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Chris Lonsdale is Managing Director of Chris Lonsdale & Associates, a company established to catalyse breakthrough performance for individuals and senior teams. In addition, he has also developed a unique and integrated approach to learning that gives people the means to acquire language or complex technical knowledge in short periods of time.

Jan-21-2014 Update. The video transcripts are now available via the following links:

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Luis Urrutia
Luis Urrutia Yıl önce
05:32 - How to learn any language in six months 07:59 - Principle # 1: Focus on language content that is relevant to you 08:49 - Principle # 2: Use your new language as a tool to communicate from day 1 09:37 - Principle # 3: When you first understand the message you will unconsciously acquire the language 10:31 - Principle # 4: Physiological training 11:45 - Principle # 5: Psycho-physiological state matters 12:22 - Action # 1: Listen a lot (brain soaking) 12:43 - Action # 2: Focus on getting the meaning first (before the words) 13:31 - Action # 3: Start mixing 13:58 - Action # 4: Focus on the core 15:22 - Action # 5: Get a language parent 16:29 - Action # 6: Copy the face 17:13 - Action # 7: "Direct connect" to mental images
Luis Urrutia
Luis Urrutia 2 gün önce
It's nothing, Thanks!
Xiuzhe wu
Xiuzhe wu Aylar önce
Thanks conclusion,very useful
chloe wu
chloe wu Aylar önce
Thanks a lot,it's really very helpful
MicroraptorGuy Xu_et_al
MicroraptorGuy Xu_et_al 2 aylar önce
Thank you so much ^^
SunGoddess 2 aylar önce
Thank you. For this.
Ivan Menes
Ivan Menes 10 aylar önce
5 Principios: 07:59= #1 Enfocarte en el contenido relevante del lenguaje (dominar las herramientas de aprendizaje) 08:49= #2 Usar el lenguaje desde el primer día para comunicarte. 09:37= #3 Cuando entiendes el mensaje, inconscientemente adquieres el lenguaje. 10:31= #4 Entrenamiento fisiológico ( entender lo que escucho) 11:45= #5 Si estás triste, enfadado, disgustado, preocupado, no vas a aprender, punto. 7 acciones: 12:22= #1 Escucho mucho. 12:43= #2 Entender primero el significado antes que la palabra. 13:31= #3 Mezclen ( verbos, adjetivos, sustantivos aleatoriamente) como niños. 13:58= #4 Enfocarte en lo elemental ( 1000 palabras se usan en el 80% de la interacción diaria) 15:22= #5 Consigan un padre de idioma ( tutor de práctica y corrección). 16:29= #6 Imitar los gestos al pronunciar. 17:13= #7 Conexión directa con una imagen. (Relacionar)
Byron Sancan
Byron Sancan 13 gün önce
Hey Sora
Hey Sora Aylar önce
Inglés Español
Inglés Español Aylar önce
Eres increíble, muy amable.. gracias Ivan! Perú
Z MAYO 2 aylar önce
muchas gracias, Ivan!
于烫头 2 aylar önce
Lynn 9 aylar önce
I'm so glad I could understand 99% of what he said even though my mother tongue is not the english. And I've learned by my self :)
伟智 敖
伟智 敖 20 gün önce
Me either! As my native language is Chinese, It's quite different from English .from 6 year old, I've studied English for about 14 years Although it's hard, I am satisfied with my hard working.
zachary sherry
zachary sherry 23 gün önce
Did you watch this just to make that comment?
edoer Aylar önce
@Abdul Rab where is it from? I've never heard that language before
Abdul Rab
Abdul Rab Aylar önce
@edoer Urdu is my native language but I can speak English and Arabic as well
edoer Aylar önce
@Abdul Rab whats your native language?
Silvia 8 aylar önce
I'm brazilian and I've studied english by myself since I was little because I was always interested in this language. I think that's the key: to be interested and curious about the language. It makes everything easier.
Josef K
Josef K 5 gün önce
Exactly 👍🏻
zachary sherry
zachary sherry 23 gün önce
Like marriage lol. If you're actually interested you go through all of that total BS haha
Goku matador de narutard Ssj3
Goku matador de narutard Ssj3 Aylar önce
Eu sou brasileiro e estou fazendo um curso já tem uns 5 meses, eu leio bem e entendo bastante coisa, mas nao consigo falar muito ou formular frases em inglês:/
jake may
jake may Aylar önce
I'm not Brazilian 🌟
Anonymike 2 aylar önce
@Ashitaka Elric No, they can't.
