Denzel Washington's Life Advice Will Leave You Speechless (MUST WATCH)

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Motivation Madness

10 aylar önce

Denzel Washington shares his greatest wisdoms, telling us his life story, and journey to becoming the man he is today. This Powerful Motivational Speech for 2020 will change your future and leave you speechless!

Denzel Hayes Washington Jr. is an American actor, director, and producer. He has been described as an actor who reconfigured "the concept of classic movie stardom", associating with characters defined by their grace, dignity, humanity, and inner strength.

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Motivation Madness
Motivation Madness 6 aylar önce
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Michelle Watts
Michelle Watts 4 gün önce
Fall Forward 💥 Thank'S 4 The Upload 17:9/2021....
alex tafial
alex tafial 20 gün önce
Thé Eye-liner Connecté Natasha Hoen🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Chef Fas
Chef Fas 22 gün önce
royal concepts
royal concepts 25 gün önce
Gary Midthun
Gary Midthun 29 gün önce
David Oisten
David Oisten 12 dakika önce
Good people are warm blooded. Man or Woman. Bad people are cool blooded. Guy, Gul or Gal.
k Foti
k Foti 6 saatler önce
Every failed experiment is one step closer to success 🙌
Rein 9 saatler önce
Ayaan Leo and I will always be like this...FALL FORWARD.
A to Z Janta Vlogs
A to Z Janta Vlogs Gün önce
Great motivation for everyone
IR Master
IR Master Gün önce
How can I achieve my only dream (america❤)WHEN IM STUCK IN IRAN ?
Robert Kap
Robert Kap Gün önce
Wandering what he is doing with his millions for a role in a movie. I think the biggest part I the u haul I guess. Nothing to be sorry for. It’s fact of life. As long as people go on pleasure trips in to space instead of feeding 10.000 homeless people with the same money there is something wrong with this world. But anyway inspiring yes, life changing? If only one changed it’s a plus. Live happily to all and take care to one another sometimes that’s what it’s all about 🙏
Eryk Akowski
Eryk Akowski Gün önce
MV rất hay, i like it 🙃👍🤑
Roger Jimenez
Roger Jimenez 2 gün önce
Real talk 🔥🔥🔥
Rhett Peter
Rhett Peter 2 gün önce
They told me I was mad. They were not all wrong.
The Solipsism Dilettante
The Solipsism Dilettante 2 gün önce
Let me stop you. Edison didn't invent nothing except how to steal ideas buy patents
KatseenTV1 2 gün önce
I have failed 6 times in my life going for number 7 to finally reach my dreams of owning my own studio and be my own boss
S F 2 gün önce
Denzel Washington is a computer
IIkeda’s Garden
IIkeda’s Garden 2 gün önce
Falling FORWARD!!!
EWOC 2 gün önce
Being at my lowest and kicked out on the streets living in my car no job no friends or family and coming across these videos at my weakest moment in life of knowing I have no one but myself I can’t explain enough on how much these speeches have helped me keep a leveled head and a clean train of thought to not give up that at this moment is a moment to progress me further on the goals I set in line for myself to build my car for donate a life and have people sign the vinyl wrap to me going after the job I feel ill be happy to wake up to every morning I need to go in if it wasn’t for these videos I would most likely be dead but they came to me at my time of need and it’s for a reason there’s always a reason when things come around and that’s the power above telling you not to give in to your thoughts your actions or your feelings the power above is a power that can’t be explained and it doesn’t need to be explained but I fell forward not backwards when something happens it happens because your distend for something more and I thank these videos because now even tho being in my car I got my dream job I’ve always wanted I’m not stressed anymore I’m not depressed I have a clear thought and with that thought I’m going to make it shine bright
payday64 3 gün önce
There was people I hated in my life when I was younger, but as I grew up I realized that love is more powerful than hate and it's not my fault and neither is theirs. We all are human and were part of this world no matter what country you live in you're part of this Earth and people forget to realize that. If we could work together to make our selves better then soon you'll be strong enough to help others better.
Dr. Edwconr
Dr. Edwconr 3 gün önce
.....gimme a piece of paper, I have to write this down.....' wow. Thanks for sharing your wisdom, Mr. Washington.
