I spent a day with COMA SURVIVORS

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I spent a day with coma survivors to learn the truth about their experiences living through such a traumatizing and largely elusive event.
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0:00 - Introduction
1:54 - The Incident
4:59 - Inside the Coma
11:16 - Comprehending the Coma
14:40 - Awakening
17:12 - Life After Coma

AnthonyPadilla 8 aylar önce
come back later this week for *I spent a day with people w/ ADHD*. 🎙NEW PODCAST: Spotify ▸ open.spotify.com/show/5aOLuPenneHbhLh05fmkeu Apple ▸ podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/i-spent-a-day-with/id1550213250
Sailor Arbeys
Sailor Arbeys Aylar önce
Is the podcast on Pandora?
Lethalbear Aylar önce
I have adhd
boxz Aylar önce
I have ADHD
Shiruki 3 aylar önce
You should do an interview with drug addicts
Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan 7 aylar önce
If you were in coma for 2 months due to tbi and are expected to make full recovery. Around when should you expect that full recovery or at least enough recovery to live an independent life?
LemonTime 15 saatler önce
I like eben he looks like the guy that wouldn’t put his pronouns and just say “ nah I ain’t doin this shit”
donovan94 Gün önce
Check Syllabus
Check Syllabus Gün önce
I’d be laughing at eben if he wasn’t a neurologist who went over and reviewed his own medical records
mr maize
mr maize 4 gün önce
anthony, i simply dont understand how you keep your shit together during videos.
Margot 34
Margot 34 5 gün önce
Eden seems like a cult leader
DifferentView 5 gün önce
Eben's explanation of his coma sounded like he has been disconected from Matrix :D
Sabrina M. M.
Sabrina M. M. 6 gün önce
I wish there were timestamps to skip Eben's parts. He made this video almost unwatchable, but the other two experiences were very interesting.
Horton Amorticia
Horton Amorticia 6 gün önce
Eben's brain was freaking the fxck out dealing with an infection. Gee I wonder why he was hallucinating.
Star Hill
Star Hill 7 gün önce
Eben’s recounting sound similar to some DMT experiences too
Julie Jackman
Julie Jackman 11 gün önce
I believe we lived before we came here as spirit children of Heavenly Parents who have physical bodies with spirits in them. So we progressed to the point where it was time to come to earth to gain a body and our spirit is in it and when we die the spirit goes back up to heaven to the spirit world where we continue to progress. One of the things I hear most often from near death experiences people have are all the additional colors that exist there. Ok, sorry just wanted to say I had occupational therapy (and physucal therapy) aftwe brain tumor surgery and tossing a gallon back and forth with the ot and keeping my balance to sit on this stiff couch and not fall off in the floor was so hard! And it sounds so funny now. You start all over again from age 1 with learning to walk again too. (Sorry this is soooooooo long) 😬
Imtiaz Choudhary
Imtiaz Choudhary 12 gün önce
I was in coma twice and it was just like sleeping. Very boring. Nothing intresting happened. Fortunately nothing bad happened during coma. Both times it were suicide attempts. After waking up i couldn't form memory for 1 day and was totally and wasn't able to walk properly as i was little dizzy. Attempting suicide was more fun than freaking coma😐😂( I'm allowed to joke as I'm talking about myself) And coma doesn't change anything about me. It was like i slept for more than usual in hospitals. I first thing i did after waking was complaining and giving bad reviews on my psychiatrist and hospital and the hospital staff changed my psychiatrist. And also I'm not afraid of death anymore and I feel safe that i can end my life and i know i can cease to exist and end everything.
TheCratsky 13 gün önce
My husband and I have talked about this. I can't imagine the despair on both sides. The person asleep trying to wake and the person awake hoping things will change.
Rcat 601
Rcat 601 15 gün önce
I've only ever listened to these and I've just noticed hoe you out their pronouns
Chris B
Chris B 16 gün önce
oh Eben doesn't have a gender...
シDevz 16 gün önce
BRO I WAS BORN NOV 10th 2008 and he was in a coma nov 10th 2008 Wtf
TheRealBiggieCheese Gün önce
Ur_daddy_hehe 17 gün önce
Eben straight up went to heaven and came back
TheGuyYouNeverHeardOf 18 gün önce
theres ppl who stayed in comas for YEARS
Samantha Stephens
Samantha Stephens 18 gün önce
Eben straight up had a DMT trip
Soggy Corn Flakes
Soggy Corn Flakes 19 gün önce
Eben seems like a grandfather that gives a gift that you would actually use and enjoy on Christmas (Don't ask why that was so spacific...)
