud6807 Yıl önce
@@AB-yw7od Then which ones are ?
@derriegel5705 Yıl önce
@@AB-yw7od You are very right. The nominal GPD of the EU is higher than that (17.9 trillion) and if you adjust for PPP the GDP of the European Union is about 23.7 trillion US-Dollar according to the IMF.
@Student0Toucher Yıl önce
USA better
@arasakarider8998 Yıl önce
I love how high quality this channel's videos always are. Keep it up!
@BeetMasher Yıl önce
Ha, that was unexpected. I've had the huge privilege of working on this project as a BIM manager and I can't wait to see what it looks like when it's finished.
@MyAdicolor Yıl önce
Oh it's simillar situation to one we had in Warsaw ~2/ 3 years ago. In mostly same time we acomplished 4 skyscrapers (to be fair not all achived 150 m). And skyline still developes as two new 170 m buldings are growing currently, and more will come in next few years for sure. From 2016 around 10 new skyscrapers became part of our capitol Skyline.
@OutboundShane Yıl önce
"Not where I think". Frankfurt was the first place I thought of before opening the video. I remember as a kid in the 90s seeing a photo of Frankfurt and even then it was full of skyscrapers.
@martius021 Yıl önce
What about Warsaw in Poland? I was genuinely surprised of how city's skyline looks these days.
@qwackkk Yıl önce
Nice to see my hometown here. Frankfurt is a really diverse city, small neighborhoods and highrises door to door. Lots of problems but people living here have a kind of special, international attitude and are really open minded. Thank you for visiting! 😁😁
@PD-we8vf Yıl önce
Haha Do you think diversity is your strength? Remember the Christmas festival bombing? On 19 December 2016, a truck was deliberately driven into the Christmas market next to the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church at Breitscheidplatz in Berlin, leaving 12 people dead and 56 others injured. One of the victims was the truck's original driver, Łukasz Urban, who was found shot dead in the passenger seat. The truck was eventually stopped by its automatic brakes.[4] The perpetrator was Anis Amri, an unsuccessful asylum seeker.
@schluder14 Yıl önce
06, 069 cho
@michelangelobuonarroti4958 Yıl önce
@@PD-we8vf 1. That was not a bombing, 2. It's our fault because that guy was in police custody and potential connections to extremist Islamism were known. But the police let him go.
@davidjoelsson4929 Yıl önce
If things contiune as they do frankfurt will see stagnation
@@PD-we8vf Haha you copy and pasted from wikipedia
@tjeerdtrekkie1030 Yıl önce
I love Frankfurts highrise and its future plans. I love highrise in general since its a lot more modern architecture.
@omrigold Yıl önce
I think a video about Tel Aviv can be very interesting, given that it has more skyscrapers under construction than any European city
@fabianreusch4870 Yıl önce
I live about 20km outside of Frankfurt and see the skyline on a daily basis. I'm curious how it'll change in the next few years. And I'm curious if I'll get to contribute something to these skyscrapers too, as I'm working in land surveying haha
@dominik3187 Yıl önce
Never heard about the recent boom there. So thanks for the Video! As a construction youtuber you should take a look at the “bauma”, the worlds largest fair placed in Munich starting in around one month. Especially Liebherr could be interesting for you and us, watching this amazing channel.
@onnes608 Yıl önce
I love Frankfurt! Used to live there and I am do glad to see that the skyline gets higher and bigger. Go Frankfurt!
@DmitrySabFo Yıl önce
If you put 2 pictures that include both old and new city with bridges through river... Frankfurt and Moscow look so similar!
@S.T.A.L.K.E.R.-Strelok Yıl önce
In Germany we often jokingly refer to Frankfurt as "Mainhatten" because of it's skyline and it's location on the river Main.
@benni69_ Yıl önce
Ich weiß das
@DasIllu Yıl önce
I was about to comment that, adding that this is a thing for 20 or 30 years now. Maybe slower than elsewhere but steady in growth. With all the finance and consulting firms fleeing London i can't help but imagine the conservatives be like: "Hmmm oops, why didn't we think of that?"
@PD-we8vf Yıl önce
How will you be hearing your home this winter?
