Top 10 Best Selling Songs Each Year (2010-2020)

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Music Here

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Top 10 best selling songs each year worldwide according to International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI)
Positions are based on total units sold (sales+streaming)
Note: Streaming was added to the formula in 2013

ALSO REMEMBER: This is NOT based on how many units songs have sold in TOTAL. It's based on units sold during a particular year. This means it's possible for songs to appear twice in consecutive years, if they are big enough ("Closer", "Shape Of You" for example). It also means that songs which are released/are big early in the year (January-April), have more time to rack up streams and sales, which means they have a higher chance of appearing on this list. Songs which are released/become big during July-October have a high chance of MISSING this list entirely, because the consumption is SPLIT between two years instead of a single year. This includes for example songs like "Starboy" (released in September) and "Shake It Off" (released in August) which both missed this list.

-Biggest songs each year (2010-2020)
-Biggest songs of all time
-Biggest global hit songs
-Biggest worldwide hits of each year
-Most iconic songs of all time
-Best selling artists of all time
-Best selling artists of the 2000s
-Best selling artists of the 2010s
-Best selling songs of all time
-Best songs of all time
-Best songs of the 2000s
-Hit songs of 2010
-Hit songs of 2011
-Hit songs of 2012
-Hit songs of 2013
-Hit songs of 2014
-Hit songs of 2015
-Hit songs of 2016
-Hit songs of 2017
-Hit songs of 2018
-Hit songs of 2019
-Hit songs of 2020
-Hit songs of 2020
-Top 100 biggest worldwide hit songs ever
-Chart history
-Billboard hot 100
-Billboard hot 100 all time list
-Best song of the 2010s
-TRshow most viewed songs of all time
-Most streamed songs of all time
-Spotify top 100
-Shape Of You
-Justin Bieber
-Blinding Lights
-Bad Guy
-Lady Gaga
-Bruno Mars
-Ed Sheeran
-Katy Perry
-Taylor Swift
-Ariana Grande
-Michael Jackson
-The Weeknd
-Super Bowl half time show
-Best selling albums of all time

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Music Here
Music Here 2 aylar önce
This is an outdated video! If you want to see the new version with 2021 added, you can check it out here:
jay Aylar önce
Top 5 Trending
Top 5 Trending Aylar önce
Havana By Camila Cabello Feat. Young Thug Cane Out In 2017
Yurika Chan
Yurika Chan Aylar önce
Who watch this video in 2022??
JupiterSenpai 6 aylar önce
My childhood was just filled with Bruno mars,imaging dragons,avicii and all these songs from like 2010 and 2014 nostalgic music
computerjantje Gün önce
If these songs made you feel nostalgic then you need to see a psychiatrist because you are way too young to feel nostalgic. Get a life first :)
Kayla Firbank x
Kayla Firbank x 9 gün önce
For me it’s about 2010- 2017 songs
Octavian mushi
Octavian mushi 25 gün önce
Same to me but +
Piano Accelerator
Piano Accelerator Aylar önce
So nostalgic…
आपला विदर्भ
आपला विदर्भ Aylar önce
KR6 Productions
KR6 Productions 15 gün önce
2010-2015 especially is mad nostalgic and just one of the greatest eras in music especially pop and rock. Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, Maroon 5, Imagine Dragons, Katy Perry, Flo Rida, Black Eyed Peas etc. absolute icons and legends. 2010s brings back so many memories and these songs aren't even the tip of the iceberg but simply some of the best.
iDqnnez 11 saatler önce
Feels like you left out avicii here, but i do agree with you
Fairy 2 gün önce
Katy Perry not ://
RandomNamedHBK 3 gün önce
@Mads Møller we’re all subjected to different opinions, but in my opinion no music will beat this era
Mads Møller
Mads Møller 6 gün önce
Greatest eras...In my opinion it's one of the absolute worst!
ali çiftçi
ali çiftçi 6 gün önce
Saturn is a planet
Saturn is a planet 18 saatler önce
Hearing these songs fills me with nostalgia. I was born in 2002, im 20 now and grew up (like a lot of us) listening to these songs. I am sad how fast my childhood went by. And it REALLY flew by. Songs bring back memories!
