Russia's Hidden Paradises - Nature Documentary

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The exclave of the Curonian Spit forms the westernmost tip of Russia with the oldest ornithological research station in the world. In the far east on Kamchatka, Lake Kuril offers a paradise for the world's largest brown bears. High in the north on Yamal live the reindeer herds of the Nenets. Climate change and gas production are rapidly changing their icy world.
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Franco Cholo
Franco Cholo Yıl önce
Fantastic work in producing this exceptional film. I've seen thousands of nature documentaries and usually have one playing in the background nearly every day as I work, so it's rare that a new one really grabs my undivided attention. The subject (the Russian wilderness fascinates me more than any other nature topic), footage, and storylines themselves were all very captivating and extremely well done. Thanks for this absolute gem.
Get.factual Yıl önce
Glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for the kind words!
impalabeeper Yıl önce
The Russian countryside is under appreciated. I think because of the poor governance that Russia is getting a bad image in the international stage and foreigners overlook the untouched beauty of Russian nature.
Emma Yıl önce
@impalabeeper In the West, we have been taught all too well to distrust Russia, and many are trying to get to know what Russia is really about.
Englishelley Yıl önce
I was 8 mins into it and i had to stop and share it.
Nerf Garen
Nerf Garen Yıl önce
yep same here I watched the whole thing
Гиперболоид Инженера из Севмаша
Гиперболоид Инженера из Севмаша 10 aylar önce
Невероятно. Я действительно поражён тем, насколько великие вещи делаются, о которых знают только десятки тысяч. Я, как городской человек, уже и забыл, как удивительна природа и люди, работающие с ней! Спасибо за титаническую проделанную работу. Фильм смотрел не отрываясь, вглядывался в каждую деталь. У людей в фильме такие красивые и добрые глаза и улыбки. Хотелось бы послушать их истории.
chris wharton
chris wharton Yıl önce
An amazing documentary not just showing the animals but also the people who are helping them. Top marks to this production company, you did a fantastic job.Thank you for making my day :)
Elena Maxim
Elena Maxim 11 aylar önce
Such an amazing documentary and so grateful for the people that have put all the hard work in to make this available to us. Sending gratitude and appreciation 🙏
ANGELA DILAY 3 aylar önce
Parabéns pelo documentário de excelente qualidade, é muito gratificante conhecer outros lugares do mundo, o seu povo, cultura e meio ambiente. A Rússia é um país muito lindo e o seu povo deve orgulhar-se da sua terra. Assistindo aqui do Brasil.
Z_1917 Yıl önce
Anatoli and Sergi are the most fortunate men to patrol this huge landscape, day in and day out. What a fantastic job! Cheers guys!
abra chupacabra
abra chupacabra 8 aylar önce
poachers have arms though
Livin Trini
Livin Trini 10 aylar önce
At first I was going to acknowledge the two forest rangers. But after watching this documentary till the very end, I must say thank you, thank you, thank you to every human being involved in putting together this eye opening realistic "planet saving" project. Thank you guys. I truly respect you guys 👍
Ana 6 aylar önce
Amazing! Russia is si beautiful. I hope they continue to preserve their nature
Michie Antiporta
Michie Antiporta Yıl önce
Generally when you think of Russia the first thing that will come to mind is a vast snow covered land, this documentaty opened my eyes! Kudos to Russia for protecting their wildlife, Salute to those rangers for doing their job in protecting those bears
Tates 49 BC
Tates 49 BC Yıl önce
Hahaha that’s true
at tt
at tt Yıl önce
No srusian
at tt
at tt Yıl önce
Scythians, Saks tyurks, Huns, Caucasians, Tatars, Khanty,
at tt
at tt Yıl önce
srusian not historial
That Homeless Asian Guy
That Homeless Asian Guy Yıl önce
Absolutely breath taking, what a beautiful country.
PureGrow Hub
PureGrow Hub Yıl önce
Greatest respect for inspectors Sergej Shurunov and Anatolij Lasarenko. They don't care of money, they work with nature and love to do what they do. I love it!
