Red Velvet 레드벨벳 'Psycho' Lisa Rhee Dance Tutorial

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Red Velvet 레드벨벳 'Psycho'』
COVERED: Everyone Mixed
#RedVelvet #Psycho #레드벨벳
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imlisarhee 9 aylar önce
Hope this dance tutorial helps!! Check out my full dance cover if you haven't already ^^ Connect with me on: 💜Instagram: 💙Twitter:
life 2 aylar önce
It doesnt
Jamie 17
Jamie 17 3 aylar önce
You look like Joy in your profile😍
Cista Dwayu 072
Cista Dwayu 072 7 aylar önce
Could you make Hands Up CherryBullet dance practice too? Or maybe Good Guy SF9?
soph &
soph & 7 aylar önce
Dear Lisa!! I love your tutorials so much!! Thank you for covering PsychoooOooo~ i would be so excited to see a LOONA dance tutorial (maybe So What?) in the future too!! Thank you again for your time and effort 💛💛 stay healthy and happy loveee!!
cyipatrash 8 aylar önce
it really does! thank u lisaa❤️❤️
mabel 4 saatler önce
K A N C H A N Gün önce
Ok i did slow part perfectly but when i tried to do in normal music my hand and legs got stuck😭😭
Angon Katwang99
Angon Katwang99 6 gün önce
I'm literally a stick when it comes to dancing
Pei & Zan Official
Pei & Zan Official 11 gün önce
Lisa rhee you are a good dance cover for mee
army and blinks
army and blinks 12 gün önce
hey,lisa u must be practicing the love sick girls [[learning] right i am waiting for you yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (●'◡'●)(●'◡'●)(●'◡'●)(●'◡'●)(●'◡'●)
army and blinks
army and blinks 12 gün önce
i am learning it in 5 am coz i can't wait i really can't ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i am sweating but i will not give up thank u for the tutorial i don't take break untill i finished round 7
Sana Rostami
Sana Rostami 15 gün önce
I wanna learn that 😍 😍 😍
Sana Rostami
Sana Rostami 15 gün önce
I wanna learn that 😍😍😍😍
Fitriatun Duwi karyani
Fitriatun Duwi karyani 15 gün önce
What you like dancing
MJ G 21 gün önce
Just slow motion of the dance, doesn't really help for starter 😢
Rey Official
Rey Official 25 gün önce
It so hard but i try it! For any people who try dancing this dance, spirit! You can be like lisa uwuu if i done to dancing this i uploud on this channel so subscribe please :>
Euvil Ideal
Euvil Ideal 25 gün önce
Can you do a tutorial of INTO THE I LAND😍
Denise Victorino
Denise Victorino 26 gün önce
I look like a worm trying to follow the dance. I CAN’T I really have no future in dancing HAHAHAHA
Kim Taehyung
Kim Taehyung 27 gün önce
Gloria Ndanu
Gloria Ndanu 29 gün önce
This is harder than peekaboo 😢😭😭
Cheska Joyce
Cheska Joyce 29 gün önce
jaemin's coffee
jaemin's coffee Aylar önce
Zeto Sam
Zeto Sam Aylar önce
Maria Letícia Valente Gomes
Maria Letícia Valente Gomes Aylar önce
Pq vc não é uma k idol????
Rachelle Omikeg Ngade
Rachelle Omikeg Ngade Aylar önce
thank you i love this choreo so much
Gianne faith Calumbiran
Gianne faith Calumbiran Aylar önce
Chocoliix _
Chocoliix _ Aylar önce
You save my life thank you 👌❤❤❤
BosHa Aylar önce
Hi ReveLuv, i’ve just uploaded a cover of psycho could u please give it a try and support me?🥺💗 and finally Wendy is back 😍
Mary-Ann Dugbartey
Mary-Ann Dugbartey Aylar önce
I think I think she has a lot of talent to be able to do this cause it's not easy..... .at all
Sodzulhou Koza
Sodzulhou Koza Aylar önce
Your dance tutorial has helped me a lot I can understand only yours. And I am hoping you can make a tutorial of the dynamite (BTS) fast please. Lot's of love from India ( Nagaland) and love your dance. 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
Lee Taeyong
Lee Taeyong 2 aylar önce
Me rindo 👁💧👄💧👁👌
bln cres
bln cres 2 aylar önce
Still at part 6.
佛依然 2 aylar önce
3:00 yay finally I can dance this leg part 🤗☺️ after 7 months
Superna 2 aylar önce
Omg you make it look sooooooo eaassyyyyyy😫♥️♥️♥️ new subscriber here.
