a-ha - Take On Me (Official Video) [Remastered in 4K]

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ONE BILLION VIEWS on February 17, 2020 📅

“Take On Me” has been remastered in stunning 4K resolution - watch it now!

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At the 1986 MTV Video Music Awards, the video for "Take On Me" won six awards-Best New Artist in a Video, Best Concept Video, Most Experimental Video, Best Direction, Best Special Effects, and Viewer's Choice-and was nominated for two others, Best Group Video and Video of the Year. "Take On Me" was also nominated for Favorite Pop/Rock Video at the 13th American Music Awards in 1986.

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The a-ha channel is the official TRshow home of the Norwegian Pop trio a-ha, who achieved global stardom in 1985 when their debut single, “Take On Me” from the album ‘Hunting High And Low’ topped the charts in 36 different countries on its way to becoming one of the best-selling singles of all time, and the 5th most streamed song of the 20th century. a-ha struck chart gold again with “The Sun Always Shines On T.V.” and “Cry Wolf,” and recorded the theme to the 1987 James Bond film “The Living Daylights”. The a-ha TRshow channel is proud to host the music videos from these hits alongside live performance videos, lyric videos, and the solo work of band members Morten Harket (lead vocals), Paul Waaktaar-Savoy (Guitar), and Magne Furuholmen (Keyboards).

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a-ha 2 yıl önce
ONE BILLION VIEWS!!! 🎉 Celebrate with us by checking out the a-ha capsule collection lnk.to/Take-On-Me-1-Billion 🎉
Rachid Aylar önce
The Angels say Hello To You...
grace piece
grace piece Aylar önce
Channel 2 aylar önce
nice music
VHS Mania Man
VHS Mania Man 7 aylar önce
Mahir Cave
Mahir Cave 3 yıl önce
This doesn't get old
coolWaterSeal 8 gün önce
dead chat
Z3R0Z 17 gün önce
FireTiger 28 gün önce
FireTiger 28 gün önce
FireTiger 28 gün önce
Daniel Toh
Daniel Toh 16 saatler önce
It took 10 years to hit 1 billion views and now it takes about 3 years only to reach half a billion views. This video is getting more popular as it ages
THE BIGGEST SCUMBAG 3 saatler önce
Ishmael 4 saatler önce
@Mia Mitten Well, a lot of people watching it are from the last of us 2, I am.
Mia Mitten
Mia Mitten 5 saatler önce
@Ishmael nothing to do with that. The more people have access to videos now and the higher the number, people will click and plus TRshow will promote it more.
Ishmael 6 saatler önce
It’s probably because of TikTok, and The Last Of Us 2. There’s an entire scene being song in the game my our protagonist, she plays it with the guitar. It was beautiful.
Mayra Contreras
Mayra Contreras 4 saatler önce
Soy yo o tiene mucha similitud a la canción de Harry Styles As it was? Aunque está es Clásico de clásicos 💃👍
Carlos Maliaño
Carlos Maliaño 13 saatler önce
Hermoso clasico
x x
x x 4 saatler önce
Wutaii1 Nostalgia
Wutaii1 Nostalgia 2 yıl önce
80's music with 1 Billion views Respect the Nostalgia
KD10Conqueror 18 gün önce
Long live the Nostalgia
Pyro Gaming
Pyro Gaming Aylar önce
Nostalgia is your….. last name
Fluffy 3 aylar önce
manasses 4 aylar önce
I love greta thunberg
John Castle
John Castle 5 aylar önce
I guess *Link* went back to listen to *80's Nostalgia* Love songs, cause he got his little ass *Handed* to him by *Cloud* (The Badass) *Strife!* on *Death Battle*
THE BIGGEST SCUMBAG 4 saatler önce
randomness_stupidness 14 saatler önce
im only a kid, and this is a banger, anf by far one of the best music videos ive seen
Bruce R
Bruce R 11 saatler önce
Change that, your screenname, being Random has no relation to your intelligence, stupidness, smartness. You like this song, your not stupid at all. Maybe change it to "Random_Intelligence", just an idea 😃 be well, stay safe, stay smart
Colombo Harrison
Colombo Harrison 3 gün önce
It's crazy how many people in 2022 will return to listen this legendary song!
s h
s h 2 gün önce
Because modern music is crap. The 80's was the last decent decade before culture really degenerated. I was born in the 90s.
