I spent a day with PSYCH WARD SURVIVORS

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I spent a day with PSYCH WARD SURVIVORS to learn what really goes on behind the closed doors of a psychiatric facility. Sponsors ▸ betterhelp.com/padilla to get 10% off your first month! ▸Go to dailyharvest.com and enter code PADILLA to get up to $40 off your first box!

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AnthonyPadilla Aylar önce
NOTE: this is not the experience of ALL psych ward patients. many have found them pleasant and extremely beneficial. please watch the full video before jumping to any conclusions. come back next week for *I spent a day with DOMINATRIXES* ≡ ▸ open.spotify.com/show/5aOLuPenneHbhLh05fmkeu  ▸ podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/i-spent-a-day-with/id1550213250
Jerrica Salazar
Jerrica Salazar 9 gün önce
If you ever need a participant for a part 2 I’m here
Storm Boy
Storm Boy 9 gün önce
Can you do an I Spent a Day with guards in a psych ward to give an entire perspective of the people in it! Thank you for doing an episode on this; I learn something new every day I watch these videos!
Maria Lindell
Maria Lindell 14 gün önce
13:52 The unintelligeble word is "pressured
Abdurasa Langa
Abdurasa Langa 22 gün önce
Anthony I have something to say to you
lovely lip bones ouwwwwww wolvres.
lovely lip bones ouwwwwww wolvres. 24 gün önce
I was in one yesterday
Rachel.love07 Saatler önce
The poem perfectly described my stay
Sarah Driscoll
Sarah Driscoll 5 saatler önce
Some people benefit from psychiatric wards. I think it was very ignorant and irresponsible of Anthony, to not to include one of those people.
mick 8 saatler önce
bro i should’ve been in this
Naohiro Yoshino
Naohiro Yoshino 12 saatler önce
baobei 17 saatler önce
I was in psych ward like 3 or 4 times for a couple months each and like it was fun 🤣
-b u g-
-b u g- Gün önce
The poem was powerful asf, I really felt that
-b u g-
-b u g- Gün önce
I went to a mental hospital when i was 12 and let me tell you, they only made it worse, i am now pretty scared of speaking too low or too loud, and they also showed us that its dumb to self-harm, which by the way, EVERYONE IN THE ROOM HAD SELF HARMED BEFORE including the youngest there, an 11 year old, and they mostly ruined my and others mental health more.
The Noobest Girl
The Noobest Girl Gün önce
No wonder my ex escaped from the one he was in... It sounds like to me that they purposefully make your stay there so awful in hopes that it would be such a deterant and serve as motivation to not ever end up there again so you get actual help once you somehow get out, like they did in the work houses in Victorian England - make your stay there awful to give you motivation to not get poor enough to end up there again but not really offer any help in getting you out of your situation... At least in those work houses you could leave whenever you wanted. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Either that or they're really that bad at offering help. Either way it's fucked up.
Shalimar Boulos
Shalimar Boulos Gün önce
I wish there was so much more community care for those who need acute care that doesn’t include a locked facility…it sucks the limited amount of options there are or how limited the support services are willing to support those with mental health struggles.
Sara Almonte
Sara Almonte Gün önce
you should do a video on wilderness therapy survivors! I think that would be really interesting
drewscorner Gün önce
When I was a teen I begged my parents to take me to a mental hospital, cause I was so suicidal I was afraid of being alone, and even attempted a few times. My mom wanted to take me, but my dad told me that if I'd go he would leave home. I'm now glad I didn't go but at the same time it was very hard to find the strength not to do it. It was an unbearable pain. I have BPD and OCD and didn't receive the proper help when I needed it. I'm not American and mental hospitals are different where I live so maybe it would've actually helped me. I only know that i wanted help so bad.
