J S Bach The six cello suites Pablo Casals, 1936 39

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Suite No. 1 In G, BWV1007 16:54
1-1 Prelude 2:28
1-2 Allemande 3:40
1-3 Courante 2:32
1-4 Sarabande 2:22
1-5 Menuet I & II 3:14
1-6 Gigue 1:50
Suite No. 2 In D Minor, BWV1008 19:41
1-7 Prelude 3:43
1-8 Allemande 3:54
1-9 Courante 2:16
1-10 Sarabande 4:06
1-11 Menuet I & II 3:19
1-12 Gigue 2:35
Suite No. 3 In C, BWV1009 20:14
1-13 Prelude 3:28
1-14 Allemande 3:45
1-15 Courante 3:14
1-16 Sarabande 3:30
1-17 Bourrée I & II 3:23
1-18 Gigue 3:04
Suite No. 4 In E Flat, BWV1010 22:29
1-19 Prelude 4:15
1-20 Allemande 3:45
1-21 Courante 3:55
1-22 Sarabande 4:09
1-23 Bourrée I & II 3:37
1-24 Gigue 2:35
Suite No. 5 In C Minor, BWV1011 22:31
2-1 Prelude 7:18
2-2 Allemande 3:17
2-3 Courante 2:03
2-4 Sarabande 2:45
2-5 Gavotte I & II 4:29
2-6 Gigue 2:20
Suite No. 6 In D, BWV1012 27:58
2-7 Prelude 5:06
2-8 Allemande 7:31
2-9 Courante 3:42
2-10 Sarabande 4:17
2-11 Gavotte I & II 3:04
2-12 Gigue 3:59
2-13 Adagio In A Minor From Toccata, Adagio And Fugue In C Major, BWV 564

Arranged By - Siloti*

2-14 Musette (Gavottes I And II) From English Suite No. 6 In D Major, BWV 811

Arranged By - Pollain*

2-15 Komm, Süsser Tod, BWV 478

Arranged By - Siloti*

2-16 Andante From Sonata No. 2 For Unaccompanied Violin, BWV 1003

Arranged By - Siloti*

2-17 Air From Suite No. 3 In D, BWV 1068

Arranged By - Siloti*

Companies, etc.

Phonographic Copyright (p) - HNH International Ltd.
Copyright (c) - HNH International Ltd.
Recorded At - Abbey Road Studios


Cello - Pablo Casals
Composed By - Johann Sebastian Bach
Engineer [Restorations] - Ward Marston
Liner Notes - Tully Potter

