How to Lose Belly Fat in ONE Week at Home with 3 Simple Steps

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Bob & Brad

3 yıl önce

"Famous" Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck present How to Lose Belly Fat in ONE Week at Home with 3 Simple Steps

0:00 Intro song
0:09 Intro to video
0:23 Have healthy weight loss
1:16 Subscribe!
1:36 Bob and Brad's weight loss journey
2:12 Step 1
5:12 Drink water
6:02 Step 2
7:44 Bob's choice
8:43 Bob's next choice
9:19 How often/long should you exercise
9:54 Step 3
10:43 Brad's tip
11:55 Outro

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Ananta Sailesh
Ananta Sailesh Saatler önce
Very helpful stretches & cool ones, thanks to the most famous physio pair on internet🥰👌
Gemini George400
Gemini George400 9 saatler önce
Thanks so much! Great video!
Dave Cue
Dave Cue Gün önce
So how do I loose the fat?
William Ramel
William Ramel Gün önce
All these exercises are lightweight exercises and if you're overweight it's going to take a lot more than 15 reps of any exercise to get rid of that fat. Try 3 hours a day 5 days a week, and you better be dieting. Just saying this from experience I'm 68 years old and I used to weigh 240 lb I have lost 40 lb it's taken 2 years of going to the gym three times a week in the beginning and five times a week this last year of 2021. It's hard, and at the end when your belly goes down it gets worse because then you have man tits and sagging belly over your belt buckle. Now it's all up to my diet this is taking 3 years to accomplish but I've done so far. Without dieting, now it's Giant diet
Darva Earnest
Darva Earnest 3 gün önce
You guys are great to hear. I learned I'm not crazy also with this video. I always felt like I'm being punished for eating because I get so sleepy. Now I know I've messed up my glucose eating one or two big meals a day. Thank you. ❤
Max Pyane
Max Pyane 3 gün önce
Why does it take you 12 minutes to tell us three simple things it's not simple if it takes you 12 minutes
Max Pyane
Max Pyane 3 gün önce
I just farted
Kushie54321 3 gün önce
So what exactly are they eating with the vegetables if they cut out breads, rice, potatoes, and pasta. Not being funny, honestly curious.
Diane Schnur
Diane Schnur 4 gün önce
" kettlebell swings... strengthening the hamstring, buttocks, and back" = Why are all the really useful exercises awkward looking? ;)
J Annibal
J Annibal 5 gün önce
And less than 2 minutes into this video, an ad for "Cool Sculpting" popped up. LOL!
Bob & Brad
Bob & Brad 5 gün önce
I’m sorry we can’t control those timing issues!
William Mullikin
William Mullikin 5 gün önce
I see sagging pecs and bellies on these two, they are not very fit
Joe Barcelona
Joe Barcelona 6 gün önce
Did they even discuss what they were going to say beforehand? Um, your fat cells multiply in number during infancy and around puberty, and we have many compounds that mimick estrogens in our foods, medicines and water...three simple steps, huh?
Wendy Wallace
Wendy Wallace 10 gün önce
Thanks for a great video Bob and Brad. I live in Australia and would like to know where you purchase the wall anchors. Any suggestions on what I can use instead.
azdhan9 10 gün önce
Great video! Thanks for sharing. Could you please do a video on the best exercises to help carve out a six pack ones soneone loses suficient body fat. Thanks
Kathri 100
Kathri 100 11 gün önce
Where can you buy these ropes
frank wyman
frank wyman 11 gün önce
Professor S. Mitchell
Professor S. Mitchell 12 gün önce
Lol “Pat beck man…..we shouldn’t say her name, sorry Pat” I love it. Great video….great tips….thank you!
Earth 12 gün önce
1- No Bread 🍞 2- No Pasta 🍝 3- cut Sugar 4- No chocolate 🍫 5 - rice 🍚 6 potato 🥔 Drink lot of water 💦
Pam B
Pam B 12 gün önce
Where can you buy the wall anchor?
Dan Williams
Dan Williams 12 gün önce
Aw cmon stop this Bro Love fest !Get to the F&%kin Point ! 👍
Melon 12 gün önce
The future and past is in Allah hands
Malcomcaleb21 12 gün önce
White Smith
White Smith 13 gün önce
I eat bread with every meal 🤦‍♂️
Len Yancey
Len Yancey 13 gün önce
Interesting to note that this video was interrupted by a commercial that stated you can't lose belly fat by doing cardio exercises.