Henry 8 aylar önce
I'm so happy that i can understood about 60 percent in speech. Ted is a good channel helps me improve my English. I really want to control my English skills in the near future. If i fortunately, maybe after 6 months i can do it well. But i think that studying English is a my mission in whole life. So, anyway i'll never give up. Trying my best and improving English day by day. My success is comming!
Captain Caveman
Captain Caveman 2 aylar önce
You're getting it buddy 👏👏👏
Helen Ilona Zdimirovic
Helen Ilona Zdimirovic 2 aylar önce
I highly suggest that you get the app called ELSA it’s mostly based on those principles and helps you improve your English greatly. I know this by my personal experience ELSA app help me improve my English. Of course your improvement with ELSA is also depending on how much time you willing to dedicate to learn English. Good news is that not expensive at all.
Chris Kennedy
Chris Kennedy 4 aylar önce
@Henry keep going! You’ve got this!
Henry 5 aylar önce
@ammmmm thanks my friend
Henry 5 aylar önce
@Abdullah_SY thank you for asking me, i am better than the begining time to learn English by myself, but the way to learn is a long time so i have to try more and hard working
Arsene Wenger
Arsene Wenger Yıl önce
Tip for everyone learning a language: No matter how many "how to learn a language" videos you have watched, language learning still requires hard work.
Daniel Cardin
Daniel Cardin 8 gün önce
That statement is violence.
mahdi -ekn
mahdi -ekn 29 gün önce
@Gelbsucht The question is, which method is correct?
mahdi -ekn
mahdi -ekn 29 gün önce
The question is, which method is correct?
Wangesh Aylar önce
Champ Tech
Champ Tech 2 aylar önce
English is my second language, I’ve been learning it for decades already and I’m still far, far from perfect. It’s all depends how you define you know the language. Some people think if they know a few words they know that language.
Antonio 2 aylar önce
I guarantee you it is much more than 6 months to learn Korean from English. You need a lot more practice. It really depends on which languages you already know and which you want to learn. Also to what degree you want to be fluent
힘내자힘내자 12 gün önce
As a Korean who is learning English, I totally agree with you. These two languages have less common things and also have big cultural differences. so it takes a lot of time to get used to each other's languages, especially compared with some Europe countries such as Germany, Dutch, Norway etc
힘내자힘내자 12 gün önce
@Yulduzkhon isaeva It means you need to make a native boy/girlfriend when you go outside of your country
Mael Neri
Mael Neri 12 gün önce
Took me two months how to read and write in korean. Everything wass a struggle.
Joe Sparacino
Joe Sparacino Aylar önce
Not true. Aylar önce
I do can not learn english, Is really difficult for me.
Rachel 2 aylar önce
I’m English and moved to France when I was a kid. I remember being fluent in French in 6 months because as a kid, a lot of these principles were naturally in my environment: I went to all my school classes listening to french, I had a language parent - a teacher assigned to helping me learn after class, they showed me pictures with the words in french on them. Hopefully I can use these again to learn Japanese! I started a few months ago and still have a very basic level, that said I think learning to write in Kanji may take longer than learning to speak
peace sonnet
peace sonnet Aylar önce
Yes, Giving a specific time does not always work
Megan rose Delacruz Dagohoy
Megan rose Delacruz Dagohoy 2 aylar önce
Beebs Dieu
Beebs Dieu 2 aylar önce
@Rachel, I’m trying to learn to speak Japanese too! Let me know if you have any pointers. 😊
Fares Ali
Fares Ali 5 aylar önce
One of the strongest and smartest discourses I have heard is how to learn a language. He is not different from Einstein in his intelligence, but he is in the department of languages, not mathematics. Very, very, very strong advice. Thank you very much for understanding me and clarifying the question that was in my mind: How do children learn language fluently and we cannot understand it even after a while His speech and his thought are close to mine
Xolisa 9 aylar önce
This was so incredibly helpful. Never thought about learning a new language with these approaches. Well done!
