Sting - Englishman In New York

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Music video by Sting performing Englishman In New York. (C) 1987 A&M Records

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Vio Sax 3110
Vio Sax 3110 Saatler önce
I love the jazz part
Karolina Majchrzak
Karolina Majchrzak 2 saatler önce
To jest wspaniałe, wisienka na torcie coś nie samowitego
Андрей Тамразов
Андрей Тамразов 5 saatler önce
а у нас знаете ли БУЗОВА и Киркороф !
Андрей Тамразов
Андрей Тамразов 5 saatler önce
как же вам повезло , что вы не в РФ родились и выросли
岡洋介 8 saatler önce
日本語で書きますが、Stingは正真正銘のイギリス人男性何ですね!あまりBritish accentを出していなく、ニューヨークアクセントで歌っていますね!アメリカ生活長いのが分かります。髪長くてハンサムですね!このころは。昔同じイギリス人男性の俳優でDaniel dei Luisという人がニューヨークの会社に勤めていて、南部に転勤させられている映画があって、TVで見たことあります。当時のイギリス人は失礼な言い方するかもしれませんが、アメリカ人に比べてぱっとしなくて、1980年代は日本も企業がアメリカの車会社の買収等で、叩かれたりJapan Bashingという言葉はやっていた頃で、すぐ外国人と見るとアメリカ人と勝手に思い込む悪い日本人の癖のあった時代です。ほとんどの日本人はアメリカ人にあこがれを抱いていた頃ですから、イギリス人もヨーロッパ人も蚊帳の外という感じの時だったのです。今はウクライナ人女性が何故か人気が日本人男性にあるようですが、違っていたらすいませんが、私の時代や好みとは違いますが、世の中の時代の変化です。今はロンドンも活気ある街になってきて、私も娘ロンドンで生活していますから、最近は日本食レストランが増えてきて、昔はイギリス料理は不味いと言われた時代ありましたが、今は色々な国の料理が入ってきたりして、印象も変わってきましたね!ロンドンの街も雰囲気変わって活気あるように感じますよ!私行ったことないですけど、行って見たいですね!StingのEnglishman in New Yorkの歌は1988年の歌ですからあれから33年経ちます。イギリス人は負け犬ではありませんよ。よくその言葉映画で出てきますが、イギリスは昔からの伝統あって素晴らしい国じゃないですか?私自身イギリスびいきですので、イギリス英語しゃべりますし、アクセントもイギリス英語のアクセントで話します。このStingの歌に興味もったのもその為です。
Basilo Music
Basilo Music 8 saatler önce
Li Me
Li Me 10 saatler önce
The old man reminds me so much of Frank Lloyd Wright
flammenengel2002 14 saatler önce
As a young man i heared this song in 1987 and i don´t liked it. But know, years and years are gone, i love it. It is a masterpiece, a jewel and sting is a great artist.
Eulalia Vieni
Eulalia Vieni 15 saatler önce
Bellissimo ❤
Jeffrey Simpkins
Jeffrey Simpkins 23 saatler önce
The best thing about Mr.52s life.I don't love anyone and I don't want anyone to love me. I don't starve for attention.I do my work and go home.Im content with my hound and my solitude. That's good.Right? In that I'm not worrying the shit out of you for anything.
She's lying
She's lying Gün önce
Crazy to think that this sing didn't even chart in the top 50 in the UK and US
Huldah Jay
Huldah Jay Gün önce
My first taste of contemporary jazz music started with this song when I was teen back in the 80s. I still love it the same today.
Alexandre Goes da Cruz
Alexandre Goes da Cruz Gün önce
Sting: mestre da música.
Function Overload
Function Overload Gün önce
Anyone from Doctor Who?
Metin Yagci
Metin Yagci Gün önce
He ıs a kıng
Souvik De
Souvik De Gün önce
straight from 442toons
ふか Gün önce
たいした曲じゃない時代ですね 思い出がある方には素晴らしい曲それでいい
Iqro Gün önce
If you are watching it in 2022 you are legend
koby psalms
koby psalms Gün önce
The distintive philosophy about a simple life of humans is well scripted in this song. The most beautifully sang songs ever
Anthony Byron
Anthony Byron Gün önce
Nice accompaniment on the Soprano Saxophone
billboybryant Gün önce
I'm not gay. But I was stung by sting first time I heard the police many moons ago.
