What Happens If You Destroy A Black Hole?

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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

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Black holes can destroy everything - but can they be destroyed? What happens if we push physics to the absolute limits, maybe even break it and the universe in the process? Let’s create a tiny black hole, about the mass of our moon, in the Kurzgesagt Labs and try to rip it apart.
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@kurzgesagt 3 aylar önce
Go ‘beyond the nutshell’ at brilliant.org/nutshell/ and dive deeper into these topics and more with a free 30-day trial! This video was sponsored by Brilliant. Thanks a lot for the support!
@SpaceWafflerEditzz 3 aylar önce
White hole
@zzL2536 3 aylar önce
@ishaanroadto200subs4 3 aylar önce
@kraken_8 3 aylar önce
@Asa-xz7jt 3 aylar önce
oh we did break it
@maverickkhofanda3539 3 aylar önce
i imagine the animators having so much fun trying to convey how maximum absurdity feels
@ovencake523 3 aylar önce
and then the music artists too
@bluexix 3 aylar önce
Add some bananas here and there
@mcordonhouston 3 aylar önce
The amount of effort is genuinely impressive
@NoName-bs2hq 3 aylar önce
@solsystem1342 3 aylar önce
We can finally make the maximum improbability drive!
@NickAndriadze 2 aylar önce
Genuinely one of if not *the* most artistically rich and expressive videos this channel has ever created in its decade+ long lifetime, I applaud.
@lapis591 2 aylar önce
'Artistically rich?' It looks like it's from Brain Pop!
@slendrfrut 2 aylar önce
@@lapis591 yeah uh, you might wanna go back and see how Brainpop looked. The two have nothing in common. This video is very artistically rich.
@volksturmgher5936 Aylar önce
​@@lapis591brain pop has a boring not very fun view, kurgesagt how ever has a view that makes stuff fun, sometimes i even go to sleep to them
@triskit7626 2 aylar önce
I love how the beginning was chill and contained simple explanations, then the Music in the end Being so Dramatic and how Kurzgesagt was basically like, "Everything has lost its meaning, The Universe becomes the definintion of Chaos and Absurdity"
@nathanpierce7681 2 aylar önce
this is the moment kurzgesagt became bill cipher
@sebastianthegoat4265 Aylar önce
Kurzgesagt literally became the embodiment of Nihility lol
@RemedieX Aylar önce
​@@nathanpierce7681 Gave me those vibes too, but controlled. Even scarier
@marcusgilbert6350 10 gün önce
God Emperor Protect Us
@jasperderonde5895 2 aylar önce
Wow... black holes are so unfathomably fascinating*, I will never not be perplexed watching your videos on this topic. Educating, amusing, gorgeous to the eye. Outstanding work, Kurzgesagt team
@SaraMorgan-ym6ue 3 gün önce
can enough nukes blow up the black hole?
@aahronbhujbal7117 3 gün önce
Nope they're a bottomless pit
@LarvaAsia 3 aylar önce
It’s insane that something like a black hole exists and is a real thing. it seems so unreal, yet it is
@Scorch428 Aylar önce
Its just a hole in the fabric of spacetime, meaning something very likely is on the other side.
@nicmalugin9287 15 gün önce
Maybe the universe was created when a black hole exploded the infinite mass flowing out from the singularity created everything that would explain how it expands and if we explode another one well then there will be another universe Hey but that’s just a theory A UNIVERSAL ORIGIN THEORY
@vibovitold 6 gün önce
Black holes (along with the uncertainty principle, quantum entaglement, and the speed limit on the propagation of everything - like light) are among the most convincing arguments for the universe being sort of a computer simulation. (With is obviously unprovable and arguably more of a metaphysical concept than a scientific one, but that's another story)
@KnowledgeCat Gün önce
Absolutely mesmerized by this video's artistic depth and expression. The animator's portrayal of the black hole is stunning and deeply moving. Fantastic work!
@hollowshield2315 3 aylar önce
the idea of black holes as superprisons keeping reality breakers imprisoned is actually really cool
@Kartoffelkamm 3 aylar önce
Yeah, but reality sucks, so I'd still like to know what happens.
@suecli8131 3 aylar önce
It's true. The giants that used to terrible the earth are now trapped in black holes. Your statement has biblical backing. Check the book of Enoch when God took him to explore the heavens.
@junohawley 3 aylar önce
The title changes dramatically if you add an ";)"
@ovencake523 3 aylar önce
the scp foundation would like to know your location
@Tearen0 2 aylar önce
The line that really got me in the gut was "...the singularity is not in front of you; it's in your future." If that ain't cosmic horror at its finest.
