10 YO Girl Found ALIVE After Disturbing Slumber Party | The Case of Krystal Surles

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“I saw what he did to Katie and was scared he’d do it to me”
On one of the last nights of 1999, Krystal is tucking herself into bed after a fun sleepover with her best friend Katie, but they are suddenly woken up by a window creaking open. As Krystal opens her eyes, a man holds a knife to Katie’s neck near the edge of the bunk bed. From that moment on, two things are on Krystal’s mind: surviving through the night, and making sure serial killer Tommy Lynn Sells is brought to justice.
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DPSFSU 4 aylar önce
This was incredibly well told. Krystal, you kick ass! Keep being an inspiration for all those afraid to speak out against their attackers.
Cute Cat And Sunny Bear
Cute Cat And Sunny Bear 12 saatler önce
i was crying my eyes out
Mooka Welch
Mooka Welch 10 gün önce
I wish Polly could have 😢
Yoonie Min
Yoonie Min 2 aylar önce
R C 3 aylar önce
MilkyisDead 3 aylar önce
She crawled towards her friend and rubbed her back with such love and care until she died in her arms. Bless this girl I hope she gets everything she ever wants in life.
your.local.editor.cencen. Aylar önce
Omg that’s sad,…..she really was a best friend😔
Anthonystoychannel Aylar önce
Jesus so sad
pineapple_flappy_bird hi how are u doin
pineapple_flappy_bird hi how are u doin 2 aylar önce
I know I was crying I was like WHY WHY NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO crying I felt so bad
mysticknight14 2 aylar önce
After she'd already been hurt herself ⊙︿⊙
Destinee Herrera
Destinee Herrera 2 aylar önce
She was the sweetest girl I would’ve done the same for my friend or any of my friends for that matter.. prayers for this strong girl she is brave !
DududududududududududuHesAPhantom 4 aylar önce
The fact she was holding her slit throat, literally bleeding out, and is only focused on getting help for her friend and her family is so telling to her character. I hope her sweet soul is protected for the rest of her life.
PxndaBean 9 gün önce
@Jimmy Inglisit’s not just because she was a child she saved both herself and got justice for her friend and she focused on her friend during the entire case.
Jimmy Inglis
Jimmy Inglis 19 gün önce
She wasn't focused on getting help for her friend at all. She knew her friend was dead and was then out to help herself. Dont make her out to be some hero because she was a child when this happened. Many people have survived killers and don't get praised for it.
Hanna Banana
Hanna Banana 2 aylar önce
@Officer Farva she told him first to get help for Katie and her family. She asked if she would live after asking for help for the others first
LoreleiFleur 2 aylar önce
@Officer Farva nahh wtf man
zozusuu 2 aylar önce
@Officer Farva Jesus what is wrong with you
Harbinger of the End Times
Harbinger of the End Times 4 aylar önce
I gotta say, the tv show that arranged the meeting between her and another victim of a similar crime was probably one of the best things a tv show could do in this type of situation. Knowing there are others like her definitely helped her in one way or another. She also remembered the advice from the girl, and that helped her carry on with the testimony
Bobby Lawson
Bobby Lawson 6 saatler önce
You can watch the whole thing on TRshow
Z Gul
Z Gul 3 gün önce
​@unexpected vixen they did bring it back
k0chana 3 aylar önce
And have her the ring to help her stay strong ! It was such an amazing thing for anyone to do
Midnight Madness
Midnight Madness 3 aylar önce
Touche, and also very reminiscent of the 'Happy Face Killer' his daughter does the same thing to this day, advocates for victims/children of murderers....she being his daughter knows the scrutiny of horror and it's aftermath, so what she does is a good cause, such as the girl/victim meeting with Krystal. Love your comment...her giving her the ring was simply awesome, I knew she'd do that.
Rita Was Here
Rita Was Here 3 aylar önce
Yeah, we often appreciate others that have the same experiences we do. Something like this is so out there that it's really a good thing that there are two victims that survived and they have this bond for life.
Amz M
Amz M 4 aylar önce
When Krystal opened that little parcel with the ring from Kristie & says “Mommy" 😭 it really hits you how young she was. I’m so glad Kristie was able to pass on strength to Krystal to testify. 💛
yes homo
yes homo 2 aylar önce
@Shae Barnes she was a CHILD not a young lady dont sugarcoat it. a CHILD took down the murderer. she was not a young lady
Shae Barnes
Shae Barnes 2 aylar önce
That's when I burst into tears . What an amazingly brave young lady she was
Wade Wilson
Wade Wilson 3 aylar önce
Me literally hearing that she was a 10 year old and physically seeing her on the witness stand as a 10 year old child was enough to hit me.
