Best Sleeping Posture to Improve Hunchback Posture!

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Bob & Brad

3 yıl önce

"Famous" Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck present: Best Sleeping Posture to Improve Hunchback Posture!

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DJ Vidual
DJ Vidual 5 gün önce
@04:11 What is that type of cushion called? Couldn't find it
ESO TERRA 16 gün önce
I don't know why this reminds me of the sopranos... is this in new jersey?
Haroon Khan
Haroon Khan 23 gün önce
Our prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, recommended us sleeping on our right side 1400yrs ago
Learn To Cook Keto By CRella
Learn To Cook Keto By CRella 25 gün önce
Did you know that your volume is low?
Mino Patel
Mino Patel Aylar önce
Melchizedex Carr
Melchizedex Carr Aylar önce
U Brothers are the BEST! LOL 😆 & Quite Funny too!!!
JJ wide awake.
JJ wide awake. Aylar önce
Have used plywood many times through the yrs
JJ wide awake.
JJ wide awake. Aylar önce
How about sleeping on back on an adjustable bed with knees up also. Work the same?
Jerrene W.
Jerrene W. Aylar önce
Thanks for sharing I need this and good to brush up on extra advice. Love your tips. I need to try your products.
Terry Alverson
Terry Alverson Aylar önce
How to feel about the Posturepad. I have had it for years but don't use it.
Carolyn Brooks
Carolyn Brooks Aylar önce
Add a link for the seat cushion for wheel chair users, please!!
Bill M
Bill M Aylar önce
Hunchback posture is NOT kyphosis. Kyphosis is the normal and natural thoracic curve. Hunchback posture is hyperkyphosis. This posture is the result of vertebral compression fractures. The best sleeping position is the one that you are most comfortable in.
Dexter Haven
Dexter Haven Aylar önce
Don’t put commercial in middle of video (4 minutes)
rls161 Aylar önce
that bed looks SO SOFT!
George Hartwell
George Hartwell Aylar önce
Sleep ovation mattress.
Philip Thompson
Philip Thompson Aylar önce
I sleep on my back using a reading pillow, is that good or bad? I have the back curvature.
Keith Jones
Keith Jones Aylar önce
Where can you buy those pillows?
Sharon Haines
Sharon Haines 2 aylar önce
No such thing as positive vibes. LOL
Danielle Wissmiller
Danielle Wissmiller 2 aylar önce
what pillow is under midback I think i need something like that
Pierluigi Colotto
Pierluigi Colotto 2 aylar önce
You have to try Weedborn CBD.
LM 2 aylar önce
so glad you made this video....really needed this! annoying intro song! thanks, you really are the best guys
jane bond
jane bond 3 aylar önce
I will try this, but am thinking seriously about kyphosis surgical correction with instrumentation. It is a very slow correction. I have Osteoporosis, O.A. & FM. So I amin all over body pain. I did nerve ablasion on my neck & it seemed to make it way worse. It is pulling my neck down to my chest. I can't hardly look up or put my head back to gargle. I have to bend my whole body back to even sort of gargle & it barely works because I can't get a good angle. Also driving is a problem. Turning my head is difficult. My neck hurts so much as does my back especially when I am sitting now. It was never so bad as it is now. I know the nerves will eventually grow back, but in the mean time I am suffering terribly! I had to take muscle relaxants,steriods & opioids. They haven't helped much for the horrific pain & muscle stiffness & pulling. My neck muscles feel like a steel rod on the left side. It doesn't feel real to B so hard. I am out of muscle relaxants so I am hoping I can get some more to ride out this storm. My doctor said in his 40ty something years he never seen a reaction like mine to a nerve ablation on a neck. Lucky me to get that. It sucks bad!! Any thoughts on such a serious surgery?. I don't even know any doctors in Santa Monica or say B.Hills that does this surgery. In fact not sure if anyone does this surgery in Ca. Any ideas or thoughts Dr. Berg??
