FULL FIGHT! | Terence Crawford vs Shawn Porter

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6 aylar 繹nce

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Terence Crawford became the first man to stop Shawn Porter in a major indication of his brilliance on Saturday night in Las Vegas

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The CNSR 6 aylar 繹nce
This felt like watching Dragon Ball Z both how their shots were whistling past each other slipping and how Crawford would laugh when he got hit hard, then go back in scrapping
Patrick Tinashe Chigodo
Patrick Tinashe Chigodo 22 g羹n 繹nce
@Robert Wilson laughing may also mean you having fun sheesh lol
Danna Mae Ramirez
Danna Mae Ramirez 2 aylar 繹nce
@Dan Leon p p
Portia Smith
Portia Smith 3 aylar 繹nce
Crawford is dipping.
邽郕郋郅 苭訄邾
邽郕郋郅 苭訄邾 3 aylar 繹nce
觓 赲郋郋訇迮-郋 赲 訄郕郋邾 郅訄迮 迡郋訇邽赲訄 郇郋迣郋邿...
M Adam
M Adam 6 aylar 繹nce
Damn!!! Crawford has everything. From ring IQ to strong chin, from movement to speed, from power to footwork. Very very special fighter. As a Spence fan, I am worried.
Lucianodadon 23 g羹n 繹nce
Question are you still worried after what errol showed against ugas?
Southpaw99 23 g羹n 繹nce
u still worried lol
crazy future
crazy future Aylar 繹nce
Your not a spence fan if your worried ur a bud stan
Nader Milite
Nader Milite Aylar 繹nce
@Danial Majid tf you talking about crawford is the 2nd best p4p
Guy Who Sells Vapes
Guy Who Sells Vapes Aylar 繹nce
@Emmanuel Segun Crawford still got the TKO when Spence couldn't do it. Spence also got hit with harder shots from Porter.
The Boxing Boy
The Boxing Boy 6 aylar 繹nce
Man I love how Crawford was told in his corner he might be behind he and he was shocked and then he was just like alright then and literally went out seconds later and put Shawn on the floor. That shows a guy who can go through gears and get the job done
WrathOf Repulse
WrathOf Repulse 16 saatler 繹nce
@Adam Rose what u mean smaller men do u watch boxing? Crawford came up from super lightweight , Porter started super welter/MW. Porter fought Usyk amateurs he might be shorter but he aint smaller
Samuel Bigs
Samuel Bigs 5 g羹n 繹nce
Nah it was Bradley who gave him heads up
Adam Rose
Adam Rose 12 g羹n 繹nce
against smaller men yes crawford looked 2 weight divisions above shawn porter in this fight... lets see him give size and reach away for ... like lomachenko does every fight
Sergey Pitkevich
Sergey Pitkevich 25 g羹n 繹nce
Agree, Porter looking very good, small Mike Tyson in young age! But no so strong left and right hooks! Incredible fight!
Intellectual_Honesty 6 aylar 繹nce
46:52 Crawford is asking someone at ringside the scorecards. He think he's ahead, only to be told he's down a round. He's upset and tells his trainer. He then proceed to go out and finish the fight in the very next round. Wow. The guy is a beast.
Tommyboy. 5 aylar 繹nce
He was having fun with his mate until his team trying to upset him so he can take it to another level coz I'm sure they all know Bud was ahead of all the official score cards unless you're a hater then you can say Porter was winning. Porter gave up in round 8 after those body shots.
Allen A
Allen A 5 aylar 繹nce
Now to think of it, Crawford and Porter are pretty good friends. I don't think he would have gone for the stoppage knockout but Crawford was told he down on the scorecards, must have ignited that very round 10 TKO.
Mind Sound MS
Mind Sound MS 5 aylar 繹nce
Kevin 6 aylar 繹nce
@Integrito A good match up which we may never get to see.
Kevin 6 aylar 繹nce
@Michael L He was up on the official scorecards but this could not have been known at the time....many unofficial scores had the busier Porter ahead going into the 10th.
Hulusi Ozdemir
Hulusi Ozdemir 6 aylar 繹nce
I feel sad for Porter. He's such a nice gentleman. He always gives a good performance of himself in and out of the ring. I give a lot of credit to his father. Well done for raising such a wonderful, warm hearted and lovely person. I'm sad to see Porter retire because he's such an exciting fighter. But then again, I'm happy that he is retiring with all his senses intact. Well done to Crawford, what a fighter.