Cole Jen
Cole Jen 4 aylar önce
I cried so hard!😭
Scotian Coast
Scotian Coast 4 aylar önce
The strength some kids have after going through something as awful as this is nothing short as amazing.
ThePrettySweety 2 aylar önce
We have no choice. I was sexually abused as a child and treated like Cinderella by my adopted dad And parents. had no choice but to have strength
satisfied meat
satisfied meat 3 aylar önce
@Charity I disagree, at that age you don't know the horrors of the world. I think having something so horrific and gruesome happen at that age totally shatters your child-like innocence and view on the world. Nobody should have to experience something so horrific, especially not children. But I do see your point, children can be pretty resilient. I don't think I'd have her strength in such a situation but who knows, adrenaline is one hell of a thing.
Wade Wilson
Wade Wilson 3 aylar önce
Goes to show some of these lazy adults going around here complaining about insipid problems of life just disgust me. You have brave children dealing with traumatic experiences. And yet the rest of these clowns go out here and cry about not getting a discount and asking to speak to managers. 🙄
SATlVA 4 aylar önce
@Fewbumdun not all the time. Wtf.
SATlVA 4 aylar önce
It isn't strength when you don't have a choice.
Panda 🐼
Panda 🐼 4 aylar önce
Anyone else cry during the testimony? Bravest 10 year old ever
RosyDosey Aylar önce
gacha_ratat 2 aylar önce
Yes this si so sad she had to go through all that it's crazy thinking that this could happen to anyone she is so strong😭❤
꧁ Yxzminx ꧂
꧁ Yxzminx ꧂ 2 aylar önce
Just crying my eyes out 3 times, what a beautiful brave girll!! ❤❤❤
TaeStea_talk. -
TaeStea_talk. - 2 aylar önce
I Never cry during these things but this really touched me. As a young girl I could never imagine what she had to go trough. She is so strong and when she couldn’t hold it in it just broke my heart
Ur declining mental health
Ur declining mental health 2 aylar önce
@Wade Wilson perfectly explained! I feel the same way you do when I hear crime cases
shades of purple
shades of purple 4 aylar önce
Forcing a child to relive all that trauma even after the killer CONFESSED is barbaric. Telling her if she doesn't then this guy might be released??? He CONFESSED and she already identified him
curlplayz♧ Gün önce
Ye but why did he do it😳?
Joel DeJonge
Joel DeJonge 14 gün önce
@beanz burriton Everyone: "It's awful that a young girl was killed, another mutilated, and mother murdered!" You: "welcome to the world bud!"
beanz burriton
beanz burriton 14 gün önce
welcome to the world bud
Towanda! 17 gün önce
Oh man, you're right
Kait 4 aylar önce
I don’t typically cry while watching true crime, but wow she is so freaking courageous and strong.😭
Byunniq 2 aylar önce
Wade Wilson
Wade Wilson 3 aylar önce
I never cried during these I just feel a bit of rage. Every time I watch videos like this I just wish that I was there to protect these people.
Kat 14
Kat 14 4 aylar önce
LaLaa🍒CherryPie🍒 4 aylar önce
Sometimes I cry, if I feel like I have been in the same situation and I made it,,, I feel emotional and when it comes to children...
Bree Harris
Bree Harris 4 aylar önce
right I never do. I love true crime. but this right here got me
Megan Munfield
Megan Munfield 4 aylar önce
What a brave and courageous young girl.
The Crow
The Crow 4 aylar önce
a fifa.fplplayer #subtomancunianway scott carson🐐
a fifa.fplplayer #subtomancunianway scott carson🐐 4 aylar önce
Captain Cockerel 🐓
Captain Cockerel 🐓 4 aylar önce
I want to give a massive thanks to the other young victim who helped this girl to get the confidence to face her attacker in court it must of been hard for her also , my prays go out to every soul that has been taken by these type of beasts ...please god protect our children from these monsters and help bring peace to their families and loved ones 🙏💙🐓
Cynthia Merritt
Cynthia Merritt 4 aylar önce
I’ve seen this story on tv, but am always impressed by this girl. The fact that she took the time to comfort her dying friend is really amazing.
Rosa Galdamez
Rosa Galdamez 4 aylar önce
I feel the same way. Poor thing.
Jonny 4 aylar önce
I'm a 41 year old man and I don't cry a lot but this video definitely got me especially at 14:10. What a brave little girl!