Alice Gün önce
Honestly last time I was in the hospital I faked it out and my parents even encouraged it. I told them I was so upset everyday that I couldn't eat and I lost pounds in the week or so I was there. (This video also seem to only cover 3 day stays. Those are voluntary. If you're put in there it's long I've been there 2 weeks at least.) I feel very close to Anita's situation I ran away and my mom called the cops on me (I was 18 already) They looked for me and when a officer found me he asked to talk I said no and he wouldn't leave me alone So I tried to book it He grabbed me, and I wacked him cuz he grabbed me. He threw me to the ground and cuffed me and told me it was hospital or jail I just do what they say to get out asap, and like they said get help after I get out. That same psychward sent some guys to the girls unit cuz the guys section was full. I've also been sexually assaulted IN PHP and CRU units. Like they said they bring you to this place for recovery but then you can't even do that
Jade Marie
Jade Marie 2 gün önce
I like David. He is a kind and cute old man.
alice torres
alice torres 2 gün önce
This is one of the absolute best channels on the internet, so sensitive, so necessary
Saturnite 2 gün önce
Ok but that poem was super freaking good. It sums up mental hospitals perfectly.
Emma Dawson
Emma Dawson 2 gün önce
i actually enjoyed being in the psych ward????
Alyssa Milward
Alyssa Milward 2 gün önce
As a psychiatric nurse, I can definitely say that there are hospitals and staff that do go too far with patients, just because “well they need the meds so this is the easiest way.” That is super unethical and wrong. There are complete voluntary facilities, I work at one and I have looked PD and ambulance staff in the eye, after a patient they are transferring to us said that they don’t want to be there, that I won’t bring them into my facility because they have the right to refuse. It’s a basic patient right. Now… there are state and federal laws that are in place that we’re kinda mentioned. Yes, there is the 72 hour hold and yes it sucks, but it does not count weekends. Yes, there are some doctors that will discharge patients before the 72 hours is up, but it’s a liability to them so a second doctor most times has to second the order. It’s a liability due to the fact that if the patient harms themselves right after being discharged and it was before the 72 hours, the doctor and facility are held liable. On the law part, there are involuntary facilities that hold you regardless and you have to stand before a judge to get the all clear or you get a mandated treatment order (Court Order Treatment). It’s a process, but for a majority of patients, it is needed. Working in one of these places, I will say it’s tough on staff and turnover is high, which is horrible for the patients because of you have burnt out and over worked staff, the patients are going to get horrible treatment. All-in-all, these places are here too help, but there are some that are better than others. ❤️ From your psychiatric staff community. I wish mental health was just as accessible and socially allowed like any other form of medicine…
TriveraIvyVines 2 gün önce
“Because sometimes existing is exhausting” 😐🥺 true
Fish sticks
Fish sticks 2 gün önce
The poem was good
lyric hutchins
lyric hutchins 2 gün önce
Dilan Elysium
Dilan Elysium 2 gün önce
The intro was so dramatic I felt like I was stepping into a movie
Joking Maiden
Joking Maiden 3 gün önce
2:11-4:58 yeah this is exactly what it felt like lmao
germy kyle
germy kyle 3 gün önce
i almost think david made me cry the most :/
ayo? luna
ayo? luna 3 gün önce
i love david 😥😥💖
Zoie LaMure
Zoie LaMure 3 gün önce
Damn that poem
crazytopten 3 gün önce
i did the EXACT same thing as anita with the knife, luckily i was self admitted and had a very positive experience
crazytopten 3 gün önce
my stay was honestly extremely beneficial
andres 3 gün önce
i waited to watch this until now because i was still recovering from my own experiences. they made me strip naked to note how many scars i had on my body like an animal. they made me take meds to "calm down" they misplaced peoples belongings, including my earrings that i had since i was a baby. i never spoke to a therapist. i was "voluntary" but stayed over a week. i will never look to mental hospitals for help ever again
Sabrina Hun
Sabrina Hun 3 gün önce
Im scared. My dad get there yesterday. Luckily i life in Germany
Olive 3 gün önce
The poem was full of anger. Very emotional
tayopapayo 3 gün önce
That poem actually gave me chills. As someone whose been in a psych ward type facility as a young child, it’s a very awful place and it’s exactly like what she said in the poem.
EmoQuack 4 gün önce
That Poem had me SPEECHLESS. Her delivery hit me like a boulder. Jesus.
