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- KPOP Chart Show M COUNTDOWN | EP.676
- SSAK3 - Play that summer + Beach Again
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[Kor Ver.]
유두래곤... 린다G... 비룡... 어떻게 셋이 모여 이름도 싹쓰리지..? 이름조차 완벽을 넘어선 훌륭, 훌륭을 넘어선 완벽... 싹쓰리를 엠카에서 볼 수 있다는 것...? 싹쓰리를 볼 수 있다는 것에 대해 감사의 인사를 올리며... 싹쓰리 당신들을 본 오늘 내 하루.. "싹쓰리하다." '그 여름을 틀어줘+다시 여기 바닷가' 무대!
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Nayako Chan
Nayako Chan 2 gün önce
Aa fck i love SSAK3
KI.E 2 gün önce
Now we need a comeback
priscila M.J
priscila M.J 3 gün önce
I need a comeback 🥺
Korean Fans Place
Korean Fans Place 3 gün önce
Runningman you are the reason why I'm laughing at Jaesuk's part 😆
Korean Fans Place
Korean Fans Place 3 gün önce
Runningman you are the reason why I'm laughing at Jaesuk's part 😆
UwU 3 gün önce
The beginning of Beach again reminds me of the original opening to Fruits Basket but I still really like it
Madz V
Madz V 4 gün önce
yoo jae suk's so cute T^T
❤ ❤❤
nikandra76 6 gün önce
Rain was the first kpop artist i knew about. HE paved the way. Knowing about him got me to know bigbang and they stole my heart in 2010. Rain and Bigbang introduced me to kpop in 2009
MARIVIC SILOT 7 gün önce
Jocef Jose
Jocef Jose 7 gün önce
I have known their names before when i was young and omg this song brings me back to the good old times! Im enjoying this happy song thoroughly!
sin teya
sin teya 8 gün önce
Angie R
Angie R 9 gün önce
Rain looks amazing 😍
Mariana Quintero
Mariana Quintero 10 gün önce
Te amo, jihoon
Christian Maestre
Christian Maestre 11 gün önce
I hope they perform in MAMA
Happiness Has to Come To An End
Happiness Has to Come To An End 11 gün önce
Their intention is very nice of them AND THEY FREAKING LEGENDS I CANT SAY ENOUGH
Hazi Juzaili
Hazi Juzaili 12 gün önce
Their song brings in 1st and 2nd gen vibes. Loving it
Ali iswadi
Ali iswadi 12 gün önce
And nowadays they lypsinc and got called paved the way group lmaooooo what a joke 🐽
Destiny Brown
Destiny Brown 12 gün önce
It's me Kai
It's me Kai 14 gün önce
I love this song
balqis 15 gün önce
im only 16 but why do i feel so old i need the old kpop world back :')
Ma Yumi 777
Ma Yumi 777 15 gün önce
👇👇👇👇 Toxic Comments!! I love these👆 Artis but you dont need to compare them to Young Groups.. I Love my Future Idols.. But many people are comparing them to these people.. what's kind of mentality was that.. PLEASE JUST Just Support them both !! period..
Yeng Yang
Yeng Yang 15 gün önce
Lolol. Idols now a days must have felt like this: when ur parents come to the stage to show the whole school what was the shit. Lol.
KPOP Is Life
KPOP Is Life 15 gün önce
Missing the old days! No competition Just enjoying the music.
Min Hyett
Min Hyett 15 gün önce
Can I expect them on end of year performance stages🤣🤣🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
Samikshya Rai
Samikshya Rai 16 gün önce
Newbies kpop fans they are called pioneer of kpop...They are idol of your idols...They are legends..
reyname aplacador
reyname aplacador 16 gün önce
legendary is alway legendary💕 old kpop is the best
cconyap 16 gün önce
Damn this rain no matter how he looks he could sweatlessly steal my heart 😂
Jgnod 17 gün önce
Nation MC was like super out of breath lel even after running manning all these years xD shows how fit Rain and lee hyori is
Gift Nalyoo
Gift Nalyoo 16 gün önce
he fake it lol
Jgnod 17 gün önce
They’re Rain, Lee Hyori and Nation MC. legends
shawol_94 17 gün önce
Omo this reminds me of 유엔 파도 ^^ (Pado by UN). This trio is so epic and this performance is so nostalgic ^▽^
Sandy Tang
Sandy Tang 19 gün önce
LUV RAIN, i was at his concert on 27th January 2007 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at a stadium. He was a true legend💚💜
✨Cat✨ 20 gün önce
Lol the way Jaeseok grabbed his chest instead of pointing like Rain sends me 😂 Man looked like he needed an oxygen tank stat! 😂 😂
NAY MF 20 gün önce
Feel sad everytime heard this🤧. I don't know why...