☾Patches_Wcue☾ 2 aylar önce
Cry all you need to cry, man. No matter how old you are, man or woman or whatever, ya gotta let it out
TomCat 2 aylar önce
​@Wade Wilson while I understand, rage isn't good for your health. Finding nuance in feelings and emotions can be good for you in the long run. I understand how you feel though
Wade Wilson
Wade Wilson 3 aylar önce
I'm a 45 year old man, and I feel nothing but rage when I watch this video. At the moments you both stated above, they didn't make me sad it just made me fill with even more anger. I hate bullies and I hate when people take advantage of the innocent. Honestly if this happened to any of my children I would do like that Dad did in Florida back in the '80s. When he shot and killed that karate instructor on live TV, who in molested his son.
Raven Beaudoin
Raven Beaudoin 3 aylar önce
You two are the embodiment of what I believe a real man is, in touch with their emotions and not afraid to be a human being, strong but compassionate
Dewi Lew
Dewi Lew 4 aylar önce
What a sweetheart. The way she reacted when she saw the ring her mother gave her. Little girls are a gift to the world. A treasure.
LaReine Lester
LaReine Lester 12 gün önce
@sad romantic We all know how fragile their emotions are lol. Most of these horrific stories are about men monsters anyways.
Seto Bon
Seto Bon Aylar önce
@sad romantic right! This video was about a little GIRL this why they talked abt a girl 😭.
Jen Aylar önce
@Wade Wilson little girls*😌
sad romantic
sad romantic 2 aylar önce
I was waiting for this. There's ALWAYS a "men/boys too!" in these videos. The new "Me too" movement for males.
Lashae Smith
Lashae Smith 4 aylar önce
I'll never forget my big sisters testifying against my dad after he killed our Mama. I was five and to little to be put on the stand but they were 16 and 20. Blessed are those who suffer for they shall be comforted.
Rd Red
Rd Red 21 gün önce
@Lashae Smith Awww, please don't think that. It's not your fault.
I love you, and you matter!
I love you, and you matter! 2 aylar önce
@Lashae Smith Do not say that. You’re here for a reason. It’s not your fault that-that monster has such a wicked heart. You had no control over the situation. You matter, you’re loved, and you’re perfect the way you are! Don’t let that monster’s own action convince you otherwise. I’ll be praying for you 🙏 much love🙏❤
yes homo
yes homo 2 aylar önce
im so very sorry 💔 there is so much evil in this world
Josephine Peery
Josephine Peery 4 aylar önce
Good god, 22 murder victims! What evil is this?! 🤬 Brave girl who survived, what a nightmare to live with for the rest of your days. But she stood before him in court to make sure he was going nowhere, never again to hurt anyone else.
IndigoSimmer 12 gün önce
@Wade Wilson still boggles my mind that someone who killed so many children was ever freed from prison. What a messed up system they have
Sara W
Sara W 12 gün önce
@IndigoSimmer That's how they try to get out of being convicted in many cases. Try to show insanity, but not using the defense of......ON THE GROUNDS OF INSANITY.
Wade Wilson
Wade Wilson 3 aylar önce
This must be your first true crime documentary? There's a dude in South America who suspected to killed *300* children. His name is Pedro Lopez aka "The Monster of the Andes." And their laws down there are so repugnant until they released him and his whereabouts are currently unknown.
IndigoSimmer 3 aylar önce
@Random Female It was said he also confessed to crimes he didn’t commit. It was apparently part of his defense
Random Female
Random Female 3 aylar önce
Was so interesting seeing how he eagerly confessed details and wanted to tell about his other killings. He was driven by something inside himself to kill, but was glad to be caught. Bizarre.
Alex Andra
Alex Andra 4 aylar önce
“Will I live?” I don’t think any person specially a child should ever have to ask that question. What a brave young girl to face her attacker in court 💪🏼
Alex Andra
Alex Andra 4 aylar önce
@Love Fits All yes, it’s very daunting
Love Fits All
Love Fits All 4 aylar önce
Killed me
Gabs 2 aylar önce
"If she fails to give testimony in court he might be released" How? He literally confessed to the murder of 22 people.
InterNetInc Ca
InterNetInc Ca 16 gün önce
@Ines 🦋 I think that based on the evidence all they had was her testimony. As for his confession, is not enough evidence. The law is written that the evidence must put him at the scene. Too, most states require that a confession does not prevent a trial. All the evidence must be heard because there is only one chancre to it it right. It's the law.
Ines 🦋
Ines 🦋 Aylar önce
That was said just to pressure her into giving testimony, the man didn't even want to be released.