@Opt1cILu5i0n 17 gün önce
Ikr. And if time is flowing backwards... Wouldnt that future to us be perceived as being in the past to an observer inside the black hole? Hense the singularity that gave birth to the big bang. Then lets continue to assume that to expand is just a property of space in and of itself, then the part of space that was originally contained withen the newly formed singularity, a single planc length of space is all you need to seed an ever expanding universe. It would just continue expanding forever in all directions outwards from an event in the "past" like we observe space to do. WOAH. Hold up. I now get why the big bang isnt at the centre of the universe. Its a point in time not a point in space. Holy fuck I cant believe I never fully wrapped my head around that. Classical thinking seems to feel as though space "should" emenate "outwards" from the big bang, but from our perspective as we look into space its like space comes rushing in from all directions following an event in the past that we cant see because of the cosmic event horizon. We would have to go faster then light and therefore back in time. We cant see the singularity here either because its just like the black hole. It exists as a moment before space and time. If you can even call that a "moment." That makes the brain spin to try and imagine haha. You get what Im laying down here? I never even noticed the incompletness in the brains ability to grasp Space-time. And what it has to do with our cosmic event horizon being like a bubble around us despite the fact space has no centre to it. Should place us at the center as we observe outwards no? That right there is a hint that were not picturing space correctly. Like does that mean the big bang happened EVERYWHERE?!? No. EVERYWHEN! Wait.... See what I mean!? WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE AND WHY CAN MY BRIAN KIND OF CONTEMPLATE THAT. DOES PART OF WHATEVER "I" AM EXIST OUTSIDE OF SPACETIME? WE HAVE TOO MANNNN. AND THAT WOULD THEN GIVE RISE TO CONCIOUSNESS FOLLOWING MY ACID THEORY OF LIFE 😂 Its all connected hahaha. There was no time before the big bang, there was also no space!! The big bang THAT MADE SPACETIME, HOLD UP. took place OUTSIDE OF SPACETIME. IT HAD TO OF. IT HAPPENED RIGHT AT THE INSTANCE BEFORE SPACE AND TIME CAUSE IT CREATED SPACE AND TIME THATS WHY WE CAN NEVER SEE IT NO MATTER HOW FAR BACK WE LOOK. In order for time to exist the fastest speed at which information can travel is light speed. But light speed is actually defined as the distance at which light travels in a vacuum. "Distance" implies space. You cant have distance between things without space between them. Therefore you cant have time and causality without space. Hense. Space-time. Lol. So without there being a spacetime for the big bang to occur in. It can not occur in any specific location. Theres no location to have housed it in 😂 Time is a property of space. its literally just space. Its ALL space. Space is a mind bending concept. Spacetime is where the universe happens. Its all fuckn Space-time bro, I. I cant even right now 🤯😂💀
@dinkelheit88 8 gün önce
​@@Opt1cILu5i0ni aint reading allat
@grimsladeleviathan3958 7 gün önce
@@Opt1cILu5i0n Just to let you know, I did read all of that. Don't stop thinking, my friend. Because this is fascinating to say the least.
@peregrine4214 4 gün önce
@@Opt1cILu5i0n wait is this not a normal thing to think about? i think about it all the time.
@Makkushimu Aylar önce
Oh God, this is the frustrating part about physics: wanting to know what would actually happen, right now 😂 Just goes to show how incredibly interesting this is
@SaraMorgan-ym6ue 3 gün önce
just accept that it's unknown and be happy with that simple🤣
@aahronbhujbal7117 3 gün önce
Creation right?
@anthonyperez4193 2 aylar önce
I love these videos! My kids and I normally carve out about 30 mins a day watching these! they love the little birds and I love that they get their curiosity expanded!
@Iceman-hb3uk 2 aylar önce
First I want to point out how, as always, the quality of the "storytelling", drawings and music/sound effects is just perfectly on point, every video feels like I'm in my own "kurzgesagt world" for some minutes and I fully immerse myself into the things being "explored" in the video. Then I just love how this channel is pretty much an answer to my mind, like all the times I come up with random questions and ideas and go like "what if?" or "why?"... it's so amazing to casually think about something and find the best and most complete answer in the form of an entertaining video!
@01hZ Aylar önce
none of it is scientifically based, just unreviewed unpublished hocus pocus with the objective of getting views
@kylestanley7843 15 saatler önce
​@@01hZ Did you check their sources before saying that and reach your conclusion through actual observation? Or are you just being sour?
@Curionize 2 aylar önce
i’ve been following this channel from the very beginning. i will do until the last black hole evaporates. you guys rock!
