2 years of 110+ y.o. farm renovation TIMELAPSE

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De Hoeve. No talk, just work

De Hoeve. No talk, just work

Yıl önce

Our 2-year long renovation squeezed into 1 hour. If you follow our progress on the main channel, then you might immediately recognise that this video is a compilation of 2 recap videos we posted there. Your likes and comments are very welcome! Please subscribe for more renovation timelapses. Enjoy watching!
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Inspiration - Megan Wofford
Come 2gether - Ooyy
Top Floor - Ballpoint
Rendezvous in D Minor - Trevor Kowalski
Muddy Waters - Gavin Luke
Virginia Highway - Tigerblood Jewel
Everlasting Ego - Lvly
Open Sea - Nylonwings
Don't Wanna Waste No Time - Ruzer
Uphill Aspiration - Trevor Kowalski
Cream - Cristophe Gorman
Them - Thip Trong
Disturbed Mind - Uygar Duzgun
Brutal Wishes - Damma Beatz
Haystack - BiddySullivan
For Some Time - Daniel Gunnarsson
Legato - Ever So Blue
I Don't Wanna Waste No Time - Ruzer
Lost Highway - Gabriel Lewis
Flounder - _91nova
Line of Work - Toby Tranter
While You Can (Instr. Version) - The Eastern Plain
Quite Storm - Lama House

@1MrMoor 9 aylar önce
Now, as an old man, with a lifetime of building restoration experiences from centuries old Manor House’s to small old farm cottages, I feel lost for words at what you have achieved and continue to achieve building your family home together. Anything I say can never fully compliment you both in the way you truly deserve. Your dedication, your work ethic, your tenacity, your determination. My admiration for you both is way beyond my abilities to convey to you in meaningful words. From one human to a very special pair of humans I wish to say that I am very proud of you, thank you. In a very rapidly changing world, one that at times I no longer recognise, you give me hope that hard work, along with all those other good human qualities that I mentioned earlier are still to be seen and found in this world’s younger generations. Don’t forget….. Be proud of all that you have achieved and you both continue to achieve.👍
@sharonlukey9763 8 aylar önce
And put so eloquently. I also enjoy your channel and I too am in awe of the level of renovation that you are carrying out . All your hard work will pay off as you will have created a magnificent family hone that will stand for another hundred years . I congratulate you both .
@user-ee9lo9cz7y 8 aylar önce
Счастья вам в вашем доме пусть радость живет в нем и слышится детский смех а вам здоровья вы молодцы такую работу делаете береги вас бог и пусть будет МИР
@rebruisinginart2419 8 aylar önce
one of the most wonderful comments I have read in my life
@pal54321 7 aylar önce
are you putting in solar panels?
@barasy5154 2 aylar önce
@tolykozin 11 aylar önce
that cat is a real supervisor, making sure the work gets done correctly, what a hard job he has
@iefarrington5473 11 aylar önce
Yes please, would be great to see your progress. Thank you...🌞
@jonlowing7907 11 aylar önce
Yep, definitely. So my money's on 'she'!!
@VampFaye 10 aylar önce
Supurrvisor. FTFY!
@federicofromvenice8205 10 aylar önce
@ tolykozin , surely! well said! 😅
@antoniodejesusviveiros528 10 aylar önce
As a bricklayer I can assure you that there is no work more thankless, hard and dirty than restoring an old house, but it is still interesting and pleasant when by chance, you come across historical objects of all kinds, old photos, coins, knives or firearms almost as old as the house itself. But in spite of all the dust, cobwebs and all kinds of junk, the final result of the work is always a source of pride and satisfaction and you end up liking to go on restoring instead of building a new house.
@ruthiewilliams3482 2 aylar önce
To uncover that beautiful brick entrance was wonderful!!!!