BigOunce 4 aylar önce
this is horrific she is incredibly brave for her age, I hope she is getting through it more each day! and may the other victims rest peacefully
Irate Puffin
Irate Puffin 4 aylar önce
Anyone else amazed that, at only 10 yrs old and despite what she’d just been through, she was capable of writing out a note for the neighbor while she had to be panicking? Then, while only capable of communicating through writing what he looked like, she was able to provide enough info for a sketch artist? And not just that but, that she was so accurate? She was an amazing girl?
satisfied meat
satisfied meat 3 aylar önce
I don't think I would have been able to write in that situation. It'd probably look like unintelligible scribbles 😥... Also children have awesome memory usually, I miss being young. She's amazing and so freaking strong.
Wade Wilson
Wade Wilson 3 aylar önce
No I'm not amazed. I don't take anyone for granted. There are many resourceful children in this world. If animals like dogs cats and apes can communicate, I'm not going to be shocked when children can communicate more effectively than the average adult can. Yes that includes under traumatic circumstances. SOME kids are amazing. That's a relatively known fact.
Christina Reed
Christina Reed 4 aylar önce
Irate Puffin Jennifer Schuett was another very brave little girl. At only 8 years old she was left for dead with her throat cut too like Krystal. Jennifer also wrote notes too, because her vocal cords were cut, so she was unable to speck like Krystal was at first. Jennifer's description of her attacker provided a very accurate sketch just like Krystals did. Both girls have went on to talk again and have become amazingly strong inspirational women.
Amanda Z
Amanda Z 4 aylar önce
This story hit differently. I have tears. The ring broke me. Terrifying knowing there are other monsters like this, probably closer than we'll hopefully never know for ourselves.
Jasmine Bischof
Jasmine Bischof 4 aylar önce
@mylifefornick So did I. That just about broke me.
mylifefornick 4 aylar önce
omg when she was gifted the ring before her testimony i cried even harder. This was hard to watch.
micky steven
micky steven 4 aylar önce
The fact the other girl gave her the ring is so sweet I hope they stayed friends for a while
Sam P
Sam P 4 aylar önce
What a brave little girl. So sorry about the horrendous deeds that monster did to you and your friends, and so sorry for the sad loss of your friends. Poor babies.
a fifa.fplplayer #subtomancunianway scott carson🐐
a fifa.fplplayer #subtomancunianway scott carson🐐 4 aylar önce
Blank 4 aylar önce
He already had 22 victims! Only God knows how many people she saved!
Emma 4 aylar önce
This is literally terrifying. I could never in a million years put this on my biggest enemy’s. This is terrible😭
teairaterry 2 aylar önce
Like ever
D   💭
D 💭 4 aylar önce
Rightt 😭😭😭
a fifa.fplplayer #subtomancunianway scott carson🐐
a fifa.fplplayer #subtomancunianway scott carson🐐 4 aylar önce
No 4 aylar önce
I know it wasn’t easy, but I am so PROUD of Krystal for testifying. She went through so much trauma, not to mention she likely feels survivor’s guilt. She will always think of Katie. Krystal is such a strong young woman.
Natalie 4 aylar önce
I cannot get over how strong she is. She is the most special person I’ve ever seen. It’s unreal
Love Fits All
Love Fits All 4 aylar önce
Jack A
Jack A 4 aylar önce
The real bravery is not her survival instinct. It's her conscious ability to battle the fear of facing her attacker face-to-face in the courtroom and revisiting her horror night just so that she can tell the whole world about what she went through that night. No amount of courage can make a normal person to stand up like that at age of 11. That's just brutal in her own prime!
VidHoard 4 aylar önce
What she went through is beyond horrifying. What an incredible spirit she has. I'm so happy she survived. What an absolute monster he was.
Wade Wilson
Wade Wilson 3 aylar önce
Wait until you see the story about the two little sisters on this channel.
Miranda 4 aylar önce
13:49 I had suspected/hoped this was going to happen after the narrator had mentioned how Christy was wearing that ring when she was in court. So when they showed Krystal being given that before trial, I immediately started bawling. This was such a beautiful and IMPACTFUL gesture and I know these two brave women will have a lifelong connection to one another. It’s awful and so unfair that this type of trauma is what they both share, but I’m so glad that they met each other and bonded. I’m sure that helped them both. They are both incredibly strong. ❤
Miranda 3 aylar önce
@armygirl85 #FuckHitler Thank you, I’m glad you agree with me! 😊 Also yes absolutely rest in peace to Katie, she deserved so much better than this senseless tragedy.
armygirl85 #FuckHitler
armygirl85 #FuckHitler 3 aylar önce
I agree with EVERYTHING you said!!😢❤ RIP Katie 👼
Erin Pascarella
Erin Pascarella 4 aylar önce
I watch true crime videos ALL the time. This one had me unable to stop crying. Everything in life has a purpose..her purpose was to put a very very disgusting man into prison and soon to death.