MAD-OMAD-NOMAD 3 aylar önce
While I sometimes wake up and find I’m on my back, if I try to fall asleep on my back I get terrible restless legs. I have to lie on my side or front. Had horrible kyphosis since adolescence (we call it ‘dad’s back’ cos my father had it. I doubt there’s much help for me noe
Cari 3 aylar önce
Tried it out and fell asleep lmfao
Rakil Lrp
Rakil Lrp 4 aylar önce
But I always get sleep paralysis when sleeping on my back
Lucia InSwIowa
Lucia InSwIowa 6 aylar önce
These 2 are fun!
milliezumba 7 aylar önce
This doesn’t work if you have reflux and have an adjustable bed.
Elise Toohey
Elise Toohey 2 aylar önce
Or COPD or back surgery with hardware or severe scoliosis... 😰
jill evans
jill evans 7 aylar önce
When are you actually sleeping and not adjusting pillows constantly? ps that mattress that you are recommending looks reeeeally soft!
MidnightSunJJaz 7 aylar önce
LOL great video
Lalita Thorat
Lalita Thorat 7 aylar önce
Why the posture that I feel comfortable with while sleeping is proven to be bad for back 😑😑
Angel H
Angel H 7 aylar önce
My husband makes fun of all of my pillows!! Now I know how to use them correctly!! Lol Thank y’all!!
nicustroh 7 aylar önce
Rosa Alcaraz
Rosa Alcaraz 7 aylar önce
Thank you
Amanda Egan
Amanda Egan 7 aylar önce
What about heavier bodies.... recommend the same bed or same “wood boards” under the bed???
Leslie Gün önce
The same bed
Normandy F
Normandy F 8 aylar önce
I had never slept with a pillow under my head, I try but it's uncomfortable to me.
Sharon 8 aylar önce
What is the cushion for your bottom ?
Jenny Hunter
Jenny Hunter 8 aylar önce
‘nother great video. Ta! 😉. In the Uk we don’t have ‘throw pillows’. Stuffed things on the settee are cushions. As we become home hamsters we are doing more in house exercise. Things we can do on the bed ( no innuendo intended ) before we drag ourselves out of that room, is very much appreciated. Wishing you Love Luck & Laughter In 2021.
Laura Matz
Laura Matz 8 aylar önce
you never have correct props ,,,can't watch
Laura Matz
Laura Matz 8 aylar önce
get a 100% laytex mattress never sink,,,check out love mine
Psychologically Wealthy
Psychologically Wealthy 8 aylar önce
I’ve had 6 back surgeries and I do have kyphosis! I am only 31. These are spot on, except sleeping on your stomach. 😂 I do most of these already but will implement a few more. The Schroth method of PT saved my life.
Yes 0r?
Yes 0r? 8 aylar önce
I had to like this as soon as they did the silent intro with the chalkboard. Thanks for not having that annoying jingle! Good work, guys.
Nonya Bidness
Nonya Bidness Aylar önce
I love the jingle! Lol
Linda Preston
Linda Preston 8 aylar önce
Yes, you guys are great,I really all your videos.
R Rn
R Rn 9 aylar önce
I’m a subscriber & hopefully this video will help others. For me , if you have these particular issues see a doctor one on one way too complicated to follow on a video.
Anne-Marie Hallwyler
Anne-Marie Hallwyler 10 aylar önce
Humility & humbleness goes a long way! Anne-Marie Hallwyler , SPTA
LR100 10 aylar önce
Hi and thanks for these videos. Could you suggest modifications for the stretch. I have EDS and stretching can cause injury.
Jillian A
Jillian A Yıl önce
🥱🥱🥱🙄🙄CHF to the chase please.
Teresa Sully
Teresa Sully Yıl önce
Great sense of humour with these two.
S CO PO Yıl önce
Improve? Does it mean that i will have a better hunchback?
Rachel Ring
Rachel Ring Yıl önce
Makes sense
Kim Pruett
Kim Pruett Yıl önce
My parents always slept with plywood between the mattress, this was in the 60's
Nonya Bidness
Nonya Bidness Aylar önce
@Marc Rigor 😂
Marc Rigor
Marc Rigor 4 aylar önce
Mine too but plywood between them.