Nay the bee
Nay the bee 9 aylar önce
R U gonna start learning?!
Diogo Poli Sanchotene
Diogo Poli Sanchotene 2 yıl önce
05:32 - How to learn any language in six months 07:59 - Principle # 1: Focus on language content that is relevant to you 08:49 - Principle # 2: Use your new language as a tool to communicate from day 1 09:37 - Principle # 3: When you first understand the message you will unconsciously acquire the language 10:31 - Principle # 4: Physiological training 11:45 - Principle # 5: Psycho-physiological state matters 12:22 - Action # 1: Listen a lot (brain soaking) 12:43 - Action # 2: Focus on getting the meaning first (before the words) 13:31 - Action # 3: Start mixing 13:58 - Action # 4: Focus on the core 15:22 - Action # 5: Get a language parent 16:29 - Action # 6: Copy the face 17:13 - Action # 7: "Direct connect" to mental images
Maria Cristina Manrique
Maria Cristina Manrique 2 aylar önce
@Peter Webb kk
Mike Pearl
Mike Pearl 2 aylar önce
Thank you
Tandendo 丹伝道
Tandendo 丹伝道 2 aylar önce
You saved my time. Thanks!
soy imparable
soy imparable 11 aylar önce
Thanks my friend.
Don Black
Don Black Yıl önce
Well done 👏🏽
Rinku Salehin
Rinku Salehin 9 aylar önce
Thanks a lot Mr. Chris Lonsdale. Your speech is really inspiring and helpful. And Special thanks to TED talks team. You guys are doing an amazing job. Love from you from the core of my heart.
Milan Collin
Milan Collin 6 aylar önce
We just moved to Portugal and love to learn the language. For me these tips are crucial as I started by taking lessons last week. I noticed I've learned most at my gym where I come daily. The trainer is explaining everything in Portugese and then later translates it for me in English. I notice that I already understood a 60-70 percent before he translates. We are originally from the Netherlands so Dutch is our native language.
Vhao Zhang
Vhao Zhang 2 aylar önce
5 Principles: 07:59= #1 Focus on the relevant content of the language (master the learning tools) 08:49= #2 Use language from day one to communicate. 09:37= #3 When you understand the message, you unconsciously acquire the language. 10:31= #4 physiological training (understand what I hear) 11:45= #5 If you're sad, angry, upset, worried, you're not going to learn, period. 7 actions: 12:22= #1 I listen a lot. 12:43= #2 Understand the meaning first before the word. 13:31= #3 Shuffle (verbs, adjectives, nouns randomly) like children. 13:58= #4 Focus on the basics (1000 words are used in 80% of daily interaction) 15:22= #5 Get a language parent (practice and correction tutor). 16:29= #6 Imitate the gestures when pronouncing. 17:13= #7 Direct connection with an image. (Relate)
Patricia Denise
Patricia Denise 2 aylar önce
One of the most straightforward talks I've watched. Super helpful and very practical! Love it
مركز ادهم المصري
مركز ادهم المصري Yıl önce
To learn English ,guys, you should only do one thing. you should practice. Yaeh practice try to go back in time and imagine yourself as a baby. How could you learn your mother language? By listening, right Listening and trying to speak. try and make mistakes. it's fine, But in the end i promise you. you will do it
Good Way Learning Mr Ben
Good Way Learning Mr Ben 3 aylar önce
Very Nice, Practice makes Perfect, thanks
strafer 4 aylar önce
The best thing to do is read. You’ll find that your deliver may not be great but you’ll surpass native speakers that aren’t well read in terms of expression through a broader vocabulary
Warda hassan
Warda hassan 7 aylar önce
To tolk to me
Warda hassan
Warda hassan 7 aylar önce
I wanna the person who native English
My Learning Journal
My Learning Journal 9 aylar önce
When I read "do one thing" I'm curious are you Indian?
Sharon Abbott
Sharon Abbott 9 aylar önce
I learned my second language, Spanish,in high school, and I applied a few things that this man is teaching, however he has more ideas which I think are very helpful. Now I am encouraged to work on another language, or improve 2 others that I have been introduced to. I also want to suggest 2things that were helpful to me in learning Spanish; one was listening to music that I like in the new language because it has repetition and patterns. Also printed words, especially like store ads, catalogs, picture books, etc. You can learn a lot of useful written words from store ads because they have pictures and words together.
