The Best Standalone Music Production Hardware Under $500

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Gabe Miller Music

Gabe Miller Music

Yıl önce

In which I talk about (and play sound demos of) the best standalone music production hardware under $500. These grooveboxes will be fantastic ways for EDM and hip hop producers to affordably make quality music without a laptop.
Check out the Novation Circuit:
Check out the Korg Electribe 2:
Check out the Roland MC-101:
Check out the PO-33 K.O:
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Note that the above links are affiliate links, so I get a small commission (at no extra cost to you) if you buy something with them.

Edited by Ian Rohan:

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Gilberto Toledo
Gilberto Toledo Gün önce
I like the idea of the Circuit but I can't make heads or tails out of its interface. Maybe I'm just used to the more old school work flow.
I stay woke
I stay woke 6 gün önce
Your a great sounding musician. Nice clean e.d.m beats but dam the last track the trap on this vid goes HARD!!!
Will Organ
Will Organ 19 gün önce
The Novation Circuit looks awesome. Opinions on the Circuit Rhythm and Circuit Tracks?
Gabe Miller Music
Gabe Miller Music 19 gün önce
I've done dedicated review videos for both!
wiidl beetle
wiidl beetle 19 gün önce
Oh man! This is awesome! I wasn’t even aware of the Circuit! It might be exactly what I was looking for and for not too bad of a price.
Jäger Volant
Jäger Volant 27 gün önce
Obiwan Kenobi
Obiwan Kenobi Aylar önce
Mc-101 with audio in recorder would be an instant buy for me! Or a mix of sp404 and mc101 :) . The novation is too limited and really NEED a pc. In this range of price, none are really independant from pc or another equipement.
Ray Anderson
Ray Anderson Aylar önce
You are such u idiot. You keep saying under $500 but you never gave a price
Gabe Miller Music
Gabe Miller Music Aylar önce
Prices tend to fluctuate, either upwards as devices get discontinued and therefore rarer, or downwards as new devices hit the used market. I wanted to give this video its best shot at aging well, so I left the specific prices out. Now that you have the names of the devices, I promise it's really not that hard to do a quick search on Reverb, Amazon, etc.
Ray Anderson
Ray Anderson Aylar önce
Why didn't you mention the prices of the devices. Very disappointed
colbs yr boi
colbs yr boi Aylar önce
2:20 I did not expect that at all from that 😳😳😳 might cop
Alexis Sorbas
Alexis Sorbas 2 aylar önce
Great video !
mova868 2 aylar önce
Thanks bro was looking for some input on my buying.. I have a po33 wish some one would of mentioned saving track to mp3 is more complicated ... Would like to hear how circuit hiphop sounds
Joshua Connor
Joshua Connor 3 aylar önce
Gabe I bet you here soon I could see you making your own and guess what it would sale like ceazy.
Adam Krasneski
Adam Krasneski 3 aylar önce
I picked up the tribe2sampler some time ago. I dont like the workflow BUT it just does so much. Sampling, loading samples some sound design, sequencing external synths. If it just had multiple outputs it would be a true studio swiss army knife
Lionel Luney
Lionel Luney 3 aylar önce
The Korg has an resample mode which can be used if you load the es2 firmware. It’s actually one of my favorite ( the sampler version)
DNDaudio Editing
DNDaudio Editing 3 aylar önce
I mainly use Ableton/NI when at the home studio but take my Roland sp404 everywhere. I wish Roland would bring us what they promised in the sp-606 or sp-808 into a new portable unit. I can't exactly carry my mv-8800 around with me
IRIDEHARLEYS 3 aylar önce
What kind of a learning curve is there with the Novation Circuit or Circuit Tracks? Still new to grooveboxes and drum machines (haven't used a DM in many years). I prefer little menu diving if possible.
