Craziest “Saving Lives” Moments in Sports History

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Craziest “Saving Lives” Moments in Sports History
Saving the life of a dying teammate on the Field!!
Joshua 1:9

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Tainjiro kamado
Tainjiro kamado Gün önce
It’s not click bait
Ivette Umanante
Ivette Umanante 9 gün önce
@druggedbench a los
Isa !
Isa ! Aylar önce
Yeah lol
Aaron Geyer
Aaron Geyer Aylar önce
Hakim Aylar önce
@aldi ruswandi orang Indonesia
Derpaderpy 20 dakika önce
The second clip wasn't necessarily saving the player's life; but his teammate and that one opponent certainly saved him from a potentially unfortunate injury. Props.
Mr. T
Mr. T 5 saatler önce
The first guy had Spidey senses
Homestead Locksmith
Homestead Locksmith 7 saatler önce
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Ro Lon
Ro Lon 11 saatler önce
Que gran apoyo del público al recibir el impacto del jugador jajajajajaja.
Pill Grimm
Pill Grimm 11 saatler önce
I kinda feel clickbaited. Most of these were just game saves.
Don Pierce
Don Pierce 12 saatler önce
Too bad the Evan Longoria thing is CGI.
Cristiano Cardoso
Cristiano Cardoso 15 saatler önce
click bait
AMIGURIMI 🧣 17 saatler önce
Tinha matado ela
Muhammad Ibn-raqib
Muhammad Ibn-raqib 18 saatler önce
I love the basketball ones the most because those rich people that paid extra for those seats got professional athletes thrown at them hahau
Dariusz W
Dariusz W 23 saatler önce
Baseball players really saving lives, footballers saving ball, basketball players saving ball but endangering public. I should've scroll down a bit in comment section to see I wasn't the only one to notice it.
r n
r n Gün önce
Crap! 40 clips. Maybe six "Saving Lives" moments
Tainjiro kamado
Tainjiro kamado Gün önce
Brooo anyone got a demon cure yet lol
Scott Family
Scott Family Gün önce
i think the thumbnail is a click bait
KeoniPhoenix Gün önce
Courtside seats are brutal when you have a 6ft 10in basketballer flying into your seat.
3 Vanguard Of The Phoenix 3
3 Vanguard Of The Phoenix 3 Gün önce
Legend has it, it's still on the field O.o
WildTube Gün önce
The amount of people that believe the first clip was real blows my mind. It was from a commercial.
Meditative music library
Meditative music library Gün önce
No one cares that you're the first to comment, do you want a cookie or something?
Dorothy J
Dorothy J Gün önce
I love how all the football ones are saving the ball and not actual lives lmao And not to mention the basketball players doing the opposite
Edens Water Is Life
Edens Water Is Life Gün önce
Been hit with a golf club in my pelvic. The golf club broke but not my pelvic. Betty White was right that thing can take a beating...but damn that hurt!
Matthew Graham
Matthew Graham 2 gün önce
The football ones don't make sense, but whatever makes filler I guess
Just in time for lunch Idk what to put
Just in time for lunch Idk what to put 2 gün önce
That first guy has eye's on the back of his head holy crap
Glory Son
Glory Son 2 gün önce
Real Superman!
Zombiereaper 2 gün önce
Ok the basketball ones are not so good cuz uhh they could have harmed a bystander but there cool i guess lol
Zombiereaper 2 gün önce
0:40 you gotta love this its so wholesome(that doesnt seem like the right word but it feels right)
??? 2 gün önce
🙏🏾 💯
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Jamie Jones
Jamie Jones 2 gün önce
Typical ungrateful entitled disrespectful dishonoring modern woman. I may be grandma, but I would’ve thrown my arms airily from and kissed him if not saving my life and respect him for life. But modern feminist? No. I may be biologist but know enough of physics that could have broken his hand.
xavier d
xavier d 2 gün önce
"American sports history" not world history
Sicsemperevellomortemtyrannis 8thdeleted
Sicsemperevellomortemtyrannis 8thdeleted 3 gün önce
Clickbaited AGAIN. 😮‍💨
Sicsemperevellomortemtyrannis 8thdeleted
Sicsemperevellomortemtyrannis 8thdeleted 3 gün önce
1:57 Young lady, you say??? Where?!
matthew travers
matthew travers 3 gün önce
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The NBA jumping into the crowd makes me mad for some reason
Ricardo Salvatti
Ricardo Salvatti 3 gün önce
Finnfinn15 !
