Golden Retriever Meets New Tiny Kitten for the First Time!

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Funny Dog Bailey

Funny Dog Bailey

8 aylar önce

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@koenvandamme6901 7 aylar önce
The kitten went from scared to confused to friendly real fast 😂
It's called a montage.😁
@shiranuic9547 7 aylar önce
Cuz the dog went from moving around to lying down real fast.
@cedricjackson7521 6 aylar önce
Rough welcoming but eventually smoothed out.
@DOGGOLDEN168 6 aylar önce
@aaroncallahan119 6 aylar önce
Oh probably figured it out it was a baby really quickly.
@billcottles 7 aylar önce
Imagine an 800 lb. bear suddenly bursting around a corner at you at 50 mph, then deciding he wants to play....that's what that kitten experienced.
@oldfrend 7 aylar önce
more like 8000. bailey is at least 100x the kitten's weight.
@t-rexcellentreviews1663 7 aylar önce
@@oldfrendand it still held its ground, even though it was scared, before realising that this giant furry creature, is actually friendly, gentle and surprisingly comfortable to relax with.
@madz79 7 aylar önce
Yea its i a massive animal came running at the kitten, but wanted to play instead
@erichloehr5992 7 aylar önce
Play with you in its great slobbering maw. Not fun times methinks
@marquisstrongchild7535 7 aylar önce
....but then it's a teddy bear... not a grizzly.😊
@GeneralBass 7 aylar önce
I love how Bailey's first reaction is always "yay, new friend!"
@jakubjandourek2822 7 aylar önce
Everyone goldie I met... :-)
@garymcatear822 7 aylar önce
Aye but he got a slap in the face this time 😂
@drdarkeny 7 aylar önce
@@garymcatear822 - only once.
@residentfan1521 6 aylar önce
Well he is a Golden Retriever
@drdarkeny 6 aylar önce
@@residentfan1521 - all, you can't stay mad at them, because golden retrievers are just the biggest loving pups!
@Constantijn09 7 aylar önce
The kitten quickly realised that Bailey is a gentle giant
@herrbonk3635 7 aylar önce
A clumsy giant.
@Hasenpfote01 7 aylar önce
a giant giant, his enemy is 0:09 the bed ;)
@josephsullivan775 7 aylar önce
What else could she do
@j.p.6932 7 aylar önce
Cat’s lucky he’s patient and playful.
@jkadbhjadhboa 7 aylar önce
Despite mom’s terrible introduction of the two.
@carolekramer42 7 aylar önce
Kitty is terrified of Bailey at first, but all Bailey want is to play! With a little help - plop - kitty finds out Bailey is just a big soft, furry bundle of sweet love. I adore Bailey!!!😂❤😅❤
@DOGGOLDEN168 6 aylar önce
@Tigerman1138 7 aylar önce
She picked up the kitten and just rested it on the giant’s paw. That is a trusting kitten.
@DOGGOLDEN168 6 aylar önce
@catherinen8547 Aylar önce
Kitty did not have a choice
@hollymthws228 Aylar önce
trusting kitten? More like trusting human!
@jackdurden466 7 aylar önce
It’s so sweet to see a dog and a kitten so comfortable together. And Baileys face is just so funny! That huge tongue hanging out and he’s got the most “I don’t know and I don’t care” attitude look! The kitten will soon find out that it’s got a protector for life. Love all of this!!
@RryhhbfrHhgdHhgd356 7 aylar önce
Love how rapidly Bailey learned to not make eye contact with the “cat.” 😂 They do tend to take offense to that. Poor Bailey.
@thisisaname5589 5 aylar önce
Tough. They can get over it. One more reason why dogs are better I suppose.
@RryhhbfrHhgdHhgd356 5 aylar önce
@@thisisaname5589 Trust me when I say cats *do not* “get over” the no eye contact thing. It’s a instinctual hard-wired impulse for them. Eye contact = declaration of war.
@thisisaname5589 5 aylar önce
@@RryhhbfrHhgdHhgd356 I believe you. Also don't care. they're not in charge. They don't get to make anyone else do anything.
