Japanese Reacts to The DON'Ts Of Visiting the USA

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Timothy James

Timothy James

9 aylar önce

Japanese learns about the Don'ts of the USA for the very first time.

Original video : trshow.info/watch/2w6ephOxnTY/video.html

I'm learning more about the USA guys, I genuinely cannot wait to visit the US again to really travel ! But will keep these things in mind so I don't offend American people ;) Thanks for watching !

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Timothy James
Timothy James 22 gün önce
Guys I have Patreon where I post mostly travel blogs in Japan and updates on what i'm up to in real time, and I just want to make more friends from the US so when I get to visit USA I could meet many of you ! I will appreciate it from the bottom of my heart ! www.patreon.com/timothyjamestravels
Gamer Z
Gamer Z 10 gün önce
If you want to meet come visit Florida. DM me
Dianna Remillard
Dianna Remillard 11 gün önce
Dont hitchhike, it's illegal in most states. Also, the Healthcare issue, we don't go to the hospital for every minor issue like fevers fainting scrapes etc. We have a lot of medication over the counter and more medication allowed here that is banned in many Asian countries so that helps a bit. I believe he was warning about broken bones or needing stitches.
The crazy housewife
The crazy housewife 15 gün önce
Hitchhiking is also illegal in alot of states. Just a FYI.
Powerforged 15 gün önce
Tipping only applies to restaurants with waitstaff, and amount is based off quality of service. 10-15% for basic to good service, 20% great service, and if its horrible you don't have to tip at all, but be aware if you go with a large group(can vary from 6+ to 10+) they will automatically add it to your bill so check before paying. Talking about Politics and Gun Control isn't that big of deal to most republicans/conservatives but god forbid if you step on one of the taboos of leftist/democrats like race or gender, its basically their religion. Smoking is pretty much banned from all indoor establishments, most people don't care if you are outdoors, but don't be surprised if you get some dirty looks in blue cities. And for the love of god don't hitchhike or you'll end up dead or worse.
Just Me
Just Me 17 gün önce
There is NOT a lot of over-the-top service here in the US anymore. That ship has sailed.
sj4iy 13 dakika önce
Basically, in the majority of the US, a driver's license and car are needed to get from one place to another. The only place I haven't needed a car was in NYC. Also, hitchhiking is dangerous. I do not recommend it. There's a saying that "Americans measure distance in time". Basically, when I'm driving to my mom's house, I say "it's a 12 hour drive" because for us, "500 miles" means very little. Also, you don't tip at fast food restaurants, only sit down restaurants.
Lrd _D34TH
Lrd _D34TH 40 dakika önce
You ever have deep fried kool-aid
Mylgphone Elgee
Mylgphone Elgee 3 saatler önce
He's right, I live in the capital of Texas, which is in the middle of the state. If you want to get to another state or the coast, you will be driving for at least 9.5 hours non stop in any direction. And don't get sick!
Mylgphone Elgee
Mylgphone Elgee 3 saatler önce
The tips goto the servers usually. Sometimes they pool them together but usually it's the person that is your waiter. The thing about that is, for most servers minimum wage is not a thing. It's not uncommon for them to be making $2/hour or less. So 15-20% is the standard.
Draco Madness
Draco Madness 7 saatler önce
Don’t hitch hike 😰 especially since you aren’t American holy shit so much bad would happen so quick.
Randomporium 14 saatler önce
DO NOT HITCHHIKE IN THE US!!! very dangerous.
Hernandez 14 saatler önce
I didn’t know there were “do’s and don’t” for America
Beerbearian 15 saatler önce
So when it comes to the 52 stares, that's including Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. However they are considered "territories" and not statea. Which is some imperialist bullshit and they should be states.
Da Rambler
Da Rambler 18 saatler önce
It crazy to see a supa hot fire clip in a video like this lol
Darius Reed
Darius Reed 18 saatler önce
Um ok so imma be the first to point out the dude in the video misspelled dont's so idk how dependable his advice is
Kiki Candy Cat
Kiki Candy Cat 19 saatler önce
Honestly I think the smoking thing depends on where you are, here in Pennsylvania there’s smokers left and right and no one bats an eye, and there’s often designated smoking areas, I’m not sure about other states though
Blackpinkandbtsfan 19 saatler önce
Could you do a video about 9/11?sorta like a reaction video?
talis84 21 saatler önce
I use time as a measure of distance when driving. "It's about 30 minutes away"
Chelley Roberts
Chelley Roberts 21 saatler önce
Public transportation takes a lot of infrastructure and that means expensive. Smaller towns and cities simply don’t have the revenue base to pay for it. In places like New York City or Los Angeles there is a dense population with people pretty much living on top of one another and a lot of tax revenue coming in. It’s not unheard of for people there to not have a car or even bother to learn to drive. They can get wherever they need to go using public transport funded by the tax revenue coming in. In a city of 30 thousand in the Midwest, however, people are more spread out and there isn’t enough of a population to generate the kind of tax revenue needed to pay for a solid public transportation system. And don’t hitchhike in the US. And don’t pick up a hitchhiker. That’s just asking for something bad to happen.
