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60 Minutes

2 aylar önce

First, Investigating California’s CARE Court. Then, U.S. helps fund Ukraine's fight to survive. And, How sloths survive as nature’s couch potato.
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@user-yx4gd2wt2m 2 aylar önce
I seriously doubt our governor walks his kids past homeless incampments
@jillfeatherman5523 2 aylar önce
Exactly. Those children have never seen a homeless person let alone walked by one.
@steveratkovich5879 2 aylar önce
Yeah and who's going to pay for all
@donnaroberts4309 Aylar önce
😳😳😳 😆🤣👍
@iamevelyn9728 Aylar önce
He lied.
@valeriehutchinson863 2 aylar önce
My Niece refused to take her meds and was hell on wheels. It was not until she would get arrested and forced into a mental health hospital and forced to take her meds, did she get better. So unless you are a family member suffering through this, you have no idea. Care Court is a blessing.
@hummingbirdredhand6729 2 aylar önce
That's the truth !!! It's so simple, just take your meds !!! But ,NOOOOO 🤦‍♀️ It's not until they are incarcerated and have to comply . These non- medicated individuals have no filters, no self control and live for the drama ! A family member is in jail right now ; she has other health issues that were not being addressed as well as mental illness. Now she's getting medical attention and care for her physical health and medical attention for her mental health. This is in Arizona.
@bettyboop6292 2 aylar önce
Take your meds! I dealt with 7/11 Doctors ( etc) & brain numbing drugs...& still worked & retired from 33 years of Corp job. My mother always found me defective.
@mightytaiger3000 2 aylar önce
cool way of focusing on the one time “it worked”- why don’t we ask your niece- and completely ignore all the possibilities where this could be abused and stripped people of their basic rights.
@jamesmarchetti3286 Aylar önce
This story about homeless and mental health had me a little in tears !!! After 20 years ago the Lord had back suddenly in Homeless Ministry !!! He had me and told to accept a woman and man couple in my apartment !!! A mental episode led to her detaining for a short time and we 3 in the process of getting medical for her !!!
@carrolfrye256 2 aylar önce
@pomgrant7680 2 aylar önce
Stop worrying about sloths they been here for 60 million years,.dont you care about what's happening below your feet
@conniehanses Aylar önce
​@pomgrant7680 It's all tied together ..
@brittajacobson2523 2 aylar önce
Honestly. The articulate black lady might be capable of choice. But I feel and trust that when we talk of serious mental illness we are talking about diagnosis such as schizophrenia. Anyone who hasn’t really seen this illness up close and personal should not assume that they know. I applaud the Governor of California, I wish my state would propose a similar law.
@stupendouslife8128 2 aylar önce
Señora Cecilia Vega on your interview with California’s Governor, you were really thought and the Governor is totally right, we must to try to fix this Americas homeless and drug addicts pandemic, as a prevention steps we need to start massive preventive education program for future generations, schools at all levels, tv, movie theaters, billboards, radio, social media about informing the society how to avoid and consequences of drugs and mental problems. Basically advertising these type of problems massively
@chris-cy5ed Aylar önce
Is someone wants to not buy a home and rome america and travel and have gig jobs whats wrong with that ? Ypu sound like robot😂
@FigaroHey 2 aylar önce
I remember back in 1978 when Proposition 13 passed in California. It was a dramatic cost-cutting, budget-balancing proposition. One of the ways it set out to cut costs was to release mentally ill people from state care facilities if the people were not a threat to themselves or others. So if they were not violent, the state was not going to keep them in a facility. The problem was, they didn't release those people TO anyone. Since they were 'no threat to society' in terms of being violent, they were deemed 'safe' to put outside, on the streets. These were people who were mentally incapable of managing their lives, getting jobs, getting a place to live, remembering or deciding to take necessary medications, etc. They were just...released. And from that decision the homeless and mentally ill population in California exploded. California has a good year-round climate, and it is possible to survive under cardboard under a bush or on the beach, etc., year-round. The state saved money by moving the people out of care, but dramatically increased all kinds of problems to the point that now, 45 years later, finally it's going to cost billions to get those people off the street and back into some kind of supervised care. In the meantime, how many cities have become no-go zones for businesses and tax-paying homeowners? How many lives have been lost on the streets?
@andrewg7810 2 aylar önce
What the ACLU spokeswoman says in response to Newsom is that there needs to be a third option where the state invests in medical treatment. This is where her and Newsom actually agree. CARE Court is the mechanism through which these individuals are getting medical treatment. The only point of difference is the voluntariness or involuntariness of the commitment. The fact remains, a fact the ACLU does not want to acknowledge, that we are dealing with people here who are not in control of their cognitive faculties and cannot make rational decisions. They lack the mental capability to effectively seek treatment, and as evidenced by the other people interviewed, even when they do, they get told its a 6 month waiting period. CARE Court takes the most vulnerable and provides them with treatment in the most efficient way possible. The interest in providing care to the mentally infirm outweighs a claim of civil rights.