CUT THE FAT 15 gün önce
Started watching a year ago and utilized tools given to get healthy. Lost almost 100 lbs to date. Still strengthening my core. Thanks Bob and Brad for the gifts of good healthy habits.
soozmct 16 gün önce
Thanks Bob and Brad, I’m gonna do carb thing. BUT - this doesn’t really apply for post menopausal women of sixty years of age, eh?. Because the very structure of our cells has altered or whatever it is I don’t know the technicalities but the way the body actually stores fat is now different eh? No use me having unrealistic ideas, yeah?
10 Minutes to Craps-Roulette Fortune
10 Minutes to Craps-Roulette Fortune 17 gün önce
I went on a keto diet and dropped 20 lbs in a month. No breads, no pasta etc is all it took.
ry 17 gün önce
wow i love bob and brad
Suzanne 19 gün önce
Thank you sooooo much for this video! Awesome! I have been trying so hard to lose weight and not getting anywhere. I am going to follow these tips and hoping if I am more disciplined that I will see some results. Great tips. Will watch again and write them down. Already looking to see where I can set up my exercise stretch band wall in the house. Thank you again!!
N G 20 gün önce
For me, being vegan, I eat a lot of carbs. I bake my own bread and cook everything from scratch. It's not about the carbs, it's what you eat with it. Potatoes are not fattening, it's the oil you fry/roast it in or the high fat gravy or butter slopped on it, that makes it fattening. Bread is not fattening, it's the dressings made with oil and butter you smear on it that makes it fattening and perhaps the jam/marmalade. Reduce/eliminate the fat and sugar and the weight falls off. If you check out "High Carb Hannah' on youtube, she has before and after videos of her weight loss journey and how she lost 70lb eating carbs.
Kurt Keehbauch
Kurt Keehbauch 20 gün önce
ernest vega
ernest vega 21 gün önce
Enjoy watching Bob and Brad they are very informative
seaglass sparkles
seaglass sparkles 21 gün önce
I believe in not going out to eat. Not just for high sugar and high fat but also high sodium. Cutting sodium helps improve blood pressure and helps keep inflammation down, for me that is. I also like what they said about having a cheat meal to reset your metabolism. I will research that more.
Lainie Bourdeau
Lainie Bourdeau 22 gün önce
Not helpful
Pat Warburtonr
Pat Warburtonr 22 gün önce
May we not grow weary of doing good. We will reap a harvest if we don’t give up. 🙏
Pandarz 22 gün önce
roses are red, violets are blue, look who's checking to see if its true
locomojoboy2 22 gün önce
What about whole wheat bread/pasta and brown rice? Aren’t those good for your body and healthy to eat?
Weight Loss Smoothie
Weight Loss Smoothie 23 gün önce
G Andrea
G Andrea 23 gün önce
Minute 7:00 “this bugs me, your collar is up “ - ahhh I can’t believe I did that They are so awesome
G Andrea
G Andrea 23 gün önce
These two are such a great duo. I love how they don’t change the opening music and it’s been years.
Per Arne Larsen
Per Arne Larsen 12 gün önce
The opening music is fantastic - no need to change it :-)
CYCLEHOUND1 23 gün önce
Please fix that crooked cabinet door! Auuugghh!
ღ iNotCharliXD ღ
ღ iNotCharliXD ღ 25 gün önce
Starting weight: 125lbs Height at 5’5- Remind me to continue loosing weight
Gethel Fitness & Health
Gethel Fitness & Health 26 gün önce
I like the way she says you are almost there... I just wait for it. Day 1, let's hope I go through this for a month or two .... The trainer is awesome.
Kate Carlisle
Kate Carlisle 26 gün önce
Would have liked to watch till the end but jesus returned. 🤯🤪
Tyler Lelie Christian
Tyler Lelie Christian 27 gün önce
Hi Bob can you help me with this question I'm trying to lose the fat in my legs so I can have sexy legs and not have big fat legs how do I lose them like my thighs
hard as a rock
hard as a rock 26 gün önce
@Tyler Lelie Christian it's walking at a fast paste
Tyler Lelie Christian
Tyler Lelie Christian 26 gün önce
@hard as a rock I never heard of it
Tyler Lelie Christian
Tyler Lelie Christian 26 gün önce
@hard as a rock what is that
hard as a rock
hard as a rock 27 gün önce
have you tried brisk walking?