@DasIllu Yıl önce
@@PD-we8vf "How will you be hearing your home this winter?" Just fine. The construction sites are a bit loud but not deafening. 😛
@merzto Yıl önce
@@PD-we8vf with oil, and you?
@dirkjanus715 Yıl önce
Great video about post war redevelopment! What about a video of the dutch city of Rotterdam. It has got a great a high rise ambition (to revitalize the bombared city centre and old harbors). Interestingly, the city was rebuild with American car centric ideas that are now being replaced with more cycle and pedestrian friendly urban environments.
@Mooshimoca Yıl önce
Drove by Frankfurt a few days ago, knew this video would be about it, what a beautiful skyline it already has
@ErLeuchten Yıl önce
i like that they went with different number of floors for each tower. some people might look at it and say it is inefficient but i see the opposite. and it clearly looks better ,-)
@elforeign Yıl önce
Really interesting how you blended the intersection of construction, politics and socio-cultural norms both in the beginning with the post-war makeup of the city, to the current day international nature of the city population and towards the near future with the impact of Brexit meaning multi-nationals wanting a foothold in Europe. Always enjoy your videos, thank you for the content!
@thepivotfuture Yıl önce
Dubbed "Mainhattan" by locals in a nod to its skyscrapers and location on the Main river, Germany's financial hub may be a far from New York in terms of nightlife, culture and banking but it did beat it to top a 2021 real estate bubble index.
@matti9736 Yıl önce
What an interesting video! I hope you will make more videos about Frankfurt, especially when all highrise-projects are finished! Liked and subscribed
@marks150 Yıl önce
I returned back to Frankfurt this summer for the first time in 11 years and was surprised to see tents and homeless on the streets near the main train station. It was like a scene out of LA or Seattle. Perhaps the rise in rents post Brexit explains for this, now that I've seen this vid.
@GierigerFisch Yıl önce
Usually it’s down to drugs or other disruptive circumstances. Or those ppl are not officially linked to Germany, as there is free housing for everyone who is eligible (recognised long term residency in Germany).
@talibjalloh928 Yıl önce
Germany in general, is the toughest place to build skycrappers. The building laws are so restrictive, the regulate the amount of lights the building should have(dictating the kind of cladding you should use) and the height at a particular position should not be taller than a 200 years old church etc...
@worldtravelimagesnet Yıl önce
I first thought about London because it is really booming and the city has several clusters. But I know that Frankfurt was the leading skyscraper city in Europe, and had the tallest building, Commerzbank, seems to take the title back!
@richardwills-woodward5340 Yıl önce
London has the two tallest currently (outside Russia) and has the most *by far*.
@moonoom764 Yıl önce
more Frankfurt videos please! love this city and the airport!
@nothereandthereanywhere Yıl önce
Just when I read the name of the video, I knew it has to be Frankfurt. It makes sense, it is one of the central locations of EURO and also it had skyscraper being built at the time I was there in 2019. I think I will have to schedule a new visit for Frankfurt.
@suyashneelambugg Yıl önce
Munich had a regulation on the banks not being taller than churches! Therefore the tall banks opened in Frankfurt!
@JohnFromAccounting Yıl önce
So we just need to build the tallest church in the world in Munich, and then we can make a skyscraper?
@Thelandlord637 Yıl önce
@@JohnFromAccounting it’s worth a try🤣🤣🤣
@arctix4518 Yıl önce
The reason why the banks opened in Frankfurt, is the demise of Berlin after WW2. Before the war, Berlin was the undisputed financial capital. The German Division was the trigger, almost all of the big companies left Berlin, in most cases to Munich (Siemens, Allianz, Knorr-Bremse, Osram) or Frankfurt (Deutsche Bank, AEG, Dresdner Bank, many state institutions). The first german skyscrapers in Germany were built in Berlin, Jena, Köln, Düsseldorf or Stuttgart in the Golden Twenties. Frankfurts and Munichs skyscrapers are a post-war period product.
@tomlxyz Yıl önce
@@arctix4518 It makes sense historically but it's so weird that a European capital has relative little importance in its own country
@Puffin09 Yıl önce
I wish you were right that "Europe doesn't like skyscrapers." There are thousands of them disfiguring our historic cities, unfortunately.
