Dance Cover Funny Moments PART 3! | Ellen and Brian

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Ellen and Brian

6 aylar önce

Here’s our special video to celebrate 2 million subscribers! Enjoy some of our funny couple moments, accidents, mess-ups, and all sorts of bloopers from our K-pop dance cover filming process this year! Thank you all for watching our videos and subscribing to our TRshow channel~
Dance Cover Funny Moments Part 1:
Dance Cover Funny Moments Part 2:
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Ellen Min - ellenmint_
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Ellen and Brian
Ellen and Brian 6 aylar önce
Hope you enjoyed our Dance Cover Funny Moments / Bloopers Part 3 video! Thank you all for the constant love and support~ If you haven't watched the previous ones yet, feel free to check them out here: Part 1: Part 2:
Sang Jin hee Kim
Sang Jin hee Kim 24 gün önce
*alternative title*
evi vic
evi vic 26 gün önce
Can you please make a dance cover stray kids back door!!!!!! 🙏
Elisabeth Larsen
Elisabeth Larsen Aylar önce
Love youre videos
genç TV Tr
genç TV Tr Aylar önce
Kpop Scenario
Kpop Scenario Aylar önce
bts maria
bts maria Gün önce
Te amo
BTS ARMY Gün önce
I just realized that y'all filmed ATEEZ Answer on my birthday......
kρσρzxsłσkα ݇-݈
kρσρzxsłσkα ݇-݈ 2 gün önce
me in full 3 o'clock in the morning watching Elen and Brian:😍
MusicisLife 3 gün önce
you two are adorable!
Melisa Rangi
Melisa Rangi 4 gün önce
Which country do you live in
gods menu 109 takes like i dont have think
DAISY Park 7 gün önce
They are so cuteeeee !
sandra 7 gün önce
This kind of video really proof that Ellen and Brian really put effort on their covers
Hope World
Hope World 7 gün önce
They are the cutest people ever omgggg 😭💜
Hridita 7 gün önce
Brian reminds me of Seungmin from Stray kids.
Andrea Balcázar
Andrea Balcázar 7 gün önce
Couple goals :)
Ada Ünal
Ada Ünal 8 gün önce
blacpink moment are so good and funny please more than
Liliankpop !!!
Liliankpop !!! 9 gün önce
Sweet Couple perfect I Love the Channel. ❤
faatin hana
faatin hana 10 gün önce
where do you guys get your outfits from? its so nice
SheGames XX
SheGames XX 10 gün önce
I didn’t know they speak Chinese and this vid was posted on my birthday last year
layla kate
layla kate 10 gün önce
Can’t believe there engaged they don’t look lovey dovey or romantic with each other 🤣 they have more of a friends vibe
Hina Kaleem
Hina Kaleem 10 gün önce
So sweet of you two 🙌🙋🙌🙋✋✌👌👏👏
jeshika magar
jeshika magar 10 gün önce
They are so cute 💕🥺
Kaiani Brown
Kaiani Brown 11 gün önce
Why did the first part feel like I was on Steezy?
Janahja Smith
Janahja Smith 11 gün önce
"That woah tho" 13:52 lol
syeda afreen siddiqua
syeda afreen siddiqua 13 gün önce
Ellen: falls and gets up Brian: falls and stays there We have 2 type’s of people ladies and gems
bts 13 gün önce
Ellen , brain l love you ❤
Rhapi beatz
Rhapi beatz 13 gün önce
Ridham Savani
Ridham Savani 14 gün önce
Just a fun suggestion as a fan that can you do a video on the least takes and most takes on the song 🙃🙃❤❤
Amanda Bunni
Amanda Bunni 16 gün önce
Can we just appreciate the fact that Ellen has to dance in high heels
ClareMc 44
ClareMc 44 17 gün önce
The 11:13 take is so cute! They’re just laughing and it’s so pure.
ClareMc 44
ClareMc 44 17 gün önce
Ellen getting shy at Brian looking at her at 10:36 is the cutest thing.