Janette Scott
Janette Scott 27 gün önce
I just discovered these guys. I love them! Going on their videos for back and knee problems. Learned alot on just a week.
Oh Keh
Oh Keh 28 gün önce
I need this I bloat so much! I need help to get rid of it but can’t to extreme exercise my breasts are huge and I can have back pain
Robert Ozn
Robert Ozn 28 gün önce
Recommendation : good exercises AND I wish you'd cut out a lot of the talk in beginning of video and cut to the exercises much sooner. Also I'd like to follow you doing a a routine rep for rep set for set. I'd watch that a lot more often.
Travels with Lucky
Travels with Lucky 29 gün önce
Subway now has salad bowls! So good 👍 Thats for all your info! You guys are The Best Resource!
Ava Case
Ava Case 29 gün önce
this is the cutest video
Robert Davidson
Robert Davidson Aylar önce
More waaa
Robert Davidson
Robert Davidson Aylar önce
Waaa miss the bars pasta a bit 😢 all that's left is air!Air I say and even thats off limits waa waa waaa!Rice waaa!What about whole wheat bread 🍞😢 waaaa I hate green tea waaa waaa waaaaa!I walk a few miles a day 😢waaa other days can't due to weather or some occasional pain waaa waaa waaa!
Most Hated
Most Hated Aylar önce
Instead of govt mandating experimental drugs and vaccines. Why not mandate exercise best believe that would reduce some of our American bad habits. But, no they rather have US stressed and, obesed so we can be big pharma customers for a life time.
Talmid Shel Yeshua
Talmid Shel Yeshua Aylar önce
How to lose belly fat in one week ?! Ha ha ha ha ha !!! My gut tangled with laughter .... please don't embarrassing yourself with these pompous titles. I can lose belly fat in a few hours. Let's say about ten grams of it. But if you thought that someone can flatten the belly in one week ... preach that to someone who have 300 + lbs. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA ..... LOOL You made my day
A Ellingham
A Ellingham Aylar önce
I wonder if that “kettle bell” exercise is good for hip flexors.
Tanya Fitzgerald
Tanya Fitzgerald Aylar önce
Just found them after breaking my ankle... they are 'em 😍
Toni Freeman
Toni Freeman Aylar önce
I love your videos%. How do I purchase the wall anchors you developed.
MooJoo5555 Aylar önce
they made me hungry lol
Kase Aylar önce
Bob and Brad make your intro a song, it lowkey slaps
FireFistAss Aylar önce
recently I've noticed that I've gotten some belly fat, gonna try use the information I got in this video, I'll update you all in november
Margaret Pitman
Margaret Pitman Aylar önce
DavyDave1313 Aylar önce
I am 385 pounds. A decade ago I was a fit 190 pound soldier until my accident years later. It’s depressing as hell how I ended up here I’ve been in this dark hole for so many years. I’ll take these words seriously and try to live by them. Tired of being in this hole
goatmaxful Aylar önce
I just wasted 12 minutes of my life I can’t get back
Susanna Xu
Susanna Xu Aylar önce
where can buy this wall ankors? sell on Amazon?
MEMES Daily Aylar önce
Is there a better feeling than eating a pizza without a guilt knowing that it wouldn't mess up your fitness plans? *Agoge Diet* thank you for everything!
Destiny Students
Destiny Students Aylar önce
does this workout actually work
Amy Harvey
Amy Harvey Aylar önce
Grill your burger, cut in half, and use a large *kale leaf* as the bun! You can even add mustard on the leaf, a slice of tomato and onions to the side of the burger; DELICIOUS! 😊
King K
King K Aylar önce
snacking= bad. Eat as much as you want, then stop. Ideally 2x/day.
Damethefirst Aylar önce
You guys are great!!
Craig Crisp
Craig Crisp Aylar önce
Well even TRshow recommendations are telling me I'm fat now 🤣.
Metal Dude
Metal Dude Aylar önce
Owkay... after that intro video I was this close to disliking the video and move on to another one, but the content is actually spot on! So well done and here's another like to add to the pile
Cherry Anne Mamuad
Cherry Anne Mamuad Aylar önce
Diet plan from Agoge Diet is so simple that everyone can follow it. No buzzwords, no bullsh*t, no pussyfooting. Only clear directions and instructions. Losing fat is easier than ever.