@carolpapworth7056 2 aylar önce
Up here in WA we have teams of social workers that go into homeless camps regularly. Theu offer help to whoever wants it. Unfortunately, there are way to many people who don't want shelter or medical treatment because they see that as loosing their freedom. So, they continue to use peoples lawns as their lavatory & scream at peoples children on their way to school. Who's freedom are they infringing on then? If you are ot sane, you can't make sane decisions.
@johnhungerford6073 2 aylar önce
Your Last Sentence is an opinion . Al Capone had opinions, Jack the Ripper had opinions, John Wilkes booth had opinions. How do we decide whose opinion is used to overrule the constitution and/or the Supreme Court?
@andrewg7810 2 aylar önce
My last sentence is not an opinion it is a fact. It is a fact because it is the policy of the State of California to the extent of CARE Court. The entire purpose of care court, from the video, is to provide care to the mentally infirm at the expense of their civil rights, to the hopeful benefit of them and society. So your attempt to characterize my statement as an opinion, implying it has no more value than that of many dregs of society, fails. Even your question to me fails. Nobody is deciding to overrule the constitution here and or the Supreme Court. Nobody has articulated a specific argument as to which provision of the constitution CARE Court violates, nor has anything been articulated about Supreme Court precedent been violated. So you can't even get to the actual question since it's moot. But for the benefit of the doubt, we'll say an easy area of attack is Due Process, that the due process rights of the homeless are being violated because they are being deprived of a liberty interest - involuntary commitment. Well, that is legally permissible and happens all the time either through the criminal justice system or other systems of involuntary civil confinement. This CARE Court is nothing more than a DUI Court for the homeless to provide some form of structure and mechanism to get them help. It is in fact a least restrictive measure as compared to locking these people in a straight jacket and throwing them in an asylum or prison. Senselessly trying to debate this point only further frustrates action to be taken to benefit the homeless and society.@@johnhungerford6073
@donquijotedelamancha3529 2 aylar önce
I absolutely LOVE 60 Minutes. Always interesting and current.
@user-dq9oi3di9e 2 aylar önce
Yet no money for Hawii or East Palistine , OH, or vets in US or border here.
@isisrodrigueztheartist5386 2 aylar önce
Newsom was voted into San Francisco politics back in the 90's to take care of the homeless problem. I'm wondering why it took him so long to take such an stand. There were lots of people against forcing people to get help. I wonder what's going to change?
@erniescrabshack 2 aylar önce
Maybe combative, entrenched financial interests based in the status quo? I'm not from CA, but isn't that always the enemy of change?
@KOVIDGOON 2 aylar önce
@Pablo-je3ec 2 aylar önce
Vote them outta office..keep voting for the same people you going have the same problem
@henkzwaneveld164 2 aylar önce
Gavin, you don’t wanna solve it, because thanks to this you exist. And Gavin you are not the only one, lots of the likes of you are out there. We know!!
@user-se3sx9el2v 2 aylar önce
Until you get narcissistic and/or abusive parents and use the system to control them their whole lives. Literally threatening to send then to treatment if they are mad at anything, even when they don't have a mental illness. Those of you thinking that's not going to happen, it happens a lot more than anyone can imagine. Once an abusive especially narcisstic parents to have the control they need even after they are an adult.
@AaronEbrahim 2 aylar önce
That's so true. It's a fail first system. THERE'S NO HELP for anyone until they're a criminal.
@stephaniepiazzese2602 2 aylar önce
Funny that REPLIES HERE, have disappeared.
@juancarrillo4547 2 aylar önce
It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong. Thomas Sowell
@johnhungerford6073 2 aylar önce
We definitely need more perfect people, I’ll put you on that….
@HenrySeagull 2 aylar önce
My best friend Austin was diagnosis and then went missing a few years later after couch surfing. He's been missing since last November and was last seen in Jacksonville Florida,. Please don't let this happen to anyone else.... and my sister in law has mental disorders and she wont let her boyfriend see his sister or the rest of the family, wont let the kid see grandma... and is taking my girlfriend to court because she has been harrassing us...
@verlindaallen3335 2 aylar önce
Isn't it awful? Mental illness, depression, anxiety. And worse as we know. I have some pretty sad relationships in my family. Allllll my 63 years I've tried to get everyone to accept one another, to be kind, caring toward one another. Nobody left behind and guess what ? I'm tired . You have no idea the battles i have faught so to speak. Mental health is no joke.