Rachael Strange
Rachael Strange 22 saatler önce
in USA waitstaff earns 280 yen/ hour of work. when all other jobs pay at lease 850 yen/hour or more.
Roy Munson
Roy Munson 22 saatler önce
Don't listen to this idiot from Illinois. He generalizes too much & doesn't know what he's talking about. Only the cowards don't want to talk Politics (which ARE admittedly ALOT but they're more likely to just stay quiet than argue with you if you start talking politics)...they'd rather be enslaved & dictated to than go against the grain. This Country used to kick ass but we've been demoralized, indoctrinated, passified, weakened, etc. BTW You can certainly talk Politics with some sense of ease depending on what you're saying WHERE. If you're in Liberal/Blue Areas you can push gun control & Commie Garbage all day long & likely you're not gonna get hassled...if you're in more Conservative/Red territory...you likely aren't going to get hassled for supporting gun rights & decent views. There are certainly exceptions though. ...And often the laws State to State can tell you a whole lot about the Political Landscape by that. I'll give you an example, in California you can't have an AR-15 with a magazine that holds more than 10 rounds (if I'm not mistaken), certain features/modifications are banned, here in MO I could own that same rifle with for example a 100 rd Drum Magazine. Alot of States have strict requirements, permits to own handguns, permits to conceal carry a weapon, some States don't allow you to open carry a weapon...& then again...there are States like MO, where you don't need permits to own pistols, or conceal a weapon, or forbid carrying a weapon openly. But if you get into the big, Democrat Cities like St. Louis or Kansas City...that might change. It's more complicated than it should be...but everything has become Politicized & Socially Engineered here.
Roy Munson
Roy Munson 22 saatler önce
I'm an American...I say fuck tipping. If you want to know how the debate/social commentary kinda goes here...look up "Reservoir Dogs Tipping Scene"...I agree with Mr. Pink, & I've had this same argument with family/friends who think I'm some total asshole for thinking that way. I stand by it. lol
FaithfulServant41 l
FaithfulServant41 l 23 saatler önce
Whenever you come here to the USA, I wish you a fun, safe, and amazing time! Because even with some of the bad reputation of our country, there's still plenty of good things and times to be had here. And... if you travel by vehicle around the Eastern side, don't be shocked if you see people driving with a refrigerator or mattress in the back of their truck. 🤣
bell c@t
bell c@t 23 saatler önce
Get insurance it helps A HECK OF A LOT
bell c@t
bell c@t 23 saatler önce
Yeah a lot of people will not be ur friend anymore is u support a certain thing in politics. I lost some friends when they asked who I WOULD vote for :(
bell c@t
bell c@t 23 saatler önce
CIGARETTE THING ISNT TRUE. People try to be nice about it, but some don’t alright. So if u smoke don’t be uncomfortable there,.
bell c@t
bell c@t 23 saatler önce
Tip thing ain’t true we don’t tip that much. Or it’s just my family we Give like 5-10 dollars
bell c@t
bell c@t 23 saatler önce
they kiss for love, I’m American I hug my family and friends but no one I just met.
That One Weird Kid From School
That One Weird Kid From School Gün önce
American food is honestly pretty stereotypical: burgers, hot dogs, fried chicken, and many other fattening foods full of butter, grease, and/or sugar.
Obama_ Yo_Mama
Obama_ Yo_Mama Gün önce
American food is just all food but "better" or really worse, or more likely different but I havent tried actual genuine food from other countries
Billy TK
Billy TK Gün önce
There are 50 US States, 48 of them are what we call 'The Continental United States' (meaning they are all connected together on the main landmass that is the US). The other 2 States are Alaska, and Hawaii (which are not connected to the main US landmass). There are also 14 US Territories scattered throughout the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean that don't tend to get much recognition :(
Billy TK
Billy TK Gün önce
US Government wastes the money they steal in taxes from the US Citizens (I say steal because it doesn't get used for what they state it's being taken for). Bulk of the money just goes to giving themselves raises (Senators, Governors, Mayors, etc..) which is why US Infrastructures are all failing. That's why US Cities and Towns don't have reliable public transportation, roads, etc...