Jules Elyse
Jules Elyse 4 gün önce
Anthony, I love how you include your guests’ pronouns when you introduce them. You’re such an amazing interviewer and I love this series.
Rian Midili
Rian Midili 4 gün önce
Recently, a loved one of mine was taken to the hospital for attempting to overdose. They told us that they HAVE to take her to a psych ward for at least 3 business days. We pleaded the next day that she was okay and it was a drunken mistake, but she had to go. We had no rights. She was in there for 5 days since she went in on thrusday. Only 1 time did a therapist come and talk to her. He talked to her for 5 minutes and never saw her again. She told me she slept through most of the days, did some group art projects, "group therapy", and that is it. They do not help people in there in most cases. Alot of people go crazy just by being in there. I do believe we need psych wards, but they need to totally reform there shit.
Alyssa Mello
Alyssa Mello 4 gün önce
I had a really positive experience in the psych wards I’ve been to in Massachusetts. I wouldn’t be alive today without them.
Rebecca Villebro
Rebecca Villebro 4 gün önce
If you ever so an episode in people with Trichotillomania - I would love to participate ✨
Julie M
Julie M 4 gün önce
I worked many years as a ward clerk & have a very different POV.
Crucifix Styx
Crucifix Styx 4 gün önce
⟟ used the woman who wrote that poem for ⏃ public speech class. its so so beautiful and rawn, incredible
Yvng Breezy
Yvng Breezy 4 gün önce
Besides the trauma I went thru, the only thing I hated about going to a ward was the cost. It was like $6,000 for my 72 hour hold at a shitty hospital. I’ll always feel guilty for costing my parents all that money out of pocket.
☀︎ venix ☀︎
☀︎ venix ☀︎ 4 gün önce
They have no right to take your clothing off
Caytee Chambers
Caytee Chambers 4 gün önce
I was admitted to the BMU(Behavorial Mental Unit) last year for severe postpartum depression and postpartum psychosis. I only stayed three days, but I had a really good experience. I needed sleep. Once I got two full nights of rest the hallucinations and voices went away. I was terrified I was schizophrenic like my birth mother. I never want to get that low again. I wanted to end my life and I’m so happy I didn’t.
Veasna TDM
Veasna TDM 4 gün önce
Watching this made me feel even more afraid to say anything about my mental health, and this is true story too which is what made me so afraid.
Heidi Dawn
Heidi Dawn 4 gün önce
The worst thing about these places is that a lot of people come out worse than they go in because of the damage some medications can do on the frontal lobe. This whole system is extremely flawed and sad. People really just need therapy during most types of psychotic episodes or mental health issues, not to be knocked out with drugs.
Tashi Kamala
Tashi Kamala 5 gün önce
If I may ask, and I hope someone sees this and is willing to answer: What exactly is a psych ward? I am from Germany, and have been to mental hospitals (in Germany) on numerous occasions, by my free will. It was always a really nice stay, it helped me a lot, I only got the meds I already took anyway as well as some plant-based sleeping pills I could take if needed, though I did not have to. It felt like a spa-vacation except my mind was getting the treatments. It helped me a lot to deal with my depressions, which I've had since childhood. So now I wonder if psych wards are just a different thing, that potentially doesn't even exist in Germany, because the stories I heard here make it seem … alot worse.
Tashi Kamala
Tashi Kamala 2 gün önce
@Louis D. I believe so as well. I believe I'm quite privileged with the good healthcare, especially towards mental health, though I'd truly hope that it would be normal, and not a privilege. Maybe one day, if we keep advocating good mental health programs, and talk about the issues with the bad ones.
Louis D.
Louis D. 2 gün önce
@Tashi Kamala That sounds exactly the way it should be. I'm not even from a country that has bad healthcare per se (Canada), and I do believe that if our system operated more like yours and less like the US's, people who need help would actually seek help.
