Mario VS Sonic animation: Food Battle

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Alex Spider [スパイダー]

Alex Spider [スパイダー]

Yıl önce

Mario and Sonic are competing to each other on which of their food is the best food ever!

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Music Used:
John Deley - Bumper Tag
Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games OST - Boxing V1
Super Mario Advanced Music - Choose a Player
NFL Blitz 2000 OST - 1st Quarter Theme
Call of Juarez: Gunslinger Soundtrack - Duel theme
Call of Juarez: Gunslinger -Track 100 - Wilderness Stream 0000003b
Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games OST - Boxing K.O.
Runbow OST - Sand in my Shorts
Kevin MacLeod - Who Likes To Party
Super Mario 64 OST - Bob-Omb Battlefield

Outro Music:
Silent Partner - Tidal Wave

Alex Spider [スパイダー]
Alex Spider [スパイダー] Yıl önce
If you have any Ideas for the Next Food Battle later on, Put any comments! :3
Joseph Cruz
Joseph Cruz Yıl önce
Challenges Timeline
Karol V68
Karol V68 Yıl önce
I missed those kinds of videos on the Smosh channel, and you brought all that back, good work Alex Spider this is the most fun I've seen this week.
MadAttack Yıl önce
This made me more hungry than seeing Gordon Ramsy talking smack about people's cooking.
This basically the smosh food battle but with Sega and Nintendo
The Exterminator Gamer
The Exterminator Gamer Yıl önce
Can we have a whole series just like this, but with different Smash characters each episode? That would make a great series.
Mathew Valerio
Mathew Valerio
Mario and Sonic competing on which food is better is just so absurd. I love it
Cusackanne Yıl önce
The little squeak Mario makes after the jockstrap one, gets me every time. XD
Michael Clickard
Michael Clickard Yıl önce
I'm surprised that neither Mario or Sonic have used their respective foods as Rocket launchers, landmines, miniguns, bombs, swords, pillows, sniper rifles, knives, lightsabers, tools, or even as power ups. Either way, that would be interesting to see.
Sozo Noto
Sozo Noto Yıl önce
I love the fact that this idea is based on Smosh Food Battle. LOVE IT!! Keep up the good work!!
The "oh boy can I come?" At the end got to me. I completely forgot about food battle, talk about a blast from the past, you captured it perfectly!
Bro_Guy9000 Yıl önce
Throwback to when smosh used to have a food battle every year
Such a good parody on smosh, feels so nostalgic:3
Edgar Hernandez
Edgar Hernandez Yıl önce
The returning of legendary ages of Food Battle. Smosh legendary edition
Anthony Faiella
Anthony Faiella Yıl önce
Oh hey, Smosh is back doing their annual "Food battle!!" It's been sooooooo long!!!
Golden Omega
Golden Omega Yıl önce
God, watching this made me missed smosh food battles, especially anthony 😭. Awesome job spider, thanks for bringing back memories
בראשית חממה
בראשית חממה
for the next finale, it will be a climbing gear down from a cliff and ground only, sonic's hot dog will be used as henry stickmin's ETP pungers where he stabs the cliff wall so hard it holds him, while mario uses a harness to pull himself downwards.
EJ Ej Yıl önce
Alex Spider: smosh edition
I love how in these animations, you involve kitty0706 sound effects. It makes it feel like the old days
Philip (Not Ph1lza)
Philip (Not Ph1lza) Yıl önce
Well, now I miss old Smosh. This was a good video, though!
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