@detoxer6891 29 gün önce
English chain-link masonry and the house has been standing for hundreds of years
@luvinggod3 8 gün önce
I enjoyed your video! I love the history in old houses and admire your determination to do this mountain of work! Although it’s refreshing to watch just your work I really would have liked a few short sentences of explanation about what’s going on with the room your in, the damage and your plan then to watch it unfold! I’m guessing maybe language would be an issue?? Also where are you living? What kind of farming are you doing and what vision do you have for that part? I’ll be watching, and thanks for sharing this,
@ellebelle8515 11 aylar önce
I have watched a lot of restoration and renovation videos with many enormous building challenges. But, I have never seen a couple work harder than the two of you, all the while you are continuing with your full-time jobs and raising a young family. You are amazing.
@thetobyg 11 aylar önce
They are also quite speedy workers!
@user-us4it2jm7u 11 aylar önce
😱 no way... I thought thats their full-time job... wow...really impresive...👏👏👏
@anuska316 10 aylar önce
and I might add, all these hard work is admirable but the cat steals the attention. such a lovely creature.
@dianaford6738 10 aylar önce
@thetobyg 10 aylar önce
@@anuska316 Cat is hot af! 😍
@user-jq5kc3uj8i 11 aylar önce
Труд титанический, но под руководством кота вы справились! Дай бог вам счастливой и удачной жизни, руки у вас золотые!
@MsValentino2 9 aylar önce
Наняли бы 100 гастарбайтеров, чтобы они им за неделю весь дом до фундамента разобрали по кирпичику. Всё бы разровняли и нормально бы ещё за две недели обратно сложили. Это всё равно оказалось бы дешевле, чем столько времени терять и столько переделывать.
@kruch-kruch 8 aylar önce
​@@MsValentino2 так весть интерес же в том чтобы сделать самим
@Leonid_01 8 aylar önce
@@MsValentino2 Я думаю тут вопрос еще и в финансах. Одно дело энную сумму гастерам за неделю отдать, другое дело это растянуть на 2 года, да еще и на много дешевле.
@MsValentino2 8 aylar önce
@@Leonid_01 Да это тоже самое, что взять кредит. Думаешь что на годы растянуть мелкие платежи выгоднее, а в итоге переплачиваешь в десятки раз больше.
@user-mj7mr2ow9v 8 aylar önce
​@@MsValentino2 кредит выплачивать нет удовольствия, а востанавливать дом своими руками это отдельный вид развлечения )))) кто-то лежит дома смотрит футбол и тратит свое время, а кто-то восстанавливает старый дом.
@archangel6415 11 aylar önce
Outstanding effort! I’m in the carpentry trade, do all the things you’ve done, I know what it takes to do this manual work. But I have to say what impressed me thee most….the love you two have shown each other! The way you worked together through all that dirty tedious cleaning floors and walls, ceilings brick cleaning. Just incredible effort. Well done!
@russellmorgan5611 11 aylar önce
As an older guy, above all, I envy your stamina, and I hope this new home brings your family all the happiness you've worked so hard for. Good luck in the new year.
@janesmith9024 11 aylar önce
The words of one of the lovely songs in English was about the energy of younger people...
@denisegamey353 11 aylar önce
A bed and breakfast, it's beautiful and will be even more so loved by you two!
@twitchbiddy6880 10 aylar önce
Pity you didn’t use a pressure hose to get rid of some of the muck on the cobblestones,might have save you some effort. All your efforts are impressive.Well done!!
@garykirk9888 4 aylar önce
What you’ve accomplished together as a family is memories that you’ll cherish the rest of yours together!!!
@ink3539 11 aylar önce
Not only are your skills in renovation amazing, but your filmmaking skills ARE GREAT ! Those longer sequences with the butterfly, the coffee, the sky.. And your cat !
@dzee7936 7 aylar önce
Great point. Can you imagine putting in long days doing this work, and setting cameras, the when you're exhausted, editing video? Sure, sitting down is a relief, but that's still more time away from relaxing and tending to sore muscles and back. Then again, reviewing the video shows you just how much you can accomplish.