@RryhhbfrHhgdHhgd356 5 aylar önce
@@thisisaname5589 Clearly, you have never owned a cat. 😂
@thisisaname5589 5 aylar önce
@@RryhhbfrHhgdHhgd356 Who would want to? Unlike the Retriever there, who will love you unconditionally and earns everything it gets, the cat treats you like an enemy if you dare to look at it? There's something wrong with you people.
@jaybizman8594 27 gün önce
Didn't take them very long to become pals. Always amazes me how these large dogs can be so gentle and put up with a kitten harassing them with playfulness. 😆
@LilyRose8959 2 aylar önce
I love how the cat goes from terrified, to confused, to accepting a new friend. Very cute.
@ihsahnakerfeldt9280 4 aylar önce
I wasn't ready for this level of wholesome adorableness 😢
@dogzer 2 aylar önce
I love how fast the kitty decided that he absolutely loved the dog
@RodGrom 7 aylar önce
@DOGGOLDEN168 6 aylar önce
@lindaward5376 7 aylar önce
The look on Bailey's face says it all! Have a beautiful day everyone! 🐕 😸 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 ❤❤❤❤❤❤
@user-mb1gm5tq5j 7 aylar önce
@LC-eh5mf 7 aylar önce
Bailey is excited there's a new kid in town. Lol 💛
@davidl570 7 aylar önce
....................even if it's not an Eagle. (Okay, that was bad, I know............................)
@Jenz77 6 aylar önce
What town they live
@Wriggs74 28 gün önce
So adorable 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
@annekervran6396 7 aylar önce
At first, we though the kitty was a lion ! In fact, he needs time. Enthousiastic Bailey understands and then keeps quiet to make friends. ❤
@mountainmover9159 7 aylar önce
What a cutey, thanks for posting this. It brings back memories.. I did the same with my cat when she was a new kitten, except I have two dogs. She was terrified at first too. Now months later she lies in wait and attacks them both from the shadows every chance she gets. It's her favorite game!
@kevinreed1885 7 aylar önce
Our sweet Bailey loving up his new kitty. It's so wonderful how they realize so quickly that Bailey is all love.
@mustash1388 2 aylar önce
i love how golden retrievers are just happy for no reason
@ZippyThePinhead 7 aylar önce
You knew that after the initial big floppy dawg entrance, and the terrified kitten freakout that they would become best friends. How could anyone not love a big friendly goofy Golden sweetheart like Bailey? 🥰
@quantumcat7673 7 aylar önce
That slap right on the nose of Bailey sure seems to itch quite a lot! It did not take long for the little kitten to trust Bailey. Wonderful dog!
@davetv4705 7 aylar önce
So lovely how they eventually became friends.🤣🥰
@davidwalter2002 7 aylar önce
Bailey knows a new friend when he sees one! The kitten isn't quite as sure at first. But Bailey won it over. Best Friends for Life!
@gm9162 3 gün önce
Golden Retrievers are some of the sweetest dogs I have ever been around. Not surprised that the kitten eventually took to the dog like it did.
@annakryj757 6 aylar önce
@user-lg4hs8ik6u 7 aylar önce
Never ending cuteness!!!
@Sidionian 7 aylar önce
That dog is Hella smart. He is deliberately looking away most of the time, so as to not make the kitten feel threatened or confronted. Amazing IQ
@ihsahnakerfeldt9280 4 aylar önce
Well Golden Retrievers in general are anything but confrontational or aggressive.
@WilliamMurray-lr1bb 23 gün önce
a beautiful friendship in the making ..... made for each other !
@BusyMEOW 5 aylar önce
They're both adorable, the way the kitten was instantly comfortable with the big friendly woofer
@peterhaynes8258 2 aylar önce
Brilliant ! Bailey would never ever hurt anyone, Golden Retrievers are known for being, a quiet and lovely breed.
@Dristipat1971 6 aylar önce
Bailey just wanted to manage the kitty very softly, and he did. So nice personality. Love for Bailey. Love you, kitty.
@embrezar Aylar önce
When kitty is placed at dog's feet at 0:44, first it's a little hesitant. Still a little combative. But super quickly settles in for a nap. So adorable.