Юрий & Ко
Юрий & Ко 11 aylar önce
An amazing movie. Especially when you consider that Western viewers are used to seeing only horrors about Russia from their media.
worfoz 10 aylar önce
The video is about russia's wild life. Western viewers are rightfully shocked by russonazi war crimes against their so called Slavic Brothers. Russians are not very considerate when it comes to the horrors inflicted by their politics and military
K T 10 aylar önce
I'm an American and I know Russia is a beautiful place. I also know that Russia is fighting the Globalists and I appreciate that as well. The US government is also no stranger to atrocities.
Mr.GreenYellowRed Aylar önce
Beautiful Russia 🇷🇺 I enjoyed this documentary, taught me a bit about the people, landscape and also the amazing animals we have around the globe. Very impressive people these Russians are to be able to withstand the winter season and tundra with shear strength I hope to visit some day much love to all Russian brothers and sisters.
Wouter Hofman
Wouter Hofman Yıl önce
"In this paradise, bears practically grow on trees." Just wonderful 😁👍💚
northern hemisphere
northern hemisphere 9 aylar önce
If only people did the same😂
Liliana Jankovic
Liliana Jankovic 10 aylar önce
What a beautiful country. Love for Russia
Ray Wasabi
Ray Wasabi 10 aylar önce
Fantastic work. Russia is increasingly big, beautiful and so different. I really enjoyed this video 💯❤️
TheDarkzebra09 10 aylar önce
Great many thanks to the two nature park rangers!! You are both real heroes and at 60 years old?! Astounding. Thank you and well done to both you wonderful men ❤
Marcia Mohan
Marcia Mohan Yıl önce
This Continent is one of the most beautiful places on much yet to be discovered in the animal world, truly an incredible land so the custom of the Nomadics... the inhabitants love their environ...natural way of life...
jebssan9 Yıl önce
Amazing documentary, please continue doing a great job to conserve such paradise for our next generation.
Urban Lady
Urban Lady Yıl önce
I really love this video! So much of Russian nature I have never seen before!
Bastet MT
Bastet MT Yıl önce
This Documentary is truly appreciated. I am certain millions found it to be very informative . To film, this must have been challenging.moving with camera Crew’s.Those Rangers are committed and love their jobs ..It’s Astonishing that ,Most poachers seems to always find a demand for their illegal Goods in a certain country…
Neggyly de Jesus
Neggyly de Jesus 5 aylar önce
This Russian nature documentary is full of information to me and incredible beauty, especially Kamchatka and how well protected its; a reward to the whole world. Thanks!!
enio machado cruz
enio machado cruz 2 aylar önce
Esses documentários são muito bons, pois mostram somente o que se buscou
Carmella Clarke
Carmella Clarke Yıl önce
Russia is a beautiful country having a unique culture that must also be preserved as with the animals shown i this video.
Sundance Yıl önce
Russia is a great wonder of this planet. Beautiful and informative video.
Velibor Grub
Velibor Grub 4 aylar önce
Хвала на предочавању ових делова прелепе русије.
Ice Yıl önce
This video gives a better version of the reality of the Russians than the media could possibly convey What stood out to me was 1 the strength 2 the sense of unity 3 the old school arm wrestling poachers the respect involved in that to me is incredible Frankly the west could learn a thing or 2 from these guys
Andy Wo
Andy Wo 9 aylar önce
Thanks, Friend! Your support is very important for us!
Saint Petersburg Life
Saint Petersburg Life 2 aylar önce
Thank you❤
Farty Arty
Farty Arty Yıl önce
It's really nice to see something good and kind about Russia, especially at times like this
Randy Jansen
Randy Jansen Yıl önce
As opposed to the barbaric military committing war crimes?
Rohan Singh
Rohan Singh Yıl önce
this was before the invasion started
Mark Ward
Mark Ward Yıl önce
Agreed 💯
Saïd Saïd
Saïd Saïd Yıl önce
Russia was always like that Unlike the western imperialists for the last 500 years
Jailace Nica
Jailace Nica Yıl önce
What a beautiful nature.