@Matthew12YT 3 aylar önce
I love how Kurzgesagt's first reaction to any information is to "nuke it"
@shronkler1994 3 aylar önce
bro think he Douglas MacArthur
@areyoukind5645 3 aylar önce
Like he's the disgraced former president of the United States
@is-2heavytank43 3 aylar önce
*moar dakka*
@TheNarutoUzumaki07 3 aylar önce
Works like 75% of the time though
@thegardenofeatin5965 2 aylar önce
I've wondered the same thing about neutron stars. Is there a force in the universe that can tear a neutron star to pieces without it collapsing into a black hole. I doubt smacking it with something will help but could you spin it fast enough to throw it apart by some mechanism?
@darkfeeels 2 aylar önce
I have learned so much from this fantastic animated video than I've ever known about black holes. Thank you so much!
@_MelonDuck_ Aylar önce
I love how we have just a little group of people that enjoy all these videos and watch every single one
@dreamnapper 3 aylar önce
I love these explanations! Whats silly is that every video will always end in a virutual and scientifical catastrophe. I like it eitherway, so keep on going Kurzgesagt!
@crimsonfenrir2334 2 aylar önce
Watching this makes me realize that the Interstellar movie is surprisingly accurate. At the center of a black hole, time and space doesn't exist in a normal way anymore. We could be in the future or past. Thus, a gate to the higher dimension.
@NerdsmithTV 3 aylar önce
The idea that black holes are a dev workaround for a gamebreaking bug for the universe is a very compelling one.
@hencethebeetroot 3 aylar önce
"Hey, uh, we have a small issue." "What is it?" "You know how celestial bodies use that density method depending on their mass and size? Apparently a large enough body overflows and the density is calculated as infinite." "Oh. Well, I'm sure it's such an insane size that it won't realistically happen in a timeline. Maybe we could work it into a cool end-of-universe thing though." "Except it can happen in a timeline. And it has in tests. And the moment it happens everything collapses because density is infinite and thus gravity is infinite." "The universe is supposed to come out in two days! Just change the formula!" "We've tried. I'm sorry, but changing it breaks everything else that relies on it." "Well I don't know! Just hide it or something. We can do bugfixes and stuff after release, but it has to be at least playable." "What do you want me to do, just create matter voids around them?" "...you know what? Sure. But make it intuitive. Maybe they get larger the more you feed them?" "I can do that. Oh, and we can make them decay over time so that they delete themselves but it doesn't feel unrealistic!" "Perfect. Just get that coded in and we'll call it a day."
@averagerobloxianwastaken 3 aylar önce
A glitch in a matrix with a cheap fix... the devs of reality must be on a tight budget
@Avellar3000 3 aylar önce
@@hencethebeetroot "hey, HEY... this brain in jar is over thinking... give it some more social medai"
@interesting5309 3 aylar önce
@@hencethebeetroot EPIC, EPIC. PERFECTION! NOICE.
@kieranmilner4208 3 aylar önce
@battlecruiserna 2 aylar önce
always wondered if "upperatomic particle" or "gigatomic particle" is more accurate than black hole considering their similarities with subatomic particles.
@sleepdeprivedidoits 2 aylar önce
From 9 circles to teach us the solar system, to destroying a black hole with brilliant animation. Truly we've come a long way. I've been here from the start, and I'll be there for the end
@UnDeaDCyBorg 2 aylar önce
I love this channel. So many beautiful answers to questions I didn't even ask myself.
@user-ln5jh3ii1l 28 gün önce
I cannot get enough of these space shows, they are the best!!
@user-dz6zd9zk2f 2 aylar önce
It always made sense to me even before watching this video. That singualrities must remain covered by event horizons because like it's said in the video, going back after coming too close to the singularity means travelling back in time Which us simply not possible in the 3rd dimension. It might happen in the 4th and above dimensions though.
@kapja 3 aylar önce
Props to the cameraman who waited for 10^44 years to record a blackhole evaporate
@skyellama8374 3 aylar önce
If future humans can get black hole bombs to work, doesn't that mean we'll have energy to survive as long as the black holes, if not longer? Long after the universe has gone dark?
@josepandreuhernandez2508 3 aylar önce
Cameramen never die
@oicmapper 3 aylar önce
He just went to the singularity point
@HI-ej8rl 3 aylar önce
Cameraman 😆😆
@melonman4037 3 aylar önce
​@@skyellama8374yeah until the black hole evaporates, and then we'd need to find another
@joshuajaydan 2 aylar önce
This is a fantastic video. Learned a lot about black holes.
@amityaffliction4848 8 gün önce
I love this so much! 🥰👍🏻🙏🏻 Amazing job guys!! Thank you 💖
@tiloneujahr6067 2 aylar önce
All your videos are great, but this one was truly fantastic!
