Born In Atheist Family And Converted To Islam! - Interesting Story!

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Towards Eternity

Towards Eternity

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Born In Atheist Family And Converted To Islam! - Interesting Story!
Stijn Ledegen Instagram: stijnledegen
00:00 How did you hear about Islam the first time?
00:46 How did you feel when you took the Shahada?
01:22 How did you feel the first time you prayed the salah?
02:24 How did you hear about Islam the first time?
02:44 Why did you choose Islam and not other religions?
03:21 How did your family react after you became a Muslim?
06:50 Did any of these seem difficult to you? (Hajj-Salah-Fasting)
08:43 Are you more peaceful compared to your old life and why?
09:43 How did you purceive Islam before becoming a Muslim?
10:16 But did you have any prejudices?
11:02 Why didn’t you stay as a Atheist and you felt the need to do some research?
17:15 What kind of logical answers did you get from Islam?
20:33 What impressed you the most about Islam?
21:32 What would you like to say to Christians and Atheist which are watching you right now?
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Towards Eternity
Towards Eternity Yıl önce
Assalamu Alaikum, Feel free to use any of our content anytime. Everyone can react to, translate and upload our videos without asking us✋🏻 Keep up the good work…
shakz1985 2 aylar önce
@ahmedmohiuddin4567 it's not copied when it came to someone illerate in the dessert 1400 years ago. How was he suppose to know what was written in the bible or Torah? Quran is a miracle
em_aliza khan
em_aliza khan 3 aylar önce
@Cindy Weatherly who's the final and the last messanger
jahara bee
jahara bee 4 aylar önce
@Ahmed Mohiuddin do you know that Quran was sent to Muhammad in mekkah for thirteen years. Are there any Jewish or Nasara in Mekkah at that time? You are not sincere.
واحة أمل
واحة أمل 4 aylar önce
Naima Said hand Embroidery
Naima Said hand Embroidery 4 aylar önce
Mauricio Soto Cueto
Mauricio Soto Cueto 3 aylar önce
I’m from Bolivia and have recently converted to Islam. I just came across this video of you, with a similar story as mine, and with the fact that visiting my home country helped you in such way. Alhamdulillah
Sajid Ali
Sajid Ali 3 gün önce
Mashaa Allah brother. Masha Allah. Very glad to hear.
Farah Riasat
Farah Riasat 16 gün önce
alamin sarker
alamin sarker 22 gün önce
Rashed Faruk
Rashed Faruk Aylar önce
Mayra Anicer
Mayra Anicer Aylar önce
Alhamdulilah hermano
Nazmul Bhuiyan
Nazmul Bhuiyan Yıl önce
I was born in a very religious muslim family, but as my father grew older he started drifting towards being atheist, but the opposite happened or happening to me, as I am growing older I am getting more religious. Alhamdulillah, I have heard from people who were with my father before he passed away that my father started praying again and even visited mosque on occasions. I hope and pray that my "Abba" died as muslim.
M L 9 gün önce
@Kurd Arts so why are you here? If you're really happy then why not move on😂
Sonbahar 16 gün önce
@Jack Drought 👏👏👏👏
Sonbahar 16 gün önce
@Kurd Arts Quranic Arabic is different from spoken Arabic, you can't even tell the difference between the two. You are a Christian Arab why are you lying?
Yahya Jadiani
Yahya Jadiani Aylar önce
اللهم ربنا تغمده بواسع رحمتك و أدخله فسيح جناتك يا أرحم الراحمين
Hasan🙂 Yıl önce
Not many of us have same level knowledge as this guy! Even though we are Muslim from birth! May Allah bless all of us to learn more knowledge and understand it!!