Tashi Kamala
Tashi Kamala 3 gün önce
@Louis D. oh dear, that sounds absolutely dreadful! In my country, the psychological hospitals have patients who don't want to be there as well, if they were in danger of hurting themselfs or others, but we get to leave the grounds for a few hours a day, recieve visitors, have a TV and often people bring gaming consoles. You only get the meds you need, and only after haven spoken about what they are … and not as injections. Obviously, if you are in danger of suicide, you can't go out during your stay until you got better, and if you cut or do drugs, they do check that you didn't do any of that whilst out and about, but if the food is bad, for example, patients often will go out for pizza, and we have movie or gaming nights together. I always love to see the difference between new arrivals, and arrivals after a few weeks, since they seem much happier. Also we have lots of therapy, on the weekends sometimes animal based ones, and under the week art therapy, group therapy and physical therapy.
Louis D.
Louis D. 3 gün önce
A psych ward is like a prison, except there is no trial, no judge, no appeal. You spend 72 hours, a week, a month, whatever. Over the course of that time, you get locked up or tied up to a stretcher if you speak out of turn. If you refuse the medication, big men in white uniforms pin you to the ground and inject whatever they want in your butt, without even telling you what it is. On average, you get to see the psychiatrist for approximately 5-10 minutes per week. There are no psychologists or social workers. If you behave, you get to sit in silence on a plastic chair doing nothing at all from the moment you wake up, until you go to bed, which in my case was on a stretcher in a hallway with the lights on. Certainly, in my case, those stays ruined my life. I developped issues of addiction *after* my stays, because I needed the drugs and alcohol to not think about it.
Stacie 5 gün önce
It was so horrible to know you were stuck and couldn't leave unless a doctor discharged you. Absolutely terrifying. My stay didn't help at all.
Owen Shawn
Owen Shawn 5 gün önce
I loved seeing the poem performed in a different format.
T MP 5 gün önce
All 5 of my experiences weren’t horrible .. I’m very lucky
Angsty Breadstyx
Angsty Breadstyx 5 gün önce
This is very eye opening yet it makes me very afraid. As someone with very poor mental health, I’ve always considered telling my mom to admit me during my bouts of psychosis. I don’t know what to do now really, what can help me.
clayton 5 gün önce
That poem ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Frank Buell
Frank Buell 5 gün önce
I 100% agree with the women in the white sweater its just there to keep you safe but even after sitting there for 3-5 days in therapy it helped but then I went home and after a few weeks im back to where I was I know someone that goes in every once in a while just for a mental vacation I wanted to try that but it just seemed like a hassle or something...idk I really need to figure life out im 33 and its just sad
Hayden Mary
Hayden Mary 5 gün önce
I was in and out of hospitalization for suicidal thoughts all through middle school and some in high school. I was put on too many meds and was misdiagnosed. I don’t want people to think they shouldn’t ask for help because it is a better option than being alone and not treated at all. But it needs to be fixed, the system for mental health. It did kind of humble me in a way though, because I was so bored I wanted to go back home, which was a very triggering place to be. I’m glad to say I’m living proof that it does get better with the proper help that I’ve finally gotten and also work I’ve put into myself. And I’m so happy that I chose to stay around to live. If you’re reading this and feeling like it won’t get better please trust that it won’t be like this forever. Please reach out for the help you deserve. ❤️
brownkiwibird 6 gün önce
Anita Thank you. Thank you sm...
k c
k c 6 gün önce
We love David
k c
k c 6 gün önce
The lady in the thumbnail isn't in the video anybody else notice that??
poowater 6 gün önce
How much did it cost to be admitted in the psyche wards tho? I'm curious about how much they cost specifically in the US
This guy
This guy 6 gün önce
David is awesome
Jesus Pena
Jesus Pena 6 gün önce
I was involuntarily at a 50/51. In my experience it was crazy af. I would never want to go back.
Channel 1941F04
Channel 1941F04 5 gün önce
You need help removing it from your record to join military ?