@sjhmagic1 Aylar önce
That's cool. The way it's described sounds like a big bang trapped and hidden away by gravity. 😮 ❤
@MarcBeland 2 aylar önce
I know a fair bit about cosmology and yet I learned 6 new things about black holes watching this short presentation. 10,000 👍
@danielelaprova4119 3 aylar önce
It's interesting to note that singularities don't break actual physics, more like they break the model we use at the moment to understand physics. This is important, because it means that singularities can and do make sense, the problem is we don't have the right model to understand them yet.
@drdca8263 3 aylar önce
Couldn’t the answer instead be that within the event horizon, there is something other than a singularity? E.g. iirc one idea assuming string theory is that the interior of a black hole is like, a big jumble of the “strings” , which end up (I guess due to having so much energy) having size comparable to the size of the black hole, instead of being of a subatomic size?
@EvannMakesMusics 3 aylar önce
Its sooo interesting
@erasmus186 3 aylar önce
Physics is not a thing, but our model(s) of nature. So kurzgesagt is right. A singularity breaks our models but it does not "break nature".
@ggwp638BC 3 aylar önce
This. My biggest petpeeve with popscience videos is the "break reality" trope. No, it doesn't break reality, it is part of reality. It can break OUR understanding (our science) of reality, but to the natural world itself that's just tuesday.
@BigWisper 3 aylar önce
Would love to see what would happen to sombody if they gazed at a bare singularly
@jyotisalian6628 2 aylar önce
Kurzgesagt,I love science and I love your videos. They make my bonds with science stronger.Just one request.Can you make a whole video on gravity and theory of relativity.I thought about why not make a video on the concepts ruling massive objects when I saw the quantum physics related videos.
@ImmortalsArentHappy 2 aylar önce
Considering how a black hole warps time if we were to eventually harness it could we use the properties of the object as some sort of blueprint for a time machine? Or even teleportation?
@Winkwitch 2 aylar önce
Their videos never fail to make me cry. Oh to look at the universe and to love its beauty and monstrosity
@conquestofspaces 2 aylar önce
I love how I comprehend absolutely nothing about black holes and the mystery takes my curiosity to another level that I wanna delve into it more each day. The more I understand nothing the more I get interested in it. It's a toxic relationship I have with black holes..
@smarty265 Aylar önce
These kinds of Kurzgesagt videos are my favorite. Just thinking about impossible things
@rocketpunchgo1 3 aylar önce
Learning that a Black Hole's center is "in the future" kind of broke my mind for several minutes. ALso: This animation just keeps getting better and better!
@accountnamewithheld 3 aylar önce
It's because of the relativistic effects of gravity. It's not in the future "per se", but you would experience the death of the universe if you were falling towards one
@jayer. 3 aylar önce
​@@accountnamewithheld At the point where we talk about time in things like this, the definition of time that we use everyday becomes meaningless. Past, present and future happen at the same time. It's the same with space. You're everywhere and everywhen and that all at once.
@thibvp778 3 aylar önce
you don't actually go in the future, time just freezes for you.
@thelordz33 3 aylar önce
Technically, everywhere you want to go is as much in the future as it is in front of you.
@DarkAngelEU 3 aylar önce
@@accountnamewithheld I was wondering this, too. Its gravitational pull would be so massive, everything around it will look like it's going extremely fast. But how does that make singularity lie in the future? Shouldn't it be in the past? We from the outside move on, might even die, before the singularity is reached.
@skubu8262 2 aylar önce
I know everyone is talking about the animation and simplification of the information but holy shit the music is incredible. Eaoecially in the second half. Congrats to whoever was responsible for it. You gave serious goosebumps to a random stranger
@BladeLigerV Aylar önce
Is a black hole an infinite prison of a singularity, or is a black hole a protective shell that's just holding the singularity in place?
@kylestanley7843 15 saatler önce
3:55 I recall a previous video on black holes introducing the concept of the ergosphere, a section of space surrounding the event horizon that quite literally churns around it like a spatial vortex because of the singularity's extreme spin. What would happen to that when the event horizon is removed? My first idea is that it wouldn't go anywhere - it was caused by the spin, and extreme spin is what's needed to remove the event horizon. Which means getting as close as you like is probably still rather perilous!
@TriggerHappySLO Aylar önce
I theorize that if you have something with a large enough mass and rotating it around the black hole at a high enough speed, counter to its energy flow, you could theoretically disrupt the event horizon.
@lenardEkko Aylar önce
I almost forgot how much I love Kurzgesagt videos
@BibhatsuKuiri 3 aylar önce
as a physics student this was quite a stressful video to imagine. but as always 10/10 on overall video production
@namantherockstar 3 aylar önce
Nutshell inspires me.. My parents said if i get 40K followers They'd buy me a professional camera for recording..begging u guys , literally Begging.