Tracks 1-1 to 1-6:
Recorded 2.VI.1938, Paris

Tracks 1-7 to 1-18:
Recorded 25.XI.1936, Abbey Road Studios, London

Tracks 1-19 to 1-24:
Recorded 13.VI.1939, Paris

Tracks 2-1 to 2-6:
Recorded 13-16.VI.1939, Paris

Tracks 2-7 to 2-12:
Recorded 14, 15..VI.1939, Paris

Tracks 2-13 to 2-17:
Recorded 3.VI.1938, Paris

Total playing time: 148:47

Noah White-Telles
Noah White-Telles 6 aylar önce
It's so interesting to hear a recording that was NOT influenced by other recordings. This is the first complete recording of the Bach Cello Suites
JakeInSF Yıl önce
The engineer who remastered these recordings must be an obsessed genius. I've heard some remarkable restorations of jazz from this era, but none better at restoring the musical integrity and artistic expression of the original. Absolutely stunning.
John Ervin
John Ervin 10 aylar önce
Hear hear: STUNNING. Wow. May this individual resurrect the sound on countless others. Let us start a GoFundMe drive, if needs be!
Ping Pong
Ping Pong 3 yıl önce
Pablo Casals was my grandpa's favorite cellist and I can see why, My grandpa was a professional cellist who traveled the world with his cellos and when retired he would blow the mind of this little boy nearly 60 years ago in his front room, I miss him but Casals always bring him back to me.Great share thanks.
Rena Xen
Rena Xen 3 aylar önce
Totally loved it.
Νικόλ Ξενοπούλου
Νικόλ Ξενοπούλου 4 aylar önce
@Jean-michel Soler thank you.
Ping Pong
Ping Pong 10 aylar önce
@madyjules Yes, thank you, he gave me as a little boy a lifelong love for classical music, he was a proper old style Grandad.
Ping Pong
Ping Pong 10 aylar önce
@Jean-michel Soler Powerful memory.
John Ervin
John Ervin 10 aylar önce
When I was first studying piano 50 years ago, I had a wonderfu set of, I believe, 3 vinyl LPs of Casals and Rudolf Serkin in duet on the Odyssey label of the complete Beethoven cello and piano sonatas. Those recordings were among those that lit my way. Just thinking them through in my inner ear, they still do! Wonderful interpreters. Pablo and Rudolf!
Chris Bystroff
Chris Bystroff 2 yıl önce
Casals famously hated how he sounded in recordings, referring to the microphone as a metal monster. And you can hear how it takes away some of the quality. But Casals' genius shines through.
Nicolás Campo
Nicolás Campo 2 yıl önce
Comienzo y final de cada pieza (creo que están más publicados en el posteo original): I.Prélude - Moderato (00:00) II.Allemande - Molto moderato (02:29) III.Courante - Allegro non troppo (06:11) IV.Sarabande - Lento (08:43) V.Menuet I & II (11:05) VI.Gigue (14:19) Cello Suite n°2 in D / Ré minor BWV 1008 I.Praeludium (16:13) II.Allemande (19:59) III.Courante (23:58) IV.Sarabande (26:12) V.Menuetto I & II (30:23) VI.Gigue (33:44) Cello Suite n°3 in C / Do Major BWV 1009 I.Preludium (36:22) II.Allemande (39:54) III.Courante (43:41) IV.Sarabande (46:54) V.Bourée I & II (50:25) VI.Gigue (53:52) Cello Suite n°4 in E flat / Mi bémol Major BWV 1010 I.Prélude - Allegro Maestoso (56:55) II.Allemande - Allegro moderato (1:01:15) III.Courante - Allegro non troppo (1:05:14) IV.Sarabande - Lento (1:09:14) V.Bourée I & II (1:13:28) VI.Gigue (1:17:08) Cello Suite n°5 in C / Do minor BWV 1011 I.Prélude - Adagio ; Allegro moderato (1:19:50) II.Allemande - Molto moderato (1:27:05) III.Courante - Allegro non troppo (1:30:25) IV.Sarabande - Lento (1:32:26) V.Gavotte I & II (1:35:13) VI.Gigue - Allegretto (1:39:44) Cello Suite n°6 in D / Ré Major BWV 1012 I.Prélude - Allegro moderato (1:42:08) II.Allemande - Quasi adagio (1:47:19) III.Courante - Allegro non troppo (1:54:57) IV.Sarabande - Lento (1:58:41) V.Gavotte I & II - Allegro moderato (2:03:05) VI.Gigue - Vivace (2:06:19)
Siechamontillado 2 aylar önce
Merci beaucoup!
así no se puede
así no se puede 3 aylar önce
Gracias, ahora puedo dormir con más facilidad al guiarme por los timestsmps XD
Gerard Van der kooij
Gerard Van der kooij 3 aylar önce