@loril.mangold8160 2 aylar önce
That poor Mommy, I pray for her, and her Son
@CD_RN_Independent_Voter 2 aylar önce
I support voluntary AND involuntary (court-ordered) mental health treatment as one long-term solution to address the underlying causes for homelessness in CA. Court-ordered (involuntary) treatment is NOT new because other states like AZ already do this. It’s compassionate safe care that is appropriate for instances where severe mental illness leads to danger to self or others, chronic homelessnes, or incarceration. AND mandatory treatment is NOT permanent because each case is reassessed for safe discharge. Permanently keeping patients doesn’t make sense due to ethical concerns and logistical limitations in patient beds and clinical staff. CA needs to ACT FAST to address the core issues behind our states growing homelessmess crisis before it’s compounded by the migration crisis at our southern border! Stop wasting time! The main reason why CA has the highest number of homelessness is because there isn’t enough housing for extremely low-income households. There’s only 24 homes affordable and available for every 100 extremely low-income households in CA. Additionally, only 1 in 4 households nationwide qualify for rental housing assistance. If you add severe mental illness and addiction, that further increases the risk of homelessness. The logical long-term solutions are to (1) increase the number of affordable housing options, (2) increase the availability of safety net programs, and (3) expand the behavioral health system to decrease the homelessness population. Source: The California Statewide Study of People Experiencing Homelessness by UCSF BHHI - Full Report In terms of cost, why should tax payers care about housing homeless people? It costs less to house homeless individuals than to spend public funding on repeat visits to the ER, inpatient hospital units, detoxification units, and jails. Source: The National Alliance to End Homelessness
@fawk501 2 aylar önce
Man that mom with the son is an inspiration.
@andrewg7810 2 aylar önce
i think Newsom is absolutely correct at 9 minutes where he says its worse NOT to have people who cant take care of themselves under conservatorship or some other form of guardianship/civil custody. he's fighting to keep these people off the streets and in treatment where they can get the help and resources they need.
@mightytaiger3000 2 aylar önce
lmao uh yeah he’s such a “fighter”
@MrTweetyhack 2 aylar önce
Newsome created this mess
@saradawilliams2056 2 aylar önce
I hope the young lady interviewed at the end of the segment reported missing is found safe.
@danielsmith337 Aylar önce
I found her
@234567kenny 2 aylar önce
What that woman against care court fails to recognize is we already do mandatory treatment and involuntary commitments. These individuals do not have capacity to make decisions in a large majority of cases
@violetpurple6191 2 aylar önce
12:00 I agree with her 100%, the focus should be care and prevention not medical incarceration. Many homeless people don't even have any mental problems, they have a job and cost of living problem.
@dieselbaby Aylar önce
Wrong. The vast majority of homeless people, in the state of California especially, have serious mental problems and/or drug addiction problems. Something like 85-90% or more of homeless in the state are addicted to drugs and/or alcohol. A solid plurality of homeless have serious, diagnosed mental illnesses. I agree that the focus should be on care instead of medical incarceration, but let's not pretend that the problem here is something that it isn't.
@TheOriginalWhiteboy 2 aylar önce
To even think that dude would walk, let alone walk solo w his kids to a park anywhere is laughable 😂
@azorianman88 2 aylar önce
Newsome is right in the case of individuals who are mentally incapable of surviving the 6 month wait for effective treatment and those individuals better benefit from this new system. For many people the interest of receiving urgent mental health care means letting the doctors provide what is perceived as mainstream treatment. Most times its better living for them in the future as they make recovery and get rehab in their own ensuite.
@OldTestament1 2 aylar önce
Force State Government Medical Care Yes Finally, this reminds me of the good old days' Psychiatric wards of the early years where a Doctor could really Dig into the subject's mind. When Doctors and states had the Right to perform the needed medical tests and treatments on subjects. Where a subject personal rights, wants or needs had no voice because the government deemed their actions and thoughts are a threat to themselves or someone close to them and our society. Finally, these people will get what they really need treatment lots and lots and lots of Treatments, Medication and my favorite medical tests.
@liliazusman 2 aylar önce
Thank you for this report...I was born in the Soviet Union..this horror war caught my attention...neverending bloodshed breaks my heart,I am crying looking at the fallen military my native language reaching out to them with compassion...praying...supporting...Lord,have mercy!
@user-dq9oi3di9e 2 aylar önce
Defend US border first
@nigelipad 2 aylar önce
Himeless in LA 2:00 Ukraine 15:33 Two toed Sloth 28:50 The last minute 42:10
@Syclone0044 2 aylar önce
Does this have the Gen Mark Milley interview?
@TheOriginalWhiteboy 2 aylar önce
Thank you.
@carolpapworth7056 2 aylar önce
Up here in WA we have teams of social workers that go into homeless camps regularly. Theu offer help to whoever wants it. Unfortunately, there are way to many people who don't want shelter or medical treatment because they see that as loosing their freedom. So, they continue to use peoples lawns as their lavatory & scream at peoples children on their way to school. Who's freedom are they infringing on then? If you are ot sane, you can't make sane decisions.
@brittajacobson2523 2 aylar önce
Also, I’ve experienced a non profit mental health organization treat my family member as a golden goose… I don’t think they want the clients and patients to be well… because the CEO has to pay himself $150,000 a year and without suffering patients well…..
@yomama211 2 aylar önce
NGO=self fulfilling salary device
@psdrock64 Aylar önce
Having a child that has the same problems I agree with care court.
