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Bootsie Keegan
Bootsie Keegan 26 gün önce
I may look into Marley spoon ? Thanks for INFO
Miss Lulu Lipstick
Miss Lulu Lipstick Aylar önce
I’ve been using Dinnerly for almost two months now (I have tried Hello Fresh in the past) I love not getting the recipe card and use the app on my iPad as it’s a waste of paper. I like the loose packed items, it’s easy to find what I need. Hello Fresh put too much packaging and paper bags in their boxes.
H Fraser
H Fraser Aylar önce
All this info I could have learned on their websites. Was hoping for a video that showed the real differences in ingredient quality, actual packaging differences, and recipe choice and finished product comparisons.
Space Potatos
Space Potatos 3 aylar önce
Do review on the over quality of the ingredients? Both me and other family members have done hello fresh for over a year, we voted their veggie quality and size have gone down. I'd be interested to hear how Marley spoon compares.
Angus Eades
Angus Eades 7 aylar önce
i just found out they are all owned by the same company, Was with Hellofresh, then swapped to Dinnerly and was contacted by the exact same number, then got a email from Dinnerly with the signature from Marley spoon
HerrCampzAlot Gaming
HerrCampzAlot Gaming 7 aylar önce
Hello Fresh seems like the best option as Dinnerly just put the extra cost in shipping which actually makes it the same.
Gayathri Melepat
Gayathri Melepat 6 aylar önce
I dont think so. Because, I tried both hello fresh and dinnerly one time. i ordered the largest portion on both. In hellofrsh, 10 meals a week (2 person kit) which cost over 100 dollars with shipping. and for Dinnerly, 12 meals a week (2 person kit) which cost only 71 dollars with, WItH shipping. The only problem is dinnerly doesnt have the recepie printed. But using phone is fine if ur really looking for a cheap one. Thats my opinion. : )
Tom 7 aylar önce
those eyebrows do not move!
Able Videomultimedia
Able Videomultimedia Yıl önce
Whatever do, don't accept HelloFresh's supposed 'Week of Free meals'. It is not free, you cannot escape paying full price for another box. The fine print says unless you cancel the day before you receive your supposed 'Week of Free meals' it's locked in. My first 'Week of Free meals' was all chicken. A box arrived yesterday which I didn't order, with red meat/ pork meals. I have not eaten red meat/ pork.since I was 13yo. I am 62. I phoned HelloFresh and they said tough, read the fine print. I know that consumer law says that the fine print cannot override the basic offer and HelloFresh's 'Week of Free meals' offer is a scam. I cancelled as soon as I received it. HelloFresh claim their fine print meant that I was still required to pay for another box, and as I'd cancelled I wasn't given the option to even choose the meals I hadn't ordered. I am taking the matter up with Fair Trading and my credit card provider
Yev 11 aylar önce
Crikey. Fair trading? serious? I'm sure if you chat with them you will get a better resolution.
anticemetric Yıl önce
I personally get meals on wheels, my grandfather died, and has not been taken off their register.
sound life dirt
sound life dirt 8 aylar önce
@anticemetric 😂 now that’s funny 😁
anticemetric 11 aylar önce
SnowClover my grandfather Is probably looking down and me and saying “you little rascal”
Stephen 11 aylar önce
Sorry for ur loss but I found this kinda funny u comparing government meals for elderly to meal delivery prep services
SnowClover Yıl önce
So you're taking advantage of something subsidized by the government intended for the elderly.. that's pretty shit of you lol.
MealPrep Yıl önce
Sorry for your loss but it sounds like you should notify them!
arron w
arron w Yıl önce
So much wrong information in this video. Hello fresh and marley spoon do actually charge a delivery fee. Dinnerly you can choose which meals you would like they just pre select the meals which they think you would prefer. You can edit and remove their selections based on your taste.
Gayathri Melepat
Gayathri Melepat 6 aylar önce
yea true man. sorry no hate to anyone. maybe u didnt check properly
Yev 11 aylar önce
Dramatic much? Soooooooo much wrong. What about the rest of the video? it's a great review. Thanks MealPrep
MealPrep Yıl önce
These meal companies change their offerings a lot. Good to know about Dinnerly, we'll check them out again.
Jasm Wong
Jasm Wong Yıl önce
Hey There
Hey There Yıl önce
Ive never had my marley spoon or hello fresh with free delivery. Other than special offers. Dont know where she got that idea from
Sarah & J
Sarah & J 9 aylar önce
I got a huge discount from the Sweatcoin app.
MealPrep Yıl önce
Can confirm I can't see free delivery anymore! Must have been a promo at the time. Damn!
the Bros
the Bros Yıl önce
they let you choose the meals on dinnerly its just that you have to edit it to which ones you want otherwise you get what they choose for you
Gayathri Melepat
Gayathri Melepat 6 aylar önce
yea ur right. I love dinnerly. Its cheap and awesome
PitchesBeTreble Yıl önce
If anyone is wondering green chef is absolutely awful. The recipes are inaccurate and taste awful.
Nalijay Yıl önce
Thanks. Will avoid.
Ryan Darling
Ryan Darling Yıl önce
Oh my word I'm in love I guess I'm moving to AUS now :-) Thank you for review!!
evan. Yıl önce
Ryan Darling uhhhhh
Bar El
Bar El Yıl önce
Overall is Marleyspoon pretty similar to Hellofresh?
MealPrep Yıl önce
Yep quite similar. We liked HelloFresh a bit better. Instructions were easier to follow :)
Goonswarm Yıl önce
Thank you for the review and comparison darling
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