Mike Barker
Mike Barker 4 aylar 繹nce
Porter a gentleman..
Mind Sound MS
Mind Sound MS 5 aylar 繹nce
Kevin 6 aylar 繹nce
@Robert Wilson really, how so?
Zac Horne
Zac Horne 6 aylar 繹nce
@Mojo Risen that a joke right?
Jon 6 aylar 繹nce
This was hands down the best fight I've watched in the last few years. Mad respect to Crawford as always, never watched Porter I don't think but respect to him too, he's pretty incredible, reminds me a little of Mike Tyson with the way he moves.
KellyK 28
KellyK 28 Aylar 繹nce
@Damir Sadikovic thats because Joshua isnt the most entertaining fighter you can be technical and boring and technical and entertaining this fight is both technical and entertaining fury wilder is one sided domination the the things that makes the fight interesting is the context of the fight and everything surrounding it not the actual fight itself your clearly being bias to fury if you believe that fight is better than this one
Damir Sadikovic
Damir Sadikovic Aylar 繹nce
@KellyK 28 Joshua vs Uysk, was called for being boring. People seem to choose how they play the real boxing fans card. Real fans like technical fights?!... Nah, the people saying this are just bias.
KellyK 28
KellyK 28 Aylar 繹nce
@Damir Sadikovic Joshua?
Sam Gaines
Sam Gaines Aylar 繹nce
Higher than Spence and Crawford? What are you waffling about lmao
TheFootballAndBoxingChannel Aylar 繹nce
@Kiboma420 lol
Kaiden Combrink
Kaiden Combrink 6 aylar 繹nce
Absolute Phenomenal fight, my gawd!!! Porter retiring with that much hunger, so much respect for that warrior and gentleman. Congratulations to Crawford absolute pure hard work and talent.
C 2415
C 2415 6 aylar 繹nce
As I watched live after Rd 9 I could see Crawford looking at someone ringside, seemed he was being told Porter was up. Now I see the replay I think it was Bradley. Crawford nods his head, goes out for Rd 10 and ends it. The guy is absolutely brilliant.
John Skys
John Skys 3 aylar 繹nce
@C 2415 youre correct. Tim Bradley was the one who told Bud he was down and the rest is history. Went out in that next round like a sicario on the hunt!
Tommyboy. 5 aylar 繹nce
He was talking to his Shakur,they must be really that close like brothers.
Mind Sound MS
Mind Sound MS 5 aylar 繹nce
C 2415
C 2415 5 aylar 繹nce
@Isaac West Yh I'd say it was Timothy Bradley. If not then I wonder who it was. I swear I lip read Terrance saying "They saying he up"...."Tim was saying he up".
Isaac West
Isaac West 5 aylar 繹nce
Timothy Bradley?
Don Awah
Don Awah 6 aylar 繹nce
Big props to Shawn Porter you know he always brings war and all his fights are fire
Faz Yasin
Faz Yasin 6 aylar 繹nce
Absolute masterclass boxing performance from both gents. Crawford is a masterful technician. One of the best fights I've seen of late.
dylan vasey
dylan vasey 6 aylar 繹nce
Both great fights that we all knew would not disappoint. The difference for me was Porter looked like a brawler tonight and Crawford looked like a confident boxer. Porters countless lunges from the first round onwards were easily countered by Porter and against anyone with heavier hands it may have been over even quicker. Great fight. Well done to both warriors.
Toni V
Toni V 5 aylar 繹nce
Great fight! Porter came in and gave the greatest performance of his career, and I had him winning the majority of the rounds. I think that his corner threw a bit too early, but Bud is Bud and wouldve still won by knockout at some point. Great fight beteende two future hall of famers! I definitely think that this was Crawfords toughest fight to date
phantom2k10 4 aylar 繹nce
agreed 100 percent
Strazer 6 aylar 繹nce
Great fight from 2 great warriors ! Bud justifies his P4P status. Such an intelligent fighter, great ring IQ. Makes technical adjustments as rounds go on - thats something special. Hats off to Porter - always comes to do battle - always an entertaining fight .
Jamzeh 6 aylar 繹nce
Respect to Porter for coming out strong. Just a genuinely nice guy and will be missed in the ring.
Sibuyiselo Magwentshu
Sibuyiselo Magwentshu 5 aylar 繹nce
@siinful q
soma roh
soma roh 6 aylar 繹nce
@Anthony Olid missing him.