@lilleyprescott2448 Aylar önce
I would love If the court mandated I get the medication I needed, because it doesn't I have to go from doctor to doctor and did end up incarcerated when some doctor discontinued my psychiatric medication. I would love an eternal prescription so I don't get into trouble again. Thank you Newsom and yes it's a tired excuse it's not working.
@beckyparker1532 2 aylar önce
In Oregon, it's called Guardianship. The guardian can authorize admission to treatment, hospitals, group homes, and more. They are not held financially responsible but can also apply to be the person's conservator then they can take charge of the person's finances like SSI, food stamps, housing vouchers, and more, so the money doesn't go to drug dealers or con's.
@GodBlessHomelessVets 2 aylar önce
"CARE court.' Sounds like the next money grab. The one girl said it. "Medical incarceration." Care and court cannot be used in the same sentence.
@yuriination 2 aylar önce
Tell him to send new students to school to be a therapist or psychiatrist FOR FREE so you have ENOUGH people to TREAT patients!! COURT AND FORCED ENCARCERATION, FORCED MEDICATION, FORCED ANYTHING is ONLY going to cause FEAR and RESISTANCE!! People CANNOT get well under those circumstances!! And while he's at it, tell him to get some mental health education so he learns what the actual issues are!!
@WJWeber 2 aylar önce
You know they kind of already have all the stuff you are talking about. Therapy isn’t the biggest thing. They need to have medication readily available and we need to keep people compliant.
@stephaniepiazzese2602 2 aylar önce
@yogimim 2 aylar önce
this is so border line terrifying.... there is another way
@cindybogart6062 2 aylar önce
Sloths are so adorable!❤❤
@AaronEbrahim 2 aylar önce
I love the sloth lady.
@amniclem1284 Aylar önce
Gavin’s gotta do something if he ever wants to be the first lizard President, wheel and deal with the mayors and district leaders. 😂 I’m not a resident but California has become a literal toilet. It’s so beautiful there.The ultimatum is a great way get the homeless and drug addicted off the streets. Tighten the reins. They don’t own the streets, that should be illegal trespass. State school facilities need to make a comeback.
@verlindaallen3335 2 aylar önce
My little brother died on the streets of Hollywood. My little sister and her dad did EVERYTHING. STILL NO HELP BECAUSE FAMILIES HAVE NO FRIGGING RIGHTS. RI P Brother. 💐 Look Newsom, start studying mental illnesses. And DON'T LAUGH ABOUT ANYTHING.
@ANDREASRIAL 2 aylar önce
California is on a catastrophic trajectory, the core of the family is the most vulnerable …. Once it’s gone: it just a matter of time for the empire to fall apart
@ellabrad3886 2 aylar önce
On the other hand. The government made it very hard to survive a descent life because of high taxes, very expensive housing, food. They seem to reward the people who doesn't want to be responsible. It's a combination of GREED AND MORE GREED.
@BamBamSr 2 aylar önce
We need drastic improvements to our mental health care, it's a disgrace,but the chronic drug addicts and criminals need a choice between successful treatment or a prison cell, enough already
@prashantprashant1476 2 aylar önce
Alright Gavin Newsome. I have been a fan since the 80s. He saw the homeless problems I have been seeing since the 80s.
@tomharper8351 2 aylar önce
…and it’s gotten worse whilst he wastes his time & efforts on magazine bans & other garbage. His outrage should be directed inward.
@stephenwatts985 2 aylar önce
It takes a special kind of stupid to cause a crisis through you're policies, pretend that it wasn't your policies that caused the crisis then try to convince the people that you can solve the problem cause your going through what their going through and understand their pain. Give me a break.
@samnangthim6949 2 aylar önce
Treat the symptom not the problem which is hopelessness and easy access to drugs. A large % of the homeless were /are unskilled workers. The perfect storm for their economic destruction was closing / offshoring factories while importing tens of millions of unskilled illegal workers to compete for the remaing jobs. Work gives dignity and a sense of purpose. When wages sink to a level that makes it impossible to survive, desperation follows. Desperation soothed momentarily by drugs. A desire to escape replaces pride of self and the almost always one way downward spiral begins. Many homeless people had no mental problems before entering the spiral of poverty, drug addiction and homelessness which would drive any sane person half mad
@dentonfender6492 2 aylar önce
Great story on the Sloths! Keep it up. Somehow humanity has to come to terms with the massive extinction rate of animal decline on Earth that has now reached a decline of 69% on average just since 1970. Time is running out for animal life including human animals eventually!
@folieadeux5463 2 aylar önce
Ive one friend who tragically became psychotic. He refuses to take medications, he thinks he can frickin fly and dont need to eat. So he keeps causing problems, living out his delusions and sleeping in random peoples properties. Tragic.
@seanlevison6361 2 aylar önce
I love how American's think by not being in the coalition with so many other countries helping Ukraine, all their problems will be solved - what's going on, on American streets is decades in the making. Why not like other western countries, they can't do both? Nothing to do with letting people steal from small business or not providing living wages and affordable medical treatment.
