Blind Draw My Face Challenge

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Good Mythical Morning

Good Mythical Morning

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Today, we're seeing if an artist can draw our faces accurately with only a description! GMM # 2221
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Jess Hubler
Jess Hubler Aylar önce
I wanna see one of those “age progression” artists draw them without knowing what they look like now based on a childhood photo
Påÿtøń Dåwń
Påÿtøń Dåwń 2 gün önce
V 10 gün önce
how is it gonna be a whole episode tho
Lid 10 gün önce
Kayla Danforth
Kayla Danforth 20 gün önce
Boosting this idea!!!
G.U. 21 gün önce
Sophia Miller
Sophia Miller Aylar önce
Rhett: "[Link's] lips are... probably more supple than the average man's." Link, with literally no lips:
DellyBellyTea333 2 gün önce
right! I was soooo confused lol
Ari:el Granzow
Ari:el Granzow 13 gün önce
I understood subtle lmao
Peyton Bess
Peyton Bess 15 gün önce
But what does supple have to do with the size of his lips?
wtf 24 gün önce
no link does have lips they’re just a very frosty pink tone that blend into his skin tone
RogueRaven Aylar önce
@reagan it’s not much of a dedicated page anymore though
Mitch Aylar önce
“tasteful bags under the eyes” is actually a very good way to describe rhett’s eyes
Tricky Trey Perfected
Tricky Trey Perfected Aylar önce
@Lucky Charms 🍀 he's got gucci eye bags
Pamela H
Pamela H Aylar önce
@Lucky Charms 🍀 omfg 💀💀💀
Lucky Charms 🍀
Lucky Charms 🍀 Aylar önce
They're designer bags
Cali Mango
Cali Mango Aylar önce
Rhett: So he's good, slightly above average- Link: Okay so picture a muppet- I love these two.
Tricky Trey Perfected
Tricky Trey Perfected Aylar önce
"Think of Gollum"
monicaa14 Aylar önce
"Are you drawing the neck?" "I can" "You should." Made me laugh harder than it should have
Liddy Casimiro
Liddy Casimiro Aylar önce
Huge props to Alissa! I can’t imagine the nerves she felt having to through together portraits of people you’ve never seen before. This was a great episode! I was laughing so hard at their descriptions of each other 😂
Paige Hawk
Paige Hawk Aylar önce
@Weirdo Kate she’s not a forensic artist, she’s a visual artist.. they are normally drawing models they are looking at.. a caricature artist is a good example.
Weirdo Kate
Weirdo Kate Aylar önce
shes definitely doing an amazing job - but also, she has to draw portraits of people that shes never seen before for a living
Jeremy Beasley
Jeremy Beasley Aylar önce
"If you feel like you've drawn Rachel Maddow, you've nailed it"...lost it after that. Spot on. 😆
Tori Stanford
Tori Stanford 3 gün önce
@All That She Iz If you've never watched the episode where their moms get a lie detector test- first of all, watch it, it's great, second, Link's mom mistakes Rachael Maddow for Link 😂
All That She Iz
All That She Iz Aylar önce
I had to look it up just to reference 😆😆😆😆 it was so good. I was just like “oh shyt 🤭”
hbkgoblue100 Aylar önce
The could be twins
vwnut13 Aylar önce
Same here, but only because I was thinking "just draw Rachel Maddow" the entire time.
Sonia’s Way
Sonia’s Way Aylar önce
"he's balancing two dookie logs over his eyes" I- never change, Link
Ballaplayz Aylar önce
@Jc Estillore bro what
37thraven Aylar önce
lol Link. Rhett's eyebrows aren't really *that* bushy or thick
Tulip Octavia
Tulip Octavia Aylar önce
@Jc Estillore Where did you read this? Are there any rumors?
Scruhn Lell
Scruhn Lell Aylar önce
Nice pic and video
addison shay
addison shay Aylar önce
@Jc Estillore nope
Zullian Hafiz
Zullian Hafiz Aylar önce
The fact that she still nailed Link’s portrait despite all of Rhett’s exaggerated descriptions of him just shows how talented she is as an illustrator. Massive props to her!
Emily Gün önce
I agree, Link has the more unique face and therefore her ability to extrapolate features so accurately from just Rhetts comedic interpretation to that degree is amazing!! I wasn't expecting them to be so close.
bluina 19 gün önce
@Christine C. this.