Dave Rodriguez
Dave Rodriguez 4 aylar önce
I'm impressed of the experience, yes, having machines is much much better than a daw+plugins, mostly much better than the fucking Ableton o FL, at least guys use real daws that imitate real mixers. That plus a good synth setup (no matter if it's cheap or not) is the real deal. If you wanna spend hundreds of dollars on plugins... You're an idiot and you're wasting money
turfoid 4 aylar önce
this dude pulling out all the 'bad gear'. lol
MaestroNUZZI 4 aylar önce
Thanks for the video 😊 I've got a question for you : I need to sample my voice(or instruments jack aux in) in a standalone that has piano midi for melody and pads for drums. I couldn't find anything, don't you know anything about? Thank you
MaestroNUZZI 4 aylar önce
And what do you think about korg microsampler?
MaestroNUZZI 4 aylar önce
@Gabe Miller Music but they can sample without PC ? Directly and "live"? While doing street music I could sample a sound from my voice and playing it with different tones as a piano, or/and make (sample) my own kick, snares etc and press pads to make drums ? Just with one of these without PC ? If it's real... I've got already a Boss RC-505 and .. probably .. I can link with one of them to manage the loops
Gabe Miller Music
Gabe Miller Music 4 aylar önce
The Novation Circuit Rhythm or Roland Verselab MV-1 would both be worth looking into
Alan Bigler
Alan Bigler 4 aylar önce
"if you're a gen z or a millennial". Damn, I'm 60, what can I buy? Just kidding, great video, thank you. Live, Laugh, Love. Don't do drugs.
coolelectronics Aylar önce
yeah and you can forget about being allowed to use anything made by teenage engineering either. Im 28 so so much for saving up to get the op1 Gues Ill just go back to making music with pots and pans lol
Peter Fabian
Peter Fabian 4 aylar önce
Thank you. Clear.
jordan WAH
jordan WAH 4 aylar önce
Dude, what synth preset makes THAT BASS? Is this in the tracks presets? I know some sound different when you adjust the macros but I gotta have this BASS preset PLEASE!
Marlon Murray
Marlon Murray 5 aylar önce
Is innovation circuit still a great buy today as my first machine??? Thanks
G B 6 aylar önce
Peter Parker
Joshua Connor
Joshua Connor 6 aylar önce
Hey Gabe I've got an asap? Have you ever heard of the app "groovepad".... So the layout of the app would be so badass for live performances so my question to you is there hardware that can replicate this completely.
Joshua Connor
Joshua Connor 6 aylar önce
I'm willing to spend up to 800$ if more I want your opinion on the very best way to do this.
Vanduzel 6 aylar önce
Hey man what a great video! I've just got my first midi keyboard and would love to go dawless to spend less time in front of a computer... is one of these hardware able to load more sounds like a bass, an epiano or a grand piano? And how many of these sounds could I use at once in the same song? Thank you!
Oner Aksakal
Oner Aksakal 6 aylar önce
You are the worst youtuber ever. How could anyboody finalize a music production with any of these toys?
HowTo101 6 aylar önce
@Gabe Miller Music Haters gonna hate, dont pay attention. This video was very helpful to me! Thank you!
Oner Aksakal
Oner Aksakal 6 aylar önce
@Gabe Miller Music I am not a fan of your lame channel, but it keeps popping on my screen. You are also not doing a good job, I can tell by the number of your members. And stop comparing yourself with Accurate Beats, etc. Be true to your followers or quit. You cant make music production for 500 dollars, you can only kid yourself.
Gabe Miller Music
Gabe Miller Music 6 aylar önce
Serious answer: mostly because it's fun. I like portable music production devices, and I like the challenge. People have been making electronic music for decades with way jankier setups than these. But also... I've seen you pop up in the comments of a few of my other videos. You obviously don't like this stuff and what I do so why are you still here?
Let's Sample This
Let's Sample This 6 aylar önce
Gabe Miller Music - I own the Electribe 2 and the Electribe Sampler. The Electribe 2 is my favorite of the two. Of all the options you have shown, the Electribe 2 is the over all stand out. While you will run into voice count limitations as a sound module, however, using the Electribe 2 still Reigns supreme as a sequencing midi controller for your daw or iOS. Connected to AUM or DAW for iOS you can have the Electribe 2 control and sequence 16 tracks all at once. Creating patterns is dead easy. Plus you have built in groove or rhythm templates. Also it was designed to work with Korg Gadget and Electribe wave for iOS. The Electribe 2 is a work horse. Old, yes, but to me it is a shame when newer midi controllers cant sequence more than 4 tracks on an iPad Pro. Yet this old dinosaur can out perform midi controllers of today.