mil gracias! thank you ever so much, I like personally the preludes, allemandes and the sarabandes of course.... ;-) This helps perfectly, Gracias!
David Manzanaro
David Manzanaro 4 aylar önce
Muchas gracias para los que somos aficionados. Nos ayuda mucho estás pautas mil gracias!!!!
ワグネリアン 5 aylar önce
Horacio Gilardi
Horacio Gilardi Yıl önce
DOS GRANDES que han dejado su obra enorme en la historia musical de todos los tiempos....
Carlos A. Domínguez
Carlos A. Domínguez 2 yıl önce
Yes, he recorded them in two batches at Paris and London during the Spanish Civil War... In fact, he discovered the scores in Barcelona, they were forgotten as cellists thought they were mere exercises. He then rehearsed them for more than 10 years before performing and discovering them to the world. Amazingly, he was so upset by the allies refusal to liberate Spain from Franco's dictatorship that he refused to play in public for more than 15 years after IIWW, only taking students at his modest residence in Prades, France, close to is natal Catalonia. He could not, would not, return to live in Spain, dying just before Franco. His was an inspiring life, an undeterred commitment to music, peace, democracy... a tru hero in music and in silence.
Richard Clee
Richard Clee 12 gün önce
Thank you for this tidbit of history. The world changed so much around the time of the Spanish Civil War and immediately after. Knowing how these recordings were made and when just adds to the drama and history of the period.
Leon 8 aylar önce
Not 15 years but 5 years (1950). It was long enough!
oscar bernades rafols
oscar bernades rafols 9 aylar önce
Prada de Conflent és Catalunya, francesa, però Catalunya a la fi...
Robert Rappeport
Robert Rappeport 4 yıl önce
Thank you so much for posting this! This music knows me and stirs me to my core. Master Casals was an unparalleled genius!
Anton Popescu
Anton Popescu Yıl önce
I don't think that this performance will be surpassed very soon. Such richness of sound, one doesn't miss the orchestra, the music is complete. I can't have enough of it.
Barry Irwin
Barry Irwin 2 yıl önce
Casals was the first to play these suites which he played for 10 years before recording them. Incredible performance.
Veronica Wood
Veronica Wood Yıl önce
I just learned that this was literally the first recording of these pieces, and this was the man that caused them to become known to the world again! Before that, if they were recognized, it was as a practice drill!
John Ervin
John Ervin 10 aylar önce
Yes, too true. Amazing to think it took that long to recognize the imperishable value of these as performance pieces. How did they get past Schweitzer and Einstein and others? Not to mention people like Mendelssohn, who put Bach back on the world map. Perhaps they were not well known in those years. Still............
Think for yourself
Think for yourself Yıl önce
One of the greatest pieces of music ever written. I have loved this piece since childhood. And this is of course a great recording of it.
Rafael Becerra
Rafael Becerra 2 yıl önce
Can you believe that Casals was recording the suites during the Spaniard Civil War (1936-1939)? Imagine the actual mood of the Spanish cellist throughout.
Peter Tarrene
Peter Tarrene 5 aylar önce
Catalan please!
Huguette 2 yıl önce
yes I CAN
Philip La Vere
Philip La Vere 2 yıl önce
My thoughts exactly! And WW2 about to start... you can almost feel it in the playing.
antonio sferlazzo
antonio sferlazzo Yıl önce
El Flamenco de Bach enterpredado par Pablo Casals..me encanta, olè!
Charlie Kim
Charlie Kim 9 aylar önce
Some audio processing, most likely certain DSP magic, must have been applied to the 1930's recording to get this high fidelity sound. Is there any info about how it was done? Amazing job!
astonmarjo Yıl önce
Sounds absolutely amazing 🎶🎵. It always amazes me just how well an instrument/instruments sounds when there are no interruptions. 💯🎵🎶💯💯💯