Shams Dhin
Shams Dhin 2 aylar önce
Wallah, this is very true. I mean, I was born a Muslim but this brother knows the Quran more than I do. I really need to step up. May Allah (SWT) guide us all. 🙏🏽
Mohd Nawawi
Mohd Nawawi 3 aylar önce
amin brother
Serkann 4 aylar önce
3boys1family 4 aylar önce
rosalia 5 aylar önce
True love = the love of God! *God himself went to the cross for you out of love for you as a human being* Philippians 2:5-8
Rumesha Jeyavudeen
Rumesha Jeyavudeen 5 aylar önce
I’m so impressed with how he articulates himself. 6 years into Islam and sounds like he was born into the religion. Younger than me even yet feels much older. May Allah bless him immensely
Tilal Lateef
Tilal Lateef 5 aylar önce
I am a born Muslim but listening to people who converted just gives so much more clarity about the faith. He made me realize what a blessing it is to be born a Muslim :)
PHENOMENAL17 playz Yıl önce
I reverted to Islam at the age of 16
Sassanid Empire
Sassanid Empire 2 aylar önce
Wow,16 is young😁😁😁
7N Gamer
7N Gamer 3 aylar önce
Literally phenomenal
atiya Nehal
atiya Nehal 3 aylar önce
Ma sha Allah.. you are special
Esmin⚡️ 4 aylar önce
Allahu Akber ☝🏻 May Allah protect you 🤲🏻
abubakar mubarak
abubakar mubarak 4 aylar önce
Orhan Bozkurt
Orhan Bozkurt Yıl önce
İt’s not that i choose Islam, it’s a guidance from Allah swt MaşaAllah he got the point already 🙂 May Allah swt help and guide him and all Muslims Amin.
Saadia Ahmed
Saadia Ahmed 2 aylar önce
@Lovesomeedits absolutely
Saadia Ahmed
Saadia Ahmed 2 aylar önce
That is amazing answer subhannallah yaa Rabi alhamdullih
AstroMage 5 aylar önce
@Testaments it isn't mandatory to change your name. many people do, but if you don't want to you don't need to.
Testaments 6 aylar önce
It's better if you change your name, because Orhan is a Turkish name and you should use beautiful Islamic name.
Fifin Tria Anggraini
Fifin Tria Anggraini 10 aylar önce
Lara Mnt
Lara Mnt Yıl önce
Soubhanallah ♥️, i was born muslim in a muslim family, in a islamic country surrounded by muslim people, but still this man’s words landed on my heart like ice very soft, very refreshing, felt like hearing them in the right way for the first time, all i can say thank you for these words you are a very inspirational personality, may your life be filled with success where ever you go, and in what ever you do. اللله يهديك و يوفقك ويسعدك❤️❤️
Saadia Ahmed
Saadia Ahmed 2 aylar önce
If you are Muslim it is not your choose but its gift from Alllah SWT we have believe that all
Yasir Zahid
Yasir Zahid 3 aylar önce
@Navasm Navasm Navasm Navasm spell ALLAH correctly plz.
Yasir Zahid
Yasir Zahid 3 aylar önce
spell ALLAH correctly plz.
reba singh
reba singh 6 aylar önce
Didn't your god claim that his words are SO CLEAR, COMPLETE AND FINISHED You have 114 chapters in the quran. But it is so bad and incoherent that you have over 60000 hadiths to explain these 114 chapters of the quran. But because the hadiths are so incoherent, you have 6 million muslim scholars, imams and dawahgandists over the past 1400 years telling you what the 114 chapters and 60000 Hadiths actually mean. Then add the 90% of Muslims who can't ACTUALLY understand Arabic, never ACTUALLY read the quran and therefore have to ACTUALLY just follow what they are told by there Deen, Hikmah and Umah interpreted by the 6 million muslim scholars, imams and dawahgandists. This Islamic confusion of the 21st Century is the greatest mess.
abdirahman yussuf
abdirahman yussuf Yıl önce
Me too
meraji1 Yıl önce
I watched the whole video and cried 😭 by the end of it. I don't know why? But his description about sun's ray hitting the skin on a cold day is like what Islam is was so accurate.
rosalia 5 aylar önce
*The ETERNAL GOD would do anything for you!!* Even out of love for you he went to the cross as a human!! Philippians 2:5-8
Hurt 5 aylar önce
Alhamdullilah for being Islam wallahi when ever I get hurt Allah doesn’t leave me alone I love my religion ALLAH swt and our beloved prophet❤️❤️
9qwero 11 aylar önce
I felt the same I cried so hard
Roma 💫
Roma 💫 Yıl önce
You cried bcz you you love your religion , and I am sure you must be having a strong bond with Allah ALMIGHTY ! And the same happened to me, I also cried bcz I love islam and Allah ! Alhamdulillah proud Muslim , nothing in this world is better than loving Allah , He is the best !