Adrian Hernandez
Adrian Hernandez Gün önce
I’m from the US I tip the service I get.
boostedz Gün önce
Thats because cannabis doesn't kill you and cigarettes do. He said that cigarette comment like cannabis is the devil and cigarettes are god
Death Proof
Death Proof Gün önce
Don't assume everyone is a religious Christian even if they claim to be "christian". They look and sound like Christians but a lot of them are......just wow. Then you have the other side who hates America and Christians and will call you a white supremacist for being Christian. This country is a big smush of wtf in some places. Oh. And yeah. Hitchhiking in America is a big no no over here. Hitchhiking is stigmatized as something only a criminal or crazy person would do. So either nobody will pick you up or that person that picks you up isn't taking where you want to go and you won't be seen again.
BonitaBocazas Gün önce
The first one should be specific about NYers … you can go to other states and it’s very warm and friendly there .. do NOT try that touchy friendly stuff in NYC! Don’t even stare at someone for too long here, it’s pretty much asking for a physical altercation and in some instances, d3@th, and no I am not exaggerating.
BonitaBocazas Gün önce
@Obama_ Yo_Mama Yupp. Even when other states come here to visit, they’re ready to run back home bc they realize how much they hate it here and when NYers go to other states, they’re fascinated with us AT FIRST but then they don’t like us bc they say we bring the NYC energy over to their neck of the woods. I’m ready to leave this city , I love my town but the energy is too dark here in Gotham city.
Obama_ Yo_Mama
Obama_ Yo_Mama Gün önce
Guess it ties into the all states are different stuff
Pork Chop
Pork Chop Gün önce
See the thing that people dont understand is that America is a country of immigrants so we don't just have one culture it is the melting pot of all cultures. Some things we share some we don't. Here you can find anything you could ever want, unless you want free healthcare.
T Gün önce
Hitchhike!?!? Sure, that's fine. If you're okay with being murder. People who won't kill you probably won't pick you, fearing you. People who do pick you up good chance they are looking for a" bloody" good time. ( "bloody" as your blood leaving your body). There's a lot of natural beauty here, trees, mountains, water, and wide open spaces.( all great places to hide the body) Stay safe, trust no one. Not friendly, TV shows are lies. Only friendly for tips and health care is extremely expensive....SO, yeah we need your money. If that is problematic there is fast food. They don't make much, but more than people you should tip. Any one coming to the US, I do hope you enjoy it. A lot to see, do, and eat. There are good things, great things. Love this place, it is my home and I want all to see it. And love it. Just don't get murder. Hope you all are well and safe. Have a wonderful day.
The Umbral Plain Stories
The Umbral Plain Stories Gün önce
Tips always go to the server/waiter
KD Gün önce
Something for Japanese visitors to know, we typically wear our shoes inside the house. Yes, there are exceptions, but I would say this is the norm.
Mike H
Mike H Gün önce
As someone from the states, youre not missing much unless you go to historic sites or national parks really
Brandon Gittens
Brandon Gittens Gün önce
Hitchhiking is a big nono no matter where you are I’d say, it’s weird to say but we are a very violent but peaceful people. But lastly he’s right, never NEVER forget hole in the wall places, or mom and pop places, they’re the best usually
Ahone Vest
Ahone Vest Gün önce
The ‘we drive all the way’ is so true lol. My relatives live about 15 hours away from me and we do not stop driving we get there in a day. You only stop for gas or bathroom breaks at stores
Big bird
Big bird Gün önce
The thing with smoking is exaggerated people don't like you smoking but as long as your not in a building or vehicle people will leave you alone
Green Outdoors
Green Outdoors Gün önce
James Hutton
James Hutton Gün önce
Gun control means you hit your target!!!!!
James Hutton
James Hutton Gün önce
It goes straight to your waiter. Just go to the store and make your own food, it is a lot cheaper, and you can save your money.
Vivi the potato
Vivi the potato Gün önce
Tips go straight to the waiter, tip is so high bc waiters are EXTREMELY underpaid here
Tokachirito Piano
Tokachirito Piano Gün önce
Straight to the waiter, or they pool it and divide to the waiter crew for the shift/day
Julia C
Julia C Gün önce
Tips go to the waiter most of the time. SOME places divide it up between the waiters and cooks.