Julia Aylar önce
Aeox Aylar önce
or she knows who they are
Danny Catalan
Danny Catalan Aylar önce
Bro she did not nail link lol
Cody Basore
Cody Basore Aylar önce
I love the one crew member keeping it real and immediately saying "No" when Link asked if they agreed.
Cody Basore
Cody Basore Gün önce
@Alice Finardi that is very true lol
Alice Finardi
Alice Finardi Gün önce
Rhett's portrait was closer to the original but Link had a much easier job at describing because more than half of his face is covered by hair lol
Lara Vituri
Lara Vituri 25 gün önce
Yesss!! Link’s description was so much better and it showed!
Josh Ludwick
Josh Ludwick Aylar önce
Yea cuz Rhett's portrait was way closer, I'm kinda surprised Alissa thought Link's was better.
leah🦇 Aylar önce
rhett chose the most complicated possible way to say “square glasses”
Hannah Smith
Hannah Smith Aylar önce
I love that Rhett fully took this exercise and was like "I'm just gonna roast him". Also "pez dispenser" was probably the best and funniest way to describe Link's neck that is so creative
Sophia Miller
Sophia Miller Aylar önce
“I think he’s achieved peak Link” 😂 Aw I loved this one! The descriptions were so funny yet they found a space to compliment each other
Amanda Marie
Amanda Marie Aylar önce
Link literally just could've said "picture Jason momoa, but great value brand" and she would've nailed it immediately
Jess Ender
Jess Ender 17 gün önce
@desiderata770 like George of the Jungle Era omfg you're right
Lolly Magic
Lolly Magic 28 gün önce
I did have to google Rachel Maddow when Rhett said for Link, at least I wouldn’t have to google any lookalikes for Rhett! 😂
321MellyBaby 29 gün önce
@Gavin Leydon Omg 🤣🤣
Andrea M
Andrea M Aylar önce
CharliCrow Aylar önce
“Picture this… Viking Jason Momoa”
eli Aylar önce
As a police sketch artist, this was so exciting to see! She did a great job doing it in a way that's not exactly how it's done!
YuniX2 Aylar önce
Rhett primarily using the word "good" to describe Link's appearance is peak Rhett.
tigerlove525 Aylar önce
Although I do think Rhetts drawing looked a tad more like him, I think the hair/beard was basically 80% of why. I think Rhett had a harder job describing Link and he was pretty accurate besides the lips!
Sonia’s Way
Sonia’s Way Aylar önce
Link describing Rhett's hair as a "cascading beautiful waterfall" is the most Link compliment ever ...yet very very accurate, and I think we can ALL agree.
Tereza Herrmannová
Tereza Herrmannová Aylar önce
This was a brilliant episode and Alissa not only delivered awesomely, but she matched the vibe of the show perfectly. Bring her back, please!!
OG_ Luciano
OG_ Luciano Aylar önce
Next episode title "Alissa draw me like one of your French girls" 🤣
Archi Tips
Archi Tips Aylar önce
Yes! Do cotton candy randy and chase!
Bethany Wagner
Bethany Wagner Aylar önce
Good mythical evening and draw them au natural 😆😆
Rockerboi Aylar önce
Please and Thank You 😊
Samuel Pereira
Samuel Pereira Aylar önce
Yeah she could straight up join the show in the art department and make occasional appearances. Very natural conversations that whole time, super chill vibe. I hope she watches this episode and reads the support comments!
J D Aylar önce
The artist was adorable... She seems so friendly
ZombieRiotXD Aylar önce
This felt like half roasting, half complimenting.. Especially when Rhett was describing 😂
Joe Aylar önce
I don't get how one could possibly think that Link's depiction is anywhere near as good as Rhett's! Rhett's was so much closer to how he actually looks than Link's was!
Jake Aylar önce
Stevie's laugh NEVER gets old.
Michaela Aylar önce
Rhett: “Link’s a good looking guy” Link: “Rhett looks like gollum from lord of the rings”
Jacob Yung
Jacob Yung Aylar önce
Arrynt Aylar önce
Gollum with cascading beautiful waterfall hair lol
Alison Jones
Alison Jones Aylar önce
Hoz Botmer
Hoz Botmer Aylar önce
I would have LOVED to watch her draw at the same time as they were describing each other, like from above. That would have been hilarious!!