Dru Chambers
Dru Chambers 6 aylar 繹nce
@siinful haha
siinful 6 aylar 繹nce
@Anthony Olid no he retired idk why he put it like that
Anthony Olid
Anthony Olid 6 aylar 繹nce
He died???
Panchosvillos 6 aylar 繹nce
What a fantastic fight...every round a beaut!! Full credit to both fighters 踢
Shaun 6 aylar 繹nce
I love how Terrence Crawford doesn't get caught up in the pre-fight hype, he does his talking in the ring! Fair play to Porter though, he's a brawler!!
Herb E. Vore
Herb E. Vore 5 aylar 繹nce
What a great fight! Respect to both fighters!
BRICK LANE MAFIAS 6 aylar 繹nce
What a fight!!!! Well done to both fighters.
Ben Evans
Ben Evans 6 aylar 繹nce
Mad respect to Sky for putting this up so quickly. Know what Im watching this evening!
Tole Turuo
Tole Turuo Aylar 繹nce
Tole Turuo
Tole Turuo Aylar 繹nce
vano vano
vano vano Aylar 繹nce
@Stu Sadler yuii
Ester Badang
Ester Badang 2 aylar 繹nce
Oin UB tVoi
A I 6 aylar 繹nce
What a great fight, both fighters put on a great show.
Sharif Furkan
Sharif Furkan 6 aylar 繹nce
Porter showed pure class in defeat to a great, even when the adrenaline was pumping didnt dare disrespect his father for throwing in the towel when he wanted to fight. Remarkable man.
邽郕郋郅 苭訄邾
邽郕郋郅 苭訄邾 3 aylar 繹nce
苠 郋迠迮 訄郕 迠迮 邾訄迠迮?
TheOutlaw 4 aylar 繹nce
Yep Also his father gave Bud his props Im always happy for you Clearly respects Crawford & a fan too
Jay Ess
Jay Ess 6 aylar 繹nce
Gonna miss Shawn Porter. Boxing needs more warriors like him!
Benjamin Albo
Benjamin Albo 6 aylar 繹nce
Great fight! Very entertaining. They deserve a rematch. I had never seen anybody fight crawford better than that. Shawn gave him a good fight and did his best in this fight. Crawford is just so good and gifted. Crawford is the best in this era.
Lisa 6 aylar 繹nce
Shawn Porter is such A Gentleman with so much respect for The Man who raised The Wonderful Young Man Shawn Porter Is. No need whatsoever to feel anything but Pride in His Mannerisms, Sportsmanship, and Father/Son Relationship. Congratulations to both Boxers
Jamie McEwan
Jamie McEwan 6 aylar 繹nce
Belter of a fight. Props to Sky, you guys are legends for putting this up so quick.
yuoop noke
yuoop noke 5 aylar 繹nce
What a fantastic fight...every round a beaut!! Full credit to both fighters
ccbike 6 aylar 繹nce
Crawford vs Spence needs to happen next! Would be
Stu Ungar
Stu Ungar 6 aylar 繹nce
Lovely to see Porter being a good sport after an epic battle
Crash bang
Crash bang 6 aylar 繹nce
2 solid dudes who love n respect each other massively..its how it should be
Ruben Aerts
Ruben Aerts 6 aylar 繹nce
I have more respect for the father-coach that stops the fight to early, then for the ones who let it go on to long. Porter could have continued, but Crawford would have gone in for the kill.
I am Connected
I am Connected 6 aylar 繹nce
His dads a serious control freak. He stopped the fight to prove a point to Shawn and literally only stopped it because he didnt think Shawn trained the way he wanted to. Cant hate though as they obviously have a bond stronger than just blood.
Chibuzo Omega Findoro-Obasi
Chibuzo Omega Findoro-Obasi 6 aylar 繹nce
Great sportsmanship from both fighters indeed , Shawn Porter displayed a fighting spirit here. Shawn Porter becoming a commentator is awesome and top job for him
Andrea Brembilla
Andrea Brembilla 6 aylar 繹nce
Porter is a true warrior, just look how he punched the canvas while he was down the second time, he came up with fire in his eyes. I'm so glad his father stopped him tbh, he could've gotten serious damage by throwing himself into the fire with Bud while being hurt. Terence is a fierce finisher. His father probably didn't want Shawn to take potentially permanent damage in his last fight.
