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A special online event with musician and visual artist Brian Eno and writer and artist James Bridle on AI, non-human intelligence, ecology, biological computing, more-than-human relations, and much more.
James Bridle's new ground-breaking book is Ways of Being, which considers the fascinating, uncanny and multiple ways of existing on earth. What can we learn from these other forms of intelligence and personhood, and how can we change our societies to live more equitably with one another and the non-human world?
Recent years have seen rapid advances in 'artificial' intelligence, which increasingly appears to be something stranger than we ever imagined. At the same time, we are becoming more aware of the other intelligences which have been with us all along, unrecognised. These other beings are the animals, plants, and natural systems that surround us, and are slowly revealing their complexity and knowledge - just as the new technologies we've built are threatening to cause their extinction, and ours.
From Greek oracles to octopuses, forests to satellites, Bridle tells a radical new story about ecology, technology and intelligence. How can we expand our definition of these terms to build a meaningful and free relationship with the non-human, one based on solidarity and cognitive diversity? We have so much to learn, and many worlds to gain.
Praise for Ways of Being
'Iridescently original, deeply disorientating and yet somehow radically hopeful ... worth reading and rereading' Brian Eno
'Be prepared to re-evaluate your relationship with the amazing life forms with whom we share the planet. Fascinating, innovative and thought provoking: I thoroughly recommend Ways of Being' Dr Jane Goodall, DBE, Founder of the Jane Goodall Institute and UN Messenger of Peace
'Wonderful ... will make you feel and think the power of knowing how like all other lifeforms we are. There is nothing more important' Timothy Morton
'Brilliant ... Bridle shows the importance of listening to one another and our surroundings, and of creating new forms of community' Hans Ulrich Obrist
James Bridle is author of the acclaimed New Dark Age, about technology, knowledge and the end of the future. They wrote and presented the BBC Radio 4 series New Ways of Seeing, about how technology is changing visual culture; their writing on art, politics, culture and technology has appeared in magazines and newspapers including the Guardian, Wired, New Statesman, Frieze and ICON. Their artworks have been commissioned by galleries and institutions, including the V&A, Whitechapel, Barbican, Hayward and Serpentine, and exhibited worldwide and on the internet.
Brian Eno is a composer, producer and visual artist. He is widely identified with the appearance of 'Ambient Music' in the 1970s and of ‘Generative Music’ in the 1990s. He has worked extensively with David Bowie, U2, Coldplay, Laurie Anderson, Talking Heads and others. His visual and installation work has been presented in nearly 200 venues over the last 5 decades. Eno is a trustee of Client Earth, director of Earth Percent and co-founder of The Long Now Foundation- a society dedicated to the promotion of long-term thinking.
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@ChicoBranquinho Yıl önce
I'm só fascinated by this topic that in December this will become part of my new painting exhibition, to be called: Umwelt. Will try to find the book and buy it. Thanks James, Brian and the team that made this vídeo available for us.
@brianlukethomas Yıl önce
Interesting! James Bridle at 25:50-25:55 and Brian Eno 30:20-30:27 absolutely brilliant! Thank you 5x15 Stories, Brian Eno and James Bridle.
@lovePEACEandRIDDIM 7 aylar önce
beautiful spirits together
@ReubenNathaniel 11 aylar önce
@dancetechtv 13 gün önce
Influence of Buddhism in Cage? huge influence of buddhism/Cybernetics/Bateson?
@asemic Yıl önce
@grey_ss Yıl önce
if you listen to this and replace every 'we' or 'our' with 'white men', then we are getting somewhere
@ferroxglideh5621 Yıl önce
If you listen to this and replace every "we" or "our" with "white men", then your aren't actually listening to what these gentlemen have to say. Allowing a preconceived agenda to affect your ability to absorb interesting ideas is doing yourself a disservice, and is in fact keeping you from "getting somewhere", or even anywhere. If you really think that Eno is acting as a mouthpiece of the patriarchy, then you have entirely missed the point of this conversation.
@grey_ss 10 aylar önce
@@ferroxglideh5621 The above playful game is another perspective that can be taken to interpret what is being said within the video, and believe it or not... While I was expecting someone like yourself to be upset by that... A lot of the world would actually agree (not only women). You may have gone a little far with assuming that I was suggesting eno is the mouthpiece of patriarchy... he was the least of the issue in this conversation, quite harmless. While you might find the comment defeatist... It's these underlying realities of simply 'people' who talk too much and mash everything together as is convenient to sound clever - which need to be commented upon and questioned ongoing... Not just bypassed and to simply "move on" or "get over it". I very much listened to what they said - multiple times - and when I listen to what is being said... I understand a technique of nonspecifity hiding in apparently being very specific... Non specificity is an issue in the washing over of the specifics of place, which is an ongoing colonialism and I simply think that need to be questioned... Where does that come from? What are the true intentions? Who are these men? Where are they in what they say? Where is their true connectivity? The annoyance I have with the non specificity of 'we' or 'human' (say regarding the anthropocene and other newer materialisms) is that it again simplifies complexities and historical truths that have had ongoing implications in the treatment of place by (incidentally and very frequently, white male) artists... It's simply how it is. We are never excempt from the responsibilities of the past and we must be careful on how we approach the future as directly and specifically as possible if 'we' want to actually move ahead together honestly. Instead of distractions in clever complexity how about some fundamental truths? Is that really so much to ask... Or do others (First Nations Peoples, people of color, women) continually have to do this work? That's all the playful game above is about. I did find this talk very interesting but highly problematic... As I've explained. In not considering my game of word swap... Other perspectives are also denied. The point has definitely not been missed... Perhaps the directness is a little too much too comprehend.
@ferroxglideh5621 10 aylar önce
@@grey_ss I believe that socalled "fundamental truths" are invariably complex, if they even exist, and maybe that is where our differences in opinion are located. Cheers!
@osakanone 4 aylar önce
@aeon4558 then do so as a koan, by an applied example of story. Make clarity and bring the context of it with you.
@ivanklass1 7 aylar önce
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