Amelia R. Wilder
Amelia R. Wilder Yıl önce
The hard thing with trying these is that I move way too much in my sleep. I was and always am a mover in my sleep. I fear I may never be able to break into the habit because I can't sleep in one position for so long.
Amanda Buisson
Amanda Buisson 7 aylar önce
I was a shocking sleeper tossing and turning all night long, for as long as I can remember of my life I swear i woke up every half hour, and I would wake at the slightest movement from my partner. We finally invested in a proper expensive mattress, and it has made a massive difference, i now feel like I move position twice in the night. It's a huge expense, but I truly wish I did it years ago, I cannot believe the difference it has made
MessianicTony Yıl önce
What are your qualifications ?
L Brown
L Brown 8 aylar önce
They’re Physical Therapists
Carol Page
Carol Page Yıl önce
Subtitles for we who are deaf please!
A Jones
A Jones Yıl önce
What about if the person is already 60 years old ? Little too late for fixing the hunchback 😑
MAD-OMAD-NOMAD 3 aylar önce
63 here, had it all my life, always felt self conscious, wondering the same thing :)
Elizabeth Fletcher
Elizabeth Fletcher Yıl önce
Pulling weeds messes with my neck because I have to wear bifocal glasses. This really helped.
Healthy Person
Healthy Person Yıl önce
Why is the mattress so short?
SICK Yıl önce
Where's the intro song? :c
Margaret Fernandez
Margaret Fernandez Yıl önce
Something to work into.
Jannin Marie
Jannin Marie Yıl önce
I swear youtube has been spying on me.
B a
B a Yıl önce
cuties lol
Amanita Versicula
Amanita Versicula Yıl önce
*THANKS for not playing your JINGLE!* It is very amateurish ~SO sorry BUT "IT IS ANNOYING" & keeps from *SUBSCRIBING*
Becca Yıl önce
Nobody cares.
mortee Yıl önce
Amanita- Versicula the jingle is amazing
AGENCYisTheEqualizer Yıl önce
most of this was an ad for a bed!
Brian Lardie
Brian Lardie Yıl önce
I'm curious where to get that black cushion you show you like, don't see it on your 'products B & B like.' Also, can it be used efficiently in a car position or particularly in a Lazboy rocker chair where the back support is esp. needed?
L Brown
L Brown 8 aylar önce
The first black cushion is a Roho cushion can be purchased on Amazon. The second one that he laid on is a flatter throw pillow.
Radheshyam Kini
Radheshyam Kini Yıl önce
Suggest some exercises for Spondylolysis
wordreet Yıl önce
Guys, please enable subtitles on this video. Deaf people need physio too. 😉
wordreet 3 aylar önce
@Jan Edmunds Oh I agree, best for comedy though! Especially when translating!!!!!
Jan Edmunds
Jan Edmunds 3 aylar önce
I wouldn’t rely on google subtitles for great accuracy.
wordreet Yıl önce
@Leah613 Heh, thanx for that Doll. 😁 Yes, I already have a solid wood bed under my all cloth futon, with one firm pillow. The TV, phone and laptop all live downstairs. I used to read in bed when I was younger, but not any more. Can't lie on my back for more than 5 mins these days, and never on my front due to a neck injury. Haha, and yes again, stretching, and exercise, is wonderful when you do it right.The correct sort of yoga can be key.
Leah613 Yıl önce
Plywood under the mattress for a firm mattress and avoid the curve in the bed, some people even chose to sleep in the floor and demonstrated some mattress examples (pricey) . Work your way down with pillows to a flat position, Avoid reading in bed in a way that lifts your neck in awkward positions instead Use a triangle pillow / sleep wedge to hold a better posture for watching tv from bed the foam curved pillow (white ) and black pressure is off the shoulder and back works well. If you have a hunchback you may be able to sleep in your stomach moderately. stretch moderately and stretch “aleluya “ style lifting your arms pretend you are tall stretch
Jakob W
Jakob W Yıl önce
Since you are UNCONSCIOUS when you sleep. AND, you constantly CHANGE positions during the night, then whatever GOOD position you get into BEFORE falling asleep, will eventually be undone - n'est-ce-pas? :-)
Victoria Calvert
Victoria Calvert Yıl önce
Does the sleep ovation mattress have any cooling effects to the body?????