Comprehensible Mandarin
Comprehensible Mandarin 3 aylar önce
Acquiring a language through comprehensible input has been mainstream among researchers & serious language learners for 40 years. Great to see the method finally spreading to a broader audience!
Comprehensible Mandarin
Comprehensible Mandarin Aylar önce
@Рамзан No, our teachers are native Chinese speakers, but my native language is English. When I wanted to learn Chinese, I couldn't find any comprehensible input for beginners, so I started Comprehensible Mandarin to create some!
Рамзан Aylar önce
LEPster ?
Gina Librizzi
Gina Librizzi 3 aylar önce
Love this! I just started learning a second language a few days ago, so I’m definitely going to try this approach. Thank you!
Rochelle 3 aylar önce
This is brilliant! I so appreciate your sharing. I received insight on why I've been able to learn German & Russian, and how to duplicate those successes in working on French & more. Worth more than a language class!
Julien Lay
Julien Lay Yıl önce
If you want to go to one precise point in this video here you go : The 5 Principles of learning a new language : 7:59 #1 Focus on langugage content that is relevant to you 8:50 #2 Use your new language as a tool to communicate... from day 1 9:37 #3 When you first understand the message, you will unconsciously acquire the language 10:29 #4 Physiological training 11:38 #5 Psycho-physiological state matters The 7 Actions for rapid language acquisition : 12:21 #1 Listen a lot 12:43 #2 Focus on getting the meaning first 13:29 #3 Start mixing 13:55 #4 Focus on the core 15:11 #5 Get a language parent 16:29 #6 Copy the face 17:12 #7 "Direct connect" to mental images
Jadson Almeida
Jadson Almeida 6 aylar önce
Mohamed Samer
Mohamed Samer 8 aylar önce
Mann you dont know how much i love this thanks
Flam game
Flam game Yıl önce
Thank you so much my dear friend. 🙏😊🌹
Luis Urrutia
Luis Urrutia Yıl önce
Thanks so much!
ılıllıLimytiz H γnəria-sαmα ıllılı
ılıllıLimytiz H γnəria-sαmα ıllılı Yıl önce
This is what I was looking for, thank you! 😁👍
DJ 9one
DJ 9one 11 aylar önce
I’m currently 3 months into learning Spanish with an online tutor from Brazil on a weekly basis and I’ve already made some good progress so far, he’s definitely right, 6 months is doable if you’re interested and put in the work mentally
Ostad Fiha
Ostad Fiha 8 aylar önce
As a multilingual, I can assure you . Listening is the single best way for getting good at any language. Even if you don't do nothing, you just watch contents in that language with subtitles every day for 1-2-3 hours for 1 month. Take it from me, you could unconsciously learn a lot of that language.
Astrid Wang-Reboud
Astrid Wang-Reboud 2 aylar önce
@Loveitdownunder 47 listening only will not get you there. You also need to work on the other steps that are mentioned, like learning the “tools” and bricks, and start building your own sentences. If you have an interest in speaking the language, you will be able to learn it. If you are not naturally gifted, it will take longer and you may never speak extremely well, but you can be proficient enough to be understood - the goal is communication, not perfection. However if you don’t have a strong interest in learning, and that’s your right of course, don’t expect to learn it just by being around native speakers.
Loveitdownunder 47
Loveitdownunder 47 2 aylar önce
NO,, Doesn't work..My wife's from the Philippines. I here her talk daily with relatives .After 23 years I still have no idea..It's incorrectly assumed that everyone can learn another language... Not true.... After all could anyone be a rocket scientist.I don't think so..
Ostad Fiha
Ostad Fiha 3 aylar önce
I'm not saying that you'll be an expert in every sector of that language. I said, you can learn a lot just by listening
Smoox 3 aylar önce
Nah you need to SPEAK
Zbigniew Barszczewski
Zbigniew Barszczewski 3 aylar önce
I'm Polish speaking English since 1975 and Russian since 1977. Those were at school. In 1999 I've learnt Ukrainian in 3 months then in 2003 Spanish in 4 months, almost fluent. Just in the streets plus books. When it comes to communication the number goes up to 25 Indo-European languages. I never tried any others as I never needed them that much, although I'm interested in them just for fun.
jenna daneels
jenna daneels 2 aylar önce
Perfect explanation! I taught myself French and Dutch this way but you explained it better than I could.