@plantarum3276 3 aylar önce
Yo if you are a physicist maybe you can answer my question... When a black hole shrinks over time - that must mean there is a point where its mass is no longer able to create an event horizon right? That would mean that at some point the singularity would be visible and maybe explode bc there is not enough gravity to compress itself, right?
@SCEAMERARG1 3 aylar önce
@@plantarum3276 Not a physicist, but as I understand it, it would simply evaporate in a burst of energy
@leonhard.doerflinger 3 aylar önce
​@plantarum3276 Any mass can have an event horizon. It just gets smaller if your mass shrinks. However, there appears to be a lower limit that arises from quantum physics. Once that has been reached the black hole emits a photon whose energy corresponds to its remaining mass and it is gone. Sadly this is not very interesting, but that is probably the way all matter in the universe will ultimately go. At that time we will have reached the heat death of the universe.
@kennedytalton3643 Aylar önce
I love the videos where you're like "the universe is barely concealed insanity and if we're not careful, we could pull an Icarus and destroy the fabric of reality".
@doesnormalityexist 2 aylar önce
Isnt there such thing as negative mass? I know that would probably be insane but what if you threw that into it? It only really responds to mass, so would it just not add to its current mass? Or would it in effect, "delete" the mass contained as the positive and negatives cancel out? I know its practically impossible to seperate the two, but you know... theoretically
@eduardokerber2931 2 aylar önce
Wouldn't the methods proposed only shrink the event horizon little by little? The event horizon, as far as I understand it, is the point at which you need to be faster than light to return, which is impossible, increasing the black hole's spin for example would make that point go closer to the center, shrinking it, I don't think those would totally get rid of the event horizon, they would, at best, shrink it till a Planck size I would assume.
@kylestanley7843 15 saatler önce
That does seem more realistic, yeah.
@danchisholm1 3 aylar önce
always so excited when I see you guys publish a new one
@callumchang7927 Aylar önce
Incredibly fantastical and dramatic video. I absolutely love the art and music for this one.
@Onomeus. 3 aylar önce
The idea that there are literal points in our universe where space and time do not exist is extremely fascinating.
@SublustrisAvis 3 aylar önce
And are also most likely false, like all paradoxes are
@RS1SCH7 3 aylar önce
@scptime1188 3 aylar önce
well, probably not literal, it's just our theory breaks at that point so we replace the "??????" at the centre of a blackhole with the logical prediction of our theory, a singularity. but that means the theory is probably wrong, or more likely, incomplete
@Ottee2 3 aylar önce
Yes, it's hard to fathom such a state. Even calling it a state is a misrepresentation. My mind struggles to grasp the singularity, but to no avail.
@MrTomyCJ 3 aylar önce
Are we sure those counts as being "in", or "part of" the universe? They sound like what was before the big bang, not part of the universe by definition.
@modousabally416 2 aylar önce
imagine someone with black hole powers who posseses the power to like pull stuff in and destroy it also controlling gravity, but their full potential is only discovered when they destroy the event horizon and only possess the naked singularity that would be sick
@mrbeegamer7575 27 gün önce
Is it possible to attract the tiny particles from the blackhole so that it takes less time to evaporate?
@ReiDaTecnologia 7 gün önce
The idea of a black hole's solo purpose being to imprison one single entity that is capable of breaking reality but for that they need an extremely strong gravity field that have the side effect of sucking in everything that get too close, sounds so cool and from fiction! the fact they generally have a bad reputation make it even cooler!
@emanueldiktonius5357 24 gün önce
If you have a black hole and a moon with the same mass, the black hole made of matter and the moon of anti matter, would they not annihilate each other? That’s what happens with particles like electrons and positrons when they touch. It’s afterwards that they release 1 MeV of energy, not before. (Edit: I should never have doubted Kurzgesagt. When the energy is released it still feels the gravity of the black hole and therefore collapses into a black hole again, but twice the size.)
@theegg19 3 aylar önce
As an astrophysicist, I'm extremely impressed with how Kurzgesagt was able to put this into understandable or simplified terms. Studying the capacity of black holes has always boggled my mind no matter the depths I go into the physics we have now.
@absalomdraconis 3 aylar önce
Honestly, I'm surprised they never threw in white holes, whether for the anti-blackhole (if a white hole isn't the anti-particle of a black hole, then nothing is), or as a comment on the "anything can come out" aspect of a naked singularity. They even mentioned Hawking radiation, and that might _be_ the real-world manifestation of a white hole, and still no mention of white holes.
@MewPurPur 3 aylar önce
White hole isn't an anti-black hole. But I'm also curious.