BeautyChemCam 6 gün önce
What always shocks me are the studies that find that mental health experts usually have more stigma against people with mental illness than other people, and they believe less in the possibility that people with mental illness can and will get better.
sewtie 🍓
sewtie 🍓 6 gün önce
12:18 what she said was so true. they’re literally there to make sure you don’t ‘harm’ yourself. i’ve been to psych wards a few times & still came out suicidal. out of the few times i’ve been there, i only got to speak to a therapist (1 on 1) ONE time
Penelope Banjo
Penelope Banjo 6 gün önce
Did anyone els almost get lost in tue poem
jasmine barnes
jasmine barnes 7 gün önce
This makes me realise how different and lucky my experience has been with mental health clinics! I live in Australia, and was admitted in a private mental health clinic that my insurance completely covered. I was on 24/7 suicide watch, but all the staff were incredibly lovely. I became friends with a lot of the nurses. The staff was definitely there because they loved their jobs and cared about their patients. I would see my psychiatrist once a week, do my TMS every second day, do group meetings everyday, saw a psychologist once a week. They even set me up with a Pain Specialist to help with my chronic pain and fix up my medication. They took away most of my belongings, and if I wanted them I had to ask permission. They did have to be aware of where I was in the facility at all times. All the facilities were clean and maintained. My room had its own private bathroom, clothes cupboard, tv, and desk built into the wall. They also set me up with support after I left the clinic as well. I’m sorry for people that have had horrible experiences, it’s not ok and you definitely didn’t deserve it!
name less
name less Gün önce
How did you get in there?
rainbowsalt 45
rainbowsalt 45 7 gün önce
one of my friends was admitted to a psychiatric hospital a few days ago, and after seeing this video i’m honestly really worried for her. :(
Alex Rocio
Alex Rocio 7 gün önce
As someone who’s been in and out of hospitals for the past couple years, this video really makes me understand that my experiences are very similar to others. I’m so glad to know that I’m not alone. Fuck this system. Help us. Don’t lock us up.
Rainy T
Rainy T 7 gün önce
I was involuntarily admitted to a psych ward in 6th grade, Terrifying
Sophie Kelland
Sophie Kelland 7 gün önce
Anyone know any videos on British psychiatric hospitals and if this is like them too?
Gordon Ramsay's Lamb Sauce
Gordon Ramsay's Lamb Sauce 8 gün önce
I understand that some hospitals can be considered good, but I can't shake the feeling that it's so dehumanizing to find a person who wants or needs help and lock them up. Get them therapy, supervise them, talk to them. Don't take away their privacy, access to their own stuff, and their phone privileges. More often than not, that makes it so much worse. I was clean for 5 months and when I had my medication and privacy taken away, I relapsed. So bad. I almost killed myself then and there because the thought of dying was so much better than having to be trapped somewhere with no other option.
mcyt fan
mcyt fan 8 gün önce
That poem was so good also David is such a kind soul
Ola Kolade
Ola Kolade 8 gün önce
such an interesting poem! It gives me more insight on what a psychiatric ward really is like
Beverly 8 gün önce
I just want to share my experience because it highlights like these stories how screwed up mental health care is in this country. Last year, I had a complete breakdown that had been building for a few months and I got up the courage to tell my mom that I felt like I needed to check myself in. So we packed a bag and went. During the prescreening, I was told that because I had a responsible adult that I would not be able to be admitted. My mom tried to explain that yes she was a responsible adult but not at all trained on how to handle a mental health crisis and they said it didn’t matter. In not so many words, I was told that if I wanted to be admitted, I needed to actually attempt suicide first. We were both completely disappointed because the point of these places is to stop people from harming themselves, not telling them to do it if they want to receive care. One year later I still struggle with quite a lot of suicidal ideation on and off but I’ve given up trying to get help from an institution because I don’t want to be turned away again. There is just so much that needs to fixed in our mental healthcare system so that ANYONE can get help when they feel they need it. And proper help, not like the crap those in this video experienced.
Viki 8 gün önce
the thought that if i ever explain my true feelings to my parents i'd end up in that hell hole scares me so much
mirda 8 gün önce
i love lauren and her videos she helped me alot :D
Capelock Chambers
Capelock Chambers 8 gün önce
13:53 dunno why it shows "[?]" in the CC when it clear to me he said "pressured" lol. Just pointing it out in case you wanna change it
Triscuit 907
Triscuit 907 9 gün önce
If you want life insureance in the future go to a therapist
Amy K
Amy K 9 gün önce
Suicidal people don't belong in a psych ward. They should be somewhere specialized 😔 they need someone to talk to, not mess and isolation
alexander cohen
alexander cohen 9 gün önce
I did worry it was gonna be somewhat a blatant expression of anti-psychiatry, but it ended up being a fair criticism of the psych ward system. What I'm trying to say is... Great video!