jeremiah liang
jeremiah liang 3 aylar önce
The more I listen to it, the more I feel the grandeur of a magnificent, awesome hand of the creator creating the universe, the spirit of mankind, the animals and nature. It is like Bach talking to God and Casals eavesdropping the conversation to narrate to us what was said.
Ling Su Yen
Ling Su Yen 4 aylar önce
Wow ! The sound is so RICH here .... THANK YOU for uploading ... Thrilled again ! Marvelous music and from The Maestro himself ... My first taste of Casals and Bach Cello was in the late nineties when I had picked up a double album CD at Cash Converters. What luck then. I was absolutely thrilled ! And why I couldn't find this on YT for more than ten years looking ... ?! Thanks again 🤩😍
Aloísio 3 yıl önce
These are the best interpretations I've heard of Johann Sebastian Bach's cello suites!
bodikins Aylar önce
@Rafael Becerra What an astonishing and original claim; never heard a modern musician or early music specialist make that completely unprovable assertion. Such arrogance!
Rafael Becerra
Rafael Becerra 2 yıl önce
You're right, Mr. Malkin, Bach's beauty shines through no matter what.
Barry Malkin
Barry Malkin 2 yıl önce
@Rafael Becerra Thank you. I'll look into Maestro Fournier, although I don't personally mind Bach performed in an anachronistic Romantic style. Columbia University's radio station WKCR holiday Bachfest featured Wanda Landowska's absolutely Sturm und Drang rendition of the Bach Harpsichord Concerto in D-minor and it blew me away. Whether performed in stylistic purity like Jordi Savall or Stokowski's Entrance into Valhalla interpretation, Bach's beauty shines through.
Rafael Becerra
Rafael Becerra 2 yıl önce
Have you heard the versions of the French cellist Pierre Fournier? He used to say that, even though the ones by Casals are splendid, they suffer from a romantic feeling that was not in Bach. His interpretations are, then, an intent to rescue the original feeling of Bach's compositions.
Chris Wilson
Chris Wilson 4 yıl önce
Thank you so much for uploading this. This is by far and away my favorite interpretation of this piece. You are doing The Lord's work my friend
Stephen Swingler
Stephen Swingler 9 aylar önce
The Lord? Do you mean J.S Bach? J.S Bach wrote these pieces not a fictional deity. These pieces of genius were written by a man. A man.
Dr. Robert T. Mullane III
Dr. Robert T. Mullane III 2 yıl önce
Bach was many things. To call or to consider him merely a music-maker, was, to him, the meanest of insults. This I remember reading, from a bona fide source. One critic or writer back in this time, had the nerve or gall to scribe it. Bach was deeply wounded! His own notion, was that he was a scientist. '''The pen, is the tongue of the mind.'' * Miguel De Cervantes I had your very thought in my, mind , at this, moment. Although you wrote yours an entire year ago! Thoughts are indeed, such Powerful entities! Thank You,Chris! God bless. Dr. Rob
raul illapel
raul illapel Yıl önce
Que patrimonio musical nos dejo este genio. Perdurara como uno mas de los inmortales.
Cormac O'Donnell
Cormac O'Donnell 2 yıl önce
On Christmas day in Dublin, when reflection is needed, there is nothing better than JSB's wonderful cello suites exalted be Casals.
noshirm 10 aylar önce
Ward Marston’s transfers are among the finest I’ve ever heard. ♥️ Casals would have been thrilled to hear these recordings today.
John Ervin
John Ervin 10 aylar önce
Yes! Si! Great point!
Daniel Blaze
Daniel Blaze Yıl önce
A écouter en début de matinée: musique qui éveille les sens et allume la journée !
Hans Tauscheck
Hans Tauscheck Yıl önce
I think he was the best. He was the reason why I still play Violoncello today. Thank you Pau!
Michael M
Michael M Yıl önce
Brings backgrounds memories of my college days in the practice room trying get through Courante and Sarabande No. 1.
Gábor Papp
Gábor Papp 3 yıl önce