Kaitlyn Doucet
Kaitlyn Doucet Gün önce
Don’t hitchhike. It’s not good for either person. The hitchhiker could be kidnapped and never seen again, or the person picking them up could let in someone dangerous or crazy. 50/50 chance, not one you should take.
kate the vampire
kate the vampire Gün önce
RDMangle Gün önce
people don't care about weed as much as tobacco, because weed when it smokes its a medicine, which is regulated by the state is either legal outright, legal but only as a prescription, or in 3 states, outright banned. and when it is smoked, the smoke is not killing you neither does its effects, smoke itself can't exactly kill you because carbon is already in the earth's air as it is, and the reason why smoke in a fire can kill you is that that smoke is heavier and much thicker, causing suffocation, so weed can not kill people, the reason smoking tobacco-based products kills you is because of nicotine, and tons of chemicals such as Hydrogen cyanide which interferes with the body's use of oxygen and may cause harm to the brain, heart, blood vessels, and lungs., Formaldehyde, found in bodies prepared for funerals when embalming and is also used for many household products. It is used in pressed-wood products, such as particleboard, plywood, and fiberboard; glues and adhesives; permanent-press fabrics; paper product coatings; and certain insulation materials, Lead a metal found in bullets and water from the tap as well as because it interferes with numerous enzymes inside the cells of the heart, arteries, and veins, which is why smokers often die from heart diseases. Arsenic which breathing in high levels of arsenic can cause a sore throat and irritated lungs. Swallowing high levels of arsenic can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, muscle weakness, cramping, and skin rashes, Ammonia, a compound of nitrogen and hydrogen used for agricultural use as a fertilizer, as well as the manufacture of plastics, explosives, textiles, pesticides, and dyes, finally and Benzene, which causes the cells in the body to work incorrectly. Benzene exposure can cause bone marrow cells to produce red blood cells or it can cause the white blood cells of your immune system to fail. and Benzene has been banned as an ingredient in products intended for use in the home, including toys. and many consider banning the sale of tobacco in favor of cannabis, as smoking tobacco has no health benefits, even when used moderately. and the only reason it calms down the person smoking, is because the person has an addiction, and having the smoke relaxes them because when they don't have a smoke, they feel a need for the smoke, which will get them a rise, and giving them a smoke will calm them down because they got what they want, kind of like a kid wanting candy. the reason alcohol isn't banned despite its problems is that it does have some health benefits, and is only dangerous because of people misusing it, like drinking and driving, and people getting involved in domestic abuse and is on the fault of the individual who is excessively drinking. however, using alcohol moderately has health benefits like reducing your risk of developing and dying of heart disease. Possibly reducing your risk of ischemic stroke (when the arteries to your brain become narrowed or blocked, causing severely reduced blood flow) Possibly reducing your risk of diabetes. but only with moderate drinking.
Adam Moutii
Adam Moutii 2 gün önce
The video is trash, guy has no idea what he’s talking about…. What kinda American did he grow up in
titaniumwolf1123 2 gün önce
It's a huge lie that we don't use metric. We use it ALL OF THE TIME. We use both. Literally everyone uses metric as well. The only exception is Kilometers
Isaac Mayer
Isaac Mayer 2 gün önce
Once covid is over, lol
Big Daddy Rat
Big Daddy Rat 2 gün önce
American culture is like a mutt...our culture is an amalgamation of everyone else's.
Dragonfly 2 gün önce
Tips go straight to the waiter, and in fast food restaurants you don’t need to tip anything.
billhillard 2 gün önce
When I travel to a foreign country the first thing that I do is scream in the face of a local, "I DON'T SPEAK YOUR BOOGAH BOOGAH LANGUAGE!!! SPEAK ENGLISH!!!" Just kidding, but that is what the world expects Americans to do in a foreign land. Sadly, some Americans do not let them down and actually act that way. Please make a video of Japanese do and don't. I want to travel there. It is one of the few countries I wish to see and have not. Thank you.
Maxwell Kowal
Maxwell Kowal 2 gün önce
Health care in the United States of America is an issue that the majority of the American population wants to fix, but many politicians and government officials just don't seem to care that much about, regardless of what they say about it.
Helen Storm
Helen Storm 2 gün önce
Tipping exists so restaurant owners can justify not paying their workers. Tipping should be an appreciation of especially good service, not an expectation that you are seen as a horrible person for not meeting.