Tàeñniè førevér
Tàeñniè førevér 2 aylar önce
Omggggg I finally did it- thanks unnie ;)
Earl Tolentino
Earl Tolentino 2 aylar önce
Cathy Meow *ೃ༄
Cathy Meow *ೃ༄ 2 aylar önce
La parte 3 es demasiado rápida!!!! 😂😂 No he podido!!!
gi- gi-
gi- gi- 2 aylar önce
gurt 2 aylar önce
My legs literally look like a stiff squid during the chorus
sa mi
sa mi 2 aylar önce
Mena Mahmoud
Mena Mahmoud 2 aylar önce
2:04 best part
Krisha Oriente
Krisha Oriente 2 aylar önce
Because of you am perfect dance thank you so much
Jalapenoasiaa 3 aylar önce
zoeylle 3 aylar önce
Me dancing out of tune at 4am: Parents waking up after sensing smth bad's gon' happen: " is she sleep walking??! "
Mamta Priya
Mamta Priya 3 aylar önce
うみ、 3 aylar önce
اذا تتكلم عن كوك ولله بذبحك اوكي يا نشبة
اذا تتكلم عن كوك ولله بذبحك اوكي يا نشبة 3 aylar önce
9:22 your smile so beautiful❤️❣️💝🥰I love you❣️❤️احبك ليسا❤️❣️LISA💝
Joyceline 's
Joyceline 's 3 aylar önce
how to do those feet in the chorus beuh i cant-
anak kpop
anak kpop 3 aylar önce
Mana yu yang kesini gara gara challenge sm 🤣
kurumi tokisaki
kurumi tokisaki 3 aylar önce
Deus pq é tão complicado
Lanaxed 3 aylar önce
I'm attempting to learn this for the weekly challenge...
desy ree
desy ree 3 aylar önce
same lolll
Lara Sophia Ysobelle
Lara Sophia Ysobelle 3 aylar önce
because of every lisa rhee's kpop dance tutorials.. it taught me how to learn for fun. her strategy of teaching the dance is so understandable and clear. i stan
21 Drops
21 Drops 3 aylar önce
Shiena Lovedorial
Shiena Lovedorial 3 aylar önce
I came here to learn this part 2:45 & 3:30
Em Em
Em Em 3 aylar önce
This is a hardest hand dance evurr
J Marie
J Marie 3 aylar önce
It's been six months and I am still trying learn this dance.
ykhei ༄༄
ykhei ༄༄ 3 aylar önce
it's so hard 😭 but ill try harder
b l u e x m i n
b l u e x m i n 3 aylar önce
Tbh this choreography so hard😑
Fatima Flores
Fatima Flores 3 aylar önce
다음과 같은 안무를 할 수 있습니까? BTS-ON, GoGo, DNA, Boy with luv, IDOL. TXT-Crown, Blue Orange, Run Away, Drama. Stray Kids-Awkward Silence, Miroh, My pace, Get Cool, Levanter, Double knot, God's Menu. Ateez-Answer, Wonderland, Wave, Horizon,Dancing like butterfly wings, Promise, From, Win. The Boyz-Bloom Bloom, D.D.D, No Air. NCT Dream-Boom, Riding, We go up, We young. Twice-Fancy, Yes or yes, Feel Special, TT, Dance the night away, what is love, signal, Heart Shaker, Likey. ITZY-Dalla dalla, Icy, Want it, IT'z Summer. AB6IX-Breathe, Blind For Love. CIX- Numb, Movie Star. Black Pink-Forever Young, Kill This Love, DUU-DU DUU-DU, Boombayah, As if it's your last, Playing with fire, Whistle. NCT 127-Kick it, Superhuman, Punch, Simon says, Cherry Bomb. Treasure- Going Crazy. MCND-Spring, Ice Age. Got7- Poison, Not by the moon, You calling my name, Lullaby, Just Right, Eclipse, Never Ever, Look. Pentagon-Shine, Humph, Naughty boy, Runaway, Shalala, Happiness. Cherry Bullet-Q&A, Really Really, Hands Up, Ping Pong. Me gusta Copiar Anular envío WekiMeki-OOPSY, Dazzle Dazzle. EVERGLOW- Adios, Bon Bon Chocolat, Salute, Dun Dun, You don't know me. Rocket Punch- Bouncy. Gfriend-Fever, Me gustas tu, Crossroads, Love Whisper, Glass Bead, Labyrinth, Sunrise, Time for the moon night. VICTON-Mayday, Remember Me, Howling, Unbelievable, I'm fine. X1-Flash, Like Always, Pretty Girl. ONEUS- LIT, A song written easily, Valkyrie, Twilight. (G)I-DLE-Uh-Oh, Oh my god, Seventeen-Very Nice, Snapshot, Clap, Hit, Don't wanna cry, Thanks, Oh my!, Home. WayV-Turn Back Time, Take off, Moonwalk, Come back. ASTRO- Knock, Baby, Crazy sexy cool, All Night, Blue Flame. IZ*ONE-La vie rose, Violeta, Secret story of the swan. SuperM- Jopping. CRAVITY-Jumper, Clound9, Break all the rules. Mamamoo-HIP. MONSTA X-Fantasia, Dramarama, Follow, Shoot Out. PLEASE PLEASE AND THANKS. 나는 그들을 배우고 싶다. I want to learn them.