Fatima Baiyent
Fatima Baiyent Yıl önce
More guidance in this interview than any scholar I’ve heard, simply because he is so sincere and he has a very good understanding of the Quran and is blessed with the ability to draw logical reasonings and wisdom. Allah guides whom he wills.
FBB119 B.
FBB119 B. 4 aylar önce
Watch Omar sulieman
hasnain787 9 aylar önce
@Hawa guud
hasnain787 9 aylar önce
@Hawa guud
Hawa Yıl önce
There are quite good scholars masha Allah, listen to Mufti Menk and Nouman Ali Khan they are amazing. But masha Allah I agree with u about his sincerity and how he explained his journey to Islam Subhan Allah. May Allah guide us all to the right path and keep us steadfast in the deen of Islam 🤲
SaifulMariam 24 gün önce
Masha Allah, i am 53 and I reverted during my 24 from Hinduism. May Allah Guide Every Each Souls Out there, ease their way out of difficulties and Hijrah towards Eternity..Aamiin
Islam IS The Solution
Islam IS The Solution Yıl önce
This brother needs to become a Muslim speaker. May Allah bring others to Islam through him.
misterdemeanour Yıl önce
have seen many revert videos, but this is probably one of the clearest and comprehensive explanations of what Islam really is by a revert. MasyaAllah, still very young but already very knowledgeable. Laa hawla wa laa quwwata illa billah
Aisha Bugeja
Aisha Bugeja 6 aylar önce
I’m not Muslim, nor any religion, but I do believe in a higher power, a god. I have many Muslim friends and are interested in learning about islam. Alhamdulillah. I have been watching many revert stories and his choice of words were beautiful! I feel I’m getting closer to allah and my purpose. Inshallah.
Izzah Noorhamy
Izzah Noorhamy 5 aylar önce
Alhamdulillah, Ameen...
ROUNAQ 🦋 6 aylar önce
May ALLAH swt guide u amen !!
Sagir Ahmed
Sagir Ahmed Yıl önce
At the end the story of a Sheikh and a Cristian made me emotional, SubhanAllah. Very informative and uplifting story🤎. Stories like this brother are inspiration to practicing Muslims like us ,cause there's ups and downs of Iman. But this brother's story has increased the level of my Iman , Alhamdulillah.
Basic English language
Basic English language 8 aylar önce
Alhamdolillah I born in a Muslim family in Pakistan,I wish to protect the whole ummah from the punishment of hell, get a head this job ,I really appreciate you both,may Allah give you taofeeq to take more services for Islam.
He has more knowledge then most of the muslim
Taspio Islam
Taspio Islam 10 aylar önce
Boy name?
Amira Gado tim tim
Amira Gado tim tim Yıl önce
Yes Sheikh Hamza yusuf
Safia Dagomber
Safia Dagomber Yıl önce
That can be The more you learnin the More you know
Khayran Yıl önce
The part he mentioned about what the orphan child said: "it's simple, God took my mother away, God took my father away, so that I could be only with God". Omg that was so beautiful, that was everything. I'm getting teary but I don't want to cry. MashaAllah thx for video because I am suffering from intense loneliness rn and this helps so much!
Shahbaz Aalam
Shahbaz Aalam 4 aylar önce
Dont worry your brothers and sisters are here
rosalia 5 aylar önce
***True love = the love of God!*** God himself went to the cross for you out of love for you as a human being Philippians 2:5-8
Sweety 7866
Sweety 7866 11 aylar önce
Don't forget Allah is closer to you then your jugular vein. Call out to Him, He hears and answers every caller 🌸
Islam IS The Solution
Islam IS The Solution Yıl önce
The way he explained his feelings when he took the shahadah 😢 Subhan Allah the entire interview was beautiful. May Allah increase him in beneficial knowledge and make the path of Islam easy for him. May Allah forgive us and lead him and us to His Jannah. Ameen Ya Rabbal ‘aalameen 😢
Fifin Tria Anggraini
Fifin Tria Anggraini 10 aylar önce
As'ad 10 aylar önce
Aameen... Thummaa aameen.. ya rabbal aalameen
Hawa Yıl önce
Ameen 🤲
Muhammad Hasan Abdillah
Muhammad Hasan Abdillah 11 aylar önce
masya Allah my brother stijn!