ONCE ONCEU 20 gün önce
RJ Manalo
RJ Manalo 21 gün önce
watch in 360p for the full 90's kpop experience
Ethan Lai
Ethan Lai 21 gün önce
iamnotjack 22 gün önce
I feel so happy and nostalgic watching them
Kang Hyuk
Kang Hyuk 25 gün önce
I still laugh when jae suk says SSAK3 sometimes the members too I just cant remove the comedian inside of him HAHAHA
andrea esoc
andrea esoc Aylar önce
Wow I love them
뿡빵뽕방구쟁이 Aylar önce
무대보면서 행복한 건 또 첨이네
LoneWolf Aylar önce
I'm weird but I like the older Korean pop songs too and the ballads it how I started following the idol groups.
Mochi Aylar önce
I will never understand why people were bitching and complaining about SSAK3 winning. I watched them in a MBC show on how this group was created and how they produced their song. The show is called '놀면 뭐하니?'. Different video parts are up on their channel. Just take the hangul there and copy/paste on the search bar, and please see for yourselves. But like, yeah, haters keep bitching about these older gen singers. You're just jealous that they actually have more talent than you, and they're all even married.
April Aylar önce
They look so happy, and that makes me happy. The oldies feel of this song ❤️
french fries
french fries Aylar önce
Am i the only one who feel that hyori's voice kinda sounds like jisoo's from blackpink?😂
K Lu
K Lu Aylar önce
It's so cute seeing Rain do this concept. Big uwwwwuuuuss
말랑한떡보끼 Aylar önce
아니 노란색 시강 개쩔어
Fifth Season
Fifth Season Aylar önce
I literally love this they deserved everything 😭💕💕💕
wheeindflour Aylar önce
It is so funny to see people hate on these 3 when they are one of the biggest reasons why kpop is even a thing to begin with
eliye Cho
eliye Cho Aylar önce
Omg ●~● they r so cute now
Doha San
Doha San Aylar önce
Omg i cant with jaeseok 😂😂😂 He really is amazing
COLIN Aylar önce
My name is Lee hyori ~ Reverse also Lee hyori ~
Poudretteite Gem
Poudretteite Gem Aylar önce
I'm not even into og type of k-pop but i love them! It feels like i'm one of those og kpop fans
Rana Adel
Rana Adel Aylar önce
They are very talent and deserve all sucess 😀😀😀😀 i hope i could see them in MAMA for this year plz... both ssak3 and refund sister fighting 😍😍😍😍💪💪💪
Wen Rex
Wen Rex Aylar önce
look at hyori she doesnt age
윤하준 Aylar önce
레전드들이 모인 레전드 무대 인데... 한국인 어디감?
farah fatin mohd farried
farah fatin mohd farried Aylar önce
Watch this again cuz can't wait for refund sister perfomance after this..both of it ROCK 👍👍
CA Zhang
CA Zhang Aylar önce
Legends wbk💅💅💅
areeba akram
areeba akram Aylar önce
Three legends together.
k1mch11 Aylar önce
I died at the ending with YJS pretending to be out of breath LOL
Helen Lin
Helen Lin Aylar önce
jaesuk looks like willy wonka lol
Nancy Barajas
Nancy Barajas Aylar önce
Honestly hope they do this again. This song just hits so different. I would love for them to do a similar song 🥺✨
Justt Cliq
Justt Cliq Aylar önce
Rain ahjussi voice's omg 😍 lovin it somuch
Ekayana Sang Kompiang
Ekayana Sang Kompiang Aylar önce
Ayooo buat single lagi ssak3.. You are the best
Ekayana Sang Kompiang
Ekayana Sang Kompiang Aylar önce
ting ting
ting ting Aylar önce
비룡 그립네요.멋짐멋짐.!!!!!
MonaMoonShine TA
MonaMoonShine TA Aylar önce
These three never age!! And how does Jae Suk find time to do all this plus his 100 other TV shows! Does this man even sleep?!
Kenzi Switzer
Kenzi Switzer Aylar önce
Rain and Lee Hyori do not look a day over 25 they do not AGE
Lara Pulido
Lara Pulido Aylar önce
OMG, I’ve been a kpop fan since 1997 and I so loovee SSAK3!!!!
이은재 Aylar önce
Alit EHEH Aylar önce
Yeah i know this people before i know kpop group
low quality slíp
low quality slíp Aylar önce
What is that song at 0:14 ?
잽덕이レ Aylar önce
Leehyori 10 Minute
Maria _
Maria _ Aylar önce
Love this, immediately added to my playlist.