Azuski The Mage
Azuski The Mage Aylar önce
This list is basically my childhood, time passed so fast, it feels like yesterday 😂
Toefungus 2 gün önce
Ik it’s so nostalgic
futebol24 horas
futebol24 horas Aylar önce
Kojo Bailey
Kojo Bailey 2 gün önce
So glad that Blinding Lights was #1 of 2020. Keeps some of my faith in current pop music
Trooper Walker
Trooper Walker 5 aylar önce
2018 is when everything really changed. I miss the earlier 2010’s of music😭
Nico Tang
Nico Tang 8 saatler önce
Imo the 80's are the best anf it will be...
paola 3 aylar önce
@T M some people dont like them and their music, i dont enjoy kpop thats it
Tanishka Sawant
Tanishka Sawant 4 aylar önce
@DannyXD2010 yes.
DannyXD2010 4 aylar önce
@Tanishka Sawant that's interesting I really like their English songs but I do agree that their Korean songs have more range and emotion. I'll try to listen to more of their discography of Korean songs.
Reneryx 4 aylar önce
For me it was after 2015, I feel like once that year happened, everything kinda just felt the same.
MisterTwister 16 gün önce
I’m older, so I fall into the trap of labeling anything past 2009 as “modern”, but music has changed a lot. I often discount how much change has happened due to my general lack of interest with newer music, but it’s weirdly nostalgic to see the songs from the early 2010’s
Ege Mutlu
Ege Mutlu Aylar önce
to me: 2011:high for this 2012:house of balloons 2013:wicked games 2014:XO/The Host 2015:The Hills 2016:Can’t feel my face 2017:Starboy 2018:Reminder 2019:I was never there 2020:Blinding Lights
Sina 2 gün önce
Mahabub Khan-93
Mahabub Khan-93 4 gün önce
Found you homie
Sparsh Jindal
Sparsh Jindal 4 gün önce
@Simply Statistical i think you're right but we can't be too sure of your conclusions due to lack of proof though signs point towards the hypothesis being accurate
Lord Poggies
Lord Poggies 7 gün önce
@BTF_Flotsam he was just sayin his favourites. Bro calm down
Simply Statistical
Simply Statistical 12 gün önce
Guys i think he likes The Weeknd
Yash Pratapwar
Yash Pratapwar 4 gün önce
2015 was the best year of the decade for music!
Lol 13 gün önce
Personally, 2012 was the most nostalgic year. The songs were awesome, the society, people, and especially no pandemic 😭
Raesdub 3 aylar önce
We can't deny the fact that 2010-2017 songs are unbeatable the nostalgic and authenticity of the songs
캐시 Kaesi
캐시 Kaesi Gün önce
Yes! I wonder why?
Karl Tanner
Karl Tanner 2 gün önce
You're nostalgic for something that's less than 5 years wither under 18 or don't know what nostalgia means
Gavin Borne
Gavin Borne 2 gün önce
10s songs were the best
Sparsh Jindal
Sparsh Jindal 4 gün önce
ARE YOU A 2006 born?
Lucas Dantas
Lucas Dantas 5 gün önce
Queria essa playlist no spotify 🥺❤️
JUNIOR 26 gün önce
2014 foi um ano de musicas lendárias
wikdhaibbebxh FF
wikdhaibbebxh FF 6 gün önce
somer_omguy2_3442*2 19 gün önce
2014 is a year that exists
Isaque Lencina franco
Isaque Lencina franco 20 gün önce
2012 teve até Michel Teló ali kkkkk
♡_𝔇𝔲𝔠𝔨𝔩𝔦𝔫𝔤𝔫𝔢𝔰𝔰_♡ 7 gün önce
It’s like going through a time machine if my childhood’s music
Alana Giacco
Alana Giacco 28 gün önce
Caraca... Bruno Mars três vezes em 2011 ! Meu baixinho ❤️ #foreverhooligans
Alana Giacco
Alana Giacco 19 gün önce
@dani L com toda certeza 😘❤️
dani L
dani L 19 gün önce
o maior que temos
Ganesh Tarate
Ganesh Tarate 2 aylar önce
Man the music from early 2010s hit different :( It's a shame they don't make music like this no more
Ganesh Tarate
Ganesh Tarate 3 gün önce
@Heja heja I'm just saying what I feel like, you may not agree with me but that's okay you don't have to.
Heja heja
Heja heja 3 gün önce
Don't act like we crossed 5 eras of music through this time. The generation of sounds is still similiar. It's only nostalgia and nowadays there are still a tons of sounds that will be highly nostalgic in years.