@user-ls9lw9pg6s 11 aylar önce
Хорошую работу сделали, молодцы ребята, дай вам всего хорошего в жизни.👍👍👍👍👍
@judystark72 4 aylar önce
You guys did a great job and put in a tremendous amount of work. You have something you can really be proud of.
@suzannestubbins Yıl önce
The amount of work you've both have done, in two years, is staggering! Both of you are the most hardest working people I have ever watched. My favorite, re-doing the roof, add skylights and insulation, essentially saved the house. Take pride in the accomplishment of 2 years of hard work. Well done!!! Merry Christmas to you, your family and Ukraine❤ Take care and get some much needed rest over the holidays. 🎄🤶🌲🇺🇦 🇧🇪
@linshannon4480 11 aylar önce
So much respect for this huge project you've taken on. You've accomplished so much already. I look forward to,following your journey into this next year.
@pad1258 11 aylar önce
When I watch videos such this I can only appreciate how much hard work and commitment is invested in bringing the house back to its original structural beauty. I always imagine that old houses and old furnitures breathe a sigh of relief when they are renovated and they are grateful. I will continue watching your improvements and wish you all the best this new year.
@tedblack2288 11 aylar önce
This is more like a complete rebuild rather than a renovation. The amount of work is staggering, but even more impressive is that it was done by (apparently) just two people, plus a little help from two kids, the ReadyMIX dudes and the ladder climbing cat. The diverse skills needed were extensive (concrete, masonry, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, roofing, glazing, landscaping, welding, painting, tiling, and whatever else I left out). Except for the baby tractor and a few power tools, the work was done by hand. It was a complete tour de force of the construction trades. Further, the work is almost professional grade. Well done!
@libbysimpson9127 10 aylar önce
They work like I do. I love physical labor and renovation!
@poohbear4130 Yıl önce
What a great team you two make, I’m sure you thought there’s no end with repairs but it’s the journey that makes the memories for a life time!
@DeHoeveNoTalkJustWork Yıl önce
We try to see it this way as well :-) As a hobby and a journey. With such a big project, the end of the repairs and works is not feaseble.
@patcardiff2563 11 aylar önce
You were a pair of very brave monkies who has no fear of Danger whatsoever wow your just fantastic
@dzee7936 11 aylar önce
I spent my entire youth and then some renovating and flipping houses my parents bought and sold. We did everything from basements to belfries, cabinetry to carpeting, demolition to downspouts, drywall, plumbing, electric, masonry, and concrete. That was long ago and I feel worn out just watching some of the back-breaking work you're doing. I can't wait to see where you go next and to see you relaxing and enjoying all this work.
@lesleyevans4583 11 aylar önce
I'm in awe of you two. The determination, the spirit, to keep going, day after day. I take a bow for you. You even had time to build an insect house for your daughter. Now that's love and dedication. What a family you are. I hope it will be your forever home, since you have work tirelessly for all these years. Well done to you both. I have never enjoyed a restoration as much as I have this one. Wonderful xxxxxxx
@DanielOwen-ms4jg Aylar önce
Hey Lesley 🌹 How are you doing..?
@arthurford829 2 aylar önce
This is the ultimate test of any relationship. If you can survive this you can survive anything. And you two made it look fun!
@rachellejanssen2655 10 aylar önce
Been renovating as well for almost a year now (only Fridays and Saturdays). The amount of rubble was insane. Can't imagine how it must have felt to finally reach that tipping point where you started to fix stuff instead of demolish stuff!
@user-be6he7nf6t 11 aylar önce
Нет слов что б выразить своё восхищение Вашим умелым ручкам и упорству👍👍👍🤝😺
@dryroasted5599 11 aylar önce
Loved watching your cat climb ladders! She is a very smart kitty. And of course you are both amazing. You must be master masons by now.