tarek jah
tarek jah Yıl önce
Brother I feel your pain, I am from Bangladesh and when I tell them not to listen to music, they say I am killing the vibe. When I say to do Salah whilst we are in the restaurant they say I am killing their vibe. It is within our own communities. This resonates even in Muslim families.
syed aziz
syed aziz 3 aylar önce
People say about Pakistan that it's highly religious but reality is that most people in urban centres, as well as remote villages in Punjab and Sindh province follow more of a mythical Islam and actually show know respect or admiration to real Islam
Constant Thinker
Constant Thinker 5 aylar önce
Keep up with this good effort ..... never be hopeless ..... u r doing a good job. 💮🏵🌸
Arfina P
Arfina P 5 aylar önce
It’s so true and heart breaking that countries such as ours are getting more and more influenced by Western and Indian cultures. May Allah guide us all and give us hedayat💖
hia aim
hia aim Yıl önce
Yeah i can relate. Truly sad the reality that we are in
argle bargle
argle bargle Yıl önce
His experiences, his perspective, and his story are so captivating. I love hearing stories like this to remind me of the beautiful essence of Islam.
Sumayyah Begum
Sumayyah Begum 2 aylar önce
For real. 😢 I don’t know what I would do without Islam.
N K Yıl önce
One of the most beautiful videos ive seen on your channel, even though I am a Muslim but this video has inspired me to be an even better muslim and to better educate myself on Islam. May Allah bless you guys for all your efforts and hard work, and the for the beautiful content your filling your channels with, and may he grant you happiness in this life and the after life!
sabz rina
sabz rina Yıl önce
What a lovely young man. So well spoken. Very humble.
Sue H
Sue H 6 aylar önce
I agree 💯
عبدالعزيز عبدالله
عبدالعزيز عبدالله Yıl önce
I felt like a mesmerized watching this beautiful conversation..proud to be Muslim
Hello.. Yıl önce
This story touched my heart, i am a muslim, but after watching this video I wanted to become a better Muslim, Elhamdullilah 🤲🏻
Özlem Yıl önce
Such a young age but very wise. He has a “Malcolm X” vibe. May Allah keep you on the right path. Very proud to see brothers like you. May Allah bless you. Your opinion on twitter and instagram about the current (political) issues regarding Islam are very good. Keep sharing your voice. Trots op je Stijn!
Cats Amazing
Cats Amazing 5 aylar önce
That was an exceptional interview. Very beautiful, very moving. I am not Muslim but I love God in my heart. Am glad this man has found a path home !
Naisa Yıl önce
Stijn and everyone, if you read this, may Allah increase you in imaan and understanding of islam and for all of us too. Allahumma baarik
Alani Mustafa
Alani Mustafa Yıl önce
Rev ANst
Rev ANst Yıl önce
Masya Allah. I am muslim by birth from Indonesia and trembled and cried when you explained how you find Islam and your understanding about it. I am so envied you brother. May Allah has given all of us muslim taufik and hidayah to become true muslims following Alquran and Sunnah. Aamiin.
Fifin Tria Anggraini
Fifin Tria Anggraini 10 aylar önce
Sri Subiyanti
Sri Subiyanti Yıl önce
He gives wisdom to whom He wills, and whoever has been given wisdom has certainly been given much good. And none will remember except those of understanding. - Al Baqarah 269
meghdipa kamal
meghdipa kamal Yıl önce
My story is kinda same...though my father is himself a practising muslim as he regularly offers most of his prayers in a day...but he often objects me practising the same and discourages the excuse that I am too young to practice all these...there has been many times when I have been scolded and yelled at by him...and now this has led me to prayer in secret being frightened... And all these things doesn’t end here,he has a problem with practising every islamic thing...his every wrong-doing has made me very depressed and suicidal and since he is a very ill-tempered person, I can't do anything to make him realise of his mistakes and even if I do,he starts abusing me even more and in extreme case,he beats me...I feel very suicial and depressed and even thinking about committing it, I have no other way left but making dua and praying to Him staying in my limits...may allah gives him(my biological father) hedayat and sensibility and every person like him...guys pray for me..