Rinkashime Shito
Rinkashime Shito 5 gün önce
@syifan Gaming well, not really I think majority of rappers songs are likes what u said tho
Alexandros Spyr
Alexandros Spyr 11 saatler önce
I think that "Shape of You" is the most selling single for the whole decade.
Fabio Silva
Fabio Silva 10 gün önce
Muito bom!
Ming-Yue 6 gün önce
Perfeito, perfeito e perfeito
RandomNamedHBK 3 gün önce
2016-2018’s gotta be my favorite era of music. Maybe because i grew up on sports games like madden and 2k putting these in their soundtrack, but felt the most nostalgia from these years
𝗩𝗮𝗺𝗽𝗕𝗼𝗶 !
𝗩𝗮𝗺𝗽𝗕𝗼𝗶 ! Yıl önce
I still can't believe how much time has passed, I still feel like 90% of the songs were made one week ago
Costea Livadari
Costea Livadari 4 gün önce
游傳智 5 gün önce
Same here 🔥
Sakura 19 gün önce
Me too. 😆😀
EMarques1998 20 gün önce
LOL i swear i listened to most of them while were mainstream… The fact that i have some of them in my old iPod touch 😂
Alixeyo 24 gün önce
Same....Good Times when songs weren't so inappropriate...
Green_tea Aylar önce
I only really started to get into music around 2017, but even then, i only really knew the songs my mom and dad listened to, which were 1010-1016 songs, so this was really nostalgic for me.
Litemon 5 gün önce
You were born on the 1000's?
Gavin Borne
Gavin Borne 2 gün önce
Top 5 artists/bands from this period go 1.Bruno Mars 2.Maroon 5 3.Ed Sheeran 4.Taylor Swift 5.Imagine Dragons
Soraxd14 4 gün önce
2010 - 2014 is the best golden music ever and era from Philippines nostalgia 🇵🇭❤
Tristan Kiel Harn
Tristan Kiel Harn Aylar önce
I like it when I think of some specific time in the past with every song. It's just so nostalgic.
a PeRsOn
a PeRsOn 4 aylar önce
As someone who grew up in the 2010s and hearing some of these songs again, I feel old. Weird since I'm not even an adult yet but man, time goes fast and the nostalgia hits hard.
Spartan Gaming
Spartan Gaming 3 aylar önce
bro I'm 17 and this is my fucking account on my old chromebook. My childhood bro.
Polar Polaritas
Polar Polaritas 3 aylar önce
I grew up with all these songs, I kwow all the songs and I feel get older and older, now I get married #2022
Nikolaj 3 aylar önce
Man I grew up in this time too, I am not even turning 18, but I know must of them especially the around 2014, but I can't really identify with 2019/2020, I don't know what changed for me, but 2010-17 was the best for me.
The_Real_Duck 3 aylar önce
I agree….
Mohammadd Jasim
Mohammadd Jasim 3 aylar önce
And your going to miss this time in future so enjoy it
Dayana Todorova
Dayana Todorova 18 gün önce
I wish these songs were still popular they are so amazing :(
Deivis Bolivar
Deivis Bolivar Aylar önce
Amo todas 😍
♡༒𝕐𝕦𝕞𝕚𝕜𝕠 𝕪𝕥༒♡
♡༒𝕐𝕦𝕞𝕚𝕜𝕠 𝕪𝕥༒♡ Aylar önce
que tiempos tan buenos 😞
jaron Aylar önce
Es ist schade das so viel Krieg herrscht
GrecoBillo 11 gün önce
If u make a playlist of those songs with their full versions it will be amazing...