@henrlima87 2 aylar önce
Straight into play posture as it came through the door 😂
@Schadenfreude.. 4 aylar önce
Pure joy. Bet they have a wonderful life together ❤
@user-hf9uz8bj7c 7 aylar önce
ちっちやな、ちっちやな、 ネコパンチ❤️可愛いね~🐈💕👏👏👍👍😺🎵
@vikker8274 7 aylar önce
Too adorable!!❤
@amymorrison4213 7 aylar önce
Always sooo adorable!🥰
@spaztekwarrior 7 aylar önce
Little kitten couldn’t resist the Bailey factor after a few minutes. :)
@robr2389 6 aylar önce
CUTE!!!!! Bailey is always so gentle with his kittens.🐈🤗🥰
@markkozlowski3674 7 aylar önce
Bailey just has to do his friendship dance, and he and the kitten immediately become pals.
@averagechadlegionary5824 2 aylar önce
Goes to show the dog’s vibe when quickly the kitten becomes comfortable with the dog’s presence.
@concernedcitizen8231 6 aylar önce
That kitten is braver than I am...... If some giant 100 times my size with huge teeth came at me I'd be frozen in fear.
@lunartears6761 7 aylar önce
This is why I love big dogs. There supposed to be big enough to hurt a human, but often they’re giant sentient teddy bears.🥰
@hellstorm300 2 aylar önce
I wanna pay respect to the owner. Placing kitten with its back near the dog was very smart. This way the kitten can feel the warmth, but cannot see the dog to get scared.
@lanamorelli6480 2 aylar önce
Very sweet and adorable. ❤
@123456wasp Aylar önce
Made me smile the whole video long! 😎👍
@rstevens1836 6 aylar önce
One of the cutest sweetes things on the internet. When excitement becomes comfort. :)
@user-xm6py6pf1f 6 aylar önce
Любой кадр можно на открытки распечатать! Настолько милые !🥰🤣😇
@hummingbird2254 2 aylar önce
Bailey must have looked like Dogzilla to that tiny kitten when he first entered the room. 😀
@reginayfavors 6 aylar önce
Yep, this video made me smile today. Thank you.
@rhondafortson5205 5 aylar önce
Nothing gets any SWEETER than this!
@q98rt710 6 aylar önce
This is priceless! I'm waiting for the retriever to give kitty a bath.
@TP-vu3tc 7 aylar önce
As soon as the Kitten realized the dog posed no threat, the dog became one big kitten toy.
@harukoharuhara479 7 aylar önce
Aw, kitty trusts the giant doggie very quickly. I love that.
@jeffl977 2 aylar önce
From the day I was born our family always had litters of golden retriever puppies and kitties roaming around. GRs are the friendliest dogs around so we'd always find a dog and cat napping in a laundry basket full of warm clothes or outside snoozing on the lawn furniture. Aaahhhhh those were the days.
@trevorcarey3997 7 aylar önce
Soo cute and adorable 💖 my heart is melting
@mr.pipatt6026 7 aylar önce
❤ So Cute ❤
@gimichi 7 aylar önce
Both adorable!
@lisapridmore9746 6 aylar önce
Adorable 🐶🐱💕
@mrsstore9003 7 aylar önce
We absolutely LOVE Bailey! Thank you for letting us meet Bailey! He's SWEET!
@jaquannaelliott4893 6 aylar önce
Cuteness overload!🥰🤩
@eeronat 4 aylar önce
That's a very courageous kitten.
@jinxfarque 6 aylar önce
Made my day!
@danielwilliamson6180 6 aylar önce
My brother has a golden retriever named Willow. The kitten reminds me of an old friend, a beautiful grey tabby cat named Fluffy.
@Kaan-El 6 aylar önce
0:35-0:40 kitten is like “I’m outta here!” And goes and hides from Baily, even though he is a gentle giant 🤣 🤣
@DirtyDadJokes 7 aylar önce
It’s cute that Bailey’s so excited, but that kitten’s clearly scared shitless in the beginning.
@arcibaldoiisbroffolo9731 6 aylar önce
Kitty suddently says: “oh, he isn’t that bad after all”.