Shoota 5 aylar 繹nce
I think him punching the canvas was part of why they pulled him out. Probably thought he lost his head & focus
I am Connected
I am Connected 6 aylar 繹nce
@KY.G he wasnt up dude. His style and the commentary makes people think he was up, but Crawford was landing more for most of the fight. Shawns just got a crazy chin and eats punches like its nothing. Still was a close fight and porter was definitely in till the end, but Crawford was clearly up as much as the commentators would make u see different
I am Connected
I am Connected 6 aylar 繹nce
@Sebastian Josefsson honestly after watching his dad get on the mic and say he stopped it because Shawn didnt prepare the way he wanted to makes me have agree with you. That man needs to let his son be the adult he is. Like damn
I am Connected
I am Connected 6 aylar 繹nce
Couldnt of said it better myself. The fan in me wanted this amazing fight to continue, but Im really happy Shawn wasnt hurt and finished his career without taking life changing damage like a lot of fighters do.
KY.G 6 aylar 繹nce
@Sebastian Josefsson From how the fight was going Porter was definitely in the fight and probably was up. With those knockdowns to Crawford it could have finished a draw or split decision to Porter if Crawford couldnt finish Porter in the final two rounds . His dad done a wrong there at least make him finish the round as Porter didnt look completely out of it or drastically hurt
Michael Thomas
Michael Thomas 6 aylar 繹nce
Mad respect to Porter. Hell of an athlete and always comes to fight. Youd be fuming if youre old man throws in the towel there though and then digs you out for lack of preparation. Crawford is seriously class
Julian Vitanzos
Julian Vitanzos 6 aylar 繹nce
respect to porter man, he gave his all and showed that he really wanted to win the fight
gioyu comi
gioyu comi 5 aylar 繹nce
What a great fight, both fighters put on a great show.
kufujitsu 6 aylar 繹nce
I like the way Crawford sets himself when he counterpunches. Rocks back onto his left foot when he counters with the left cross. Pivots to the right on his front foot when he counters with the right hook. He can switch-hit but he's much better & natural as a southpaw.
Zito Schouten
Zito Schouten 6 aylar 繹nce
Porter showed amazing efford, beautiful fighting style. Amazing athlete, exellent performance. He can keep his head up high. Lost the fight but with his health intact.
Samuel Bigs
Samuel Bigs 5 g羹n 繹nce
Best version of porter Ive seen
James Maycock
James Maycock 6 aylar 繹nce
Porter has been a real exciting fighter, respect for the great career he has had
Muhamed Zukic
Muhamed Zukic 6 aylar 繹nce
Somehow I believe Porter could continue..love the man and respect to both fighters. What a great fight
miko foin
miko foin 5 aylar 繹nce
What a great fight, both fighters put on a great show.
Fight Club
Fight Club 6 aylar 繹nce
Sensational fight! Porter gave it his all and really pushed Terence! Bring on Spence now!
Firell Parker
Firell Parker 4 aylar 繹nce
@PJ Pomare if he can land them. Spence too flat footed he'll walk into Shots, He's a pressure fighter you gotta show Crawford everything when you fight same with floyd, 1 particular style probably eont het you over the line. Porter is a better athlete than spence so he had joy that alot of other fighters won't have, he still struggled alot though because he's not as Rounded, Crawford is the only WW he'd struggle with like this, Porter outside of Thurman is probably the only WW who could have success in the way he did in this fight. Spence is Good against inside fighters not guys who can fight backwards with Good and Fast Feet.
Sexy Dudeuk
Sexy Dudeuk 5 aylar 繹nce
Well Porter has always given opponents trouble though
barbaro Helm
barbaro Helm 6 aylar 繹nce
@PJ Pomare not sure about that mate , gotta live the life out and in the ring . Crawford skill set is off the chart but your boys also a good fighter .. being a big welterweight and over 30 isn't big advantage you have to drain yourself to make weight , kell Brook was the same walked around about 13 stone then getting down to welterweight takes more and more out the tank with age .
Jaz3930 6 aylar 繹nce
@PJ Pomare Spence needs to lay off the drink, live a boxers life to beat Crawford, and he aint doing that.
PJ Pomare
PJ Pomare 6 aylar 繹nce
Spence wins. Spence too big and his body shots will slow down the movement and quickness or crawford. Spence either by ko in the 10th or decision by 3 rounds.
Ben Owen
Ben Owen 6 aylar 繹nce
I had Terence Crawford a clear winner going in to the tenth, He was the master in there from the second round onwards, on saying that Shawn Porter put up a hell of a fight in fairness and I dont think its the last weve seen of him, hes got plenty of fight left in him, good show though, respect to both fighters.