ClareMc 44
ClareMc 44 17 gün önce
Ellen rushing over to give Brian a hug at 9:53 and then Brian smiling is so cute!!! They really are best friends. 😍
ClareMc 44
ClareMc 44 17 gün önce
You both must have incredible patience and grace for each other. If this was me and a dance would take 62 takes I’d be done by take 8 😂 and there would be arguments and multiple breaks 😂
ClareMc 44
ClareMc 44 17 gün önce
E: “are you okay?” B: “🐌” E: “did you make a mistake?” B: “no, I think this might be the one” E: “then why did you hide inside your shell?” OMG. It’s like this is a normal occurrence for Brian to hide in his shell 😂 so cute!
ClareMc 44
ClareMc 44 17 gün önce
I love that Ellen is so concerned when Brian looks like he’s hurt or upset. She’s so caring.
ClareMc 44
ClareMc 44 17 gün önce
There’s dances that take 89 takes??? You’re kidding me omg 💀 you guys are dedicated and incredible.
Lanja Mhamad
Lanja Mhamad 17 gün önce
l love you so much I'm from Iraq
V Playz
V Playz 17 gün önce
how do they do the thing where the song stops
mlea Victor
mlea Victor 17 gün önce
I love how Ellen always hugs Brian whenever they are done. So cute
ROSE BERRY 18 gün önce
your video made my day
Jimin’s Missing jams
Jimin’s Missing jams 19 gün önce
You both remind me of some people from koreos Ulca
Mukta Rahman
Mukta Rahman 19 gün önce
Awww they are so cute.
e m p t y .
e m p t y . 19 gün önce
On take 35/96 on Kick It Brian looks like he hurt his knee
Cefe Santos
Cefe Santos 20 gün önce
Bts_Crack_ Head
Bts_Crack_ Head 20 gün önce
6:06 had me rolling
Sal 'ha
Sal 'ha 20 gün önce
And the part when brain hits the wall znd im still dying XD~~
Sal 'ha
Sal 'ha 20 gün önce
Brain foget to join Brain : hey Ellen : whT are yoh doing here Brain : i foget to join Me laughing my ears out ~~~
Sal 'ha
Sal 'ha 20 gün önce
Im laughing my ears out over here XDDDDDD
Meenu Chaudhary
Meenu Chaudhary 20 gün önce
They make everything perfect Like the hair, lipsyn, dance ,clothes 😍😍
Zyna Wynne
Zyna Wynne 21 gün önce
con que editan los videos?/what do you edit the videos with?/당신은 무엇으로 비디오를 편집합니까?
Anonymous Person
Anonymous Person 21 gün önce
May I ask why they record at like 2 am 😂
Elle Washington
Elle Washington 22 gün önce
5 20 in the morning!! you guys are truly amazing!!
нωαηg ιη уєσρ
нωαηg ιη уєσρ 22 gün önce
Hi from turkey Ellen and brian i love you❤❤
Aanya Rawat
Aanya Rawat 22 gün önce
After seeing this video i was like ''do they even sleep??''
TAE TAE CUTIE 22 gün önce
I like they speak 2 languages at the same time💜Keep going i love your videos💖AND its easyer to learn dances by watching your covers💖
Addison Eggers
Addison Eggers 22 gün önce
is anyone going to talk about how late their doing this?! How can someone be so active when it like 4 o’ clock in the morning?????
AiKpop 23 gün önce
Просто ВАУ Ваша одежда просто 🔥 Спасибо за Ваш труд! Мне очень нравится ваши каверы, вы милые🥰
Parthavi Nistala
Parthavi Nistala 23 gün önce
Um, one small question for Ellen and Brian, when do you people sleep and for how long?? The take timings show that you people were up for a long time.
peachyteez 23 gün önce
tf they get their clothes from literally gorgeous
doglover9754 24 gün önce
Can you do a God’s Menu (stray kids) and Pretty U (seventeen) tutorial please!!!!
Ambition Harmonies
Ambition Harmonies 24 gün önce
Neighbor: It's 12:58 PM. What are they even doing? (just imagine said neighbor is wearing a pink fuzzy robe and clutching a cat while waiting for tea to brew)
Latoya Criner
Latoya Criner 25 gün önce
When they fall it’s funny
Rowan Brierley
Rowan Brierley 25 gün önce
I hope that anyone I date long term in the future would do this with me
Gloria Lee
Gloria Lee 26 gün önce
Bro no matter how sore they are they always give their best
Susanna Lin
Susanna Lin 26 gün önce
Ellen: - messed up hair - falling earrings/pins - slipping ( Brian: laughs instead of helping ) - forgets to sing lyrics Brian: - zoning out - falling earrings/pins - slipping ( Ellen: asks are you ok ) - bumps into things - forgets to sing lyrics it all fits together :D if you want a comedy show, watch these :D
N_in_di A
N_in_di A 26 gün önce
So you're telling me they are filming this in the early early mornings with so much energy? o.O
Serena Pastore
Serena Pastore 27 gün önce
Bye from italy
Amiquess 28 gün önce
Are u guys not falling in love each other??