Kaden Hilliard
Kaden Hilliard 3 gün önce
I'm watching this at 3 am down in trenches from a defeat; I'm 19 years old currently recovering from a 6 year relationship break up cuz my 10 year friend I thought was my brother was doing things with her in the last year of this relationship, I moved back with my parents and finally started to take care of myself, turns out I needed back surgery from working 14 hours a day to provide for my now ex because she couldn't find a job because of covid and amongst other reasons, I'm a young man definitely defeated and at a low moral for sure, but I know I'm not alone, and I know that defeat doesn't define anyone, it's how the person deals with defeat, I just wanna say to anyone out there that feels lost in their thoughts you're not alone. Fall forward.
Renan Perez
Renan Perez 3 gün önce
When you stop learning , you get left behind . Never stop educating yourself
Mary Wills
Mary Wills 3 gün önce
@Franklin Bradley KelvinMaorgan12 G mail
Mary Wills
Mary Wills 3 gün önce
@Franklin Bradley Kelvin Maorgan" @ FaCe BoOk
Franklin Bradley
Franklin Bradley 3 gün önce
can i have his contact info please
Victoria Mellor
Victoria Mellor 3 gün önce
@Julian Miguel Yeah. He's teaching techniques are the best just chat him up, I'm actually learning fx under his guide
Julian Miguel
Julian Miguel 3 gün önce
Does he offer mentorship tutorial
Mustafa Anan
Mustafa Anan 4 gün önce
Can't stand him. He always seems like he has something to prove and he's willing to go as far as he could only to prove it It's like no thought he preaches into words is an original thought of his. It's only because he was subjected to some kind of stimuli and reacted to them. And so, his thoughts about them then reflect his own conclusions and POV and not something universal that everyone can follow and count as motivation 😏 Just like Matthew McConaughey's Oscar acceptance speech. Those were his own reflections. Not some commandments to follow. Painful to watch 😅
AlecMagicGaming 4 gün önce
In 2020, my abusive father and his flatmate made me homeless. I’m Type 1 Diabetic so I ended up in hospital and became very unwell. I suffer with depression and there are some days where I can’t even get out of bed. But in 2020, I also graduated from university. I’ve been applying for jobs ever since and I’ve been getting rejected constantly. It is so demoralising. No matter how bad my life is at the moment, I continue to, as Denzel has said “Fall forward”. I am still applying for jobs. I am still trying to improve my health. I am still trying to make myself a better person. Thank you for this speech Denzel. I listen to it whenever I feel like giving up, and it helps me push forward.
Ludmila Baciu
Ludmila Baciu 4 gün önce
Ludmila Baciu
Ludmila Baciu 4 gün önce
Love you men, love you speech.
gorillas elchongchonggo
gorillas elchongchonggo 4 gün önce
Elaine Taylor
Elaine Taylor 5 gün önce
I'm in tears at 55yrs old all I ever wanted to do was be an inspiring singer I made a big mistake in my life when I was young, I don't have the voice God Blessed me with and now I feel hopeless, no direction, A marriage that's falling apart no love, I stopped my life further on to adopt 6 kids no financial help from the State or Gov't just food stamps but I thank God for that, I really really really struggled with them but I refused to send them back to the abuse and neglec.t Now that they are grown and I am old I have nothing absolutely nothing. My name is Elaine when you pray before going to bed would you be so kind and say a little prayer for me and I pray for you. Thank You
andre lazarevic
andre lazarevic 6 gün önce
haha mola1 the albanian used a meme of you saying "boom" like bomb, really weird. not cool
Diane Sutton
Diane Sutton 6 gün önce
I need to hear this I am going going going don't stop keep going and going
speed demon955
speed demon955 6 gün önce
man, that hit home hard, i realise i was too busy doing multiple things in a mediocre way instead of concentrating wholeheartedly on one thing i was really good at, football, i was offered the chance and spurned it.
Casey Booth
Casey Booth 6 gün önce
The helpless narcissus symptomatically attend because line importantly multiply sans a chemical dipstick. combative, tawdry chess
hatethislife 7 gün önce
This is all bullshit I'm not capable of anything and I have tried I want to die but I'm a coward and can't do it
Matty D
Matty D 7 gün önce
Leanne Reilly
Leanne Reilly 7 gün önce
"you will never see a U-Haul truck behind a hearse."