@fredyflores8034 5 aylar önce
@fredyflores8034 5 aylar önce
@GL-no9bb 10 aylar önce
Wow this is amazing, the amount of hard work that you both put in alone is staggering, it almost had to feel overwhelming at times. But you took the time to do everything right. Totally admire you for what you have done with this place. It is absolutely stunning!
@danielertl 3 aylar önce
You two are extraordinary! So much hard, dirty and sometimes dangerous work over 2 years. I would probably have despaired at some point and would have given up. You have my respect! Greetings from Bavaria, Germany.
@jeffpurtell5676 11 aylar önce
It's amazing to see that the entire area in front of the house was paved with brick or cobble. Sorting this out made a huge difference in the appearance of the exterior. Great work.
@martinshephard6317 4 aylar önce
I once read an article about a farmer who cleared an area that was behind an old milking parlour, it was covered with 2 ft of compressed cow crap built up over several decades he thought. It was hard as concrete but when they got rid of it they discovered a huge flagstone yard that dated back a couple of hundred years!
@franzstadelmann5915 11 aylar önce
da kann man nur sagen : Hut ab ,Ihr Zwei. Eine tolle Leistung habt Ihr da erbracht. Und dazu noch äusserst fachmänisch gearbeitet.Alles gute für die Zukunft ! 🧳🕛🕧🕐🕜🕑🕝🕒🕞🕓🕟🕔🕠🎆🎇
@YesItsMeGuys68 11 aylar önce
A stunning amount of work ( done correctly ) you must feel such a sense of accomplishment . you basically have a newly built , antique farm house now .... can't wait to see what comes next !
@kathyrogers1703 Yıl önce
I think my favorite part was the uncovering of all the cobble stones in front of the house. It is so sad that it has grown over again. 😢
@daydreambeliever6603 Yıl önce
It might not stay that way when they are finished?
@DeHoeveNoTalkJustWork Yıl önce
We will keep the cobblestones and we will clean them again, we just had no time this year. But once we move in, we will have much more time and more evenings to bring more order to the house and surroundings.
@kathyrogers1703 Yıl önce
@@DeHoeveNoTalkJustWork Yes, you have been very busy!
@noeraldinkabam Yıl önce
@@DeHoeveNoTalkJustWorkpriorities! Those kinderkopjes will still be there when you all are ready.
@OOpSjm 11 aylar önce
@@DeHoeveNoTalkJustWork Hit them with "Total Kill" while growing to kill everything down to the root system. Do this 2 maybe 3 times before maybe doing a water jet cleaning and resetting with new paver sand.
@user-jq1zk9zp3b 10 aylar önce
Спасибо вам за ваш самоотверженный труд! Удачи вам и не болейте! 🙃🙂😊
@barnf192 2 aylar önce
Your dedication and energy to renovate this structure is truly inspiring.
@user-do6tu2ce6w 8 aylar önce
Да уж... Работу сделали коллосальную!👆🏼👍🏻
@brycecrousore1985 11 aylar önce
Stunning; unbelievable; dedication; intestinal fortitude ... not enough ways to describe this memory-making journey! Been with you from the beginning. From -13F with 40mph winds Minnesota, happy holidays!
@chiefpace 9 aylar önce
Stumbled across this at 11 PM and it was totally worth staying up for. I am both amazed and jealous of these two.
@eleanorlamont7375 11 aylar önce
I am simply wonderstruck by your hard work and vision! Alas the cat is the star of the show!!!! Love this!!!!
@mswsamrazik Yıl önce
So much work done within the past two years... But I am always moved by the way you look at each other and smile 🥰
@DeHoeveNoTalkJustWork Yıl önce
Thank you very much ❤
@ljstreight278 11 aylar önce
@user-bs1rq6wf3o 22 gün önce
Я очень впечатлен вашей работой. Это колоссальный труд. Вы почти всё сделали вдвоём. Очень интересно было за вами наблюдать, как день за днём, шаг за шагом, вы идёте к своей цели. Желаю вам удачи во всех ваших начинаниях и крепкого здоровья , а так же большой любви. P.S. С меня лайк и подписка. Всем привет из России. Когда будет продолжение?