Barış Sağaltıcı
Barış Sağaltıcı Gün önce
This song is perfect
Selçuk Bozkurt
Selçuk Bozkurt Gün önce
Brad Pamp
Brad Pamp 2 gün önce
It is one of the more brilliantly written songs ever. Groove, key changes, percussion fills, chorus over the verse, and the bridge position & melody - OMG
Renaz G
Renaz G 2 gün önce
The first video ive ever watched without a dislike . NOICE
Lexington lad
Lexington lad 2 gün önce
Sting has the voice of an angel 😇
Short Clips
Short Clips 2 gün önce
2:30 😍😍😍😍
Arijit Hazra
Arijit Hazra 2 gün önce
Lisa McElwain
Lisa McElwain 2 gün önce
The Sting & Marsalis jazz collab period was an entire VIBE😎 … even today. That pairing with Sting’s Vocals and Bass with Marsalis Soprano sax 🎷 just makes me feel better😌
Phil UK Net
Phil UK Net 2 gün önce
Wasn't expecting to see the Naked Civil Servant, Quentin Crisp!
flesh cork
flesh cork 2 gün önce
oh orcs, i breed orcs, they are like aliens, I am saruman in mordor
Iarshinta sudjana
Iarshinta sudjana 3 gün önce
I met you the country side from London. ❤☺❤so good looking...n you smiled
Marie Gaillot
Marie Gaillot 3 gün önce
Amazing song!!!
Phill Davison
Phill Davison 3 gün önce
This is the first program that brought Quentin Crisp (who the song is about) into the public eye in 1970. It was a World in Action episode called Seven men. The Naked Civil Servant was a 1975 biographical film about the life of Quentin , the part of Quentin was played by John Hurt. It was such a controversial film back then, homosexuality was still illegal. John Hurt recalled ''I was warned not to do it - they said you'll never work again, it was such a dodgy subject at the time."
Eva Galanes
Eva Galanes 4 gün önce
quien eres?
드므 4 gün önce
스팅 잘생겼더
Alice Ayten ULAŞ
Alice Ayten ULAŞ 4 gün önce
A song that I don't get tired of listening to from the 90's I remember my nostalgia years I bought the cassette on Walkman and I was listening
Ken Li
Ken Li 4 gün önce
I don't drink coffee, I take bubble tea my dear. I'm a Taiwanese man in New York.
Børregø Álvarez XD
Børregø Álvarez XD 4 gün önce
Aslı Çırak
Aslı Çırak 4 gün önce
I'm writing as a Turkish girl, British men are really handsome🇬🇧♥️
Gio 4 gün önce
I'm here from Doctor Who
Maybe C Blank
Maybe C Blank 4 gün önce
You can hear it in my accent when I talk im an englishman in new york.
hallederiz babuş
hallederiz babuş 4 gün önce
Im Turkish man in Turkey, and it is more diffficult than being English man in New York
Юрген 5 gün önce
Заебись,from Belarus!!!
Pop Land
Pop Land 5 gün önce
Let us never forget Quentin Crisp
ÇILGIN KEREM 5 gün önce
Nice music
YouTube PUBG
YouTube PUBG 5 gün önce
I am an Turkhisman in Kırıkkale
Retro Variedades
Retro Variedades 5 gün önce
im a alien, im a little alien, im a madrilian in madrid
Sveta Gordeyeva
Sveta Gordeyeva 5 gün önce
Мне интересно посмотреть на людей, которые ставят дизы😳😳😳
フジ 5 gün önce
genius man
Jabinson Purba
Jabinson Purba 5 gün önce
Love it
Jimmy Surya Putra
Jimmy Surya Putra 5 gün önce
Nice men
Brendan Costello
Brendan Costello 5 gün önce
Defund the Police!
Félix Marqués
Félix Marqués 6 gün önce
“remastered in HD” with some kind of IA garbage :/ just scan the originals properly, jesus
Justgo &Do
Justgo &Do 6 gün önce
there is something about english men
Pup 100
Pup 100 4 gün önce
As one, thank you!
SissyBarbiePau 6 gün önce
This is not a song. Is an anthem, a gift to uniqueness of humans.
David Turmaine
David Turmaine 6 gün önce
Like me?
Pup 100
Pup 100 4 gün önce
I don't know you?
///TRASH 新 ドラゴン
///TRASH 新 ドラゴン 6 gün önce
See u at area51
Daniel Guevara
Daniel Guevara 6 gün önce
I don't drink coffee, I take Pisco my dear. I'm a Peruvian man in New York.
xGhostx 6 gün önce
Very cool song
×_X 6 gün önce
와 정말 좋아요
dimple reyes
dimple reyes 7 gün önce
Bilde Rothchild
Bilde Rothchild 7 gün önce
K.i.a case closed huzzay
K Sato
K Sato 7 gün önce
I'm a legal alien too, trying to be myself no matter what they say. Great song.
Myriam Lavini
Myriam Lavini 7 gün önce
Good truste
ISABEL PARRA 7 gün önce
yonatan lempel
yonatan lempel 7 gün önce
i'm a israeli man in new york. and soon Israel will join the vwp :)
Alessandro Soares
Alessandro Soares 7 gün önce
Esse solo é uma obra de arte!
Пинакалада 7 gün önce
TRshow keep placing this song after playing my favorite ones, what does it mean?