@ibrahimbenhmida3852 3 aylar önce
​@@absalomdraconisantimatter is the opposite of matter only in charge.. same spin.. same masse.. And white wholes are opposite in mass.. Its technically negative mass.. But colliding them together would be impossible i think.. because of how positive and negative mass behave together.. plus they still dont have that much of science behind white wholes
@eugenejamesbon5791 3 aylar önce
@Astrialx 3 aylar önce
​@@ibrahimbenhmida3852It's definitely not negative mass. And, there is no such thing as negative mass. If white holes do exist, they would be composed of mass, not negative mass.
@downsidebrian Aylar önce
Trying to explain hawking radiation cam be such a pain, especially to people who either think they're smart, or think they're dumb. I tried to explain the concept to my dad the other week. I explained that virtual particles... umm, exist, and appear in matter-antimatter pairs, then annihilate. He got so stuck on that, that I couldn't get to the part where they can be far enough from each other that one particle goes into a black hole and the other flies off, becoming real and stealing mass from the black hole.
@user-pv6rx4iq6h 2 aylar önce
imagine the animators having so much fun trying to convey how maximum absurdity feels
@TheAdvertisement 25 gün önce
Ah nothing beat Kurzgesagt when they decide to ask the most insanely dangerous questions.
@jeyysi 3 aylar önce
Been playing stellaris lately, i see how amazing matter decompressors only if they were possible in real life. Imagine what can be discovered from piercing a black hole.
@danielmartinez-mq9bz 2 aylar önce
It’s not a true Kurzegast video if there isn’t some type of existential crisis mentioned in it. 😂 love it .
@catpoke9557 3 aylar önce
I like how black holes are so absurdly powerful that they just had to settle with shaving the top off as 'destroying' the black hole
@andreabardelli3137 3 aylar önce
I wonder if stripping them of their event horizon actually prevents them from evaporating thus making them eternal
@catpoke9557 3 aylar önce
@@andreabardelli3137 That would be hardcore
@jb76489 3 aylar önce
@@andreabardelli3137Why would it do that?
@RimaNari 2 aylar önce
Makes you appreciate Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy quite a bit more with all its "the universe is crazy" things like rockets turning into a whale and potted plant, and whatnot.
@6Twisted 2 aylar önce
If you have two orbiting black holes, would the event horizons in-between them cancel out?
@geoffsyndicate 7 gün önce
What if you surrounded the black hole with very powerful magnets and created a magnetic field that caused a drag on the spinning event horizon, causing it to slow down or burn itself out?
@Minecraftmark101 Aylar önce
I love how humans when they see a potentially-dangerous entity, they first think of nuking it when all other attempts fail to destroy it.
@killerrat1177 2 aylar önce
Wait, if a black hole deteriorates (eventually), doesn’t that mean that if you enter the black hole, you will eventually come back, since getting to the singularity means going towards the future? If that’s not the case, then I guess you get turned into Hawking radiation.
@Jimera0 3 aylar önce
The concept of a naked singularity is just incredible to me. It's a concept reminiscent of cosmic horror stories, as it is something so unfathomably powerful, indescribable, inconceivable and incomprehensible that simple observation of it could potentially cause reality itself to break in ways we couldn't even begin to imagine. And yet, this is a scientific hypothesis, not a horror story. The idea of something like that potentially being possible sends shivers down my spine. While I'd honestly be shocked if naked singularities were actually physically possible in our universe, the concept has an appeal nothing else can really quite match.
@starsilverinfinity 3 aylar önce
Fr, imagine something so unspeakably horrible, dangerous, or just plain weird that the nature of the universe throws all the stops at you possible to prevent it from being unleashed
@wtfisggon7251 3 aylar önce
It reminds me of photons. Observing it changes reality
@freelancerthe2561 3 aylar önce
My brain immediately went "wait..... isn't that an infinite improbability generator?"
@oceandrop7666 3 aylar önce
The real horror comes from the concept of something and nothing and its far reaching implications. Either something came from nothing, which should be impossible. Or something always existed. Either way the full picture of reality is far beyond our current experience.
@Nibsipipsi 3 aylar önce
Sorry to be a buzzkill, but in this video they kinda forget what a singularity is to begin with: a kind of divide by zero error. It's just a hole in the mathematics we use to describe gravity. Singularities aren't physical. You can't have a naked singularity because they don't exist. If we have a theory of quantum gravity, that might explain what would happen if we push a black hole past its breaking point (if there even is such a thing). There is no such thing as breaking reality however.
@arx7551 2 aylar önce
If humanity somehow lasts long enough, i can imagine a super villain actually existing with the goal to end everything by destroying the event horizon of a black hole
@hydrocarbon8272 2 aylar önce
One point on #4: when 2 black holes of similar mass combine the resulting BH isn't twice as big. One thing the LIGO 'telescopes' have shown is a huge amout of their mass is turned into gravitational energy - 5% on average. Considering how massive they are, that's a LOT of energy. And quickly - thousands of solar systems worth of pure energy, converted in a tiny fraction of a second.