@Zt3v3 11 aylar önce
I love seeing a family work hard on a project together. Your kids are really blessed.
@peebee143 11 aylar önce
Thank you for taking us on the journey. It is the sort of thing that I would have loved to have been part of back when I was younger, but it's way too late in the day for me now. I have relatable skills but am more used to working with nuts, bolts and metal components in my rebuilds.
@LanguagePolice-us6vw 8 aylar önce
It is very nice to say " Thank you "
@margonogachevskaya6370 11 aylar önce
Грандиозная работа, вы большие молодцы.
@Zarber_ 3 aylar önce
Вериколепный проект, на который потребовалось много сил, усердия, а главное желания. Ведь делали для себя. Ребята молодцы. Успехов Вам. Даже немного завидую😊. By Russia
@mariaarmindadiasgomessilva7735 11 aylar önce
I love people restoring old houses into a piece of heavenly paradise. It's so positive. Keep doing it.
@andromache7851 11 aylar önce
I can't believe all of your hard two year old work can fit in an hour long video on TRshow. I really admire how you did everything by yourself. Must be such a great experience to build your own home.
@GabbyMcGabberson 10 aylar önce
Very inspiring! We‘re working on a farmhouse build in 1802 and it’s often heartbreaking and mostly backbreaking. You doing it with a smile and a cup of coffee in the sunrise. Thank you!
@jamesgiven8979 9 aylar önce
@jamesgiven8979 9 aylar önce
@jamesgiven8979 9 aylar önce
@jamesgiven8979 9 aylar önce
@janmitchell641 10 aylar önce
It is soooo refreshing to see both parts of the couple actively doing the physical labour! Beautiful work by the way!
@helenromanelli2544 11 aylar önce
That cat is just adorable. Such hard work you all did...just amazing the transformation you brought about in that old, crumbling group of structures!
@Yutani_Crayven 4 aylar önce
15:45 15:51 :D
@gittanrudvall7697 3 aylar önce
In what country did you build the house ?😊
@grinningCat531 11 aylar önce
This looks alot like Belgium to me :)! We renovate an old hotel in the far east of Belgium at the moment. I know how exausting those works over several month or even years can be. Great accomplishment you guys did there and alot of courage and motivation is needed. Great work i hope you live a long happy life i your farm/house :)
@marydanhayes7404 Yıl önce
You two are amazing. I’ve never seen two people work as hard as you do. And I love the cat❤️
@ellalebid7480 10 aylar önce
Восхищаюсь вами !! Вот это настоящая семья.
@joanthomas6337 11 aylar önce
Not just a renovation, more a complete rebuild. Dedication.
@villmaks9952 9 aylar önce
Титанический труд, спасибо за видео, счастья в обновленном доме.
@user-qq6te9ju7d 11 aylar önce
Только таким я представляю дом мечты-мощным,как крепость,но уютным.И среди природы.
@wallywoman1950 10 aylar önce
The work ethic. The results. The video editing. Amazing - all of it!👏🏼
@peggyhelblingsgardenwhatyo7920 Yıl önce
I can't believe I've been watching you for 2 years. I think I was one of your first 100 subscribers. I love how your channel has grown. And I truly believe that in one more year you will be able to move in🙏 Merry Christmas 🎅 🎄 🤶
@DeHoeveNoTalkJustWork Yıl önce
Thank you, Peggy ❤ Such a pleasure to have you here as our guest! I wish you to reach the 1k mark this year.
@DeHoeveNoTalkJustWork Yıl önce
@@phyllisburrell8661 Thank you for staying with us so long, Phyllis! Happy holidays!