Cyberpunk Yıl önce
*********5 Principles********** 1) Focus on language content that is relevant to you. (7:59) 2) Use your new language as tool to communicate from day 1. (8:50) 3) When you first understand the message your will unconsciously acquire the language. (9:35) 4) It's physiological training. (speak, listen) (10:28) 5) Physiological state matters. (You're having fun, you're curious, relaxed) (11:37) ************Actions you should take to learn a language******** 1) Listen a lot. (12:21) 2) Focus on getting the meaning first. (Learn by body language etc, patterns you already know). (12:43) 3) Start mixing. (13:28) 4) Focus on the core (Learn 1000 most used words, go for 3000 for pro level) (13:57) 5) Get a language parent. (15:20) 6) Copy the face. (16:29) 7) Direct connect to mental images. (connect sounds, images, feeling with words) (17:12) 8) Thumbs up? so others can see this.
Marilyn Yıl önce
Thank you so much
희진맨TV Yıl önce
Thank you for your help~ 😃
Jungle Shoots
Jungle Shoots Yıl önce
Now I have learnt the entire video in 15 seconds.
Tali Yıl önce
you are awesome thank you!
Beatriz Cotello
Beatriz Cotello Yıl önce
You will probably have a good hearing understanding but I don't think you will be easily able to speak.
ToMate 9 aylar önce
La primera vez que vi esto en subtítulos al español, la segunda vez como 2 meses después con subtítulos en inglés y hoy mi tercera vez siendo 3 meses depués le entiendo al menos 98% de todo lo que dice, sí se puede carajo no renuncien. 🇲🇽
Hồng Tươi
Hồng Tươi 6 aylar önce
I had recognised these tips when i was in process of improving my English. However, this video also attracts my attention by its title. I mean, it's so hard for me to believe in "fluency inside 6 months" 😢. But after listening to his speech, It enhances my desire and my recognition for learning Eng and how to make my study better. So I really appreciate this!
Kacie Wolverton
Kacie Wolverton 5 aylar önce
It also depends how similar your target language is to a language you already know. e.g. If you already know Spanish, it's very reasonable to be fluent in Portuguese within 6mo. On the other hand, if you speak English then learning the Japanese writing system and grammar is going to take longer because there is simply more to learn. Plus there is a big difference if you spend 10hr per day learning or only 30min. Six months seems like the fastest in an ideal scenario, but people with other responsibilities won't have so much time or energy to learn that fast
Carol Tensen
Carol Tensen 2 aylar önce
Nice to see him use the term language"acquisition", instead of language "learning", As a elementary school teacher, we had a lot of exposure to Krashen's principles. This was a good recap with application to adults learning languages.
marlene uwiteka
marlene uwiteka 7 aylar önce
I took his advice to the heart! I learned Spanish so quickly 😍y’all need to take notes!!
Erik Žiak
Erik Žiak 7 yıl önce
He forgot one main thing. You should begin to THINK in the language you want to learn. In the process of thinking, which is essentially talking to yourself in your head, use the language you want to learn to express your thoughts. That is very important! When you want to do small talk with somebody in the language you want to learn, think beforehand what you will say, how and why. I found that very useful. I could quickly learn the phrases I needed to but being able to improvise (which small talk actually is) is much more challenging. If you think in your native language and try to simultaneously translate to the foreign language a story, you quickly run into big trouble. That is why you have to learn to think in the foreign language. Then you can become fluent. At least these are my 2 cents...
Desmonde Hoppie
Desmonde Hoppie 2 aylar önce
Lex Barringer
Lex Barringer 4 aylar önce
Yeah, when I was learning Japanese. How and the way the Japanese think is very different than Americans.
Fiza Sohail Khan
Fiza Sohail Khan Yıl önce
I agree.
Yina Frentz
Yina Frentz Yıl önce
Think beforehand? Means 6 pathways, 7 actions= learn a language in 5 mounts.