istp 9 aylar önce
0:20 crushcrushcrush 0:28 i gotta feeling 0:36 baby 0:43 hey, soul sister 0:51 california gurls 0:59 OMG 1:06 telephone 1:14 Love the way you lie 1:23 bad romance 1:31 tiktok 1:39 the lazy song 1:47 moves like jagger 1:55 the time 2:03 give me everyting 2:11 born this way 2:19 rolling in the deep 2:27 on the floor 2:35 party rock anthem 2:44 grenade 2:51 just the wah you are 3:00 wild ones 3:07 whistle 3:16 one more night 3:24 starships 3:31 ai se eu te pego 3:39 payphone 3:48 we are young 3:56 gangmam style 4:04 somebody that i used to know 4:12 call me maybe 4:20 stay 4:28 scream&shout 4:35 when i was your man 4:43 radioactive 4:52 get lucky 5:00 roar 5:07 just give me a reason 5:16 wake me up 5:23 thrift shop 5:31 blurred lines 5:40 bailando 5:47 rude 5:55 problem 6:03 fancy 6:11 timber 6:19 let it go 6:27 all about that bass 6:34 all of me 6:43 dark horse 6:51 happy 6:59 want to want me 7:07 cheerleader 7:15 blank space 7:24 hello 7:32 love me like you do 7:40 lean on 7:47 sugar 7:55 thinking out loud 8:03 uptown funk 8:11 see you again 8:19 stressed out 8:28 i took a pill in lbiza 8:35 dont let me down 8:42 7 years 8:51 work 8:59 sorry 9:07 cheap thrills 9:15 closer 9:23 love yourself 9:30 one dance 9:39 believer 9:46 perfect 9:55 im the one 10:03 attention 10:11 humble 10:26 thats what i like it 10:34 something just like this 10:42 despacito 10:51 shape of you 10:59 psycho 11:06 friends 11:22 be apart 11:38 girls like you 12:03 god's plan 12:10 havana 12:19 without me 12:27 someone you loved 12:34 shallow 12:43 i dont care 12:51 dance monkey 12:59 7 rings 13:07 sunflower 13:15 senorita 13:23 old town road 13:31 bad guy 13:39 dynamite 13:55 rockstar 14:03 made to love 14:11 life is good 14:19 dont start now 14:27 roses 14:36 the box 14:51 blinding lights ※ I excluded duplicate songs
Pet Me
Pet Me 7 gün önce
you're the best bro.
crimsonlordd 17 gün önce
Just the wah you are
Перекись Водорода
Перекись Водорода 25 gün önce
Thank you man
madhusmita soren
madhusmita soren 25 gün önce
@•{mitsuki cookie}• it's replaced by butter
Nat !!
Nat !! 2 gün önce
2012 is such a vibe.
JunJun Aylar önce
2010-2017 was my childhood. The best songs ever were produced in this timespan.
Luzitus Aylar önce
I need this video as a Spotify playlist please ❤
Jane Doe
Jane Doe Aylar önce
I wonder why no One Direction songs they’re so huge way back 2012-2014. But i wont lie. The ones on the list were massive
Conrado Luis Lallego
Conrado Luis Lallego 4 aylar önce
For me, 2010-2014 really hit the spot for me. I remember when I was at home, I have the radio on and I would hear all the songs from the said bracket. I also watch MYX before, a music channel. To be honest, I still listen to the radio because they play all of the songs I like. However, I am liking some 2017-2021 songs now but my 2010-2014 is my childhood. Edit: These likes?! Ma at Pa! Sikat na anak niyo! I am glad to see that so many people agrees with me. And yes, I would add 2015-2016 here. I really love Uptown Funk. 🤷🏻‍♂️
alejo illin
alejo illin Aylar önce
same dude, the one that hit most to me was rollin' in the deep by adele
TheQueenIsInTown 2 aylar önce
@Conrado Luis Lallego Nakakainis nga e. Lol lagi ka ba nagvote sa Myx Top 10
Conrado Luis Lallego
Conrado Luis Lallego 2 aylar önce
@TheQueenIsInTown Pilipino po lods. Naging Monggo si Kuya John Lloyd! 😅
Mr Crispy Gamer
Mr Crispy Gamer 4 aylar önce
Abhiram 4 aylar önce
Only.mauriice 24 gün önce
I was born in 07 and I knew abt 95% of these and just bein able to look back is nice. 2012-15’ was really something.
Ahaan Chaurasia
Ahaan Chaurasia 13 gün önce
Damn i feel so old when i saw the songs i listen to were made 7-10 years ago. These songs just hit different tho.