Charlie Deegan
Charlie Deegan 11 gün önce
Watching you claim this as her "purpose" is pretty gross. She's a child. Her purpose is to live a life of happiness.
yes homo
yes homo 2 aylar önce
@ToothpasteToothbrush Good cannot exist without tragedy. Man is evil and will always commit crimes. The survivors of those crimes help others. There is no real "point" and you shouldnt MAKE YOURSELF suffer for some righteous reason. The crimes happen to give strength and courage to future victims of other crimes....Imagine being the only one to survive a specific kind of crime and no one is there to comfort you? no stories? instead you are told how unique and brave you are, how it must be part of Gods plan that you went through what you did.... Sometimes I break down sobbing in my to Mama's arms asking why im in so much (physical and psychological) pain and what is it all for and why am i even still alive for, why did I suffer for, what could possibly be my purpose as a crippled useless depressed 22 year old who cant stand up without excruciating pain and well...No one know, but she still comforts me. No one knows Gods plan but he knows everything that has and will happened. If he intervened and there was no tragedy then we wouldnt have free will at all
ToothpasteToothbrush 3 aylar önce
Then what might be the purpose of the crimes that criminal committed?
Jamie 3 aylar önce
It saddens me that on January 2nd 2000 I was turning 8 and this little girl had to go through all of that. I appreciate and respect her strength and perseverance.
Auevi 2 aylar önce
My birthday is Jan 2, too!
Wade Wilson
Wade Wilson 3 aylar önce
Wait...WHAT!?!? Did you mean "I'd" which is past tense and not I'm (I am)??
McKenzie 3 aylar önce
I know she was in shock but the fact that she vaguely knows that she was injured badly but her only thought was to comfort her friend really shows her character.
Strabius 4 aylar önce
Man, this really got to me. Seeing the footage of such a young girl persevering through such deep trauma in order to bring justice to her best friend really got to me. I have a niece her age, and she even sounds like my niece, and I couldn't help but imagine if my niece were in such a terrible position and it dug even deeper into my heart. She was so brave and selfless, and she still is as a grown woman.
GloryGlory Hole’allelujah
GloryGlory Hole’allelujah 4 aylar önce
Kids are such amazing little beings. True they’re very fragile and vulnerable to the cruelty of the world…but they’re also far stronger, braver and more resilient than we often realize, or remember to give them credit for. What an inspiration that little girl was (and continues to be) to countless people around the world. I hope she continues on to have a long, healthy and joyful life. ❤
Black Rabbit
Black Rabbit 3 aylar önce
When she started crying in court I teared up bad. That poor baby shouldn't have gone through that
Po Loopi
Po Loopi 19 gün önce
@superbuz 321 she had to what?
superbuz 321
superbuz 321 Aylar önce
She had to. 😊
Jockkerz 4 aylar önce
This case is the most emotional I’ve felt about true accounts of this sort of thing. When she described how she pretended to be dead so he didn’t come back to kill her for sure I teared up and felt sick deep in my stomach. I really hope Krystal is doing better than ever today.
Melanie 18 gün önce
She was so young, to experience something so horrific. She was there to comfort her friend even when she was bleeding out. It brought me tears to just think about that. Krystal is so strong, and May her friend rest in piece.
GhastlyCretin 4 aylar önce
Dear God, the rage this made me feel. I'd love to be locked in a room with this guy and have a selection of tools from my shed with me.
yes homo
yes homo 2 aylar önce
@Wade Wilson I literally feel Dexter moments whenever shit like this happens. Dexter was the best show ever (it had some bad moments but that was the comoanys fault i think because they had stuff from the books changed to appeal to more audiences but then they ended up ruining the finales)
Amanda Fitch
Amanda Fitch 3 aylar önce
Don't let the evil in someone else.. bring evil unto you ... stay full of love ❤️
Wade Wilson
Wade Wilson 3 aylar önce
Finally a comment from somebody who feels exactly the way I do! A lot of these people on here talking about how they cried and boohooed but I feel nothing but pure rage. His arrogance is what pisses me off as well. Cases like this make me want to turn into the guy from the TV show "Dexter"
Annie J
Annie J 4 aylar önce
Well said 👍
Make It By Mandy
Make It By Mandy 4 aylar önce
Such strong young ladies. ❤️They made her go to court at the age of 11? when he quite obviously admitted he did it? Despicable! They must have been able to get him convicted without it. I hope those families are ok now. ✌️
True No Kill
True No Kill 3 aylar önce
@ZomBQueeen surely there must be provisions against children possibly being further traumatized by appearing in court at some later time established?