@TheRemoteTTL 2 aylar önce
i talked with some refugees who take to country where im now. they told me they will never go back, cause of... insane amount of mines russians left behind. each of them fits into hand, but when explodes, rips your feet away. they dont see point going back to minefields, no matter how they love they country. its a sad, sad and tragic event in world history.
@jorgegonzalez426 2 aylar önce
So after the person gets meds they’ll be able to afford 4k a month rent ?
@maecarpenter6735 2 aylar önce
They will be eligible for subsidized housing or assisted living if they are ready for positive change.
@WJWeber 2 aylar önce
Lol. Average Rent isn’t even that much
@RobertJackson437 2 aylar önce
Did we added Ukraine as a new part of US nation,?? Hilarious and absolutely madness
@louiswilson6950 2 aylar önce
When I was younger, living my folks ... my dad said Hey Look, it's the nursing home you work at & they found some lady dead for four days, on 60 Minutes !
@theother1406 2 aylar önce
Thank you California for letting the millionaire/billionaire class run amok. (of course, I'm talking about the entire world) California really took the fanciest cake early on from the greedy cake walk. And please, don't leave any comments on how drugs and sloth are the problem. After 2 weeks of finding yourself on the street because your rent tripled, trust me, you're likely to go insane. It's a major trauma.
@rob1016ny 2 aylar önce
We are facing a government shut down unless we extend our own maxed out “credit card” BUT we are funding businesses in Ukraine so they can earn a paycheck. How, if we don’t have the money to.
@hummingbirdredhand6729 2 aylar önce
@carolpapworth7056 2 aylar önce
1) The shutdown hasn't happened yet. 2) We have the money. 3) The pentagon can only account of 29% of it's budget. 4) Sending weapons to Ukraine supports all the weapons manufacturing companies.
@valhala56 2 aylar önce
@@carolpapworth7056 Your comment is contradictory.
@yukil7 2 aylar önce
It’s good that you can pay someone else to fight your enemy instead of you fighting yourself!
@jpmnky 2 aylar önce
The scary thing about schizophrenia is the symptoms don’t manifest until the mid to late twenties. It’s harder to reign in an adult. Especially when they’re such a danger to themselves and don’t believe they are. Just a mess.
@do7744 2 aylar önce
Meanwhile here in America, the government refuse to help those struggling with student debt.
@ZoeMango 2 aylar önce
Well we gotta keep ‘em under control so they keep slaving away at work to continue making all those tax-free billionaires richer! How else are we gonna achieve all that unless we keep these peons strapped down with endless debt??
@lilblackduc7312 2 aylar önce
..."If your college degree doesn't produce enough value for you to pay it off, it certainly doesn't have enough value for your neighbor to pay it off. "Dreams soon become nightmares when borrowing becomes a way of life. 🤔🤔.
@bobhsohi704 2 aylar önce
You make that you pay him you don't Shuffle I'm off on everybody else
@carolynlanham3170 2 aylar önce
The alternative is to believe No American should be in Poverty. Sure, a certain percentage have a mental illness and haven't survived in our country. But most are hungry and have no place to live. Let's not blame the mentally ill for everything. This Mother has been Through It (as we have) trying to get help and find a stable place to thrive. Main choice here is called Comprehensive Care! Just a Logo.
@carolpapworth7056 2 aylar önce
We have care available here in WA. The mentally ill, do not agree to be helped. They self medicate with illegal drugs instead.
@shellyscholz1256 Aylar önce
Anyone remember the deinstitualization that led to homelessness among the mentally ill in the early 1980’s? The problem was caused by government so I highly doubt reinstitutionalization by government will fix anything for anyone.
@mannyfloyd 2 aylar önce
With how bad things are at home, its just time to push for a settlement.
@steveprocter6241 2 aylar önce
The total cost of US support amounts to a mere 0.43% of current GDP. There are 10 countries that contributed more with Norway topping the list with 1.4% of their GDP. In 2022 25.4% of the world's GDP was created in the US! And yet, apparently, the support for Ukraine in its efforts to thwart Putin's fascist imperialist and genocidal ambitions is the root cause of many Americans' misery, a misery that has been growing for the past three decades!
@whistlebloer8254 2 aylar önce
They talked about Russia and that it was a threat to the existential of the US. It's hilarious. We heard that during the Vietnam War. Many of my friends never made it back to their families. And now, we are courting Vietnam to be an ally.
@polnegri8884 2 aylar önce
The fact that there is 1/4 of people with serious mental illness among homeless should be viewed more as a symptom, than a solution. …
@goodman5396 2 aylar önce
We need to send more money to ukraine despite this action causing inflation. Ukraine first, the US later! 🇺🇸
@havanasyndrome3024 2 aylar önce
I ukranian. I agree. Before war, I only earn $150 per month. Now there is no job in my town, but thanks to America I get $1300 per month in benefit. Before war, I ride city bus, now I buy nice car and can go vacation. Thank you America! Please keep help us!