It's marvellous. Absolut rarity. Thank you. If Paganini was called "the Devil's violinist", Casals could be called The God's cellist. Sorry but I had no opportunity to hear him "in vivo". His play takes off the burdens of one's soul, and relieves the physical pains.
Bracha Almond Namu
Bracha Almond Namu 3 yıl önce
YES! This was always a support for my soul. Thank you all you folks who have learned to listen. Thank you Pablo Casals. Always wondered...where does the music go when the musician has gone. But now we have a world of miracles to share the voice from within.
Kamen - abstract art, oil paintings, mixed media
Kamen - abstract art, oil paintings, mixed media 4 yıl önce
probably the best performing of this supreme musical work ..
saltburner2 2 yıl önce
The first and still one of the best. But do also try Pierre Fournier.
kneecap Yıl önce
You can still tell he's really good even though the recording is so old
Marietta Theunissen
Marietta Theunissen 3 yıl önce
Listening to my dad having played and practiced on his cello daily ....when I close my eyes , I feel the music , him ....and am feeling myself into my roots ...the Cello has always been my favourite instrument ...this is so soul moving ...thank u
J.R. Morel
J.R. Morel 3 yıl önce
Excelente, la musica en la rama mas pura de la musica. Hay pocas interpretaciones de ese nivel. 10/10
Pierre-Xavier Chassot
Pierre-Xavier Chassot 2 yıl önce
avec pablo casals le violoncel nous semble un instrument diferent ! la qualite de l enregistrement et etonante pour l epoque : parfaite . comme maitre casals il serais juditieux de commencer sa journee en ecoutans une suite de bach , une diferente tout les jours . pierre-xavier de chassot .
Blad 2 yıl önce
So expressive, love the phrasings
KSims 3 yıl önce
as a guitarist of 30 years, I am often jealous of casals and his play his instrument for 90 years life span. he's the only person on the planet i could say i would jealous of, just for that reason. everything else is practice. this suite is pretty wonderful
Lizard King
Lizard King 3 yıl önce
The sound quality is so good. It's hard to believe that this was recorded in the pre-Second World War era.
Joseph Sauris
Joseph Sauris 10 aylar önce
@WalyB01 The great Ward Marston. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ward_Marston
L. George Alexander
L. George Alexander Yıl önce
@Irving Vesper Thank you for your experiences with this particular recording. I live in the middle of the wilderness, or so it seems. There is no one that likes music as much as I do now and I am home-bound because of health. I got a lot of joy just reading your commentgs.
Alexis Tinsley Pope
Alexis Tinsley Pope Yıl önce
Mono was actually in some respects better than stereo for solo instruments.
「CELLO KID」 Yıl önce
Yeah, thought so too
LoudHarry🤘🎸 2 yıl önce
@Karmen Devi @Karmen Devi Pau Casals played it and ir was recorded un Paris between 1936-1939. We, Spaniards where involved in the most cruel Civil War( Spanish II Republic vs National Rebels Army commanded by general Franco and general Sanjurjo ,which later derived into the fascism and Franco's dictatorship) we had had in all our History. Due to this fact , the great musician, who was Republican in those years , had to exile to France , fleeing from the terrible War conflict and the Franco' s troops advance.
Jose Mauricio Astudillo Duran
Jose Mauricio Astudillo Duran Yıl önce
Hermosa y relajante musica, pero los avisos comerciales la hacen absolutamente imposible seguir y disfrutar la obra musical. Si el autor se enterara que es parte de avalanchas comerciales seguro no las habría compuesto. Para no seguir el sitio.
James Monday
James Monday 2 yıl önce
I listen to these every morning for the last 40 years.
John Ervin
John Ervin 10 aylar önce
@jon woll Self-evident, no?!
H N 10 aylar önce
EVERY MORNING???? 40 YERS?????? Are you in prison?
Gaddafi Communist
Gaddafi Communist Yıl önce
@David Watermeyer it's Pablo Casals, a legend