Chrisy 21 gün önce
eben it’s probably a nice guy but he’s just giving me such cult leader vibes, like he had this out of body experience and now he’s going to lead a bunch people drink Kool-Aid
Calcifer 29 gün önce
I wish that if heaven exists - it would look like what Dr. described his visions as.
AtomicToasterYo 29 gün önce
Davey Havok’s new interview show is awesome
RosalyndIsGone Aylar önce
Eden looks like bill bye, idk why he just does to me. And now I can’t unsee it help meeeeee
Calliah S
Calliah S Aylar önce
it’s dmt. simple as that
Natalie Hockensmith
Natalie Hockensmith Aylar önce
Hello fellow coma survivors
StarlessEyes Aylar önce
Holy shit. I really want to experience what Eben did. That sounds amazing
Sarah Selzer
Sarah Selzer Aylar önce
That is weirdly similar to a few dreams I had about 8 years ago. I still remember it. Some of the light I had also included a knowledge type source that I kept trying to assign a form or concrete shape to it, but I could not. Fascinating. I have never been in a coma... But I was on heavy meds from an injury when I had that dream.
Eddie De Leon
Eddie De Leon Aylar önce
My uncle told me he loved it and didn't wanna come back. No need or want for anything just content.
Cadeniscool Aylar önce
julia: they/them frank: he/him eben: eben
Berex Aylar önce
Eden’s experience reminds me of heaven
Big Haze
Big Haze Aylar önce
we sure Eben wasnt off a perc?
sourena tube
sourena tube Aylar önce
Whether eben's story was true or not, its just amazing hearing his story, and its clear that he appreciates life infinitely, because its really amazing to be in that dream especially for a month
labuaa81923 Aylar önce
love it when left-brain people have a full on, undeniable spiritual awakening.
Ines Clift
Ines Clift Aylar önce
9:16 - 9:19 thank me later
Marta Sykorova
Marta Sykorova Aylar önce
I'm getting strong the OA vibes
Kousuke Masuhara
Kousuke Masuhara Aylar önce
It's interesting that the /neurosurgeon/ is like "it can't be explained, it must be god blah blah blah" but like... science does for the most part explain that lol It's chemicals and all the wiring in your head getting mixed signals, touching on random parts of your grey matter. Same crazy stuff can happen every time you dream just maybe not as strong/vividly cause you normally aren't forcefully sleeping for 7 days at a time. I get really vivid dreams when I sleep for even like 14 hours to the point when I wake I get confused if I'm in the 'real' world or not - because the dream one was so convincing at the time. I feel things, smell things, hear things, see things clearly, taste food, experience pleasure, fear, hate, pain.. It's my brain taking my almost 30 years of experience and recreating something new from my memories as it has access to all that information. Science of near death experiences, comment much the same about the signals and chemicals. It's all there, we may not have the best understanding of it fully but we know enough to make basic deductions about what is at least causing it from a physical pov.
Ciphii Aylar önce
eben sounds like hank hill
Hailey Berlynn
Hailey Berlynn Aylar önce
Anthony is the new Oprah
Ariahsavage’ Savage
Ariahsavage’ Savage Aylar önce
The old guy was talking about akharta
Lydia Rose
Lydia Rose Aylar önce
Ebens recount sounds a lot like heaven😉😏
Nana Sakura
Nana Sakura Aylar önce
Is it just me or should November be called Coma awareness month from now on?
chimp cult
chimp cult Aylar önce
Eben's vision in the coma makes me hopeful for the afterlife.
Audrey Wrather
Audrey Wrather Aylar önce
Eben has a book called proof of heaven Thats amazing! I read it years ago and then recognized the story when I watched this video.
Karinna Caratachea Cantor
Karinna Caratachea Cantor Aylar önce
Eben: ✨🌸💐🐶🌌☀️🍃 Anthony: 🖖🏽👽🛸🔦😵‍💫 Eben: 😐😐
i love the way his voice gets a lil country when he introduces himself
Salem Norton
Salem Norton Aylar önce
Eben really said “primordial soup time bby”
Emanuel Rodríguez
Emanuel Rodríguez Aylar önce
Do I spent a day with refugees, our Venezuelans and invite me!
Li ASMR Aylar önce
I don't think I want to wake up if it's been more than a couple of years. That'd be so jarring. Everyone you know would be like in a completely different place in their life like ahead of you even. And maybe even partially moved on from you. You would probably be different too. Technology and society would be different, have to learn all that over. Crazy
WhatTheHell Aylar önce
Ebens description is so calming and fascinating. It really gives you some good old trust in life - and death. And the whole circle of it. That pain has an end. And that every problem is kind of... well, gone someday.
piellusion Aylar önce
so "afterlife" could be real
Leona C
Leona C Aylar önce
Eben's story made me so happy for some reason, I just feel really joyful listening to his story, I'm glad they let him speak and aired it even though most people will brush off experiences like that, no matter what you believe, it was a lovely vision!