Doroteo Barrion
Doroteo Barrion 6 aylar 繹nce
Nice to see Crawford embracing Porter after the fight unlike to the other opponents he had, they really respect each other. can't wait to see Bud and Spence fight
Jonathan Parker
Jonathan Parker 6 aylar 繹nce
Sad to hear Shawn is hanging up the gloves, but happy hes going on his own terms. A happy warrior, a special character in the sport. Never backed down, a great example 休
Janp Teyag
Janp Teyag 6 aylar 繹nce
Porter is the peoples champ, such an exciting fighter who never lets the fans down.
Asher Virin
Asher Virin 6 aylar 繹nce
Wow, full fight not even a day after its happened!! I wouldnt have stayed up till 6am if I knew this was going to happen
Assh0le 6 aylar 繹nce
Was just about to say the same thing as Joker.
Joker 6 aylar 繹nce
Nothing like watching a fight live though!
Owen Denchy
Owen Denchy 6 aylar 繹nce
Thanks Shawn for being a great and entertaining fighter, all the best to ya. Bud, he's unbeatable in my opinion. I can hear the excuses from the Spence camp already, the accident, his eye. I hope he's fully fit because even a champ like him is going to have to be at his very best should he face Bud.
rc198028 6 aylar 繹nce
This is top quality boxing! Two warriors putting it on the line! Awesome!
Andy McGregor
Andy McGregor 6 aylar 繹nce
Crawford laughing and then manhandling Porter in the 3rd. By the end of the 5th, Crawford clearly not troubled by Porter. Started giving it mustard in the 8th and 9th with hard lefts. Porter could have lasted a round longer but Crawford would have punished him.
Goten San
Goten San 6 aylar 繹nce
crawford was so strong still.. and very intelligent seeing the weakness in the opponent..
Awokado 6 aylar 繹nce
What a fight!
Firstfamily 6 aylar 繹nce
Well done to Porter, Straight up Warrior. I knew Terence was gonna Win, I've always Said Georvantes, Spence & Crawford are Special. And that's taking nothing away from Man like Josh Taylor.
Jj The 13Th
Jj The 13Th 5 aylar 繹nce
31:28 Love that defensive sequence from both fighters there. 46:39 I think that's what is called *Foreshadowing*
Deactivated account
Deactivated account 6 aylar 繹nce
Im So Sad To See Porter Retire DAMN!!
Teresia Ndinoshisho
Teresia Ndinoshisho 6 aylar 繹nce
If Crawford thought porter was a walk in the park I've got to say he just found out the hard way. Cus porter gave him a hell of a fight before that immature stoppage. I've never seen anyone make Crawford work this hard
Firell Parker
Firell Parker 4 aylar 繹nce
Tbh he was quite comfortable. But Porter done well he won 3 Rounds and Gave him a very close 7th.
melbert yntig
melbert yntig 5 aylar 繹nce
Gavin Green
Gavin Green 6 aylar 繹nce
Abit mad for the stoppage because Porter wasnt that hurt, he may not have won but he could have defo went on a little longer. But I guess pops was just looking out for his son, cant fault that
Will Viva Liberito
Will Viva Liberito 6 aylar 繹nce
@Switch Thinkers real talk
Amon Jay Gallardo
Amon Jay Gallardo 6 aylar 繹nce
@Switch Thinkers its really premature,,there is more porter could give if that fight havent stop,never underestimate the man who have a heart of boxer,..
Bagging machine
Bagging machine 3 aylar 繹nce
Great credit to Porter, fought like a warrior. His dad did the right thing in the end because he loves his son, and the gig was up. Crawford is a fantastic fighter and Spence will know in the back of his mind that Crawford will take him out. When Crawford flicks that switch, he is a force of nature.
Peter K
Peter K 6 aylar 繹nce
Amazing fight, classic example of aggression vs technique, Crawford put on a boxing clinic!!
Anon Nona
Anon Nona 6 aylar 繹nce
Well done Dad 儭 Shawn is a true warrior.
Mateozvlogz 6 aylar 繹nce
Crawford is so simple I swear the best defense is literally just stepping back he utilizes this so well and only moves his head when he needs too
Ragnar 6 aylar 繹nce
His distance management is so amazing.
Teddy Sheckler
Teddy Sheckler 6 aylar 繹nce
I had Porter winning up until the stoppage, although the tide was turning and Crawford was finishing strong. Great fight regardless!
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