Virna Cahyani
Virna Cahyani 3 aylar önce
Terimakasih untuk tutorial dancenya saya jadi agak mudah untuk melakukannya😍🤗Sukses selalu untuk channel ini💫😇
Dianne Jamon
Dianne Jamon 3 aylar önce
click 9:25 ;>
Isabela Grace
Isabela Grace 3 aylar önce
Can i request a tutorial of sweet but psycho by ava max🥺plsss it would be so nice if you'll notice this rhee🙏🏻💗
SthtcLyrics 3 aylar önce
You know you're a bad dancer when even in slow motion it's still too fast for you😢
Elena Eribal
Elena Eribal 3 aylar önce
Mariana Bustillos
Mariana Bustillos 3 aylar önce
Fantastic ◇♡ Knock astro? ☆
Wulan si
Wulan si 3 aylar önce
great tutorial, but i think better to finish all the dance part first then the mirrored part hehe❤
nurul khoiriyah
nurul khoiriyah 3 aylar önce
jy lpz
jy lpz 3 aylar önce
jy lpz
jy lpz 3 aylar önce
りさちゃんぬ 4 aylar önce
2:02 2:26 2:49 2:54 3:05
taruteri 4 aylar önce
salma taha
salma taha 4 aylar önce
this doosnt even help even the mirrored part is fast
jy lpz
jy lpz 4 aylar önce
jy lpz
jy lpz 4 aylar önce
THE KURUSO 4 aylar önce
jy lpz
jy lpz 4 aylar önce
Tenshi Tenshi
Tenshi Tenshi 4 aylar önce
practicing this now because of quarantine. And idont even know how to dance😂
Julienne Mheril O. Castro
Julienne Mheril O. Castro 4 aylar önce
I'm your fannnnnn 💕
Najah 💕
Najah 💕 4 aylar önce
Part 5 is so hard T__T
Devita Maulya
Devita Maulya 4 aylar önce
Face you like suga BTS
VIPS PLAYS [CPM] 4 aylar önce
I like part 11
Ludimila Sabino
Ludimila Sabino 5 aylar önce
Indah Grace
Indah Grace 5 aylar önce
Yeayy,i can 💕💕
Park Jimin7
Park Jimin7 5 aylar önce
Me: see the way i dance psycho Also me: It's mental breakdown time!
Park Jimin7
Park Jimin7 5 aylar önce
Why do i look like a hard stick dancing psycho, help :(((
AngelTecson Pascual
AngelTecson Pascual 5 aylar önce
Thank u a lot,now i know this dance and this is my fav song :>
Song Issac
Song Issac 5 aylar önce
0:00 [Part1] slow music 0:23 [Part1] mirrored 0:37 [Part2] slow music 1:02 [Part2] mirrored 1:20 [Part3] slow music 1:45 [Part3] mirrored 2:04 [Part4] slow music 2:30 [Part4] mirrored 2:49 [Part5] slow music 3:13 [Part5] mirrored 3:31 [Part6] slow music 3:55 [Part6] mirrored
Song Issac
Song Issac 5 aylar önce
I'm going to TRY to learn it!!!
Kirzten Garcia
Kirzten Garcia 5 aylar önce
Im going to audition at SM ent. with red velvet psycho wish me luck😭
佛依然 4 aylar önce
don't audition on SM using Psycho bcuz SM will compare you to RV unless you're better than RV but still good luck 🍀❣️
Kez _
Kez _ 4 aylar önce
really? when? good luck!
Song Issac
Song Issac 5 aylar önce
ロールキャベツ男子好きな人 5 aylar önce
サンムの妖精が好き 5 aylar önce
自分用 2:45
Angel Liza Bacani
Angel Liza Bacani 5 aylar önce
1:01 pa lang kaya ko HAHAHA
Macy 5 aylar önce
lisa rhee is the only dance coach i can trust tbh. also, can you also do groups like stray kids and nct? thankyou
mer 5 aylar önce
u look like irene :((( u so cute
kimi?! 5 aylar önce
佛依然 4 aylar önce
Song Issac
Song Issac 5 aylar önce
cvl oxz
cvl oxz 5 aylar önce
Ayana Rain Catibay
Ayana Rain Catibay 6 aylar önce
When your switched your clothes on Irene's part (chorus) haha! I tought you're Irene! XD
Alivia Dhewanti
Alivia Dhewanti 6 aylar önce
Saya bingung yang part 2, yang muter dari kepala kanan dulu atau dari kepala kiri dulu? Karena di slow music sama mirrored nya nggak konsisten
Lucy Boyd-Law
Lucy Boyd-Law 6 aylar önce
honesty can she teach me how to dance
PS Poon
PS Poon 6 aylar önce
i find that @3:00 is the hardest... T.T
そら 6 aylar önce
2:04 2:30 2:48 3:13
Mok Rabiah
Mok Rabiah 6 aylar önce
i sure i can do it😉
Mok Rabiah
Mok Rabiah 6 aylar önce
i dance not so hard😊
Estefany C
Estefany C 6 aylar önce
She is making some mistakes...
Hufia Taumoefolau
Hufia Taumoefolau 6 aylar önce
why slow and not fast
cindy briliana
cindy briliana 6 aylar önce
This is all i need to perfect my Psycho dance, keep missing on some parts 😭
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