Isabell Surber
Isabell Surber 2 gün önce
Honestly I don't think that video is accurate that much 😬
Jaylee Jeez
Jaylee Jeez 2 gün önce
NEVER EVER HITCH HIKE unless you’re trying to appear on the news for being kidnapped and killed😭😭 please never ever hitchhike guys, the US is a cool place but never ever ever get into someones car. Its super dangerous.
V0lostoftheV0id 2 gün önce
You're suppose to give tips of 15-20%?
Ariel Pazer
Ariel Pazer 3 gün önce
The image of Americans hugging and kissing all the time is very much just for close friends and relatives. With strangers we keep a bit of space between us. The first time I took a Tokyo train at rush hour was a huge culture shock. I’d never been squished between strangers like that before.
bob larwence
bob larwence 3 gün önce
Protip older america loves using positive racism as way to compliment visitors and their nations.
Stults_The_Lustful_Sinner 3 gün önce
You can smoke in the states just not in business related areas/buildings.
Big Boss
Big Boss 3 gün önce
That cigarette thing is the biggest crock of bs I’ve ever heard, unless you’re in a public building.
smallbrain :)
smallbrain :) 3 gün önce
Tipping in America is so high because that's the waiters income
Ian Collins
Ian Collins 3 gün önce
Tipping is to give the workers living wage and they live off the tips
M a
M a 3 gün önce
The smoking thing really depends where your at and if your inside or not, like if you just randomly lit a cigarette inside somewhere you'd most likely immediately be told to get out by security or put out your cigarette, besides that unless you accidentally start smoking besides a "Karen" outside you should be fine
Ariel Klay
Ariel Klay 3 gün önce
The reason for tipping here is because waiters in restaurants are not paid enough by their bosses to keep food prices low.
Graveheartart -Anna
Graveheartart -Anna 3 gün önce
Omg don’t hitchhike in the us!! It might be safe in Japan but it’s super dangerous in the USA
PreyasMan The DemoPan
PreyasMan The DemoPan 3 gün önce
I'll be constantly editing this comment going through the video as I watch, but as someone who's lived in the US their entire life (granted only in a few parts) it'd be nice to give a little context as well, see if it makes things make more sense. 1: the touching thing, you're right; hugs, kisses, ext. are very common here, but that's mostly for family, lovers, very close friends, ext. most people here feel uncomfortable around strangers or people we don't know very well. 2: as for public transport.. like he said, it does vary alot depending on where exactly you are. I live in Oregon as example and the city I'm in has some of the best public transportation in the country ?(you can get just about anywhere consistently) but because the country is so big and every state is almost like a mini government, public transport's going to vary alot and is overall unreliable. 3: yeah, the US is deceptively big (3d largest country in terms of landmass I believe) and is about over twice as long as 2 Japans places horizontally. 4: as for sales tax... yeah I can't add much to that, where I live we don't really have a sales tax, but I mentioned before each state is like it's own mini government and culture, so it's really important to pay attention to what the one you're visiting is like. 5: as for tips.. yeah it's always polite to tip 15-20%, alot of waiters actually rely on tips and in some places restaurants will even pay their workers less than minimum wage as they'll compensate in tips. (which sounds awful and it is, but as I said, not every place does that) either way though, it's always polite to tip a good amount when you go out to eat or even order delivery, cause the worker may need it. if you can't afford to tip however, you're not obligated to. it's the polite thing to do, but if you can't, you can't. 6: can't add much more to that. 7: yeah tobacco's heavily shunned in alot of areas. alot of people (myself included) hate second-hand smoke, there are laws in alot of areas that prevent people from smoking within a certain range of a building, ext. though alot of it is for good reason as the stuff is really bad for you and second-hand smoke can effect the people around them too. (i'll talk about the rest in a reply, this is getting lengthy)
Lizzy Darcy
Lizzy Darcy 3 gün önce
1:26 it honestly depends. As a southerner, we love to hug people, but only the people we know...we do have a box around us though...no touch!
dum redneck
dum redneck 3 gün önce
im from the US what are the two other states that you think? an you need to try smoke roast beef
SunkFishy 3 gün önce
We mostly use private transportation normally our own car or a friend's car for a ride hitchhiking is actually illegal
Man Man Gaming
Man Man Gaming 4 gün önce
They actually do smoke quite a bit just don't smoke in buildings.