Ryan Beasley
Ryan Beasley 6 aylar önce
No thoughts on Akai Force? Been wanting one since launch and especially now with all its excellent updates
Divine Fools Club
Divine Fools Club 7 aylar önce
Who makes music "on the go"? Lol you set up at the coffee shop?
Divine Fools Club
Divine Fools Club 7 aylar önce
@Gabe Miller Music Toootally. Makes total sense
Gabe Miller Music
Gabe Miller Music 7 aylar önce
I and a lot of other (especially college aged) producers will work on music in cafes, university libraries, etc. It's great for getting some creativity out of a lunch break or just a change of location.
Jambutty 7 aylar önce
Thanks so much for the upload. I’ve been hesitating buying a circuit that long they’ve upgraded it. Can’t decide between the circuit tracks and the electribes . I want to make 70’s sounding dub reggae and trip hop. Probably end up buying both of them eventually.
Shaigh Josephson
Shaigh Josephson 7 aylar önce
I'm already locked into Abelton and Push 2...but the Circuit and FL Studio will get you there for a fraction of the cost...
MyVideoMix 8 aylar önce
I’m struggling to understand Sequencers vs Samplers vs Grooveboxes (combo of both?). Do any of the Arturia Keystep or Beatstep range fit into the category of what’s featured in this video?
MyVideoMix 3 aylar önce
@Adam Krasneski - Got it. Thank you. 🙏 🎹 This finally makes a Groovebox make sense to me, as well as clarify the other 2. Legend! 🕺 📦👍
Adam Krasneski
Adam Krasneski 3 aylar önce
Late reply but... A sequencer (keystep) does not contain its own sounds. It cannot produce sound on its own. It is used to trigger sounds on other harware or software. A groovebox is similar in that u create a sequence on it, but it DOES contain its own sounds. It may or may not be able to sequence or play external gear/software. A sampler is a device that can record a sound and play it back. Its ez to get this confused w a sample player which can play original sound that are loaded into it via sd card or software, but doesn actually record the original sound source. Some gooveboxes MAY have all these functions which can add to the confusion. Examples from this vid and ur comment: The electribe 2 sampler is 1 such device that does all these things. The po33 can record sounds and sequence its onboard sounds, but cant sequence other devices or load original sounds onto it (to my knowledge at least). The keystep only sequences or plays other devices. Nothing else.
BAF 1969
BAF 1969 8 aylar önce
The Roland is sweet!
Kord Taylor
Kord Taylor 8 aylar önce
Hi. Since the MC101 is on there, what about the 1010music blackbox? It's around the same price point but has some really unique, cool features.
Critter Arm
Critter Arm 9 aylar önce
I love the 101 but that build quality just isn't there.
Od Rot
Od Rot 9 aylar önce
Awesome vid! What would you recommend for someone doing mostly spoken word/ambient soundscape samples?
Federico Melis
Federico Melis 9 aylar önce
just got an mpc500 and like it more than my circuit
LODUS 9 aylar önce
boss rc-505 🤩
Steve Brooks
Steve Brooks 9 aylar önce
Millennial... ?? Gen-Z... ?? Kraftwerk 1970....No Kraftwerk no EDM...
SaEv - Sample Everything
SaEv - Sample Everything 10 aylar önce
I got myself Circuit couple days ago, thanks to your videos :) Very refreshing after using Opz
Cameron. 10 aylar önce
"For Millennials or Gen Z's," whelp I'm Gen X and thinking of getting a circuit. Though I worry my "music" would sound like a toddler smashing a xylophone with a hammer.
bryce 10 aylar önce
sad thing is that the circuits been discontinued. i tried to order one from vintage king and they said that its been discontinued :/
Sieza Me
Sieza Me 10 aylar önce
There have been leaks for the Circuit Tracks which seems to be an improved version of the Circuit. However it has yet to be announced.
Azoknight 10 aylar önce
So, I am looking into using a portable, stand-alone, sound device for simple voice responses and questions. My mom is going into surgery on her vocal cords and I'm trying to find a device that she can use to help her communicate while leading up to and recovering from her surgery. Do you have any suggestions on a device that could be used in that fashion that is simple to use? Thank you.