Eleuteria 3
Eleuteria 3 Yıl önce
@Susan C I recommend it too ! I love Arvo Pärt's music
Cheryl B
Cheryl B Yıl önce
@Olga D Grovic~ Yes... so beautiful!
Zurda Power
Zurda Power 3 yıl önce
Los otros interpretan quizás con más técnica pero, Casals lo hace desde el Alma . Creo que Bach sabía que lo interpretaría P. Casals .
LLC 3 yıl önce
How i love that first bach cello song. Just never can listen to it enough times.
Horacio Gilardi
Horacio Gilardi 3 yıl önce
No olvidar nunca a P.Casals, es será un ícono en la historia del chello , Grande !!!
deri ivil
deri ivil Yıl önce
Gracias por sus palabras. Los catalanes vivimos dentro de otro pais llamado españa, en el cual , lo que se intenta es en hacer olvidar lo bueno de los catalanes.
Robin Miller
Robin Miller Yıl önce
Casal's recording of these suites remain the template by which all other cellists are judged.
Etienne Du Preez
Etienne Du Preez 2 yıl önce
Great music! Love it! Thx a million!
VX Von Vohren
VX Von Vohren 2 yıl önce
Luis Neves
Luis Neves 3 yıl önce
So suite and beautifull...amazing!
Larry Schafer
Larry Schafer 3 yıl önce
pure magic, lifts the soul.
indigodude 2 yıl önce
Este tipo de musica me ayuda a conectarme con mi ser superior, ademas de encontrar inspiración para crear mis videos para youtube. Este tipo de melodia sube la vibración instantaneamente a frecuencias tan potentes como la gratitud, el amor, la compasión y la unidad con el Todo. REALMENTE RECOMENDADO, no es algo que sientas en la música hoy por hoy.
razzmatazz1974 Yıl önce
This and Misha Maisky´s are my favorite renditions
Hannes Heinz
Hannes Heinz Yıl önce
One of the best interpretations of that suites! Not in sense of "historically informed" but with an intuitive feeling for the musical spirit and essence of these singular works!
Bruno 4 aylar önce
@John Ervin Thank you for your appreciation.
John Ervin
John Ervin 4 aylar önce
@Bruno Wow. Scintillating comment.
Bruno 4 aylar önce
@John Ervin Interesting, but here we listen to Casals, not Klemperer!
John Ervin
John Ervin 10 aylar önce
Amen. Historically informed is for newbies and wannabes, anyway. Klemperer rocks my block like an LA aftershock and he plays everything just as he likes, and it all resurrects the deepest spirit of whoever it is he's rendering, Bach with Christa Ludwig (St. Matthew's Passion for EMI), Handel (his "Messiah" recording is one of the few open-ended religious experiences I know, stratospheric, seraphic, astounded me the first time I heard "For Unto Us Is Born" so that I had chills running through all my nerves for the whole evening), Gluck, Brahms, and on and on and on. Like Landowska said, "You play Bach your way and I'll play him his way." Klemperer may have seemed like a nut at times to some (my mother, a Hollywood sweetheart from 1922 on, offered me anecdotes of him coming onstage in his stocking feet to "epater la bourgeoisie" who ran the joint and LA Phil, in his Nazi-refugee stint here in the 1930s, much like Solti telling the Chicago mossback blueblood "orchestra society" ladies that rather than criticize him, they should just build him a statue in front of the hall, which they later did). But Klemperer in his musical soul was as close to God as any musician I ever heard, in his stockings, or shod. A lot like Casals. Spiritually informed, historically indifferent, as to the real relevance of all that jazz. (And I've played Bach as Christoph von Dohnanyi told us of his version of the Mass, "the old-fashioned way", on the Steinweg he hand-picked at the factory, and brought back from Hamburg, when his brother was mayor then. So at least there's that, as spotty and self-taught as I am...and historically less-than-informed.)
Gavin Smitsdorp
Gavin Smitsdorp 3 yıl önce
Now my best version of the suites...6th by far most loved.. such spectacular yearning!
Sara Garcia
Sara Garcia 3 yıl önce