@tomharper8351 2 aylar önce
@@havanasyndrome3024I can’t tell if either one of you are serious or being sarcastic
@Somewhere-In-AZ 2 aylar önce
@@tomharper8351pretty sure that account is from Ukraine. He likes US money. All his comments are about this. Goodman is definitely being sarcastic.
@marjorjorietillman856 2 aylar önce
@Goodman5396, I absolutely agree ! I’m paying taxes, and I’m having a hard time financially, but people say, forget Americans, just take care of the world problems. We’ve fought so many European wars and they still say nasty things about us. There are countries in Europe doing better than us, they can give much much combined than what we can. The more we give, they come back and squeeze us for more. We’re giving triple time more than anyone else. I wish I could go on vacation! They think they know everything about our economy, but they don’t. We can never give them enough! We’re giving what we don’t have! We’re not the world’s ATM!
@ponzo1967 2 aylar önce
It all seemed warm and fuzzy until Lindsey Graham showed up with Elizabeth Warren and that woke me up again 😳
@peterbedford2610 2 aylar önce
CA will probably subcontract the "facilities" where these people will be housed. Reagan shut down Agnew. Somewhere in the desert is my guess.
@user-ck9wg9wu6w 2 aylar önce
Keep Helping them 😎🥊🚛👍 Rock on with your Bad self 😎
@Falconryful 2 aylar önce
Ahhh I still remember insane asylums 😱 can’t believe we are going back to them. Billions will be made so just follow the money.
@WJWeber 2 aylar önce
What do you suggest instead? I’m glad we are at least doing something. Curious how it will turn out
@johnlamprecht7523 2 aylar önce
Care Court sounds good, if it's backed by everyone. Best bet is universal mental health services.
@shilokominarek1884 2 aylar önce
Care court is a start that said it needs to make sure family is involved.. A family needs to have the power to say yes this person needs this or no they don’t .. As far as fixing the homelessness that’s a financial problem.. When the economy and housing markets blew up that started the problem then the housing market big jumps made it a million times worse.. Lower middle class and poor need cities and towns to allow and push for the construction of cheaper homes like duplex’s housing that costs in the range of 125k to 160k in some areas and 65-100k in other area but instead we see new construction that’s 250k to 400k on average and that unaffordable especially at 7 percent + interest.. another way to help is to stop people from outside the USA from buying homes keep interest low for first time home buyers and those buying a home to live in , Curb investment companies from buying homes higher interest on 2nd 3rd etc homes because at this rate we will see more homelessness especially when the economy goes to hell in a hand basket
@fatemaalbalooshi1980 Aylar önce
Why is it that mental illness is always to blame for the problem of homelessness, although it should be addressed, but in the beginning of the report, it is mentioned that 1 in 4 of those homeless people are mentally ill. So it seems that the rest are homeless because of the number one problem in America: addiction to drugs which is much much bigger than mental illness. Also the problem of poverty, yes poverty in America, such as, losing jobs, single parenting, working 9 to 5 without glimpse of hope for rest or any future. Sad very sad ….
@postscript5549 2 aylar önce
I am not against Care Court. There are good reasons for it. I am just FED UP with Newsom's policies for years. He is REALLY LATE on dealing with this. All he has done is spend money without worrying about results.
@tomharper8351 2 aylar önce
Correct & his stereotypical liberal outrage should be directed inward.
@yukil7 2 aylar önce
“Ukrainians pay with their lives”😢
@scarlettjoehandsome6130 2 aylar önce
Massive mental care facilities would also provide employment and career opportunities for thousands.
@stephaniepiazzese2602 2 aylar önce
Sure. So they can get stressed out and fail again or mass shoot.
@scarlettjoehandsome6130 2 aylar önce
@@stephaniepiazzese2602 You're right, a homeless camp on your doorstep is the better solution.
@medusaproperties 2 aylar önce
Irony: When it's easier to put millionaire celebrity pop star Britney Spears into a court ordered conservatorship in California than a mentally ill, drug addicted homeless person passed out on a public sidewalk.
@serafinacosta7118 2 aylar önce
To the black mama on the first episode ….. Give your soon a set of second hand golf clubs , buy him some lessons , and take him to the local golf driving range. If he gets hooked , you will know he found himself a hitch. He will be spanking golf balls until his hands bleed ( don’t forget to get him a bunch of cabreta golf gloves and wrapping surgical tape. Now, here is the side effect. Golf is a thinking man sport. He will start to over think his game and technique to insane levels. Get him enrolled into the “ First Tee”. When he goes to the local Muni for a friendly match, make sure he only has enough money for refreshments , some bite, and cover two large baskets of golf balls. No extra money or the brothas will try to hustle him out of his pocket change if unsupervised on betting matches. There has been tales of duffers betting large sums on empty pockets. The feeling of hours of practice generate an exhilarating sensation , specially when he starts to hit balls clean on the screws. Never mind Tiger Woods. Lee Elder, Charles Sifford , Jim Thorpe ought to be his role models.