Dorte Sandal
Dorte Sandal 7 gün önce
Scandinavian in New York♥️🤙☀️
Buse Yıldırım
Buse Yıldırım 7 gün önce
very nice 💓
ThatGlitchyCore 7 gün önce
This could be in Doctor Who in Series 7A
Samfox 7 gün önce
My wife got me into Sting. When I found out he was Pro Europe…sealed a place in my heart!
Pup 100
Pup 100 4 gün önce
There are a lot better options in both those statements!
mary lynn
mary lynn 7 gün önce
At night a candle's brighter than the sun ❤️
Никола́й Серге́евич Трубецко́
Никола́й Серге́евич Трубецко́ 7 gün önce
RIP Quentin Crisp
Adolf Ekler
Adolf Ekler 7 gün önce
Sting wwe
Pup 100
Pup 100 4 gün önce
El Peter Vargas
El Peter Vargas 7 gün önce
Ni te ni café venga a mi la buena piscola, soy un chileno en New York
Yukiwoki 8 gün önce
Me encanta ! Mi hija toca el saxofón y ya le dije que , para mi cumpleaños , eso quiero se regalo .
Boch 8 gün önce
Love it
Pinkybum P
Pinkybum P 8 gün önce
Is that Quentin Crisp?
Pup 100
Pup 100 4 gün önce
Not singing but in the background yup!
justtrynavibe 8 gün önce
this song just has so much emotion i just love it
Camille Vermote
Camille Vermote 8 gün önce
Et au final Nagui,ils sont repartis en tournée et comme en 7..79 je crois ,je suis allé les voir et comme lorsque j'avais 1...ans je suis sorti comme sur un nuage..un kiffe terrible
Tena Kovacic
Tena Kovacic 8 gün önce
Best song ever.
Pup 100
Pup 100 4 gün önce
I don't think it would even get into my *Top 75* but then I do have about *230-250,000* individual tracks rattling around my old noggin! For the record my actual #1...
Şevket Altuğ
Şevket Altuğ 8 gün önce
Ben bir uzaylıyım, Ben tam bir uzaylıyım. Türküm! Doğruyum! Çalışkanım! eaa oo..
Bart Santorelli
Bart Santorelli 8 gün önce
Fantastic Interview !!
Nathan 8 gün önce
A song much like English history, timeless and layered.
hj2171 8 gün önce
ThePoorBoy 8 gün önce
Sting still keeping us on edge about whether or not he's "a legal alien" or "illegal alien." Either way, Sting's music will transcend borders for the rest of time...
Joanne Hines
Joanne Hines 8 gün önce
Afro-Anglophile Woman ( Afro-American of Native American & Irish descent) strongly desiring to travel to all of the British Isles & love all types of tea, not a coffee drinker at all!!
universal cool
universal cool 8 gün önce
I had this song stuck in my head for 8 hours before finally watching the video for the first time
Michael Budden
Michael Budden 9 gün önce
Switzerland catches nearly all our 'illegal' einwander'n. An 'alien' to most 'savvy' people is a little green man. Where did all the whale oil go to? Don't tell the kids & children, it's mixed into the atmosphere? Wh di the Tongans, accuse the Fijians or eating turtles? Not because of a bad Mormon joke ;-) At least one of these proud Rugby playing nations, used to use a wooden 4 pronged fork, to remove what, exactly? Pacific Harbour, Ra Divers, Ni sum m'Bula Vinaka! Moce Viti Levu, means was? Love ewes! Sorry about all the Lamb Flaps ;-) Niue could use a waka to collect glass & aluminum, some call 'alu', aka aluminium. I'm a curious nerd, who likes women who like cunning linguists, who like open, but legal relationship ;-) Save me a space in the after life, I'm no longer in a rush anymore ;-)
Аптека, улица, фонарь
Аптека, улица, фонарь 9 gün önce
Peter william Bonney
Peter william Bonney 9 gün önce
A Spanish man cooking pork..sing..a gentle man no matter what they serve
David Gilford
David Gilford 9 gün önce
Wer ist auch wegen Deutsch hier?
بهروز پهلوان صادق
بهروز پهلوان صادق 9 gün önce
Is the👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ best track my darling music in 1980
Nancy Vidrio
Nancy Vidrio 9 gün önce
John Fleury's Bullshit with Kirsy...#Africsnjob2009J-One
aya 10 gün önce
Michael Budden
Michael Budden 10 gün önce
For all the Alien conspiracy theorists... They, if they are living in the far away stars, are more intelligent than us & we are not on their colonial coloni's'ation plans ;-)
Pup 100
Pup 100 10 gün önce
You're not equating the use of "alien" in this song to the use of alien in an extraterrestrial sense are you?
Bravo 브라보
Bravo 브라보 10 gün önce
Discovered this song thanks to a certain time warden, love this song a lot very soothing and jazzy 10/10.
Руслан Рустамов
Руслан Рустамов 10 gün önce
Jazz part so amazing!
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