@mochimochi82 11 aylar önce
I’m so impressed by how thorough you are with every repair and rebuild task you do, big and small. This house will still be standing 100+ years from now.
@lowesonia8551 10 aylar önce
As ever, hard work seemingly endless. Huge house to restore by two people.Loved all interaction with nature, even bug house; charming family. Will be a Beautiful home you will love because of your work. You have made it your Own.
@user-os2pn6oe5x 8 aylar önce
Огромная работа проделана!😮 Я в восхищении! Трудились, как муравьи!
@cynthiageiser-reed1514 11 aylar önce
Oh my gosh! You two are AMAZING, WOW. I have enjoyed watching everything you both have accomplished! It was just unreal all that you had accomplished in two years. I sure am looking forward to the next video. I think my favorite part was uncovering the Belgian blocks. Oh that was great. Congratulations on all you have done and a very Happy New Year
@user-ww3fg3oc2s 8 aylar önce
Посмотрел от начала до конца. Потрясающая работа.
@user-kb3qj1dm3s 5 aylar önce
Место, дом просто мечта. Как вам повезло. А вы трудяжки, все у вас получится. Удачи вам и здоровья.
@sertakisss Yıl önce
Молодцы ребята! Сил вам и успеха! 😘
@deaconfrost4100 6 aylar önce
Ok definitely mad skills for the acrobat farm cat...the ladder climbing definitely had me doing double takes and laughing 😂
@gerritpaulusma9971 16 gün önce
Respect voor die twee mensen die al dit werk gedaan hebben en de kinderen niet vergeten ook zij hebben hun steentje bij gedragen
@Artjom258 11 aylar önce
Молодцы.Такой объем работы проделали своими руками! Очень интересно, во что превратится ваш дом, спустя время.Подписка и лайк. Больших, вам,успехов!Латвия.
@user-rv6wp7cl8i 9 aylar önce
Видео о том, как люди строят шикарный дом коту. Респект и пожелания сил и удачи.
@joeandersen9038 3 aylar önce
I can´t remember when i saw a house being build with all walls made of brick, a house like that can last more than a 1000 years with some love and care. Europe have a fantastic history and so many beautiful buildings. It´s a joy to watch you bring the buildings into the future.
@rosisuperti6416 6 aylar önce
É muito satisfatório vê-los trabalhando tanto e com tanto carinho pela casa e pela família. Certamente o gatinho é quem mais se diverte fiscalizando tudo. Parabéns! Ansiosa por mais vídeos. Kisses from Brasil.
@maartenbos8346 11 aylar önce
Great progress. Great editing. You can be immensely proud. I am sure I don't even begin to know how hard it was and still is. I hope your kids can appreciate this.
@crimsonred7517 9 aylar önce
This house definitely deserved a family like yours.
@michaelwinn8324 Aylar önce
I have watched all your weekly presentations and love them, and the year summary videos are good too. (That's how I first was introduced to your work.) Question: Will you produce a "3 years of 110+ farm renovation TIMELAPSE" sometime toward the end of this year? I hope so. Those time-lapse videos are the best for introducing you to my family and friends.
@lottiejay8184 11 aylar önce
I am totally loving this transformation process. What a beautiful house and location. 😊
@julias-shed 11 aylar önce
Gosh you have worked hard 😀 good to see the feline supervisor keeping a watchful eye on things 🤣
@ahomeinpisgahontheroad4481 Yıl önce
So glad you have this montage to show your grandchildren and family all you went through❤❤❤❤🎉
@riesennik1 8 aylar önce
I know what it is to renovate from scratch. Me and my 3 sons doing this as well at the moment (we also have a job and sons are studying), but not that huge as you both are doing. So deep respect for you both❤️
@arnagoddard7798 11 aylar önce
I admire all of the love and hard work you guys devoted to this and each other. Hope you enjoy it all when done. You should be so proud. Blessings.