かすぴー 2 gün önce
Very good!
Saimon Zara
Saimon Zara 2 gün önce
Andrew Wilson
Andrew Wilson 2 gün önce
I love this song!
Trust Me
Trust Me 2 gün önce
I miss my childhood
Alan Falk
Alan Falk 3 gün önce
I was nostalgic for the 80s, so I'm here listening to this masterpiece 🎶🥁🎹🎸❤
Soy un extraño
Soy un extraño 2 gün önce
7 hours :0
Colombo Harrison
Colombo Harrison 3 gün önce
Aitana Cruz
Aitana Cruz 11 aylar önce
The first time I listened to this, I must have been around five years old. I would watch this video almost daily. It was downloaded on our computer. I didn't understand the lyrics and I had no idea what the song was called, so when I immigrated and got a new computer, I spent years without listening to it. Then one day I happened to find a video that used this song, and gave credit in the description. I had finally found it again. The feeling I got when I watched it again was... Undescribable.
Bruce R
Bruce R 10 saatler önce
Awesome story
The Jon Brown Show
The Jon Brown Show 11 aylar önce
Oh and Deadpool 2 use a slow mo version of this two
Razi 11 aylar önce
One of life's random priceless thing - finding something old again and having a newer perspective and understanding of it
D_Michelle 11 aylar önce
@Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard The first Apple MacIntosh came out in 84, 2 years before this song.
Jonathan 916
Jonathan 916 17 saatler önce
I know this has been said many times before but man I wish we could bring back the 80's.
THE BIGGEST SCUMBAG 3 saatler önce
Sally ROSFELDER 9 saatler önce
Inoubliable.... 👌♥️🌹
John Hunter
John Hunter 14 gün önce
Best song ever! Saw them live in the Festhalle in Frankfurt, Germany yesterday. The crowd went crazy when they played this. And the performance quality was as if you were listening to a CD. I have no idea how Morten still masters these 2 1/2 octaves without any visible effort. Absolutely amazing.
vifoonek 8 saatler önce
I love this song
KodiYT 7 aylar önce
something about 80s music, just hits different If i could go back, it would be this decade. Everything seems perfect
Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer 7 aylar önce
1 no one here asked about football 2 football is just a bunch of people chasing a ball and making it look like the world is ending because they grazed their knee
Seikkailija Poika
Seikkailija Poika 7 aylar önce
At least everything seemed perfect if you lived in the US or Europe. And that was mostly just because people didn't know any better...so yeah. Less fun, I guess. Sorry. I do like the atmosphere and general optimism in the 80s movies, music and media. People really seemed to enjoy life.
Fedy Mercury
Fedy Mercury 7 aylar önce
@Jesus Cristo é Senhor💯❤️ ok fan de ElDed 🙄
Peter Parker
Peter Parker 7 aylar önce
Couldn't agree more
Vimal Raj
Vimal Raj Gün önce
I listen to this song every weekend. I suggest people to hear this while driving. You will love it.
g. erick ramos
g. erick ramos 4 gün önce
El tema icono del mejor rock de todos los tiempos las de los 80
Rhys Cory
Rhys Cory Gün önce
Even listening the piano version is great.
Anti Karisma
Anti Karisma Gün önce
فوق العاده 💓💞
Cekrom 4 yıl önce
I like this timeless art style =D
Ivan.G. Snegireff
Ivan.G. Snegireff 3 yıl önce
solidgoldivan take me on
The Lamest Guy Ever
The Lamest Guy Ever 3 yıl önce
@almostfm yeah that technique is used in movies like Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Mary Poppins and Anchor's Aweigh.