Pasteleptic Aylar önce
When Link was scolding Rhett for not being descriptive enough, the whole tirade felt like a fever dream. 😂
Gimpy Coder
Gimpy Coder Aylar önce
"Because if you feel like you've drawn Rachel Maddow, you've nailed it." Should have just started there because that really does get you 90% of the way there.
PaperPenguin17 Aylar önce
Alissa crushed it today! Her demeanor and the way she interacted with the guys felt so chill and easy
p0sthum4n Aylar önce
"Just give him a general 'know it all' demeanor" is one of the funniest things Link has said in years.
Rosemarie Hauschild
Rosemarie Hauschild 29 gün önce
Definitely 😂😂
Zabu Koii
Zabu Koii Aylar önce
@Luca Rain that's just called being best friends.
Luca Rain
Luca Rain Aylar önce
@Tyr Right. There's always some dispute over which person is the know it all whenever person # 1 says things in a know it all sort of demeanor.. and person # 2 corrects person # 1 so it ends up with both people pointing their fingers and making the same accusation.
Ryan Spiers
Ryan Spiers Aylar önce
Nailed it.
Tyr Aylar önce
He's so bitter that Rhett corrects him so much.
Matt Aylar önce
Rhett's laugh when Link said "tasteful bags under his eyes" made my day lmao
PragmaticOne Aylar önce
How to best describe Link: He looks like a Rachel Maddow Pez dispenser with salt & pepper Johnny Bravo hair. LMAO! Honestly though, this concept could be a whole YT channel by itself. Having friends who are comedians do this would be awesome!
Desiree 🍆 I am Online 💋 F Uc_k me
Desiree 🍆 I am Online 💋 F Uc_k me Aylar önce
The fact that she still nailed Link’s portrait despite all of Rhett’s exaggerated descriptions of him just shows how talented she is as an illustrator. Massive props to her!
acegeek Aylar önce
"If you feel like you've drawn Rachel Maddow, you've nailed it." ok but this is perfect for a Link description, whether he likes it or not. Link's description of Rhett was just all payback for Rhett's descriptions though lol
Zoe Rose
Zoe Rose Aylar önce
@Grabble OK, Gabbie.
Grabble Aylar önce
If it was a perfect description, the sketch would look like Link. It doesn't.
CurlyKJames Aylar önce
Link describing Rhett's hair as a "cascading beautiful waterfall" is the most Link compliment ever ...yet very very accurate, and I think we can ALL agree.
Katie Taylor
Katie Taylor Aylar önce
it is, but I always also mentally describe it as 'wolfman hair' lol which I think also fits
Jay Scholl
Jay Scholl Aylar önce
Nope, just nope.
Sophia Roth
Sophia Roth Aylar önce
"dookie logs"
Sundown Sycophant
Sundown Sycophant Aylar önce
The man has an impressive mane.
Federico Heller
Federico Heller Aylar önce
Link, you clearly won this one. Nailed the description, the final product was a proof of that. Rhett, I love you, man... But this one goes to Link.
Lesli 🔥 I WANT SЕХ 💋 F Uc_k me
Lesli 🔥 I WANT SЕХ 💋 F Uc_k me Aylar önce
Link describing Rhett's hair as a "cascading beautiful waterfall" is the most Link compliment ever ...yet very very accurate, and I think we can ALL agree.
soccerchamp0511 Aylar önce
I love how Rhett is nice and complimentary with his description of Link, and then Link comes in and just demolishes Rhett in return. 😂🤣😂🤣
Mwezi Aylar önce
Rhetts was so surprisingly accurate, I think of nobody but him when looking at the picture
Keating Thomas
Keating Thomas Aylar önce
The one of Rhett looks like him tenfold more than the one of Link. Yet both were 10,000 times closer than I expected. Someone do the math on that.
Eric Mott
Eric Mott Aylar önce
Rhett’s portrait looks 100,000 times more like him than you expected and Link’s looks 10,000 times more like him than you expected
James Hunt
James Hunt Aylar önce
Alissa was very impressed with both Link and Rhett and was surprised at how handsome they both looked.
Laura Aylar önce
this was hilarious and as an artist looked so fun. Great job, alissa!