Bella Donna
Bella Donna Aylar önce
Its so beautiful words cannot express how emotional I feel watching that glorious film. Those conservationists are so blessed to be working among such beauty. ❤
Darwin Vickers
Darwin Vickers Yıl önce
Fabulous program - wished there were more like this.
Get.factual Yıl önce
Stay tuned! We will upload new documentaries every week!
Language Free Assange Teacher
Language Free Assange Teacher Yıl önce
What a great documentary showing the beauty of Russia and the great soul of Russian people: Friendship - Druschba with Russia. Great to see that conservationists from different countries can work together. The problem with `politicians´ is that they are less interested in meaning than money and power. Thanks for this.
mark cooper
mark cooper Yıl önce
hahahahaha you seriously wrote this comment int he middle of the bloodiest war in recent european history instigated by russia? xD
Language Free Assange Teacher
Language Free Assange Teacher Yıl önce
@mark cooper Yes, check out John Mearsheimer about the conditions that lead to the war (CIA coup 2014 in Ukraine, Victoria Nuland), the war of the Ukrainian government against Russian minorities since 2014. You could also consider the facts of NATO expansion and that NATO/USA declared Russia its enemy.
Seeking.Still4 Truth
Seeking.Still4 Truth Yıl önce
Absolutely beautiful, peaceful, inspiring, thought provoking, hopeful, and a breathe of fresh air of international cooperation by people of genuine good intentions. Lovely people.
Casaverde 8 aylar önce
never knew that Russia has this kind of beauty. So beautiful .
Sylvia Tanguay
Sylvia Tanguay 6 aylar önce
Such a magnificent video and place.! Bravo to all those involved in saving these places along with the beautiful animals who live there! THANK YOU💙💙
Arshad Shafaei
Arshad Shafaei Yıl önce
Without spending money i travelled Russia.thanks for displayiny such a gorgeous sceneries
Friend of Tellus
Friend of Tellus Yıl önce
Yes it feels like that these days; doesn't it !!!!
Elza Altmann
Elza Altmann Yıl önce
Absolutely breath taking views. Keep nature safe, we will be safe.
Grmalj Grmic
Grmalj Grmic Yıl önce
72marshflower15 Yıl önce
Cause actual prolife means ALL LIFE.. not just human life.. ✨🌏✨
Tannis Giesbrecht
Tannis Giesbrecht Yıl önce
I live kin Canada one day I desire to see some of the beauty of Russia
72marshflower15 Yıl önce
@Tannis Giesbrecht me three..
Rod Pettet
Rod Pettet 27 gün önce
What a fascinating docu. I'm impressed with the rangers, never really thinking of nature reserves. I've always imagined Russia as flat unproductive wasteland. How wrong I was. It's beautiful and of great value to the Russian people and the world.
rdmz Aylar önce
Incredibly beautiful film. Russia's nature is amazing ❤
Advocate D.M. Shukl Garje
Advocate D.M. Shukl Garje Yıl önce
With lot of love respect from Indians to beautiful beloved Russians and Country Russia.
Rus Axe
Rus Axe 24 gün önce
Nikedoesthings Yıl önce
I have always wanted to go to Russia, even planned to study the language. I gave up on the latter, but I hope I can still visit Russia in the future, in peaceful times. Taking the trans Siberia express train is up high on my bucket list. Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Vladivostok. Seeing this only makes me want to see more. It's such a huge country, and amazing how it borders across the planet, having so many climates and cultures, timezones. It is sad to think such a large and beautiful country started a war, they don't need it. :
Ginger Keith
Ginger Keith Yıl önce
The country did not start the this mad war, Just one deranged individual.
Slavic Melodies
Slavic Melodies Yıl önce
@Ginger Keith more like, one goverment. The American one.
Jacqueline Zwahlen
Jacqueline Zwahlen Yıl önce
Beautiful Documentary about a beautiful and diverse country. Thanks for that!