@DrBecky Yıl önce
This was fascinating! Didn't realise skyscrapers were that concentrated in Europe to just 5 cities; the history and politics of it all are so interesting.
@chairmanofrussia Yıl önce
Warsaw also has them.
@adamjamro7841 11 aylar önce
It's not only 5 cities. This video is a payed promo for Germany.
@rjc0234 Yıl önce
I was told 10 years ago by someone from Wiesbaden that they nickname Frankfurt "Mainhattan" as the cityscape looks like Manhattan, and the river Main flows through the area.
@FantasKanal Yıl önce
Still waiting for you to cover Elbtower in Hamburg. Considering it will be one of the tallest buildings in germany (third tallest in germany and the tallest outside of frankfurt), and be the first skyscraper in Hamburg, i think its noteworthy.
@backslash68 Yıl önce
I wonder why the skyscrapers in Milan were not shown, not even for a second - in the last 10 years many new ones were built. Among them, the Unicredit tower and the Generali tower are really a sight to see.
@BH-2 11 aylar önce
Because B1M is biased 😂 they always have a dig at Brexit. If number of new buildings equals prosperity, London’s building boom has never stopped, Brexit or not.
@rudfil 11 aylar önce
Munich is a much more attractive city than Frankfurt so let Frankfurt keep their skyscrapers. Btw I really like those tree tower apartments in Milan.. so unique
@michaellyden2580 Yıl önce
I was just in Central Europe this past May, and I was surprised to see the amount of new high rises being built in Bratislava. That may be a city to keep an eye on over the next few years.
@Grassik3 Yıl önce
The whole Nivy district in Bratislava is being rebuild from scratch. Whole new bus station with Nivy tower on top and lot of amazing stuff.
@MegaJellyNelly Yıl önce
@@julm7744 Russia is part of the slavic language family and so are all the Eastern European countries, so their cities will all have somewhat similar sounding names lol
@REdgar66 Yıl önce
First. Bravo on getting access to shoot at the top of a sky scraper during construction. Second. Is it me or did the site manager look a little … young… for someone in his position? Good for him!
@gahmuretvanbegonia994 11 aylar önce
been there a few months ago, as a european this was my first experience with proper skyscrapers the horrible feeling of concrete emptyness, stronger winds, it really didn't feel like any of this is actually built for humans
@hjvdd 4 aylar önce
Love the trend en the progress. This trend is also happening in Rotterdam the Netherlands. Sadly that city is often forgotten because of its harbor
@WZDBMNEN 2 aylar önce
Rotterdam has 6 Skyscrapers from nearly 100 meters, but they call it Manhattan at the Maas. 😂🎉 It is actually de new Maas which has nothing to do with the Maas in Maastricht. They also have a famous person namely Erasmus. Every building, bridge, hospital etc. etc. has his name although he left Rotterdam when he just could walk. At the age of 4 his parents took him elsewhere😂🎉
@arnaudsillis5377 Yıl önce
Please do a video on Austin, TX! Our current pace of skyscraper construction is unmatched for a North American city of our size (2.3 million in the metro area).
@isaakmorse6044 Yıl önce
It would be great to do a video where you compare the HnS on various building sites across EU and UK. I think London is the leader in safety
@vangrails Yıl önce
What is HnS?
@AR-mv3zh 10 aylar önce
@@vangrails health and safety I assume
@j1d7s Yıl önce
Very interesting, I live near Frankfurt, but I was not aware of the massive skyscraper building activity that will be going on in this decade.
@mrhmd8308 Yıl önce
Isn’t Frankfurt also the financial capital of Europe? A very beautiful city
@richardwills-woodward5340 Yıl önce
Of the Eurozone, yes. London is towers over Frankfurt however in terms of finance (and skyscrapers if it matters!).
@eldermoose7938 Yıl önce
It's not really surprising Frankfort has always had the most skyscrapers, they even have a semi regular Wolkenkratzer Festival to celebrate their skyline and high rise buildings. Now a video more in-depth on why specifically it has bucked the midrise urbanism of Europe would be interesting though
@richardwills-woodward5340 Yıl önce
In 'Continental Europe' (excluding Russia) yes. London has a lot more.