@martinalenz5029 10 aylar önce
This is incredible. The whole yard is already plastered. Big surprise. I love what you' re doing.
@eridulife 9 aylar önce
We started to follow projects like this about abandoned farm restorations over two year ago. We were so inspired by these kind of content that we decided to start our own abandoned farm restoration project. In September 2022 we bought a piece of land in Spain that has a beautiful stone house “in bad condition” that will be restored later this year 2023. We started to share our journey in the hope to inspire others, as we were inspired. We are very grateful for you guys for sharing your journey with us. Thank you
@WytoArtandCustom 11 aylar önce
Очень нравятся старые дома, арки над окнами и кирпичная кладка выглядят очень красиво, любой кто занимался строительством, понимает насколько это огромный труд!
@Viktor_Sedov Aylar önce
Да, красиво. Но не энергоэффективно с сегодняшним ценами на энергоносители. Также мне нравятся старые дома.
@WytoArtandCustom Aylar önce
@@Viktor_Sedov Тепло в основном через крышу и окна уходит, если стеклопакеты современные и крыша утеплена, не особо важно кирпичная стена или деревянная, или какая либо ещё)
@Viktor_Sedov Aylar önce
@@WytoArtandCustom ну да, а интересно зачем в Швеции вводят ограничения на т5плопроводность конструкций. И постоянно ужесточают требования. Раньше проходили дома с 90мм изоляции, сейчас около 250, а то и толще делают. Кровля Раньше лет 15 назад делали по 300мм, сейчас около 600. Вы себе не представляете разницу в оплате за отопление между старым домом и новым. Поэтому так и рассуждаете. Или думаете что на западе всё так сладко и гладко? Могу привести примеры по платежам в сезон отопления для сравнения. Старый дом и новый. Примерно одинаковые по площади. И назвать зарплаты средние чтобы было понятно что останется на покушать. Может тогда немного пройдёт понимание о чём я говорю.
@WytoArtandCustom Aylar önce
@@Viktor_Sedov Я лишь говорю что разница не столь значительна, то что не все могут ее себе позволить это уже другой вопрос. Понятное дело что в Швеции, где энергоносители очень дорогие есть смысл утеплять дом серьезно. Не очень честно говоря хочу сравнивать теплое с мягким.
@Viktor_Sedov Aylar önce
@@WytoArtandCustom ну так похоже что видео под которым мы пишем комментарии это вроде Англия. Я не думаю что там дешёвые энергоносители. Хотя зима намного мягче Скандинавии. Поэтому я и говорю что если бы была возможность, я построил бы дом по новым технологиям. Хотя мне нравятся дома в старом стиле. Но они очень холодные. Я занимался не раз реставрацией старых зданий в Швеции. Как ни странно они иногда стоят дороже чем новый дом. Квартира к примеру около 60 квадратных метров в старом доме стоила почти столько же как новый дом 120м2 с современным тепловым насосом земля-вода, с рекуперационной отдельной вентиляцией, участок около 9 соток. Для меня это абсурд.
@amberjade528 11 aylar önce
You guys are amazing! I can’t imagine doing all that work, just thinking about it makes my back hurt 😂
@user-hi6xs2kh6w 11 aylar önce
Молодцы! Очень большая сделана работа. Получается красиво и надежно
@stunnedatsunset7649 11 aylar önce
Wow! An EPIC rennovation! Mountains of hardwork and everything done correctly in every detail from the foundation to the peak of the roof! These two are the most courageious people I've ever seen! OUTSTANDING! ❤❤❤❤❤
@libbysimpson9127 10 aylar önce
Wish I had a partner who shared my passion for renovations. You guys are blessed to have a great work ethic and team work
@liovesmountains123 11 aylar önce
Thank you for making this video!!! I’m all caught up on all you guys have done!! Two hardest working people who love each other! And the cat!😍 love everything about these videos!