FISABILILLAH 4 aylar önce
This is a clear lack of knowledge on your fathers part. May Allah grant you patience and ease and cause you both to be steadfast upon Islam Ameen
N T 5 aylar önce
I hope you can update on this and ensure us that you're okay :''( (And certainly, We shall test you with something of fear, hunger, loss of wealth, lives and fruits, but give glad tidings to As-Sabirin (the patient ones) Who, when afflicted with calamity, say: "Truly! To Allah we belong and truly, to Him we shall return" They are those on whom (Descend) blessings from Allah, and Mercy, and they are the ones that receive guidance.)
Constant Thinker
Constant Thinker 5 aylar önce
My dear , i pray that you get the power to be strong in life ,, i pray that you stay persistent until things get better, i pray that you always have Allah's love in your heart
Rahma Yusuf
Rahma Yusuf 10 aylar önce
May Allah guide him to the right path and make him see the good in proud of the fact that you didn't give up...lets strive for Jannah
Hayrunissa 10 aylar önce
sister I will make duaa for you in sha Allah to night because it is Laylatul Qadr. I am also a girl and I can feel your pain.. I Really recommend that it will be very uplifting if you would go to a Psychologist. Even if you can't go, you can talk online with a proffesional muslim psychologist. Our Rabb, Allah s.w.t. want us to make duaa for our trials but also wants that we make efforts to take responsibility for our own health ( I know you don't have the energy but you just have to talk about your feelings and problems which you feel daily) . Please sister, take this step to talk and deal with your feelings... You are very valuable and we need you in this world. I hope you will see this as a sign to speak up for yourself because normally I don't write to someone in the comments but your story touched me and I wanted to say all of this to you. May Allah will give you the power that you need and give you hope and love towards yourself...
Noor E Nabila Alam
Noor E Nabila Alam 3 aylar önce
Everything about this video is so pure, peaceful and beautiful…such an amazing heart warming story. Alhamdulillah got the chance to experience it. Allahu Akbar
Showkat Khan
Showkat Khan Yıl önce
At 13:55 I started crying. This is such an inspirational video. May Allah give you baraka and enable you to serve the Ummah, Ameen.
FaryalS08 Yıl önce
This is such a beautiful story and the fact that he has such clear and correct concepts about this deen is amazing.
Arka Azizul
Arka Azizul Yıl önce
Beautiful It’s so beautiful 😇 Didn’t know someones cutting onions too 🥺
Ford Mustang GT
Ford Mustang GT Yıl önce
Alhamdulillah. May Allah bless this brother.
Haseeb Yıl önce
Incredible inspiration ✨
Emaan Farooq
Emaan Farooq 3 aylar önce
SubhanAllah. I am ALHAMDULLILAH a born MUSLIM but this brother has refreshed my IMAN. He is much better than many muslims including me. MASHALLAH MASHALLAH.
ASHISH AGNIHOTRI-Official 6 aylar önce
Alhumdulillah, I am Also Revert From Hinduism ☺️
KNIGHT Chaudhary
KNIGHT Chaudhary 5 aylar önce
Mashallah bhai
Unknown oblivion
Unknown oblivion Yıl önce
🌟 7:52 9:17 MashaAllah beautifully said and spoken 12:47 13:37 this is very heartwarming, Alhamdulilah
Wajia Asif
Wajia Asif Yıl önce
Subhan’Allah, lots of prayers for this guy! 😭♥️
H Khan
H Khan Yıl önce
I have heard brother Stijn before, mashaAllah what a personality he has and what a beautiful Muslim he is. He is an example and motivation for us to do better. May Allah swt bless him with more wisdom and knowledge, ameen
Sumayyah Begum
Sumayyah Begum 2 aylar önce
This video made me cry😢. His tone of voice, his responses and the way he is so humble. He is so very knowledgeable. May Allah bless this man and grant him Jannah. Amazing video.