Victoria Calvert
Victoria Calvert Yıl önce
Bob and Brad, just wondering, can hunchback be reversed, if it's getting bad????
Russianoldschoo 10 aylar önce
Sandi Newton
Sandi Newton Yıl önce
Haha, I thought you were going to skip over the intro. Oh well, always good content!
tesscot Yıl önce
These guys are doing such a SERVICE to their audience.
Alan Smith
Alan Smith Yıl önce
It's a cascade of problems.
Kimberly Cummings
Kimberly Cummings Yıl önce
How can you straighten bones in your back? I don’t understand.
kait Ty
kait Ty Yıl önce
Kimberly Cummings it’s what attaches the bones together not the bones themselves.
Li Ho
Li Ho Yıl önce
Please could you add subs to your videos 🙏
Thats What She Said
Thats What She Said Yıl önce
I use the wedge for proper sex positions..😁
Patricia Cole
Patricia Cole Yıl önce
I stopped using a pillow when sleeping on my back and it made a huge difference. Thanks. I love you guys. God bless you both and your families.
CCW 5 aylar önce
Patricia Cole
Patricia Cole Yıl önce
Also. I can’t wear a ponytail and drive. It forces my head forward just a smidge and gives me a sore neck.
Patricia Cole
Patricia Cole Yıl önce
Amelia Ayerman I sleep mostly on my back with a king sized pillow under my knees. 👍
Amelia R. Wilder
Amelia R. Wilder Yıl önce
@Patricia Cole okay thanks!
Patricia Cole
Patricia Cole Yıl önce
When sleeping on my side I use a small pillow.
Krazychic Yıl önce
What are your thoughts on waterbeds? Can you do a video about that?
HangingSharks Yıl önce
$350 for a roho cushion, ouch
robinflea Yıl önce
You guys are amazing with a wealth of knowledge. My son is 23 yet has back issues from playing video games for so many years. Maybe you can address better sitting positions for our gamers.
nikkakillss 6 aylar önce
yeah i used to be a payed gamer has a kid so i know the deal tell him to do lots of pullups and push up for his back and chest
MëøW Gang
MëøW Gang 6 aylar önce
They’ve probably already made a video about sitting posture
Jillian A
Jillian A Yıl önce
Sounds like muscle cramping from inactivity. When you sit at a desk for 8-10 hours straight without getting up you usually get the same result. Other then good posture and sitting up straight, he needs to exercise. Basic stretches and taking breaks would help. I was addicted to video games in my adolescences and I remember the stiffness after hours of sitting still playing.
no nopeno9
no nopeno9 Yıl önce
What tips do you have if you have to sleep at an incline?
jane bond
jane bond 2 aylar önce
@EF67ringer I sleep sort of sleep in am M. Meaning my knees R U. My butt is down & my head is up. Sure to COPD & Reflux I want to sleep up. Due to serious back issues can't lie on my tummy anymore. Can hardly get out of bed as it is now, but I do my best. I also have OA, & FM. Both cause serious pain in bones & muscles which makes getting out of bed or the tub tough. Also I now think I will have to have hip surgery! Damn I hate getting old or having bad bones etc.
EF67ringer Yıl önce
I'm wondering the same thing due to reflux.
Kate Burk
Kate Burk Yıl önce
My late aunt had some hunching & could sleep only on her right side. Her pillow was non-existent when she was young. She passed at 97 & her pillow was flat, like an elephant sat on it 24/7. I turn side to side & use a buckwheat pillow.
Jonathan Ribando
Jonathan Ribando Yıl önce
Wow I can’t even sleep the right way 🙄
Yahu Yahu
Yahu Yahu Yıl önce
The bed seems too soft..i prefer a harder one which gives some kind of resistance.
patricia russell
patricia russell Yıl önce
If you guys would just get to the point and quit talking I would be a lot happier but I guess you don't care about that
Becca Yıl önce
They’re literally giving you free medical advice and you’re complaining about it. Entitled much?