@donnamullins2089 Yıl önce
I kept saying to myself, I remember when they did that! How much you two have accomplished. Thanks for the recap. Beautiful. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 2023
@johnmccallum9542 11 aylar önce
@samo3093 5 aylar önce
Heavens this is unbelievable as a couple both of you pulled this off . Hats off to both of you and your amazing family . This is what we say “ Labor of Love “
@deanne609 11 aylar önce
So much work. Bravo to you! I don’t know if I saw this place that I would have seen the potential you see. I commend you for taking on this huge challenge. Can’t wait to see it all finished now. You now have a new subscriber.
@edmundhew 11 aylar önce
Enjoy watching the massive restoration, the impressive is seeing both of you still with the greatest smiles after all the hard work!
@debradevine3949 10 aylar önce
Unbelievable, incredible, amazing, holy cow what beautiful work on this home. I can't believe it has been two years already. I remember when you first discovered the cobblestone driveway in the front of the house. You two have quite the skills and wonderful to see this home restored, loved and care for. Enjoyed the kitty too.
@georgekorth6443 7 aylar önce
You should get an award for all the work and restoration and saving all that material. it's amazing how much work you did. God bless you for saving the old-world charm.❤🎉
@barbarafonk1148 Yıl önce
I’ve been watching your progress for the last two years and you have worked sooooooo hard! I can’t wait to see the final home built and you living in it. It will be amazing!
@nisinisi4627 25 gün önce
The "no talk" drew me to this amazing renovation, Thanks guys!
@marekmarczak2999 6 aylar önce
Wielki szacunek i podziw za ogrom pracy, życzę wytrwałości i siły .Warszawa Polska. Great respect and admiration for the enormity of work, I wish you perseverance and strength
@alginest 8 aylar önce
Brazil oferece parabens ao casal.
@simonschopman5461 5 aylar önce
Loved the video, thanks so very much for sharing that life experience. Also loved your cat. Name, Gender, Age? My cat Miss Kitty (10) is very much a construction cat. Loves to explore the newness of every day reno life. Helped a friend flip a house for 2 years, can't imagine restoring a whole farmstead. Again, thanks for sharing!
@user-aaa2ix1nk1d 10 aylar önce
Восхищаюсь Вашим желанием сохранить дом в первозданном виде. Хорошо когда есть помощники и кот, которые всегда принимают участие в восстановлении дома.
@user-vr2rk9bq4p 10 aylar önce
Это Андрей Скороход! похож ведь? 😂
@TheEGA4421 Yıl önce
Two years have flown! You have accomplished so much. I am so proud of you Illia, Marina, kids and other family members. Your home will be spectacular when finished! 😊
@user-qh8lc5rx9l 10 aylar önce
Огромная работа ..молодцы..
@borovtsovable 6 aylar önce
Молодцы! Успехов в этом нелёгком деле. Ждём продолжения.
@bryangrimshaw5607 9 aylar önce
Love it. reminds me of what we did 35 years ago in 3 of the houses we consecutively owned in the UK. but i do regret the endless time and money we spent that we could have spent on family etc. we had full time jobs, twins a few months old and very little money. the first house took 20 years the 2nd 6. we learned a lot, made mistakes but now we are reaping the reward but i am now 62 years old.
@PressHBCA 5 aylar önce
This was better than watching a movie on TV! Thank you for sharing this wonderful journey with us. I just can’t wait to see the end result. Congratulations you were both an inspiration.❤❤❤❤❤
@sallykirby4907 11 aylar önce
I appreciate how hard you two have worked. The cat is an amazing project manager! 😍 That is a beautiful farmhouse and I can't wait to see the house when you are finished!
@vitaliyrus4048 Yıl önce
Молодцы! Столько труда, а сколько ещё впереди) Но уверен что результат будет отличным!
@rinskegemen3678 10 aylar önce
Wow! Just wow!
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