sgt spork
sgt spork 4 gün önce
Personal space is basically up to the individual really.. I know many who are comfy with friendly greet hugs and such from meeting someone for the first time as long as they are not too intimate or 'creepy' of course.. but honestly, it's just best to err on the side of caution or simply ask first. Hitchhiking is a no no sadly.. it's illegal in some places and can be risky travel. It's a shame, it used to be fairly common place before around the 1970's.. proceed at your own risk but people are wary to pick someone up just as they are to accept a ride from a stranger. It's a general distrust of strangers drilled into us from 'Stranger Danger' public service warnings and such at school but not for no reason, tho it is a bit overblown honestly as there are nice people like me would would love to find and nice spot to bury your body. (Joke, I promise!) But yes, the fear is serial killers, rapists, and other predators on both sides actually.. the ride giver (if not a predator) and the hitchhiker (if also not a predator).. heh.. what if the two were both predators? What happens then? Do they both just go get lunch and talk shop? (I have a pretty dark sense of humor if you haven't noticed).. Tipping is only for certain situations.. home delivery, non-fast food sit down service with a wait person. Take away does not require tipping. Some instances it is optional and there will be a tip jar.. like for coffee baristas and other light service, it's appreciation for good service in that case but not expected. And 15-20% is an estimate.. 15% is not bad for a quick bite. That's a 1.50 on $10 for high end coffee drink and a small treat. at a good but reasonably priced restaurant you can get a really nice entree for $15-25 (at least in my city) or a whole meal at a more casual spot for pizza or subs and such.. so most casual meals you will only be throwing down $3-5 per person which is usually already part of the food price in other countries. Wait staff usually get paid very little hourly by the restaurants and make their actual money via tips.. and honestly, it's usually ok if you are poor to tip on the low side, just don't linger too long if it's busy (table turnover), don't be demanding or be a problem, clean up after yourself (all of this is good advice in general, heh) and simply apologize to the wait person, most will understand if you are nice.. (and it's not a more fancy place to eat ) but do remember, tips are how they actually make money.. (specifically delivery and wait staff). Oh and strippers... They love tips but do not, I repeat DO NOT try to tip police officers. Even if they do a good job arresting you.. while some might appreciate it, most will not and you will get handled roughly and perhaps tased or shot if you aren't white. Do NOT sing rap songs out loud if you are not black just in case you forget to self censor the N word or try to call someone the n-word in a friendly way (as in my N-words!) even with a soft -ah or -ahs in place of the hard -er or -ers. Don't do this around ANYONE, much less a black person as you will not be appreciated for your mad rhyming skills and killer beats and your attempt at familial affection will be received with disdain. And possibly a beatdown. Rightfully so. If you do this on accident in the company of white people and those white people comment with much approval for it and complain how the world is too PC, avoid those white people as if they are of a certain age group, you WILL be nicknamed 'long duck dong' (see the 80's movie 16 candles). These people are all racists and voted for Trump or are Police officers and also the former. Avoid discussing gun control, politics, religion, Biden, trump, Bernie, pelosi, climate change, Black, all or blue lives matter, the 2020 election, the 2024 election, any election ever, my pillow, pizzagate, Alex Jones, any Trump at all ever, school shootings, mass shooting, Charlottesville, fascism, racism, socialism.. avoid anyone using the terms libtard, cuck, republicunt, trumptard, etc. In fact, don't talk to anyone about anything ever and just look at the pretty sights and take pictures, be sure to hit the gift shop too! Also, remember this.. We can’t bust heads like we used to-but we have our ways. One trick is to tell them stories that don’t go anywhere like the time I caught the ferry over to Shelbyville. I needed a new heel for my shoe, so I decided to go to Morganville which is what they called Shelbyville in those days. So, I tied an onion to my belt which was the style at the time. Now, to take the ferry cost a nickel. And in those days, nickels had pictures of bumblebees on ‘em. ‘Give me five bees for a quarter,’ you’d say. Now, where were we? Oh, yeah! The important thing was that I had an onion on my belt which was the style at the time. They didn’t have white onions because of the war. The only thing you could get was those big yellow ones. Just seeing if anyone got this far through.. 😂
Angelina Adams
Angelina Adams 4 gün önce
You don't have to tip unless you're at a sit down restaurant. Because waiters and waitresses get paid 3.00-7.00 instead of minimum wage, Which is $10-12.00. we tip them so they can feed their families. Also sometimes when someone is awful and runs out on bill, some bosses make the waiters pay for it, even though they couldn't stop it, and they don't get paid very much. America has almost abolished slave labor, but some employees across America get paid less than other employees that's why we tip them because they border on slave labor. Yes everybody has the choice to leave their job and get a better one but some places don't have very many jobs available and you take what you can get sometimes people have to make adjustments with their job so they can go to school or help take care of the family and sometimes being a waitress or a waiter is the only job that will allow you to do that. Life is really hard for a waiter and waitress sometimes sometimes it's easier when you have those good days that give you a $200 tip and one night. But if I had to choose working in a restaurant I'd be in the kitchen I'd work as a cook. You get a sneak food sometimes they even give you a meal for free on the house sometimes they get of it to you on a really good discount, sometimes you can even try food you know use a separate spoon throw it away afterwards just to see how the food is what it's like what you're making is it fresh is it nicely prepared. chefs are supposed to taste their food so they know they're not sending vomit out to a customer. When you asked about the culture and what type of food is in America, that's not an easy answer we're mixing pot of cultures you're not just going to find one type of cultural food.