Viktor Hanačík
Viktor Hanačík 10 aylar önce
Great video review - looking for groovebox to add to my looper and Circuit and Mc 101 are my favourite to reach for. :)
clu_techno 10 aylar önce
The Electribe is a killer when you know how to use it
Chaos95 11 aylar önce
Is there any hardware that I can sample records that isn’t 600 dollars
inwex 11 aylar önce
Got really great productions skills!
Normalize This
Normalize This 11 aylar önce
I'm surprised devices like this aren't more popular and common. After working at my computer all day it would be great to actually get the hell away from my computer to make some music in the evening.
Gabe Miller Music
Gabe Miller Music 11 aylar önce
Agreed! I hope I can be a part of getting people interested in them
Bodie 11 aylar önce
I want a novation circuit so bad, seems they are out of stock everywhere
coolelectronics Aylar önce
how much does that instrument cost
Fernando Mercado
Fernando Mercado 9 aylar önce
Welcome to the Circuit Track gang
Ryan Helme
Ryan Helme 10 aylar önce
Sameeeeeee dude
scuzz 11 aylar önce
So the design on your tshirt is a cheap, shameless rip off of the Elektron logo, but you don’t mention any of their products??
Gabe Miller Music
Gabe Miller Music 11 aylar önce
- The logo is my initials (GM) arranged to be a cartoon approximation of me wearing headphones. A friend of mine designed it for me years before either of us got into grooveboxes, the mild similarity is a coincidence. - I DID mention Elektron stuff in this video, I dedicated a section to the Model:Cycles. I didn't own one at the time, but I do now, and have talked about it in subsequent videos.
Jammy Git
Jammy Git 11 aylar önce
Judging by the sounds in this video, I have to say that my favourite was the Electribe..... Plus I'm 50 now so I'm old school and the Electribe was making music when I was 20, which gives it a nostalgic value over the others for me. And £350 isn't a bad deal....but saying that, if you buy the synth version you just know you're going to have to get the sample version as well 🙄😎😆
Street Trash
Street Trash Yıl önce
So much fast ‘Meth’ talking/opinion. Not enough audio action. Get producing. Put the ‘Ice’ in audio action.
Gabe Miller Music
Gabe Miller Music Yıl önce
This entire channel is dedicated to videos where I jam and make music from scratch. I've made ALBUMS worth of jams and beats (and literally hundreds of videos) with all of the devices I talk about. This is meant to be the thing that gets people in the door to enjoy that stuff and make better informed decisions, not the be all end all.
reggie gimmix
reggie gimmix Yıl önce
Korg Kaossilator,.... brilliant what you can do with that... also highly recommend the newly released Artiphon too. I have the Circuit but find it a bit restrictive... you can do a lot with it but the lack of buttons and the need to remember tons of button/pad combinations to enable/activate certain menu based functions can be daunting for new users. Best Korg electribe is the EMX-1 by a mile.. however not a portable groovebox.
Gabe Miller Music
Gabe Miller Music Yıl önce
I've got an Orba on the way! I'm really excited to give it a go.
Eric L. Forget
Eric L. Forget Yıl önce
Elektron Cycle is not oldschool ...c'mon
Anthony Cyr
Anthony Cyr Yıl önce
MC 101 is much more difficult to use but is much more powerful it takes time and patience to tame question ;MC 101!
FuZZbaLLbee Yıl önce
Second hand the digitakt or mpc one are getting closer to €500
Gelatinous Yıl önce
Most people would agree the MC-101 sounds better than either other option. The MC-101 has dozens of Roland ACB engines, which are acclaimed as some of the best virtual analog sounds there are short of a sample-based hardware clone plugin. The Novation Nova engine (circuit engine is based on nova) generally isnt considered to sound very good. Korg's engine has a very different sound (much more digital and crunched,) so it's a little harder to compare.