Nan Dep
Nan Dep Aylar önce
Skip ahead to 6:40 minute mark for the exercises. 🙂
Bonzo DogDooDah
Bonzo DogDooDah Aylar önce
This is rubbish! you cannot burn off belly like that. You need to be a calorie deficient diet. Exercise will tone muscle but nothing will happen in one week!
mwj5368 Aylar önce
I do the wrong thing with plain yogurt as I don't use nonfat yogurt, but try the following... Use plain nonfat yogurt, sweeten it with powdered stevia, usually $10 for I think it's a 3oz bottle. I add, also from the whole foods store a good quality Vietnamese cinnamon, a lot per pound (on the bulk jar) but still very competitive price wise. I stir that together and wow, it tastes superb! Smell the difference between like Srilankan cinnamon and another type from another country that is usually stocked, I forgot from where, and the Vietnamese cinnamon is fantastic in comparison. All three is far better than cinnamon bought in big grocery stores... but any brand is better than none. Also I'll with plain yogurt mix in organically grown blue berries or slice up strawberries or cherries, organic if you can, and just add powdered stevia and it is delicious! Also... I'll first mix powdered stevia with cinnamon, and maybe powdered chocolate, and powered instant coffee, then pour the hot water on it and it's very good! It's funny because I think of this song "Raspberries Strawberries" by the Kingston Trio, try listening to that with this ha!
Brenda McChristy
Brenda McChristy Aylar önce
Thank you guys. You are the best.
Robert Durham
Robert Durham Aylar önce
I fast 16 hours everyday then I have 8 hours too still eat what I like in small portions that way I have no cravings then ride my bike for 40 mins and resitance training with bands not saying this will work for everyone but works for me they do have great info
Gail Mattingly
Gail Mattingly Aylar önce
You guys can drop the weight much faster than us ladies ! I can’t believe this video entails 20 weight loss . I have been avoiding sugar , bread, and using low carbs and walking and still can’t lose enough weight. It’s been a month or more and I am stuck 6 lbs down only. Uck !!
Monica Wellington
Monica Wellington Aylar önce
Just about every natural weight loss supplement that actually works is made from ingredients that are similar in comparison to their own competition. Provided that you use any one of these proven supplements, particularly the one talked about in Jenessa Venspurke's on-line guide, it simply becomes difficult not to see the extra fat burn away consistently every week.
Alex Rose
Alex Rose Aylar önce
What about 100% wheat?
Chrissy Ellem
Chrissy Ellem Aylar önce
The pandemic has made me so fat. I've got a few months until my birthday and I'm going to real try to shed some pounds before it.
MSEAD123 Aylar önce
I use one tea bag or loose tea serving for several cups of tea all day also, so I don’t get too much caffeine, but I can do it with not caffeinated tea too.
Piggy Lover
Piggy Lover Aylar önce
Great video!
Mary Johnson
Mary Johnson Aylar önce
LOL Bert and Ernie thats a good one 👍 🤣 😄
Abhisaar Singh
Abhisaar Singh Aylar önce
Hmm its impossible for me
lee uh
lee uh Aylar önce
the “sure” @2:04 had me laughing hard for some reason lol
Saravanan D
Saravanan D Aylar önce
Can you please suggest good resistance band for people in India
Alyssa Abraham
Alyssa Abraham Aylar önce
I adore them.