Nikki Juarez
Nikki Juarez 23 dakika önce
I laughed so hard that my stomach and cheeks hurt then my eyes watered slightly 😂😂 thank you guys. You’ve been entertaining me for the past 8 years
CameronsFace Aylar önce
This would have been an excellent opportunity to colab with @Drawfee. The team is hilarious and they do "sketch artist" games all the time. If you do this bit again, definitely consider enlisting them
Brennus White
Brennus White Aylar önce
okay but do you sincerely believe that drawfee, 4 artists who make their loving from being youtubers, haven't seen Rhett and Link's faces? two monoliths of the early youtube days, and definitely people with a lot of influence and history on this website? cause I'm pretty sure they wouldve
nomynameisgeoffry Aylar önce
Alyssa did an amazing job! HOWEVER…Link 100% shouldve won 🤣
floyd2386 Aylar önce
I think she chose Rhett because Link's job of describing Rhett was much easier than Rhett's job of describing Link, but yeah, that drawing of Rhett was pretty spot on.
Lynda Walker
Lynda Walker Aylar önce
spoiler alert
Lia Aylar önce
@Chichou🌱 well rhett did say rachel maddow
Chichou🌱 Aylar önce
@That's So Lyssa not to mention feminine
Angie Collins
Angie Collins Aylar önce
For real, that version of Link I never would've guessed
ur mom
ur mom Aylar önce
I think Rhett’s portrait was pretty good, the eyes matched up pretty well.
Brian Zeller
Brian Zeller Aylar önce
This is just 24 minutes of Rhett and Link roasting each , and I couldn't be more entertained. Lol
Dough Boy
Dough Boy Aylar önce
I’ve been watching Rhett and link since I was 11 years old, I’m now 20 and still to this day think they are the greatest you tubers to grace the website. My dream one day is to work for Rhett and link and see the creative genius that is behind making a show/shows like this. I appreciate the content and I don’t think I’ll ever stop watching them. Just an over due appreciation comment for the two coolest dudes!!
May Pasifiki
May Pasifiki Aylar önce
I just discovered them 10 minutes ago
Telegram me 👉The Asia Mai show
Telegram me 👉The Asia Mai show Aylar önce
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Hobragen R
Hobragen R Aylar önce
Alyssa was everything today. I loved her, thank you so much y’all.
veronica dossey
veronica dossey 24 gün önce
yall are ALWAYS doing something crazy and mythical, I love this show.
UncleFilthy Aylar önce
The way Rhett described Link was like a caricature
Jimmy is Promo
Jimmy is Promo Aylar önce
She is so pleasant. I love her
M P Aylar önce
This was fun. The artist is adorable.
Halo4master5000 Aylar önce
I've only been a fan of y'all for about a month now, but in that short time I've binged soooooo much of your past content. And I have to say, this episode was absolutely brilliant!!!
Austin With The F150
Austin With The F150 Aylar önce
“another way you can evaluate if you’ve done a good job is if you look at it and think oh I’ve drawn Rachel Maddow” 😂😂😂
alliander Aylar önce
I love this idea! It would be cool to see them describe themselves (without a mirror) to an artist and see what they came up with.
Itsy Gorman
Itsy Gorman Aylar önce
I love how they call the neck the "goozle" my dad used to call it a "goozle". 😄
aesthetic Aylar önce
I’m loving these sort of “Career Day”-esque episodes. Please bring in more profession to show Rhett and Link how to do stuff
Erin Van Handel
Erin Van Handel Aylar önce
YES! These eps have "The Backup Plan" energy, and I'm here for it.
MerryBerry Aylar önce
They’re so fun! I love seeing Rhett and Link outside of the segments we’re so used to seeing them in. Quite refreshing 💖
Nina Scarpa
Nina Scarpa Aylar önce
What a good way to describe them!! I love them too!
J H Aylar önce
😆😂🤣 Man you can tell that Rhett really is super self conscious about his own, as he has said, “lack of a chin.”
Marc Johnson
Marc Johnson Aylar önce
Alyssa was great! I'd love her to come back and draw. Maybe with so much emphasis on a forensic sketch artist and crimes have her draw someone in the crew and offer a whacky crime they committed then have them guess. Or even the reverse countdown theatre where she sketches in time lapse
TheDisguise 20 gün önce
Stevie being like "Alissa, you stand by your decision, don't let him sway you" was great
Janay Neigh
Janay Neigh Aylar önce
The thing is, Link’s drawing would have been perfect with smaller lips, and Rhett’s drawing would have been perfect with smaller eyes. So honestly I think they tied 🤷🏼‍♀️
Lea T
Lea T Aylar önce
Rhett basically complimenting link the whole time and then link absolutely roasting rhett had me rolling
David Aylar önce
Rhett was really roasting Link's neck and forehead though
no one
no one Aylar önce
seriously!!! Link's back must hurt from carrying around all those compliments 😂😌
BenJ Boi Plays
BenJ Boi Plays Aylar önce
@FreudianLatte and don’t forget about the Johnny bravo hair xd
LevelUpLeo Aylar önce
Rhett went on and on about the size of Link's forehead and then on and on about his neck, clearly trying to rib on him. Him saying that Link is handsome was just back peddling.