The Shorties
The Shorties 11 gün önce
2010-2015 is my childhood in 8 minutes
Lucas Tavares
Lucas Tavares 27 gün önce
eu não esperava o michel teló nesse video, melhorou o meu dia 1000%
cris 7 aylar önce
2010-2014 brought up some good memories, I miss being a kid
Name less
Name less 3 aylar önce
Same here brother
Ghoul 4 aylar önce
I’m 17 turning 18 in a few months. It’s scary how fast we grow. I shedded a tear thinking about all the fun memories I’ve had when I was younger. So much stuff changes as I age and it’s depressing
Mr Bugz
Mr Bugz 4 aylar önce
Oof I wasn’t a kid then
Antón Castillo
Antón Castillo 4 aylar önce
Same man, Same, Hope your doing good now
Theo Manjo
Theo Manjo 4 aylar önce
I’m gonna put some dirt in ur eye *dabs*
I’m gonna put some dirt in ur eye *dabs* 26 gün önce
I live how more and more people have listened to music over years! The number of sales just keeps increasing
Quỳnh Chu
Quỳnh Chu Aylar önce
Year 2015 to me was gold, first year of college, first of the first things. And those songs of that year are never old.
CollforShort 29 gün önce
I love how “7 years” by Lukas Graham is number 7 on top ten of 2016
Patrick Bateman
Patrick Bateman 12 gün önce
2015 was the year of music Blank Space, Hello, Love Me Love You Do, Lean, Thinking Out Loud, See You Again all these masterpieces in one year
kosmos 10 aylar önce
Bruno mars is definition of "Quality over quantity."
Bruno Mars News
Bruno Mars News 4 aylar önce
Krishna Vyas
Krishna Vyas 6 aylar önce
General Kenobi
General Kenobi 7 aylar önce
@Dinu Walpola have nothing against her
Dinu Walpola
Dinu Walpola 7 aylar önce
@General Kenobi adele is better
General Kenobi
General Kenobi 7 aylar önce
Daft Punk for almost 30 years of their career have created only 4 albums (not including alive 1997/2007 & tron legacy) and each of these were a masterpiece & broke sales records. THIS is what is called "quality over quantity"
Erasmus Agbo
Erasmus Agbo Gün önce
2019 was absolutely 🔥🔥
StylestheGamer 23 gün önce
Time sure passes quick, I feel like these were made just a year ago, suprised to know, some are not, aahh, the nostalgia man
Hippo Anonymous
Hippo Anonymous 13 gün önce
it seems 2017 was when i started finding my own music like smaller bands and indie music , because a handful of the songs after this time i would have never known they were THAT popular lol and another few songs/artists ive never heard the songs of
Labib Abdallah
Labib Abdallah 2 gün önce
At 10:10 I got one of the best goosebumps in my life.
E&P Bev
E&P Bev 7 aylar önce
All the memories of my dad driving me back from school and these songs playing on the radio as I fell asleep
Antón Castillo
Antón Castillo 4 aylar önce
I feel you….hope your doing good now man🙏🏼
JarqueDeJota 4 aylar önce
Hahahaha you are too young hahaha
MisterMinOnYT 5 aylar önce
Makes me wanna cry
Luneapart Gaming
Luneapart Gaming 5 aylar önce
Andrés 5 aylar önce
Yes 😢
Joao Batista
Joao Batista 8 gün önce
Só nostalgia
Carl Glifonea
Carl Glifonea 14 gün önce
8:43 i remember singing this song everyday man the memories
Jungkook The 𝑩𝑨𝑫𝑫𝑰𝑬
Jungkook The 𝑩𝑨𝑫𝑫𝑰𝑬 26 gün önce
6:54 one of the most iconic songs. Period
CZARNYPOLAK 19 gün önce
2010-2016 Old but gold times I wanna back😢😢
DarkFire88 6 aylar önce
Ah yes, remember when you was a kid and you don't had to worry about literally anything and so you just had fun listening these songs? I miss those moments...
ZabookaHD 3 aylar önce
@Instrumental~ what the fuck is “meps”
Instrumental~ 3 aylar önce
A day in meps
Beto Garcia
Beto Garcia 5 aylar önce
@Federico Caratelli also 2009 was Good too
Beto Garcia
Beto Garcia 5 aylar önce
@•Yazoo goat• me too
ZabookaHD 5 aylar önce
@senbonzakura I’m sorry?
Eva Aylar önce
I would so much like to go back to that time...😔😔 today's music disgusts me compared to those that inspire so much joy... 😔 ~(big) nostalgia~
Seini Tabete
Seini Tabete 21 gün önce
That is so tru
zar ombiste
zar ombiste 19 dakika önce
One can see how music from early 2010s ist much better then late 2010s and current time
Shadow Gaming
Shadow Gaming 26 gün önce
2010- 2015 was the greatest years of life.
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