Maurice M
Maurice M Yıl önce
They get paid to have video over 10 min, so bla bla bla...
Forever Metal
Forever Metal Yıl önce
False! The best material a bed can be made from is 100% Latex, nothing but! Do your research folks.
Forever Metal
Forever Metal Yıl önce
@Emily Poucher People who are allergic can sleep on one just the same. You are only allergic if you handle the raw material, so don't.
Emily Poucher
Emily Poucher Yıl önce
Forever Metal well I’m allergic to latex so I guess no good beds for me
My granny had a dowagers hump, i am 67 now and i have a major scoliosis so bad posture :(. I sleep best on hard mattresses-or the floor. I can’t sleep on my back due to sleep apnea. PS you guys are super!
RicktheRecorder Yıl önce
'Lie', not 'lay'!
fonsedyr Yıl önce
Love how these guys have such great posture they can't even demonstrate a proper sloppy hunchback. Excellent inspiration!
Elli Cooper
Elli Cooper Yıl önce
I hope that mattress comes in a longer size. Or perhaps this one is only for demo? Bob's feet were hanging over.
Richard Andretti
Richard Andretti Yıl önce
I wish you two were in my city, so I could go to your office and get treatment. My hunch back is so ugly, I no longer take my shirt off, when I am at the pool, or at the beach. Thank you for your information...
China Cat.
China Cat. Yıl önce
Richard Andretti he never tried to do anything about it. It’s literally the laziest adult I have ever met though...that’s why he’s my ex lol
Richard Andretti
Richard Andretti Yıl önce
@China Cat. Was he able to correct it... and if so, what did he do to fix his posture?
China Cat.
China Cat. Yıl önce
Richard Andretti my ex’s was TERRIBLE. He was only 38 too. He said it actually hurt to stand correctly
Amron Corazzo
Amron Corazzo Yıl önce
Omg...You guys crack me up! I came here to learn..BUT...I got a surprise...I was entertained!! Thank you.
Athena K Delmontie
Athena K Delmontie Yıl önce
So happy I came across your channel. Do you have any videos regarding keeping feet elevated during sleep? Thanks!
Carolyn Yıl önce
Hello If you place one pillow for each leg lengthways beneath each leg overnight you should be able to elevate them without loosing the pillows over the side of the bed. If that does not work for you, and you have a double ensemble mattress, then you can get a hard foam wedge from your local hardware store to place between your mattresses to achieve elevation that way.
Roslyne Watt
Roslyne Watt Yıl önce
I love your problem though is a fusion. I’ve had T10-S2. In July 2019 the surgeon fused on to my lumber fusion done in 2016...unfortunately the level above that lumbar fusion went kaput. NOW I AM QUASIMODO. I’m peeved! You are funny 😂😂
Ghryst VanGhod
Ghryst VanGhod Yıl önce
this advertisement starts at 1:00
B Thompson
B Thompson Yıl önce
Throughout pillows
Irina Yıl önce
Thank you guys!🤗👍
Donna Q
Donna Q Yıl önce
i also rather sleep on the floor than on a sinkhole matress
Josephine Tyree
Josephine Tyree Yıl önce
Gosh this has happened to me ..over the past 2 yrs........Thanks for this info.......I sleep on a blow up matt for now : ( Actually a good grade 'futon' has always been benificial to me.......!!! I've slept on my back my 'whole' life.....76 now........I love the 'black majic' helps immediately !!!! with the 'stretch' ...............
Matio just Matio
Matio just Matio Yıl önce
Up above, are those called work-out tubes or a name brand? I saw those in another vid. Thank you
Living By The Light
Living By The Light Yıl önce
Foam rollers!
Lanie Light
Lanie Light Yıl önce
You guys are so cute! Yeah, I guess you're thee most famous on the! You're too much!
aegeanbo Yıl önce
We toss and turn and have no control of our posture while we are sleeping. Why don't you teach us a few exercise to do while we are awake?
TawdryTempest Yıl önce
They do on other videos.
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