VenusSlim Expert
VenusSlim Expert Aylar önce
Thanks great video! I used 6 steps to get rid of belly fat 1- Avoid sugar Sugars are not healthy at all, and studies show that they have negative effects on burning calories in the body, as sugar consists of fructose and glucose. Fructose is metabolized nutritionally by the liver, and when it is increased in the blood, it turns into fat that accumulates in the abdomen and liver, which leads to resistance to insulin secretion, and thus increases blood sugar, and other problems related to food metabolism. As for sweetened drinks, they are more dangerous than solid sugars; Because it increases the risk of obesity by 60%, especially in children. As for the sugars in fruits, they are the most beneficial, because they reduce the negative effects of fructose, as the amount we get from fruits is very little, compared to refined sugars. 2- More protein Protein is one of the most important foods that must be eaten when starting any diet, because eating it helps to avoid weight gain, as it reduces the calories consumed daily, to about 441 calories. Studies conducted by the site have shown the inverse relationship between eating protein and fruits, and increasing abdominal fat, confirming that eating refined carbohydrates and oils increases it. Accordingly, doctors recommend eating eggs, fish, legumes, nuts, meat and dairy as the best sources of protein. It is also recommended to cook food with coconut oil as it is low in calories. 3- Reducing carbohydrates When you reduce or prevent carbohydrates, the individual loses his appetite, and consequently his weight decreases, as he reduces the weight of water in the body and the difference appears quickly on the scale. According to studies, a low-carb diet targets belly and liver fat, and doctors recommend eating 50 grams of it daily. Reducing carbohydrates is not only related to weight loss, but can protect the body from developing type 2 diabetes. This nutrient is abundantly found in vegetables rich in starch, such as potatoes, corn, grains and their products such as bread. It is also found in all sweets and manufactured baked goods. 4- Increase dietary fiber Dietary fiber is an indigestible substance, but eating it greatly helps in losing weight, as it increases the feeling of satiety for long periods, because it is present in the gut for a longer time. Thus, its presence in this area slows down the movement of food in the digestive system, and increases the absorption of nutrients in food. Studies have found that when eating 10 grams of soluble fiber per day, calories are reduced by 10%, thus helping to lose weight over 4 months, by 2 kilograms. In another 5-year study, an association between 10 grams of soluble fiber reduced belly fat by 3.7%. The good sources of fiber are: green leafy vegetables, fruits, legumes and whole grains, as well as dietary supplements in the form of capsules that contain dietary fiber. 5- Doing exercise regularly This step is one of the best habits that an individual follows to achieve better health and avoid disease and obesity. Studies have proven that regular exercise such as walking, running and swimming for 6 weeks reduces belly fat and prevents its increase again. 6- Knowing the types of food in each meal Following diets is important for losing weight, but the important elements in meals should not be reduced, so that they are balanced. Studies have confirmed that getting healthy meals, calculating the calories in them, and comparing them with those that an individual must obtain daily, achieves the equation in maintaining a healthy balance and not gaining weight.
Wood Stream
Wood Stream Aylar önce
Reduced fat often means added sugar.
Mick Jager
Mick Jager Aylar önce
I have within the last 6-8 months lost probably 20-25 pounds due to cutting out beer and the extra eating I did when I was drinking. I was just over 6' tall when younger but no at 60 am like 5'10 according to my Dr.'s office annual physical measurements. Most I ever weighed was right at 200 and today I think was the first time in probably 25 years that I'm under 160. Weighted 159.9 first thing this morning. Still don't have 6 pack abs but that's about the only place I have much extra fat and it's fairly flat. I have also been eating mostly plant based since this spring. SO not strict vegan, but very little if any meat, egg or dairy.
Alicia Laucirica
Alicia Laucirica Aylar önce
These guys have been coming in clutch recently 😎
Tay Daley Fan Page
Tay Daley Fan Page Aylar önce
Don’t eat the snacks! Every time you eat you raise insulin. You want to eat as few times as you can handle. I do 2 meals a day. Also keep your meals in the shortest window possible. Mine is an 8 hour window. I eat my 2 meals four hours apart and then fast the next 16 hours until I eat again. That gives your body time to lower insulin, raise hgh and burn thru glycogen and start using that stored fat! Also track your calories to make sure you are in a deficit while you are getting to your goal weight. I’ve lost weight and gained weight many times over the years but I didn’t know all of this until the last couple of years. This makes it way easier. I have lost 50 pounds recently and have another 25 to go. Once you get to where you want to be you can start to eat a little bit more food but increase it very slowly so that your body can ramp up and adjust your metabolism. If you increase it too fast you will rebound gain a lot of that weight back. 💪🏻
Los Ortiz' travel Adventures
Los Ortiz' travel Adventures Aylar önce
Very entertaining yet informative... thanks guys
Patricia Bracy
Patricia Bracy Aylar önce
I’m curious how so many people who follow plant based lifestyles have lost 70 plus pounds following the starch solution which has 50% of your plate as starch such as potatoes, rice, beans etc and 50% non starchy vegetables?
Angkung James
Angkung James Aylar önce
Angkung James
Angkung James Aylar önce
CatFish 911
CatFish 911 Aylar önce
Just getting started again at 68 year old Retired Military needing to lose the spare tire I now have. I Just ordered your Pull Up Assist Bands Resistance Band set and your Resistance Bands Set for Workout Stackable Up to 125-150 lbs, with Door Anchor, ankle Straps, Handles. I should be getting them from Amazon on Monday and will start using them as well as your videos Monday as soon as I can. It would be great if YOU would offer Military or senior discounts to help us get back in shape.
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