Activista por la Paz, la libertad y la Democracia. La música fue su vida y a través de ella supo expresar el amor, el dolor y las ansias de superación como pocos.
Producciones JL
Producciones JL 2 yıl önce
Hombre, está claro que interpreta muy bien, pero de ahí a que Bach supiera que lo iba a interpretar Casals ... menuda licencia poética y romántica!
John Ervin
John Ervin 10 aylar önce
SO many thanks to whoever has posted this ancient recording resurrected to such stunning sound quality. It gives me hope for many other landmark recordings that might be cleaned up. These suites of Bach are cornerstones of my musical theology, and we can't say enough, or enough thankyous, for whoever did this. Someone really knows what s/he is doing! WOW.
John Ervin
John Ervin 10 aylar önce
It is a fixture comment of Casals in my memory that he said he played Bach WTC every morning. On his PIANO. That's amazing, and so are these suites, such treasures of divine origin.
Naughty Naughty_j
Naughty Naughty_j 2 yıl önce
Wow, to discover the beauty of this music. For 42 years I cheered the music that was popular, pop, alternative, hiphop, trance, EDM. One day, in my car, I tuned in to the Dutch classical music station, and my mind completely wandered of at the traffic lights listening to a piano piece by Rachmaninov. So much to discover! These cello suites by Bach are truly magnificent...
Huguette 2 yıl önce
your experience is moving: you discovered because your inner ear perceived what your brain liked.Now your life is and has changed. Compliments
David Camelot
David Camelot Aylar önce
I was pondering how Bach would have come up with these on paper, he seems like he's using the notes as words in a letter to someone, Bach's mastery with tones and intervals seems astonishing, total 2nd nature.
Геннадий Владимиров
Геннадий Владимиров 3 yıl önce
🤔 СУПЕР !!! 👍🏻👏👏👏
José Antonio
José Antonio Yıl önce
Euclid AllGloryToTheLogLady
Euclid AllGloryToTheLogLady 3 yıl önce
Some say that they find the cello suites relaxing.. I don't know what it is, while they are relaxing, I get so overwhelmed with happiness and contentment it's almost too much.
visitur Yıl önce
Yes, they are so happy sometimes that it brings tears to my eyes. This is my favorite recording of any music.
linea piloto
linea piloto 3 yıl önce
Very true Euclid. There was a CAD software with your name in the 90s
Timothy Colman
Timothy Colman 3 yıl önce
What a gift! Thank you.
Jacinto Csstro
Jacinto Csstro 2 yıl önce
Alguien que me explique por qué varía la música de acuerdo a quien la toca. Las interpretaciónes de Maurice Gendron y de Misha son incomparables. Porque suena diferente con cada uno de ellos. Saludos desde cdmx.
Áquila Gomes
Áquila Gomes 3 yıl önce
Ronaldo j ribeiro Ribeiro
Ronaldo j ribeiro Ribeiro Yıl önce
E maravilhoso
Liam Hutton
Liam Hutton Yıl önce
I can understand that. Sublime, the best!
arturomontano1 10 aylar önce
Fenomenal , Indescriptible , Infinito .
Yoav D.
Yoav D. Yıl önce
1:22:35 one of my favorite parts
resignurdrnk Yıl önce
first time hearing this version. i love it. the cover as well
Mark McCarty
Mark McCarty Yıl önce
Omigod, how is the sound so GOOD?!
MrFundamentalOne Yıl önce
The biggest tragedy of the modern generation is poor recording back then to not be able to capture what one world have heard live - something beyond our minds.
Carol Mills
Carol Mills 11 aylar önce
I was so privileged when Casala consented to conduct a master class at Berkeley. I recall over and in his comments (and he'd briefly play a passage they'd prepared, he'd gesture to his heart. As he demonstrated I could hear what he was teaching. His tempos here seem just a minute slower than others, his dynamics exquisite in expression. (Univ. Calif. Berkeley 1960s)
Joe Carbery
Joe Carbery 2 yıl önce
Coleman Hawkins, who played 'cello, advised young jazz saxophonists to play Bach's 'cello pieces. He played them daily - he said- on his tenor saxophone.
Sean Smith
Sean Smith 2 yıl önce
There's a lot of Bach in his "Body and Soul".