Ivan Gudelj
Ivan Gudelj Yıl önce
Thank you for beautiful documentary and your efforts to safe wildlife in beautiful Russia.
ASWIN K.B Yıl önce
Wowww Russia is superb I love it wanna visit there ❤️❤️❤️
Syam Maurya
Syam Maurya Yıl önce
I hope Russia keeps on protecting this paradise. Great job so far
Lara Pedan
Lara Pedan 11 aylar önce
@I 13ivol yeah yeah go tell your mommy about that..
I 13ivol
I 13ivol 11 aylar önce
@Lara Pedan your answer it's so explained Millions off people dies there every year because they don't have normal conditions for life
Acer Rome
Acer Rome 10 aylar önce
Syam Maurya, Very Much Agree.
Irene Severova
Irene Severova 10 aylar önce
@I 13ivol like millions homeless people in the USA? And around the world? Just open your eyes 🦄
P. T
P. T Yıl önce
Wow Russia what huge beautiful country, I mean 11 different time zones, just think about that for a minute ? Cinematography on this documentary is just incredible 👏🏾 great job 👍🏾glade I stumbled across this gem .
Svetlana Voikova
Svetlana Voikova 9 aylar önce
Мирослав Мирных
Мирослав Мирных 5 aylar önce
​@Svetlana Voikova Cвета,как жизнь?😀
Svetlana Voikova
Svetlana Voikova 5 aylar önce
@Мирослав Мирных в порядке, Мирослав
Tehjeeb Abtahi
Tehjeeb Abtahi 6 aylar önce
This is a very beautiful introduction to the verdant nature of Russia. Thank you. Truly an enjoyable experience.
S Thapa
S Thapa 8 aylar önce
First video showing a true Russia without any propoganda of western media. Thank you😊
Vishnu Yıl önce
Thanks for making such wonderful documentary , expecting more like these
Get.factual Yıl önce
Thank you! More to come!
N A G Yıl önce
Amazing documentary, thank you for the wonderful work.
Bartek Yıl önce
Beautiful land of Russia, and beautiful people doing beautiful work.
Donna Carter
Donna Carter Yıl önce
Thank you so much for these documentaries. I love animals, nature and curious how beautiful other countries are. Knowledge is everything. 👍💖👍
d m
d m Aylar önce
Lake Baykal is especially fascinating wow! It is said large ancient reptiles swim in the depths of the lake and have for thousands of years and the Russian military divers have also have encountered sentient humanoid tall aquatic like beings in the depths of the lake as well!
Old Bagira
Old Bagira Aylar önce
this is all nonsense. there is nothing like that on Baikal, and even more so military bases
Beatles 9 aylar önce
What a beautiful country!
Jaqen H'ghar
Jaqen H'ghar Yıl önce
Fantastic documentary and beautiful country.
MidnightCaller Aylar önce
I live in Scandinavia, and i am endlessly fascinated by this country. I have always been drawn to it, and its people. The state of things at the moment is depressing and sad.
Haroon Suresh
Haroon Suresh Yıl önce
It's so sad what the poachers did to the bears 😥
T M Yıl önce
Gorgeous, Spectacular, Serene reminds bit of Alaska visit early 1990s. It's a testament of Russians love of country, hopefully the younger generations appreciate. What a uplifting documentary everyone should see.
Galina Solovykh
Galina Solovykh Yıl önce
Wonderful video! I think Russia has many interesting and beautiful places, for example, the Far East, Karelia, Altai
Sonal Gautum
Sonal Gautum 11 aylar önce
Hope one day I will definitely visit this nature ful country.🧐
sheikowi 11 aylar önce
Great complement to your Greater and Little Caucasus series. Keep 'em coming. Videography is incredible. No crap or exploitation or irrelevancy here. What a strange society!
Puerto Rican In Thailand
Puerto Rican In Thailand 6 aylar önce
Beautiful country. Would love to visit the Nenets people.
Kleopatra Yıl önce
Refreshing to see this documentary. It just shows you that if we could get politics out of the way, the citizens of the world get along with each other. Bravo from California!!!