Corneles Mokodompit
Corneles Mokodompit 2 yıl önce
@Mr. Tickle l am stop is bisnis jop order l am stop name corneles mokodompit from indonesia asking
Gondez 2 aylar önce
Thanks a lot to Mr. Chris Lonsdale, i really appreciated what you do, you even do the research, and then teach that to us, wow. 🙏🏼
阿邱 8 aylar önce
Can’t believe that I knew 65 percent of this video without translation. So happy to learn “how to learn language in six months”. I really wish I can be a wise man such as this talker.
Brooklyn's Finest
Brooklyn's Finest 2 aylar önce
I love this man's passion. Beautiful stuff. I am currently learning Amharic (Ethiopian language) which is one of, if not the oldest language in the world. It's a beautiful language & my Ethiopian fiancé is teaching me. She gives me 5 words per day that I write on index cards & now after watching this video I'm going to focus more on 10 verbs, 10 nouns, 10 adjectives, so that they can equal = 1,000 possible phrases for me to play with in Amharic. I obviously want to learn Amharic out of & bc of love. Love is an amazing motivator.
Lori O'Gorman
Lori O'Gorman 2 aylar önce
Awesome! I plan on applying these very well laid out principles and actions to learn a new language! Thank you:)
ᄒᄒ김세영 2 yıl önce
From my experience, I can tell that he's absolutely right. I'm from Spain and I'm 16 years old, almost 17. I've been studying English since I was 3 years old at school, but it wasn't until almost two years ago when I became better at it unconsciously. I started watching videos and series in English, I read everyday in English many posts on Twitter and I was having fun with it. Nowadays, while my classmates are extremely struggling with it because they only study with books in class, I don't need to open a book because I've interiorized the grammar without noticing it, and also a lot of vocabulary. And that's the important and better part of language learning, just having fun while doing it. Now I'm applying the same tips in my journey studying french, which I´ve been studying for 5 years but I'm still in a very basic level, and Korean. Sorry for this long message but I wish you all a happy language learning!!
peace sonnet
peace sonnet Aylar önce
You are on the correct way because you are stepping on receptive skills, so that’s why you can learn. But time limitation does not work I think
Ken Osako
Ken Osako 5 aylar önce
좋은 방법이에요. Agree, language learning should really be immersion, and textbooks matter as well, as you'll need to be aware on the grammar to make what you're studying some sense.
Alvaro300010 Yıl önce
Mucho texto
Psst, wanna be my language pareNt? I’m trying to learn Spanish.
Oyinda Bello
Oyinda Bello 2 yıl önce
That's so cool! I'm 16 as well and I'm learning Korean and French too (i've made a youtube channel to record my progress). I 100% get that; when you're learning a language, you feel like you're not making any progress then boom you realise you actually understand quite a lot.
Evelina 2 aylar önce
I think this was a great talk 🌼 thank you for putting things this well into words
gi caro
gi caro 2 aylar önce
Yo no hablo inglés muy bien, pero puedo entender cada palabra que dice este señor y creo que es increíble que pueda con palabras tan comunes y fáciles darse a entender! Con razón su éxito en lenguas
Mr M Karthikramu Assistant Professor In Mathematics
Mr M Karthikramu Assistant Professor In Mathematics 6 aylar önce
Good Noon Prof.sir.. Really great message.. you are inspiring us and taught us learning the language is mundane way..
Seanawesum 2 aylar önce
What often helped me in Mandarin was to decipher the system of its use and where nouns and verbs go, very similar system to Kanji, and how nouns play a role in the differences
Ahad Al-Hadrami
Ahad Al-Hadrami Yıl önce
My native language is Arabic, I can speak English and German and now I learn Chinese! After that I am going to learn Russian! Best of luck to all who learn languages.
lama 3 aylar önce
Rodrigo Zauli
Rodrigo Zauli 3 aylar önce
I do speak 4 languages but I gave up learning Arabic.
Darcy D
Darcy D 3 aylar önce
@DENIRO CASTLE успехов в русском:))
Chung-hee Park
Chung-hee Park 3 aylar önce
How good are you at the languages which aren't your mother tongue? I'm tired of hearing people say "I can speak this and that language", but it turns out that they only know the basics of a certain language or speak broken Chinese or Japanese.