Raul Ferrari Ferrari Assessoria Contábil
Raul Ferrari Ferrari Assessoria Contábil 3 yıl önce
@Braden Thompson .
almostfm 4 yıl önce
If you're talking about the "cartoony" bits, it's a technique called "rotoscoping". They film the actors and then animators come in and hand draw each frame. It was originally developed in the 1890s.
ink! Tony the kaonashi gaster
ink! Tony the kaonashi gaster 4 yıl önce
Rotoscoping is a gift, isn't it?
kunoxre Gün önce
this song is a fuckin masterpiece, i've been hundreds back here, never get bored
Husky 8 gün önce
I’m a 2009 kid but this song will always be apart of my childhood. It’s so nostalgic. I remember sitting in the back of my grandma’s car in a booster seat on a hot SoCal day with this playing. She always played 80s stuff. I miss those days.
Bruce R
Bruce R 10 saatler önce
Bless you 😃
Husky 7 gün önce
@Karido Wdym? The early 2010s were the best years of my life. Don’t know where you got the fact that I was a fetus, if in late 2008-early 2009 then yes but not after April. I’m confused
Karido 8 gün önce
What days bruv? You were a fetus, damn.
O Mensageiro
O Mensageiro 9 gün önce
A década de 80 é a melhor da história da música.
estudos torres
estudos torres 7 gün önce
Amo essa música hahaha do nada fico cantando ela... muito aleatório.
Ana Luisa
Ana Luisa 5 gün önce
Eu tbm🤣 É sempre a primeira música que vem na minha cabeça, quando estou entediada ou distraida🤣
Glenn Bill
Glenn Bill 6 yıl önce
1:10 That high note though.
ivan snegireff
ivan snegireff 3 yıl önce
The original singer from aha this is his song but I love the song itself get people to understand that
awakening of the spirit
awakening of the spirit 3 yıl önce
+Karl 355 sorry hun but good music was beyond mine time in 89 (I'm 29 now) and I prefer older music its just the best sounds like it's from the soul xx
WCK666 4 yıl önce
can't hit it
oh glubbits
oh glubbits 4 yıl önce
Glenn Bill check out some of their other songs like train of thought and stay on these roads
Jonathan Hoareau
Jonathan Hoareau 4 yıl önce
Glenn Bill 1
letparaty 9 gün önce
Amooo demais, sou super fã te amo a-ha
Elizabeth W
Elizabeth W 16 gün önce
My all time favorite......never EVER gets old!
Vando Costa
Vando Costa 14 gün önce
Concordo com você.... Brasil - Brasília
Dazaiel 15 gün önce
𝔥𝔢𝔩𝔩 𝔥𝔢𝔫𝔯𝔶
𝔥𝔢𝔩𝔩 𝔥𝔢𝔫𝔯𝔶 17 gün önce
Que música..... Que vídeo clipe ❤️
Ganso 7 gün önce
Que música...... Que vídeo clipe ♥
ҜƗΜ 11 gün önce
@Vinicius Spindola Que música... Que vídeo clipe ❤️
Vinicius Spindola
Vinicius Spindola 15 gün önce
Que música..... Que video clipe ❤
MontalvãoGamer Gün önce
Vindo aqui depois de escutar The Weekend ❤❤❤
LIL DOOP 3 yıl önce
80's music, best of the best!
C M 3 yıl önce
57 i when I said "it speaks for itself" I was referring to your hypocrisy calling obnoxious speaking when you're sitting here generalizing all people who talk like that as black people by saying "you're talking like a black person" damn didn't think I had to spell it out for you, let's not forget I was insulting like that ironically
Pork 3 yıl önce
C M I defined it perfectly, that's exactly what it sounded like.
Pork 3 yıl önce
C M What do you mean "speaks for itself"? Have you even seen your own comment? Scroll up.