Franco Chan
Franco Chan 8 gün önce
Someone please update the subtitle with “patience” not “patients”.
Marius Rascol
Marius Rascol 8 gün önce
Drop the Democrat party. Democrats are the ENEMY of the people. They do nothing but bring destruction to everyone and everything THEY TOUCH.
Silly D
Silly D 8 gün önce
you made me cry, this was beautiful.
katty morla
katty morla 8 gün önce
The racial tub ipsilaterally knot because periodical beverly reflect as a wooden malaysia. fragile, somber value
Umidkhon Uzbekov
Umidkhon Uzbekov 8 gün önce
yaxshi rahmat xudoga shukur yaxshi ancha
C J Hopkins
C J Hopkins 8 gün önce
Skills of life!
James Watson Atheist Gamer.
James Watson Atheist Gamer. 9 gün önce
James watt invented the lightbulb. Not edison. Tesla is his better.
Crom CCCXVI 9 gün önce
it will leave me ..... "SPEECHLESS" ohhhh, nailed it. Find a new title, everything on TRshow leaving me "speechless" makes me not even want to click on your link
Emily Wilkinson
Emily Wilkinson 9 gün önce
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Sophia Kevin
Sophia Kevin 9 gün önce
@Lance joel It's not a scam i really thank God for this great woman she has really helped humanity through her trade I pray God continues to bless her
Lance joel
Lance joel 9 gün önce
I don't believe this could be real because I got scammed two months ago
Amelia Riley
Amelia Riley 9 gün önce
@Micheal Wilson I think I'm going to give it a try if she's legit
Amelia Riley
Amelia Riley 9 gün önce
She amazing with her trade profits , and with her trading platform
Micheal Wilson
Micheal Wilson 9 gün önce
In few years many will regret they miss this great opportunity of earning
Pat Sarmiento
Pat Sarmiento 10 gün önce
Birthright! Claim the paradise! Fight for it against the wickedness! God created us to enjoy and help his creation! Like the image of his, we are also powerful, use that power to improve life don't hide it in the closet! turn wickedness into goodness! Everyone is special! God Bless!
MrBossZack 10 gün önce
I love this man, goosebumps Everytime.
503TD 10 gün önce
Don’t reach for the stars reach pass them.
Matheus Oliveira
Matheus Oliveira 10 gün önce
thanks for sharing love, I welcome you just like the way I welcome crypto trading
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mandria 11 gün önce
Fall Forward
Alex Molano
Alex Molano 11 gün önce
If only the rest of Hollywood was like this man, ......
Adrian Nunez
Adrian Nunez 12 gün önce
put Jesus Christ first
Calvin Goodin
Calvin Goodin 13 gün önce
Still just failing lol.
HandsTogether 14 gün önce
Failing is the best learning tool you’ll ever get in life. It gives you the opportunity to look at the bigger picture
Diana Slone
Diana Slone 14 gün önce
Larry gene Kirkland my nigga
Mike Binner ArcAngel Actual..
Mike Binner ArcAngel Actual.. 14 gün önce
Please I'm begging from the ArcAngel and you are the only one who can help me save us and I'm picking you to help the bottom guy that's the prince of destiny and I swear to this and I am certain to this I can help like you couldn't imagine cause you did and I owe you my life story....Michael
Mike Binner ArcAngel Actual..
Mike Binner ArcAngel Actual.. 14 gün önce
I really would love to meet you you are the ArcAngel Actual Michael's friend and if I could.grant you guardian angel of protection and true greatness of inspiration for saving me and inspiring the awakening of my spiritual identity and I am forever grateful and proud of your life work all your movies my 3rd grade teacher was mrs. Washington and she believed in me when so many didnt I could talk with you and I bet a penny on a dollar that I can work my father and I have been dead and run through hell and have the mark and you are the best of the best and you are the only one who has inspired me beyond my belief and I have alot to say and offer
Tony Zac
Tony Zac 14 gün önce
Denzel Washington, one of the best actors out there and an amazing person in real life.