Muckspout Millinery
Muckspout Millinery Aylar önce
I don’t want to discount anyone’s religious awakening, but when you are about to die your brain releases a whole bunch of endorphins and happy chemicals which can make your brain have a reaction said to be similar of being on mushrooms. You can’t feel pain and you hallucinate wildly. That may be what he experienced, imo
Mal Colorado
Mal Colorado Aylar önce
If you want to make a part 2 I would love to be in it I was in a coma for 7 weeks and had to restart my whole life
Tuzzut Aylar önce
moral of frank's story: close your car window if you have a drunk person in your car so they aren't dumb
The underworld galaxy squad
The underworld galaxy squad Aylar önce
Frank: it was like being blackout drunk Julia: it was like a I was there Eben:𝐻𝐸𝐴𝑉𝐸𝑁
Sus Aylar önce
Eben literally want to Heaven why is no one talking about that
X4wi Aylar önce
I love your videos
Cilla Bean
Cilla Bean Aylar önce
Others: It was black Eben: *god. I basically witnessed god*
Ashley Wong
Ashley Wong Aylar önce
eben spitting bars
Tabitha Voisich
Tabitha Voisich Aylar önce
the blinking at 9:15
toni adeyemi
toni adeyemi Aylar önce
Hey, isnt that Gigi MW's boyfriend?????
Hoodie Girl
Hoodie Girl Aylar önce
I'm actually surprised cause Julia's coma happened on my birthday which means her dad's birthday which means me and her dad are b-day twins😵
TwilightWolf01 Aylar önce
Eben straight up returned to the absolute and came back to tell us about it. And the CIA believes once you go back to the absolute you cant return
dangernoddle Aylar önce
It makes me extremely happy to know that you are somewhat aware of the real world during a coma (from what I understand). A few months ago, we had to take my grandpa off of life support while he was in a coma. I had to say goodbye while he was in the coma. I was worried that he wouldn’t be able to hear me and the rest of the family, and that he would be scared or in pain. But hearing these stories help me think positively and think that he was happy and clam, he could hear us, and there was no pain. I miss you grandpa 💙
Little Debbie
Little Debbie Aylar önce
Eben kinda looks like bill nye
◖Fennel_Fin◗ Aylar önce
It's scary that you can suddenly get sick and be in a coma.
Erin Brady
Erin Brady Aylar önce
not me literally stitching together a fursuit while watching this video rn..
Ott Aylar önce
julia: they/them frank: he/him eben: the boy ones
Chloe Price
Chloe Price Aylar önce
I like Eben haha
Nellie K. Adaba
Nellie K. Adaba Aylar önce
Me too
Tasha Beck
Tasha Beck Aylar önce
Listening to Eben describe his coma sounds like Alice Angel talking about the ink machine. “Do you know what it's like? Living in the dark puddles? It's a buzzing, screaming well of voices! Bits of your mind, swimming... like... like fish in a bowl! The first time I was born from its' inky womb, I was a wriggling, pushing, shapeless slug. The second time... well... It made me an angel!”
Collecting Matter
Collecting Matter Aylar önce
The OA on Netflix 🙌🏾🙌🏾 NDE
x.innit.x Aylar önce
My dad was in a coma before I was born He got in a car accident Lucky he's alive today!
Nellie K. Adaba
Nellie K. Adaba Aylar önce
I'm happy for your and I wish you all the best and to stay safe.
hannah poopie
hannah poopie Aylar önce
frank: It like blackout drunk Julia: I was there but I wasn't Eben: It's was flowers, rainbows, children, dogs and fairies
DirtbikerPlay11 Aylar önce
My grandpa had the flu and it led to pneumonia and was in a coma and they didn’t think he would wake up He ended up waking up and asking for my grandma, he then survived it and passed a year later, it’s been 6 years since he passed
Gray_the_gae Aylar önce
Holy shit. Eben just like described heaven, hell, alien abduction, sci-fi movies, living, dying, and realizing how little your life amounts to in however many days he was in a coma for.