C M 3 yıl önce
57 i my guy
JackFred 9 gün önce
Cada vez que escucho está canción me recuerda cuando mis padres la escuchaban y yo era chiquito:')
mateus De sousa
mateus De sousa 9 gün önce
Sei lá às músicas de antigamente tinham uma vibe muito louca
Peter_Origami 7 gün önce
E o que tem a ver no vídeo esses cara correndo kkkkk
Nulo67Hw 9 gün önce
lo hacian por pasión
Felipe Kadeth
Felipe Kadeth 9 gün önce
verdade mano
𝕮𝖔𝖛𝖆 3 gün önce
after so much time, this remains one of the greatest masterpieces. simply beautiful
rgrez 18 saatler önce
La primera vez que escuché esta canción era una niña y me enamoré de su música y amé el video!!!
LAPhillyBoyVideos 6 aylar önce
Steve Barron who directed this video also directed “Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean”, Dire Straits “Money for Nothing” and a dozen other greatest videos of the 80’s. He was hands down the best of that time.
Aaron Hazouri
Aaron Hazouri 5 aylar önce
He also directed the first (and best) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie!!
Charlie The Pug
Charlie The Pug 5 aylar önce
Also add on to that list summer of 69
Glenn Thaule
Glenn Thaule 5 aylar önce
I worked for a trade show production company in the 90's with an old Billy Squire roadie named Roger. Be Good Johnny was on the radio and I had a brain fart over the name of the band so Roger looks around the shop with around five of us in it and asks me, " What are we ?" ( men at work of course) I got it, but I looked around quizzically, kind of mulled it over for effect and answered- " Oh yeah, of course I can't believe I forgot, Simple Minds !" Everybody busted a gut. I don't know why but anything 80's take me back there, good times.
Штајнбрехер 5 aylar önce
Steve Bannon's alter ego
Blue 9 gün önce
I love how old songs never get old!
🤓Nael rayan(。•̀ω-) ತ_ತ
🤓Nael rayan(。•̀ω-) ತ_ತ 7 gün önce
Izia Soares
Izia Soares 16 gün önce
Me sinto melhor ouvindo música dos anos 80
Vinicius Spindola
Vinicius Spindola 15 gün önce
Me sinto melhor ouvindo música dos anos 80
Mr_yellow 7 saatler önce
my father tell me this love this music from 80s
phillip ireland
phillip ireland 14 gün önce
Quite literally the greatest music video ever created.
Michael Wilson
Michael Wilson 3 yıl önce
Best love story of my high school days❤️ Class of ‘86!
bestamerica 3 yıl önce
' hi M W... me from high school in class of 1980
Raider Rockers
Raider Rockers 3 yıl önce
Michael Wilson sir you must be old these days we drink oil from gas canisters.
Blodis21 15 gün önce
It's really crazy how this all 80's songs never get old love it ❤️
Николай Родин
Николай Родин 14 gün önce
Песня на века, клип произведение искусства. Да и вообще a-ha красавцы… себе не изменяют)
Christian ツ
Christian ツ 13 gün önce
Эта песня потрясающая.
Saray Moreno
Saray Moreno 13 gün önce
Sin duda es una obra de arte ,una belleza no hay nada igual
Vladimir Tretiak
Vladimir Tretiak 6 gün önce
Love watching the third member of the band hitting guitar strings throughout the entire song - even though there's not a single guitar sound, it's all synthesizers))
Salsal 17 gün önce
2022 and this song still has the ability to bring out the life left in me.
Fabian Marco Schau
Fabian Marco Schau 2 yıl önce
To the People that create this song you are legends
Mysticz 2 yıl önce
Not Creative
Not Creative 2 yıl önce
Same I love this song and I just appricoate the work put Into this song and the video its so good!
[GD] Fr.
[GD] Fr. 2 yıl önce
The creators is the group named A-ha
Scoutbite 2 yıl önce
@Illusion Hex The intro is everywere and im not sad, its such music!