Enza Sicuri
Enza Sicuri 2 aylar önce
Thank you! Very useful method! I appreciate your advice a lot. Going to learn a new language, that would be my fourth after Italian English and French. I’d love Greek and Jewish also Chinese and Tibetan
Unaffiliated Wealth
Unaffiliated Wealth 8 aylar önce
I'm glad someone is doing a talk on these principles. I apply this. It's real! You can't be lazy though. 🙂
Tarmu 9 aylar önce
I'm learning French, i'm so excited because in 2-3months i already understand a little bit This summer, I realize that this video has empiric tools to multiply your learning and achieve to speak it fluently in half year. 29/08/21
Randall 5 aylar önce
I love seeing a presenter that’s so passionate about the topic.
Sun Wu
Sun Wu 7 yıl önce
I am fluent in 5 languages including some of the toughest ones like Mandarin, German , Japanese and currently picking up Spanish so I can tell you that these are absolutely true.
wakenokiyomaro Yıl önce
Jesper Andersen
Jesper Andersen Yıl önce
no fujianese yet?
Sumaiya Afrin Zinia
Sumaiya Afrin Zinia Yıl önce
Xiōngdì huò jiěmèi, wúlùn wǒ shuō shénme... Qǐng bāngzhù wǒ xuéxí pǔtōnghuà... Rúguǒ nín shì mǔyǔ rénshì, wǒ zhēn de xīwàng nín tiānjiā wǒ de shèjiāo méitǐ zhànghù.
I’m trying to learn Spanish =‘D wondering when I’ll give up
Viviana Espitia
Viviana Espitia 2 yıl önce
I have 6 months to learn Russian and English, can you give me tips? . I have been learning for less than two months and the truth in English I have advanced a little, I know many words, but it is difficult for me to understand it and when I speak, my grammar is not correct. You can help me, 🙏 music, youtube channels, books, programs, everything that can help me
Cosmin Sultan
Cosmin Sultan 3 aylar önce
This is so true ! 14 years ago I arrived in Italy, without any clue of Italian language... I don't say now I speak fluently, but without open any book, I learned like this guy telling us ! 😎
Ibrahim Muhamed Koroma
Ibrahim Muhamed Koroma 11 aylar önce
A passionate teacher that inspires any student.
Ether_Lana 9 aylar önce
I am learning Cypriot which is a hybrid mix of mainly Greek with a little Turkish plus the local Cypriot dialect ( which is not really written down ). Tough going but i am starting to make basic conversations by using these techniques....thank you !!!
Юрий Иванцив
Юрий Иванцив 7 aylar önce
Great! There is a lot of useful information on this channel! I'd like to recommend the excellent book by Yuriy Ivantsiv Polyglot Notes: Practical Tips for Learning a Foreign Language. This workshop contains many methods for learning a foreign language, showing how to use modern technology. The practicum will help everyone who is studying a foreign language on their own or with a teacher! Good luck to everyone! Thanks to the author for the work!
B Neves
B Neves 4 yıl önce
I love seeing how so many people have a desire to learn another language, how many already know multiple languages and those who are willing to help each other. This is what you call a beautiful comment thread that actually feels good to read.
Casual English with Amy
Casual English with Amy Yıl önce
I agree with you!
NN NN 3 yıl önce
I am bilingual (English isn't my mother tounge) but still I want to learn Japanese just for the sake of learning one of the hardest language out there!
J F 3 yıl önce
I speak Persian, English and a little bit of Turkish to take care of myself. Turkish and Persian have many words in common. it's easy for us but you shouldn't think indo-europian like Persian and English when it comes to Turkish.
farideh kodrami
farideh kodrami 3 yıl önce
Ancient Heart i speak Farsi ,English and iam leraning Turkish .can some body help me with Turkish. Thank you
GodricThe 3 yıl önce
In about 5 months I'll go to Germany, it would be third.
Omar Hazeen
Omar Hazeen 2 aylar önce
Language learning does require hard work, however, sticking to some principles helps you learn faster. Apply them and feel the difference. By the way, thank you for the good Ppt, Sir!