faysal alajajy
faysal alajajy 4 aylar önce
The example of "the sun on your skin in a cold weather" touched my heart so deeply ❤️🌸 Welcome in the religion of peace brother 🌷🌼
Raunit Singh
Raunit Singh 6 aylar önce
After watching this interview I feel more blessed and sighed with relief
Meshowz 9 gün önce
this is so beautiful I have no words to describe the feelings and happiness I felt watching and hearing this brother speaking...May Allah Bless you
Hawa Abdullah
Hawa Abdullah Aylar önce
How calm, composed and sincere.. Love the manner of his speech
igloo bundle
igloo bundle Yıl önce
Masha Allah his description is so beautiful. I'm a born Muslim so I may not experience the same feeling as a revert, but Alhamdulillah for Islam.
it's Mysterious guy.
it's Mysterious guy. 5 aylar önce
What a power of a Knowledge this guy has is really amazing, Even though I'm Muslim I don't have this bulky amount of knowledge, proud of u man, U really really inspired me, Thankh u infinity times for this!! ❤❤❤
A M Yıl önce
Soubhanallah, this story is really beautiful. I'm feel ashamed because I'm Muslim and born as a Muslim but he's better than me. I love to hear the story, and it's really touched my heart. May Allah SWT bless you. The story about how first time he read Quran and busrt into tears, the story about sheikh, when he syahada, he is inspiration for me. Thank you brother!
SaLma ClooNey
SaLma ClooNey Yıl önce
I cried when he told how he said shahada😭.. I cried the whole video.. Alhamdulillah for Islam, and may allah swt bless you and we meet in heaven ameen.. I'm very very very proud to have muslims like you, masha'Allah, you are very educated, and Islam is blessed with men like you..
Aida Aji
Aida Aji 10 aylar önce
This video has popped up on my home page for a lot number of times - and finally today I watched it. It really brought me into tears listening to his story and explanation about how he viewed Islam before & after. Jazakallahu khayran.
Arslan Gurmani
Arslan Gurmani 4 aylar önce
How beautiful his words are... One of the best stories I 've ever heard
Yusuf Girgin
Yusuf Girgin Yıl önce
Cidden çok iyi olmuş. Benim çevremde beraber çalıştığım insanlar İngilizce konuşan insanlar. Gönül rahatlığıyla onlara islamı öğrenmeleri için önerebileceğim bir kanal olmuş elinize sağlık Sözler köşkü..
Hello Youtube
Hello Youtube 11 aylar önce
Have you guys wondered how smart he is at identifying about muslim? Well, I was born as muslim but Masya Allah, I'm touched of every word he said in the video.
Shafira Aulia Nisa
Shafira Aulia Nisa 10 aylar önce
I'm shaking... His whole story is definitely beyond beautiful mashaa Allah..
sundus2010 Yıl önce
Such a heart touching narration of this brothers journey ! I’m so impressed by his comprehension of the Quran MashAllah. Even ppl who are born Muslims seem to miss so many treasures of knowledge because they do not read Quran as in-depth as individuals who chose the path of becoming Muslims.
ShutUpAASHNA 27 gün önce
Subhanallah.. He's so blessed with wisdom ❤️
@Islamic Lessons
@Islamic Lessons 5 aylar önce
SubhanAllah ❤ ❤ ❤ Alhamdulillah AllahuAkbar ❤ MashaAllah Lailahaillallah Mohammadurrasulallah I ❤ 💖 💙 ♥
aisha 2015
aisha 2015 11 aylar önce
I loved listening to this and cried like a baby I also got goosebumps listening to some parts of this. Just wow Mashallah.
Tamy Hope
Tamy Hope 5 aylar önce
MashAllah I have never heard someone speak so softly with so much class and wisdom May Allah grant him and his family high place in Jannah ameen
Ishtiaq shah
Ishtiaq shah 4 aylar önce
This man just won my heart. May Allah be happy with him and make his Iman even stronger
RIfat_097 Yıl önce
People we really don’t understand how much hard it is for new Muslim once they converted to Islam. We need to stand for them just like we would do for our family! If any converted Muslim are reading this know that’s by Allah I’m here and to support you can always connect with me through phone, social media n all. May Allah swt bless us Ave make this deen easy upon us! Anyways Ramadan Mubarak 🌙 in advance to you all!!