Random Female
Random Female 3 aylar önce
She was glad she did it. She faced him & brought him down. It is healing ✌
No 4 aylar önce
@M SC You’ve never understood it? Well you’ve also never been in the same situation as these victims. You’re also not 11 years old. You might feel differently about what you would or wouldn’t do if it actually happened to you. It’s easy to say what we would or would want to do. No one truly knows how they will react until they experience an event. Krystal was facing the man who murdered her best friend in front of her and then tried to murder her as well. It’s pretty *understandable* why a young girl wouldn’t want to face the man responsible for such a horrific thing in court.
starmagedon 4 aylar önce
When she opened the package and saw the ring, that's when I lost it. What an amazing little girl!!!
Love Fits All
Love Fits All 4 aylar önce
So pure love
MemeDemon 4 aylar önce
This gave me chills. That poor baby having to survive through this. I hope she has found peace in her life.
Amanda Blevins
Amanda Blevins 20 gün önce
God love that child’s heart She is the sweetest little girl His could anyone hurt a child this innocent and pure. To turn her mind from being a child to being a haunted victim. I truly hope she has had piece in her life.
Kristi McGowan/ Darko’s Cellar Door
Kristi McGowan/ Darko’s Cellar Door 20 gün önce
I can’t believe I never heard of this case before!!! Crystal’s intelligence and beautiful loving heart is ultimately what destroyed that evil monster!! Her throat has been torn open yet she has the presence of mind to hold and comfort her dying best friend Katy! The thought of that scene rips my guts out and I am sobbing uncontrollably!!! Then after staying with Katy as long as she dared, she gets up holds her own slit throat together with her bare hands and walks the long walk across the street for help with her only thoughts being to get help for Katy and everyone else 😱 Only after she has made sure everyone understands they need to get over there and help Katy and her family, does she finally ask the neighbor “Will I live” 😭😭The presence of mind in this beautiful child is astounding!! I hope Katy’s mom has some comfort knowing that in her beautiful daughter’s last moments she was not alone and she did have someone there with her who truly loved her! Katy was a beautiful young lady! Her family has my deepest condolences and may she rest in peace! Cheers
Brittany Makeup Goddess
Brittany Makeup Goddess 4 aylar önce
If you look up Tommy's victims, he's done so much horrendous acts, from tiny infants, kids, murdering children in front of their mothers and then taking the mothers lives, such a cruel monster.
Eagle In A Beanie
Eagle In A Beanie 18 gün önce
Someone this pure evil should have been sent home to his master I can’t imagine what was wrong in his mind to do such actions other than the devil himself
loveforeignaccents 4 aylar önce
Geez, and this Kristie Reed... so young to have been attacked within her home as well and to have lost her sister in that senseless crime. And what a lovely young lady she is to try and help Krystal out with some helpful tips to try and get through having to give court testimony against this monster.
Desirae Thames
Desirae Thames 4 aylar önce
What a bad ass! I am so proud of her. This story honestly moved me to tears.
ChloeLow 4 aylar önce
Krystal’s testimony was so heartbreaking yet powerful. I’m literally in tears while my kids sleep on my sofa .. I’m so proud of you Krystal .. you were so strong sweetheart..
Kelley Sinclair
Kelley Sinclair 19 gün önce
Great job Krystal! Excellent narrator, btw. Easy to understand and not rushed. Gives a sense of respect.
Brittany Boston
Brittany Boston 3 aylar önce
She's my favorite kind of person, the person I hope I would be in that situation, and the person I hope my daughter becomes. That was obviously so hard for her but she didn't even think twice about doing what she could to put him away for what he did. So impressive.
Lauraintheskywithdiamonds 4 aylar önce
I cried watching her testify , such a brave little girl.