Gabe Miller Music
Gabe Miller Music Yıl önce
I actually really like the Nova engine, it's got a lot of character and can sound both very gritty and very clean. But I definitely understand a general preference for the others. Which one you go for depends on the style and vibe you're trying to create.
sni bo
sni bo Yıl önce
wich one is good for some oldschool house/lofi type stuff preferably something i could jam on
warlanefam Yıl önce
Man your channel is still one of the best.. you don't waste our time and always have straight forward and useful advice/information 🙏🏻
zibbybone Yıl önce
Ugh! Not of fan of these keyless, button-pushing devices. The Roland JD-Xi is fantastic for $500 new (under $350 used). 37 mini keys with velocity, 2x polyphonic digital synth parts (both PCM & VA), analog monosynth part, and PCM drum part that can all be sequenced up to 4 bar (64 step) patterns. The updated OS adds a feature called Interactive Chord which allows you to play different chords and all the melodic tracks will transpose IN KEY (major or minor).
Alfred Dawson
Alfred Dawson Yıl önce
Does the Circuit have generic sounds like Pianos, Brass, or Guitars like the MC-101? I love the sound of your MC-101 Tracks over your Circuit tracks, they just sound more balanced and mixed better, just my biased opinion.
Tristans bass covers
Tristans bass covers 9 aylar önce
Nope, does not... Only synth. Thats why I went the MC route!
FunkyRob Yıl önce
I purchased an MC-101 because I wanted something small and battery operated that I can create hip-hop beats to scratch to. I have found it very difficult to learn, but I've come across your tutorials and I will be watching them. that beat at 11:08 is fire (as they say)
Gabe Miller Music
Gabe Miller Music Yıl önce
Thanks! I have an in-depth tutorial for MC-101 beginners coming next week!
Robin Hill
Robin Hill Yıl önce
The best most complete self contained production/compositional sequencing groovebox available today is the OP-Z and I've tried almost everything.
xisotopex Yıl önce
didnt like the electribe2... would I like this?
dirgelikeme Yıl önce
You wanted to show / link how to "Export" Songs from the Circuit. I can't find it. Also, i'm totally new to it, but which device would you recommend for Chillstep, melodic with a bit Dubstep Beats. The Circuit or the electribe? Or are they both good at it (yea i know you're a huge circuit Fan :) Kind regards
Austin Edge
Austin Edge Yıl önce
Circuit is a great tool, but calling it a DAW in a box is misleading I would say. Deluge is probably the closest to that from what I’ve seen. From your list my vote is the Electribe. It’s super underrated by the community.
Gabe Miller Music
Gabe Miller Music Yıl önce
Fair enough. In my mind, for electronic music, a couple of synth tracks and drum tracks, plus sound tweaking, sequencing, and mixing abilities are the minimum viable components for a DAW, but I can definitely understand if people find the Circuit too limiting. I might get a Deluge at some point, I've had my eye on one for a while. And yeah the Electribe is dope, and fairly unique among the current wave of grooveboxes.
Sebastian Gomez
Sebastian Gomez Yıl önce
What about the OP-z?
anastu Yıl önce
The OP-1 is made for hipsters who only create loops and never a complete song.
Gabe Miller Music
Gabe Miller Music Yıl önce
As a certified hipster who creates loops and also completes a ton songs, I can confidently say you're half wrong
Joe Botha
Joe Botha Yıl önce
Confucius he say man with four grooveboxes no finish track. Had the PO-33 for three days before I sold it. I wasn't feeling the workflow. I wasn't feeling the 10 bit sampling rate either. But mainly, I didn't want to place a bet on how quickly the battery clip would break off. Such poor build quality. Love my Circuit though. Also, SO many firmware updates adding new features. Just a brilliant piece of kit.