Ayesha ihsan
Ayesha ihsan Yıl önce
MashaAllah! So impressed, from his level of trust in God. When he said, I always believe that "Allah's plans are better than our dreams."
85_Sumaiya Zahan Eshita
85_Sumaiya Zahan Eshita 5 gün önce
I love this channel! I always listen to these videos. It gives me peace and solace 💗. Alhamdulillah I am a Muslim
Joumana El-Haj
Joumana El-Haj Yıl önce
Masha’ Allah! I am also Muslim alhamdulilah (born as Muslim) and this video is just so wholesome :) the way he explains how Islam is the truth and increased the happiness of his life makes me sooo happy!!
Freda Shah
Freda Shah 5 aylar önce
It is so healing to listen to someone who converts to Islam through complete conviction. It requires great intelligence and nobility that this young man possesses in abundance. He has found peace with his creator, and is truly blessed.
sam Kakar
sam Kakar Yıl önce
Subhanallah clearly you can this brother pureness in his face mashallah what a personality he has, truly Allah (swt) guide who ever he wish. I can’t explain my feeling in words, while watching this video tears were falling from my eyes.
Tanvir Sikder
Tanvir Sikder Yıl önce
His explanation was really really good ❤️
Afiya Noor
Afiya Noor Yıl önce
MaShaaAllah this brother has such a peaceful vibe... had goosebumps while listening to him💫
Anis Shafiqah
Anis Shafiqah Yıl önce
He's very wise for a revert and for a 23-years old, masya'allah. Thank you for enlighten me to be the youths that are knowledgeable and faithful in this deen.
Looney Tunes
Looney Tunes 10 aylar önce
Explained everything ma sha Allah in a perfect way. The things that happed to his life & how he kept finding similarity with the words of Quran is amazing .. May Allah bless you brother. Amin
Lalisa 2 aylar önce
I love such kind of interviews. I hope everyone in this world will get the chance to know the Islam, so in this case I want to thank the whole team, who is working so hard for our beautiful religion. P.S: I don’t know if you would like it, but I would ask to make a telegram group for all people around the world, I mean Muslims and non-Muslim, so non-Muslims can ask the Muslims some questions about the Islam and they can discuss about religions you know. I hope you guys can do a such a group and thank you❤
sofiyyah 3 aylar önce
The way he spoke is very soft but confident and knowledgeable. What an amazing story!
Rose M
Rose M Yıl önce
When you state the declaration of faith ie the Shahadah the Almighty purifies your heart and you are showered with blessings.
Fbbi Noire
Fbbi Noire Yıl önce
I was muslim , then tue personal troubles in agnostic , but alhamdulillah im now muslim thanks to Speakers Corner dawah channel of Mansur , Hashim and Sheikh Uthman
Sweety 7866
Sweety 7866 11 aylar önce
You were very lucky to be guided back after disbelief
derpy memes
derpy memes Yıl önce
Watch Mohammed hijab aswell
rhima h.
rhima h. 11 aylar önce
This brother is such an inspiration. He was so active in such a young age that helping charity and such. Now I'm ashamed of myself. 😭
Spooky Fish
Spooky Fish 5 aylar önce
Such maturity and spiritual insight for someone so young. Subhanallah. May he stay guided.
Abdul Rafay
Abdul Rafay 5 aylar önce
People like you are strength for us. Whenever, I come across revert videos it is like a purification process for me as well. It really warms my heart to watch such videos and help me connect with fellow brothers as well. I envy you. MASHA ALLAH.
Find True Peace
Find True Peace 11 aylar önce
This was such a calm and peaceful conversation. The way he was explaining I could hear him for hours really. SUBHANALLAH so beautiful. May ALLAH SWT bless everyone with his guidance and light. AAMEEN
Roma 💫
Roma 💫 Yıl önce
I just have tears and I just loveeeeeee islam and proud to be a Muslim , Alhamdulillah ❤️ ! May Allah bless you brother and may you have many more ! You would definitely be rewarded by Allah (SWT) bcz of reverting to Islam ! Lots of prayers and best wishes for your future ahead ! Stay happy and blessed
Durdona Yıl önce
Thank you for sharing this story with us. May Allah bless this brother and his family. Ameen!