Kenisha Gupta
Kenisha Gupta 28 gün önce
Anime Nerd
Anime Nerd 28 gün önce
Me and my bestie in class laughing for no reason at all 6:08
Just Josh
Just Josh 28 gün önce
2:13 Pouty Babie🥺🥺 I really love uuu
Kipa Sumpi
Kipa Sumpi 28 gün önce
In which country you belong
Korean일함 28 gün önce
1:05 Music pleaaaaase ❤️
݂ uׂtopieg̲ws ִ. ٠
݂ uׂtopieg̲ws ִ. ٠ 28 gün önce
Son realmente adorables :')
Korean일함 28 gün önce
1:05 Music pleaaaase 😭
Anna Stupina
Anna Stupina 29 gün önce
the way she often hugs him and asks if he is OK ))
CitrusFighter 29 gün önce
you are soo cute
it's coco
it's coco 29 gün önce
The way she hugs him everytime is the cutest❤
Nidhi madhogaria
Nidhi madhogaria 29 gün önce
Besides your dance... I want to tell ellen that she is looking awesome in that purple and black dress💜😍😍😍💜
jiji joney
jiji joney 29 gün önce
Came back just to watch Brian daydream lol
Jahsjdhjsbbx 29 gün önce
i feel like a lot of times the girl stopped for no reason & was being extra lol
K - PoP - LoVe
K - PoP - LoVe Aylar önce
Yeeee🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 Congrats, I always watch your videos.
ErichLei Baluyot
ErichLei Baluyot Aylar önce
PUNCH more like LUNCH
Aiym Aylar önce
Guys, can you watch my dance covers? I'm just starting so I need your support:))
Francisca Redondo
Francisca Redondo Aylar önce
You guys work sooo hard! I just want to say that I love you and your videos. Probably you wont see this coment but if you do 사랑해 ❤❤❤❤🥰💗💕
Raisa channel bd らいさ
Raisa channel bd らいさ Aylar önce
pls you too kiss sence
Batia Segal
Batia Segal Aylar önce
If this couple ever breaks up I no longer believe in love
Arife Aksongur
Arife Aksongur Aylar önce
Ellen's outfit problems😂😂
The_ GamingGirl_ Squad Kim
The_ GamingGirl_ Squad Kim Aylar önce
Ellen’s voice sounds like Wengie
Sleepy C
Sleepy C Aylar önce
You guys work so hard 🥺🥺
Lina Hasdo
Lina Hasdo Aylar önce
Let's get these people to 3 million they deserve it
Shaii ;D
Shaii ;D Aylar önce
What is the song after Black Swan pls?
Dayra Vásquez
Dayra Vásquez Aylar önce
ellen es mas bonita y su novio es mas feaso
golabi khatun
golabi khatun Aylar önce
I think the mistakes is better than my normal dance( ;∀;)
U 2
U 2 Aylar önce
4:37 Good balance
Neslihan Kilinc
Neslihan Kilinc Aylar önce
Ellen is like a baby. She is so cute😍😍🥰🥰😇😇😇
Aiyanna Seroka
Aiyanna Seroka Aylar önce
Did no one else notice at the beginning when Brian was behind Ellen and she almost fell? Brian looked scared lol
Shining Star
Shining Star Aylar önce
Congrats on 2 million
Bo Bún Bò
Bo Bún Bò Aylar önce
After dropping something, it took them a while to think about their life decisions.
Lisa's glued ass bangs
Lisa's glued ass bangs Aylar önce
Hanan Jalti
Hanan Jalti Aylar önce
5:55 So cute :')
detras de un magnifico baile hay horas de practica y esfuerzo mis repetos
Emily Evergarden
Emily Evergarden Aylar önce
There sooo relationship goals
juanito y variedades
juanito y variedades Aylar önce
4:35 jajaja
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