Gabe Miller Music
Gabe Miller Music Yıl önce
My track record says otherwise, I put out a LOT of music. That's fair, although in the Pocket Operator line's defense, I've left one in a backpack for like a month and it still works perfectly, no issues. And yeah the Circuit is brilliant.
alexshdvideo Yıl önce
Thank you for posting. Warming up to the Novation Circuit and the Roland 101. Have you tried the Behringer Raytheon Designer or the Roland 707? (Yeah two opposites) The multi track / channel out via USB or Korg SD card are highly valuable for recombining in a DAW etc. Things to consider. Audio like video is similar. Better to get SOMETHING vs spending months or years trying to figure out which one to buy for the “Perfect” thing. I almost want to go cheaper novation Circuit first, and if I did it.. maybe go all in on Roland 707 for $999. Starting off.... even $350 is bit of a question.
tomblaze2 Yıl önce
Dang that Trap beat at 11:10 is worth the price of admission for the Roland MC 101
tomblaze2 Yıl önce
Great Video - I like the Overview including your other videos - helps compare the sounds of the grooveboxs without digging through 20 videos
Aether Vagrant
Aether Vagrant Yıl önce
If never trade my E2s for the synth version, mainly as it's the only true sampler I have. I tend to use the Circuit for base drums and chords, the electribe for capturing film and TV and environmental samples, and the volca sample for some custom drums and weird textures
Michael Bath
Michael Bath Yıl önce
lefthandedpolack Yıl önce
i went with the akai fire and my little 11 inch dell.
Muzik Lab
Muzik Lab Yıl önce
can you make a video about topaiz sp 16 the pros and cons,old one but it sounds great.
coolelectronics Aylar önce
how much is the instrument used?
Epigon 1
Epigon 1 Yıl önce
Model:samples beat them all
HDdroneVideo Yıl önce
The E2S (Electribe 2 Sampler) is the hub of my all hardware setup as a 16 track MIDI sequencer. Haven't tried a Circuit yet, but absolutely love Novation. Not even sure if the Circuit can sequence MIDI. 🎼 💿
Colin Mackay
Colin Mackay Yıl önce
It’s a good video but I had to laugh at 4.20 when your talking about modern music and the music of the future then play stuff that sounds like it’s 20 years old.
Gabe Miller Music
Gabe Miller Music Yıl önce
Haha I didn't think about how those two clips would mesh together, although to be fair, people are still making music that sounds like that these days. I've definitely made my fair share of more modern EDM on the Circuit, like this: or the video I have coming Monday.
lcatran Yıl önce
thank you so much, you get straight to the point and your video is really helpful. the only thing i didn't get why you ignore the volca series, i think they are almost at the same league with PO's
Gabe Miller Music
Gabe Miller Music Yıl önce
Glad you dig the video! I didn't mention the Volcas because from what I've seen, they're typically best when coupled with other gear, or when recorded in layers. The closest to standalone would probably be the Sample, but IMO the PO-33 is a bit more powerful and approachable.
Figitty Fau
Figitty Fau Yıl önce
Just get the Digitakt
LördSlvg Yıl önce
The model:cycles is awesome. Very versatile machine that can go from really deep ambient sounds to messed up industrial. Anyone interested in the cycles go check out MrDataline's jams using it. Maven Fiction has also been making really nice synthwave on the machine.
banjocat Yıl önce
The cassette cameo was great
MrT Yıl önce
Enjoyed the video. And got a laugh at your comment ~4 min mark; “If you are a millennial or gen-z and you like creating EDM electronic music...” This 62 year young Baby-boomer was creating EDM waaaay back in 1976 on a Roland sh3a and then a System 100 modular. Some old folks can get our groove on daily : )
TJ Norton
TJ Norton Yıl önce
@Gabe Miller Music Thanks for making this video. Your vids are really clear and helpful. I'm researching to buy my first 'drum machine' to use with a live looping set-up. You just got a new 52 year old subscriber :-)
TJ Norton
TJ Norton Yıl önce
That's awesome. I'm 52 and watched this video for info on what drum machine to start with for live looping. Electronic music i way older than most people realize, and i'm getting more into it as i get older.
Kelvin Dijkstra
Kelvin Dijkstra Yıl önce
MrT Yıl önce
Next week I’m picking up a System 1...all those glowing green knobs got me.
Gabe Miller Music
Gabe Miller Music Yıl önce
Hell yeah, that's awesome. I definitely target viewers my age or slightly younger, but I'm really glad that people like you stick around and seem to dig the videos. I definitely intend to keep my taste for dance music and heavy electronic music intact as I get older so that's an inspiration!