Finnfinn15 ! 3 gün önce
People are just too close to the basketball field
Reality Challenged
Reality Challenged 3 gün önce
Whoever edited this video is insane
K. Victor
K. Victor 3 gün önce
Why are they mostly football clips 🙄
Composer S.S.S
Composer S.S.S 3 gün önce
Dillana Vashchenko
Dillana Vashchenko 3 gün önce
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fightclubhubbs 3 gün önce
"Saving Lives" title. watches 250+ pound basket ball stars land on several spectators
jay williams
jay williams 3 gün önce
Got to love this title!!!! " Craziest SAVING LIVES moments in sports history! Maybe one or two people would have been injured bad enough to say " SAVING LIVES". I hate click bait!!!!!!
Cooper Hershey
Cooper Hershey 3 gün önce
how is the football saving the ball saving lives?
Sunrise Water Media
Sunrise Water Media 3 gün önce
I didn't realize that a football touching the end zone counted if the other team wasn't holding it.
Bomi 4 gün önce
"Saving lives" video shows last person getting kicked in the chest.
GoBlue576966 4 gün önce
Now you need another one with the Miami cat.
Matthew Cox
Matthew Cox 4 gün önce
ThePokemonfan1993 4 gün önce
1:15 Moshpit!
Kaitlyn Mcbride
Kaitlyn Mcbride 4 gün önce
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Beaufort Calvaruso
Beaufort Calvaruso 4 gün önce
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Greg Del Mar
Greg Del Mar 4 gün önce
I like how this is a "saving lives" video but the majority of the clips are just common sports saves
Sir Beerus
Sir Beerus 4 gün önce
1:14 Shaq made a very sensible and quick judgment call by diving into the adult crowd and avoided the kids sitting on the courtside seats. 👏
Satish Kumar
Satish Kumar 4 gün önce
It's obvious that the first guy isn't a human
Dill Hole
Dill Hole 4 gün önce
What's the giant red circle for?
Smucklz 4 gün önce
That first guy is superhuman
Pedro Fredes
Pedro Fredes 4 gün önce
Naba Sarma
Naba Sarma 4 gün önce
I think they were not life saving but point saving!
Pandula Senanayaka.
Pandula Senanayaka. 4 gün önce
Where's the video which was added to the thumbnail
Eric Barnes
Eric Barnes 4 gün önce
OK, I see what the football players are doing, keeping the ball out of the end zone. Now if someone will explain to me why they do this?
The Freak🤍😊
The Freak🤍😊 5 gün önce
Saved lives ok-
Nartaya Mastrippolito
Nartaya Mastrippolito 5 gün önce
They should had kept the 1st save to last! His move was unreal.
Amine Zerdani
Amine Zerdani 5 gün önce
Right in the face 😂
Yasaman Kabiri
Yasaman Kabiri 5 gün önce
Baseball players saving lives 0:02 Football players saving balls 3:47 Basketball players jumping on people to save balls 5:16 (R.I.P the people who got jumped on 👀)
B P 5 gün önce
"Baseball fans saving lives" Football and basketball : _________________
Sateek Roy
Sateek Roy 5 gün önce
That first guy's reaction time was insane. He most likely turned around because he heard the bat hit the ball then his reflexes did the rest.
Dib Lahcen
Dib Lahcen 5 gün önce
Xyb3r Anims
Xyb3r Anims 5 gün önce
now this is being a sport 3:08
Haris Iqbal
Haris Iqbal 5 gün önce
Wait, Thumbnail was clickbait. 🤨😤
Erin Hasker
Erin Hasker 5 gün önce
Sure love how all this basketball and football saved lives. Stupid video!!
sdpunker 6 gün önce
Where was the bat block that got me to watch this?