Rus Axe
Rus Axe 24 gün önce
politicians are nothing but trouble. ordinary people just need to live and raise offspring, enjoy life. sunny California salute.
Kemcare Natural TV
Kemcare Natural TV Yıl önce
Wow, thank you for this wonderful documentary Am happy nature is being preserved How I wish the world will have a mindset of this 2 great men
Gabriel uyi
Gabriel uyi Yıl önce
AD Tiamzon
AD Tiamzon Yıl önce
Amazing discovery...👏👍 Valuable conservation work for all generations. Thank you, All! Well done.
Владислав Высоцкий
Владислав Высоцкий Yıl önce
Hello, guys! I'm from Russia! I live in small city, but very beautiful! My city called "Green City", because many trees is hear.
ahmad 10 aylar önce
Here from Bangladesh. Russia is so beautiful ❤️ and Russian language sounds too much beautiful
Moon Boy
Moon Boy 10 aylar önce
Hello! It looks like a wonderful place. Thanks for sharing :)
Joshua Andino
Joshua Andino 10 aylar önce
Kamchatka is definitely the peaceful side of Russia, definitely away from the European conflicts
Moon Boy
Moon Boy 10 aylar önce
@Joshua Andino you don’t always have to talk about that kind of stuff. Russia is a proud country with beautiful people
Shah Nisarg
Shah Nisarg Yıl önce
Awesome documentary. Thanks for your efforts.
Get.factual Yıl önce
Glad you enjoyed it!
progress is beautiful
progress is beautiful Yıl önce
Ok, I assumed how wastly big Russia is, but kudos to those people working to preserve wildlife.
Xpeng Fangirl
Xpeng Fangirl Yıl önce
it will not last, sadly
Hos Steinle
Hos Steinle 2 aylar önce
Three generations ago my family live along the west side of Siberia. Beautiful land ,beautiful people , and an excellent video. Thank you. I must go home some day
KP Zivot
KP Zivot 9 aylar önce
Amazing russia love from ukraine
Sam Davison-Wall
Sam Davison-Wall Yıl önce
What an awesome documentary! Thank you!
Irena.El.O Yıl önce
Beautiful Russia ❤
ThisIs LilRaskal
ThisIs LilRaskal Yıl önce
Great channel. Top quality documentaries and photography. Thank you from Melbourne, Australia.
Manta Core 🐯 Tejah
Manta Core 🐯 Tejah Yıl önce
So many wonderful treasures. I don't remember hearing about the freshwater seals. So 😎.
pirate 1034bc
pirate 1034bc Yıl önce
what a beautiful country and beautiful people God bless you mother Russia.
Svetlana Voikova
Svetlana Voikova 9 aylar önce
Thanks 💕
Scytale 5 aylar önce
This "beautiful people" is committing never-seen atrocities in Ukraine. They are just brutal animals. Sorry for the animals.
HowBoutU132 4 aylar önce
@Svetlana Voikova 🤮🤮🤮🤮
Reynaldo Gaitán
Reynaldo Gaitán Yıl önce
Lindo que es Russia 🇵🇦
Blazed Bob
Blazed Bob 9 aylar önce
Great episode. Russia is a beautiful place.
humaira ali
humaira ali 11 aylar önce
Beautiful country and people .
Gusteau Yıl önce
40:43 What a magical scene. And icredible film overall,thank you!
Күүстээх Алексеянов
Күүстээх Алексеянов 14 saatler önce
Zelenograd, beautiful city❤. We love watching your documentaries.
svampen 20 gün önce
Russia has some incredible nature.
Englishelley Yıl önce
So lovely to hear how nice they talk about each other thats how it should be.
outcastoffoolgara Yıl önce
Thank you for caring for your country. Beautiful land and people.
Anthony Lemkendorf
Anthony Lemkendorf Yıl önce
@Strein Jerr. so true
Randy Jansen
Randy Jansen Yıl önce
With a barbaric military committing war crimes.