Itay Dagani
Itay Dagani Yıl önce
Love your work Gabe, both your music and your content A+ !!! When I was looking for a standalone box I was considering the electribe and the circuit, I chose the electribe, mainly because it has more channels (I make synthwave/sound tracks and need at least 3 channels, bass, lead/synth and pad). 100% agree on the lofi nature of the electribe and the nice hands on programming of sounds. I started making patterns and came up with very cool stuff, then I started going deeper and deeper, the step sequencer has good and bad things, got used to it, but what broke me was trying to make a song on this, you make a song by chaining patterns and when you move from one pattern to the next you hear the transition (sound cut off) I heard the master of the electribe, mistabishi, he has definitely found a way to mask these transitions, I would guess using reverbs and wise sound choices, but it just irritated the crap out of me so I sold it, bought an iPad, Korg gadget plus a few of Korg's synths and just never looked back. its so easy to work with and the results are amazing (you probably think I'm a Korg guy, but I'm not, I actually more of Roland/Yamaha user). I also used Caustic which I saw you used and got some good results, I feel the sound quality of the Korg is better, I just wish Roland would make something like the Gadget or some AU synths, because the combination of Korg and Roland synths would be almost perfect. Hearing you talking about the circuit makes me think about picking up one when I can find one in a reasonable price as people these days have gone kind of mad and try to sell you used stuff for prices of new. Anyhow, interesting to see what you can do with an iPad and Korg Gadget. Thanks for all the wonderful work
Itay Dagani
Itay Dagani Yıl önce
​@Gabe Miller Music thanks for the reply Gabe, I use the korg nanokey studio controller with gadget, it has 8 knobs + 8 pads and integrates very well with it. The only drawback for me is that it has a 2 octave keyboard (I actually dig the plastic keys) and I want at least 4 octaves to play chord sequences, so have another portable 4 octave, that is probably because of the size. maybe one day I'll get that small 4 octave Bluetooth keyboard korg sells, it is just overprice imho. Oh, and I actually discovered that there is a TAL U NO LX version for iPad which is a great clone of the Roland Juno 60, so will try to see how that plays with gadget.
Gabe Miller Music
Gabe Miller Music Yıl önce
I'll definitely add the Gadget to the list of stuff to try out. I've been getting back into the world of apps lately, especially Caustic (which really comes to life if you load in custom sounds). These days, I like to export Electribe tracks as WAV files then mix them from there, as opposed to live jamming. That gives me more control and allows me to make a much more polished track. And I personally still really enjoy the tactile nature of groovebox music production. But tablet/phone music production has really gotten good, which is awesome to see, and it's dope that you've found something that clicks for you!
Iván Valencia
Iván Valencia Yıl önce
What about the MPC500?
Micha Zahnd
Micha Zahnd Yıl önce
Have you tried the synthstrom deluge? Its over the 500 bucks limit, but im interested how its compares to the boxes shown in the video...
lifeurge Yıl önce
This video shows some of the possibilities, but not his best work. This track is further along in the learning curve. Here's an example of sampling by someone else only a few days in with their Deluge.
lifeurge Yıl önce
@Bose Congratulations Robert. I'm certain you will be blown away by your new Deluge. While you're waiting for it to arrive, watch as many videos as you can and join the open Facebook group and you'll hit the ground running. The Deluge is easy to understand and the workflow will have you creating tracks within minutes. I recommend the Synthdawg manual, which you can also download as a free PDF. Don't be overwhelmed by the level of detail in it. Most of the functions you need are printed as shortcuts on the front panel and you'll find your way around in no time. The Deluge is a beautiful creation that is a joy to play with and every player finds their own style. The fact that you can load it to the hilt with your own sample, then chop, distort, effect and modify them and use them as oscillators means you basically have an unlimited sound palette. The included synth and kit presets will also keep you happy and are infinitely tweakable on their own. Robert, your creativity and happiness levels are about to multiply exponentially. Congratulations in advance for making one of the wisest buying decisions you'll never regret! The Deluge is still extremely rare on the second hand market, but should you ever change your mind and wish to sell it, they hold their price exceptionally well. There is no way to lose and nothing to regret. Enjoy your Deluge bro!!!