Dominique Mueller
Dominique Mueller 9 aylar önce
I've been struggling with english for 30 years and I struggle with greek for two years now. If those advices are relevant, I'm pretty sure it will still take much more than six months before fluency... The easiest one was spanish, but it's quite close to french, my native language, so it was much easier to learn.
Mark Shimada
Mark Shimada 4 aylar önce
Hi Dominique, what's your struggle with English? Do you mind sharing?
Elisabeth Braem
Elisabeth Braem 2 aylar önce
I arrived 35 years ago at Spain, didn't knew any word, so I searched every day 10 words in the diccionary words I could use and I needed, translated songs, and explained myself with what I knew and signs and sounds, I didn't care to much about grammar, I learned explaining myself very well in 6 months
Musicoholic 3 aylar önce
you are changing my life, with your extraordinary input, thank yu so much. i thought the learning language is difficult, and worrying of not able to crack it out, but you made my day.
Javier Marin Munoz
Javier Marin Munoz 5 yıl önce
I learned 1000 words in German in 3 months, but since I'm a perfectionist I've struggled to speak, because I'm scared it won't be perferct. This video inspired me to JUST DO IT. "It Doesn't have to be perfect; it just has to work!"
The Anon
The Anon Yıl önce
Und nach drei Jahren solltest du eigentlich gut deutsch können... wenn du weiter gelernt hast
Javier Marin Munoz
Javier Marin Munoz 2 yıl önce
@Joan Carles Bartra Si, pon la configuración extrema y úsalo todos los días. Buena suerte camarada
Joan Carles Bartra
Joan Carles Bartra 2 yıl önce
@Javier Marin Munoz Duolingo funciona bien entonces?
THE LEGEND 2 yıl önce
Hello, did you have already expanded your vocabulary linguistically about series or generally gained experience with it. I had planned to watch two series in the evening with subtitles from next week on. Mainly for English and French. I'd be happy to hear about your experiences.
Ulriko F.
Ulriko F. 2 yıl önce
Reden, sprechen, quatschen, schwätzen und babbeln sind die fünf wichtigsten Sachen, die Du tun musst. Die fünf nächstwichtigen sind lesen, schreiben, zuhören, fernsehen und diskutieren. Viel Erfolg! :-)
Dua GH
Dua GH 4 aylar önce
Thank you so much that was helpful. I will start to implay this principles in my learning process. Also Lol you really encaruged me to learn drawing, because really I want to spend my free time doing something fun like drawing
Driftion in the mirror
Driftion in the mirror 8 aylar önce
It was great listening to you and u ‘ve a very clear explanation. Thank u so much 💐
Ingela انجيلا אינגלה
Ingela انجيلا אינגלה 6 aylar önce
I've found that listening to a known text, over and over again, in the target language, really helps. (In my case, I've been listening to a chapter of the Bible in Hebrew.) At first, I knew a few words, and not much else. But, as I already knew the text content in my own language, I found that, each time I listened to the audio, I was able to follow where we were in the narrative, even if I only understood a few words. Now after a couple of months of listening through it once a day, I realize that I understand almost every single word of what I hear! Just think of what listening to, and learning one chapter of an audio book, almost to the point of memorization will do. It's a great stepping stone to build on. Instead of cramming vocab, I've learnt how Hebrew is stringed together into sentences, and I know many phrases snd sentences by heart. All of this at not much more effort on my part, than listening once a day. * I've also started following along in the text, listening at 0.75 speed. As with the listening part, I don't yet know the whole alphabet, byt have been able to follow along with my eyes on the text, and have been able to recognize words, and know where we are in the text.
Lena Lena
Lena Lena 2 aylar önce
My boyfriend have difficulties with listening. and what you describe became the best tactic for him. and he is not lazy, he tries a lot. Also, his hearing not perfect, so when he listens to his own language, he doesn't even notice it. But once it's foreign language, it becames really hard.
Elelegido SF
Elelegido SF 3 aylar önce
The main error I see here is, "because I and someone else learned a new language in six months, then anyone can do it". However, this man is clearly very intelligent, and abilities vary. All one has to do to appreciate this is think about how some people who speak one's own native language can barely speak it and express themselves, yet others are extremely articulate.
peace sonnet
peace sonnet Aylar önce
You’re right giving time for a kind of learning is wrong