Elton Britt
Elton Britt 5 gün önce
Hopefully I'll be able to visit these beautiful, pristine, and picturesque places in Russia.👍
Real Relax
Real Relax Yıl önce
Russia amazing from Armenia 🇦🇲🤝🇷🇺
Vladimir 9 aylar önce
Armenia is great! I traveled around your republic in 1987, shortly before the terrible earthquake - Yerevan, Kirovakan, Geghard, looked through binoculars at Ararat). After the tragedy, I remember how the whole Union gathered everything possible to restore your cities. At our factory, ceramic tiles for the walls were purchased for me, they were sent to restore Yerevan. Alas, I never saw the tile at my workplace, because the USSR soon collapsed, the machines were sold, and I was reduced. But that's another story.)
Mark Okada
Mark Okada Yıl önce
The Facts about Lake Baikal: 1) this is the largest freshwater lake in in the world. 2) the deepest lake in the world, 5,714 feet or 1743 meter. 3) the cleanest, purest & the most transparent lake in the world thanks to the presence of a strange creature called " Goupki " , the vivid green colored primitive animals ( that means SPONGE in Russian according to elFulberto) that filter the water. 4) It contains all but 20% of the world fresh water, or it contains as much as water all American Great Lakes combined. 5) Unfortunately & regrettably its purity & transparency have been recently threatened with the effluent from the nearby industrial plants. From Tokyo. (02/02/22)
elFulberto Yıl önce
"Goubki" is just Russian for sponges. They are not really unique to Lake Baikal but they do contribute heavily to keeping it clean.
White Void
White Void Yıl önce
Chinese will kill Baikal
Mark Okada
Mark Okada Yıl önce
@White Void Why & how? Kindly let me know, many thanks.
Mark Okada
Mark Okada Yıl önce
I wonder as to why you have such an intense antipathy to China & Chinese. Have you had a utter negative experience w/ them? Pls let me know,,,Thanks in advance,,,,,(07/13/22)
Слободянюк Андрей
Слободянюк Андрей Yıl önce
Beautiful work. Thank you!
Walther Hoffman
Walther Hoffman Yıl önce
Anatoli and Sergei are the one of the most badass dudes I've seen. They give rise to the stereotype that Russians are badass. Kudos to them.
Joe Boudreault
Joe Boudreault 11 aylar önce
Thank you all for presenting some of the beautiful areas of the world's biggest country. We do similar things here in the world's second biggest country. If politicians could act like naturalist towards everything around them we would have peace.
Berta Nelson
Berta Nelson 10 aylar önce
and all would thrive
Saint Petersburg Life
Saint Petersburg Life 2 aylar önce
Are you Canadian?
Joe Boudreault
Joe Boudreault 2 aylar önce
@Saint Petersburg Life Of course. That's why I said I live in the second largest country in the world.
yawn Yıl önce
Protect these lands at all costs!!
Frank Blangeard
Frank Blangeard Yıl önce
"The Nenets have always protected their reindeer from all evils. From geologists and from wolves." 31:22
K0fi Deegbe
K0fi Deegbe 10 aylar önce
Well done keep protecting this great beautiful paradise also keep on taking care of your own physical well-being way to go Russia
L D 9 aylar önce
I want to travel to Russia for a whole month
ramappa sreenivasan
ramappa sreenivasan 11 aylar önce
Awesome Russia 🇷🇺 💓👌
Hokavi Stark
Hokavi Stark 10 aylar önce
Russia is a beautiful country ❤
Sibila Sinistra
Sibila Sinistra 10 aylar önce
What a beautiful places.
Rosa Thompson
Rosa Thompson Yıl önce
I am Grateful for this brave man 🙏🙏 be safe and Thank you 🙏❤️
Константин Голомозов
Константин Голомозов Yıl önce
Thank you so much for this interesting work that you have shared with us.
Action Jackson
Action Jackson 7 aylar önce
Thanks. A very detailed and grand view of that land.
Kora Na
Kora Na Yıl önce
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