@wendywilson-fall3973 2 aylar önce
I don't think you. understand mental illness. Why would the person know what to do, and be amused by, the golf clubs or the game?
@user-sv9vm3xq4s Aylar önce
The other option for Ukraine is to stop all the military aid and let Putin get what he wanted, but there's next after Ukraine, that's for sure.
@shilokominarek1884 2 aylar önce
France helped us so did other countries when we were fighting for our own freedoms therefore helping Ukraine fight for its freedom is a good payback.. Also it’s not like we are writing them checks for all this money a lot of the so called money is in military equipment not new equipment but used equipment that we would have replaced with newer updated equipment anyways.. Also another great part of all this is Russia is running out of equipment having to ask two countries that want to do us harm and asking them for their equipment lowing the weapons they would have future wars .. This war is also making china 2nd guessing going into Taiwan.. Not to mention the Ukraine/Russia conflict is helping us learn more about what future wars will look like and what we will need to defend ourselves and allies. FYI I don’t hate the Russian people i don’t think anyone really hates the people I’m disappointed that more are not standing up against its government of who I do dislike ( The lies the B’s that the Russian government spews is crazy especially the talking points about how they want to nuke the USA Germany etc ( talking mostly about the state run news and the people talking on those “ news” channels
@stupendouslife8128 2 aylar önce
California has the largest homeless population and my State Florida is third, we are on the way to become the largest 👏👏👍👍
@Original_fat_cat 2 aylar önce
Take care of our own people first! We wont forget!
@jeffjenkins7979 Aylar önce
As for conservatorship, please give it a try. Newsom has done nothing for years concerning housing and crime. This is just a show as he makes his bid for the Presidency. His terrible record on crime, drugs and the homeless is horrible. But conservatorship can work. Hopefully Oregon, Washington State and Washington DC, all Democrat run cities can adopt this. There is a lot of mental illness in Detroit and Louisiana, this could work. As for walking his kids past encampments… B. S.
@postscript5549 2 aylar önce
Please ask your reporter on the sloth story to use adverbs to modify verbs. One should say the following: Why do they move so SLOWLY?
@FigaroHey 2 aylar önce
Next we can get Americans to learn the difference between 'bring' and 'take' and 'lie' and 'lay' though I personally hope for a mass movement to remove vocal fry from American women in my lifetime. Then there's the people who don't know how to spell 'definitely' and need to be taken out and... taught spelling.
@annmarie1569 Aylar önce
I think the black gal said it best when she said there needs to be more services offered rather than consequences.
@BeyondPC 2 aylar önce
Housing becomes affordable again when speculation on homes by investment firms is banned.
@marjorjorietillman856 2 aylar önce
That would definitely help!!
@smolville 2 aylar önce
The military broke him. The Odd Fellows and the Rebecka's used to help people like that. No one has the time anymore.
@lleon4692 2 aylar önce
Homeless everywhere and we are backing Ukraine to keep feeding the eternal obsesión with Rusia! Is something I will never understand!
@operator9858 2 aylar önce
@@markward3981 yep. fall of the soviet union was the worst thing to ever happen to america. no enemy to rally against, no unity. no purpose and its all been straight downhill since...
@markward3981 2 aylar önce
@@operator9858 They always find new scary monsters, ...then more war
@operator9858 2 aylar önce
@@markward3981 ya but trying to go to war against a religion i dont think had the desired outcome lol
@richardcarrillo805 2 aylar önce
Where's the accountability when they put this money like he says 22 billion into it but there's no accountability This appears or it goes in people's pockets every time it's ridiculous how corrupt the system is then get all this money and you don't see any difference at all Any and they say oh it's not enough It's not enough Sound of worse accountability missed money Where is it going why don't they open with it. I can tell you if they had transparency and had an accountability of where this money goes you would see nothing much of it goes to anything but the money disappears.
@postscript5549 2 aylar önce
Newsom has spent $17 BILLION (your number) this year and has these results? No THERE IS NOT plenty of money. Maybe he and Nancy should make a personal contribution.
@waltdill927 2 aylar önce
The "old school" model of mass incarceration and isolation of the seriously mentally ill is no more. And it never worked particularly well anyway. The idea that a semi-autonomous or "halfway house" model with supervised treatment is the classic "looks good on paper" approach, but adequate professional treatment, trained personnel, and the natural "profit" incentives of a largely privatized system detract generally from anything reliable or satisfactory. There is a huge gray area, a middle ground, between the old methods where the need is more than obvious, and the more enlightened system that too often allows those at least reasonably competent to take charge of their situation, or at least be guided and monitored in ongoing, progressive treatment. As a rule, states or communities that choose to see the "problem" in terms of the worst sort of case ignore what can or should be done with the more "moderate" population of cases, so that whatever follows the neglect of real, existential issues spirals inevitably out of control. More enlightened communities, seeing the need for real intervention and treatment, provide the middle-ground option, and work with what is available, California, politics aside, seems to be looking for a workable option that respects the need for action, while respecting the needs and frustrations of families who desire seriously to do something, almost anything, that makes a positive outcome more likely. There is no cheap way out. And that has always been the bigger part of the crisis. (Consider the costs of Social Security (SSI) payments that are also a part of the entire "mental health" issue, and the life-blood of most privatized options in treatment.) That's a lot of money -- often going down the drain and otherwise into the pockets of negligent "caregivers". Either way: A society can wish the whole thing away, and bring back the traditional Asylum of the State. But, believe me: You don't want to end up there.