Bose Yıl önce
@lifeurge These words lift my spirit (and my wallet) for my Deluge is somewhere between Los Angeles and my house as we speak. I can't wait to get my hands on it. I've poured over Circuit videos for a while but I felt it would be too limiting. So I paid the extra money for the Deluge+hard cover+manual. I am hopeful my purchase will not be in vain.
lifeurge Yıl önce
$899 USD But seriously the best instrument I've ever bought. The developer is a genius and with regular major updates the Deluge grows even better. Drum machine, synth, sampler, looper, incredible workflow, battery powered, usb charge or 9v wallwart. I haven't touched my Circuit since buying the Deluge. It's a desert island dream device. If it's within your budget it's one purchase you will never regret that makes more expensive devices look act sound like mere toys.
stephane cha /motif_r /blackwood
stephane cha /motif_r /blackwood Yıl önce
Hi mate! Shame the og esx1 (korg) is not manufacrured anymore. It's such a killa. (For programming and production ... then you do your mix on a daw ) And last but not not least: you can motion sequence esx1. Do your presented machines hav this function? I think yes. Byeee
Recently picked up a Korg Electribe Sampler 2 with hardcase for £180. Talk about a game changer! Thoroughly recommended if you're looking to add more esoteric elements to your regular sound.
Павел Базаров
Павел Базаров Yıl önce
Hi! Nice video, great tools! Probably your list misses Cubasis + Launchpad Pro Mk3 ?
As my DAWless journey has continued I have found myself wanting more user based samples. I already have a Volca Sample(which apparently a Version 2 is releasing down the road - i think 4mb is adequate memory for it's 100 short sample bank and 3.5mm>usb sample download so I'll likely be holding onto/modding my V1 Sample instead of upgrading. Anyways I decided on getting a Korg Electribe 2 Sampler (16 measures is frustrating :( but I'm used to that shorter workflow now and I figured it would play better with my volcas ++ sample record and line in effects. Love more LoFi sound anyways. I figured down the road I would look into a Model Cycles (not samples since I no longer have need for sampler) but now after seeing this am considering Novation Circuit ---- 64 measure seq each? regardless --->> upwards on price point the TR-8S (FM synth update) DIGITAKT RYTM MC-707 are all calling my name. May have to break budget Thanks
SHINOBI TCG 3 aylar önce
@Son of Gwyn love my sample. I uploaded 808 sounds up to its soundbank and it was history after that. The machine has its special place in the laboratory. It can be a limited board and has its downfalls being such a small budget box but sheeesh for the money it's an impressive piece of tech
Son of Gwyn
Son of Gwyn 3 aylar önce
I'm guessing you like your Volca Sample? I just ordered one. I'm intending to use it as a drum machine, with a TD-3 synced to it. Some of the demos I've seen of stuff people do with the Volca make it seem like it's really punching above its weight for the price you pay.
David Pinto
David Pinto Yıl önce
Ok, I use my circuit for samples and as a sequencer, the synth sounds are cool but easyly to get tired of them
David Pinto
David Pinto Yıl önce
you've become a groovebox guru bro
Davnar Ragnar
Davnar Ragnar Yıl önce
Gen X here,I have MPC and several DAWs. Couldn't agree more re Circuit, even more so after last update. MC505 territory.
SandcastleTheory Yıl önce
"An old piece of gear in the packaging of a new piece of gear...". Isn't that Roland's mantra? ;) Cheers!
Miguel Freitas
Miguel Freitas Yıl önce
How do you compare the Electribe and the Circuit with the Circuit Mono Station?
Gabe Miller Music
Gabe Miller Music Yıl önce
The Mono Station is pretty different, it's much more a dedicated synthesizer than an all in one production station
Groovebox maniac
Groovebox maniac Yıl önce
Roland JD-XI №1
Mini Synth Collective
Mini Synth Collective Yıl önce
Really good. Well put together. They are all good. My Fave for all of these would be the Model Samples. Still learning the MC 101 but do like it. Thanks for doing this video.
Scott Heavner
Scott Heavner Yıl önce
Great video! I would say that the Model:Cycles is geared more toward glitchy IDM style music in the style of Cylob and early Autechre. Other styles of music can be made with it, but it excels at that with its FM engine. Circuit is much more versatile when it comes to style.
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