Illusion Hex
Illusion Hex 2 yıl önce
True , after listening this as the intro of a video I just searched it for a whole month to find it, it's kinda amazing and cheerful .
VJ 7 gün önce
Great song, but music video is a freaking masterpiece. Absolutely brilliant.
Sudin Baraokar
Sudin Baraokar 4 gün önce
Iconic One of the most underestimated music ever Aha will always be the inspiration
Mark Woods
Mark Woods 9 gün önce
The illustration is called rotoscoping and not only do like it, this is one of my favorite 80’s songs!
Ana Luisa
Ana Luisa 5 gün önce
This effect is impressive for the 80s, tbh
Iggy White
Iggy White 6 gün önce
@Anpalakan Kandiah Ralph Bakshi used a lot of rotoscopy in his films. Look him up.
Mark Woods
Mark Woods 6 gün önce
@Anpalakan Kandiah Ooook!
cynomyS 6 gün önce
@Anpalakan Kandiah yeah he was in "A Scanner Darkly" (2006) it was meh.
Anpalakan Kandiah
Anpalakan Kandiah 6 gün önce
Typed up rotoscoping and all it came up was Keanu Reaves .
Be More
Be More 5 gün önce
Back in the 80s, it must've been an incredible thrill to come up with a concept for a music video that no one had tried before. Magnificent then, and today. Well done!!!
Anna Archer
Anna Archer Yıl önce
Can we respect the creativity and comic art in this it’s dope
Zeka Yıl önce
Editing this probably took way too long
Will__Mem9rno Yıl önce
@Gauge Mogle07 NEVA GIV UP!!!
Gauge Mogle07
Gauge Mogle07 Yıl önce
I could only dream of drawing like this btw my drawings suck
Marija Pujic
Marija Pujic Yıl önce
Sireatsalot Gün önce
Powerful,great lyrics,great animation, nostalgic, and iconic
Chase Jones
Chase Jones 15 gün önce
80's fans, there’s an *awesome* 80's inspired band today called *Fire* *Tiger*
someone 2 gün önce
@SquareisEpic bruh
SquareisEpic 2 gün önce
@PupShakes dont have to be a smarta
certifiedgirlboss444 3 gün önce
@SquareisEpic bro do u even know what self promotion is 💀
Torbjörn Hedin
Torbjörn Hedin 4 gün önce
And ghosts latest album imperia
touchyjumpsuitmj 7 gün önce
**cough** The Weeknd **cough**
Megan Fedor
Megan Fedor 16 gün önce
Cutting edge for its time and it brings back so many happy memories. Goosebumps watching it! 🙏💋💖
Javier Costa Emil Kazinjsky
Javier Costa Emil Kazinjsky Gün önce
undoubtedly, I think they were one for each other...
neonAI 3 yıl önce
How to get 80s back: 1)wear black glasses 2)turn on this
Hernandez S
Hernandez S 3 yıl önce
Edward Smakov
Edward Smakov 3 yıl önce
like our names are so similar
Raymond Camejo
Raymond Camejo 3 yıl önce
No lie I did exactly that before I read this comment holy shit lmao
segpasta 3 yıl önce
Nah man. You need some maddafacking ramones, karate training montage to rocky and finally a hockey haircut.
josuath lorenzo
josuath lorenzo 3 yıl önce
Chris von Toerne
Chris von Toerne 18 gün önce
Just great. Always good to re-watch this AWESOME video! - Will see you next week live in Hamburg!
Stela lol
Stela lol 12 gün önce
wow i didn’t know I wasn’t the only one that still looks back on this song😣
Maria do Perpétuo Socorro Corrêa de Matos
Maria do Perpétuo Socorro Corrêa de Matos 5 gün önce
Meu Deus perdoe, mas eu era apaixonado por esse cantor na época, pra ele era o cantor mais bonito na época dos anos 80
2 minutes ago
2 minutes ago 7 gün önce
What a masterpiece
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