Paula Hillman
Paula Hillman 4 aylar önce
To ensure such trauma that young is so disturbing… I am so sorry she had to witness her best friend dying in front of her and then enduring the same pain she did… what a brave soul… I hope she got and continues to get therapy ❤️🙏🏻
Yosen B. Mamma
Yosen B. Mamma Aylar önce
This video made me cry. This poor little girl has endured so much more than anyone should ever suffer through. Let alone a 10yo! She is an inspiration to all who have ever been attacked - by outsmarting her assailant and testifying against him in court. She's a testament to her parents for bringing up an intelligent young lady who's capable of thinking on her feet. *_***YOU GO, GIRL!!***_*
taija lerae
taija lerae 3 aylar önce
I never typically cry over true crime. Even some of the most gruesome, but this has me in shambles! She was and still is so incredibly brave. I can just imagine Katie smiling down on her. The courage is immense.
cleo signol
cleo signol 2 gün önce
I have never wanted to give someone a hug more than seeing that little girl give her testimony. She deserves the world❤
RosyDosey Aylar önce
This literally made me cry. Rest in peace, Katie. Krystal, never give up. You found good happiness. We are proud ❤
AngelBabii_x0x 4 aylar önce
That was so sweet that she got the ring. She's so strong and brave.
Annalee Cornejo
Annalee Cornejo 20 gün önce
Such an amazing young girl/woman. Why would she need to relive that trauma when he gave a credible confession? That’s so cruel.
Lilla Weeb
Lilla Weeb 4 aylar önce
These stories always make me emotional but this one had me bawling. I'm so happy they brought those girls together, I'm sure it helped them both in different ways.
Booter Scooch
Booter Scooch 4 aylar önce
I just wanna tell unseen thank you for telling these survivors stories with so much respect and care it feels rare in this genre and it’s a breath of fresh air
CelestiaFan Forever
CelestiaFan Forever 3 aylar önce
Katie would be proud of you Krystal, you not only made sure to get the details of the man who did this but you were the one to bring justice to so many other cases that he did. You not only got justice for Katie but justice for the other victims of people who he has killed.
Salena Carmella
Salena Carmella 3 aylar önce
The fact that she kept still after getting cut in her throat. What a strong little girl! This is so sad. My condolences to her best friends family, and all the other victims 😔
SweetTooth 4 aylar önce
What a disgusting monster. I'm lost for words at what kind of monster would do such a thing. Just heart wrenching to hear the poor girl in court.
Wade Wilson
Wade Wilson 3 aylar önce
These monsters are everywhere. And people have the nerve to ban guns where if many of these victims had one, they would've taken these scumbags out of commission and saved countless lives.
Briar 4 aylar önce
Wow what an incredible story, I started crying when I saw what she wrote on paper. It was important to hear this case focused on the victim as too often everything is always focused on the killer.
Jasmine Bischof
Jasmine Bischof 4 aylar önce
I watch alot of true crime but this had me in tears. This young lady is amazing and the other little girl going through a similar experience and being there for her...just wow.
milk cappy
milk cappy 2 aylar önce
true crime rarely gets to me but i was fighting back tears all throughout katie's testimony. what a strong ass little girl, she truly deserves the best
Lady Sansa
Lady Sansa 4 aylar önce
The bravest girl. This really made me so sad for her. I could just feel how scared she was. Crying my eyes out. So brave of her. God bless her. So sorry for the other victims.
Blessed Highly Favored
Blessed Highly Favored 24 gün önce
I'm so proud of this little lady and I know her friend would be proud of her, putting the murderer that took her life away. You are a strong individual with courage to get up their and face the monster and speak on behalf of your Bestfriend. Your actions speak volume I'm happy you survived that tragedy and I pray for healing peacefulness and greatness upon you for the rest of your life.
Reborn life and little Gizmo
Reborn life and little Gizmo 18 gün önce
Poor Krystal it must have been awful for her, also her friend dying in her arms. You were very brave Krystal. Big hugs from Scotland in the UK ❤
Bobbie Davis
Bobbie Davis 3 aylar önce
What a little hero. I know her friend is so proud of her, smiling in heaven.
Peggy Gallagher
Peggy Gallagher 4 aylar önce
This was a horrific case. Ret. Forensic Psych and Criminal Justice. Thank you for covering it! 🙏💜✌
MacKenzie Williams
MacKenzie Williams 3 aylar önce
I hate that TV makes it seem like telling your own story is the worst part. When it’s really having your story questioned & torn apart by the defense
Spikes Girl
Spikes Girl 2 aylar önce
That's true.
MessyAnimations 3 aylar önce
I can’t believe this story, I’m so proud of crystal she may never fill the gap of losing her friend but she was so brave, and so smart to survive that. 💗
Nadia N
Nadia N 4 aylar önce
“My neck needs help. Will I live?” Ugh! Made me cry 😢
SimplyQuinn ♡
SimplyQuinn ♡ 21 gün önce
I cant imagine the pain of watching her best friend die while living a horrible nightmare. Rest in Peace, Katie .