Huyen Trang Phan
Huyen Trang Phan 2 aylar önce
Love alll
ester 2 aylar önce
it's as funny as kpop stan call them """ who""" but idols perform by singing their songs .. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
김은정 2 aylar önce
싹쓰리♡ 겨울에도 꼭 함께해줘요^♡^ 비룡♡ 린다G♡ 유두래곤♡ 정말 다시 보고 싶다>♡
Dwi A
Dwi A 2 aylar önce
박연지 2 aylar önce
비룡이 젤 멋있음
Lovelie Rose Ponceja
Lovelie Rose Ponceja 2 aylar önce
So proud of this three :))
Muhammad Taqdir
Muhammad Taqdir 2 aylar önce
Hyori noona,, Rain oppa,, jaeseok appa,, true legendssss
Neil Atajar
Neil Atajar 2 aylar önce
Not gonna lie, got this on my playlist ready to drive to the beach.
fatima zulqarnain
fatima zulqarnain 2 aylar önce
this song is such a bop
nara kobemaru
nara kobemaru 2 aylar önce
yaaa...jaeseok hyung is really complete entertainer
Mae Jee Desendario
Mae Jee Desendario 2 aylar önce
I swear hearing Jaesuk rapping is the best part here.
omni goku
omni goku 2 aylar önce
Rain , Lee hyori and jae suk legendary artist really big bang , tvxq, girls generation and bts are legendary artist not them
omni goku
omni goku 2 aylar önce
And legendary artist which one
omni goku
omni goku 2 aylar önce
Yoo jae suk is a host not a singer
DuskandDawn 2 aylar önce
아이 진짜 i scrolled down the comments expecting people would be celebrating about this debut but instead im greeted by the opposite 아휴 진짜 아니 왜요???? 왜 화났어? 어? dont you know these people?? 이 사람들이 ㄹㅈ야 아라? 👊 if u got nothing good to say just shut up ok its not that hard to do just keep it to yourself cause no one wants to hear that 👌 아무튼 i really liked the performance its refreshing to see and hear this kind of music cause nowadays its all the same so yeah i really enjoyed hyori eonnie, jaeseok oppa 구리고 bi samchun's stage 화이팅!!!!!! 😊🙌💪
Aida Park
Aida Park 2 aylar önce
Yoo jaesuk, Rain and Lee Hyori😍
徐婧 2 aylar önce
wow like
H Rudin
H Rudin 2 aylar önce
An “oldie” kpop fan here, I must say this brings so much memories for me seeing these three. The nostalgia is hitting hard. Hyori and Jaesok’s chemistry has never faltered, they are still the same, that same sibling relationship they’ve long developed in Happy Together and even more so in Family Outing. It’s nice to see this side of Rain. How is it he looks even better now? These songs have been on repeat in our household and it feels weird that all these memories of my younger fangirling days comes flooding back. It’s even weirder that my husband and 11month old daughter watch me fangirl all over again like crazy woman 😂😂😂
Megan Hodge
Megan Hodge 2 aylar önce
For Americans getting mad that these three are "stealing" wins from their favs: would you complain if Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, and Stephen Colbert collabed and dominated the charts? No, you'd revel in the majesty of it all; that's what Korea is doing right now
Manuel Mateo
Manuel Mateo Aylar önce
Stephen Colbert isn't exactly the equivalent. Maybe among late night political pundits, but not overall.
DuskandDawn 2 aylar önce
Lafordi _
Lafordi _ 2 aylar önce
Pa Xiong
Pa Xiong 2 aylar önce
I can't believe how fast time flew by!! I remember jamming to them in Elementary and now I'm married with 2 kids already 😭 Life definitely flew by too fast! Seeing them perform again definitely bringing back good memories!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
강미진 2 aylar önce
싹스리. 유두레곤이 넘 신선해~~☆ 사실 이효리 좀식상했는데 상순씨의 음악이 후레쉬함을 를 더한것 같아요. 비룡의 완벽함과 트리플 액센트. 타의 추종을 불허~~☆☆☆☆
Michelle Vieira
Michelle Vieira 2 aylar önce
Lee Hyori 💖✨ you're all! Understand that!
n shess
n shess 2 aylar önce
remember back then rain is my first childhood crush😂 i loved him when he is the starring in full house. they are legendary
Ces Ces
Ces Ces 2 aylar önce
I miss Rain so much😭 to all kpop newbie just so you know RAIN IS THE FATHER OF KPOP! SO PLEASE NO HATE okay?
Lunghok Supacheep
Lunghok Supacheep 2 aylar önce
Already missing them 5555
Baby Mochi
Baby Mochi 2 aylar önce
Omg the newly debut Legend! I was huge fan of Rain back then in 2004
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