Rob Thompson
Rob Thompson 6 gün önce
No picture sums up millennials more than the father catching the bat...
Trevor Brandtner
Trevor Brandtner 6 gün önce
Bathroom watches Sports was fun now people are too busy taking a knee
Ok? 6 gün önce
y’all there is a reason “saving lives” is in quotes 🤣🤣🤣
Heckler 220
Heckler 220 6 gün önce
When you don’t show the video of the still you use to promote your video it’s click-bait-crap! 👎🏻
Vedansh Yadav
Vedansh Yadav 6 gün önce
what If our reflex in pubg could be like the first guy
Melvin Robbins
Melvin Robbins 6 gün önce
Are we sure that the first guy isn't Spider-Man in real life?
larkholland 6 gün önce
90% of these were just players keeping a ball in play... wtf??
Lmfy 7 gün önce
That first baseball player undoubtedly has a sixth sense. Damn! I think he was the one who truly saved a life, and also those men who helped the guy falling over the railings. And then you've got these basketball players who are literally endangering lives to save the ball and the play. Like, why tf would you jump with your cleats up towards people in the crowd? They should've thrown their bodies instead of their shoes. That last clip was scary. His foot literally planted on the lady's face.
William rollick
William rollick 7 gün önce
Listen the ball going out of bounds in a basketball game doesn’t affect the game in the slightest. If you dive into the crowd kicking people in the face while doing so, you’re a dick.
Jacob Benitez
Jacob Benitez 7 gün önce
Real life Johnny joestar
Baseball History
Baseball History 7 gün önce
0:40 amazing!
Hidarii Kea
Hidarii Kea 7 gün önce
garf Channel
garf Channel 7 gün önce
ZeroFx 7 gün önce
How is avoiding a score related to saving lives?
AqilthebeaYT 7 gün önce
5:20 hahahaha
Dallas Freeby
Dallas Freeby 7 gün önce
Ok but why did the first guy throw that at them in the first place?
colton pugh
colton pugh 7 gün önce
How in the fuck did he hear that ball coming? Did he see the reflection in the camera lens or something? Basketball players are too overpaid and too over dramatic. Lastly, I haven't one time seen football players do that until this video.
qaradise 8 gün önce
*Craziest "Clickbait Thumbnail" Moments in TRshow History*
nh dew
nh dew 8 gün önce
The elite arrow externally unpack because double neurologically march given a sticky screw. ugly, aspiring crown
yr Cre
yr Cre 8 gün önce
The first guy probably has his another eyes on his back.
XJ-Icequeen 8 gün önce
john demoss
john demoss 8 gün önce
Clickbait BS
Reyny 8 gün önce
the first video is edited
インビジブル 8 gün önce
And they say what happens in anime doesn't happen in real life >:(
doseofreality100 8 gün önce
0:47..... never knew the football was alive.
Anita Hiltz
Anita Hiltz 8 gün önce
The saving the ball thing and the saving a life thing are 2 different things! Why someone needs to throw themselves into the crowd is beyond me. THAT COULD HURT SOMEONE. YOU WANT TO PUT ON A SHOW - YOU DO IT SOME OTHER WAY! I would also like to say to ALL THE PEOPLE POSTING - NO FOUL LANGUAGE!
Amin 8 gün önce
Nik Fikri Daniel
Nik Fikri Daniel 9 gün önce
Joshua 2308
Joshua 2308 9 gün önce
1:14 Shaq is 150 kg today and was for sure 120 kg in his career. He could've crushed them and a kid wouldn't have survived. That's not saving, Highlight Reel-kun...
Austin Reese
Austin Reese 9 gün önce
I didnt know Aquaman was in the NBA
Knight Enchanter
Knight Enchanter 9 gün önce
I thought this waa about saving someone physically. So I didn't expect the handegg ball parts.
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