Paul Cannon
Paul Cannon 2 yıl önce
That's truly fascinating. Thank you 😉
beepst 3 yıl önce
Sometimes you don't realise how old those suites really are, until you see an interpretation from the 1930s. It blows my mind that this was made in the 1700s.
Caroline Murgue
Caroline Murgue 2 yıl önce
Such a soothing music.
Enrique Sanmarti Grego
Enrique Sanmarti Grego 3 yıl önce
Casals pratiquait l'exercice de jouer une Suite chaque jour de la semaine en suivant l'ordre établi. Il est aussi bon de savoir que c'est grâce à lui que les Suites de Bach ont été redécouvertes et remises en valeur après presque deux siècles d'oubli.
John Ervin
John Ervin 4 aylar önce
J'au lu que Casals aussi pratiquait Bach au clavécin chaque matin. "Réligieusement'.
Fractal BCN
Fractal BCN Yıl önce
Et grâce à vous pour la donnée.
LUCIEN PILLOT 2 yıl önce
Cette Sonate est magnifique Bien sûr ;elle me rappelle la chute du mur de Berlin Belle est la Sonate ;elle est la seule qui résiste à la bêtise des hommes
David Cadogan
David Cadogan Yıl önce
The late, great, Canadian novelist, W.O. Mitchell said, “The arts are not a luxury. They’re how we know we’re not alone.” The composition and performance illustrate that and the comments here do the same. The many amusing and insightful ones make me know I’m in great company.
Dr. X
Dr. X 4 yıl önce
Buried in medical books, and my heart broken rapports with my Mom, Bach cello suites comfort my soul.
寶旗 黃
寶旗 黃 2 aylar önce
Bracha Almond Namu
Bracha Almond Namu 3 yıl önce
Yes, the suites supported my soul through of my life as well. Bach is a mystery to me. The depth and breadth of his music...filled with joy and faith as well. Follow your souls message of light and family will be drawn in as a magnet.
Dr. X w%2
EB 4 yıl önce
youre buried in medical books. she'll be alright
青木重明 3 yıl önce
His soulful Play gives me eccelent spiritual experience. I can't beleve this was recorded so old a time. It sounds good.
Gab. Man.
Gab. Man. 3 yıl önce
青木重明 Has the human spirit changed since the humankind settled in?
Victor Hernandez
Victor Hernandez 3 yıl önce
Bravo bravisimo. Touching heaven with my heart, burdens off me, I feel good. Grande Casals, gracias siempre. Moltes gracies.
David Yaghjian
David Yaghjian 4 yıl önce
Although she did (or recorded ) just the first two, Jacqueline du Pre's are stunning.
madyjules 2 yıl önce
wasn’t Casals her teacher (for a few years)? It’s painfully sad Jacqueline du Pré was a brilliant cellist!! But her career was ended at such a young age due to neurodegenerative illness 😞
Chris Younken
Chris Younken 2 yıl önce
I never heard her versions but would assume they are. She was my second favorite cellist.
Bracha Almond Namu
Bracha Almond Namu 3 yıl önce
Shall try to find her.
Jeff Chen
Jeff Chen 9 gün önce
What a beautiful performance
Always Wondering
Always Wondering 2 yıl önce
What if you had but a single choice among classical composers; you could forever listen to only one, one and only one. What would make this difficult for me is the following. Seemingly unlike other genres, the picture of classical music is painted on a much larger canvas. I like a little something more than deeper bass, droning repetition, or volume. Each piece is very individualistic, even being collectively known. Classical is a very different melodic creation.
Chuck McCroskey
Chuck McCroskey 2 yıl önce
Bach would of course be my #1, but it would be difficult to give up Villa Lobos, Barrios, TARREGA, or Torroba, or even Weiss. So glad that I don’t have to choose.
WesternGun 4 aylar önce
I suggest that in the description, you put the timestamps at the beginning of each line, so that TRshow could add automatic marks for each section in your video and ppl can jump to wherever they want easily, though I think the recording worth listening from the beginning to the end without skipping any part.
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