777 777
777 777 Yıl önce
@Grammar Johnson whaaat?
Grammar Johnson
Grammar Johnson Yıl önce
@777 777 stop
777 777
777 777 Yıl önce
Assalam alaikum sister. How are you doing? I know where are you from because I am your brother from the same land too. But I have never lived in that country. I wanna meet a person who want to talk to me about middle Asia. What do you think about it?
Fair Treatment
Fair Treatment Yıl önce
Subhan Allah, Alham dullilah. he is so right about peace, only namaz gives u peace. Just look at this young guy's face how peaceful face expression he has, smart, good looking by face by heart and Allah Chosen him, he is so lucky Allah loves him.
Wafa Batool
Wafa Batool Yıl önce
SubhanAllah.... The love and loyalty he has for Islam...It overwhelmed me ❤️❤️❤️❤️ May Allah increase him and guide us all on His right path... Aameen
118 Tasmia
118 Tasmia Yıl önce
Alhamdulillah. How beautifully he described.
Dr Khan
Dr Khan 11 aylar önce
Subhan Allah ❤️❤️❤️ I'm really very impressed with this brother Masha Allah he has a great personality with wonderful communication skills May Allah always be happy with him bless him in this world and in the hereafter aameen
Shadab Kouser
Shadab Kouser Yıl önce
Little did I think ,this handsome kid would make me sob😢
MPZ Logistics
MPZ Logistics Aylar önce
Subhan'ALLAH feels so blessed ♥
Rabeea Jamil
Rabeea Jamil Yıl önce
May Allah bless him. The host smiling all the time made the interview more comforting. May all those who are in search of light, find it. This brother has such a great Iman. Ma shaa Allah
Amee Nixon
Amee Nixon Yıl önce
Subhan Allah such a beautiful indepth story6.....a blessing to 👍
Juvenile Delinquet
Juvenile Delinquet Yıl önce
I thoroughly enjoyed this....This young man has far more knowledge and understanding of Islam than myself... Loads of Love & Respect, my Dear Muslim Brother....🥰❤️💗💕💝💘💘💌💖
Ahmet Tutkun
Ahmet Tutkun Yıl önce
Masallah, so beautiful and pure!
Waqar Ahmed Abbasi
Waqar Ahmed Abbasi 4 aylar önce
He is blessed with a strong ability to explain his faith.
Amore 4 aylar önce
That’s really beautiful that a religion can change people for good like look at this brother you can see the light in his eyes and the light at his heart how calm peaceful and kind he looks and he got all of these qualities trough his religion
Maya Yıl önce
Mashallah I gotta admit this was interesting also thanks to his friend when he visited mosque and became a Muslim Mashallah may Allah SWT fulfill all of our wishes .... Why do people judge others when they don't even truly know what Islam is and what type of people are Muslims
Nafisa Chowdhury
Nafisa Chowdhury 10 aylar önce
He understands his faith by heart, this is so beautiful Subhanallah
𝒜ˡⁱˢʰᵃ𓃠 Yıl önce
Subhanallah, this video was so heartwarming. I wanna pray all my five namazes but I never end up praying. Please everyone make Dua for me, may Allah (swt) guide us all.
Hind Rare
Hind Rare Yıl önce
@𝒜ˡⁱˢʰᵃ𓃠 inshallah , make dua and tell Allah to help you , I will make dua for you 💜
Jinufer Banu
Jinufer Banu Yıl önce
𝒜ˡⁱˢʰᵃ𓃠 Yıl önce
@Hind Rare Jazakillah, I prayed Fajir and Zuhr so far! 3 more prayers to go inshallah I pray them all today!!!
Hind Rare
Hind Rare Yıl önce
Try day by day to pray at least one pray but don’t stop praying 🧡
Big boi
Big boi Yıl önce
Nimra Farooqui
Nimra Farooqui Yıl önce
Ma sha Allah such an enlightened brother❤️ even born Muslims are not so informed and practicing like him. Ma sha Allah may Allah SWT bless him with the best of deen and duniya. Ameen❤️
Siate Felici
Siate Felici Yıl önce
Subhan Allah ! It was an amazing story, always stay blessed brother
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