@frankboston258 Yıl önce
A summary of other current high-rise projects under construction in Frankfurt: Central Business Tower: 210m/689ft Spin: 128m/420ft 160 Park View: 96m/315ft Completed in 2022: ONE: 190m/623ft Eden: 98m/312ft Global Tower: 110m/361ft In planning: Millennium Tower 1 + 2: 290m/951ft + 154m/505ft Icoon: 140m/460ft Highlines: 88m/290ft + 60m/196ft + 46m/150ft
@tcsargea Yıl önce
Great Video , just a heads up and wondering if you have ever thought about the Greater Vancouver area? Here in Surrey British Columbia we are also having a construction boom , the skyline is exploding . We would invite you do a video of the new Surrey British Columbia Canada
@leonardoMS007 Yıl önce
It sucks that not many European cities have skyscrapers. Although I understand why they regulate it. The cities are beautiful by themselves, so probably the skyscrapers would make the landscape less antique and epic.
@fettywap1738 Yıl önce
I’ve flown into Frankfurt a few times and I’ve always been quite impressed/surprised by the skyline - ironically the same name of a great Netflix series set in Frankfurt also (cancelled now though!)
@mshahzeb8187 Yıl önce
Why was it cancelled?plus which genre
@u.p.1038 Yıl önce
@@mshahzeb8187 Drama series about a hip hop record label with ties to organized crime. Dont know why it was cancelled though.
@timalexander1811 Yıl önce
@@mshahzeb8187 It was cancelled after the first season because the numbers were just to bad and Netflix really loves canceling stuff after the first season, apparently there was also a dispute with a real music label which shares it‘s name with the fictional label „Skyline Records“ The show is a drama about organized crime with different groups fighting for power in the city and undercover police infiltration. The story is is apparently supposed to be inspired by the life of „Haftbefehl“ a real life rapper from near Frankfurt. Therefore some german rappers have cameos in the show.
@maggimar3118 Yıl önce
Absolutely amazing channel, with excellent coverage of interesting topics like architecture and planning. Enjoy every video.
@roberthaussler1289 Yıl önce
Great videos and great city!! Good job B1M
@stockton375 Yıl önce
I was working in Frankfurt a few months ago i immediately guessed from the title that it was going to be Frankfurt. Still my favorite european city to do buisness in
@BrendanDell Yıl önce
Frankfurt is still on my bucket list of places to travel- perhaps I'll wait until these towers are built, seems it's going to look epic!
@Jay-jq6bl Yıl önce
I took a trip to around Europe in 2006 and saw 20 countries and Frankfurt was my least favorite city. Ironically I lived there for 8 years afterwards. It has improved A LOT since 2006.
@pavelow235 Yıl önce
Nothing special about Frankfurt unless you are open to a "great time", best Eros Center for that style of "tourism" in Europe. Much better "employees" than Amsterdam.
@tilmannnnn Yıl önce
Make sure to visit the blocks around the main railway station in Frankfurt! There are many very nice people!
@MrMywonderworld910 Yıl önce
There isn't much to do in Frankfurt
@JohnnyJaxmusic 2 aylar önce
I remember when I was driving to Switzerland, halfway in Germany, I suddenly saw a ' New York' type of city suddenly looming on the horizon. I was like; WTF? haha. First time I saw Frankfurt.
@Debaucherousgeek Yıl önce
Isn't Frankfurt the "financial capital" of Europe? Some of the happiest years of my childhood were when my family lived in Frankfurt. Back in the 70s/80s when there were still U.S. military bases there. Frankfurt has always been a MAGNIFICENT city and I am so happy to see this awesome development of the future being built there. I'm American but Ich Liebe Deutschland!!! ♥
@kentd4762 Yıl önce
Thank you, Fred and B1M. Great as always.
@paulflechsig8253 Yıl önce
I really like and enjoy every video from you. Therefore it’s a special delight to watch a video about Germany as I’m from Berlin and living in Frankfurt ☺️
@oleolsonn100 7 gün önce
If everything is realized as the building permits now certify, Frankfurt will have a truly impressive skyline from 2030. It's fun to be there.
@yassinosman7599 Yıl önce
good video! you should also look into Gothenburg, Sweden a lot is happening there. biggest skyscraper in Scandinavia is almost done.
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