@stealthyink7262 2 aylar önce
The animator's must've had a field day with this one.
@pauldickinson3961 2 aylar önce
This would make for a good sci fi story, where the bad guys are trying to build / activate a machine that will destroy a black hole's event horizon and plunge the whole universe into eldritch madness
@krispchisp4771 Aylar önce
I want a video explaining just why singularities are infinitely dense because I’d imagine them dense but not infinitely so
@Chilling_pal_n01anad91ct 13 gün önce
They have any mass, but their height, length and depth are equal zero.
@aahronbhujbal7117 3 gün önce
No on rlly knows about singularity ig No one has observed it to do science on it
@Chilling_pal_n01anad91ct 3 gün önce
@@aahronbhujbal7117 we have a lots of data on which we base scientific veiws and our current understanding of physics. We look deeper into the universe, gathering data, forming theories, building tools for the research. We havr theoretical understanding of the world on which we base following experiments and assumptions of upcoming events. If we observe something, that goes off our models, we create new hypothesies, planning new researches, creating new measuring tools to evolve out understanding of the world. If we can't observe a black hole or a singularity it doesn't mean they don't exist. At least we have models which support their exictance and they mostly fit with new data.
@aahronbhujbal7117 2 gün önce
@@Chilling_pal_n01anad91ct i never said anything against science bruh just saying that we dont know yet
@minewithsayo4220 3 aylar önce
I absolutely love it how he was so chill at the beginning, but closer to the end he became so chaotic and aggressive lmao
@inc2000glw 3 aylar önce
Yeah something different about this.
@TotallyGaming1 2 aylar önce
Yeah ikr, at the beginning he spoke in a calm, slow voice, but then at the end he spoke in a fast chaotic voice 😂
@Vera-xz5gm 2 aylar önce
and then he went back to calm when he started the ad lol
@nathanpierce7681 2 aylar önce
watching the video felt like taking crack and then feeling the effects near the end
@inedibledorito 2 aylar önce
The music just amped it up so much as well. Too good
@21zaak 6 gün önce
cant you just tear it apart by surrounding it with more massive black holes? (or other larger gravity pulls)
@Infernal_fire Aylar önce
I just realized that the Big Bang could have started from a singularity. That would show how chaotic a naked singularity could be because it could make another universe inside our universe and we would never know because it could happen any time anywhere
@christopherstone6951 2 aylar önce
In theory you could make aback hole energy and force it out railgun style a blackole forcing it to rupture and possible going super nova or its energy dissipating over time due to its wound, This is assuming that it doesnt self repair or get stronger
@daniyalkhan1702 2 aylar önce
Wouldnt it be possible to use gravity or exotic matter and all that weird stuff to accelerate time and make blackholes evaporate instantly?
@seta-san2149 2 aylar önce
what about trying to tear it apart between the tidal forces of 2 significantly more massive black holes pulling it two different directions?
@pamdaza422 3 aylar önce
I love how black holes are so simple but so complicated at the same time.
@pr0xZen 3 aylar önce
They're the ultimate dark n broody 6ft7 goth adonis brad pitt kinda thing.
@bratwurst4836 3 aylar önce
@@pr0xZen xD
@kamkiKamki 2 aylar önce
very reasonable that it's prob not possible to do since we've never really tried, I swear though if someone manages to accomplish this I'd actually be shocked honestly-💀
@arandomytber 3 aylar önce
The idea is interesting; that black holes are a natural form of time travel. Following the idea of time dilation, and the explanation given here, the outside world would appear to be infinitely sped up to whoever fell into the black hole, if they were able to see the outside world. It creates so many interesting questions and theories, such as: “What happens when you reach the singularity? If being inside the black hole means that time is passing significantly faster for you than it is for those outside of, does reaching the singularity mean reaching the time that it evaporates?”
@DmiaGozhi 2 aylar önce
It's a pretty compelling theory that black holes are a developer workaround for a universe-breaking error.
@jonatas5212 2 aylar önce
Saudades de quando eu conseguia entender os vídeos desse canal 😭
@prt0015 Aylar önce
For a person that has fell inside the black hole, if the black hole keeps information imside wouldn't that mean that you would still be alive in a way, and the best way to destroy a black hole would be to go inside one and wait since all outcomes lead to the future, and in the future the black hole will eventually evaporate
@lukasrafajpps 3 aylar önce
Just a quick note. Singularity as a point is only for static (non-rotating) black holes. If the blackhole rotates, its singularity has a shape of a ring (ringularity). Another interesting point is that a rotating black hole has two event horizons. The funny fact is that in between the horizons, you don't have to necessarily travel towards the singularity although you can't escape from there. You could live happily there for years but if you crossed the second horizon you have to reach the singularity.