Get Addicted
Get Addicted 2 aylar önce
She’s so strong and selfless, she deserves the world. Literally in tears rn ❤
Madison Hatchell
Madison Hatchell 2 aylar önce
ive watched a lot of true crime stories, but this one is the only one that made me cry. she is so brave for thinking about her best friend first before herself. i hope she has a good life. i literally got so happy that he got the death penalty i was like “YES”
Kextra 3 aylar önce
Prayers to everyone who was impacted by this sad turn of events. I was so moved of how strong this young girl was, not for herself but for best friends memory. This story made me very emotional, I was crying right alongside everyone.
Miranda Scott
Miranda Scott 3 aylar önce
Awe that was amazin that the other teen gave her that ring and gave her all the advice! Such an incredible story!
Mr Mojo Risin
Mr Mojo Risin 4 aylar önce
What an amazing young lady, my mind is blown at the horror she had to deal with…Sending prayers to all the victims…
Neek 4 aylar önce
Omg. I'm in tears. The moment she got that ring, I lost it. Thank God for both of these ladies. Had Kristie not been attacked, and crystal never met her, this man may have been free. She showed crystal the strength she had inside, and brought it to the surface. This was not a coincidence, but an act of God.
ParadoxRein 2 aylar önce
Even in Kates last moments, with her throat slit might I add, she rubbed Kate’s back, reassuring her during her final moments that she was there and that she didn’t have to worry. I know for a fact that Kate’s final moments were the best they could’ve been in that situation
DizAsta 4 aylar önce
I love how focused on the victims experience this is, really well done
Mochi 4 aylar önce
This made me cry I’m so proud of this girl she went through everything and stayed strong she never let anyone take her down 🥺
Koito 3 aylar önce
Hearing the “will I live” and reading it is what really broke my heart. The fact she had to hold her friend in her arms as she died… a little girl. I can’t…. I can’t fathom there being a monster like this living among us. Multiple monsters like this…
Sarah Mayle
Sarah Mayle 4 gün önce
I am so proud of her that she stood up there in all the pain and heartache. I mean she watched her friends die. No one should go through that.
Jessie Jo
Jessie Jo 2 aylar önce
I can't believe what an amazing young woman this is. Her strength, what she went through.... Bleeding out clutching her neck but just wanted her friend to get help. This is an amazing soul.
Constance Leah
Constance Leah 4 aylar önce
That's a hella brave woman ❣️
Emma S
Emma S 4 aylar önce
What a disgusting excuse for a human being! God bless those poor girls! Krystal is such a brave young girl 👏❤️
Froggy_moom 23 gün önce
My dad told me about her story a few days ago and when he told me I wanted to cry because of how frightening it sounded but I admire you because you are living proof that we can fight and to never give up so for that I thank you
Cadvan Mist
Cadvan Mist 4 aylar önce
I imagine he has psychopathy so he has no emotions regarding what he did. That is probably why he is so willing to give all the details of this cases and others. He knows what he did was wrong but he lacks remorse and empathy.
Faith Leah
Faith Leah 3 aylar önce
I have seen and heard tons of true crime stories and this one hit me hard. It made me cry listening to that brave little girl. I lost it when they called her name to graduate. What a brave brave young lady.
CatFan 4 aylar önce
What a Brave Young Lady! Krystal you’re an inspiration, bless you and your family. May your friend Katie RIP ❤️
Aeshisly 2 aylar önce
My first time crying while watching a case documentary. She's so brave and I hope that won't happen to anyone again cause no one deserves to witness, feel, get hurt and get traumatized like that.
R Noelle🦋🦋
R Noelle🦋🦋 4 aylar önce
The strength & bravery portrayed is absolutely beautiful. Not everyone has this strong fight in them however she was/is a fighter & most definitely a survivor & hero ❤
Luckie_MD 3 aylar önce
Man I cried through this whole thing. She is so strong and brave. 💙
V J 2 aylar önce
Nobody chooses to be a hero. Krystal Surles is a hero. Amazing person. May her beloved best friend Katie rest in peace.
Diane Lake
Diane Lake 3 aylar önce
What a special little girl to be able to face that terrifying killer and bring him down. Thank you so much for the girl who sent the ring to give Krystal strength. It is so sad that Krystal's friend died. But, Krystal lives everyday not letting her be forgotten. And for her to know in heaven she is loved and remembered.
Thirteenx 4 aylar önce
She’s so brave❤️it’s so sad what happened:(
LunaBella2006 4 aylar önce
My respect for Krystal for her strenght and courage.
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