SRNC Aylar önce
(6:36-9:00) This guy was experiencing hell and *mainly* heaven - I mean the “perfect musical melody” - “gateway” “valley lush with light” “a world of ideal” “no sign of death or decay” “thousands of beings and souls dancing, children playing and dogs” “orbs of spiritual beings (freaking angels)” “angelic choirs above, emanating chants and hymns” “a portal of light going through these angelic choirs” “the core - infinite inky blackness”. What I think he’s talking about was God showing him the glory of what he created, from how he knew it (things he was familiar to (butterflies, spring breeze) to the angels singing hymns with golden flecks and finally the “inky blackness” (that was our universe before God created earth and everything on it). “God created the Heavens and Earth-all you see, all you don’t see. Earth was a soup of nothingness, a bottomless emptiness, an inky blackness. God’s Spirit brooded like a bird above the watery abyss. God spoke: “Light!” And light appeared. God saw that light was good and separated light from dark. God named the light Day, he named the dark Night. It was evening, it was morning- Day One.” (sound familiar to some of the things he said - mainly the inky blackness part?)
Hitoshi Shinso
Hitoshi Shinso Aylar önce
This made my cry as family member went into a comma and died
Nellie K. Adaba
Nellie K. Adaba Aylar önce
I'm sorry, my condolences.
Gothwalker 2 aylar önce
Makes me think I could be in a coma right now and this Im just living life
hawkins347 2 aylar önce
What Eben describes is a bit like what my mum described to me when her heart stopped beating during an operation. First, she says, it was like an out of body experience and she actually saw the doctors trying to revive her and then she recalls walking through a sunlit valley and then a voice telling her it was not her time yet at which point the doctors got her heart back online.
Samantha Brumberg
Samantha Brumberg 2 aylar önce
WeRo 2 aylar önce
The doctor dude sounds like the DMT was really getting to him, which is beautiful, because it seems like he saw what exists, but can’t be seen with eyes
Bunneh 2 aylar önce
I Stan eben
Campos Jesus
Campos Jesus 2 aylar önce
That doctor definitely capping 🤣
Abigail Mackay
Abigail Mackay 2 aylar önce
I never really remember or have dreams and I find it so interesting when people have dreams constantly
Logan Jace
Logan Jace 2 aylar önce
Eben lost his pronouns in the coma
janae linder
janae linder 2 aylar önce
Do a video on spending a day with ibd sufferers, then I'll consider being a subscriber
Leah 2 aylar önce
I swear Eben went through Heaven, Hell, and back during his coma
Nellie K. Adaba
Nellie K. Adaba Aylar önce
That's exactly what I'm thinking.
Jasper Mitchell
Jasper Mitchell 2 aylar önce
Eben's story is like 😃 man saw worms and then sparkles and faries. Broski if I'm ever in a coma I better have that experience 😫🤚
A person that's online
A person that's online 2 aylar önce
_As soon as I heard there was a podcast_: "oh I'll check that out later!" _As soon as I hear there's a special Gender Fluid episode_: *"I AM SPEED"* no I don't have gender solid, only gender fluid
A person that's online
A person that's online Aylar önce
@CallOfDuty123 what?
CallOfDuty123 Aylar önce
Cringe af
Beciaa _
Beciaa _ 2 aylar önce
Omg i was just thinking that I would like a podcast version and you said it a second after😅😅
McSpicy🌶 2 aylar önce
Eben literally just went to the time-space continuum
Gabby Garcia
Gabby Garcia 2 aylar önce
I thought it was hilarious the two younger people had their pronouns put out there but my man Eben, well… he’s just Eben.
npiez 2 aylar önce
the nurse’s experience was so interesting!!!!!
arelcrest 2 aylar önce
Nooo, I‘ve had encephalomenigitis, another form of encephalitis and your stories give me shivers. I went through something similar (and still struggle). I appreciate life so much more now. We can live on and learn to enjoy life again. I wish you all the best. 🍀🍀🍀
Liv Slagle
Liv Slagle 2 aylar önce
I would love to see an I Spent A Day with Ex-Cons; seeing how they readjust to the civilian world after an extended period of time being away from it. Something I've always been intrigued by!
Lauren D'Antonio
Lauren D'Antonio 2 aylar önce
Everyone "oh he was hallucinating, he was on drugs." Me "Omg he saw dogs!!!!!!" 😍
Animation Sorcerer H
Animation Sorcerer H 2 aylar önce
hold up wait...did Eben just go to Heaven for a week of chilling and came back to earth?? Oor am i just tripping
Madhu T
Madhu T 2 aylar önce
Hold up, you get bank erupted if your in the hospital facing life of death in the States ? :O My Canadian brain can't comprehend :O
Graceeb Life
Graceeb Life 2 aylar önce
Such an interesting one! Love binge watching all these 👏🏻
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