@iaov 6 aylar önce
Too cute!❤️
@laurensaul24 7 aylar önce
Little kitty knows Bailey is safe just takes a little while❤
@brandonhart5435 7 aylar önce
Yeah. After being terrified!
@barnbersonol 5 aylar önce
Kitten quickly works out the future sleeping arrangements for those cold winter nights ...
@colinriches1519 7 aylar önce
This made my day! Thank you so much for uploading ♥
@shelleysprinkle873 3 aylar önce
I love how he knows it's a baby!!!
@robertwilliams060 3 aylar önce
@Hello there, how are you doing this blessed day?
@lgic111 7 aylar önce
Doggy is so generous. He knows how to calm down smally kitty who is going topsy tervy initially. When kitty is put beside the sweety doggy, he instantly understands that if he moves a bit, kitty will get fearful. So he keeps himself statued, not moving a bit . This proves how intelligent animals are. Cute vedeo
@MadLadyHatter97 7 aylar önce
So cute ❤ how quickly they became friends ❤
@pamelabecic9775 7 aylar önce
So cute..... fantastic!!!
@user-hi3bw6yj9v 3 aylar önce
This is precious.
@11viewer77 5 aylar önce
Brave kitten stood his/her ground 💪🙂❤
@marlyandrade1147 7 aylar önce
Muito lindo estes dois 🙏🙏🐕🐾🐈❤️🐕🐾🐈❤️🐕🐾🐈❤️🙏🙏🇧🇷🇧🇷
@user-gj6zm2hu3u 3 aylar önce
@markberman6708 Aylar önce
Bailey has the best eyebrow reactions ever...
@Abigail-ns2fk 3 aylar önce
@pokijanmusuhbebek 7 aylar önce
Kitten is like a teacher giving education for the goggy ❤
@GOICOBA 6 aylar önce
Goldies always look happily unaware of their surroundings
@jamiemcglamary2339 6 aylar önce
So sweet ❤I love it ❤
@RoninCatholic 7 aylar önce
The dog is overjoyed at first sight, but the kitten is terrified! Part of the reason cats and dogs often don't get along is that despite their similarities, a lot of their body language is opposite. The cat trying to fluff up and look intimidating is similar to a puppy's "I want to play!" signals, including the paw swat. The more excited the big dog gets, the more frightened the kitten gets. This is of course why watching and carefully moderating both animals when introducing them is important, as I'm sure is done here. Once they get used to each other, cats and dogs can often get along very well.
@sergiovela9961 5 aylar önce
She’s an irresponsible pet owner.
@jesseramon4880 7 aylar önce
Love ❤️ you, Bailey. Thank you for bringing a smile
@donraggo77 7 aylar önce
Bailey is indeed 100% a funny dog.. and caring and loving too
@takarastar9129 7 aylar önce
adorable 😘
@bradyount242 2 aylar önce
Very Cute!
@jurianna1740 7 aylar önce
Haha. The dog is so happy & excited to see the kitten. Also also wanted to play with the kitten. But the kitten is so scared & confused by the big dog. Hope they will be the best of friends forever. 🥰☺️🤭🤣😂
@cnb2691 6 aylar önce
Bailey’s expressive eyes…
@rafaelaroseno5764 Aylar önce
2 fofos ❤
@thelord2831 6 aylar önce
So cute!!
@melindac3368 7 aylar önce
Cuteness overload. Goldens are just the best dogs.
@Paddymysterio1 27 gün önce
I think that's the beginning of a beautiful friendship
@crusader2112 7 aylar önce
This is too cute. 😎👍
@miguelarcangelolmedalopez1331 7 aylar önce
Wow!! First a fierce battle and at the end best buddies forever. Bailey is simply amazing ❤❤😂😂
@pineapplepenumbra 6 aylar önce
Well that changed around very quickly. We got our second cat from a family with a German Shepherd who was quite scared of her when she was a kitten. Their other cat didn't appreciate her presence, so we took her and I'm so glad that we did as she was a brilliant cat.
@sharonnicholson3393 7 aylar önce
Cuteness overload😂
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