@fries6402 3 aylar önce
replying for visibility- very cool stuff
@baraapudding4296 3 aylar önce
a ringshaped singularity actually makes me wonder: what happens if you are in the exact centre of that "ringularity"? Because, like Kurzgesagt also explained, the singularity would be your future. But if you are in the exact centre of this ring, every direction points toward the future.
@gordontaylor2815 3 aylar önce
I believe Kurzgesagt has already done a video touching on this - the "Black Hole Bomb" video...
@lukasrafajpps 3 aylar önce
@@baraapudding4296 In theory, you should be able to safely pass through the middle and some think it should serve as a wormhole that spits you out into another universe from a white-hole. But I don't believe such a claims :D
@GLUBSCHI 3 aylar önce
⁠@@baraapudding4296as far as i understand, as long as you're past the event horizon every direction you can go will only ever lead you towards the singularity (which is the reason nothing can escape the event horizon). So i don't think it would matter if you were in the "hole" of a ringularity or somewhere else inside of the black hole. I'm not a physicist so i can't tell you for sure but i think that's how it works
@josesantos2603 2 aylar önce
You can destroy a small black hole using an Alcubierre Drive that could spread its mass in the 5th brane, resulting ind many small wormholes 😊
@Alecaus 3 gün önce
Man, I'm very pleased to have found this page! U guys rocks!!!
@Ali-in-the-goblin-cave Aylar önce
love how we finally learned how to break reality's physics engine
@strikermodel Aylar önce
This reminds me of how light behaves differently when it is observed and when it is not.
@kylestanley7843 15 saatler önce
Isn't that a myth?
@AllFather_1 10 gün önce
I heard that a blackhole with the mass of a penny would still implode a surprisingly large surface And a blackhole the size of a penny would probably destroy the planet
@Jeracraft 3 aylar önce
"Black holes are where God divided by zero." - Albert Einstein
@qaskas 3 aylar önce
"I didn't say that" - Albert Einstein
@stanleybochenek1862 3 aylar önce
Just use shitton of antimatter -me
@hinkles73 3 aylar önce
100th like! great einstein quote :)
@flaviorian5578 3 aylar önce
I don't think Einstein said that, but it made me laugh, so I'm liking
@senorpepper3405 3 aylar önce
So, neutron stars, God divided by an extremely small number? Like...by 1/1 × 10¹⁰⁰ ?
@thegoodboi987 Aylar önce
Experiment X: Use another larger black hole to pull the other apart with some of it probably being absorbed into the bigger black hole as it passes by. Experiment ??: Use a strong gravitational wave like the one that happens when two large black holes collide in a circular pattern and somehow create a closeby wormhole that can transfer the wave to the black hole and possibly tear it apart?
@CCaseyTnT 2 aylar önce
Wait. So you're saying that the singularity of a black hole is so strong that space & time lose all meaning, but if you give it enough of said time, it itself loses meaning and evaporates?
@44hd59 Aylar önce
If the black hole can’t rotate any faster can’t you just wait until it shrinks and then the spin becomes faster?
@SirAntoniousBlock Aylar önce
Would the singularities in black holes have something to do with a certain one whose expansion started the universe? 🤔
@lucylle3132 2 aylar önce
What if all the extra matter that's supposed to be in our Universe is actually there but shrouded in Special Dyson Spheres?
@vihakingwhimsicalflame 3 aylar önce
This is terrifying lol why do you guys love being so amazingly destructive i've been following your channel for years and it just seems to get better and better, wow
@terribleplayer1527 3 aylar önce
@@supernatural_forces dude wtf
@LostSwiftpaw 3 aylar önce
@terribleplayer1527 3 aylar önce
bruh you must have never seen another kurzgesagt video before, what's terrifying about this?
@TheSpooncer 3 aylar önce
The video didn't even finish when you wrote this comment...
@Ice_elite 3 aylar önce
What was the first comment you wrote on. The channel
@superwhatevergamin9634 2 aylar önce
I kinda would like to know what kind of feverdream insanity would be possible if one of those badboys were broken... But at the same time, potentially turbonuking the entire universe is a big no. The biggest no in fact.
@ccvvxxbbbbxxvvcc7541 2 aylar önce
is it weird to feel like whenever physics can result in 'any probability' the resulting probability is more often than not to cause a large explosion? like if when the universe was created it exploded into a duck.... would all explosions henceforth turn into ducks?
@jweber2898 2 aylar önce
Its possible that the first black hole made in this universe is still alive somewhere. Thats crazy
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