Robyn Gibbs
Robyn Gibbs 14 gün önce
Life is, 1-20, first 20 years you grow n learn. 2nd 20 years, 20-40, you raise your own kids, you pay taxes 3rd 20 years, 40 -60, you pay taxes, 4th 20 years , 60 - 80, you watch the world destroy itself, from a jason recliner. Repeat.
Tom Zart
Tom Zart 15 gün önce
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Silver Coin
Silver Coin 15 gün önce
Worst actor in Hollywood
Pivanox 15 gün önce
when he said "my wife said" :D
sergey Gevorki Aslanyan
sergey Gevorki Aslanyan 15 gün önce
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James jordon
James jordon 13 gün önce
James jordon
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Can you still invest in Bitcoin?
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Gabriel Molina 15 gün önce
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Tom Zart
Tom Zart 16 gün önce
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maria610421 16 gün önce
Afghanistan 21 agenda 21, Everybody want to take away your peace, in invasions from Europe. Everybody need peace in their lives and it has nothing to do with your Race, its to do with reality. If Stars can stay in their orbit, why can't people stayin their own countries, why do we need slaves, what king of people need slaves, answer lazy people always want someone else to do their dirty work, to make them a profit.
Björn Zastrow
Björn Zastrow 16 gün önce
i like denzel so much.....great actor.....
Eric Schickelgruber aus Linz
Eric Schickelgruber aus Linz 16 gün önce
Don't get me wrong but everyone in the UK knows what Milo is up to when he is strolling through Brixton or Peckham. And Emma is still chasing for a suitable ovary fertilizer. I am surprised that she didn't hack into the NDNADB to find a suitable sperm donor.
mj de
mj de 16 gün önce
The windy banjo randomly radiate because game sequentially multiply with a purring silk. needless, paltry spade
mastertenno 16 gün önce
Hearing this after Joe Rogan talk is so soothing. Joe Rogan to much F word.
John D
John D 16 gün önce
I missed the ball some many times, and failed to hit the ball so many time in baseball they asked me to leave. and I did. So sometimes your not cut out to be what you want to be. Focus on what your good at, not chasing dreams you cant accomplish.
Era H
Era H 17 gün önce
3.4 thousand people must know the truth about mr. Wahington!
Dana Ordonez
Dana Ordonez 17 gün önce
I just love him and I am glad he kept moving forward until he got what he wanted. And he is a really good actor.
You Are Blessed Say It
You Are Blessed Say It 17 gün önce
The Host
The Host 17 gün önce
Us Usa
Us Usa 17 gün önce
We actually hear everything we need to hear when we're growing up. But, when we're young, we don't have any time to listen to 'old' people's advice. We're too busy living. Then we become old and we realize, "Hey, my dad was right afterall". The moral here: Listen to your Elders.
doomfanboy 9 gün önce
not always the case, sometimes they're wrong. Flip a coin and decide if you're going to listen
pink wright
pink wright 16 gün önce
My son just graduated and I send this to him every morning, as I listen to it
John Burgess
John Burgess 17 gün önce
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John Burgess
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Ray White
Ray White 17 gün önce
@Seung Hoon Jeong Plus one four two three seven one seven two three five two.
Ray White
Ray White 17 gün önce
His availability is on Wats App
Seung Hoon Jeong
Seung Hoon Jeong 17 gün önce
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Mie Eara
Mie Eara 17 gün önce
Bitcoin all the way 🚀
Lew Pearson
Lew Pearson 17 gün önce
Fall Forward...
Jayden Row
Jayden Row 18 gün önce
I'm so happy I'm a new person now I just became a chirstian,I hope all of u guys share the gospel.
Rhonda Marshall
Rhonda Marshall 19 gün önce
Denzel needs to learn his facts; Edison created light bulb finally after he stole his thoughts from a Black Man
G Y 18 gün önce
Wasn't it from Tesla? Croatian not black...
How To Make Money Online
How To Make Money Online 19 gün önce
Now this was the best motivation video I have ever seen how else agrees?