Frank Aylar önce
Whaaa? Rhett was roasting Link the whole time, I'm sure that's why Link did the same to Rhett afterwards.
Chelsea Gulbransen
Chelsea Gulbransen Aylar önce
The fact that no one on the crew said Link's drawing was Nick Kroll is a travesty.
Day Gün önce
I immediately thought of Nick Kroll when she showed Link’s drawing 😂😂
DBZLaura Aylar önce
Both pictures look accurate. The lips were too large but for the most part is was pretty darn accurate for both! Amazing!
Porcupine Productions
Porcupine Productions Aylar önce
That Link drawing is an immaculate portrait of Nick Kroll
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Telegram me 👉The Asia Mai show Aylar önce
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- [N A Y L A]- Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW
- [N A Y L A]- Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW Aylar önce
it takes so much courage to get on this show and PRESENT YOUR ART! i’d be so freaking nervous!! shoutout to u Alyssa :)
Marie R.
Marie R. Aylar önce
No way, Rhett’s drawing looks way more like Rhett.
Anakin Low Ground
Anakin Low Ground Aylar önce
@D K And the hair was done pretty well.
Anakin Low Ground
Anakin Low Ground Aylar önce
@voidremoved Doesn't look like him at all? Dude, that is the spitting image of Rhett.
TheSongwritingCat Aylar önce
Other than the hair and the glasses, Rhett really led Alissa astray telling her to exaggerate all of Link's features.
D K Aylar önce
@voidremoved looks alot more like Rhett than the other one looked like Link, only thing that resembled Link was the glasses lol
Daree Walker
Daree Walker Aylar önce
Sam T
Sam T Aylar önce
Wow, Rhett just really enjoys Link’s face. 😂
Megan Adams
Megan Adams Aylar önce
Am I the only one who nearly choked laughing at the Shroud of Turin joke? 😂
Skyberri Aylar önce
The way Rhett described Link was as if he was a caricature
Christmas Levering
Christmas Levering Aylar önce
I think Alyssa did awesome job with all the verbal descriptions that Rhett and Link gave her.
Kelly Burnett
Kelly Burnett Aylar önce
links 100% looks like mythical chef josh!!!!! and i would totally describe rhetts look as "caveman chic"
Desiree 🍆 I am Online 💋 F Uc_k me
Desiree 🍆 I am Online 💋 F Uc_k me Aylar önce
Link describing Rhett's hair as a "cascading beautiful waterfall" is the most Link compliment ever ...yet very very accurate, and I think we can ALL agree.
Claira-𝐹**СК МЕ - СНЕ𝒞𝒦 𝑀𝒴 Р𝑅𝟢𝐹𝐼𝐿Е Aylar önce
Link describing Rhett's hair as a "cascading beautiful waterfall" is the most Link compliment ever ...yet very very accurate, and I think we can ALL agree.
Mile High Scratcher
Mile High Scratcher Aylar önce
Alissa did such an amazing job! Especially given what she was provided as description by the guys lol they didn’t give her much, it was more of little jabs at the other’s appearance. I’m most blown away that she didn’t know what they looked like, though!! Very few people don’t know who Rhett and Link are
NatPicking Tutorials
NatPicking Tutorials Aylar önce
The picture of Rhett is uncanny! Link was robbed on this one! 😂🙌🏻
jrmh76 Aylar önce
Rhett oversold the lips and cheekbones
YeiPi18 Aylar önce
@Broklond The excervise was not who was harder to draw, but who gave a more accurate description of the other.
Liz 💜
Liz 💜 Aylar önce
he sure was lol
egguhtoast Aylar önce
@Broklond the competition was to see who could create a better facial description, link definitely did that although it was indeed easier.
Popasquat Aylar önce
@Broklond agreed indeed.
Banatar Aylar önce
Alissa did a great job! And vibed with the guys so well. I think she would be a great addition to the show.