Jerrica Salazar
Jerrica Salazar 9 gün önce
Discharge is so weird. They wanna make sure you have “support” after but literally no one supports you after. My entire family pretends it never happened and when I bring it up or my continuing thoughts they ignore it. Luckily the staff and nurses I met in the wards cared about me enough that I didn’t feel uncomfortable. But there’s times I still feel desperate to end it and know that if I decide to it has to be the end all because I don’t want to be admitted again.
Jerrica Salazar
Jerrica Salazar 9 gün önce
Her poem had me sobbing. Hit so deep. Wow. Wow.
Jerrica Salazar
Jerrica Salazar 9 gün önce
The girl that said being there and then going home didn’t change how you felt. So damn true. I took the meds and even new ones barely saw a “doctor” even had to ask for a prescription for chapstick. If anything whenever I think of acting on my ideation I think it just means I have to try harder next time.
Carter Eck
Carter Eck 9 gün önce
I've been in a psych ward for attempting to off myself. The abuse and treatment received from the staff is horrifying.
Blue Hearted Warriors
Blue Hearted Warriors 10 gün önce
the fact that im 16 and relate to all of these experiences. god. i hate mental hospitals
FourthRulerEntity 10 gün önce
I personally have held a knife TO MY HEART wondering how long it would take for me to black out afterward. 12 hours later I was fine and have never felt the need to end anything. NO MEDICATION so wtf?
Alani Salazar
Alani Salazar 10 gün önce
I was sent to a psyc ward when I didn’t need to be in there. Just Bc my foster mom didn’t want me in the house sticking up for my siblings she was treating wrong.
Alani Salazar
Alani Salazar 10 gün önce
I was 14 when I was admitted. From Lubbock texas in the back of a ambulance strapped up to Abilene texas. Was stripped and search without my permission , cried the whole time , got in and automatically gave me medication I didn’t need . I was there for 2 months until one of my real family members actually notice a foster parent put me in there.
e_e_d_d 10 gün önce
I was in a psych ward when I was 14 and I resonated very seeping with the poem and so much of the video…. The one I was in while did help, it also hurt so much and I sometimes still have nightmares
《Moomi》 10 gün önce
I think the biggest problem is that after you go to a psych ward, and realise it didn't help and you feel the same.... You feel so hopeless, like "If this didn't work, NOTHING will work, nothing will make me feel better, i might just end this all rn"
Eli_Mxtakes 10 gün önce
my first experience with this type of stuff was quite traumatizing. after fighting with myself and having flash backs and hallucinations of offing myself, i snapped and told my mom she needed to drive me to the hospital and get me help we went to the closest hospital and the moment i walked into emergency i was confronted by a man with a police bat-ton and a box of masks, he asked us to change our masks and sign in on a machine. it was so impersonal and scary, we signed in and a nurse gave me a small check up in the waiting room. she told me to wait a little longer to talk to someone. we talked to the desk lady and she sent us to the next waiting room we passed a locked secure door and their were patients and people sitting waiting for rooms and check ups. we sat near the window, though on the other side was an intoxicated man who seemed to be very angry, he was banging and trying to smash the window behind me i saw police and people handcuffed to a bed it was all so much after 4 hours of waiting we got a room. laying in that bed at 2 in the morning in silence it just felt like a morgue to me… the next nurse came in she checked my heart breathing and hooked me up to a machine. after that all she asked me some questions she was interrogating me telling me i was wrong and that it was my fault and that this will forever affect me. she finally left and we waited longer, i just wanted to go home. they doctor came while i was asleep and talked with my mom she told him the truth and that i feel safe going home so he eventually let us leave it was 6 am when we left i had school and was just so tired. this isnt supposed to discouraging people from going but it didnt help me i never even got admitted im grateful for that. in currently on better meds going to school more and getting help it got better. don’t give up please.