@mellboy2805 2 aylar önce
We need all those money spent on Ukraine for Americans who are homeless hungry and in need of proper healthcare and affordable housing and food.
@markyuresko 2 aylar önce
In other words, governor Newsom says “ I broke it, you fix it”…
@ann3856 2 aylar önce
I think this does not happen in all other states.
@40HzCogitoErgoSum 2 aylar önce
23:09 Graham once again is lying, Ukraine has lost a lot of me between 18 to 35 year old men. So had Russia but the men now being trained I are all over 35. It is an existential threat, yes to America but most Americans don’t understand this they need to understand who Putin really is.
@junebaldwin6784 Aylar önce
What agreat idea from caring people please build homes for them
@akeleven 2 aylar önce
Say thank you to President ( and Governor) Ronald Reagan who decided the mentally ill could just live on the street. Not his problem. He had walls around his mansion. Newsom is just incarceration. Don't call him Democrat
@FigaroHey 2 aylar önce
Shake hands with me - we seem to be the only two people commenting here (at least as far as I've read) who remember that it was Proposition 13 in 1978 (which the people voted for) that let all the mentally ill out of state care in California if they were deemed non-violent. No thought was taken as to where those people would GO or who would manage their care or house them or feed them or make sure that they knew that someone's front step is not their bedroom and toilet... Short-term gain in 'balancing the budget' efforts, but a massive explosion in mentally checked-out homeless people. With California's climate, it is EASY for people to survive on the street, with a bit of cardboard or a blanket. Before Proposition 13, if a person was a 'vagrant' the person could be arrested and if found to be mentally ill, detained for psychiatric care - off the streets, anyway. The government repealed what had been an important part of keeping the streets clean and pleasant: keeping 'vagrants' - whether tramps, economically homeless people, or people with criminal intent OR the wandering mentally ill - off the streets and under someone's supervision OR released into the custody of someone who would house them one way or another. Most people commenting here seem to be too young to remember the days when there were NOT 'crazies' on the streets because there were laws against using the streets as a residence for any purpose or reason. One way or another, vagrants were NOT on the streets, whether it meant jail, mental health facilities, or released to the custody of relatives. So yes, we have to look at what worked in the past and try to find a way forward to get as many people off the streets as possible. If they are there for economic reasons (as they were in the Great Depression), then housing needs to be found and aid needs to be offered to feed those people until they can support themselves. And if they are mentally ill, they need to be put into care until/unless they can be released into competent custody of someone who will help them lead a stable - housed - life somewhere. I think Reagan's 'logic' was a kind of rosy Hollywood-style idealized image of his childhood America in which 'people will step up and take care of their own', and the people of California had a 'not my problem; I just want to keep more of my money' attitude. Lack of realism about society (Reagan) and lack of heart (Californians) and an American focus on voting with the wallet (pretty much everyone) created this problem.
@postscript5549 2 aylar önce
I am only at the beginning of the podcast. I am trying to listen to the extremely hypocritical Newsom. He contributed greatly to the problem, and NOW he is suddenly committed to a program? What has he done for the PAST YEARS?
@user-td3ef1ic3z 2 aylar önce
He acts like he's not got a problem in his hands daily! Minutes by years!
@mrp1924 2 aylar önce
Ukraine- the enemy of my enemy is my friend, also Gavin Newsom”s looking presidential.
@daveg9000 2 aylar önce
Glory to my friend 🇺🇦
@johnlamprecht7523 2 aylar önce
Could be a curse or a blessing. But help is needed
@johnhungerford6073 2 aylar önce
America is truly the “shining city on a hill”. What that means is the USA is “one step toward heaven”. The problem is there are a billion more steps to go. What that means is we are one step above the jungle. In the jungle the weak and inferior die as a matter of fact. The cost of not being “ a jungle” is very high. People either make a commitment to not being the equivalent to an “amoral hungry alligator” or not. Just remember when you “help” people, they almost always fight you all the way, good luck, live long and prosper…
@anatoliismikhula9501 2 aylar önce
If the USA did not support Ukraine, inflation in the USA would be much higher. Russia suspends its terrorist activities in the Middle East due to lack of weapons and resources and sells oil at cost.
@bustercheeks3070 2 aylar önce
Idk what you’re even thinking. We have hundreds of billions to a stalemate at best. If you just invested that into jobs and infrastructure then that would give people meaning.
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