The Hudhornet
The Hudhornet Aylar önce
Would love a version of this where we see the drawing as it’s being drawn
Amy Dixon
Amy Dixon Aylar önce
Rhett’s looked like Rhett, Link’s looks like a young Jeff Goldblum!
Kinzoku Bonsai
Kinzoku Bonsai Aylar önce
This is a perfect combination between my two favorite TRshow shows, GMM and Drawfee. I needed this.
Telegram me 👉The Asia Mai show
Telegram me 👉The Asia Mai show Aylar önce
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Breanna Bryant
Breanna Bryant Aylar önce
This was amazing. Also, Alissa was so so so sweet. Just loved her. Great choice.
Chari Zard
Chari Zard Aylar önce
More content like this please, this is amazing! Such a good laugh, and she nailed Rhett!! The form of the nose and eyes! Wow
Bread Sandwich
Bread Sandwich Aylar önce
This is by far the best idea you guys have had in ages. It was absolutely riveting. Also. Alissa is ridiculously beautiful. Can we just have an episode where she talks while drawing people? My goodness.
* Aylar önce
I love this. She did a great job. Can you do it again with another sketch artist?
Bogdan Bogdan
Bogdan Bogdan Aylar önce
I think Rhett drawing was A LOT better. Link should have won.
Kyle Ben Cruzat
Kyle Ben Cruzat Aylar önce
Cynthia Griffy
Cynthia Griffy Aylar önce
Matt Pace
Matt Pace Aylar önce
Not really saying much. Rhett is far easier to describe physically than Link is.
Joseph Boros
Joseph Boros Aylar önce
CordizzleTv2.0 Aylar önce
I think it'd be hard to pick a winner. Its so much easier to describe Rhett than Link.
Doot Doot Gutsu
Doot Doot Gutsu Aylar önce
Link describing Rhett's face almost made me choke💀💀
stacey keck
stacey keck Aylar önce
I loved this episode of GMM. I do have to say though, this may be an unpopular opinion, but I definitely think Rhetts drawing, that Link described, looked way more like Rhett than Links drawing Rhett described looked like Link. 💯🤷🏽‍♀️
Cheryl Lam
Cheryl Lam Aylar önce
I feel like Rhett only knows how to describe Link with good 😂
James Sugii
James Sugii Aylar önce
I would say that given the amount of detail and more features to draw that Rhett did a better job describing, but Rhett looks much more like his
Jeremy H
Jeremy H Aylar önce
Link was absolutely robbed, Rhett’s drawing was spot on.
reerz robz
reerz robz Aylar önce
I think she had a crush on Rhett this choosing him as the winner
MerryBerry Aylar önce
@Nancy Le painus 🥴
CatsAndPokemon Aylar önce
@Nancy Le YES!!
jojo🌻 Aylar önce
Nancy Le
Nancy Le Aylar önce
link was robbed twice now. first w the haircut and now w the drawing 😔
Grackle Lackle
Grackle Lackle Aylar önce
This episode was FANTASTIC! I was cracking up the entire time they were describing each other.
Sam Aylar önce
Haven't laughed this hard on an episode in awhile. Loved this!
Giulia Adde
Giulia Adde 2 gün önce
she's so sweet! I hope she's back for another challenge
The DL
The DL Aylar önce
I need to show some serious appreciation for Alissa, I'm an artist too but I think I would find this SO difficult, she rocked it!
Avery Gibson
Avery Gibson Aylar önce
Rhett was so adamant that his picture didn’t look like him that much and it literally looks exactly like him😂 The picture of Link was pretty good too but she deserved more props for that picture of Rhett!!!
Melissa Wood
Melissa Wood Aylar önce
I love it when they bring quality talent like this on the show
Frank Cooney
Frank Cooney Aylar önce
This was a really fun episode! I thought Alyssa was great and was able to artistically translate Rhett and Links’ descriptions into a sketch. It’s like she is used to having to interpret obscurity into something definitive.
Amanda Campione
Amanda Campione Aylar önce
Rhett: “No everything’s supple” link: “ everything on me is larger than a normal man’s” 😂😂😂😂 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 so good lol
Olivia Rose
Olivia Rose Aylar önce
Get some of the crew to draw the guys. Obviously they'll know what they look like but it'll be funny to see
Porcuspine Aylar önce
The non-food episodes are always such a blast!
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