Gabrielle Garthe
Gabrielle Garthe 10 gün önce
David is such a sweetheart.
Insanity 333
Insanity 333 10 gün önce
An idea, recovering heroin addicts. I wish I had the nerve to do any type of interview so I could tell my story. But until then, it's always nice hearing others survival stories.
Baliplaygirl Kji
Baliplaygirl Kji 10 gün önce
Shoutout to any Dominion survivors
Savannah Opal
Savannah Opal 10 gün önce
That aint a poem- Thats a PSA- 👁👄👁
LEONÉ 10 gün önce
This angers me so much. I’m lucky enough to have had a good experience in a psych ward but I know that so many people have horrific experiences and it genuinely upsets me. This needs to change.
Zack Innes
Zack Innes 10 gün önce
Just a reminder that private clinics can be really amazing in my experience. Always a bad one in public, no way of telling the time and shit all over the bathroom all the time. I'm from Australia by the way
AJ Lenoir
AJ Lenoir 10 gün önce
I have dysthymia and general anxiety (possible ADD, I'm getting checked), and idk what happened, but it was really bad one day. I had a strong urge to end my life. Like I could almost literally see myself doing it and my body wanted to move on its own to do so. My mom saw me hyperventilating and sobbing so I told her and she panicked so she asked if she could call her sister who worked in the psych ward at the local pediatric hospital. She didn't really help much just said to call the crisis line so we did. Long story short, I went to the hospital and got questioned and everything. Luckily, I didn't get admitted, but I did have to do outpatient group therapy. It was terrible. I could tell by talking and relating with others the therapists weren't exactly experienced. They wanted us to pick a skill we had learned to practice in between each time and if you were like me and a lot of the others, very logical people, in a very cookie-cutter, "all kids are the same"ie emotional, you probably are good to go with a lot of DBT skills. So basically they said and I quote, "sometimes you have to make your own problems." Wouldn't that just cause more distress? they also had us see a counselor and psychiatrist individually. For the purposes of this story, we'll call the psychiatrist Dr.T. Dr.T was very kind, but odd in the first meeting. The second, he absolutely laid into me about why I was the way I was. Why do you do this? Why not that? Dr. T was VERY sweet to my parents telling them I'm okay and everything. Right after him, we had group therapy so I gave my phone to my mom so both my parents were in a meeting for all the parents/guardians and I have no way of contacting them. I ask if he can get my parents or just a therapist, someone to talk to. "No. She's with the others." The bathroom opened up and I whiped my face. So I could try to not disturb others in the lobby, but I had been hyperventilating the whole time. I noticed he was at the front desk and motioned to me. My big trigger is feeling trapped, especially when anxious. I sat outside the group therapy room for 3 hours, the majority of the time I was hyperventilating. The only person who came up to me was the sweet janitor lady with a box of tissues. I'm not going to share names or places even though I want to warn others. I have other stories like this and it baffles me. Why do you go into a career to help people only so you can have power? And why do I and so many others I know have stories like this and the mental health facilities don't care? So many people need help and things like this make them, or I guess I should say us, not want to.
Jamie Chesnut
Jamie Chesnut 10 gün önce
That poem is pretty accurate about what the psych ward is like. I once was forced to stay in one against my will and then they billed me for it. I told my wife "I'm not paying this I'll fight them tooth and nail over it they held me there against my will"
SafariIzzy 11 gün önce
ALS patients. Not enough people know what ALS is.
robo 1751
robo 1751 11 gün önce
David looks like a fun uncle that makes burgers at BBQ's
This is useless
This is useless 11 gün önce
Anita must be a fucking next level poet
nikki 11 gün önce
that poem is the most accurate description i’ve heard about a psych ward since i’ve been to one
faker then your Mama's ravioli
faker then your Mama's ravioli 11 gün önce
Remember if anyone out there has suicidal thoughts. Just remember they're just thoughts. Don't listen to them
Books Rebound
Books Rebound 11 gün önce
The poem is at 2:05 btw
Last Minute Wonder
Last Minute Wonder 11 gün önce
Not all psych wards are the same there are good ones and bad ones.
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