Angelina Adams
Angelina Adams 4 gün önce
We are a mixing pot of culture. We aren't poor on culture, we are a mixing pot! We embrace and love all cultures!
Angelina Adams
Angelina Adams 4 gün önce
Hours! We travel by hours! 60miles pur hour, means you're traveling a mile a minute. When something says it's a mile, depending on how to get there and the route you take, could take longer for you to get there.
Angelina Adams
Angelina Adams 4 gün önce
He got it wrong. A LOT OF PEOPLE SMOKE CIGARETTES IN AMERICA. It's one of our number one pollution problems. DONT SMOKE INDOORS OR IN SMALL AREAS. A lot of our states are still against weed, so no not every state or Americans smoke or approves of weed. Some smoke weed some smoke cigs, some smoke both, some don't smoke at all. And you have to be 18 to 21 to buy them depending where you are, and bring an ID they will not sell to anyone who looks under 40 years of age. This guy's is right bout something and wrong about others. Some of our states are the size of small countries, and since we're the United States of America remember that each state has different laws. What may be okay in New York may not be okay in another state. California is different from New York which is different from Texas which is different from Minnesota they're all different.
Angelina Adams
Angelina Adams 4 gün önce
jennifer pocaigue
jennifer pocaigue 4 gün önce
We actually don't care if you smoke. I smoke. In public places we have designated areas for smokers. The only time it's frowned upon is if you light one indoors, near children, or in crowded places.
blaze jenkins
blaze jenkins 4 gün önce
The smoking rule, is not true its a very small number who throw fits this guy in the video is prolly a anti smoker guy i smoke cigarettes everyday in public
LilM0istCak3 4 gün önce
When you leave a tip for the person waiting your table make sure not to tip with pennies, it can be considered rude.
LilM0istCak3 4 gün önce
Careful hitchhiking, because in some places in the US its illegal
Deray YG
Deray YG 4 gün önce
i know this comment may be late bc of the video post date. But no one actually cares if you smoke cigarettes. (granted outdoors) The smell of them is just horrible so if you were to vape or something like that no one cares.
Bahamut Zero
Bahamut Zero 4 gün önce
The only thing I disagree with is the smoking tbh; lots of people smoke, it just depends on the culture around you. Construction workers for example tend to smoke like chimneys.
Sean O'Neil
Sean O'Neil 4 gün önce
A lot of people do smoke in the us and nobody would care as long as you are outside, btw 15-20% I don’t think so that being extremely generous.. 10% is fine and if you really don’t wanna tip then don’t this is America do what you want
A Panda
A Panda 4 gün önce
The US is different from state to state, but also city to city, county to county. In Ohio you can be driving through a big city where most folks work in an office and keep a New England diet, and 10 minutes later be surrounded by corn fields, most everyone works in agriculture, and they have a more Southern diet. Then you can drive into a smaller town with high unemployment, and the diet is fast food or whatever your EBT gets you.
A Panda
A Panda 4 gün önce
You can’t really pin down an American diet, only make generalizations based on region. The coasts will often be heavier in fish than the flyover country for example. Fast food is everywhere, everyone eats it from time to time, but other than that it’ll be stir fry one night, beans and rice the other, then pasta, pizza, then a fish dish- it varies from region to region and family to family.