Ronnie the rocket Payne
Ronnie the rocket Payne 19 gün önce
hajj herwani
hajj herwani 19 gün önce
Not what you look at that matters but rather what you see
Alien Chefs
Alien Chefs 19 gün önce
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Olivia Jayden
Olivia Jayden 19 gün önce
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Cassie Jacobs 19 gün önce
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Ning Yen
Ning Yen 19 gün önce
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Tove Irene Strand
Tove Irene Strand 19 gün önce
First Name
First Name 20 gün önce
Philippians 4:6-7 “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”
WILL X 20 gün önce
That's really emotive❤️
Nasir Rafiq
Nasir Rafiq 20 gün önce
How would you know you've reached success. In life I've reached success many a times only to realise that I'm still at the beginning. Definition of success is not defined throughout one's lifetime. I googled the most influential person in history and the results are Prophet Mohammed (pbuh). Amazing results to be fair because acquiring mass amounts of wealth or conquering certain goals in life does not translate a successful life. Influential person who helps humanity prevail towards betterment is a person who is leading a successful life.
Andra Toma
Andra Toma 21 gün önce
If He prays, I will start praying, also
Andra Toma
Andra Toma 21 gün önce
Thomas Edison also STOLE from Tesla! ( only because Tesla was a poor immigrant from Yugoslavia)
Berlin Marrow
Berlin Marrow 21 gün önce
Also I've said this in numerous times I come from an immigrant family and in my family's many nationalities Korean French Canadian black we all have good times together I find it a disgrace of the administration that's in office and Congress I also find it a disgrace of the stolen election the border especially no testing no shots we'll just drive them over here to Georgia and drop them right in the city and then get on now Mike's and start talking about how you got to have mass and how the condemnick is going in the hundreds of thousands whatever it's a joke they're trying to steal another election get them out of there and give us back Trump prove them forensic science will burn them all amen we waited too long to burn them to catch him that's how good they were look at poor Trump they haven't let off of him and over 5 years 6 years going on
Berlin Marrow
Berlin Marrow 21 gün önce
This actor does wonderful movies I watch them all the time I love his work
Adrian Melton
Adrian Melton 21 gün önce
Magic war
Denny Guy
Denny Guy 21 gün önce
Failure can be a good thing as long as you learn something from it. So use failure as a stepping stone. I remember I had failed a tested in college which I was devastated about it. I then took my failed test paper home and study all of my mistakes, and when my teacher gave us another test I passed with 90"s. So you see it's OK to fail as long as you learn from it. Love and light.
Fam First
Fam First 21 gün önce
Amen... I want to fall on my faith
Bryant O'Connor
Bryant O'Connor 21 gün önce
Claudiu Cornel Badea
Claudiu Cornel Badea 21 gün önce
What is this crap ? Barber shop phylosophy ?
Scott B
Scott B 21 gün önce
Not many in Hollywood can command wisdom as we as Denzel Washington.
Andre Savage
Andre Savage 22 gün önce
Only thing I don’t like about this is the Thomas Edison part he was a thief who stole people’s ideas
B Ben
B Ben 22 gün önce
Now emoticon🥃
B Ben
B Ben 22 gün önce
That is a clear message alright thank you
Tamarcus Brown
Tamarcus Brown 22 gün önce
🕵🏾‍♂️🙆🏾‍♂️👋🏾🥰 Thanks 🙌🏾💪🏾💪🏾😇😏
Loving Native English Clint Vincent
Loving Native English Clint Vincent 22 gün önce
It works if you work it!
Vera Jones
Vera Jones 22 gün önce
If you want to be successful have the mindset of the rich spend less and invest more, i pray whosoever here becomes extremely successful!!
The Surge Affect
The Surge Affect 20 gün önce
I created my own channel after years of learning and understanding things in life . I hope you enjoy what I have done so far.
Nicole Anderson
Nicole Anderson 22 gün önce
Build your future, small steps everyday, success is a will be successful!!
Loyd Riley
Loyd Riley 22 gün önce
Some people are so poor and been that way for so long that they lose their self confidence and belief
Anderson Whiteman
Anderson Whiteman 22 gün önce
@Kelvin Peter you can reach her on whatsApp, tell her I referred you please
Anderson Whiteman
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