Zach Gee
Zach Gee 4 gün önce
You can smoke where ever the hell you want just not indoors and be respectful
askmiller 4 gün önce
Thinking of "American food" has the same problem as thinking of "European Food" It's regional. Some things that should stand out as american though are texmex, cajun, american chinese, soul food, NY style pizza, Chicago style Pizza, Maryland crabs, New England lobster, etc, various types of bbq, etc. Hawaiian and Alaskan food are sort of exceptions because of how far they are from the mainland too. Depending on where you are you get more or less authentic versions of different dishes. Some regions have Italian cuisine, some Mexican, some Irish, some German, etc. What gets exported from America isn't really representative of what Americans actually eat. Fast food doesn't actually play that big of a role in most people's lives. Also tipping is not as expensive as it sounds. Base prices for restaurants are usually cheaper as a result, though it depends on region. Some regions are way more expensive than others. Generally though expect to spend around 25-30 dollars for a nice meal. For reference, 30 dollars is about 2 hours of work for the bottom tier jobs in the US, again depending on region.
JJ's Views
JJ's Views 5 gün önce
I think you over exaggerates the smoking thing. It's true that you can't smoke in public buildings, except bars. But you can smoke outside and people will be okay with it. They may not like it, they may avoid you because of the smell. But you won't be harassed. Lots of American smoke, but there is a stigma against it, it's not considered high class, and it's understood to be unhealthy.
JJ's Views
JJ's Views 5 gün önce
No!!!! Don't hitch hike!!! That's considered very dangerous (although it's probably not as dangerous as people think it is) so you'll have a terrible time getting rides and those who do pick you up will either be sketchy or trying to convert you. You gotta rent a car or stay in the cities, there's no other way.
Beshaba 5 gün önce
You don't have to tip at restaurants unless you really liked the service. I typically don't tip because restaurants are required to make up the difference to their service staff if their tips don't add up to minimum wage. Minimum wage is enough for service staff. It's unskilled labor, and from experience, it isn't a difficult task. If they want more money they can look into skilled labor jobs. Many places are hiring at well above minimum wage.
Mrs. Botany
Mrs. Botany 5 gün önce
American towns were built around the automobile. The towns are spread out and even the things in the towns are spread out. That's why we don't have effective public transport.
Thor Jørgensen
Thor Jørgensen 5 gün önce
You were right about the first part but not the second part. Yes, roads in America are built around cars. In Europe and in Japan and a lot of other places in the world, you don't see a lot of high-rise buildings and close compact grid districts. But the way the roads are built is the major difference. In America, almost everything is built in square grids. Whereas in Europe and Japan, cities and towns are built like circular disorganized spiderwebs around a central point. In America you can tell if you're on a north/south or east/west road. In Europe and Japan, the roads constantly curve in every direction. The roads in Europe and Japan aren't as wide as in America, meaning it's easier for pedestrians to cross. And it also allows for people to use bicycles more comfortably, on top of having lot more public transport. America isn't that much bigger than Europe. You can comfortably ride a train from Northern Finland to Southern Spain, which is the equivalent to taking a train from Miami to Las Vegas. Not a big deal in Europe, but it is impossible in America.
Susan Ray
Susan Ray 5 gün önce
I disagree with most of the first video
Ya Dingus
Ya Dingus 5 gün önce
If you ever go to Tennessee! Tipping Tip: We usually tip 20% if we can (although most people are in poverty here so...) so just take your total, move over the decimal, and then double it and that's your tip. So for example: Total is $15.75 Move over decimal to 1.575 Double that to 3.15 So $3.15 (at least!) in tip, and $15.85 for your meal. ALSO, please try to give tips in cash and not through a card!
Thor Jørgensen
Thor Jørgensen 5 gün önce
I think I'd rather just stay at home where I can pay everything on card and not have to worry about tipping, because the owners are required by law to pay their workers, regardless of tips. That's workers unions for you. Honestly, it sounds like being a waiter in America is a nightmare.
Ya Dingus
Ya Dingus 5 gün önce
Hitchhiking is illegal in Tennessee, USA! Tennessee is the countryside and nobody hitchhikes here.
It's Zeyth
It's Zeyth 5 gün önce
"Yeah, it's about 20 minutes to get to my friends house, so let's tip the waiter and go have a smoke outside"
Jonghyun Forever
Jonghyun Forever 5 gün önce
I feel like this isn't fully accurate for everywhere so it's not 100% generalized. Like I smoke and just do it wherever and nobody cares.
Joanne Kirby
Joanne Kirby 5 gün önce
Random Potato
Random Potato 5 gün önce
I feel like the do and donts of America are very varied by state, Texas is very different from like Washington. And some states don't have sales taxes like Oregon and a few more, because of taxes on paychecks. So don't research America has a whole, but just the states you are going to.
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